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Jan 29 2022

University of Washington Newspeak Dictionary Updates

To avoid cancelation, it is essential to keep up to the moment with academia’s deluge of updates to the Newspeak Dictionary. In its IT Inclusive Language Guide, the University of Washington Information Technology Department excludes still more of our language on grounds of political incorrectness. The guide helpfully provides explanations as to why banned terms are “problematic.”

“Blackout date,” “black list,” “blackbox,” and “black hat hacker” are forbidden because according to establishment ideology, you must never associate black with anything bad. By the same token, “white list,” “white hat hacker,” etc. are off limits because you must never associate white with anything good. The terms “master/slave” and “webmaster” are nixed because of slavery, which according to our rulers’ religion has only ever affected blacks.

Other terms are found objectionable for less obvious reasons. Here’s why the term “grandfathered” makes the list:

“Grandfather clause” originated in the American South in the 1890s as a way to defy the 15th Amendment and prevent black Americans from voting.

You can’t say “brown bags” either, because,

Brown bags trace back to the “brown paper bag test,” which was traditionally used to judge skin color by certain African-American sororities and fraternities.

You can’t say “cakewalk,” because,

The cakewalk was a pre-Civil War dance performed by enslaved people, and the winner of which would be given a cake.

You can’t say “peanut gallery,” because,

Peanut gallery originally referred to the balconies of segregated theaters, where African Americans had to sit.

In our culture, everything has something to do with advantaged blacks actually being somehow oppressed, just as in the USSR under Lenin everything had something to do with overthrowing the already extirpated bourgeoisie.

You can’t say “lower the bar,” because,

This phrase is based on the erroneous idea that a company has to relax hiring standards in order to add people from different racial, ethnic, gender backgrounds.

Kamala Harris and our next Supreme Court Justice are cases in point.

The list goes on at some length, reminding us what educrats do for their bloated, heavily taxpayer-subsidized salaries. Tough luck if you went into IT instead of liberal arts in hopes of avoiding political indoctrination.

Eventually, they will pare down the Newspeak Dictionary until every phrase in the English language has been erased except for “Black Lives Matter!” At that point, we will be free of thoughtcrime, because we will not have the vocabulary to think incorrect thoughts.

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