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Apr 17 2024

Public School Kids Identify as Therians

Public school students have been encouraged to identify as members of the opposite sex. From there, it was a short step to kids identifying as other species:

A records request discovered 196 documents at Ann Arbor Public Schools about “therians” – students identifying as “a species of non-human animal on every level except physical.”

The students show their animal identity by wearing masks, a tail and running around on four limbs called “quadrobics.”

What else would you expect in a college town?

The documents were a treasure trove, revealing new identities that may have been unknown outside the confines of public schools, including:

• Kitluvollic: a gender relating to kittens, pink, love and dolls.

• Animagauditraitic: a gender related to being excited and happy, but in an animalistic way…

• Wizcatgender: a gender related to being a wizard and a cat.

• Traitblur: a label for being unable to differentiate your identity from your interests.

• Starwashic: this gender feels like stars washing up on a beach

• Prettygender: a new xenogender based off of feeling pretty or beautiful, comfort with one’s gender…

It seems likely that as with LGBT identities, teachers have had some input in coming up with these terms.

As for learning to read, write, and do basic math, that will have to wait until college. Good thing the governor has promised to make taxpayers finance free college for everyone.

On a tip from Mike B.

Apr 10 2024

Watch Who You Entrust Your Kids To

Surveillance video from Colorado demonstrates how a 10-year-old nonverbal autistic kid is treated by a teaching aid in a society succumbing to savagery:

Parents say Kiarra Jones was doing this for months:

Three kids were allegedly abused by Jones when they traveled on a specialized school bus operated by Littleton Public Schools.

They were on the bus every day between their homes and the Joshua School, a specialized school offering one-on-one instruction for autistic students.

How is something like this allowed to go on for so long?

After Jones was arrested this month, the Littleton Public Schools released a statement, saying Jones was hired in August after ‘satisfactory reference checks and after passing a thorough background check’.

Plus she no doubt helped them meet DEI quotas.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Apr 05 2024

Mandatory Moonbattery at UCLA Medical School

Medical education has succumbed to the Long March Through the Institutions. It is no longer primarily about education or medicine. It is about indoctrination and moonbattery:

First-year UCLA medical students were forced to sit through a bizarre lecture by a pro-Hamas activist who made them pray to ‘mama Earth’…

Lisa Gray-Garcia gave the two-hour presentation at Geffen Hall, on the university’s downtown campus on March 27.

Participation was not voluntary.

The lecture was a mandatory part of the Structural Racism and Health Equity class that all future doctors must take, administered by pediatrician Lindsay Wells.

The qualifications of Lindsay Wells to educate doctors are conspicuous. As for Gray-Garcia, she…

…keeps her face covered with a keffiyeh except in a few interviews…

Gray-Garcia has pronounced the Islamic terror atrocities of October 7 “justified.” Consider the acts of satanic evil that were deliberately inflicted on innocent women and children on that day and then try to get your head around the Powers That Be forcing students to listen to lunatics who endorse them.

Students were instructed to touch the floor with their fists while she made a ‘non-secular’ prayer to ‘mama Earth’ and our ‘ancestors’, a complaint stated.

Let’s hope whoever complained did it anonymously, or their medical career is likely to be canceled, as with this person:

During a second call for students to kneel on the floor, one refused to do so. An unidentified UCLA faculty member is said to have enquired as to the student’s name, sparking fears they could face repercussions for refusing to comply.

Doctors might not learn which part of a stethoscope goes in their ears, but they are becoming well versed in liberal ruling class ideology:

[Gray-Garcia] claimed private property was a ‘crapitalist lie’ that killed ‘black, brown, and houseless’ people who were forced to live on the streets.

These are not harmless kooks; they want to hurt people:

At one point, she led students in chanting ‘Free, Free Palestine’, as UCLA faculty including Dr Wells watched in silence.

“Free Palestine” in the context of current events refers to the eradication of Jews from their ancient homeland.

Gray-Garcia did at least touch on the topic of medicine:

Later in the lecture, she called modern medicine ‘white science’…

The association of modern medicine with white people means that it is bad, which might be why she chose to hold forth on unrelated topics.

Education like this doesn’t come cheap:

UCLA charges medical students fees of around $44,000-a-year, with additional costs taking the total needed to train there to $84,000-a-year.

Good thing it is subsidized by taxpayers.

You cannot hide from liberals. No matter what students major in, so long as leftists control the schools, they are majoring in moonbattery.

UCLA Med School lecture via Washington Free Beacon.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Apr 03 2024

Seattle Schools Shut Down Gifted Programs Because Equity

To achieve equity, excellence must be suppressed. In Seattle, liberals characteristically achieve this on a racial basis:

Seattle has shuttered its gifted and talented programs because the school board determined they had too many white and Asian students.

The district began phasing out its Highly Capable Cohort schools and classrooms for advanced students in the 2021-22 school year because they found it had too many racial inequities. School bosses said black and Hispanic students were underrepresented at the schools.

Not even Affirmative Action insanity suffices:

During a January 22, 2020, school board meeting, parents of black students in the Highly Capable Cohort asked the board to consider finding ways to incorporate students of color into the gifted program rather than shut it down.

Then school board vice president Chandra Hampson slammed those parents saying, ‘this is a pretty masterful job at tokenizing a really small community of color within the existing cohort.’

No more tokenizing by including students based on their skin color who won’t be able to keep up. From now on, no more excellence for anyone.

Too bad for any black kids who actually belonged in gifted programs. They get screwed like the other overachievers.

Three elementary schools, five middle schools and three high schools are currently highly capable cohort schools – all of which will be phased out by the 2027-28 school year. …

According to Seattle Public Schools, the new model will be ‘be more inclusive, equitable and culturally sensitive.’

Americans did not master air travel and 65 years later make it to the moon by being inclusive, equitable, and culturally sensitive, but by encouraging excellence.

On tips from Ed McAninch and Franco.

Mar 28 2024

Special Needs Kids to Be Displaced by Illegal Aliens

Special needs are not as special as the hordes of illegal aliens Democrats have imported to displace us:

A space crunch at a Manhattan school building sparked by a massive influx of migrant kids is likely to force a city special needs school out of its home — and into an inadequate 127-year-old site.

West Prep Academy, a 170-student school on the West Side serving primarily children with disabilities and special needs, is being overrun by a surge in enrollment at PS 145, which shares the same 105th Street schoolhouse — driven largely by the recent wave of migrant kids flooding the school system.

The “migrants” consist largely of illegal aliens exploiting Democrats’ refusal to defend the border from foreign invasion.

The academy … has programs geared to teaching children with autism, with 90% of its pupils either black or Latino, and 40% of them with disabilities.

Sorry, still not as special as illegal aliens.

On a tip from Anonymous.

Mar 28 2024

Ivy League Pillar Busted for Child P*rn

The purpose of the Ivy League is to provide credentials and indoctrination for our ruling class. Someone with degrees from three of these schools is a leader among leaders — especially if he is also president of Queer Princeton Alumni like Trey Farmer:

An LGBTQ activist with top degrees from Harvard, Yale and Princeton is facing up to five years in jail on charges of downloading child porn.

Roy ‘Trey’ Farmer, 53, was arrested at his home opposite the gates of Princeton in New Jersey on Friday after a tip-off from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

Farmer is also a former president of the Harvard Glee Club, not to mention chairman of Florida’s StayInMay Festival, “which has staged more than 300 events in Naples.”

A philosophy graduate from Princeton’s 1993 class he went on to earn an M.Phil from Yale University, and a master’s in education degree from Harvard. … [H]e has remained a pillar of the Princeton establishment with places on the boards of a host of its societies.

Presenting the Ivy League establishment:

On tips from Jack D and R F.

Mar 28 2024

Students Cheat on SAT by Faking Disability

You don’t have to be smart to get into top schools in a country run by moonbats. You don’t even have to belong to an allegedly oppressed racial group. Just come up with a defect so that you have something to show for yourself. Even attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder will do:

Teenagers are getting bogus ADHD diagnoses to score extra time in standardized testing exams — and numbers are surging after the tests were reintroduced by elite Ivy League colleges.

Parents are taking their children to doctors and psychologists for letters saying they have the condition or other mental disabilities, then getting as much as 50% more time to take the tests.

It can mean a 200-point boost to an SAT score, one expert said.

Just claiming to be victimized by anxiety or depression can allow students to cheat by getting extra time to check their answers.

One mom of a junior at an elite Manhattan prep school said that out of her daughter’s eight closest friends, six have gotten extra time.

“It’s not hyperbolic to say that almost everyone is doing it.”

America became a great nation because it allowed people to succeed on the strength of their merits. We now live in an anti-America, where you can only succeed by showcasing shortcomings — which may need to be fabricated so as to compete in our national race to the bottom.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Mar 19 2024

Professor Ties Marriage to White Supremacism

To utterly destroy society, you have to erode its most fundamental institution, namely, marriage. Leftist social engineers have attacked it by various means — feminism, the welfare state, the LGBT agenda, and now hatred of Caucasians:

“I theorize that marriage fundamentalism, like structural racism, is a key structuring element of White heteropatriarchal supremacy,” Professor Bethany Letiecq wrote in the Journal of Marriage and Family.

Like many vociferous antiwhite racists, the nutty professor is white herself. She makes a living spewing ideological toxins at George Mason University.

Theorizes Letiecq:

“Marriage fundamentalism can be understood as an ideological and cultural phenomenon, where adherents espouse the superiority of the two-parent married family.”

Successful societies have always practiced “marriage fundamentalism.” But they were all benighted. Now we know better, because we have the Experts.

Despite Big Government having destroyed the black family via the welfare state, Letiecq screeches that it has coerced “its citizens to enter into an institution built upon White heteropatriarchal supremacy.”

If Caucasians are responsible for climate fluctuation, why not marriage?

How lucky we are to catch crumbs of Professor Letiecq’s wisdom for free. Students go into decades of debt for the privilege.

Any day now liberals will figure out how to tie marriage to their imaginary climate crisis.

On tips from R F and Mr. Freemarket.

Mar 16 2024

German Schoolgirl Hauled Off by Police Over Smurf Video

Meanwhile, as Germany is overrun by sociopathic Islamic colonists from the Third World run amok (e.g., here, here, here, here), police focus on more pressing concerns — like a Smurf video:

The headmaster of the Richard-Wossidlo-Gymnasium in Ribnitz-Damgarten in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has taken the witch hunt for anything that doesn’t correspond to the left-green mission statement to the extreme. Not only does he apparently spy on pupils and what they post on social networks, he even calls the police on them if necessary to intimidate them. On February 27, he ordered one such suspicious pupil to be arrested by the police in front of everyone in the classroom, even though she had done nothing but show her sympathy for an AfD posting.

Gasps the 16-year-old’s mother:

“My daughter posted a Smurfs video on TikTok a few months ago. It says that the Smurfs and Germany have something in common: The Smurfs are blue and so is Germany. That was probably a funny AfD advertising post. And then she once posted that Germany is not simply a place, but her homeland.”

Blue is said to be Germans’ favorite color. It has become problematic because it is associated with the patriotic Alternative für Deutschland party. Taking pride in Germany is verboten.

Her commitment to her homeland and supposed sympathy for an opposition party was apparently sufficient for her to be taken away by the police for an “endangerment interview”, during which the officers asked the girl to refrain from making such posts in future “for her own protection”.

Thoughtcrime has to be nipped in the bud. Increasingly, that’s what schools are for.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Mar 15 2024

Profiles in Woke Education: Sobia Sheikh

Hatred of Israel is now politically correct. If the highest ranking Jewish official in US history belligerently sides with Hamas against Israel, imagine the slant in Seattle area public schools. From Mukilteo, Washington:

Sobia Sheikh is a math teacher at Mariner High School. Since the Oct. 7 terrorist attack against Israel, she’s posted antisemitic memes to her Facebook page. They accuse Jews of bringing the terrorist attack on themselves, compare Israel to Nazi Germany and smear the Jewish people for creating a genocide and death camp in Gaza.

Israel = Nazi Germany. Modern leftism takes the inversion of reality to extremes of psychosis George Orwell never imagined.

[Sheikh’s] views of Israel and Jews are on full display, declaring in one post, “From the river to the sea. Palestine will be free.”

In other words, Death to Jews. If you disagree, you are guilty of genocide.

Shrieks Sheikh:

“Anyone who is pro-Israel on my friends list, delete me. We can’t be friends. … If you’re pro-Israel, you’re pro-killing babies. You’re pro-genocide.”

Even leftist maniacs regard killing babies as bad, so long as the context is not abortion and the babies belong to a favored identity group.

Sheikh’s intention to indoctrinate students into her ideology is on the record:

Parents Defending Freedom first reported the teacher’s “alarmingly antisemitic” posts after an investigation stemming from a public disclosure request. They asked for public records of teachers who signed onto an “Educators for Palestinian Freedom” statement. Those who signed the statement identify as “progressive educators who oppose racism and settler colonialism in all its forms.” Sheikh is listed as a signatory.

“Settler colonialism” is a Liberalese expression referring to two countries leftists want abolished, the USA and Israel.

The statement ends with a “commitment” to use their classrooms to push their anti-Israel viewpoints by “implementing project-based learning for our students on questions of social justice, and particularly on the Palestinian struggle for liberation.”

Imagine how fast she would be fired if she had signed a public pledge to convert kids to Christianity.

On a tip from Straight Shootr.

Mar 12 2024

LGBT Indoctrination of Kids in Northern Ireland

When leftists shriek about “banned” books, they are attempting to shout down resistance to sickness like this:

Libraries NI [North Ireland] has purchased a number of books introducing the idea of gender-switching to toddlers and primary school children.

Libraries NI describes itself as “a regional body responsible for the provision and delivery of a public library service in Northern Ireland offering free access to books.”

A Freedom of Information request produced…

…a list of 22 LGBTQ+ titles in what it calls its “junior” range (covering ages 0 to 16)…

There were also another 27 titles in its “teenage” (also known as “young adult”) range…

there were also scores of e-books, available only digitally…

These books promote homosexuality and transgenderism.

While rugrats are encouraged to become transvestites, instructions for older kids are more explicit. This Book is Gay by Juno Dawson…

…has chapters about “coming out trans” and how to argue against Christians and Muslims, plus tips on giving “blowjobs” and “handjobs” (described as “perhaps the most important skill you will master as a gay or bi man”), massaging men’s anuses, and “how sex apps work”.

Amazon lists it as being “suitable for 13+”.

If you don’t want material like this pushed on children in public schools, you are a book-banner, according to liberal establishment talking points.

The indoctrination works:

All this comes amid a huge surge over recent years in the number of children announcing they are transgender, with some ultimately going on to take hormone blockers and have healthy body parts surgically removed.

The LGBT community uses the term “breeders” to refer to normal people who have children and raise them only to have them corrupted by groomers.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Mar 09 2024

Ayanna Pressley Showcases Comfortable Deadbeat

For a special guest to showcase at the SOTU Thursday, squad member Ayanna Pressley picked someone who has actually benefitted from Democrat policies — i.e., a comfortable deadbeat:

A teacher paid $135,901 last year who had student debt forgiven was the “honored” guest of U.S. Rep. Ayanna Pressley at the State of the Union address.

That teacher, who also owns a home in Dedham with her husband assessed in Zillow online records at about $1 million, was given $117,000 in student debt relief, Pressley says in a press release.

Adding to her specialness, Priscilla Higuera Valentine is a member of the cancerous teachers unions that have destroyed American education and the daughter of a Third World immigrant.

She teaches elementary school — easy work with lots of time off. Median income in her town is about half her take at $61,699.

Debt can’t really be canceled; it can only be transferred. Someone has to pay it. As with Priscilla’s bloated salary, we pay through taxes and inflation.

No wonder Priscilla looks pleased.

On a tip from Jack D.

Mar 08 2024

Public School Children Paid to Be Moonbat Activists

Leftist indoctrination has become a central purpose of public schools. Yet too much moonbattery is never enough to suit moonbats. So they pay children to be social justice warriors:

An activist group in California has paid nearly 100 public high schoolers $1,400 each to learn how to fight for racial and social justice, The Free Press has learned.

Activist groups get plenty of money from malevolent plutocrats like George Soros. But they have an even more lucrative source of funding — namely, taxpayers:

Contracts between Long Beach Unified School District and Californians for Justice from 2019 to 2023, exclusively obtained by The Free Press, show the school district used taxpayer funds to pay the group nearly $2 million to facilitate equity and leadership development training for students and teachers.

Californians for Justice (CFJ)…

…boasts on its site to have “trained hundreds of youth of color in Long Beach to be community leaders and organizers.”

It is unclear whether kids get bonuses for looting and committing arson during Black Lives Matter riots.

In Long Beach, the group successfully advocated for implementing “restorative justice practices” across the district’s 84 schools, according to its site.

“Restorative justice” refers to the liberal practice of bestowing cherished victim status upon criminals and rewarding rather than punishing them for their crimes.

Regular kids who do not belong to a favored identity group need not apply:

It’s unclear which students are eligible for the stipends, but the organization’s website states its “leadership development” programs operate “with a focus on low income youth, youth of color, LGBTQ youth, foster youth, and immigrant youth.”

This provides a taste of the indoctrination kids undergo:

In an October 23 Instagram post—just two weeks after terrorists invaded Israel—CFJ described the plight of the Palestinian people as “ethnic cleansing and apartheid orchestrated by white supremacist settler colonialism bent on the goal of wiping out the indigenous Palestinian population.”

In other words, these fiends advocate the rape and torture of women and children to advance the goal of eradicating Jews in their homeland.

Leftists hate regular Americans for the same reason they hate Israelis. The main difference is that they hate us more. What they approve of Hamas doing to Israelis, they will eagerly do to us the moment they have enough power.

On tips from Franco, Chris Neilson, and R F.

Mar 01 2024

Alade McKen: Another Ivy League DEI Plagiarist

According to the principles of DEI, favored identity groups should reap unearned benefit from what was created by others. So it comes as no surprise that those hired on an Affirmative Action basis to implement DEI in academia have a conspicuous tendency to plagiarize:

The chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer of Columbia University’s medical school, Alade McKen, plagiarized extensively in his doctoral dissertation, lifting entire pages of material, without attribution, from sources that include Wikipedia, according to a complaint submitted to the university on Wednesday.

You might expect those who plagiarize from Wikipedia to have a hard time getting through high school. But black skin works magic, providing people like McKen with positions of power:

McKen, who holds a certificate in diversity and inclusion from Cornell University, oversees all DEI programs for staff at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, which includes Columbia’s flagship medical school, the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, and is the largest campus of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. The center’s DEI initiatives include mandatory “antiracism” training for faculty and admissions officers, as well as an expedited hiring process for minority scholars.

McKen also works with the Columbia provost’s office, according to a fall 2023 bulletin announcing his appointment. That office oversees tenure decisions for the entire university, including the medical school.

Antiracism a.k.a. Critical Race Theory is the doctrine that all blacks are good and should be rewarded because they are “oppressed,” whereas all whites are bad and should be punished because they are “privileged.”

McKen’s dissertation contains some of the most extreme examples of plagiarism thus far. The 50-page complaint, which was submitted to Iowa State University as well as Columbia, outlines nearly 60 cases in which McKen, who assumed his post at the medical center last year, borrows passages from Africanists, education scholars, and diversity consultants without attribution.

Claudine Gay. Sherri Ann Charleston. Shirley Greene. Now professional racist Alade McKen. That’s just within the past few months in the Ivy League — which produces our nomenklatura.

On a tip from Jack D.


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