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Jul 10 2019

Christianity Versus Socialism

Moonbats attempt to subvert Christianity by claiming that it is somehow compatible with leftism. It is not. Robert Knight explains how socialism violates all 10 commandments. Abbreviated arguments are given below — click through to read the rest:

1. No other gods

Socialism and its offshoots – communism, fascism, democratic socialism and National Socialism (Nazism) – enshrine the state above all other powers.

2. No idols

Under socialism, sheer power over one’s fellow man is an idol.

3. God’s name in vain

To enforce their new immoral order, socialists openly blaspheme God and particularly Jesus Christ.

4. Honor sabbath

[P]eople going to church on a Sunday are identified and often persecuted in places like communist China, where atheism is the official state religion.

5. Honor your parents

Socialism has been at war with marriage and family since the French Revolution in 1789.

6. No murder

Socialists have long promoted abortion – the direct taking of an innocent human life – as a way to “liberate” women and men from parental responsibilities.

Not to mention the 100+ million killed by their own socialist governments during the 20th century, a large percentage of them deliberately murdered.

7. No adultery

In the 1960s, Americans became familiar with the term “free love,” but socialists have been promoting it heavily since the early 1800s.

8. No stealing

Socialism is grand theft.

9. No lying

Socialism is built on a mountain of lies about human nature, which is why it eventually must resort to violence.

10. No coveting

Socialism’s main engine is envy, stoking resentment against others who have more, even to the point of using violence to get it.

Lawrence Reed of the Foundation for Economic Education asks whether Jesus was a socialist and provides support for the obvious answer:

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Jul 09 2019

Venezuela Has a Problem That Bothers the BBC

Venezuela has a problem that bothers even the moonbats at the Beeb.

We have been reading for years now about how socialism caused the ruin of the country; how people in the country with the world’s largest proven oil reserves have to wait in line for many hours or even days to get gasoline; how people have been forced to scavenge for water in drains and sewers; how healthcare has become nonexistent; how violence is endemic; how packs of hungry children roam the streets; how people have been reduced to eating zoo animals; how horses are poached for food; how Venezuelans even eat donkeys; how inflation has gotten so far out of hand that the government lops five zeroes at a time off the currency; how AIDS has been exploding; how the Maduro Diet caused Venezuelans to lose on average 24 pounds in a year; how even hotels ration toilet paper; how not even Christmas can cheer up the gloom; how the socialist regime forces its victims to eat excrement; how the authorities run over protesters; how the fat cat socialist rulers dance while the country descends into chaos; how Venezuelans can be arrested for baking sweet rolls, even as criminals preside over the streets; how even soldiers are reduced to rooting through garbage for something to eat; how other soldiers steal goats for food; how a mass grave was discovered at Venezuela’s largest prison; how the recent wealthiest country in Latin America became the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Liberals shrug and continue to push us down the same path Venezuela took. You can’t make a socialist omelet without breaking a few eggs. See how enlightened Maduro is as he cranks up the minimum wage!

But maybe the liberal establishment will change its tune, now that Venezuela has a problem progressives can relate to. Bleats a BBC headline:

Venezuela’s Transgender Community Fears Hormone Shortages

Have a hanky handy; this tugs on the heartstrings:

André Bellorín has fought a long battle for the body that matches [her delusional] identity.

[She] has been through two operations, a bitter conflict with [her] mother and an expensive course of hormone treatment in [her] hometown, Caracas, Venezuela.

But now [she] fears [she] may lose all the progress [she] has made.

“My beard has stopped growing on some parts of my face and my hips are broadening again,” [she] says.

André’s body is changing because [she] is failing to take the hormones [she] needs.

If “André” doesn’t get the hormones she “needs,” she might backslide into something more closely resembling a normal girl. The Beeb admits that the “political crisis” (i.e., socialist rule) is to blame.

Further exasperating the BBC, Venezuela does not recognize homosexual liaisons as marriages or even as civil partnerships.

Once again, socialists aimed at utopia and missed. But next time, they will get it right. When the radicalized Democrat Party has the leverage, it will impose true socialism. Then America will be just like Venezuela, except with lots of gay marriage and transsexuals.

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Jun 15 2019

Why Millennials Find Socialism Appealing

Jason Siler explains why so many millennials find socialism appealing and would vote for the likes of Bernie Sanders:

A nation of spoilt children has a short future. Fortunately, it is possible to choose not to be spoilt — though leftists who exploit spoiledness make it all the easier to reject that choice.

Jun 13 2019

Cory Booker Announces Plan to Drive Rent Into Stratosphere

Excellent news. Once Cory Booker is elected, all renters can live in a nicer place! The difference between the cost of rent and what people can afford will be picked up by everyone else.

The core of Mr. Booker’s proposal is a new refundable tax credit for tenants. “Anyone paying more than 30 percent of their before-tax income would be eligible for the credit,” he writes, “which would cover the difference between 30 percent of a beneficiary’s income and their rent (capped at the neighborhood fair market rent).”

Tax credits are how the IRS serves as a branch of the welfare state. Large sectors of the Democrat base pay negative taxes. Rather than pay the IRS, they are paid by the IRS with other people’s money.

Unfortunately, socialist schemes like Booker’s have their downsides. For example, rent will skyrocket when it is subsidized. Look what happened to college tuition.

Among the many perverse incentives Booker’s plan would create, renters and landlords would be rewarded for upgrading extravagantly, without regard for cost–benefit considerations.

Many would move to neighborhoods they could not afford on their own income. This would result in a downgrade of all neighborhoods à la Sedgwick Gardens (where tenants are also expected to pay 30% of their income with the rest of the rent subsidized).

The effect would be to socialize housing. For illustrations of what socialist housing ends up looking like, refer to the crumbling tower blocks of the old Soviet Union or the current New York City Housing Authority.

Booker’s plan could also reduce the incentive to work. Imagine a waitress earning $25,000. The tax credit would cover any rent above the 30% threshold of $7,500 a year. If she toiled to increase her earnings to $26,000, the threshold would rise to $7,800—eliminating $300 of the tax credit and much of the net gain from her higher income.

Fewer hours worked means less tax revenue to subsidize other people’s housing. But it’s not as if we have the money to pay for this anyway; the federal government is already in debt $22,373,771,000,000.00 and counting faster than I can type the numbers at the $100,000 level.

Unless “Cory’s Plan to Provide Safe, Affordable Housing for All Americans” is cynical, insincere pandering like Joke Biden’s promise to cure cancer if elected, Booker must plan to just print the money. That strategy worked fine in Zimbabwe and Venezuela, why wouldn’t it work here?

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Jun 09 2019

Candi CdeBaca Promises Communism by Any Means Necessary

They are communists. They will destroy America and replace it with the same nightmarish form of tyranny that prevailed in the USSR. This will happen as soon as they have the political leverage — and they are gaining leverage every day. They largely control the schools, from nursery school to the universities. They largely control the media, from the nightly news to Hollywood. They largely control the cities.

Candi CdeBaca was just elected to the Denver City Council, defeating former council president Albus Brooks. We’ll let Candi herself tell you what she represents:

“By any means necessary” means that democracy will be dispensed with the moment it has served its purpose. It means that rather than getting muffled by Google/Facebook/Twitter, counterrevolutionaries will be deplatformed permanently by the conventional socialist method of a bullet to the back of the head.

Maniacs like this have infiltrated city councils throughout the country. Demographics deliberately altered through immigration and welfare policy make their election not only possible but inevitable. In many if not all large cities, left-wing radicals are the dominant force. This will be a major factor in America’s downfall.

We spent $trillions on nuclear weapons so that we would not have to live as slaves under communism. But communism will not be imposed from abroad.

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May 27 2019

Andrew Yang and America’s Downfall

I thought the Democrat field hit bottom with Pete Buttwhatever, a nondescript America-basher whom the media expects people to support on the grounds that he is “married” to his gay inamorato. But arguably still more significant in America’s decline is Andrew Yang, who shamelessly attempts to bribe voters with an economically insane proposal to pay every adult $1,000 per month with other people’s money if he is elected president.

Comically, Yang proclaimed that giving derelicts $12,000 per year free money for doing nothing would help them overcome substance abuse — as if that sector of society would not spend virtually every penny of it on drugs.

His humor takes a darker turn when he refers to his plan to enslave those who create wealth in the name of those who don’t as a “Freedom Dividend.”

Yang, 44, described the current economy as “winner-take-all” and said that in urban areas, poor and wealthy are living “next to each other in different circumstances.”

Under Yang, it will be “government-take-all,” and all those who are not of the government will find equity in misery, as always happens when Marxism has been imposed.

Historian Alexander Fraser Tytler saw our future coming 2 centuries in advance:

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.”

The clownish Andrew Yang may be ahead of his time, but not by much. Soon someone like him will be elected — only to be dislodged from office by a tyrant still more irresponsible who offers everyone $2,000 per month.

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May 26 2019

The Mass Breeding of Useful Idiots and Impending Marxism

America has always been wealthy and free, but it won’t stay that way if the number of people who oppose economic freedom and freedom of speech keeps increasing. Black Pigeon Speaks explains why the USA may succumb to oligarchical collectivist authoritarianism — i.e., Marxism:

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May 20 2019

Long Waits for Gasoline in Oil-Rich Venezuela

Milton Friedman famously said that if Big Government were put in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there would be a shortage of sand. To get an idea of how right he was, consider that Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world, but is under socialist control. In its second-largest city Maracaibo, gasoline is exceeding difficult to obtain:

Some drivers said they’d had to wait almost 24 hours to fuel up, and people have been grabbing catnaps on the hoods of cars or in truck beds. …

A satellite cruising over Maracaibo on Thursday captured pictures of cars lined up for a mile (1.6 kilometers) through the city to the pumps…

US sanctions intended to drive the socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro from power are blamed for the shortage. Meanwhile, “state run oil-firm PDVSA is producing 10 to 15% of its capacity.”

On the bright side, if you do manage to obtain any gas in Venezuela, it is so heavily subsidized by the government that it is virtually free.

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May 12 2019

Socialism Does Not Work

If anyone would know, it is people who have managed to escape from Venezuela: socialism does not work.

There is not much use trying to get this message across to AOC or Bernie Sanders. From the point of view of socialist rulers, socialism works just fine. Last I knew, Hugo Chavez’s daughter was still fabulously wealthy, even if most Venezuelans are lucky to avoid starvation.

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May 06 2019

Moonbats Admit Universal Basic Income Doesn’t Work

Some egalitarian concepts are so terrible that even the moonbats at the Guardian admit they won’t work — like universal basic income:

A study published this week sheds doubt on ambitious claims made for universal basic income (UBI), the scheme that would give everyone regular, unconditional cash payments that are enough to live on. … Research conducted for Public Services International, a global trade union federation, reviewed for the first time 16 practical projects that have tested different ways of distributing regular cash payments to individuals across a range of poor, middle-income and rich countries, as well as copious literature on the topic.

It could find no evidence to suggest that such a scheme could be sustained for all individuals in any country in the short, medium or longer term – or that this approach could achieve lasting improvements in wellbeing or equality.

The same could be said for socialism in general. Unfortunately, that won’t stop politicians from trying to buy votes with it.

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May 05 2019

Hollywood Blacklist, Then and Now

The liberal elite is never more hypocritical than on the topic of the Hollywood blacklist that supposedly darkened the land in the days of McCarthy. Watch TCM’s Noir Alley for an example; virtually every week, host Eddie Muller waxes indignant on the horrific oppression communists in Hollywood once endured.

Now the foot is on the other hand, as Ted Striker would say:

Although he had nothing to do with the HUAC or the Hollywood blacklist, Joe McCarthy is remembered as the personification of resistance to communist infiltration. McCarthy turned out to be more right than anyone knew. Yet he is demonized to this day by people who use the tactics they denounce him for using. A major difference is that McCarthy was trying to defend his country, not destroy it.

May 04 2019

Understanding Socialism

It is clear what socialism does for people like Joseph Stalin, Nicolas Maduro, and Bernie Sanders. It provides them with wealth and power. But what about their supporters, who believe in socialism even though they will never become socialist rulers themselves?

If you asked them, they might tell you that they are motivated by compassion. They would be kidding themselves.

Socialism is not about compassion; it is about envy. This deadly sin is the engine that drives socialism. Bill Whittle is at his best as he illustrates:

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