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Feb 22 2020

Gavin Newsom: Let Doctors Write Prescriptions for Free Housing

After liberals have attained socialism’s holy grail — government control of healthcare — everything will become healthcare, so as to justify government control. We will have to get used to statements like this one from Gavin Newsom, Governor of the Land of Fruits and Nuts:

“Health care and housing can no longer be divorced. After all, what’s more fundamental to a person’s well-being than a roof over their head?” Newsom said. “Doctors should be able to write prescriptions for housing the same way they do for insulin and antibiotics. Why not?”

According to progressives, both healthcare and housing, provided at someone else’s expense, are human rights. It makes sense that when doctors have been conscripted as agents of the State, they should write prescriptions for everything that the State provides.

There is no need to stop at passing out free needles to facilitate drug addiction. Doctors can write scripts for taxpayer-financed heroin, a logical step following its decriminalization.

Are deplorables still clinging bitterly to their Second Amendment rights? A prescription to have their guns confiscated solves the problem.

Nothing is more fundamental to a sex criminal’s well-being than sexual gratification. This is why doctors should write them prescriptions for taxpayer-funded prostitutes. Germany is almost there already.

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Feb 20 2020

Sanders’ Scary History of Socialist Praise

Last night, Bernie Sanders snarled that it was a “cheap shot” to characterize his ideology as communism. Yet he has been praising communist tyrannies for decades, as Maxim Lott documents at Stossel TV:

His supporters know that Sanders is a communist. That is the point of his candidacy. When facing the public, communists prefer to use the word socialism, but as Russia’s version of Bernie Sanders noted, “The goal of socialism is communism.”

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Feb 20 2020

Bernie Sanders, Unethical Phony

One reason Bernie Sanders is running away with the Democrat nomination is that Dems perceive him as less phony than his competition. This may be why he doesn’t comb his hair or brush the dandruff off his shoulders; it creates a superficial impression that he doesn’t care about impressions.

In reality, Sanders is far from genuine. He is a lifelong communist (see here, here, here, here) whose campaign is infested with Stalinists who gloat about gulags (see here, here, here, and here). Yet when Bloomberg accurately described his ideology as communism in the Las Vegas debate last night, Sanders absurdly denounced the observation as a “cheap shot.” Bloomberg also accurately reminded the audience that Sanders is a millionaire who owns three homes; this is hardly consistent with his eat-the-rich rhetoric.

Also, Sanders is unethical, as the premier expert on Democrat corruption Peter Schweizer reveals:

According to Schweizer’s investigations, Sanders’ wife Jane Driscoll Sanders was appointed to several positions of influence when he was mayor of Burlington, Vt. After the pair were married in 1988, she received a big pay increase — ignoring objections from the city council. …

Schweizer said that shortly after his wife joined Sanders’ administration, she set up a media buying business registered to the Sanders’ home in Vermont – despite having no previous experience in the field – and started doing media buying for her husband’s campaign.

Media buyers are entitled to 10–15% commission. This is a technically legal technique for funneling campaign funds into the pockets of relatives; it brought in at least $150,000. Sanders allies running for office in Vermont received his endorsement only after hiring his wife as a media buyer.

Sanders is a hypocrite who promises to abolish capitalism while profiting from it. According to Schweizer,

“He’s not buying solar company stock or buying into an organic cattle farm. He is buying Fortune 500 companies. So, he attacks Wall Street, he attacks big pharma, he attacks big oil…He is invested in those companies; that’s where he is actually putting his assets.”

Unfortunately, none of this hypocrisy will prevent him from deliberately destroying the US economy if he is given the political power to do so. Sanders knows he won’t be hurting for money; no socialist dictator ever is, even in countries that socialism has reduced to extreme poverty like Venezuela.

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Feb 19 2020

Homophobes, Sexists, Racists to Be Denied Healthcare in UK

The reason socialized medicine is the holy grail for leftists is that once Big Government controls healthcare, it controls who gets healthcare. This is bad news for those who are past their taxpaying prime, as Michael Bloomberg reminds us. It is also bad news for those the government regards as thought criminals.

From Britain, land of the socialist National Health Service, via Sky News:

Sexist and racist patients could be barred from non-emergency care at NHS trusts, under new rules to be enforced from April.

Denial of “non-emergency care” will inevitably lead to life-threatening situations in some instances.

Currently, staff can refuse to treat non-critical patients who are verbally aggressive or physically violent towards them.

But these protections will extend to any harassment, bullying or discrimination, including homophobic, sexist or racist remarks.

If you ever have the misfortune to find yourself in a British hospital needing treatment, be extra polite to the bureaucrats and avoid any remark that could have political overtones, lest they decide you hold incorrect attitudes.

In addition to denying medical care, the NHS will also sic the police on thought criminals who commit microaggressions:

Health Secretary Matt Hancock wrote to all NHS staff on Tuesday to announce stronger measures to investigate abuse and harassment towards staff, saying “no act of violence or abuse is minor”.

In the realm of moonbats, if a member of a protected group is offended by something, this constitutes “violence.”

“All assault and hate crimes against NHS staff must be investigated with care, compassion, diligence and commitment,” he said.

There won’t be much compassion for accused thought criminals though. Otherwise, they would be given medical care.

Under socialism, all the animals on the farm are equal. But racists/sexists/homophobes/transphobes/Islamophobes/ableists/white supremacists/global warming deniers/conservatives/etc are not as equal as those who find them offensive.

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Feb 14 2020

Prominent Democrat Acknowledges Bernie Sanders Is a Communist

That he wants to impose Marxism by increments while calling himself a “democratic socialist” does not change the fact that Bernie Sanders is a communist, as has been documented at this site repeatedly (see here, here, here, here, and here). He believes in a system of universal slavery under unlimited government power, just like they had in his beloved Soviet Union. Even a Democrat as prominent as James Carville confirms it.

Carville has been sounding the alarm regarding the Democrat Party’s plunge into radical leftism — not because he isn’t a leftist himself, but because he knows most Americans are not.

Warns the seasoned Democrat strategist,

The real argument here is that some people think there’s a real yearning for a left-wing revolution in this country, and if we just appeal to the people who feel that, we’ll grow and excite them and we’ll win. But there’s a word a lot of people hate that I love: politics. It means building coalitions to win elections. It means sometimes having to sit back and listen to what people think and framing your message accordingly.

Bernie and his supporters are in no mood to listen. They are in a mood to put you in a gulag if you won’t listen to them — literally (see here, here, here, and here). Sanders dismissed Carville, a fixture of Democrat politics since he put Bill Clinton in the White House, as a “political hack.”

The Ragin’ Cajun isn’t taking the hostile takeover his party by communist maniacs lying down. He fired back with this:

“At least I’m not a communist.”

Get the popcorn started; watching the Democrat Party splinter into pieces should be entertaining.

Its alternative is to allow Sanders, Warren, AOC, Ilhan Omar, and the rest to transform the party into a cross between the Soviet Politburo and the Symbionese Liberation Army. Demographically, we are not at a point yet where such a party could achieve dominance, except in places like California and New York.

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Feb 09 2020

Open Thread

The historical experience of socialist countries has sadly demonstrated that collectivism does not do away with alienation but rather increases it, adding to it a lack of basic necessities and economic inefficiency. - Pope John Paul II

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Feb 07 2020

A Disease Far Worse Than Coronavirus

Li Wenliang, the Wuhan ophthalmologist who discovered coronavirus, has supposedly died of the disease, having contracted it from patients. He may have died of something far deadlier: socialism.

From the BBC:

Last December he sent a message to fellow medics warning of a virus he thought looked like Sars – another deadly coronavirus.

But he was told by police to “stop making false comments” and was investigated for “spreading rumours”.

Few people die of coronavirus unless they are old. Li Wenliang was 34, with no medical conditions that are publicly known.

When the epidemic first broke out, China’s rulers went into cover-up mode. After he alerted colleagues of the danger, Li was ordered to sign a letter that accused him of “making false comments” that “severely disturbed the social order.”

American Thinker smells a rat:

His death is suspiciously convenient for certain Chinese authorities. Had he lived, he would have been available to relate how he was silenced and prevented from raising the alarm during the early stages of the outbreak when it would have been much easier to control.

Authorities have promised an investigation into “issues involving Dr Li.” That would be the equivalent of the Democrat Party looking into Joe Biden’s corruption. The Chinese regime no longer piles up the bodies by the tens of millions like it did under Mao, but it is still opaque.

Li Wenliang is a hero now. The regime is working as feverishly to contain discussion about his demise on social media as it is to contain coronavirus. The Chinese have yet another reason to throw off their socialist rulers.

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Feb 07 2020

AOC Reveals That You Can’t Pull Yourself Up by Your Bootstraps

You didn’t build that,” Barack Obama told those who work hard and succeed. Neither does the Future of the Democrat Party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, endorse the concept of people achieving by their own merits. Some who haven’t had everything handed to them allegedly take advantage of America’s economic freedom and pull themselves up by their own bootstraps; however, AOC sagely observes that this is physically impossible:

She speaks with the authority of someone who spent a half hour attempting to pull herself up by her own shoes just to prove to herself that only socialism generates wealth. It is a relief to learn that AOC did not really strangle herself with her own shoelaces, despite the report at the Babylon Bee.

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Feb 06 2020

Grocery Chain Begs Forgiveness for Not Liking Shoplifting

Once, rights were meaningful. People insisted on fundamental rights such as free speech and self-defense. But then liberals perverted the word “right,” just as they perverted the word “liberal.” Now we are told that we have a “right” for other people to be forced to provide us with what we want for free. For example, thanks to the predominance of feminism, someone else being made to pay for a woman’s tampons is becoming a right. The right to free tampons has not yet been implemented by Big Government. No matter; for now, people can just help themselves in stores. Stores that object are bullied into backing down:

Tesco, a British grocery chain that operates in multiple countries, told BuzzFeed News it has removed signs placed above tampons and other menstrual health products that asked people to report shoplifting of these items in its store in Kensington, London. The signs caused mass uproar online when a shopper took a photo and sent it to a friend, who shared it to Twitter last week.

A spokesperson for the company added that it is “very sorry for any offense caused” and claimed that this depicted sign was placed “in error.”

Civilization was not built by people lacking spines. It won’t be preserved by them either.

An outraged moonbat tells BuzzFeed that we should concern ourselves with “the root causes of someone needing to shoplift menstrual products.”

The root cause is that they know they will probably get away with it, and the punishment will be trivial even if they don’t.

An SJW illustrates socialism’s slippery slope.

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Feb 06 2020

Pope Francis and the Long March Through the Institutions

Communism was imposed by brute force in Russia and China. In the West, where people are too used to freedom and live too well to submit to slavery without a hell of a fight, communists have settled on a different approach. German Marxist Rudi Dutschke called it the Long March Through the Institutions.

By infiltrating, subverting, and eventually commandeering major institutions, communists can brainwash large numbers of people into giving up their freedom and their standard of living of their own free will. Eventually, many will become communists themselves, and find a twisted sort of meaning by working to deny others freedom and the wealth that freedom creates.

The strategy works, or we would not find ourselves in a position where Bernie Sanders could conceivably be elected President of the United States. Key institutions with vast power to shape opinions have already fallen under the domination of leftists. These include academia, the news media, and the entertainment industry. Under Pope Francis, the Catholic Church is following close behind:

Tax cuts for the wealthy constitute a “structure of sin,” Pope Francis said Wednesday in a passionate address calling for international wealth redistribution.

At a Vatican seminar, the Red Pope denounced tax havens that shelter money he thinks should be confiscated “to fund health care and education.”

“Today’s structures of sin include repeated tax cuts for the richest people, often justified in the name of investment and development,” Francis told the meeting organized by the Pontifical Academy for Social Sciences.

There was a time when violating the 8th and 10th Commandments was considered sin.

Without investment and development, there is no money to confiscate. But getting your hands on other people’s property is only a short term benefit of Marxism. The lasting advantage is control.

This degree of control precludes economic productivity, which is why so many of the 100 million killed by their own communist governments during the 20th century died of starvation. It is also why both Russia and China abandoned Marxism in favor of less dysfunctional forms of authoritarianism.

Pope Francis is still at the smash & grab stage.

“[T]he poor are always poorer, and today they are poorer than ever,” proclaimed Francis last June.


As a Brookings Institution report noted in late 2018, however, the world is currently experiencing “the lowest prevalence of extreme poverty ever recorded in human history — less than 8 percent,” and that number falls with each passing year.

This is due to the economic freedom Francis would like to crush.

On Wednesday, Francis wept that the world per capita income will be only $12,000 this year. That number would represent an astonishing explosion of wealth compared to the recent past. But the actual income is even higher, according to World Bank data. It is three times higher than it was in 1990.

This is hardly the time to revert to a system of takers ruling makers, as we had throughout human history until recently — unless the point is not to feed the poor but to exploit them to achieve power, or to advance an ideology that allows others to achieve power.

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Feb 03 2020

The Market Will Set You Free

Andy Puzder uses a few powerful graphs to demonstrate the unprecedented global prosperity and decline in poverty that have resulted from capitalism:

There ought to be a statue of Adam Smith in every park on the planet. Who has done more to benefit the human race?

In the name of egalitarianism and/or the global warming hoax, today’s Democrats want to reimpose the wretched poverty that characterized human existence before capitalism lifted up the world. To support them is not merely foolish but wicked.

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Jan 30 2020

The People’s Perfume

Liz Wheeler introduces us to a Bernie Sanders ad so creepy and weird, it could only have come from a campaign crazy enough to want to impose literal Stalin-style communism on the USA (see here, here, and here):

Note that in utopia, the closest thing to a white male is a plastic idol representing a Jewish communist Methuselah. No wonder they look so happy in the ad!

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Jan 28 2020

Two More Bernie Sanders Field Organizers Affirm Support for Soviet Communism

Earlier, we watched undercover video of Bernie Sanders field organizers Kyle Jurek and Martin Weissgerber calling for rich people and Republicans to be thrown into gulags, whitewashing the atrocities of the Soviet Union, praising political violence, longing to “guillotine the rich,” et cetera. The reason there has been no response to these revelations from the Sanders campaign is that these maniacs are not outliers; they are the tip of the iceberg. In the video below, Project Veritas presents two more Bernie Sanders field organizers — Mason Baird and Daniel Taylor.

Baird confirms that the Sanders campaign attracts anarchists and Marxist-Leninists who like to engage in “direct action,” i.e., “politics outside of the electoral system” — a system they aspire to replace with authoritarianism. Again we hear that the USSR wasn’t so bad — not even for the kulaks (“rich peasants”) who were liquidated in the name of equality.

Although notably less bloodthirsty that some Bernie Bros, Baird says that “it’s gonna take militancy” to deal with the sort of people who would support the current president. To get an idea of what “militancy” might come to mean in this context, consider that those who share Bernie’s ideology killed 100 million people under their jurisdiction during the 20th century.

Taylor acknowledges a predilection for violent Antifa-type tactics, but says they are “keeping that on the back burner for right now” so as not to “scare people off.”

If they achieve their dreams of power, people like Jurek, Weissgerber, Baird, and Taylor will oversee the confiscation of everything you have worked for and the herding of you and your family into cattle cars headed to the gulags.

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Jan 22 2020

Bernie Staffer Wants to “Guillotine the Rich”

Kyle Jurek, the field organizer who called for Republicans and wealthy people to be subjected to hard labor in gulags (see here and here), is hardly an outlier on the Bernie Sanders campaign. In a subsequent undercover video from Project Veritas released yesterday, we see another paid field organizer, Martin Weissgerber, announce his intention to “guillotine the rich.”

Weissgerber confirms that he is a communist (as is Sanders; see here, here, here, here, and here). Like Jurek, he wants to incarcerate Republicans in “reeducation camps.” If Sanders is not elected, his plan is violent riot.

The Washington Times quotes Weissgerber:

“I’ll straight up get armed, I want to learn how to shoot and go train. I’m ready for the f**ing revolution, bro.”

Mr. Weissgerber added, “I’m telling you. Guillotine the rich.”

The guillotine is a reference to the Reign of Terror that followed the French Revolution. The totalitarian maniacs who imposed it were called Jacobins. This confirms that it is not hyperbole to refer to the people running the Bernie Sanders campaign as Jacobins.

In the video below, Weissberger confirms that the guillotine was more humane that the gulags he wants to establish.

“We have a joke that, people we don’t like, we say send them to the gulag. What will help is when we send all the Republicans to the reeducation camps,” Mr. Weissgerber said with a laugh. “Can you imagine Mitch McConnell? Lindsey Graham?”

It is no surprise to hear Weissgerber echo Jurek’s support for gulags. These were established by Vladimir Lenin; the Nazis modeled their concentration camps on them. Gulags are key to Marxism–Leninism. You could no more impose the kind of regime Bernie Sanders wants without gulags than you could do it without confiscating firearms.

The Bernie campaign is brimming with other ideas besides gulags and wealth redistribution:

Weissgerber broached the idea of having a Sanders administration disband the legislative and judiciary branches, and operate a de facto dictatorship in the name of addressing issues like climate change.

Imagine what horrors Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, and the rest might have inflicted if the global warming hoax had been invented back in their day. You can justify any extreme of malice and tyranny when the future of the planet is at stake.

Where did Weissgerber acquire the evil ideas that fill his head?

He credited his left-wing parents and college education with forming his views, saying, “I only learned this sh*t in college when I started studying the Soviet Union.”

The MSM and Hollywood must be disappointed not to get a mention.

Like many a communist tyrant, Weissgerbil has enjoyed a lavish lifestyle that underscores the phoniness of the ideology.

Without further ado, the video:

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