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Dec 05 2021

All Chicago Public Schools Bathrooms Now Transgender

The leftists running Chicago public schools found a way to make the bathrooms even more dangerous for children. As of December 1, all schools are required to post signage stating that anyone can use whichever restroom they please, without respect for the privacy of members of the opposite sex.

Via Fox 32:

“This is a big step forward for gender equity for our students and staff,” CPS said in a tweet.

When you hear the word “equity,” civilization is under attack.

The district’s Office of Student Protections and Title IX will also working to create a long term plan to make the signage more permanent.

Once left-wing social engineers have perfected something, we must never be allowed to turn back.

Examples of the signs to be displayed include the sentence, “All who feel comfortable are welcome to use this restroom.” Not many girls will feel comfortable about boys invading their private facilities. No matter; the comfort of normal people is irrelevant. Only those who exhibit the deviant behavior encouraged by liberals matter.

This comes in the aftermath of a 14-year-old girl being raped in a restroom in Loudoun County by a boy dressed in a skirt who exploited the inclusive equity of liberal restroom policy. Her father was arrested for complaining about it at a school board meeting. Such parents have been characterized as terrorists by the Biden Regime.

Students learn critical race theory and knife fighting in Chicago public schools, but little else. Performance on standardized tests is so dismal that educrats are discarding them. Many of the kids who graduate will require remedial instruction at the college level to learn how to read.

Rather than make even a token effort to improve the failing though outlandishly expensive schools, the Democrats who run them double down on social engineering objectives certain to make them even more chaotic.

Children should never be consigned to the clutches of these malevolent lunatics:

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