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Dec 03 2022

Why You Should Only Riot on Behalf of Your Rulers

When taking part in a violent mob, make sure to riot on behalf of the liberal establishment. That way, you are likely to avoid punishment. You may even be richly rewarded:

A federal court Wednesday approved Minneapolis, Minnesota’s agreement to pay 12 protesters a combined $600,000 for injuries sustained during 2020 demonstrations over George Floyd’s murder [sic].

That comes to $50,000 apiece, in addition to whatever wealth they acquired by looting.

Biden’s IRS has yet to issue a statement on whether BLM/Antifa thugs can deduct the bricks they throw through windows and the gasoline they use to set neighborhoods on fire as business expenses.

The agreement settled a lawsuit brought by American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota (ACLU-MN) on the protesters’ behalf, and bars Minneapolis from arresting or using physical force including chemical agents [e.g., tear gas] against people demonstrating legally, according to a Wednesday ACLU-MN press release.

Anything to tie the hands of local law enforcement. You never know when the Powers That Be will find it strategically advantageous to seize on an insignificant event like a career criminal’s fentanyl overdose to ignite another wave of devastating riots.

In contrast, those whose unruly behavior is in opposition to the ruling class will be punished severely.

On tips from R F and ABC of the ANC.

Nov 28 2022

Moonbats Turn on Musk Part III

Even as moonbats rave about Russia and stop driving Teslas because Elon Musk has been allowing more free speech on Twitter, some speech will be restricted that was previously permitted. Consequently, Antifa has joined the jihad against Musk:

Musk called for members of the public to report violations of the site’s terms of service against child sexual exploitation and far-left extremist violence.

Numerous self-identified Antifa militants including several prominent organizers have been banned for calling for violence against Chaya Raichik, who operates the popular “Libs of TikTok” account, and Daily Wire host Matt Walsh.

“Incitement to violence will result in account suspension,” said Musk in response to journalist Andy Ngo, who explained that a large number of Antifa accounts operate on the website to promote riots and provide tips to each other on how to identify targets and commit violence.

Ngo would know:

“Antifa used Twitter to direct comrades to swarm me after I ran into a hotel following a violent street beating,” wrote Ngo.

Multiple users were banned shortly after having been reported to Musk for using Twitter to incite leftist violence.

Antifa — the Democratic Party’s comical yet dangerous answer to the Sturmabteilung — responded as you might expect:

Hours after the bans, Antifa militants took to the social media platform to organize arson attacks on Tesla locations around the United States, posting the addresses of Tesla service centers and dealerships.

Producing screenshots, Ngo remarked,

“This is just a drop in the ocean of years of violent organizing on Twitter.”

Meanwhile, under the old guard, the now-reinstated Babylon Bee was banned for observing that men are not women. You can see why liberals liked Twitter the way it was before Musk.

On a tip from Marty.

Nov 07 2022

Hochul Supporters Assault Woman for Supporting Zeldin

Meanwhile, as top Democrats accuse Republicans of violence…

Biden sounded the alarm on Wednesday about the growing threat of political violence and attacks on democracy stemming from ex-President Donald Trump and his Republican allies’ Big Lie as the midterm elections loom closer.

…they remain the Party of Violence.

Earlier this election season, a moonbat attacked gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin (R-NY) with a deadly weapon while he was trying to give a speech (the maniac was predictably freed within hours). Now this:

A supporter of New York gubernatorial candidate, Rep. Lee Zeldin, was allegedly attacked and assaulted at a rally for Democratic candidate Gov. Kathy Hochul on Saturday.

It happened near the Stonewall Inn, which is sacred ground for Democrats because homosexuals rioted there.

Video obtained by Fox News shows a Hochul supporter appearing to punch and choke a woman named Angelica Torres.

First a woman grabbed her sign. Then a man assaulted her. Two others prevented her from retrieving her sign.

The thugs underscored why so many will be voting for Zeldin tomorrow. Lamented Torres,

“I was very shocked and upset that I couldn’t express my opinions openly without violence. Crime and violence is a big issue in our city.”

That’s because New York is run by Democrats.

New York City Councilwoman Krystal Hudson, a Democrat, was also reportedly seen tussling with Torres, who alleged that the councilwoman grabbed her. Her office has not responded to requests for comment.

Democrat rule means thugs don’t just own the streets. They run the government.

Imagine if a white guy choked a black woman like this at a Republican rally. The media would talk of nothing else for months.

On tips from Bluto, Anonymous, and Varla.

Nov 03 2022

Democrats Get Violent

On all the key issues, Democrat policy is destructive and contrary to popular opinion. But Democrats are still viable, because their control of the media allows them to whip gullible voters into a state of hysteria over the alleged heinousness of their opponents. As a result of this strategy, the hostility Democrats feel toward Republicans has become a chilling phenomenon to behold. We are not merely opponents but enemies of Their Democracy. To support their contentions, they endlessly hype the January 6 teapot tempest. Combine this mentality with panic in the face of the upcoming midterms and violence would be an unsurprising result.

For example,

Republican Gen. Don Bolduc was physically attacked by an unknown individual before the Wednesday debate with Democrat Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH), Bolduc’s campaign told Breitbart News.

General Bolduc was assailed outside the building before the debate by someone who attempted to punch him.

It is not known if the individual is a Hassan supporter.

Given the context, it seems likely. But at least it does not appear that the intent was to mutilate and kill, as 31-year-old Scott Lennox of Chicago threatened to do to Republican Darren Bailey, who is running for Governor of Illinois.

A political ad set off Lennox, inspiring him to leave an imprudent voicemail:

“I’m going to skin Darren Bailey alive, making sure he is still alive, and I’m going to feed his f——— family to him as he is alive and screaming in f——— pain,” prosecutors say Lennox said in the voicemail. He also allegedly made statements about abortion in his message.

It would be impossible to overstate the importance of abortion to some leftists. It is like a sacred rite to them. Any perceived threat to child sacrifice will provoke reactions best described as demonic.

He further said, “He is a piece of white a— racist s—-, and honestly if he doesn’t kill himself, I will. You know what? I know where he lives. I know where he sleeps. I know where his kids sleep. And I know the f——— school he works at,” prosecutors allege he said.

Schools associated with Bailey and his family were placed on soft lockdown.

“So f—- him for being a piece of s—-,” prosecutors claim Lennox said of Bailey in the voicemail. “So you know what? I am going to take anything and everything possible. You know what? I am going to make him scream. I am going to make him scream and suffer. Yeah, that’s right. So he better kill himself, and if he doesn’t, I am going to kill him.”

Last month, Republican canvasser Christopher Monzon was seriously injured by an assailant in Florida. The month before, an 84-year-old prolife woman was shot in the back while going door to door in Michigan. A maniac in North Dakota ran over and killed teenager Cayler Ellingson, evidently for being Republican, and was then released on absurdly low bail. In July, a maniac walked free after attempting to kill Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin.

The repeal of Roe v. Wade has unleashed a terror campaign against prolife pregnancy centers. An assassination attempt was made on a Supreme Court Justice.

Meanwhile, Democrats/the media ask us to blame Republicans and of course January 6 for a homeless, drug-addled, BLM- and LGBT-supporting nudist illegal immigrant psychotic hippy mysteriously materializing in his underwear in Nancy Pelosi’s San Franfreakshow house and attacking her husband.

By now we know how it works. If Democrats accuse the resistance of provoking violence, that means their own strategy is to provoke violence. Biden himself has not backed away from it.

On a tip from Chris Neilson and TCS III.

Oct 25 2022

Republican Canvasser Seriously Injured in Assault

We are past the point where the progressive viewpoint could be supported by rational argument. Two things allow Democrats to keep a grip on their belief system: (1) a propaganda bubble provided by the liberal establishment media; and (2) blind unreasoning hatred of the enemy because he is the enemy, a hatred that has grown so intense thanks to deliberate stoking by Biden that it is alarming to behold. The second of these qualifies Republican canvassers for combat pay.

In Hialeah, Florida, Christopher Monzon drew a target on his own back by wearing a Marco Rubio shirt and Ron DeSantis hat while distributing flyers for Rubio on Sunday. The consequences include internal bleeding, a broken jaw, and the need for facial reconstructive surgery.


[Javier] Lopez confronted the canvasser as he walked in front of his house and said “you can’t pass by here, this is my neighborhood.”

The victim had crossed the street to avoid Lopez…

But because Monzon failed to turn tail and run away,

Lopez rushed towards the canvasser, grabbing him and slamming him to the ground.

There he punched him in the face. A second assailant apparently kicked him in the head.

At least Monzon wasn’t shot in the back, as recently happened to an 84-year-old woman who was passing out prolife pamphlets in Michigan, or deliberately struck by a car, as happened to teenager Cayler Ellingson, whose alleged killer Shannon Brandt was released on absurdly low bail.

Hialeah Police Department spokesperson Jose Torres says there is “no indication” the attack was politically motivated.

The local media spin Monzon as the violent extremist. He had been arrested at a protest while wearing a League of the South shirt. This is a “neo-Confederate” hate group, according to the leftist hate group Southern Poverty Law Center.

Lopez was probably politically motivated. The media definitely is.

On tips from TCS III and MrRightWingDave. Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

Sep 26 2022

84-Year-Old Prolifer Shot

Shannon Brandt got out on absurdly low bail after deliberately killing 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson, apparently for being a Republican. Let’s see how gentle our liberal-run “justice” system can be on whoever shot an unnamed lady in Lake Odessa (pop. 1,994), who was canvassing for Right to Life of Michigan.

From the Detroit Free Press:

The organization said the 84-year-old was going door-to-door to talk about Proposal 3, a Nov. 8 election proposal seeking to enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution.

The volunteer was shot in the back/shoulder area while leaving a house during a heated conversation, the organization said in a media statement issued Saturday.

Fortunately, she was treated and released, so this is unlikely to rise to the level where actual criminal charges might be filed, although police are investigating.

Let’s hope the FBI stays out of it; otherwise, a SWAT team might be dispatched to the victim’s home.

The passage of Proposal 3 would be bad news for babies, accomplishing at the state level what liberals used to pretend the US Constitution does. It would establish abortion as a “right.”

Although the motive for the shooting is unknown, this may help put it into context:

Unity will be achieved when no one dares publicly disagree with the Democrat platform.

MrRightWingDave, Wiggins, and TCS III.

Aug 17 2022

Burning Churches Then and Now

Once we had a Catholic Democrat president who opposed terrorists setting fire to churches. But Democrats are a different breed now, and the word “Catholic” has no meaning among them. The contrast between JFK and Biden is stark:

These days, it would be unreasonable to expect a “Catholic” Democrat to object to burning down churches to promote abortion. If Satan were to create a political party…

On a tip from MrRightWingDave.

Jul 22 2022

Maniac Walks Free After Attempting to Kill Lee Zeldin

Given that Democrats appeal to the mentally unstable and constantly encourage violence against their opposition (see here, here, here, here, here, etc), it should come as no surprise that a maniac attempted to kill Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin Thursday evening in the collapsing moonbat dystopia of New York.

Fortunately, Zeldin escaped harm.

It should also come as no surprise that the attempted murderer walked free within hours afterward. Zeldin predicted it himself:

From Fox News:

The suspect, identified as David G. Jakubonis, 43 of Fairport, N.Y., was charged with attempted assault in the second degree.

He was arraigned in Perinton Town Court and released on his own recognizance, the sheriff’s department said.

At the time of the attack, Zeldin was discussing the bail reform lunacy leftist radicals have imposed on New York.

No wonder half the population expects a civil war within the next few years. Democrats are hell-bent on doing to the whole country what they have done to California and New York. When it is no longer possible to escape to saner states, Americans will have to stand and fight.

On tips from Wiggins, Blackjack, Occam’s Stubble, Anonymous, and Varla.

Jun 27 2022

Moonbats Attack the Good for Being Good

In the Roe v. Wade aftermath, it is open season on good people, who are physically attacked explicitly for being good.

For example:

One of the more notable attacks (among many) took place at the Life Choices Christian crisis center for pregnant women in Longmont, Colorado. When police and firefighters arrived at the center after three o’clock in the morning, the building was already ablaze. The graffiti we’ve come to expect in these attacks was on display, proclaiming the usual messages pushed by Jane Sent Us.

The media participates by keeping reporting on this terror campaign to a minimum.

No injuries were reported that time, but it isn’t only property tolerant liberals target for violence:

A Seattle street preacher found himself in a maelstrom of hate on Friday, according to multiple social media posts that showed the man lying on the pavement and his Bibles torn to shreds.

Black-clad gangs of what appeared to be antifa agitators targeted the preacher as violence erupted in the aftermath of the Supreme Court overturning the Roe v. Wade ruling that had legalized abortion nationwide.

Not since the Roman Empire before Constantine was it this dangerous to be a Christian:

This is not only about the right to life, or about whether the Constitution says what it says as opposed to whatever leftists choose to pretend that it says. Good and evil have never been in starker opposition.

On tips from gregtuco and TCS III.

Jun 25 2022

Now That’s More Like an Insurrection

If some guy in a buffalo costume trespassing in the People’s House qualifies as insurrection, what do you call this?

To quote this prominent congresswoman, second most senior member of the California congressional delegation, Chair of the House Financial Services Committee,

“To hell with the Supreme Court! We will defy them!”

Only 2 years after Black Lives Matter rioted all summer long with Democrat encouragement, the Future of the Democratic Party’s meaning is clear:

In case that was too subtle,

Democrat officeholders have decorum to consider. The people who elect them talk more like this — sorry about the obscenity:

As for Republican officer-holders,

[Tim] Walberg, a former pastor, is running for his eighth term in Congress. His office in Jackson, Michigan is located in a building shared with Jackson Right to Life. Both offices were vandalized, as was a house near the office. Jackson Police and Fire Services Director Elmer Hitt said that a sign near the building’s entrance was defaced with pink spray paint and multiple windows on the front side of the building were smashed. The front door was smashed. … The house nearby was also defaced with spray paint and “Jane’s Revenge” was written with the paint. …

Walberg said it is shameful that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi refuse to condemn the actions of Jane’s Revenge and other threats of domestic terrorism made by pro-abortion activists.

More terrorism, here in Phoenix:

Having abortion in degenerate states controlled by liberals is not enough for them. The purpose of this terrorism is to impose the killing of innocent children by decree on states where voters reject it.

It would be hard to imagine a group of people more cartoonishly evil than today’s Democrats.

On tips from Jester, TCS III, Varla, DCGere, and Wiggins.

Jun 11 2022

Democrats Still Not Backing Away From Violence

It is shocking that Democrat rhetoric evidently inspired a moonbat named Nicholas John Roske to attempt to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh (and presumably his family). Comparably shocking is that the Democrat-controlled media has barely reported it. More shocking still is that even now Democrats are not backing away from using violence to achieve their objectives.

As noted at Hot Air,

The DOJ has yet to prosecute anyone for protesting near a justice’s home … even though doing so is banned by federal law. And the House still hasn’t acted on a bill to increase security for Supreme Court employees…

The tactic of laying siege to the homes of justices continues.

At last check, Biden had yet to speak publicly about the attempt on Kavanaugh’s life.

Or maybe Biden was referring to Kavanaugh when he said this:

To quote the Great Uniter:

“Every once in a while, something you learn makes you viscerally angry. Like if you had the person in front of you, you’d want to pop them. No, I really mean it.”

Not exactly the rhetoric we need as the country lurches into political instability.

At least Biden is in touch with the Democrat base, which has been itching for violence.

The Daily Wire reports:

A new poll by the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center found that nearly half of young Democrat men support assassinating political figures they consider dangerous to the country or democracy.

Convicted gay rights terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins attacked the offices of the Family Research Council with plans to murder as many people as possible in the name of the LGBT agenda. He was directed there by a Southern Poverty Law Center “hate map.”

There are plenty more violent losers where Roske and Corkins came from.

During the Black Lives Matter riots, leftist thugs caused $billions in damages and took dozens of lives with virtually no legal consequences. This whet their appetite.

The coming violence will be more targeted than mobs of scumbags torching corner stores after looting them in the name of racial justice. The liberal establishment media will continue to participate by whipping dangerous people into a frenzy, then downplaying the consequences.

On tips from Wiggins, TCS III, Varla, Occam’s Stubble, and Anonymous.

Jun 08 2022

Brett Kavanaugh Assassination Attempt

The liberal establishment’s long-running campaign to whip up hysterical hatred of Supreme Court justices even slightly to the right of center is paying off:

An armed California man incensed about the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion expected to overturn Roe v. Wade was arrested near Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Maryland home Wednesday after he hatched a plan to kill the judge to “give his life purpose,” prosecutors said.

This was the purpose of leaking the draft: to give liberals an opportunity to terrorize justices into not going through with repeal of the awful ruling that has undermined the Constitution and facilitated millions of deaths.

Nicholas John Roske, 26, was arrested by the Montgomery County Police Department at about 1:50 a.m. near Kavanaugh’s home in Chevy Chase and was charged later Wednesday in Maryland federal court with attempting to kill or kidnap a US judge, court records show.

The would-be assassin was foiled by the dysfunctional uselessness that is common among moonbats. Dressed in black like an Antifa terrorist, he saw that he had been observed by US Deputy Marshalls. That’s when he called 911 and confessed to being armed and wanting to kill Kavanaugh.

He was taken into custody and when investigators searched his suitcase and backpack, they found a small arsenal, including a tactical police vest, a tactical knife, pepper spray, zip ties, a Glock 17 pistol and two magazines and ammunition.

The motive was moonbattery.

He believed Kavanaugh would loosen gun control laws and hatched a plan to kill the justice after finding his address online in an ill-fated bid to “give his life a purpose,” Roske allegedly told the agent.

He bought the Glock and the other items “for the purpose of breaking into the Justice’s residence and killing the Justice as well as himself,” prosecutors said.

Today Biden dutifully croaks noises of disapproval. Yet his regime has explicitly refused to condemn fellow leftists for terrorizing justices at their homes.

Remember when top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer publicly threatened Kavanaugh and fellow moderate justice Neil Gorsuch, barking, “You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price” and “You won’t know what hit you” in an attempt to scare them into line on Roe? A reminder:

I’ll bet Roske remembers.

Joe Biden gets to pick a replacement for any justice who is assassinated by his supporters. That’s why there has been a public call for assassins.

The January 6 Commission is a step closer to a Third World style of government. Assassins showing up at the homes of Supreme Court justices is another. Unless the country rises up in revulsion against leftism and the thuggish tactics that characterize it, the future will keep getting darker.

On tips from Occam’s Stubble, JackisBack, and TCS III.

May 10 2022

Lori Lightfoot’s Call to Violence

Moonbats see the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade not only as a defense of the Constitution against the leftist tactic of pretending it says whatever they want it to say, but as an attack on the moral degeneracy that defines them. Otherwise, it would be hard to make sense of responses like this, from the ostentatiously homosexual mayor of the failing city of Chicago:

This “call to arms” comes in the context of prolife organizations getting firebombed, leftist mobs illegally laying siege to the homes of Supreme Court justices, Samuel Alito needing to hide at an undisclosed location from proabortion terrorists, and blue-checkers on Twitter openly calling for justices to be assassinated, as top Democrats refuse to condemn intimidation tactics.

Contrary to liberal doctrine, speech is not violence. But some speech is a call to violence. If there is one thing the mayor of Chicago would know about, it is violence.

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.

May 09 2022

Liberal Terrorists Set Fire to Pro-Life HQ

Not only do they not object to crushing babies’ skulls and vacuuming their brains out, they regard the process as a sacrament. If you thought they would shy away from terrorism, guess again:

Vandals reportedly used a Molotov cocktail to attack the headquarters of an anti-abortion organization in Wisconsin this weekend. The criminals also spray-painted a threat to the pro-life group that read, “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either.”

The concept of safe abortions is as surreal as their notion that women can father children. Nothing is too patently insane to be shrieked by a moonbat.

The pro-life Wisconsin Family Action organization has a mission “to advance Judeo-Christian principles and values in Wisconsin by strengthening, preserving, and promoting marriage, family, life, and liberty.” The group is staunchly anti-abortion and “pro-family.”

Late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, the Wisconsin Family Action headquarters in Madison was vandalized and allegedly set on fire.

Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes confirms that the fire was arson.

Behold the handiwork of the people we are told hold the moral high ground because they are so tolerant:

The anarchy symbol and “1312” (numeric code for “ACAB” or “All Cops Are Bastards”) indicate that Antifa brownshirts are responsible.

Meanwhile, CNN fritters away any remaining shreds of credibility by gibbering absurdly about the threat of violence from “far-right groups.”

To the surprise of no one, the same Democrat Party that has been encouraging this sort of behavior is slow to condemn it:

Fox News Digital reached out to the offices of several Wisconsin Democratic lawmakers – Reps. Ron Kind, Gwen Moore and Mark Pocan – asking if they had any thoughts on the attack and if they believed the alleged arson to be an acceptable form of protest to a likely court ruling.

None of the offices responded to Fox News Digital’s requests for comment, and none of the three representatives had put out a statement condemning the apparent arson by press time.

Meanwhile, Justice Samuel Alito and his family have been moved to an undisclosed location, just like Dick Cheney after 9/11 and for the same reason: he is a likely target for terrorists.

Leftist mobs have already laid siege to the homes of Justices Roberts and Kavanaugh. As Karen Townsend notes,

It is illegal to protest at homes in both Maryland and Virginia where the conservative justices reside. No arrests, though, so we’ll see how well the laws are enforced. Imagine being one of Kavanaugh’s young daughters who looks outside and sees the protests going on. Imagine if a pro-life group did such protests in front of liberal justices’ homes. There would be January 6-style hearings being scheduled.

Why isn’t Joe Biden speaking out against these protests? Why isn’t he giving one of his Grandpa Joe speeches and trying to calm things down? He hasn’t said a word to discourage them.

On the contrary, his press secretary pointedly refuses to condemn pro-abortion intimidation tactics.

That’s the kind of country we live in already, and progressives are not done progressing — unless of course Americans rise up and stop them.

On tips from Mr. Freemarket and TCS III.


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