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Jun 25 2024

Let Them Drink Maggot Milk

If you liked the idea of cockroach milk, you will love maggot milk:

Bill Gates has launched a new project that seeks to introduce “maggot milk” into the food supply of the general public.

The new “EntoMilk” is described as a “dairy alternative” that is made from “black soldier fly larvae” or maggots.

The maggots are blended into a “rich and creamy liquid which looks and acts just like dairy,” according to its creators.

Why would anyone let an evil twerp tell them to drink something so disgusting that it would instantly make you puke? Here’s why:

Gates and his allies argue that EntoMilk should replace traditional dairy milk because farming allegedly destroys the planet.

If someone tells you that agriculture is bad, don’t feel obligated to listen to anything else they have to say.

Bill Gates maggot milk will go nicely with the other nonfoods the planet wants you to eat, like lentils, beetleburgers, crickets, grass, maggot butter, mealworms, plastic trash, weeds, worm dogs, synthetic pseudofood, larvae, and wind turbine blades.

On a tip from WDS 2.0.


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