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Mar 04 2020

Vegan Runner Demands Only Vegetables Be Barbecued

It would be fine that moonbats are flakey. Even their absurd self-righteousness about it would be a minor irritant at most. The problem is, they feel compelled to impose their kookiness on others. Like Muslims, they regard everything that does not comply with their ideology as “offensive” and therefore subject to repression and eradication. Those who live in liberal enclaves like Berkeley no doubt have them for neighbors:

A self-proclaimed “vegan runner” from Berkeley, California received backlash on Saturday after asking neighbors to close their windows when cooking meat because the smells were ‘overpowering and offensive.’

The rant was posted to @BestNextDoor — an account that houses neighborhood drama — which showed the runner had requested nearby residents only barbeque vegetables because it’s “always hard for me this time of year when the weather starts warming up.”

This is the city that banned natural gas and provides a “right to rescue” animals deemed by moonbats to be oppressed. If neighbors don’t comply with the vegan runner’s imperious demands, it shouldn’t be hard to get the city council to pass an ordinance.

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Jan 05 2020

British Currency May Be Violation of “Ethical Veganism”

Vegans are so extreme in their intolerant militancy that they want Britain to change its money because the presence of animal fat in the currency offends them. The courts are crazy enough to listen to them.

Via the Telegraph:

An employment judge found that holding a sincere belief in “ethical veganism” should be given the same legal protection under the Equality Act as that given to Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Tallow is used in trace amounts to coat new banknotes, to improve the texture and make them harder to counterfeit. This means that the banknotes are not compliant with vegan ideology, and therefore may constitute discrimination.

The vegan opposition to the use of tallow, a hard fatty substance made from rendered animal fats, was given a potential legal boost after tribunal judge Robin Postle said he was “overwhelmingly satisfied” ethical veganism was “important” and “worthy” of respect in a democratic society.

It goes without saying that a normal human diet will be forbidden the moment these lunatics have the leverage.

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Dec 24 2019

Why Guys Should Steer Clear of Impossible Whoppers

As part of its campaign to become the Nike of junk food, Burger King has introduced a woke hamburger made out of politically correct imitation meat called the “Impossible Whopper.” Those of the politically incorrect male gender are warned to avoid it. Not only does the Impossible Whopper provide less than half of the usable protein as a regular Whopper (10 g vs 22 g), regular consumption could turn you into a soy boy.

Presenting Dr James Stangle, DVM:

The impossible whopper has 44 mg of estrogen and the whopper has 2.5 ng of estrogen. … That means an impossible whopper has 18 million times as much estrogen as a regular whopper. Just six glasses of soy milk per day has enough estrogen to grow boobs on a male. That’s the equivalent of eating four impossible whoppers per day.

It is unclear how many Impossible Whoppers you would have to consume to develop liberal views.

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Dec 23 2019

First-Degree Murder for Killing Baby With Vegan Diet

It’s fun to laugh at self-righteous vegans. However, the laughter stops when they impose their nutty ideology on helpless children. A Florida couple thought it would be politically correct to feed their son a vegan diet. He died at 18 months of malnutrition.

Similar cases resulted in wrist slaps in Sweden and Australia, but those babies survived. This time, charges include first-degree murder:

Ryan Patrick O’Leary, 30, and Sheila O’Leary, 35, of Cape Coral, were indicted by a grand jury on charges of first-degree murder and other charges, State Attorney Amira Fox said.

At death, the boy weighed 17 pounds, which would have been normal had he been 7 months old.

Sheila O’Leary allegedly told officers the family eats a vegan diet and she fed her children raw fruits and vegetables – mostly mangoes, bananas, avocados, and rambutans.

That menu sounds woke enough to make a moonbat mommy glow with self-satisfaction.

The indictment related to three other children, ages 3, 5 and 11, who allegedly suffered from child abuse and extreme neglect at the same home, Fox said. Officers said the children appeared small for their ages and had a yellowish complexion. One child had blackened, decaying teeth, the Washington Examiner reported.

Imagine a world in which moonbats have enough control over the government to inflict their unhealthy dietary preferences on us all.

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

Dec 12 2019

Why Do Vegans Not Care About Plants?

When formerly vegan dietary influencer Alyse Parker announced that 30 days on an all-meat diet left her feeling great, she was denounced on social media for not caring about the animals. Vegans could just as easily be taken to task for not caring about the plants.

In an interview with People Magazine, Hollyweirdo Megan Fox proclaims that raising kids is all about…

“…allowing them to be who they are and relinquishing control, because they were born to be who they are, and it’s my job to support that process, not to get involved and micromanage and mold them into what I think they should be.”

Then, a few paragraphs down, she explains how she brainwashes her children to ensure they will grow up to be fellow moonbats:

“We send them to an organic, sustainable, vegan school where they’re seed-to-table, they plant their own food.”

And yet:

“I teach them that plants are sentient beings — they have feelings, thoughts and emotions…”

The authoritative New York Times confirms that according to its conception of a scientist, plants are sentient beings, so rather than guffaw at the idiotic self-righteousness of a Tinseltown bubblehead, ask yourself how you can morally justify devouring the flesh of murdered plants.

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Dec 11 2019

Ex-Vegan Extols Carnivore Diet, Enrages Followers

Moonbats have good reason to keep their minds shut tight. If they open them even a little, common sense might seep in, with the result that they will be ostracized by the liberal herd. They might even risk losing their social media following, like the former vegan Alyse Parker, who had 200,000 followers on Instagram and over 700,000 YouTube subscribers when she decided to try a 30-day carnivore diet. She reports that the diet left her “feeling more mentally clear, focused, wholesome, and healthy than I had felt in years.”

As noted at iOTW Report,

Some of her viewers were not pleased with her choice and judged her for it.

Alyse shares her carnivore experience:

Numerous commenters condemned her for not caring about the animals. One commenter argues that she must have rancid flatulence. Another accuses her of being in the pay of the meat industry. No one seems to have an even half-serious argument that a vegan diet is better for you than the comparably extreme all-meat diet.

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Dec 06 2019

17th Century Painting Banished by Vegan Snowflakes

Why should social justice warriors have all the fun when it comes to erasing Western culture? Militant vegan and vegetarian students have managed to banish a 17th century painting that they have decided to find offensive for depicting food.

From Cambridge University:

The painting by Flemish artist Frans Snyders, called “The Fowl Market,” depicts a butcher standing among several dead animal carcasses and seeming to prepare a series of fowl to eat while a dog begs to get into the shop.

After reported complaints from vegetarian and vegan students, it was removed from the Hughes Hall dining room last month.

Have a look at the ideologically intolerable artwork here.

The exhibition curators agreed to remove the painting, citing “contemporary concerns about our relationship with food.”

Our relationship with food used to consist of eating it. In the age of pitilessly intolerant moonbattery, it increasingly consists of piously declining to eat it, feeling guilty about eating it, and demanding that others refrain from eating it.

PETA crowed victoriously that students “don’t want to see carcasses on their plates — or their walls.”

By the time utopia has been achieved, all artwork suggesting a normal human diet will have gone down the memory hole.

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Nov 20 2019

Burger King Sued by Vegan Over Meatless Whopper

No matter how much you feed the crocodile, it will still eat you, and if you are a corporation, it will not eat you last. No one shovels more chum at vicious reptiles than Burger King, with its encouragement of moonbats who throw milkshakes at Brexit supporters, its feminist propaganda chick fries, its lame and tasteless attempts to be edgy, its removal of “ham” from the word “hamburger” to placate Muslims, its meatless Impossible Whopper. The woke company’s fitting reward is a lawsuit:

The class action lawsuit, filed Monday in the Southern District of Florida, claims that although the burger chain advertises its vegan option as meat-free, it is contaminated by meat by-product because it’s cooked on the same grill as meat products.

Some moonbats, probably inspired by Muslims carrying on about pork, have decided to regard meat as unclean.

Burger King’s website describes the Impossible Whopper as “100% Whopper, 0% Beef.”

But actually it could be 0.0001% beef, which has got to be worth a few $million to jackpot justice lawyers and their clients.

You pander to moonbats and they sue you. Are we paying attention, Chick-fil-A?

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Oct 02 2019

Guardian Grudgingly Admits Meat Found to Be Healthy

Meat constitutes a central component of the human diet. Our teeth are designed for chewing it. It contains essential nutrients; babies subjected to vegan diets suffer horribly (e.g., here, here, and here). Yet progressives oppose meat on ideological grounds. That’s why the moonbats at the Guardian clutch their pearls as they breathlessly denounce a study that confirms the intuitively obvious: meat is not bad for your health.

After a couple paragraphs on how bad meat is, the moonbats admit:

[A] 14-member international team led by Bradley Johnston an associate professor of community health at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, concluded that those who like meat should not stop on health grounds. “Based on the research, we cannot say with any certainty that eating red or processed meat causes cancer, diabetes or heart disease,” he said.

Then the Guardian goes back to telling us that meat is bad. It hurts animals and the planet, et cetera. Most of the piece is devoted to disputing the study.

Nonetheless, saying that meat in reasonable quantities as part of a balanced diet is bad for people is like saying nuts are bad for squirrels. It’s what we eat.

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Sep 06 2019

Almas Veganas Combines Animal Rights With #MeToo Mania

Intersectional moonbattery has produced the merger of animal rights lunacy with #MeToo mania. The moonbats of Almas Veganas (Vegan Souls) of Girona, Spain identify as antispeciesist and transfeminist. They have achieved their 15 seconds of fame with a video that shows them smashing chicken eggs because the unformed chicks within were conceived without the consent of the hen.

According to the Daily Mail, the vegans separate male from female chickens because they “don’t want the hens to be raped.”

As antispeciesists, they believe that all species should be treated the same. Therefore, any hanky-panky between chickens must be preceded by explicit consent, as with people.

They have figured out that their measures will prevent the chickens from reproducing, but this is a good thing, because the hens “are genetically modified to make them lay more eggs.” Better there should be no chickens than there be genetically modified chickens who are oppressed by the chicken patriarchy.

A stern reminder from Almas Veganas:

“Either you are vegan or you help to finance animal slavery. Eating animals is fascist.”

When in doubt as to whether something is fascist, just ask yourself if the farthest left lunatic imaginable would embrace it enthusiastically. If the answer is no, then it is or will soon become fascist.

Almas Veganas smashes the chicken patriarchy.

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Sep 04 2019

Community BBQ for Cilla Carden

It is a pleasure to provide some uplifting follow-up on the story of the Australian vegan who sued her neighbors because she doesn’t like the smell of meat from their barbies. The New York Post reports on Community BBQ for Cilla Carden:

Thousands of people are roasting an Australian vegan who took her neighbors to court over the smell of meat and fish from their barbecue — by planning a massive cookout outside her home.

There had better be plenty of meat. Over 3,000 people are planning to attend.

The event is scheduled for October 19. Here’s the Facebook page.

If only people would respond this appropriately every time moonbats attempt to bully them, we might get our culture back.

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Sep 03 2019

Australian Vegan Sues Over Smell of Cooking Meat

As the saying goes, “Your right to swing your arm ends where my nose begins.” But that doesn’t allow progressive bullies to impose their preferences on everyone else — unless they develop longer noses, like the Australian vegan who is suing her neighbors because she can smell them barbecuing the flesh of murdered animals:

Cilla Carden, from Girrawheen, in Perth’s northern suburbs said she’s fed up with the smell of meat cooking on the barbecue next door.

She claims the neighbors cook meat on purpose to annoy her. Solipsism is a key element in the moonbat mentality.

One neighbor even removed their barbie, but Ms Carden remains unmollified.

Her legal jihad against her neighborhood has been unsuccessful so far, but she is probably only a few years ahead of her time. Already an English cafe was forced to remove an extractor fan because Muslims find the smell of bacon offensive.

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Aug 25 2019

Vegans Choose Dog’s Life Over Human’s

According to bleakly nihilistic moonbat ideology, a human life is worth no more than an animal’s — and possibly less. Will Witt attended a recent Vegan March in downtown Los Angeles to confirm that most of the vegans in attendance would rather save their dog than a stranger:

There is a bright line between well-meaning but wrong and morally depraved. Most “animal rights” advocates cross it. Some seem to love animals less than they hate humans.

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Aug 22 2019

Wrist Slap for Subjecting Baby to Vegan Diet

The scariest thing about moonbats is that they often mean well. That’s why they never tire of inflicting their malevolent ideology; they think they are doing good. This may also help them to avoid serious legal consequences. An example is the Australian couple who got community service for putting their daughter on a vegan diet that could have robbed her of the opportunity to live a normal life:

A Sydney vegan couple who had their three children taken away from them after police found their 20-month-old girl was severely malnourished and suffering from rickets have avoided jail over the neglect of their child.

The girl was described as “floppy,” unable to speak or crawl. A vitamin D level so low as to be “undetectable” probably caused the rickets.

The couple was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment, however they will not have to spend time behind bars with the sentence in the form of an intensive correction order. Both will undertake 300 hours community service.

Their baby daughter weighed just 4.89kg, looked like a three-month-old and had no teeth when she was taken into care.

They were keeping her alive on oats and vegetables, presumably for the good of the climate or the animals or whatever.

Both parents cried in the courtroom, the father sobbing loudly, as if somehow they were the victims. The judge should have given them 10 years of hard labor for that alone.

What are their names, you ask? We don’t get to know. For “legal reasons” — i.e., to protect the guilty.

It is widely known that vegan diets are particularly harmful to children. A human being cannot develop properly without a proper human diet. Yet vegans insist that children grow on sheer moonbattery. The results are tragic.

Hat tips: Liberty Daily, Epoch Times.

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