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Feb 04 2021

University of Leicester Phases Out English Literature

When liberals bark that they want to “decolonize,” what they mean is that they want to abolish Western Civilization. If that sounds like hyperbole, consider why the University of Leicester is dropping its English language and medieval literature modules.

The BBC reports on the unfolding consequences of its ideology:

If adopted, the changes would also mean the university discontinuing BA English with English language, and MA English Language and Linguistics.

The university said it would instead offer “a range of modules which are excitingly innovative”, such as modules on race, ethnicity, sexuality and diversity.

The university said the changes would provide a “decolonised curriculum”.

It turns out England is located in Europe. Despite the recent onslaught of welfare colonization from the Third World, virtually all English authors have been white. Being white is offensive per woke dogma, so out goes English literature.

Goodbye Chaucer and Milton. Shakespeare will soon follow. But at least we still have Toni Morrison.

The university triumphantly crows that last year’s undergrads were 56% BAME (black and minority ethnic). Confirmation accrues that this is not a matter of England passing on its culture to people who came from different parts of the world to be English. It is a matter of England being erased, and its land populated with different people with a different culture, all things English becoming forgotten, because English people are white and therefore incorrect.

“There will always be an England,” they used to sing. Then came moonbattery.

Note the progression. Recently, “decolonization” meant discarding the beneficial influence of European culture in colonial lands like South Africa. Already it means erasing English culture in England. Progressives employ a head-in-the-tent strategy on everything, though they progress much more aggressively now that total control is nearly in their grasp.

There is still resistance:

Among those opposed to the changes is Professor Isobel Armstrong, a fellow of the British Academy, who has returned her honorary doctorate from the university in protest.

The Leicester branch of the University and College Union (UCU) said Prof Armstrong made her decision “in protest at the egregious attack on the integrity of English at Leicester and the attempt to eradicate 1,000+ years of language and literature from the curriculum”.

“Eradicate.” Professor Armstrong chooses her words well.

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