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Feb 12 2024

Transsexual Maniac Genesse Ivonne Moreno

Recruit the certifiably insane into the Cultural Marxist coalition. Egg them on in their lunacy, affirming their delusions and offering precious victim status for flaunting their derangement. Pump them full of hormones. Nurture their paranoia with lies that they are put upon. Tell them Christians and conservatives are committing genocide against them. If local psychos are not violent enough, import more on an unvetted basis from the most violent countries in the world. Allow criminals to run loose no matter how many crimes they have committed. Then stand back and watch the fun.

The dust hasn’t settled, so details are unclear, but Genesse Ivonne Moreno seemed to cover most of the bases as he shot up Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston yesterday:

Moreno, who has a lengthy criminal record and was born as a man – Jeffrey Escalante – from El Salvador, was killed after off-duty police officers at the church responded to the incident. …

The message “Free Palestine” also was written on the rifle used in the attack, investigators said. …

The shooting happened Sunday afternoon before the Houston megachurch’s 2 p.m. Spanish service was set to begin.

This is emblematic of the risk children are subjected to:

Moreno entered the church with a long rifle, wearing a backpack and a trench coat and accompanied by a 5-year-old child…

At last word, the child is in critical condition and not expected to survive.

Too bad for the media that Moreno will be so hard to characterize as a typical Trump supporter. Otherwise, the story would have been hyped into the stratosphere and exploited to attack our right of self-defense.

Please welcome Genesse Ivonne Moreno to the Transsexual Violence Hall of Horrors:

Genesse Ivonne Moreno
Elizabeth West
Thorsten Heinz P.
Steven Buchanan/Susan Monica
Dylan Butler
Kendall Stephens
Leion Butler
Jason Lee Willie
Audrey Hale
Kimbrady Carriker
Maya McKinney
Snochia Moseley
Anderson Lee Aldrich
Moses Lopez
William Whitworth
Shanu Varma
A guy calling himself Lara
Zion William Teasley
Jason Michael Hann
Cali Anderson
Dana Rivers
Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky
Linnea Pugmire
Mark Campbell
Paul S.

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Feb 08 2024

Leftists Threaten to Target Patriots in Homes and Churches

The Black Lives Matter riots that were so exuberantly supported by the liberal establishment worked well for the Democratic Party in 2020. But in 2024, mostly peaceful protests may be more targeted:

Angry radical leftists staged a loud protest outside the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the conservative Heritage Foundation against its “Project 2025,” an initiative that aims to help conservative politicians end the power of the “Deep State” if and when Republicans prevail in the 2024 races for the White House, U.S. Senate, and U.S. House of Representatives.

The rally occurred January 27. Similar rallies will be allowed to escalate out of control if Trump continues to look likely to win.

The “Stop the Coup 2025!” protesters clearly sought to intimidate conservative staffers and politicians on Capitol Hill and throughout the nation’s capital, where memories of protests outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices remain fresh in everyone’s minds.

That illegal exercise in intimidation was essentially abetted by the thugs comprising Biden’s Justice Department. Montgomery County police arrested a moonbat named Nicholas John Roske for attempted assassination. Even then, the Biden Regime did not back away from implicitly supporting these tactics.

“We need to go find out where they live, where they go to church, who they hang around with, and birddog they (sic) a—-,” one activist declared to the crowd.

Here’s what regular Americans are up against:

Bad enough having these moonbats in your neighborhood…

“It’s a horrific experience,” said one neighbor who described the protests. “They have drums, they have a megaphone, and they chant, they yell all kinds of things … They have told neighbors ‘f— you, f— your children,’ things like that – and so they’re abusive towards neighbors and intimidating.”

Worse still is having them run the increasingly intrusive federal Leviathan.

You can see why liberals are in a hebephrenic frenzy over Project 2025:

Heritage Foundation president Kevin Roberts … explained that he envisions the destruction of the administrative state, its vast political power, and the influence it holds over individual American sovereignty. “The only way to do that… is to diminish the number of unelected bureaucrats who are wielding that power instead of Congress,” he said.

Roberts stunned globalist leftists while simultaneously delighting conservatives last month while participating in a World Economic Forum (WEF) panel discussion — “What to Expect from a Possible Republican Administration?” — when he said the next Republican administration needs to reject “everything that’s ever been proposed at the World Economic Forum.”

Javier Milei isn’t the only countermoonbat willing to poke these demons in the nose. Imagine Trump — highly motivated by the corrupt establishment’s campaign against him — doing in the USA what Milei has been doing to restore freedom and prosperity in Argentina. Liberal backlash will make it clearer than ever why they do not want us to be able to defend ourselves.

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Jan 18 2024

Transsexual Arrested for Planning to Kill Transphobes

One reason regular Americans need to own guns is that whether legally or not, maniacs will own them — and you don’t want to rely on 911 to keep you safe in a country filling up with guys like Oregon’s Elizabeth West:

West was charged with making interstate threats based on the September 26 Facebook post to the group “Trans Woman Support Group,” which came as he said he believed he was about to be fired and was tired of “trans phobic assholes.”

Authorities found him in possession of 27 guns as well as “tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition.”

West’s approach to life has left him believing that “there really isn’t any point living any more,” so he planned to go out in a “blaze of glory” by murdering as many transphobes — i.e., people suspected of not affirming his womanhood — as possible.

That might be okay with the woke FBI. However, West is so nuts that he colored outside the lines:

The FBI did not arrest West after the September interview that was ultimately used to justify charges. Instead, it arrested him months later after checks of his social media exhibited racial hatred towards black people, immigrants, and Jews.

Only approved psychotic hatred is approved. The FBI used the “I’m going to mass murder transphobes” post as justification to arrest him for his true crime, expressing hostility against favored identity groups.

The affidavit references “far-right terror,” “white supremacy,” and “alt-right extremism,” portraying the madman as a conservative terrorist.

The Long March Through the Institutions has claimed the FBI:

The FBI has shown a pattern in recent years of labeling its targets as far-right white supremacist domestic terrorists, even when the facts indicate otherwise. It then cites statistics to say that white supremacist domestic terrorists are the biggest threat to the country.

Click through for outlandish examples of psycho moonbats characterized as conservative by the Democrat apparatchiks staffing the FBI.

It also has a pattern of ignoring serious crimes unless or until there was an anti-conservative angle.

Likeminded local media presents a guy arrested for plotting to kill transphobes as a right-wing woman. First paragraph from

The FBI has arrested a 56-year-old Cottage Grove woman accused of making threats online to harm Jews and Black people in posts displaying a Nazi flag and multiple guns.

Female pronouns are deceptively used throughout, although readers can easily figure out for themselves that they are being lied to because West is in fact not a woman.

The media and the Deep State both spin on behalf of the leftist agenda. At least the FBI locked up West before he could shoot any transphobes. However, his gruesome ravings about “Blood, death, self torture self hatred wicked thoughts of mass murder at the gloved hands of the veil mistress,” still get him inducted into the Transsexual Violence Hall of Horrors:

Elizabeth West
Thorsten Heinz P.
Steven Buchanan/Susan Monica
Dylan Butler
Kendall Stephens
Leion Butler
Jason Lee Willie
Audrey Hale
Kimbrady Carriker
Maya McKinney
Snochia Moseley
Anderson Lee Aldrich
Moses Lopez
William Whitworth
Shanu Varma
A guy calling himself Lara
Zion William Teasley
Jason Michael Hann
Cali Anderson
Dana Rivers
Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky
Linnea Pugmire
Mark Campbell
Paul S.

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Jan 05 2024

Why Media Will Bury Dylan Butler School Shooting

Normally, a school shooting sends the media into an jubilant frenzy, as propagandists scramble to exploit the tragedy to attack our right of self-defense. Not this time:

The now-deceased suspected gunman who shot at least six victims—killing one, a sixth-grade middle schooler—at a small-town high school in Perry, Iowa, early Thursday morning has been identified by authorities as 17-year-old student Dylan Butler.

Butler’s social media imprint reveals why the media won’t find the bloodshed worthy of the 24/7 laser focus for days on end we have come to expect following school shootings:

An emoji of the gay Pride flag was featured in the TikTok page’s bio and an image of an anime girl was selected as the profile’s avatar. In another TikTok video, the account used the hashtag “genderfluid.” Using an identical profile picture on Instagram, user @DylanSayWhat212 identified as trans non-binary with “he/they” pronouns. However, the account has also since been scrubbed.

According to a series of Reddit posts that Butler appears to have authored, he interacted with transgender and “femboy” forums. …

Over on the platform X, formerly Twitter, the since-suspended account @DylanSayWhat212, under the screenname “Dylan Jesse,” professed his love for My Little Pony and “f*cking furries” while replying to a Happy Pride Month post.

From the viewpoint of the liberal establishment, guns in private hands are bad, but not as bad as driving children insane with transsexual ideology is good.

The reason the demonic Audrey Hale is not a household name is that she was pretending to be a man (and possibly taking male hormones) when she murdered six people including three 9-year-olds at the Covenant School in Nashville for being Christian. A similar dynamic will ensure Butler’s obscurity.

Matt Vespa predicts the Iowa story will be gone by Monday if not sooner:

There’s nothing here to weaponize against conservatives. The shooter was a genderfluid/transgender whackjob. With 2024 upon us, politicians aren’t going to be sticking their necks out for a gun control bill based on a transgender going insane. The media will write up the main points and move on because this shooting, yet again, does not comport with the narrative that pro-MAGA white supremacists are killing us all.

If only briefly, the media has no choice but to acknowledge what happened. So it provides the politically correct spin by portraying Butler as the victim — basically siding with him against his victims:

The AP published a piece with the headline ‘He got tired of the bullying,’ classmates say of shooter, and detailed how Butler had been “bullied relentlessly since elementary school.”

Nothing is beneath the Associated Press.

Transsexualism is literally a form of psychosis. Promote it among unstable youth while pushing a phony Cultural Marxist narrative of oppression…

…and the results are so predictable, they must be intended.

Please welcome Dylan Butler to the Transsexual Violence Hall of Horrors:

Dylan Butler
Kendall Stephens
Leion Butler
Jason Lee Willie
Audrey Hale
Kimbrady Carriker
Maya McKinney
Snochia Moseley
Anderson Lee Aldrich
Moses Lopez
William Whitworth
Shanu Varma
A guy calling himself Lara
Zion William Teasley
Jason Michael Hann
Cali Anderson
Dana Rivers
Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky
Linnea Pugmire
Mark Campbell
Paul S.

On tips from Jester, Wiggins, ABC of the ANC, and the Great Cornholio.

Sep 04 2023

Transgender Activist Destroys, Defecates in Teen Girl’s Car

Transphobes are all around us. They must be punished. Transgender activists are up to the job:

A Portland transgender social media activist with a violent criminal history has been charged for allegedly smashing up a teen girl’s car and defecating inside. The suspect allegedly told police the teen was “transphobic.”

On Aug. 27, 17-year-old Jade was confronted by a stranger after parking in the Hollywood neighborhood for a shopping trip. She walked away and upon returning to her vehicle later, found every window and light was smashed out, the interior smeared all over with feces and urine.

The car was declared a “biohazard” and effectively totaled.

Even in Portland, there are sometimes legal consequences:

Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky, 44, was located by the Portland Police nearby and was arrested.

Even though he had two arrest warrants for prior incidents when they picked him up, they let him loose the same day on “monitored pretrial release.”

On social media, Shemansky has long documented her [sic] gender transition with photos of her [sic] estrogen medication and posts about her [sic] gender affirming surgery. She [sic] also regularly denounced transphobia, fascism and racism.

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office refuses to say whether Shemansky is locked up with men or women during his brief incarcerations.

If you really want to know what a guy who would call himself Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky looks like, click here — or start your own collection of Vivian Shemansky mugshot trading cards by clicking here.

Transsexuals are psychotic by definition and characterized by a tendency toward violence (e.g., Maya McKinney, Snochia Moseley, Anderson Lee Aldrich, Audrey Hale, Moses Lopez, William Whitworth, Shanu Varma, “Lara,” Zion William Teasley, Jason Michael Hann, Cali Anderson, Dana Rivers). The liberal establishment eggs them on by pretending they are somehow “oppressed.” Our moonbattery-induced mental health and public safety crises will not improve if leftism continues to prevail.

Hat tip: Not the Bee.

Jul 28 2023

Democrats Say Force Is Justified to Defend Abortion

These people have no qualms about tearing guiltless babies limb from limb or crushing their skulls and sucking their brains out. Would they hesitate to inflict violence on opponents? No:

According to a new study by the University of Chicago, public support for political violence has grown significantly among Democrat voters.

A national survey of American adults, conducted June 22-26, asked if force is “justified” to achieve various ends. In particular, the study found that support for the use of force to coerce members of Congress has doubled in 2013, from nine percent in January to 17 percent in June.

The study also reports that “the rise was sharpest among Democrats where it grew by about 2.5 times.”

Democrat support for the use of violence “to restore the federal right to abortion” has doubled in the past 6 months.

The concept of a “right” to kill babies is preposterous. Next they will claim a right to kill people who hinder their abortions.

On a tip from MrRightWingDave.

May 28 2023

Media Narrative on Target Is Diametric Opposite of Reality

Target has long been known for obnoxiously rubbing leftism in customers’ faces, so it is no surprise that it is next up after Anheuser-Busch to feel the backlash from a public that has been fed to the teeth with the depraved and disgusting transsexual agenda. Characteristically, the media is attempting to portray decent people who object to children being transsexualized as the villains. AP has resorted to barefaced lies:

The Associated Press has removed uncredited claims, without telling readers, that Target yanked or relocated LGBTQ merchandise featured prominently in Pride Month displays in response to “threats to workers” and “violent confrontations” between customers and employees.

Just the News noticed the wire service made the claims in its own voice in the headline and first paragraph of the report posted Tuesday night, rather than attributing those claims to Target, despite providing no evidence of threats or violence. The story was widely carried in other media.

Those claims had disappeared a day later without a correction or editor’s note.

Meanwhile, in real life:

A Utah Target has been evacuated and a bomb squad has been called in after multiple threats were made against stores across the state and five in Ohio after the company’s annual Pride collection sparked fury. …

Five Targets in across Northeast Ohio and Pennsylvania were also threatened, according to Cleveland 19, who received a threatening email listing stores in Stow, North Canton, Boardman, Niles, Ohio and Monaca, Pennsylvania.

The right-wing terrorists the DHS and FBI are devoted to uncovering have turned up at last! Oh wait:

‘Target is full of [redacted] cowards who turned their back on the LGBT community and decided to cater to homophobic right wing, redneck, bigots, who protested and vandalized their store,’ the email to Cleveland 19 read. ‘We won’t stand idly by as the far right continues to hunt us down.’

The reference to a vandalized store likely refers to the disinformation fabricated by Associated Press.

Anheuser-Busch blundered into the same situation Target now finds itself in, taking fire not only from the conservatives it deliberately disgusts but also from LGBT militants who never find anyone’s submission sufficiently obsequious.

‘We are sending you a message, we placed a bomb in the following Targets,’ the email continued. ‘We will continue to bomb your Targets until you stop cowering and bring back your LBGT merchandise.’

If AP’s inversion of events gave you déjà vu, you could be thinking of the recent attempt by the DHS (with a media assist) to spin the transsexual suicide terror attack on a Christian school in Nashville as violence not by transsexuals but against them.

The government, the media, and the rest of our liberal ruling class might actually serve as a reliable source of information. We just need to apply a magic decoder ring by assuming that whatever we are told is the precise opposite of the truth.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

May 26 2023

Moonbattery Linked to Other Psychopathologies

The truth will out, as Shakespeare said. Some truths are so obvious, even academic researchers can’t avoid noticing them — like the fact that moonbats tend to be a-holes with loose screws. Just as morbid obesity is linked to other health issues, wokeness is linked to other psychopathologies:

Left-wing extremism is linked to toxic, psychopathic tendencies and narcissism, according to a new study published to the peer-reviewed journal Current Psychology.

Authors Ann Krispenz and Alex Bertrams introduce the “dark-ego-vehicle principle.”

“According to this principle, individuals with dark personalities — such as high narcissistic and psychopathic traits — are attracted to certain forms of political and social activism which they can use as a vehicle to satisfy their own ego-focused needs instead of actually aiming at social justice and equality,” they told PsyPost.

How “social justice” could ever have a benevolent motive is another issue.

Here’s why George Soros and the party he purchased don’t need to pay Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs to get them to do their bidding:

“In particular, certain forms of activism might provide them with opportunities for positive self-presentation and displays of moral superiority, to gain social status, to dominate others, and to engage in social conflicts and aggression to satisfy their need for thrill seeking.”

Alarmingly, this applies not only to street garbage but to leftist thugs who attain political power, as the reckless and belligerent Biden Administration has illustrated.

“An individual high in LWA might declare anyone to be ‘old fashioned’ who is opposing their own ‘progressive values,’ strive to suppress free speech to regulate the expression of right-wing beliefs in educational institutions, and even endorse the use of violence to reach their own political goals,” the authors said.

LWA = “left-wing authoritarianism” — i.e., moonbattery.

Lets hope the academic careers of Ann Krispenz and Alex Bertrams survive the publication of this paper.

On a tip from Anonymous.

Apr 22 2023

Another Transsexual Threatens Violence

Speaking of menacing transsexuals, let me introduce a man named Tara, who threatens to kill anyone who tries to stop him from invading the ladies’ room:

True enough, many of these freaks are unafraid to die. It bears repeating:

Those who believe themselves to be members of the opposite sex are psychotic by definition. They are characterized by such intense self-hatred that according to the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 82% consider killing themselves and 40% actually try. Many of them sever parts of their own bodies in a desperate attempt to obliterate their identity. When this self-hatred is projected outward, unimpeded by morality, the results are horrifying, as the ongoing wave of transsexual mass murderers attests.

The Biden Regime deliberately exacerbates transsexual violence by gaslighting these lunatics, who are eager to believe they are the ones in danger. This was thrown into overdrive following the transgender suicide terror attack on a Christian school in Nashville. Among the dead were three 9-year-olds. Inverting reality as per Democrat custom, White House Spokeslesbian Karine Jean-Pierre responded by praising what she called “LGBTQI+ kids”:

“They are fierce. They fight back. They’re not going anywhere. And we have their back. This administration has their back.”

It sure does. The cherry on top of the Nashville massacre was Biden proclaiming Transgender Day of Visibility 4 days afterward.

Violent transsexuals serve the Democratic Party in the same way as Black Lives Matter rioters and Antifa thugs — as cat’s paws to keep the public terrorized.

Since they are arming up as Tara advises, sane people would be wise to do the same.

On a tip from Chris Neilson.

Apr 14 2023

Liberal Hero Justin Jones Was BLM Rioter

Hard left demagogue Justin Jones was kicked out of the Tennessee legislature after he led an insurrection in the state capitol, demanding that citizens be deprived of a key constitutional right, shutting down the proceedings, forcing State Troopers to restore order. Making a mockery of its own January 6 rhetoric, the likeminded White House supported him. The echo chamber media lavished adoration upon him, using religious terms. Appallingly, Jones was reinstated.

Now that leading an unlawful mob against his state legislature has made him a national leader, let’s learn more about Justin Jones. In 2020, he participated in Black Lives Matter riots:

Footage of rioting outside the state Capitol in 2020 first shared by Scoop Nashville appears to show Jones repeatedly hitting the driver of a car with a traffic cone. The video … shows Jones and other activists stopping and surrounding the vehicle before the driver escaped.

Not the sort of lowlife thug you want running government — unless you’re a Democrat.

Jones was charged with assault, assault on an officer, and reckless endangerment, for which he was indicted on two counts after the video was presented to the grand jury in his case. Despite his violent behavior, Jones claimed in June 2021 that he was being “peaceful” and claims to the contrary were a “false narrative.”

Of course it was peaceful. Ask CNN.

Jones alleged that police colluded with prosecutors to “weaponize the law as a form of punishment for the mere fact that we chose to stand up.”

Per Black Lives Matter ideology, police are racist. So are laws. Justin Jones theatrically displays his contempt for both:

In May 2020, Jones reportedly climbed atop a police cruiser along with another radical, Jeneisha Harris, amid an anti-cop protest in which a courthouse was set on fire, reported Fox News Digital.

It is unclear from footage of the incident whether Jones and Harris were attempting to incite the mob or secure a photo op. Charges for reckless endangerment were brought against them over the damage done.

The windows of the police car were broken.

Similar behavior continues to occur, now that the liberal establishment-endorsed Black Lives Matter phenomenon has normalized it:

Cellphone video caught the moment a male and female pounded a car’s windows with a gun, stomped the doors and windshield, and ordered the driver to “get out!” at a Tampa traffic light — and Florida Highway Patrol said all of that was preceded by the driver being shot at.

The attack, which followed a fender-bender, occurred at the intersection of US 301 and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. If you find yourself approaching a road named after MLK, Malcolm X, or anyone similar, turn around and go back.

Welcome to the jungle:

Imagine people like this in your state legislature, or worse yet, lionized by the people who run the media and the federal government.

On a tip from Varla.

Apr 07 2023

More Transsexual Mass Murder Foiled

Mass murder is an increasingly popular subtrend within the trend of transgenderism. As the sympathetic media pointedly refuses to notice, the names keep piling up. Maya McKinney. Snochia Moseley. Anderson Lee Aldrich. Audrey Hale. Add to the list William Whitworth:

Investigators found instructions on how to build homemade bombs and a whiteboard with the floor plan to Timberview Middle School in the bedroom of a former student accused of planning a mass shooting at the Colorado Springs school, according to arrest records obtained by The Gazette.

The Elbert County Sheriff’s Office arrested William Whitworth, 19, on March 31 on suspicion of attempted first-degree murder and other charges after Whitworth admitted to wanting to shoot up a school, the affidavit states.

The motive appears to be the usual with mass murder — i.e., insanity:

Eric Ross, a spokesperson for the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, told The Gazette that Whitworth is in the process of transitioning to female.

Whitworth likes to think of himself as a girl named “Lily.”

People who believe themselves to be members of the opposite sex are psychotic by definition. It should surprise no one that many of them are violent.

As with Audrey Hale, there is a manifesto:

Deputies found a “manifesto” with the names of mass shooters, political commentators and more while searching Whitworth’s home, according to the affidavit.

Also as with Audrey Hale, this manifesto is unlikely to be released to the public, lest it reflect poorly on the ideology of our liberal rulers.

In addition to Timberview Middle School,

The affidavit states that Prairie Hills Elementary and Pine Creek High School, both in Colorado Springs, were also listed as “targets” in one of Whitworth’s notebooks, which contained a “detailed” list of people “to be killed.”

KRDO reports that “other targets were churches.”

Whitworth’s manifesto was not the only one recovered by police:

Evidence collected inside the house included the suspect’s manifesto, the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrick Engels, and a notebook with suicidal ideations.

Communism is the end goal of leftism, or as it is euphemistically called nowadays, “liberalism.”

Suicide ideation is one of the most conspicuous features of transgenderism:

Data indicate that 82% of transgender individuals have considered killing themselves and 40% have attempted suicide, with suicidality highest among transgender youth.

The liberal establishment aggressively promotes this ideology to children in order to destabilize their young minds.

Whitworth was arrested just 4 days after a transgender terror attack on a Christian school in Nashville killed six, including three 9-year-olds. Why did this just break into the news yesterday, 6 days after Whitworth’s arrest? Because as J.D. Rucker puts it,

Narrative control is far more important to the powers-that-be than the safety of any child who … has not been brainwashed into the cult.

When forced to acknowledge transgender violence, liberals ignore the cause and shoehorn the bloodshed into their antigun narrative, as though we would be safer if only lawbreakers had firearms. Whitworth had plans to make his own guns via 3D printing.

On tips from Jester and Chris Neilson.

Dec 03 2022

Why You Should Only Riot on Behalf of Your Rulers

When taking part in a violent mob, make sure to riot on behalf of the liberal establishment. That way, you are likely to avoid punishment. You may even be richly rewarded:

A federal court Wednesday approved Minneapolis, Minnesota’s agreement to pay 12 protesters a combined $600,000 for injuries sustained during 2020 demonstrations over George Floyd’s murder [sic].

That comes to $50,000 apiece, in addition to whatever wealth they acquired by looting.

Biden’s IRS has yet to issue a statement on whether BLM/Antifa thugs can deduct the bricks they throw through windows and the gasoline they use to set neighborhoods on fire as business expenses.

The agreement settled a lawsuit brought by American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota (ACLU-MN) on the protesters’ behalf, and bars Minneapolis from arresting or using physical force including chemical agents [e.g., tear gas] against people demonstrating legally, according to a Wednesday ACLU-MN press release.

Anything to tie the hands of local law enforcement. You never know when the Powers That Be will find it strategically advantageous to seize on an insignificant event like a career criminal’s fentanyl overdose to ignite another wave of devastating riots.

In contrast, those whose unruly behavior is in opposition to the ruling class will be punished severely.

On tips from R F and ABC of the ANC.

Nov 28 2022

Moonbats Turn on Musk Part III

Even as moonbats rave about Russia and stop driving Teslas because Elon Musk has been allowing more free speech on Twitter, some speech will be restricted that was previously permitted. Consequently, Antifa has joined the jihad against Musk:

Musk called for members of the public to report violations of the site’s terms of service against child sexual exploitation and far-left extremist violence.

Numerous self-identified Antifa militants including several prominent organizers have been banned for calling for violence against Chaya Raichik, who operates the popular “Libs of TikTok” account, and Daily Wire host Matt Walsh.

“Incitement to violence will result in account suspension,” said Musk in response to journalist Andy Ngo, who explained that a large number of Antifa accounts operate on the website to promote riots and provide tips to each other on how to identify targets and commit violence.

Ngo would know:

“Antifa used Twitter to direct comrades to swarm me after I ran into a hotel following a violent street beating,” wrote Ngo.

Multiple users were banned shortly after having been reported to Musk for using Twitter to incite leftist violence.

Antifa — the Democratic Party’s comical yet dangerous answer to the Sturmabteilung — responded as you might expect:

Hours after the bans, Antifa militants took to the social media platform to organize arson attacks on Tesla locations around the United States, posting the addresses of Tesla service centers and dealerships.

Producing screenshots, Ngo remarked,

“This is just a drop in the ocean of years of violent organizing on Twitter.”

Meanwhile, under the old guard, the now-reinstated Babylon Bee was banned for observing that men are not women. You can see why liberals liked Twitter the way it was before Musk.

On a tip from Marty.

Nov 07 2022

Hochul Supporters Assault Woman for Supporting Zeldin

Meanwhile, as top Democrats accuse Republicans of violence…

Biden sounded the alarm on Wednesday about the growing threat of political violence and attacks on democracy stemming from ex-President Donald Trump and his Republican allies’ Big Lie as the midterm elections loom closer.

…they remain the Party of Violence.

Earlier this election season, a moonbat attacked gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin (R-NY) with a deadly weapon while he was trying to give a speech (the maniac was predictably freed within hours). Now this:

A supporter of New York gubernatorial candidate, Rep. Lee Zeldin, was allegedly attacked and assaulted at a rally for Democratic candidate Gov. Kathy Hochul on Saturday.

It happened near the Stonewall Inn, which is sacred ground for Democrats because homosexuals rioted there.

Video obtained by Fox News shows a Hochul supporter appearing to punch and choke a woman named Angelica Torres.

First a woman grabbed her sign. Then a man assaulted her. Two others prevented her from retrieving her sign.

The thugs underscored why so many will be voting for Zeldin tomorrow. Lamented Torres,

“I was very shocked and upset that I couldn’t express my opinions openly without violence. Crime and violence is a big issue in our city.”

That’s because New York is run by Democrats.

New York City Councilwoman Krystal Hudson, a Democrat, was also reportedly seen tussling with Torres, who alleged that the councilwoman grabbed her. Her office has not responded to requests for comment.

Democrat rule means thugs don’t just own the streets. They run the government.

Imagine if a white guy choked a black woman like this at a Republican rally. The media would talk of nothing else for months.

On tips from Bluto, Anonymous, and Varla.


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