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Mar 01 2024

Alade McKen: Another Ivy League DEI Plagiarist

According to the principles of DEI, favored identity groups should reap unearned benefit from what was created by others. So it comes as no surprise that those hired on an Affirmative Action basis to implement DEI in academia have a conspicuous tendency to plagiarize:

The chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer of Columbia University’s medical school, Alade McKen, plagiarized extensively in his doctoral dissertation, lifting entire pages of material, without attribution, from sources that include Wikipedia, according to a complaint submitted to the university on Wednesday.

You might expect those who plagiarize from Wikipedia to have a hard time getting through high school. But black skin works magic, providing people like McKen with positions of power:

McKen, who holds a certificate in diversity and inclusion from Cornell University, oversees all DEI programs for staff at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, which includes Columbia’s flagship medical school, the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, and is the largest campus of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. The center’s DEI initiatives include mandatory “antiracism” training for faculty and admissions officers, as well as an expedited hiring process for minority scholars.

McKen also works with the Columbia provost’s office, according to a fall 2023 bulletin announcing his appointment. That office oversees tenure decisions for the entire university, including the medical school.

Antiracism a.k.a. Critical Race Theory is the doctrine that all blacks are good and should be rewarded because they are “oppressed,” whereas all whites are bad and should be punished because they are “privileged.”

McKen’s dissertation contains some of the most extreme examples of plagiarism thus far. The 50-page complaint, which was submitted to Iowa State University as well as Columbia, outlines nearly 60 cases in which McKen, who assumed his post at the medical center last year, borrows passages from Africanists, education scholars, and diversity consultants without attribution.

Claudine Gay. Sherri Ann Charleston. Shirley Greene. Now professional racist Alade McKen. That’s just within the past few months in the Ivy League — which produces our nomenklatura.

On a tip from Jack D.

Feb 26 2024

Professor Screeches That Liking Taylor Swift Is Racist

Here I was thinking the formerly apolitical Taylor Swift had been recruited by the Democrats. Turns out that liking her is racist:

“Why do I feel like it’s slightly racist to be a Taylor Swift fan?” Melina Abdullah posted to X on Super Bowl Sunday.

Abdullah is not just any barking moonbat but an impressively credentialled member of the Intelligentsia:

Abdullah, a professor of Pan-African Studies at Cal State University Los Angeles, is a self-described “#BlackLivesMatter organizer, Pan-Africanist, Hip Hop scholar, daughter of God, womanist, truth-teller, mama,” according to her post on X. She is also listed as a co-founder of the Black Lives Matter’s Los Angeles chapter and co-director of the activist wing of the advocacy organization, Black Lives Matter Grassroots.

In addition to her impressive credentials, there is the unassailable logic of her assertion. Taylor Swift is white. Failure to hate whites is racist. Therefore, Swifties are racists.

Abdullah confirms that liberalism is about feeling, not thinking — and entails bad feelings regarding America:

When one user asked her to elaborate on her opinion she replied: “I said FEEL, not think. Kind of like that feeling I get when there are too many American flags.”

More feelings from Professor Abdullah:

A few hours later, she followed up in another post on X after the Kansas City Chiefs had won the game: “Why do I feel like this was some right-wing, white-supremacist conspiracy?!?! Booooooo!!!! #SuperBowl.”

Is Melina Abdullah a malicious moron who was granted a position in academia solely for being a Left-Wing Woman of Color? Even to suggest it would be a microaggression. Therefore, we must take seriously the possibility that white privilege determines who wins football games.

She must have been rooting for the 49ers. No wonder she won’t let white people come to her cookouts:

“Attention white people… Please don’t ask if you can come to the cookout… #Juneteenth is freedom day for Black folks,” she posted to Twitter in June 2022. “It should be #Reparations day for white folks.”

Diversity/equity/inclusion doesn’t include those designated for exclusion.

Moonbats like this are brainwashing impressionable youth at taxpayer expense, causing the future to swirl down the drain.

On tips from Jack D and Varla.

Feb 25 2024

Merit Is a Microaggression

Because hardly any racism exists except officially encouraged hatred of whites, the thought police have been forced to focus on “microaggressions” — a catchall term for thoughtcrime that includes approving of merit:

Guidance from the University of Glasgow and the engineering department of Imperial College London states that saying “the most qualified person should get the job” is an example of a microaggression.

Suggesting that someone should be hired just for being the most qualified even if they are white is racist:

Glasgow’s guidance, which forms part of the university’s anti-racism campaign, suggests that the statement would be wrong because it asserts “that race does not play a role in life successes”.

It certainly plays a role under liberal rule.

Approving of hard work is also a microaggression:

Other examples of microaggressions listed by the university include saying that “everyone can succeed if they work hard enough”. The university states that possible implications of the statement could include suggesting that someone only got a job because of quotas…

Now where would anyone get that idea?

Denying that someone else has committed a microaggression is itself a microaggression:

Examples cited by the [University of Edinburgh] include saying of a third person: “I’m sure they didn’t mean anything by that”, or denying that a person is a racist.

Also racist, according to Newcastle University, is observing that white people are sometimes killed by police too — leave alone noting that they are more likely to be shot at by police.

To avoid committing a microaggression, assume that saying anything whatsoever that does not support the liberal narrative will get you in trouble.

You can’t blame the moonbat establishment for being rigid. Its ideology is a house of cards constructed on a base of self-evident lies. Free speech would quickly cause it to collapse.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Feb 19 2024

Black Academic Roland Fryer Escapes Plantation

It isn’t that liberals find blacks inherently worthy of worship. It is that they believe blacks can be controlled. Sometimes they are wrong; some have the integrity to escape the plantation — even in academia:

In 2016, Harvard Economics Professor Roland Fryer published a study to explore racial differences in the use of force by police. …

The research revealed that blacks are 23.5% less likely to be shot at by police than whites. Meanwhile, Hispanics were 8.5% less likely to be shot at by police compared to whites.

That makes sense. You don’t get the Derek Chauvin treatment for being harsh to whites.

Fryer and his team looked and looked, but could find no basis in reality for the liberal talking point that local police shoot blacks out of sheer white supremacism. The consequences of pointing out that the Narrative is a lie were not pretty:

When DEI hires like Claudine Gay are put in positions of authority, it is honest scholars like Fryer who pay the price. From last month:

Gay in July 2019 suspended and revoked many academic privileges of Roland Fryer, a renowned black economics professor at Harvard, after the university investigated him for allegations of sexual harassment. Fryer famously conducted research into the killings of unarmed people in Houston and did not find racial disparities in the shootings.

No need to chase after girls to get #MeTooed. Just be a black professor who doesn’t toe the line when it comes to producing leftist propaganda rather than scholarship.

On a tip from seaoh.

Feb 18 2024

Race-Based Discipline in Portland Public Schools

Under liberal rule, identity group membership has been the main criterion for selecting a President of Harvard, a Supreme Court Justice, a US Senator, and even the Vice President of the USA. Why shouldn’t it be the primary determinant of which misbehaving students warrant punishment in Portland public schools?

Portland Public Schools (PPS) introduced its “Student Support, Discipline & Safety” policy in November. Under the policy, behavioral support plans must consider a student’s “trauma,” “race” and “gender identity/presentation,” as well as whether “social emotional learning” and “restorative justice” are appropriate for them.

“Restorative justice” is like racial justice, except it provides kid glove treatment based not only on preferred race but on membership in any other favored identity group (e.g., sexual deviants, illegal aliens).

In the unlikely event that there is anyone working in public schools in a place like Portland who has not already been thoroughly indoctrinated on how restorative justice is to be implemented,

The policy further requires each PPS school to maintain a “School Climate Team,” tasked with participating in “ongoing training in implicit bias, antiracism and culturally responsive practices.”

The authorities must be worried that exposure to reality causes liberal brainwashing to wear off, despite the constant reinforcement provided by the media.

Additionally, it mandates that a teacher not be transferred to another location if doing so would “decrease the building’s percentage of minority teachers to less than the student minority percentage in the building” or decrease its percentage of transgender and nonbinary staff to less than 30%.

Why not just cut to the chase and make it illegal to employ teachers who are not either black or sexually insane?

On a tip from Steve T.

Feb 06 2024

Moonbat Professor Shellyne Rodriguez Fired Again

The moonbat practice of calling things the opposite of what they are is never more jarring than when they call Jews Nazis like BBC Senior Scheduling Coordinator Dawn Queva or those who defend them fascists like machete-wielding NYC professor Shellyne Rodriguez, who has managed to get herself fired again.

When Rodriguez trashed a student prolife display, Hunter College sided with her. But when she attacked a journalist with a machete, the optics were so bad, they had to let her go. So she has been doing her teaching at Cooper Union. Now she shrieks:

“Cooper Union has fired me because of a social media post I made about ‘Zionists,’” Rodriguez, 47, wrote in an email to students a week after the spring semester kicked off.

Her Jan. 23 email was shared the next day on Instagram by the Cooper Union Students for Justice in Palestine.

“This is fascism,” she wrote.

Rodriguez is in a poor position to complain about fascists.

It is not clear which posts or comments got her canned but in January Rodriguez participated in a CUNY for Palestine panel and encouraged protesting landlords and business people with ties to Israel. Critics said she spewed antisemitic tropes.

These include comparing Jews and their defenders to cockroaches.

Speaking of which, the pro-Hamas crowd has her back:

The pro-Palestinian student group slammed her firing as “an intense escalation of repression” that “must be resisted.”

“The Cooper Union wrongfully terminated a valued educator who is indispensable to the community and the academic livelihood of students,” the group wrote in a letter to the administration defending her for speaking out against “genocide and settler-colonial violence.”

Pretending that Israelis are colonialist settlers for living on land that has been theirs for millennia is a lie used to equate them with Americans. As the maniacs ruling Iran can confirm, Israel is the Little Satan; America is the Great Satan.

Rodriguez’s supporters are yelping about McCarthyism. As Jonathan Turley observes,

What is ironic about the objection to McCarthyism is that Rodriguez is part of the “radical chic” in academia leading the mob and silencing others.

It isn’t easy for a Woman of Color to get fired for being too obnoxious of a moonbat for New York City colleges. But no matter how far out on a limb liberals go, there will always be some that make the rest look almost sane by comparison. They are the future of liberalism, dragging the rest along behind.

Turley continues:

The one benefit of this controversy is that it is finally confirmed what it takes to be fired by The Cooper Union if you are on the left. Trashing pro-life displays or threatening journalists are clearly no barrier for employment with the school.

Similarly, Claudine Gay’s reign at Harvard ended not so much because she is an Affirmative Action moron whose scholarship has consisted largely of plagiarism, but because she refused to condemn calls for genocide of Jews. Jews still carry weight on the left. We’ll see how long this remains the case, now that they are regarded as European.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Feb 05 2024

Laughs Continue at Harvard

As noted in the aftermath of the Claudine Gay and Sherri Ann Charleston debacles,

Harvard has an endowment of $51 billion, but its most valuable asset has been its reputation for excellence. This reputation has been exchanged for laughing stock status in the name of moonbattery.

The laughs continue:

Harvard Divinity School (HDS) offered students a “Gathering to Breathe and Heal” and to “discuss and process” the resignation of former university president and accused plagiarist Claudine Gay.

HDS’ Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) hosted the hour-long gathering in Swartz Hall’s Braun Room Thursday afternoon.

“[We] enter this semester with a deep awareness of the grief so many of us are carrying on campus,” the HDS DIB office wrote in an email sent to the “HDS Community.”

The HDS DIB promises that it “remains steadfast to our commitment to … restorative justice rooted in indigeneity.” As parodies of moonbats, these people are hilarious.

As diversity/equity/inclusion erodes standards, plagiarism is becoming rife at Harvard. It extends beyond the low-IQ educrats in charge of inflicting DEI:

Top Harvard Medical School neuroscientist Khalid Shah allegedly falsified data and plagiarized images across 21 papers, data manipulation expert Elisabeth M. Bik said.

The main purpose of Harvard is to staff the nomenklatura. A ruling class that it is impossible to respect or even take seriously will not remain in power for indefinitely.

On tips from MrRightWingDave and ABC of the ANC.

Jan 31 2024

Now Harvard DEI Chief Accused of Plagiarism

In case anyone thought plagiarist, former Harvard President, and ludicrous moonbat Claudine Gay was an exception to the rule, it appears Harvard’s chief diversity and inclusion officer is also a plagiarist:

Sherri Ann Charleston, appears to have plagiarized extensively in her academic work, lifting large portions of text without quotation marks and even taking credit for a study done by another scholar—her own husband—according to a complaint filed with the university on Monday and a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

The complaint makes 40 allegations of plagiarism that span the entirety of Charleston’s thin publication record.

You can’t expect better than Claudine Gay with Affirmative Action hires in charge of hiring:

Charleston was the chief affirmative action officer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison before she joined Harvard in August 2020 as its first-ever chief diversity officer. In that capacity, Charleston served on the staff advisory committee that helped guide the university’s presidential search process that resulted in the selection of former Harvard president Claudine Gay in December 2022, according to the Harvard Crimson.

Head of the National Association of Scholars Peter Wood characterizes Charleston’s scholarship as “research fraud pure and simple.” But you can’t say she hasn’t been doing her job, which is to institutionalize hatred of whites:

Since 2020, her office has pumped out a stream of materials that bemoan the “weaponization of whiteness,” discuss the ins and outs of “white fragility,” and urge students to “call out” their peers for “harmful words.”

“Harmful words” can be presumed to mean speech that does not comply with leftist doctrine grounded in DEI and Critical Race Theory.

Harvard’s commitment to this toxic dogma at the expense of integrity and competence is producing consequences:

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, one of Harvard Medical School’s three teaching hospitals, announced in January that it would retract six papers and correct dozens more after some of its top executives were accused of data manipulation. That news came on the heels of a viral essay in which Carole Hooven, a Harvard biologist, described how she had been hounded out of a teaching role by her department’s diversity committee after she said in an interview that there are only two sexes.

Serious medical research cannot be conducted where facts are forbidden in the name of politics.

The school is also facing an ongoing congressional probe over its handling of anti-Semitism and its response to the plagiarism allegations against Gay, which Harvard initially sought to suppress with legal saber-rattling.

Harvard has an endowment of $51 billion, but its most valuable asset has been its reputation for excellence. This reputation has been exchanged for laughing stock status in the name of moonbattery.

On tips from Ed McAninch, Steve D, and Mr. Freemarket.

Jan 26 2024

Terrorist NYU Prof Denies Hamas Atrocities

Academia under leftist domination has degenerated from liberal bias to teaching flat out lies:

An adjunct NYU professor denied reports that the terrorist group Hamas beheaded babies and raped women in Israel on October 7, telling a group of students last month: “We know it’s not true.”

On the contrary, we know that the crimes against humanity committed by Hamas are real. October 7 has been called the “most well-documented massacre in history.” Even CNN has reported on these fiends systematically raping women and butchering children.

Amin Husain fed students his pro-terrorist lies at a December 5 teach-in organized by Students for Justice in Palestine at The New School and captured on video.

Husain jokes that his profile on the site Canary Mission, which documents people and groups that promote hatred of the USA, Israel, and Jews, “is one of the best biographies I have.”

October 7 blurred the line between sympathetic embedded journalists and actual terrorists. Likewise the line between terrorists and college professors has been blurred:

[His Canary Mission profile] continues: “Husain has claimed to have participated in the first intifada and personally visited a leader of the terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). He has also expressed support for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terror group and glorified its leaders, promoted other terrorists and spread hatred of Israel.”

“Everything they cite. . . is true,” Husain, 48, says at The New School event, prompting laughter from the crowd. …

Born in the West Bank, Husain has boasted in the past of taking part in the First Intifada, which led to the deaths of at least 1,000 Palestinians and more than 100 Israelis from 1987 to 1993. At a Times Square rally in 2016, he declared, “Living 18 years in Palestine, I was fighting in the first uprising, I was throwing rocks, Molotov cocktails, the like.”

No doubt these are bullet points on the résumé that got him hired by NYU, where he also indoctrinates students on Black Lives Matter and decolonialism, the objective of which is to eradicate Western Civilization.

Husain’s sociopathic activities have not been limited to the Middle East:

Decolonize This Place, the group Husain founded, is famous for its disruptive tactics. In 2020, the group led an assault on the New York City subway system, encouraging followers on social media to “f[***] sh[**] up.” The protests resulted in over $100,000 in damages, including vandalized police stations and turnstiles jammed with honey and glue, according to the New York Post.

Unsurprisingly, Husain took part in Marxist street theater of Occupy Wall Street.

The federal government is not the only swamp that needs a thorough draining if the USA is to be restored to sound health. Washington takes its ideology from academia.

On tips from Jack D and Anonymous.

Jan 25 2024

Mandatory Race Hate at University of Wisconsin

Not since the fall of the Third Reich has a society so aggressively imposed an ideology based on race hate:

A mandatory orientation for first-year University of Wisconsin Law School students denounced “whiteness” and ripped “colorblindness” as a sinister racist tool, according to reports.

Racists are politically unclean and are to be unpersoned. If you don’t agree that everything should be viewed through the Cultural Marxist prism of race, you are a racist.

Students were given preparatory literature beforehand to acquaint them with the session’s imperatives.

One section reminded white students they benefit from racial oppression regardless of their correctional efforts — and that “there are no exceptional white people.”

Don’t waste your admiration on George Washington, James Madison, Alexander the Great, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare, Plato, Nikola Tesla, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, the Wright Brothers, or any other pale people. They benefitted from racial oppression by belonging to the race hated by our liberal overlords. Therefore they were not exceptional.

No white person could be exceptional; to be white is to be racist and therefore a blemish on the planet.

Permitting society to be dominated by people who vociferously hate us for our race will not end well, even if most of them are white themselves.

On tips from R F, Jack D, and Barry A.

Jan 16 2024


After institutions are infiltrated and subverted by leftists, they are not immediately destroyed. First they are reduced to tasteless farce. Consider higher education:

Rice University is offering an ‘Afrochemistry’ class that promises to analyze science through a ‘contemporary African-American lens’.

The course promises to enlighten students regarding the science of “black-life matter.” It’s a joke, but it is also an actual course, indirectly subsidized by taxpayers even at a private school:

The course description on the university’s website explains students will ‘apply chemical tools and analysis to understand black life in the US’ and ‘implement African American sensibilities to analyze chemistry’.

Because everything must be viewed through the lens of moonbattery. It is a truly totalitarian ideology.

Brooke Johnson, a Rice graduate with a PhD in chemistry from Princeton hired last August as part of the university’s DEI department, will teach the class.

Brooke might not know much about chemistry, given the effect DEI has had on Ivy League standards, but she is conversant with Cultural Marxism. According to her bio, she “is passionate about the intersection of science and social justice.” A flyer for the course proclaims that it will “explore the intersection of racial justice and chemistry.”

Einstein was a product of unenlightened times. According to the new science, E = BLM2.

On tips from R F and Ed McAninch.

Jan 13 2024

Kids Taught Word “Straight” Is Offensive

First, deviants demanded tolerance. Then equality. Now we are up to special favoritism (a.k.a. “LGBT rights”). At this point, it is the normal people who are tolerated — until they aren’t, as in Seattle Public Schools:

Tenth-grade Ethnic Studies World History teacher and self-identified communist Ian Golash asked students to complete a “Social Identity Wheel” worksheet, according to the parent, who asked for anonymity. It asks students to explain their various identities, including racial, ethnic, gender, socio-economic status, physical, emotional, or developmental disabilities, and sexual orientation. The worksheet is intended to tell students that their identities determine whether they receive unearned privilege or oppression.

According to the ideology being inculcated, kids who are “oppressed” are good. Kids who are “privileged” are bad.

[A] parent’s 15-year-old son labeled himself “straight.” Golash took issue with that word “because it implies that to not be straight is to be ‘crooked’ which could have a negative connotation.”

Amend your copy of the Newspeak Dictionary accordingly. Those who don’t want to get canceled eschew terms that would give negative connotations to children engaging in sexual perversion.

Not even moonbats find it easy to keep up with dictionary updates:

Chief Sealth High School has a Gay-Straight Alliance Club. Even GLAAD (formerly the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) uses “straight” as an alternative descriptor for heterosexuals. The term “straight-ally” is still used by LGBT groups.

The boy’s mother reveals that in another incident, Golash told him he is “a product of the patriarchy that teaches young boys not to care.”

The same parent previously complained that Golash failed her son on a quiz for correctly saying men cannot get pregnant and that women do not have penises.

Every institution liberals infiltrate and subvert rots into farce. This process of deterioration has reached such an extreme in public education that students risk failure by refusing to reject indisputable objective facts.

On a tip from Jack D.

Jan 04 2024

California Schools Push Puberty Blockers

How warped would someone have to be to encourage children to embrace sexual psychosis and lobby their parents for pharmaceutical agents intended to prevent their normal development, setting them on track for lives ruined by teratism and severe psychiatric issues? Warped enough to be running California public schools:

Hayward Unified School District (HUSD), which is located in California’s Bay Area and serves over 19,000 students from preschool to high school, is directing students to watch films that promote transgenderism and highlight how treatments such as puberty blockers work.

One of the documents created by the district gives a guide to “LGBTQ Inclusive Films,” including one for those in 5th grade and up that aims to showcase “the diversity of experiences of gender” and centers around a 12-year-old girl who is “not sure if she wants to be a girl, a boy, or something in-between when she grows up.”

To suggest that she has a choice in the matter is equivalent to encouraging her to debate whether she wants to be a human or an aardvark — then egging her on to eat ants.

“To give her more time to decide, her doctor has put her on a medication that will suppress the hormones that are causing her body to change before she’s ready,” a synopsis of the film reads.

Ready or not, nothing anyone does will prevent her body from aging, as surely as nothing will make her into anything other than a girl. Depraved fiends who make Drs Mengele and Moreau look almost wholesome by comparison can prevent her from developing normally though.

In addition to children’s innocence and futures, HUSD attacks the family as part of the broader liberal indoctrination campaign:

The district’s “safe and inclusive” books program for elementary school students focuses on stories that “include a range of themes including different family structures like two moms or two dads” and “gender identity.”

Like heteronormativity, whiteness is frowned up:

A four-page document on “Inclusive, Anti-Biased, Anti-Racist, LGBTQIA+ Titles & Vendors” for K-12 students states that the district strives to be “actively anti-racist” by spending money at “BIPOC-owned, women-owned and LGBTQIA+-owned businesses.”

The document directs readers to LGBT book lists aimed at young children, ranging from “Rainbow Reads: LGBTQ+ Picture Books” to “Fantastic Bi- and Lesbian books by Black authors.”

No functioning society would tolerate sickos who push sexual depravity on children. But liberalism has rendered American society dysfunctional, so all bets are off.

What we tolerate, we will get ever more of. This means more groomers preying on children and more anti-white race hate:

HUSD pledged a whopping $40 million in 2021 to develop and implement an ethnic studies curriculum, and more recently agreed to spend over $90,000 on a “Liberated Ethnic Studies Curriculum” with an organization that openly embraces Critical Race Theory and hopes to develop students’ “critical consciousness” through “anti racist and decolonial pedagogy.”

The clear objective is to desecrate and destroy American civilization. We might as well let our ChiCom adversaries “educate” the next generation — as if they weren’t already doing that through TikTok.

On a tip from Barry A.

Jan 04 2024

Open Thread

Compliments of Chuck A.


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