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Sep 14 2023

Sister of Perpetual Indulgence Public Masturbation

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a San Francisco-based cult of homosexuals who ram blasphemy down the public throat by dressing up as surreal parodies of nuns. They recently came to public attention when the Los Angeles Dodgers poked a finger in the eye of their Christian fans by conducting a ceremony honoring these creeps, and when a Biden official associated with them kept getting arrested for stealing women’s luggage so he could wear their clothes. They are in the news again, one of them having been arrested for publicly masturbating:

Clinton Monroe Ellis-Gilmore, the alleged public masturbator, had been active in the local Eureka, California, chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for years, even attending a drag reading at the public school with the group back in 2018. …

Ellis-Gilmore was arrested after multiple witnesses said he was sitting with no pants on and truck door open at Table Bluff County Park, with one leg out the vehicle and the other up on the dashboard while masturbating. One witness told The Daily Wire it was clear Ellis-Gilmore wanted “everyone to see what he’s doing.”

As Matt Walsh notes, Ellis-Gilmore reportedly kept this up for an hour, “at a public beachside park that Google lists as ‘good for kids’ and ‘kid-friendly hikes’” on a Saturday in broad daylight:

“This isn’t about one person,” Walsh concluded. “[Ellis-Gilmore] represents a perverse, anti-Catholic worldview that every power center on the left promotes. We need to stop honoring these degenerates and start exposing them for what they are.”

It took a month for the perv’s arrest to make it through the mainstream media’s selective disinterest, but the exposure is underway — not that Ellis-Gilmore hasn’t already exposed himself more than enough:

On tips from Franco, MrRightWingDave, ABC of the ANC, and Chris Neilson.


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