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Jun 11 2019

Netflix Sanctifies Central Park Five

As George Orwell illustrated in 1984, progressives believe that it doesn’t matter what happens; it only matters what people think happened. To quote Orwell, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” The present is controlled by the sort of moonbats who run Netflix. This is bad news for the future.

People of the future will not know what happened. They will know what leftists want them to think happened, so as to advance the narrative that secures their power. A heinously false series on Netflix about the Central Park Five is a case in point.

In its vileness, the liberal media lauds Netflix’s When They See Us, which disgustingly portrays sociopaths as put-upon victims of America’s racist system. Ever digging for new lows, the New York Times actually ran a story praising the series under the headline, “The True Story of How a City in Fear Brutalized the Central Park Five.”

You want to see brutalized? Here is what actually happened:

Sometime between 9:00 and 9:30 on the night of April 19, 1989, a group of more than 30 black and Hispanic teenagers — including the aforementioned “Central Park Five” — attacked 28-year-old Trisha Meili while she was jogging in the park. One of the assailants — whose identity would remain unknown for the next 13 years — raped her with vaginal penetration, leaving his DNA inside the woman’s cervix. As Miss Meili screamed in agony, one or more of her attackers shut her up by fracturing her skull with a lead pipe and mutilating her face with a brick. Meili lost three-quarters of her blood in the assault, and her brain activity could scarcely be detected by medical equipment in the hospital emergency room to which she was later transported. So badly was Meili’s face mangled — one of her eyes had popped out of its socket — that even her boyfriend was able to recognize her only by a familiar ring on her finger. The District Attorney’s office initially assigned Miss Meili’s case to its homicide unit, because none of her doctors expected that the woman would survive for even a single night. Yet Meili did survive, though she spent nearly two weeks in a coma.

Meili wasn’t the only victim.

During the half-hour just prior to their attack on Miss Meili, the Central Park Five and their two-dozen-plus comrades participated in multiple random beatings of other passersby in the park.

The attacks were explicitly racially motivated. Yet the attackers are portrayed as the victims of racism. Liberalism isn’t just wrong. It is precisely 180° opposite the truth. Since liberals control the past through the present, the future will see these vicious thugs as martyred saints, just like Trayvon Martin.

Talk about adding insult to injury:

When the victim, still disfigured and unsteady, went to the courthouse to testify, groups of black demonstrators — led by Al Sharpton — taunted her, calling her a “white slut” and a “filthy white whore,” and claiming that her boyfriend was the real rapist.

Sharpton is a central figure in Democrat politics. Aspiring Democrat politicians have been kissing his ring obeisantly for years.

The Central Park Five confessed and served modest prison sentences. Nonetheless, the unspeakably loathsome Bill de Blasio actually paid the rapists a $41 million settlement in their suit against NYC for malicious prosecution, racial discrimination, and emotional distress. They became millionaires for what they did to Trisha Meili. That any decent person could support Democrats after learning this defies comprehension.

The evidence against the assailants was mountainous. No informed person doubts what really happened. So liberals simply lie.

It is not as if the public does not have access to the truth. In today’s Wall Street Journal, prosecutor Linda Fairstein details some of the many ways When They See Us deviates from what really happened. She was a supervisor of the team that prosecuted the Central Park Five. She describes Netflix’s propaganda as “so full of distortions and falsehoods as to be an outright fabrication.”

But how many people read WSJ compared to those who watch Netflix? Besides, filmmaker Ava DuVernay is a Woman of Color. It would be racist not to believe or at least pretend to believe whatever lies she tells. The future won’t know any better.

The assailants will continue to reap rewards for their horrific crime, thanks to social justice, which is the diametric opposite of what any morally sane person would regard as justice.

The future will regard these nauseating lies as the truth.

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May 28 2019

History Written by Sore Losers

Normally, history is written by the winners. These days, it is written by the losers — and they are sore losers:

Many Advanced Placement students across the fruited plain will be using an American History textbook that depicts President Trump as mentally ill and his supporters as racists.

The textbook, published by Pearson Education, is titled, “By the People: A History of the United States.”

The final section covers the “Angry Election of 2016.”

“Most thought that Trump was too extreme a candidate to win the nomination, but his extremism, his anti-establishment rhetoric, and, some said, his not very hidden racism connected with a significant number of primary voters,” the author wrote.

The weasel words “some said” are used by people who know they cannot support what they are saying — often because it is a lie.

“Clinton’s supporters feared that the election had been determined by people who were afraid of a rapidly developing ethnic diversity of the country, discomfort with their candidate’s gender and nostalgia for an earlier time in the nation’s history,” the textbook reads. “They also worried about the mental stability of the president-elect and the anger that he and his supporters brought to the nation.”

Not exactly an objective take on the election.

People cannot be expected to know any better if they are brought up on propaganda. There is no hope for the future if leftists are not dislodged from their occupation of the education establishment.

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May 24 2019

Naomi Wolf Book Based on Errors

Former Al Gore adviser Naomi Wolf hopes to cash in on the current political correctness of homosexuality with her forthcoming book Outrages: Sex, Censorship and the Criminalization of Love, which presumably makes the familiar Cultural Marxist case that we must revere homosexuals because before they were privileged, they were oppressed.

However, they were not as oppressed as Wolf wants us to believe. While hawking the book, she made the mistake of getting interviewed by journalist Matthew Sweet, who observed that the book is premised on errors:

First, she assumed “sodomy” means homosexuality, but Sweet pointed out that, in one key case in her book, it was referring to child sex abuse. Second, she mistakenly believed the 19th-century legal term “death recorded” meant the convict was executed, but it actually meant a death sentence wasn’t carried out because the prisoner was pardoned and freed.

Sweet finds it unlikely that any of the executions Wolf wants us to weep over actually happened.

Listen and laugh at a moonbat’s foolishness:

A put-upon Person of Gayness supposedly martyred because of whom he loved turns out to be a pedophile who molested a 6-year-old. British authorities probably should have executed him, but they did not.

That’s what happens to history books when authors try to subordinate what actually happened to a contrived political narrative. The books turn out to be worthless piles of crap.

Let’s hope that when Outrages (against historical accuracy) is released, booksellers know enough to place it in the fiction section.

Possibly motivated by the reflexive liberal support for Islam, Naomi Wolf has claimed that ISIS beheadings may have been staged. Ironically, it is the British executions of sexual deviants she hopes to exploit for political purposes that didn’t really happen.

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May 18 2019

Buttigieg Calls for Erasing Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, played a role rivaled only by George Washington and James Madison in defining America. These three are the greatest men in our history. Even adversaries of America must respect them. Only the most committed enemies of America would want to erase them — by which I mean vermin like Pete Buttigieg:

Buttigieg, who is running in a crowded Democratic field for president, said on Friday he believes renaming events and things named after President Thomas Jefferson is the “right thing to do.”

Like virtually all landowners in 18th century Virginia, Jefferson owned slaves. This is the pretext leftists have used to demand he be frog-marched to the Memory Hole. Washington and Madison also owned slaves; they will soon follow.

To judge the people of the 18th century according to 21st century cultural mores is of course preposterous. Romans owned slaves too; maybe we should abolish Little Caesars pizza.

The actual objective is to make us ashamed of our own heritage so that it can be obliterated and replaced with something that we will never tolerate so long as we have any pride.

Due to end-stage cultural decay, Buttigieg managed to get elected mayor of a nondescript town in Indiana. He is running for the presidency on the strength of the media’s adoration of his in-your-face homosexuality. Evidently calling for Thomas Jefferson to be unpersoned is his attempt to outflank other Democrats on the left. They will respond by continuing to escalate the moonbattery.

Already they have left all reasonable people behind in their race toward the farthest limits of the lunatic fringe.

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May 01 2019

Not One Whisper of a Scandal?

To be effective, historical revisionism should target events far enough in the past that we don’t personally remember what happened. Yet Joe Biden and other moonbats have tried to reinvent the Obama Administration as scandal-free. Jason Siler isn’t drinking the Kool-Aid:

Don’t let liars like Biden and his media allies gaslight you.

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Apr 22 2019

Ralph Northam Declares War on Jefferson Davis

The War on History is largely a matter of virtue signaling. For example, liberals believe they can prove their goodness and decency by being first in line to push Kate Smith off the cliff into oblivion for having sung songs that in the current climate would be considered politically incorrect.

Establishing virtue by seeking out sacrificial victims to immolate is never noble. It reaches new depths of contemptibleness when practiced by Ralph Northam, disgraced Governor of Virginia.

Ralph Northam is a thought criminal. Not because he called for newborns to be murdered. Not because he was assisted into power by a joltingly racist political ad that he refused to condemn. The thought police have no problem with killing kids, and the racist ad demonized Northam’s fellow Caucasians. His thought crimes are trivial: having had the nickname “Coonman” in college and having worn blackface while goofing around in medical school.

Now he hopes to expiate these sins at the expense of American heritage.

Northam has called for the removal of the Jefferson Davis Memorial arch at Fort Monroe [a decommissioned military installation in Hampton, VA], saying its continued presence has an “adverse effect” on the historic property and urged the authority’s board of trustees to initiate steps to take it down.

Northam also wants all references to Jefferson Davis Memorial Park to be erased. That will make us realize that he is a good person who reveres those of politically preferred pigmentation.

A little background:

The archway entrance to the Jefferson Davis Memorial Park was built on the ramparts in 1956 by the Army on behalf of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The group paid $10,000 to build the 50-foot wrought iron structure.

That is about $94,000 in today’s inflated dollars.

Davis, the former U.S. Secretary of War and president of the confederacy, was incarcerated for treason within a casemate cell, a mere walking distance from the archway and park.

Learn what you can while you can about Jefferson Davis. Despite being a key figure in American history, he is undergoing erasure.

If Southerners had known how vindictively and dishonorably their memory would be abused and demolished, they would have fought to the last man. However, no one in the 19th century could have predicted that we would degenerate to the extreme of electing mollusks like Ralph Northam.

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Apr 21 2019

Flyers Join Yankees in Banishing Kate Smith

It isn’t just the New York Yankees. The Philadelphia Flyers agree that WWII era singer Kate Smith — best remembered for singing “God Bless America” — is now a racist and therefore must be erased:

[Last] week the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Flyers each announced they will no longer play the late singer’s classic version of “God Bless America” at their baseball and hockey games. The Flyers, who won their first Stanley Cup in 1974 after Smith sang the song for them in person, have now even covered up a statue of the beloved American performer outside their arena.

It has been discovered that “early in her career she sang songs that included racial stereotypes.” This is a now a capital offense.

The Founding Fathers had good reason to explicitly forbid ex post facto law in the Constitution. It is unjust to punish people for acts that were legal when performed. The same principle applies to judging people of the past by standards that did not exist and could not even have been imagined while they were alive. But totalitarianism has nothing to do with justice.

If the combination of leftist malice and establishmentarian cowardice can do this the Kate Smith, no one is safe. One at a time, they will pick off everyone who populates the past until we have no heritage at all.

Have a look at the statue of Kate Smith now wrapped in a burka outside Wells Fargo Center where the Flyers play. It sums up in a single image what America will look like when liberty has been completely extinguished by political correctness:

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Apr 19 2019

Historic School Mural Removed for Depicting White People

It will take a great deal of cultural purging to bring the past in line with the nonwhite future progressives are progressing toward. Educrats at Julian Middle School in Oak Park, Illinois are doing their part:

A Chicago-area middle school has removed a 1930s mural that depicts only white people after parents and students complained it didn’t “reflect or represent” the “diversity” of the student body, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The forbidden mural is “Child and Sports–Winter” by Ethel Spears (1937).

The population of the USA was 89.8% white in 1930 and still 89.8% white in 1940. Looks like all art from that period that depicts people’s skin will have to go down the Memory Hole to placate the Thought Police — except of course that Cultural Marxists will never be placated so long as anyone remembers that Caucasians ever existed.

Apr 19 2019

New York Yankees Banish Kate Smith to Memory Hole

No one and nothing are safe from PC purges intended to eradicate American heritage. Not even the tradition-minded New York Yankees. Not even the song “God Bless America.” Not even Kate Smith. Not even the 18-year tradition, dating back to the 9/11 aftermath, of playing a 1939 recording of Kate Smith singing “God Bless America” during the seventh-inning stretch at Yankee games.

You might be thinking, surely, not even the bitterest moonbat could object to something so wholesomely all-American.

Au contraire. Nothing so wholesomely all-American can be allowed to exist. Because racism.

Crows the odious New York Daily News via MSN:

The Yankees have taken a stand against racism for their seventh-inning stretch.

This was accomplished by frog-marching Kate Smith to the Memory Hole. Her thought crimes:

Smith was a famous singer before and during WWII who recorded the offensive jingle, “Pickaninny Heaven,” which she directed at “colored children” who should fantasize about an amazing place with “great big watermelons,” among other treats. She shot a video for that song that takes place in an orphanage for black children, and much of the imagery is startlingly racist. She also recorded, “That’s Why Darkies Were Born,” which included the lyrics, “Someone had to pick the cotton. … That’s why darkies were born.”

“That’s Why Darkies Were Born” was satirical; the song was recorded by black singer Paul Robeson. However, “her shocking lyrics from 1939 are neither humorous nor ironic in 2019 — and the Yankees acted swiftly.” As we have learned, context does not matter when it comes to blaspheming against the most sacred concept in the liberal religion, negritude.

Ronald Reagan honored Kate Smith with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1982. No doubt President Sanders will revoke it.

Smith, who died in 1986, endorsed the “Mammy Doll” in 1939, which was based on a racist caricature of a black woman in the same vein as Aunt Jemima.

It was a different time. People had different attitudes. Are liberals going to abolish everyone from the past who did not comply in every respect with the up-to-the-minute requirements of political correctness?

Yes, they are — even though that means erasing the past altogether. When history has been eradicated, they will have a blank slate, facilitating their ambitious social engineering plans.

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Apr 16 2019

Leftists Celebrate Destruction of Notre Dame

I thought nothing could lower my opinion of moonbats. Then Notre Dame, possibly the most iconic building in the history of Western Civilization, is largely destroyed by fire — and leftists rejoice:

Twitter user @SarahSahim, a writer for Rolling Stone magazine, Teen Vogue and the Independent newspaper wrote, “Notre-Dame burning is cosmic karma for all the historical sites and artefacts France destroyed and stole when being colonialist scum.”

Another Twitter user, @gaygadott called the fire, “the most aesthetically pleasing visually (sic) I’ve ever seen,” while the account for a U.S.-based far-left pro-Palestinian publication called the Jewish Worker said, “Genuinely awful but if you mourn for this one building and not, say, the entirety of Syria, your white supremacy is showing.”

Treasuring Europe’s heritage is a manifestation of “white supremacy” — the worst sin imaginable in the liberal religion. That’s why the War on History is a war of extermination.

Some Muslims joined their progressive allies in celebration. Others are no doubt hoping Notre Dame will be rebuilt so that they can convert it to a mosque, as they did with Hagia Sophia.

Almost 38,000 likes and counting on this disgusting remark:

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

Apr 04 2019

Thomas Jefferson Subjected to Hate at Hofstra University

Thomas Jefferson personifies what the term liberal used to mean. Then progressives commandeered the word and twisted it to mean its opposite. Consequently, Jefferson now personifies what “liberals” want to marginalize, demonize, and eradicate:

Students at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York, demanded [last] Friday that the school remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson, arguing that it is not possible for the university to have the statue on campus while also being an institution that “prides itself on diversity and inclusion.”

“Diversity and inclusion” require a homogeneously far left environment that excludes anyone an ultraleftist would not admire — including the greatest men in history like America’s Founding Fathers.

Hofstra University students held their second annual “Jefferson Has Gotta Go!” protest of a Thomas Jefferson statue on campus…

“Jefferson Has Gotta Go” recalls the famous Stanford University “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Western Civ Has Got to Go” associated with Jesse Jackson. The objective is the same: to eradicate Western Civilization. That is now the purpose of higher education, the entire institution having fallen under the near total dominance of the malevolent left.

For 200 years, Jefferson was known as the author of the Declaration of Independence. Now, young people have been trained to know him as a racist, a sexual predator, and worst of all, a Dead White Male. If the cultural vandals who call themselves “liberals” prevail, he will join George Washington down the Memory Hole.

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Apr 03 2019

George Washington University Votes to Kill Mascot

When Central Connecticut State University’s nickname “the Colonials” was declared to be a thought crime, that was hardly the last word in academia’s effort to erase our proud colonial heritage. Through it, Cultural Marxists can erode our national identity by marginalizing if not demonizing the Founding Fathers. Now the students of George Washington University have voted to deep-six their mascot George the Colonial.

GWU students explain why George the Colonial is problematic and therefore must be eradicated:

There you have it: George the Colonial is “a little white supremacisty.” These days, that is a capital offense. Colonialism is associated with the expansion of Western Civilization, which is the ultimate evil according to Cultural Marxism, the religion that prevails on virtually every campus.

The Father of Our Country was a white male slave owner, so as predicted earlier, it is only a matter of time until George Washington University changes its name.

How about Trayvon Martin University? That would perfectly represent what progressives want to replace America with.

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