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Nov 19 2023

Bottom Line on Offshore Wind

Energy expert David Blackmon has revealed that when the government chooses wind projects to shovel other people’s money at, capacity to actually produce electricity is hardly even considered.

For example, at the state level…

…the wind resource constitutes less than 1% of what [New York State Energy Research and Development Authority] considers important for offshore wind projects.

They know in advance that wind projects will not generate anywhere near the electricity promised. That’s why they avoid performance guarantees regarding output.

Sweden just proved what happens you actually have performance guarantees for wind. Markbygden Ett is the largest onshore wind farm in Europe, located in Sweden and owned by China. Its electricity contract with Norwegian Hydro Energi requires that Markbygden provide a fixed amount of electricity at a fixed price for 19 years. When the wind doesn’t blow, they still have to provide the contracted amount of power, at the contracted cost, regardless of the price they pay on the electricity market to cover the shortfall. The result is that Markbygden’s forecasted expenses far exceed revenues, and the company has been experiencing large losses for several years.

The more whalekilling offshore wind projects are constructed, the less electricity they produce:

It’s called the wind wake effect. Any sailor is well familiar with this- a sailboat in front of you will steal your wind, and make your sailboat go slower if you stay behind it. …

In 2018, Harvard University flagged this and found that the average power density of a wind farm was up to 100 times lower than estimates by some leading energy experts because previous estimates failed to account for the wind wake effect.

They found a transition to wind power would require 5 to 20 times more land than previously thought, require one third of the continental U.S. to be covered by windmills in order to meet present day U.S. electricity demand, and that since the wind would get sucked out of the air surface temperatures would rise by about 0.24 degrees Celsius, with an up to 1.5 degree Celsius increase at night.

Meanwhile, the alleged point of the wind turbines is to lower supposedly excessive temperatures. As for the actual point: they are boondoggles. Their function is to launder taxpayer money to pay Democrat donors, thereby creating a massive return on investment for political contributions. This form of graft was pioneered by Joe Biden’s mentor and probable primary handler, Barack Obama. Under his administration, 80% of Department of Energy green energy loans reportedly went to his donors, confirming that the not only useless but pernicious DOE must be abolished at once.

Also, the output of offshore wind projects has been predicted to decrease by 4.5% annually. The ocean is not big enough for all the wind turbines that would be required to meet our future energy needs.

Blackmon presents the bottom line:

[O]ffshore wind doesn’t work. It’s not designed to work, or to be economically feasible in real life. It’s a giant Ponzi scheme wholly dependent on government subsidies and political “climate change” brownie points.

Yet our rulers are bankrupting the country to pay for it. This intolerable situation has resulted from insufficient pushback against climate change hogwash and a lack of consequences for the political corruption that inspires it.

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