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Jul 23 2021

Artsy Influence Peddling Scheme Moves Forward

In all his long history of enlisting relatives as bagmen to haul in influence peddling proceeds, never has Joe Biden been more ostentatiously corrupt than now, as he stands by and watches his cocaine-crazed degenerate son sell ho-hum artwork that he most likely did not produce himself to secret buyers for vast sums of cash.

As former Obama ethics chief Walter Shaub said last month, “At a minimum, the president should be asking his son not to go through with this.”

However, putting a stop to it would prevent the Big Guy from getting his cut. So the farcical shows goes on:

Despite the ethics concerns raised by Hunter Biden’s new painting “career,” the son of President Joe Biden still plans to meet with prospective buyers of his works at two upcoming shows.

The events will occur in Los Angeles and New York City. Buyers will likely come from farther afield.

Afterward, the pricey art is likely to turn up in restroom trashcans at the airport, after the buyers make their way back to Beijing. What they will come to buy is Biden’s favor. Otherwise, no one would be willing to pay as much as $500,000 for art worth a tiny fraction of that.

Another ethical concern is the galleries’ decision to withhold all transactional records — including the identities of bidders and final buyers, and the amounts paid for the artwork.

Whether that information will be withheld from the Big Guy is doubtful. Fortunately for him, the establishment media that put him in power will show minimal interest and then let the story die.

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Jul 20 2021

President Joe

Regardless of the cheating, it is still true that tens of millions of people voted to make the corrupt halfwit Joe Biden President of the United States as a figurehead for the totalitarian ultraleft. What kind of American would do such a thing? This guy sure would:

And now a brief message for our sponsor* Dramamine

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*Just kidding.

Jul 10 2021

Video Turns Up of Biden vs. Porky Pig Debate

Serving as merely a figurehead for the radical leftists in control, Biden doesn’t need to be able to think, much less lead; he only needs to be able to talk. But he can’t.

With no cognitive reserve to fall back on, the infamously dim-witted Biden has been hit hard by dementia. We knew this prior to the election — and not only from the debate he lost against Porky Pig.

Video has recently been recovered of this little known event:

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Jul 09 2021

Biden Tries and Fails to Talk

Prepare for President Kamala. They can’t prop up the current farce much longer.

As a political figurehead, whose job is to provide a supposedly unthreatening face for the radical leftists who control the Executive Branch, all Biden has to be able to do is talk. He is not up to this task, as he proved once again why trying to explain the inevitable surrender in Afghanistan:

The talk about bringing Osama bin Laden to the gates of hell is rich. Bin Laden was never caught in Afghanistan. When he was finally tracked down in Pakistan, Biden opposed taking him out. Biden was blamed for exposing the identity of the SEALs who killed him, although this remains in dispute. Many of those SEALs were soon dead.

A sicker joke than President Biden would be hard to imagine. But President Harris won’t be an improvement. The Marxist string-pullers behind the scenes will remain the same.

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Jul 07 2021

Talking with Biden Voters

It seems inconceivable that anyone but left-wing fanatics could have voted for Joe Biden, given his conspicuous dementia and his half-century history of flagrant corruption, partisan viciousness, creepy sexual aggression, and Three Stooges level incompetence. Yet not all of the votes cast for him were the result of election fraud. This is because people vote based on vague impressions created by media, which is controlled by leftists.

Mark Dice returns to the San Diego beachside to confirm that everyday morons — including Biden voters — know virtually nothing about Biden:

The clueless often excuse their lack of even the most basic knowledge of the country they live in on the grounds that they don’t care about politics. This is the survival strategy of an ostrich. Politicians don’t go away when you close your eyes. On the contrary, they seize the opportunity to attain more power over you. Bleating that you don’t know anything about Biden because you don’t care about politics is like scarfing down rat poison while shrugging that you don’t care about toxicology.

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Jun 26 2021

Biden Creeps Out Country With Weird Whisper

I haven’t felt this creeped out since the last time I saw Biden sniff a little girl’s hair:

Hang on for a wild ride. Biden’s handlers must have figured out by now that the politically incompetent and personally repellent Kamala Harris will make an even worse figurehead. That means they have to hang onto Creepy Joe to the bitter end — i.e., until he is so conspicuously insane that not even the “mainstream” media can cover for him, and they have to put him in a lunatic asylum where he belongs.

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Jun 19 2021

Twitter Begins to Merge With Democratic Party

For now, the tyranny is largely decentralized, because the Constitution forbids the sort of ham-fisted political censorship inflicted by Big Tech monopolists like Twitter and Facebook. But as the Democratic Party consolidates power, this arrangement becomes less necessary. Already, it is hard to say where the Democratic Party stops and Big Tech begins:

Via Twitchy:

Nothing to see here.

Just some redacted docs explaining how California Democrats have access to a rapid response team at Twitter.

A team that removes tweets at the request of Democrats.

If they ram through HR1/S1/For the People Act, then pack the Supreme Court to prevent it from begin overturned, the whole country will turn into California, where their demographic transformation strategy has already secured single-party rule. Not that Democrats don’t work directly with Twitter to smother dissent at the national level already.

Every minute Democrats remain in power, more freedom will be lost.

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Jun 17 2021

Unraveling Biden Snaps at CNN Reporter

As mentioned earlier, it appears Biden’s cognitive decline is exacerbating a temper issue. It was already bad during the campaign last year:

He frequently lashed out at voters, calling a young woman a “lying dog-faced pony soldier,” absurdly challenging a young man to a fight, and ridiculing a fellow’s appearance. As his mind deteriorates, the problem can be expected to get worse.

Get worse it has. He pathetic performance on the world stage recently lit the fuse. Even the liberal media apparatchiks who put him in power may feel the brunt of his rage when he goes off:

Biden snapped at CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins on Wednesday, at a press conference following his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As Biden began leaving the summit, Collins asked the president how he was confident that Russian President Vladimir Putin would change his behavior.

“I’m not confident that he will change his behavior. What the hell? What do you do all the time?” Biden snapped.

See how menacingly he comes after reporters who offer even the mildest challenge:

Biden has used the tactic of storming toward questioners to intimidate them before. At his current rate of mental decay, he is liable to forget where to stop. When he takes a swing at Kaitlan or one of her peers, his handlers may have to call an end to this farce — even if Kamala Harris would not be much of an improvement.

As noted at Dementia Care Central,

A person with dementia may show verbal or physical aggression. Examples include threatening another person, screaming, pinching, pulling hair, and biting.

Reporters who know what’s best for them will stick to asking him about ice cream.

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Jun 15 2021

Biden Fades Fast on World Stage

The supposed President of the United States literally does not know the difference between Syria and Libya. Watch in horror as Biden once again embarrasses the country his handlers are in the process of destroying:

Three times he mistook Syria for Libya. This is like your surgeon mistaking your liver for your appendix.

As much as Europeans have been enjoying the laughs, it is time to call in Adult Protective Services and put an end to this farce. Let the leftist maniacs who are actually in charge present their own faces to the public, instead of hiding behind the freakish shell that is all plastic surgery and senility have left of Joe Biden.

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Jun 14 2021

Next After Ilhan Omar: Ubax Gardheere

Move over, Ilhan Omar. Ubax Gardheere is on her way up:

Ubax Gardheere is running for the King County Council in the Seattle area. Gardheere is the director of the Equitable Development Division in Seattle’s Office of Planning and Community Development, which works with organizations on “anti-displacement efforts in high displacement risk neighborhoods, with a continued emphasis on serving BIPOC communities that have been targeted by systemic and institutional racism.”

That is, she prevents “gentrification” — i.e., the rehabilitation of slums. In utopia, everywhere will be a slum except for the well-fenced mansions of the ruling class.

Gardheere labels herself as a community organizer “focused on policy and systemic healing.”

A community organizer recently made it all the way to the White House.

Gardheere, who calls herself a “bureactivist,” says she has “extensive experience in social justice and transformative practices.”

In case it is not already clear where radicals who bark about “social justice” are coming from, the Post Millennial reports:

Ubax Gardheere boarded the Highline School District bus on Jan. 12, 2010 as it travelled on its morning route. Once aboard the bus, which was heading to Chinook Middle School, Gardheere demanded the driver tell his dispatcher “that a national security incident was going on.”

Gardheere then began yelling at the children about America’s relationship with Somalia, according to police reports. An audio recording of the incident demonstrated that when the driver told Gardheere to leave the bus she said, “You need to calm yourselves down ’cause I could have a bomb. Look how loose my clothes are.”

Gardheere also told the kids she might have a gun. She screamed that they were “white cowards” as the terrified children escaped through the rear emergency exit.

She enjoys the backing of her fellow liberals:

Democrat State Senator Rebecca Saldana said in her endorsement of Gardheere, “I will follow Ubax anywhere.” Former radical Seattle City Council Member and activist Mike O’Brien called Gardheere “An amazing leader.”

Ilhan Omar repeatedly backs terrorists, but she isn’t an actual terrorist herself. No matter how certain you may be that progressives could not possibly get more evil and insane, they always find a way to progress still further.

Like Omar, Gardheere is an immigrant from Somalia. No wonder Democrats are so keen on importing massive numbers of people from the Third World. That’s where they find their political talent.

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Jun 13 2021

Biden Found Wandering Lost in Cornwall

Hopelessly lost, the alleged Leader of the Free World wandered aimlessly amid strangers at the G7 Summit. Fortunately, his wife found him and brought him back to where he was supposed to be standing around trying not to drool on himself.

You can see why not even Democrats want this guy near the nuclear codes.

Despite a long career as a corruptocrat, you can’t say Biden is good for nothing. In addition to serving as a supposedly nonthreatening front for the radical left, he also provides the rest of the world with something to laugh at.

Hat tip: Not the Bee.

Jun 08 2021

Kamala Harris Gives Media Cookies of Her Melted Face

It is ever more obvious why Kamala Harris could not get even Democrats to vote for her in the primaries. To put it mildly, there is something off about her. For example, the other day she passed out cookies to journalists. The cookies featured her own likeness with a melted face.

Despite the malignant narcissism, at least the cookies are appropriate, considering that Kamala Harris was placed in her current position not because of any individual qualities, but explicitly because she is a Woman of Color — that is, as a faceless representative of an intersectional identity group.

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May 27 2021

Joe Biden Knows What Year It Is

Granted he had to refer to his notes, and even with the notes the rest of what he said is jabberwocky, but many will be relieved to learn that Joe Biden cannot be as far gone as he seems, because he realizes that the year is 2021. Via Mark Simone:

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May 23 2021

Biden Mangles Mao Quote

Biden’s 1988 presidential bid perished amid gales of laughter due to his compulsive lying and plagiarizing. From there, he has deteriorated. He has become such a self-parody that he reuses lies that he had previously fessed up to. Worse even than stealing anecdotes from other left-wing politicians, he unsuccessfully attempts to quote the genocidal dictator with the highest body count in world history, Mao Zedong. From Laura Ingraham’s Friday Follies:

Asking Biden to read a teleprompter in front of an audience is elder abuse. The word salad brings a quote to mind:

Lucidity of speech is unquestionably one of the surest tests of mental precision...In my experience a confused talker is never a clear thinker. - David Lloyd George

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