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May 23 2018

Catering to Leftist Radicals Puts Evergreen State College into Tailspin

Evergreen State College has become emblematic of academia’s decline as it succumbs to radical moonbattery:

Between 500 and 600 fewer students will attend Evergreen State College next fall than in 2017, according to internal estimates. That means projected full-time enrollment is down as much as 17% from 3,500 last fall.

The moonbattery started to spin out of control when biology prof Bret Weinstein objected to a “Day of Absence,” during which Caucasians were forbidden to come on campus. Educrats effectively sided with the cultural Marxist mob that came after him rather than let police restore order.

Evergreen is explicitly left-wing even by the standards of academia. But too much is too much, even for some moonbats.

Kirsten Shockey of Oregon … and her husband lean left. Their son Jakob attended Evergreen, and they assumed their daughter would, too. But they were alarmed by what she called the “witch hunt” atmosphere and “erosion of free speech” on campus. As decision time approached, Ms. Shockey told [Evergreen President George] Bridges in an email, “we are watching closely.”

They didn’t like what they saw. Ms. Shockey’s daughter crossed Evergreen off her list, following the advice of her brother. “The way identity politics played out looked to us like a university going from a place of learning to a new type of anti-intellectualism,” Ms. Shockey later told me. “Free speech and good discourse was lost—and then good teachers,” she added. “This is about where the alt-left seems to be taking us.”

Where the alt-left is taking Evergreen is straight down. Fall 2018 applications are down 20%. Undergraduate retention has cratered, with less than half of first-time, first-year students enrolled last fall staying through the school year. Evergreen is a state school, but half of its funding is obtained the old-fashioned way, through tuition — which is drying up. Consequently, a couple dozen full-time adjuncts are losing their jobs, and planned construction has been put on hold.

Have the radicals running Evergreen learned their lesson? They have not:

Administrators have since doubled down on identity politics. Evergreen advertises a “bias response team” to handle perceived slights. It has increased funding for new social-justice administrators and support staffers. Evergreen employees now go through “cultural competency, sensitivity and antibias training.” And in a May 14, 2018, email on “leaner leadership at Evergreen,” Mr. Bridges outlined an administrative reorganization plan heavy on “equity and inclusion.”

Expect collapse. The University of Missouri earned a similar fate by knuckling under to Black Lives Matter goons. Other schools will follow if educrats don’t turn back from the alt-left abyss.

On a tip from TCS III.

Mar 12 2018

Evergreen State College Graffiti Attacks Science as Racist

Evergreen State College is so cutting edge in its pursuit of political correctness, it has nearly caught up with South Africa. From the latter, we hear that science is racist — i.e., inextricably linked to white people and therefore needing to be abolished. Evergreen State’s President George Bridges stopped groveling to juvenile radicals long enough to send out an email reading in part:

Earlier this week, some graffiti was spotted on campus that sought to counterpose intersectionality and the sciences, equating the latter with white supremacy. Facilities staff have completed the chore of cleaning up the graffiti.

The slur against the sciences, however interpreted, is offensive and disappointing to see given the values we espouse and our shared commitment to equity and interdisciplinarity.

Bridges had better watch his step. Biology professor Bret Weinstein was menaced and driven out of the school for not embracing the idea of periodically banning all whites from the campus. Defending the white man’s science may be just as unacceptable.

On a tip from TCS III.

Dec 14 2017

Obnoxious Cretin Paid Nearly Quarter $Million to Leave Evergreen State

There has been a slight hitch in the academic career of Naima Lowe:

The Evergreen State College professor who was caught on camera screaming at her white colleagues has elected to resign, according to an internal announcement.

Provost Jennifer praised Lowe for teaching “feminist and queer theory, race, and decolonial studies” — i.e., pernicious cultural Marxist B.S. with no redeeming social value.

Lowe, a self-described “black queer artist” who taught art and filmmaking classes at Evergreen State, initially came under public scrutiny after she was filmed screaming at two white members of the school’s Equity Council in the wake of the Weinstein controversy.

Bret Weinstein was driven out of the college for objecting to whites being periodically barred from campus during the “Day of Absence.”

Lowe’s thoughtful comments to her fellow moonbats on the Equity Council, whom she evidently found lacking in their extremism, include this insightful gem:

“You are now these motherf***ers that we’re pushing against. You can’t see your way out of your own ass.”

Diversity has not improved the quality of college education, to put it mildly.

Here’s what she had to shout at a “pride” festival in Olympia:

“White supremacy…lives and breathes within every single white person standing here right now. I refuse to shut my mouth and let white people set this agenda,” she yelled, claiming that “the white gays, the white middle class assimilationist motherf***ing gays, took over the [gay] movement with their assimilationist goals.”

Lowe was threatening to sue the school because why not? She was paid $240,000 to go away. The “State” in Evergreen State ensures that taxpayers will get stuck with a large portion of the bill. No doubt Lowe will turn up on an Ivy League faculty soon.

Prepare to wash out your ears. Presenting Naima Lowe:

Want a closer look? More Naima Lowe:

We pay through the nose to have sociopathic cretins of this caliber pour raw malice into the heads of impressionable youth.

Dec 04 2017

Whites Explicitly Excluded From Evergreen State Opinion Column

The college/mental institution Evergreen State, best known for its Day of Absence during which whites are banished from the campus, further advances racial harmony with a section in its student newspaper that explicitly excludes Caucasians:

The anonymous column, known as “POC Talk,” debuted in the bi-weekly Cooper Point Journal last year and returned this fall to the newspaper’s pages following racial unrest that erupted at the public university this past spring.

The point is not merely to exclude whites, but to taunt and berate them, as the editors make clear:

“Dear White people, please take a step back, this isn’t brown-people-answer-white-people’s-questions-hour, we’re asking specifically for submissions from POC,” the section’s editors added in their September intro. “As being told no seems to be a difficult concept for some of y’all I await your emails about the Irish, how the term white fragility is mean (great example of white fragility) and how we need to view people through a color-blind lens (just lol). You will 100% not get a response!!!”

To provide balance, the Cooper Point Journal will also feature a section devoted to giving a pro-white point of view. Ha ha, just kidding of course. Whites are not “oppressed,” and therefore are not allowed to have their own interests or point of view.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

Sep 15 2017

Oberlin College Begins to Follow Mizzou and Evergreen State Down the Tubes

It isn’t just the tail-spinning University of Missouri and Evergreen State. Colleges that succumb to social justice warriors will all pay a price:

Universities known for being hotbeds of campus protest and liberal activism are struggling with declining enrollments and budget shortfalls, and higher education analysts say that’s no coincidence.

Take Oberlin College. According to a document leaked to The Oberlin Review, the school’s student newspaper, the small liberal arts college famous for social justice hoaxes has had trouble attracting and retaining students, missing this year’s enrollment mark by 80 and racking up a $5 million budget deficit in the process.

Among the ways Oberlin College has reduced itself to a laughing stock:

In February 2013, mass hysteria ensued after racist and anti-Semitic flyers and graffiti began to appear all over campus. Classes were canceled, meetings were held and students began to see racism around every corner, including when someone reported seeing a member of the Ku Klux Klan on campus. It turned out to be a woman walking around wrapped in a blanket to keep warm.

The racist flyers and graffiti predictably turned out to be a hate hoax perpetrated by left-wing students.

Rather than admit the whole thing was a hoax and move on, the Oberlin administration doubled down on a social justice agenda, including the implementation of a privilege and oppression “reorientation” for first-year students.

In the ensuing years, Oberlin students would go on to make frequent demands of the university, ranging from the end of culturally appropriated meals at the dining hall, such as General Tso’s chicken and sushi, to the elimination of grades below a C.

In 2015, after the University of Missouri protests, the Oberlin Black Student Union issued a 14-page letter making 50 demands of the administration. They included exclusive “safe spaces” for black students and the elimination of graduation requirements for classes in Western civilization.

Then came the episode of the black Oberlin student who got caught shoplifting wine at Gibson’s Bakery.

The Black Student Union, Oberlin Student Senate and College Democrats spearheaded a boycott of the bakery and organized protests outside of the store. Even the Oberlin administration, responding to calls from Black Lives Matter supporters on campus, stopped purchasing goods from the bakery.

According to the ideology prevailing at Oberlin, it is racist to prevent People of Politically Preferred Pigmentation from shoplifting from capitalist exploiters.

The rest of academia isn’t far behind in the race to achieve maximum moonbattery — and the consequent financial ruin, as students who want to learn something more useful than sensitivity training head elsewhere for their education.

Big Academia is obscenely expensive and corrupt to the core with pernicious hard left ideology. The free market will produce superior alternatives.

On a tip from J.

Aug 30 2017

Evergreen State College Follows University of Missouri Into Ruin

The wages of moonbattery is ruin. Mizzou is learning it. So is Evergreen State College:

Administrators at The Evergreen State College have announced that the embattled school faces a massive $2.1 million budget shortfall due in part to a drop in enrollment, and the institution has already handed out some temporary layoff notices as officials grapple with balancing the books.

Plunging enrollment is an inevitable result of the school becoming a laughing stock after a moonbat mob was allowed to take it over:

First they cornered white biology Professor Bret Weinstein and shouted him down over his choice not leave campus during a “Day of Absence,” in which white students and employees were asked to stay off campus for the day. The aggressive actions against the professor forced him to hold class off campus at a nearby park.

Next, students accused the university’s administration of racism during a contentious meeting, during which they yelled at and belittled President George Bridges. At this meeting, some white students were told to stand in the back of the room because of the color of their skin. The progressive student protesters also issued a string of demands to combat the alleged racism on campus, most of which the university agreed to implement at an unknown fiscal cost.

The college was also shut for multiple days in early June because of threats it received. Student vigilantes even took to patrolling campus with bats. Later reports about the school revealed that radicalism and anarchy had been pushed at Evergreen State College since at least 2008.

What goes around comes around. The leftist college has been evangelizing on behalf of economic destruction. A memo from school officials dated Monday reads in part:

“… In a college where 89 percent of the operating budget is in salaries and benefits, it is impossible to reduce the budget by substantial amounts without giving up positions. In anticipation of this, we will soon be announcing a hiring freeze.”

Moonbat professors will be bitten in the seat of the pants by the monster they helped create.

On a tip from Steve T.

Jul 26 2017

Evergreen State’s Bret Weinstein Sues for $Millions Over Hostile Work Environment

What goes around, comes around. Progressives are fond of waging lawfare. It not only cripples their opponents, but humiliates them by forcing them to turn over absurdly large amounts of money, as when Aaron and Melissa Klein were economically hobbled by being forced to pay nearly $137,000 to the pair of LGBT thugs who ruined their business for being Christian. The progressives running Evergreen State College are getting a taste of this medicine from disgruntled liberal professor Bret Weinstein.

Ever eager to pander to the whims of leftists, educrats left Weinstein at the mercy of a vicious mob of their own creation. Now we read this:

Weinstein and his wife, Heather Heying, have filed a standard Tort Claim form against Evergreen State for a sum of $3,850,000. …

The factual narrative submitted alongside the tort claim argues that Evergreen State “has permitted, cultivated, and perpetuated a racially hostile and retaliatory work environment,” asserting that “Through a series of decisions made at the highest levels, including to officially support a day of racial segregation, the College has refused to protect its employees from repeated provocative and corrosive verbal and written hostility based on race, as well as threats of physical violence.”

Nothing lights up a smile like the spectacle of moonbats hoisted with their own petard.

Weinstein got on the wrong side of his fellow libs at Evergreen State by objecting to its “Day of Absence,” during which all whites are expected to stay away from campus.

Additionally, the factual narrative of the case blasts the college for its policy on the “Day of Absence,” an event that asked for white students faculty and staff to leave campus for a day of diversity programming. …

“In doing so, TESC [The Evergreen State College] continued to support its racially discriminatory conduct, publicly rejecting Professor Weinstein’s complaints of racial segregation for which he has been repeatedly excoriated, threatened, attacked, and wrongly accused of being a racist in the workplace, for months,” the narrative concludes.

As mentioned recently, totalitarian movements like the one currently posing as “liberalism” invariably eat their own. Weinstein is another example. Rather than passively be stomped on by the Jacobin mob, this worm has turned.

Now for the bad news. If Weinstein collects, the jackpot justice will come largely out of the pocket of taxpayers. The educrats won’t pay a dime.

On a tip from Sterling B.

Jun 09 2017

Evergreen State College Enters Death Spiral

Chaos erupted at Evergreen State College when biology professor Bret Weinstein was set upon by a moonbat mob for daring to speak out against white people being banned from the campus for a day. As a result of educrats characteristically siding with infantile leftists, the situation spun out of control:

Students demanded exemption from classwork so they could disturb the peace … and the president granted it. The school was shut down for three days over violent threats, and there were reports that a student mob was roaming the campus with bats and batons, threatening those who disagreed with the “No Whites” event.

Now we learn that Evergreen has a more serious problem. The taxpayer teat that keeps it alive may be yanked from its mouth:

It is the only state four-year higher education institution to see enrollment drop steeply since 2011 despite wide-open admission standards. At about 4,080 students, it is about 300 students short of the Legislature’s funded enrollment target.

The two problems are now entwined. Evergreen President George Bridges and his administration need to assure future students and their parents that academics come first — and not acquiesce to the 200-or-so student protesters at the expense of the 4,000-student campus. Without safety, there’s no learning, and without learning, Evergreen will wither into irrelevance.

Irrelevance has already been achieved. Bridges praised the moonbats for the “passion” they exhibited during their tantrums, and even granted their demand not to have to complete homework or course projects. A degree from Evergreen State College is virtually worthless. Consequently, enrollment will continue to decline, even if public order is restored. At this point, the death spiral is probably irreversible.

The same may hold true for the University of Missouri, which has been in a tailspin since gelatinous educrats with no idea how to control the Frankenstein monster that their moonbattery had created allowed the school to be taken over by Affirmative Action Black Lives Matter hooligans.

Evergreen has a long history of campus protests since it was founded in the 1970s as an experimental college. But protests this year have been focused inward and unusually aggressive — with students hijacking events beginning with the convocation in September and a board of regents meeting. They took over the administration offices last month, and Bridges patiently heard them out for hours with campus police calling every half-hour to check on his welfare. Most recently, they took over professor Bret Weinstein’s class because he questioned calls for white faculty and students to leave campus for a day.

That’s when the situation really got out of control, but from the day Evergreen recruited convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal to deliver a commencement address from prison, you had to know where this “experimental college” was headed. The path of moonbattery goes in only one direction: down.

On a tip from Steve A.

Jun 10 2018

No Political Advertising on Google in Washington State

Google has put the kibosh on political advertising in Washington State — possibly indefinitely:

This means that the largest advertising platform in the world is now off limits to anyone wishing to speak about a candidate or ballot measure anywhere in the Evergreen State.

For once, Google is not the villain.

The root of the problem is a recently enacted state rule requiring companies like Google to maintain extensive records for every political advertisement they accept, including ads about both candidates and ballot measures.

The pile of data Google would have to collect is so excessive that you can’t blame the company for balking.

The implications are alarming.

The world’s most prominent outlet for media information has now censored all speech about candidates and ballot measures—prototypical First Amendment-protected expression—out of fear that the government will punish it for not publicizing confidential information.

This is how liberty dies: not by full frontal assault, but by gradual asphyxiation through excessive regulation.

On a tip from Steve A.

Jul 10 2018

Wyoming Moonbats: The World Needs Fewer Cowboys

Nothing could be more emblematic of America at its healthiest than the romantic symbol of the cowboy. That’s why the University of Wyoming came up with the marketing slogan, “The World Needs More Cowboys.” It is also why moonbats hate cowboys:

The marketing campaign, set to launch in September, was designed to increase enrollment and attract new out-of-state students, but according to The Laramie Boomerang, the UW Committee on Women and People of Color wrote a letter to university officials demanding that they “shelve” the slogan in favor of a new one that “represents the diversity of the people and cultures” at UW.

Here’s why the sort of moonbats who dominate college campuses hate cowboys:

“I am not the only person for whom the word ‘cowboy’ invokes a white, macho, male, able-bodied, heterosexual, U.S.-born person,” associate professor of kinesiology and health Christine Porter told the Boomerang.

The university should reword the slogan to make it politically correct — something like, “The world needs more Third World, wimpy, sexually ambiguous, crippled, perverted illegal aliens.” Or is that already Evergreen State’s motto?

On a tip from Chronos Z. Wonderpig.

Mar 17 2018

Moonbats Enraged to Hear Men Are Taller Than Women

The Cult of Intersectionality requires of its devotees and of everyone else the rejection of objective reality — including even its more obvious features:

[Previously,] I wrote about a panel discussion that took place at Portland State University on the topic of intersectionality as a religion. That panel was actually a follow-up of sorts to another event at the school featuring ex-Google engineer James Damore. I knew about the earlier event but, until yesterday, I hadn’t seen this amazing moment that took place during that discussion. At the mention of a simple anatomical fact (men are on average taller than women) a group of SJW’s got up and stormed out, apparently damaging the sound system on the way to the lobby.

The speaker you’ll see here is biology professor Heather Heying, wife of professor Bret Weinstein. Both Heying and Weinstein left Evergreen State College as part of a settlement deal last year.

As readers will recall, Weinstein was driven out by a fascist mob for not agreeing that all white people should be periodically banished from the campus.

Heying was making a point about physiological differences between men and women. “Are men taller than women on average?” Heying asked rhetorically. She added, “Does anyone take offense at that fact?”

A group of offended moonbats promptly got up and stormed out, one of them grousing in the lobby that “Even the women in there have been brainwashed.”

Women who believe that men tend to be taller have been “brainwashed.” Only those who embrace liberal ideology in all of its absurdity think for themselves. Free-thinkers are required to believe that there is no difference between men and women except that men are bad, unless the men are women, in which case they must not be criticized in any way.

This is what countermoonbats are up against:

On a tip from TCS III.

Jan 24 2018

Bret Weinstein on Why the Left Is Eating Itself

Relatively moderate leftist Bret Weinstein was essentially driven out of Evergreen State for not agreeing that hated Caucasians should be periodically banned from the campus. He speaks from experience on a panel tasked with answering the question, “Is the left eating itself?

Weinstein quickly moves on from this no-brainer to the more interesting question of why the left is eating itself. Being a biology professor, he puts the issue into biological terms by describing “a hidden dichotomy between two populations within the left.”

He continues:

“One of those populations earnestly wishes equality, and there can be some debate over what it is that is being equalized, but virtually everybody on the left would say that they are for equality of opportunity.

“Then there is another population that does not wish equality of opportunity, what it wishes to do is to turn the tables of oppression. And the problem for us is that when these two populations are intermingled they sound alike until the point that you reach something like equality of opportunity, and we are nowhere near that point. At that point, they would clearly diverge and you would discover that some of the people who had been pursuing some nominal version of equality were really about some radical version of inequity with new people at the head. And I do think that is what we are facing.”

Weinstein goes on to say that he believes many of the people on the left are unaware that they are part of something which contains these extremist tendencies, which he describes as “unholy and un-American.”


He sees radicalized leftists as an insurgency that is taking over all things left of center. If it succeeds, and the media is able to engineer an electoral backlash that puts the left back in power, this country is in for very dark times.

On a tip from TCS III.

Jan 08 2018

Feminist Business School

Aspiring female entrepreneurs who can’t make it to India for U.S.-funded vlogger training have an educational opportunity closer to home: the Feminist Business School, which offers a single course that starts this week.

The $1,200 class was developed by Jennifer Armbrust, an artist who graduated from Evergreen State University with a degree in critical theory. After graduating, she founded an art gallery, later becoming a performance artist in Portland, Oregon.

Critical theory is a cultural Marxist strategy for deliberately destroying American society through relentless nattering criticism. It includes various subcategories, the most familiar of which is critical race theory, according to which everything is viewed in racial terms and America is incessantly denounced as “racist.” That you can actually major in cultural sabotage reflects the sickness that has engulfed academia.

Armbrust attempts to apply her cultural Marxist education to the business world by covering topics such as “the myth of meritocracy” and “toppling the patriarchy.”

“If capitalism is an economy that values masculine traits, what could another economy look like?” asks Armbrust, arguing that the traditional economy is based on masculine traits such as “individualism” and “speed and efficiency.”

Such traits will be abolished in the “feminine economy.”

These traits, Armbrust claims, should be shunned in favor of more feminine ones, such as “mindfulness,” “gratitude,” and “generosity” — all traits that can help promote the “redistribution of money and power.”

Sure, that will keep you in business — so long as you are coercively subsidized by the government.

On a tip from J.

Dec 16 2017

Academics Link Civility to “White Racial Power”

If wholesome Christmas movies and rescuing a rabbit are examples of intolerable whiteness, then it stands to reason that so is civility:

Two University of Northern Iowa professors recently argued that practicing “civility” in college classrooms can “reproduce white racial power.”

C. Kyle Rudick and Kathryn B. Golsan assert in a recent academic article that civility, particularly “whiteness-informed civility,” allegedly “functions to assert control of space” and “create a good white identity.”

This civility can reinforce white privilege, Rudick and Goslan argue, because “civility within higher education is a racialized, rather than universal, norm,” according to the field of “critical whiteness studies.”

To see what they mean, consider the civility level of Naima Lowe, whom Evergreen State College is paying $240,000 to go yell obscenities at her colleagues somewhere else.

Rudick and Goslan actually claim that treating everyone equally and even being especially nice to privileged I mean “oppressed” minorities so as not to be denounced as a racist are both examples of upholding “white privilege” and “white racial power.”

If you are white, no matter what you do is bad, so you had better just stop existing. It’s either that or push back against political correctness.

On a tip from Sterling B.

Dec 15 2017

Educrat Calls for More “Burner Activism”

As in the 1960s, the infantile students wreaking havoc on campus are cat’s paws for the comparably infantile moonbats running the schools, many of whom share their ultra-left ideology and are eager to facilitate protests even when they degenerate into riots, and to accede to even the most outlandish demands. Further confirmation:

In an essay for Inside Higher Ed, Chris Purcell, who serves as the director of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex Life at Vanderbilt University, believes that university officials should embrace what he calls “burner activism,” a type of activism that involves students “taking over the offices of campus leaders, shutting down streets, holding sit-ins.”

Only an institution devoted to civilization’s demise would pay someone to be the “director of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex Life.”

“Too often, some administrators privilege particular forms of activism (those students who go through formal channels and play nice) over others (students who use more informal channels or tactics of supposed disruption),” writes Purcell. “These preferences are often tied to identity, as more often than not, students with more privilege have access to formal campus leadership positions — particularly elected positions like those in student government.”

To translate out of the Academese, I believe this malevolent kook is saying that it is racist not to encourage riots.

Rampant moonbattery largely approved by administrators has Evergreen State College and the University of Missouri swirling down the drain. Other schools will follow them.

On a tip from Guy B.

May 26 2017

Mob Sets Upon Professor for Not Thinking Whites Should Be Abolished From Campus for the Day

On college campuses, cultural Marxism has moved beyond the relentless but relatively subtle corrosion of the critical theory stage on its way to a final solution stage. Whites have been explicitly designated as the Group That Must Be Hated. Any professor who won’t drink the Kool-Aid can expect to be set upon by the weaponized mob:

Evergreen State College students have berated a professor and called for his resignation after he objected to an event where white students were asked to leave the campus for a day.

Bret Weinstein, a biology professor at the university, sent out an email criticizing the purpose of this year’s “Day Of Absence” event where, unlike in the past, white students and faculty members were asked to leave campus to give space to people of color.

Weinstein hardly comes across as right of center, but he objects to an alarming escalation of militant racial moonbattery.

Traditionally, the annual event is characterized by people of color leaving the campus to show their contribution to the campus, while white students and faculty members are attending anti-racism workshops.

“There is a huge difference between a group or coalition deciding to voluntarily absent themselves from a shared space in order to highlight their vital and under appreciated roles … and a group or coalition encouraging another group to go away,” Weinstein wrote in the email.

“I would encourage others to put phenotype aside and reject this new formulation … On a college campus, one’s right to speak—or to be—must never be based on skin color.”

Unsurprisingly, Weinstein was denounced as a racist for holding this view. Now he must be silenced on behalf of the “marginalized” groups that collectively have their foot on everyone else’s face.

Professors have become babysitters for unmanageable spoiled brats. Despite their overinflated salaries, I would rather clean sewers than have their job.

On tips from Steve A, TheChaoticStorm, and Bodhisattva.

Oct 01 2014

Convicted Cop-Killer Beloved by Liberals to Give Yet Another College Commencement Address

No serious person has ever doubted that Mumia Abu-Jamal, as Wesley Cook chooses to call himself, is guilty of murdering Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. He didn’t try to hide it, openly crowing at the time that he shot Faulkner and hoped he died, promising to kill more cops, and carrying on like a wild animal at his trial so that he had to be removed repeatedly. The only question is whether it is a bad thing for a black Marxist in dreadlocks to execute white cops.

According to the liberal establishment, the answer is no. Consequently, his execution was stalled for decades until they finally took him off death row in 2011, 2 days short of the 30th anniversary of the murder.

While in prison, Mumia has exploited his hero status among liberals to pursue a career as a journalist. Taxpayer-subsidized NPR had him recording commentary to play on “All Things Considered,” although Bob Dole managed to pull the plug on that. He published the commentary anyway, and has been a regular commentator for the Marxist newspaper Jungle Welt.

Oakland public schools equate him with Martin Luther King.

Mumia has been called upon to deliver college commencement addresses for UC Berkeley, Antioch College, Occidental College, Evergreen State College, and now Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont.

Mumia has friends in high places — or at the very least friends of friends. Obama nominated prominent Mumia supporter Debo Adegbile, one of the lawyers responsible for seeing to it that his death sentence was not carried out, to head the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. The appointment was so obscene that Republicans woke up from their nap and managed to block it, overcoming almost unanimous Democrat support.

It isn’t about nuance. It is about good versus evil. People can either support the Daniel Faulkners of the world, or they can support the Mumia Abu-Jamals. It couldn’t be more obvious which side Obama and the Democrat Party are on.

After his inevitable release, he will get his own prime time show on MSNBC.

On tips from Stormfax and Ellen S. Graphic compliments of Stormfax.

Nov 02 2012

Authorities Allow Male Freakazoid to Sprawl Naked in Girls’ Locker Room

A country run by liberals is no place to raise children:

A Washington college said their non-discrimination policy prevents them from stopping a transgender man from exposing himself to young girls inside a women’s locker room, according to a group of concerned parents. …

Hacker said a 45-year-old male student, who dresses as a woman and goes by the name Colleen Francis, undressed and exposed his genitals on several occasions inside the woman’s locker room at Evergreen State College.

Evergreen State College is so enlightened, it called upon convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal to deliver a recorded commencement address.

College students aren’t the only girls “Colleen” has been imposing the sight of his naked middle-aged body upon.

Students from nearby Olympia High School as well as children at a local swimming club share locker rooms with the college.

According to a police report, the mother of a 17-year-old girl complained after her daughter saw the transgender individual walking naked in the locker room. A female swim coach confronted the man sprawled out in a sauna exposing himself. She ordered him to leave and called police.

The coach later apologized when she discovered the man was transgendered but explained there were girls using the facility as young as six years old who weren’t used to seeing male genitals.

No worries; they’ll get used to it. If current cultural trends continue, they will be watching perverts sodomize each other on prime time television within a few years. Those who disapprove will be denounced as prudes and homophobes.

The local district attorney does not plan to pursue charges. Apparently the coach’s apology sufficed.

With his behavior effectively endorsed by authorities, Francis is riding high on pervert pride:

“This is not 1959 Alabama,” Francis told the television station. “We don’t call police for drinking from the wrong water fountain.”

Please make it stop.

On tips from Matt S and Don M.

Apr 30 2018

University of Texas Mental Health Center Treats Masculinity as a Mental Health Issue

Since liberal authorities tell us that it is normal and healthy to be a pervert, it is only logical that they should tell us that it is sick to be normal. Sure enough, the Counseling and Mental Health Center at the University of Texas at Austin now treats masculinity as a mental health issue:

Treating masculinity as if it were a mental health crisis, “MasculinUT” is organized by the school’s counseling staff and most recently organized a poster series encouraging students to develop a “healthy model of masculinity.”

A healthy model of masculinity from the progressive point of view might look something like Conchita Wurst.

Stated examples of unhealthy masculinity to be rejected are striving to be successful and wanting to provide for a family.

Though you might enjoy “taking care of people” or being “active,” MasculinUT warns that many of these attributes are actually dangerous, claiming that “traditional ideas of masculinity place men into rigid (or restrictive) boxes [which]… prevent them from developing their emotional maturity.”

It’s a good thing universities are there to help us develop emotional maturity.

Job-seeking moonbats looking to make use of their degree in liberal studies will be pleased to learn that the school wants to hire a “healthy masculinities coordinator” to take charge of the program.

There is no evidence that masculinity itself contributes to violence. Universities that run similar programs, such as UNC-Chapel Hill and Northwestern, have admitted that their programming isn’t supported by any evidence.

To hell with evidence. As we have seen, scientific thinking is racist.

Lest they be accused of reverse sexism, educrats now need to create programs to eradicate femininity. In progressive utopia, only men will be feminine.

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Jan 07 2017

Ten Crazy Things That Offended College Snowflakes in 2016

Campus Reform has collected 10 of the craziest things that inflicted trauma upon leftist snowflakes on college campuses in 2016:

1. University of Wisconsin–La Crosse: “All Lives Matter” as a hate incident.

2. University of North Carolina: Christmas vacations and golf outings as microaggressions.

3. Rutgers University: “Avoiding someone” as a microaggression.

4. Purdue University: Pro-life flyers as “racist” and “vile.”

5. Ramapo College: America-themed BBQ as “offensive.”

6. Florida State University: Harambe costumes as cultural appropriation.

7. University of Southern California: “Illegal immigrants” as impermissible speech.

8. Texas Women’s University: The word “holiday” and evergreen trees as excessively religious.

9. Emory University: Chalk pro-Trump messages as requiring “emergency funds” for those “in pain.”

10. University of Virginia: American identity as “the most blatant microaggression.”

Click through for summaries.

Hopefully 2017 leaves the moonbats more traumatized still.

melting snowflake
Snowflakes exposed to countermoonbattery.

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Feb 20 2014

Liberals Learned Nothing From the Stimulus Debacle

At the 5-year anniversary of Obama’s staggeringly wasteful Porkulus plan, the media moonbats who installed him in power are still blaming Republicans for its failure — on the grounds that the GOP prevented the government from throwing away enough of our money. Via the LA Times:

[T]he recovery might have been much more robust had the initial stimulus scheme been followed up by even more stimulus spending. That did not happen because Republican opposition limited the size of the recovery act and guaranteed that it would not have a sequel.

Incredibly, our lunatic ruling class would throw still more of our money to the four winds despite a crippling $17.3 trillion national debt in the literally psychotic belief that wasting wealth creates wealth.

It is only a matter of time before they have the political leverage for another stimulus binge. This is what they wasted our money on last time:

$1.3 million was spent for signs on highways to advertise that infrastructure spending was paid for by the stimulus. …

The law spent $152,000 on a study by Clark University, in Worcester, Mass., designed to stimulate adoption by lesbians.

See here for an example of the glorious social engineering possibilities of lesbian adoption.

Government workers went door-to-door in the wealthiest neighborhoods in Denver giving away trees as part of a $600,000 stimulus project. …

A $384,949 grant was given to Yale University for a study entitled, “Sexual Conflict, Social Behavior, and the Evolution of Waterfowl Genitalia.” …

$1.2 million in stimulus funds went to study impotence in overweight men. The University of California-San Francisco used the funding to conduct 200 video interviews, at a cost of $6,000 each. …

“In The Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre,” a Che Guevara-inspired puppet theater in Minnesota, received $100,000 in stimulus money, according to a report by Sen. Tom Coburn (R., Okla.). …

Coburn’s report also found that researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo were given $389,357 to pay young people to record their daily malt liquor drinking and marijuana use. …

A $3.4 million underground turtle tunnel providing “eco-passage” in Florida also had its origins in the stimulus package. …

Florida Atlantic University received $8,408 in stimulus funding to see if mice get drunk after consuming alcohol. …

Just two years after receiving $535 million from the stimulus, Solyndra filed for bankruptcy. The company was the first to receive a federal loan guarantee from the stimulus. Solyndra’s biggest investor, George Kaiser, was a bundler for the Obama campaign.

At least four other companies received stimulus money only to later file for bankruptcy, including Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Co., which received $10 million to increase employment, and Evergreen Solar Inc., which received $5.3 million to install 11,000 photovoltaic panels.

But it wasn’t enough. If we want to revive the economy, we need to waste even more. Never mind that due to baseline budgeting the stimulus waste is built into each year’s budget. That doesn’t count. There must be more waste, more waste, more more more! Only through government waste on a scale never before imaged can we achieve utopia.

Yup, mice can get drunk all right.

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