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Dec 09 2021

Mandatory Food Recycling in California

The appeal of the global warming hoax is that it allows authoritarians to micromanage our lives at an extreme of intrusiveness that Joseph Stalin never imagined. California is making it illegal to throw a banana peel in the garbage, lest it become too warm outside to suit the sacred polar bears.

From Associated Press:

Banana peels, chicken bones and leftover veggies soon won’t be allowed in most California trash bins under a mandatory food recycling program designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfills.

If you ever encounter someone so insane that they believe regulating banana peels will improve the weather, keep them as calm as possible and watch their hands until you are able to escape their presence.

This sounds ominous:

There’s a growing recognition about the role food waste plays in climate change; before emitting methane as it decays, food that no one eats wastes energy and resources on production, transportation and packaging.

Food itself causes climate change, and therefore requires rigid regulation. Don’t worry, our moonbat overlords will still let us consume synthetic meat, weeds, insects, and plastic trash — for as long as supplies hold out.

What to do with the garbage that bureauweenies will not let you throw in the garbage?

Many cities will provide residents, in single-family homes and apartments, with countertop food waste bins that can hold scraps for a day or two before they’re dumped in green waste bins alongside yard waste.

Ought to help keep your kitchen smelling great.

After paying for the unhygienic countertop garbage bins, taxpayers then get to pay for boondoggle green energy projects, whereby Democrats go through the motions of pretending that banana skins can be used to generate significant electricity through anaerobic digestion. This will help power heavily subsidized electric cars without using efficient but politically disfavored coal and natural gas.

The other possible use for the banana peels is compost, which for some reason does not cause global warming. However…

…only about 35 of the state’s roughly 200 composting facilities are currently able to take food waste, said Neil Edgar, executive director of the California Compost Coalition.

Having nowhere else to take it, they will probably dump most of the green waste bin trash in the landfill with everything else. The climate will never know the difference.

But I’m forgetting — every problem created by government is exploited to impose a solution:

Trash collection fees will go up in many places as local governments spend money to help create new composting facilities.

The bigger government gets, the more it costs.

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