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Nov 27 2022

Personnel Is Policy Part II

Collapsing test scores are no surprise when you consider that schools are controlled by Big Government. Atop it sits the Biden Regime, which is comprised of deranged leftists like Office of Educational Technology Deputy Director Kristina Ishmael in the Department of Education. Her Twitter account has been put to private, but not before Fox News discovered alarming moonbattery in profusion.

For example,

Ishmael responded to a tweet which claimed the Evangelical church welcomed “hate” and “white supremacy” into its institution.

She replied, “Amen.”

Evangelicals make up between a quarter and a third of the American population. The minority groups subjected to systemic bigotry are not the ones that have achieved a position in the Cultural Marxist power structure.

You don’t have to be a minority for bigots to hate you:

The Biden official said she walked away from a discussion because “a white male dominated the conversation.” In another instance, Ishmael said she was tuning out voices from White people.

Ishmael herself looks pretty pale…

…but then, some of the most fanatical haters of whites are themselves white. This is because leftism is grounded in depravity.

In other instances, Ishmael blasted the “white perspective” in curriculum.

“[M]ost of my curriculum was written from a very narrow and white perspective,” she said.

Only nonwhite perspectives are welcome under a regime that has instituted Critical Race Theory as the state religion.

According Ishmael, being overweight is not a health issue. Like everything else, it is a white supremacy issue:

She said, “Learning to be comfortable in my own skin & weight and really ready to reject the White supremacist ideal body? F*ck yes.”

Moonbats are often incapable of expressing themselves without resorting to obscenity.

“Fatphobia is real. The ‘ideal’ weight, shape & look is white supremacy baked into our everyday lives. I’m so over it. We deserve more than diets,” she said.

Only a white supremacist would strive not to be overweight or advise others to do so, and nothing could be worse than a white supremacist. So why not have that second jar of peanut butter for lunch?

Ishmael is a self-declared fan of Ibram X. Kendi…

Kendi is not very bright, yet he has an idiot savant’s genius for converting his maniacal hatred of Caucasians into piles of cash.

Not even being a Democrat redeems hated whites. Barks Ishmael:

“Dear fellow white people, defending the percentage of us that did vote for Biden is not helpful right now. Read the room. Just don’t.”

Ishmael’s wokeness is extreme, yet she is no outlier at the Department of Education.

Fox News Digital previously reported that another Biden official at the DOE – Kayla Patrick – claimed that “school discipline” is part of a “racist system,” blaming so-called “whiteness,” while she worked for a left-wing education organization.

Kooks like this have reduced inner city classrooms to zoo cages. The objective for those forced to enter them is no longer to learn or to teach but to escape physically unharmed.

Nothing corrupted by moonbattery remains unruined for long. This is why education must be pried loose from the clutches of a government run by moonbats.

Hat tip: Not the Bee.


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