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Aug 10 2021

Open Thread

I mean, I do think at a certain point you've made enough money. - Barack Obama

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Aug 06 2021

AOC Masks Up for Communist Photo Op

To get an idea of the hypocrisy of the senseless Covid tyranny imposed by our leftist rulers, watch influential Congresscritter Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez put on a mask for a photo op after crowding in with other moonbats without it:

Her fellow commie Ed Markey probably also had on a mask for only a few seconds so that the picture could be taken. Note how quickly he pulls down the suffocating rag afterward so as to be able to breathe.

More alarming than the DAISNAID hypocrisy is the straightforward Marxist slogan they chant. As with healthcare, if Housing Is a Human Right, then all goods and services are “human rights,” to be provided by slaves on a coercive basis under the iron fist of Big Government.

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Aug 06 2021

Rashida Tlaib: No Need to Pay for Utilities

Why stop at mandating free rent? No matter how far Democrats push the envelope, if they do not encounter sufficient resistance, they will push it further still. Leftist congresscritter Rashida Tlaib wants utility bills to be free too:

Even Squad members sometimes realize that if you boil the frog too quickly, it will jump out of the pot. She stepped back slightly:

She changed her messaging Thursday afternoon – calling for a bailout instead of outright cancellation.

According to Tlaib, if people don’t pay their utility bills, it’s Covid’s fault. She doesn’t mention that when Covid does have anything to do with it, it is not Covid itself but the insane overreaction to it, mainly by Democrats, that put people in a position not to be able to pay bills.

Tlaib likened utilities being shut off for nonpayment of bills to the alleged evils of the Israeli “occupation” that she often rails against:

“You know, I always tell people cutting people off from water is violence, from Gaza to Detroit,” Tlaib said. “And it’s a way to control people, to oppress people. And it’s those structures that we continue to fight against.”

If speech liberals don’t like is violence, then not getting something you didn’t pay for is violence too.

The good news is that when Democrats have finished incrementally instituting utopia, utilities will be free, just like rent. The bad news is that there will be nowhere for anyone who is not a member of the ruling class to live except public housing, where water, electricity, and Internet service will be sporadic at best.

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Aug 06 2021

Open Thread

There is a deliberate and quite outspoken attack on the whole idea of people owning private property. - Dixie Lee Ray
Aug 04 2021

Imagine… Communism

We don’t need to imagine Marxists coming to power. With radicalized Democrats consolidating control of the government, we can watch it live on the news. But as a heads-up regarding what we are heading into, the Babylon Bee has reworked the most irritating song ever recorded:

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Aug 01 2021

Open Thread

And who can deny that Stalin and Mao, not to mention Pol Pot and a host of others, all committed atrocities in the name of a Communist ideology that was explicitly atheistic? Who can dispute that they did their bloody deeds by claiming to be establishing a
Jul 18 2021

Response to Cuban Unrest Unmasks the Left

Democrats’ silence has spoken loudly on the topic of Cuba, whose enslaved inhabitants are desperately rising up against Marxism. Their unwillingness to sign on to a resolution condemning tyranny in Cuba speaks more loudly still. The Biden Regime has notably refused to blame communism for the unrest. It could hardly be more obvious where their sympathies lie.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, overseer of an open borders policy designed to flood America with vast numbers of illegal aliens, suddenly wants immigration restricted — despite his own family having escaped from Cuba. He squeaks that those fleeing a crackdown will not be allowed to stay in the USA, unlike economic refugees from other poor countries. This is because, having witnessed socialism first hand, Cubans tend to vote Republican. Also, Biden’s handlers do not want to embarrass a like-minded regime.

The liberal media frets that Cubans protesting against communist tyranny might spread Covid. Media apparatchiks had no such concerns regarding the many Black Lives Matter protests that occurred at the peak of the pandemic.

Speaking of Black Lives Matter, which the Democrat Party has avidly embraced,

Black Lives Matter reacted to Cubans engaging in pro-freedom demonstrations by praising the communist Cuban regime that oppresses its own people, over a million of whom are black. The Black Lives Matter organization also blamed the United States for the current upswell of unrest in Cuba. BLM was blasted on social media for its official stance on the anti-government protests in Cuba. …

Black Lives Matter praised the authoritarian Cuban regime for protecting “Black revolutionaries like Assata Shakur,” who is a convicted cop-killer and was a leader in the Black Liberation Army, “an underground, black nationalist-Marxist militant organization.” Shakur, who was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster, escaped prison and fled to Cuba, where Fidel Castro granted her asylum.

Black Lives Matter saluted Castro on his death with a tweet reading, “Rest in Power #FidelCastro”:

Yet it is unlikely that any BLM leaders, as they luxuriate in the riches liberal fools have showered upon them, will take Marco Rubio up on this offer:

Having been indoctrinated to despise America, some college students are dumbfounded that pro-freedom Cuban and Venezuelans protesters, like pro-freedom Hong Kong protesters, wave the American flag as a symbol of freedom and resistance to socialism:

What the Castro Brothers did to once-wealthy Cuba, Democrats hope to inflict on the USA. Looks like the Babylon Bee has given up satire and is now reporting straight news:

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Jul 15 2021

No Democrats Sign On to Cuba Resolution

Democrats love Covid masks so much that their demigod Dr Fauci still wants 3-year-olds to be forced to wear them, regardless of the obviously negative effect on their health. Yet as they become more powerful and consequently more arrogant, their own mask has been discarded.

Democrats no longer pretend not to be the bad guys, even siding with Cuba’s communist dictatorship against victims of the regime who dare to cry out for freedom at great personal risk. This applies not only to the party’s radical vanguard, but to every Democrat infesting Congress.

Via Daily Wire:

Rep. Mario Díaz-Balart (R-FL) introduced a resolution to support the Cuban people in their demands for freedom against “the brutal oppression of the Communist dictatorship in Cuba.”

At last word, no Democrat has signed on to the resolution.

Meanwhile, Biden’s handlers have lifted sanctions on Venezuela, an ally of the Cuban regime, thereby throwing it a lifeline.

The Democrats are on Raul Castro’s side against the people he has been grinding under his heel. They hope to do the same to us.

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Jul 13 2021

Leftist Dems Silent on Cuban Cry for Freedom

Biden’s behavior has made it obvious that the driving force behind the ruling Democratic Party is its leftmost contingent. Its vanguard comprises Democrats affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America. Let’s hear what they have to say about the cries for freedom arising from the miserable communist slave state 90 miles off our coast:

[New York Rep Alexandria] Ocasio-Cortez, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman and Missouri Rep. Cori Bush make up the four DSA members in Congress. All four members have yet to speak out about the ongoing protests in Cuba and none of their offices returned Fox News’ requests for comment by press time.

AOC and Rashida Tlaib, both with their mouths shut. Treasure this rare moment in history.

As for the DSA itself,

The DSA International Committee on Monday declared its solidarity with the “Revolution” – the term used by the communist regime – “in this moment of unrest.” The DSA’s national arm also echoed Cuba’s president in blaming America’s trade embargo with the communist regime for the unrest.

If Democrats have their way, the wicked regime that reduced prosperous Cuba to the wretched country that it is currently will be a role model for America’s future.

Let’s hope that those who escaped from Cuba to freedom in Florida kept the innertubes some of them used to cross the shark-infested waters. If Marxists are overthrown in Cuba but continue to prevail in the USA, they may have to make a return journey.

Jul 03 2021

Open Thread

People who relieve others of their money with guns are called robbers. It does not alter the immorality of the act when the income transfer is carried out by government. - Cal Thomas
Jun 17 2021

Open Thread

American [public] schools are failing because they are organized according to a bureaucratic, monopolistic model; their organizing principle is basically the same as that of a socialist economy. - David Boaz
Jun 14 2021

What Kamala Harris Has Been Up to in Guatemala

Kamala Harris doesn’t like it that people keep asking her why she doesn’t at least make an appearance at the border, since she is supposed to be in charge of doing something about the crisis caused by Biden inviting the entire Third World to invade. Actually, she has been doing her job — not only by avoiding any action that might stem the tide of potential Democrat voters flooding into the country, but also by helping to spread her party’s ideology in Central America.

Here’s how grumpy she gets when reporters ask her about the border:

She can’t be bothered with the humanitarian crisis because she has been busy undermining Guatemala’s president, law & order conservative Alejandro Giammattei:

In May, Kamala met with a number of leftist opponents of Giammattei, including former Attorney General Thelma Aldana, who had targeted conservative politicians with corruption charges, before herself being charged with corruption. Instead of returning home to face those charges, she received political asylum in the United States. Her social media is full of praise for Kamala Harris’ trip to Guatemala, and her promises to end “corruption” in Guatemala.

Pretending that you are going to end corruption in Central America is like campaigning against snow in Alaska.

Behind the mutual charges of corruption is a struggle between the Left and Right, with socialists and narcoterrorists on one side and military officers and free marketers on the other.

You get one guess as to which side Harris, Biden, and their hard left handlers are on.

Guatemalans greeted her like this, despite her promises to shower them with our money:

This could be why:

Guatemalans saw her as prepping a leftist coup by backing leftist organizations and activists.

When Harris barks about “corruption” and “lack of good governance” as supposed root causes of the invasion, she is attacking the government of Guatemala on behalf of leftists.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could put a Daniel Ortega type in charge of Guatemala, and turn it communist? Today’s Democrats would think so.

Behind the anti-corruption push is a [move] to restart the UN’s International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) backed by Soros activists. Most Guatemalans would prefer to be ruled by their own elected officials, not by the United Nations, Soros, or Kamala Harris.

Imposing Marxism on Guatemala will only increase the flow of desperate refugees toward our border, where Democrats hope they can be kept dependent on handouts from the Party of Government for generations to come.

Just in case Harris really wants to know about the root causes of the surge in illegal immigration, here’s a clue she might follow:

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Jun 13 2021

Chinese Authoritarianism Not Working as Well as Advertised

The origins of Covid have been suppressed largely because our ruling class is more sympathetic to the Chinese Communist Party than it is to the American people. The CCP represents a model of top-down, centralized control that the Democrat oligarchy wants to emulate. However, this authoritarian approach does not work as well as progressives believe.

That this video by a 10-year resident of China was demonetized tells you all you need to know about Google/YouTube and the rest of the ChiCom-friendly Big Tech establishment:

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Jun 06 2021

Egg Runs Down the Face of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Not even the mighty mainstream media could spin Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez into a positive light regarding her recent conflict with esteemed countermoonbat Matt Walsh.

It started when AOC took to Twitter to make a prop of her impoverished grandmother in Puerto Rico, whose ceiling appears to be caving in. She blamed Donald Trump for these living conditions. When Walsh noted that it is shameful for a wealthy woman to let her grandmother live in squalor, AOC responded by quacking belligerently about systemic injustice, effectively confirming that she was not helping her abuela.

So Walsh started a GoFundMe drive to repair the collapsing home, quickly raising even more money than AOC spent on her Tesla. But it will be returned to donors rather than going to the destitute abuela, because the family has refused it, evidently at AOC’s behest.

Daily Wire reports:

The message from GoFundMe appears to suggest that it may not have been Ocasio-Cortez’s grandmother who directly refused the funds, but someone else in the family.

Walsh responds:

Presumably the Future of the Democratic Party has been shamed into helping her grandmother instead of exploiting her for political purposes. Egg runs down AOC’s face while the nation points at her and laughs. If only she would take to heart the lesson that private charity succeeds where coercive wealth redistribution fails.

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