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Feb 18 2024

Race-Based Discipline in Portland Public Schools

Under liberal rule, identity group membership has been the main criterion for selecting a President of Harvard, a Supreme Court Justice, a US Senator, and even the Vice President of the USA. Why shouldn’t it be the primary determinant of which misbehaving students warrant punishment in Portland public schools?

Portland Public Schools (PPS) introduced its “Student Support, Discipline & Safety” policy in November. Under the policy, behavioral support plans must consider a student’s “trauma,” “race” and “gender identity/presentation,” as well as whether “social emotional learning” and “restorative justice” are appropriate for them.

“Restorative justice” is like racial justice, except it provides kid glove treatment based not only on preferred race but on membership in any other favored identity group (e.g., sexual deviants, illegal aliens).

In the unlikely event that there is anyone working in public schools in a place like Portland who has not already been thoroughly indoctrinated on how restorative justice is to be implemented,

The policy further requires each PPS school to maintain a “School Climate Team,” tasked with participating in “ongoing training in implicit bias, antiracism and culturally responsive practices.”

The authorities must be worried that exposure to reality causes liberal brainwashing to wear off, despite the constant reinforcement provided by the media.

Additionally, it mandates that a teacher not be transferred to another location if doing so would “decrease the building’s percentage of minority teachers to less than the student minority percentage in the building” or decrease its percentage of transgender and nonbinary staff to less than 30%.

Why not just cut to the chase and make it illegal to employ teachers who are not either black or sexually insane?

On a tip from Steve T.

Feb 12 2024

Military Security Standards Sacrificed to DEI

You can have national security, or you can have rule by moonbats. You can’t have both:

Britain’s armed forces have consistently failed to hit recruitment targets and are looking overseas to boost ethnic minority representation…

If you fail to see a problem with the British Army consisting of British soldiers, you are a racist.

Leftist social engineers want nonwhite foreign officers. Yet according to a leaked document, the British Army “struggles to attract talent from ethnic minority backgrounds into the officer corps.” The document…

…outlines a series of “actions” to boost representation and describes security clearance vetting as being “the primary barrier to non-UK personnel gaining a commission in the Army”.

It vows to “challenge SC [security clearance] requirements” to boost representation in the intelligence and officer corps, positions which have “uncontrolled access to secret assets”.

Meanwhile, Britain has been importing numberless hordes of Muslims from the Third World. Their loyalty to the remnants of infidel England in the likely event of a major war in the Middle East can hardly be taken for granted.

As 12 former senior military officers wrote in a letter to Defence Secretary Grant Shapps,

“The Russians, Iranians and Chinese will be observing our descent into self-hatred and obsessing over diversity and inclusion with glee.”

As for the sort of guys you would actually want in the military, they are driven away by having the nauseating ideology of the degenerate ruling class rammed down their throats:

The Telegraph investigation has found that servicemen are told that they must complete mandatory unconscious bias training, are warned against “microaggressions” such as misusing people’s pronouns, and are encouraged to introduce their own pronouns.

Across the Atlantic, the US Navy will no longer require recruits to have a high school diploma or GED, due to a recruiting crisis. For some reason, the best and the brightest do not want to lay their lives on the line to fight for the rainbow flag under Commander in Chief Joe Biden.

On tips from Steve T and ABC of the ANC.

Feb 08 2024

FAA Bureaucrat: Have Baggage Handlers Fly the Planes

Angela McCullough, the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Organization’s acting Deputy Chief Operating Officer, likely holds her position largely because she is black. Why shouldn’t the same criterion apply to pilots?

Under Democrat rule, a main objective of the FAA as with the rest of the federal Leviathan is to deprive the maximum number of heterosexual white men of employment — even regarding jobs that few others are qualified to do, like flying airliners. Here she appears to endorse the “ramp to cockpit” strategy:

According to liberal doctrine, this makes perfect sense. If a black guy is loading the luggage rather than flying the plane, it could only be because of systemic racism. If a white guy is flying the plane rather than loading the luggage, again it could only be because of systemic racism. Any other explanation would be racist and therefore forbidden to mention.

The FAA has explicitly called for preferentially hiring those with “severe intellectual disability” and “psychiatric disability.” This may provide insight into Angela McCullough’s position of power.

Already merit has largely been abolished from the federal government. Soon liberal social engineers will accomplish the same through all walks of life. We are ruled by stupid and malevolent lunatics.

On tips from Anonymous and Chris Neilson.

Feb 07 2024

Failed NYC Mayor Eric Adams Compares Himself to Jesus

Just when you thought nothing could lower your opinion of Eric Adams, he channels Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin of failed New Orleans — and then compares himself to Jesus Christ.

As usual with Democrats, it all comes down to diversity/equity/inclusion. Barked Adams at a town hall last Wednesday:

“Look at this team, folks. Look at this team. Look at my, look at my deputy mayors!” he said before naming some of the people in the hall.

“Have you ever seen this much chocolate leading the City of New York? And then go down the line. Look, look who’s here. This is representative of the city.* That’s why people are hating on me.”

It couldn’t have anything to do with giving New York the final push into the maelstrom that is the Democrat Death Spiral. Haters must hate him because like most Democrats he chooses personnel based on them not being white. Never mind that New Yorkers presumably selected Adams largely on that same basis.

By his own reckoning, his devotion to Cultural Marxist discrimination makes Adams comparable to Jesus Christ:

“Ma’am this is a Matthew 21:12 moment. Jesus walked in the temple, he saw them doing wrong in the temple. He did what?” Adams asked the audience.

“He turned the table over!” replied one member.

“I went to City Hall to turn the table over!” Adams continued.

He then recounted some of the staff he selected for diversity points rather than competence. His idea of turning the money changers out of the temple is purging municipal government of merit. Results of this approach have been as you might expect.

Some populations are not fit to govern themselves. This becomes evident when they start electing clowns like this:

On a tip from Wiggins.

*By “representative of the city,” he means “nonwhite” — although non-Hispanic whites are still the largest demographic group, and only one in five New Yorkers is black.

Feb 02 2024

American Psychological Association: Merit Is Unfair

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Merit is unfair:

A study published in an American Psychological Association journal [is] now claiming that socioeconomic disparities should be the focus when seeking potential employees.

The term “socioeconomic disparities” refers to position of privilege according to Cultural Marxism. Refer to Disney’s Wheel of Wokeness for details.

The focus here is on bestowing further privilege based on race:

The study concluded that merit-based hiring fuels racial inequality as ‘members of marginalized racial groups tend to experience socioeconomic disadvantages more often than members of privileged racial groups.’

In a society that has succumbed to moonbattery, research often consists of quacking leftist talking points:

[Lead researcher Daniela] Goya-Tocchetto advises employers to focus on the disadvantages a prospective candidate has faced instead of another candidate who has achieved more in their field and has a more fitting resume.”

To do otherwise would not accord with what she calls “fairness.”

Tough luck for those who have no disadvantages to offer thanks to their disfavored skin color.

On tips from Steve T and Mr. Freemarket.

Feb 02 2024

Disney’s Wheel of Wokeness

Disney rose to prominence by providing wholesome children’s entertainment. Then it was subverted by liberals. Its purpose now is to advance the progressive agenda, primarily by promoting sexual depravity to kids.

Like all evil inflicted on a large scale, this is done in the name of an ideology. Disney’s is the same as the Democratic Party’s — a virulent strain of moonbattery known as Cultural Marxism. Employees are instructed on how to think with this Wheel of Power/Privilege:

People are to be judged not on their individual merits, but on how far out they are from the center of the wheel. Those on the outer edge are to be revered; those closest to the hub are to be reviled.

The center is labeled POWER because Cultural Marxism is based on the lie that normal people despised by the liberal establishment are somehow powerful. Those who enjoy privilege because they are favored by our leftist overlords are to be venerated as MARGINALIZED.

As George Orwell predicted, everything is called the diametric opposite of what it really is.

Daily Wire has context:

Posters featuring a “wheel of power/privilege” were hung in employee spaces in Disneyland, instructing employees that being white, “cisgender male,” and even speaking English means you have “unearned” privilege that your “marginalized” coworkers do not, according to images obtained by The Daily Wire. …

The image was provided by source who works for the Walt Disney Company, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution from the company. …

“So many cast members, myself included, are tired of the division being pushed by companies with a lack of regard for the founder’s vision,” the source told The Daily Wire. “This isn’t what Walt would have wanted for his company. He once said, ‘To ALL who come to this happy place, Welcome.’ Things like this make people feel unwelcome, destroying the magic.”

However, failing to bully and alienate those who do not conform to leftist ideology would be a violation of the liberal doctrine of “inclusion.”

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Feb 01 2024

Dems Dump Blacks for Illegal Aliens in Massachusetts

Make a deal with the devil and you will get burned. Sure it’s great to belong to an identity group upon which our moonbat rulers bestow favors at everyone else’s expense — until they find it expedient to dump your group for another deemed more “oppressed.” Feminists have been dumped for transsexuals; now, despite their borg-like devotion to the Democratic Party, blacks are getting dumped for illegal aliens:

A deprived [Liberalese for “black”] Boston community has been left ‘on fire’ after the governor of Massachusetts requisitioned a vital rec center to house the surge of migrants [Liberalese for “illegal aliens”] arriving in the city.

Democrat Maura Healey was accused of treating the Roxbury neighborhood ‘like garbage’ after she locked residents out of the Melnea A. Cass Recreational Complex with less than 48 hours notice.

She insisted it was needed to house the new arrivals, dozens of whom have been sleeping rough in the city’s airport for months.

But residents in the majority-black neighborhood demanded she explain why their cherished facilities had been chosen to take the hit.

Since Healy won’t explain, allow me. Blacks do not comprise as many Democrat voters in Massachusetts as can be produced by importing numberless hordes of illegal aliens and then paying them ever more of our money to reproduce explosively.

The neglected facility will receive a makeover worth $500,000 to make it fit for the 125 families that are expected to move in State Senator Liz Miranda told the Boston Globe. …

State officials have predicted the migrant crisis could cost Massachusetts $915 million this year and Healey has asked for an additional $250 million in Federal funds.

Live it up while you can, illegal aliens. Eventually another group will emerge that is regarded as having interests even more opposed to the hated core population of regular Americans, and you will be dumped in turn. That’s how Cultural Marxism works.

On a tip from WDS 2.0.

Jan 16 2024


After institutions are infiltrated and subverted by leftists, they are not immediately destroyed. First they are reduced to tasteless farce. Consider higher education:

Rice University is offering an ‘Afrochemistry’ class that promises to analyze science through a ‘contemporary African-American lens’.

The course promises to enlighten students regarding the science of “black-life matter.” It’s a joke, but it is also an actual course, indirectly subsidized by taxpayers even at a private school:

The course description on the university’s website explains students will ‘apply chemical tools and analysis to understand black life in the US’ and ‘implement African American sensibilities to analyze chemistry’.

Because everything must be viewed through the lens of moonbattery. It is a truly totalitarian ideology.

Brooke Johnson, a Rice graduate with a PhD in chemistry from Princeton hired last August as part of the university’s DEI department, will teach the class.

Brooke might not know much about chemistry, given the effect DEI has had on Ivy League standards, but she is conversant with Cultural Marxism. According to her bio, she “is passionate about the intersection of science and social justice.” A flyer for the course proclaims that it will “explore the intersection of racial justice and chemistry.”

Einstein was a product of unenlightened times. According to the new science, E = BLM2.

On tips from R F and Ed McAninch.

Jan 15 2024

FAA Explicitly Prioritizes Hiring Psychopaths

It’s a good thing airplane crashes are safer than ever, because as diversity/equity/inclusion is pushed to still more fanatical extremes, there will be more of them. The Federal Aviation Administration has been expanding the Cultural Marxist coalition aggressively:

“Targeted disabilities are those disabilities that the Federal government, as a matter of policy, has identified for special emphasis in recruitment and hiring,” the FAA’s website states. “They include hearing, vision, missing extremities, partial paralysis, complete paralysis, epilepsy, severe intellectual disability, psychiatric disability and dwarfism.”

Experience in aviation is irrelevant. Those climbing the job ladder need intersectional bonus points. If being a left-wing woman of color is all the qualification you need to be Vice President, Supreme Court Justice, or President of Harvard, surely a woman of color who is also a paralyzed one-armed epileptic deaf blind dwarf, suffers from schizophrenia, and has an IQ below 50 can write her own ticket — provided she avoids association with any “privileged” identity groups.

The initiative is part of the FAA’s “Diversity and Inclusion” hiring plan, which says “diversity is integral to achieving FAA’s mission of ensuring safe and efficient travel across our nation and beyond.”

Diversity is our strength. Repeat it to yourself for solace as your plane tailspins toward the ground.

The FAA, which is overseen by Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s Department of Transportation, is a government agency charged with regulating civil aviation and employs roughly 45,000 people.

Personnel is policy. Buttigieg himself holds his position because he is homosexual, so it should surprise no one that he regards identity politics as a sound basis for evaluating job candidates.

DEI insanity is not limited to federal bureaucrats who oversee airlines. Already it has deranged the airlines themselves.

All eyes have been on the FAA and airline industry in recent days after a plug door on a Boeing 737 Max 9 blew out during an Alaska Airlines flight on Jan. 5. …

Following the incident, social media commenters and public figures have said that airlines and airline manufacturers’ emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives has made flying less safe.

You think? As Affirmative Action has made clear for many decades, emphasis on anything other than competence results in less competence. In the context of air travel, this means crashing airliners.

Matt Walsh raises the alarm:

On tips from Chris Neilson, MrRightWingDave, DCGere, ABC of the ANC, and Jack D.

Jan 12 2024

Johns Hopkins Diversity Chief Marginalizes the Privileged

Intersectionality is required to reach the pinnacle of the liberal caste system. It is not enough to be black, sexually deranged, foreign, disabled, et cetera. To achieve the highest levels of favoritism you must belong to a combination of “oppressed” identity groups.

By the same token, intersectionality dictates that those who belong to multiple “privileged” groups rank at the bottom. Regrettably, there is a good chance you stand guilty of intersectional privilege:

A diversity chief at Johns Hopkins Medicine sent a “monthly diversity digest” email to staff with a letter that declared all white people, Christians and men are “privileged.”

Medical schools used to be primarily concerned with medicine. This is no longer the case, to the extent they have been subordinated to the task of instilling the ideology of our ruling class.

Dr. Sherita Hill Golden, chief diversity officer for the hospital system, also included “heterosexuals” and English speakers in the “privileged” category in her missive to all staff.

Other groups she scorns as privileged include the able-bodied, “cisgender people,” “middle or owning class people,” and those who are middle-aged.

Collect as many oppressed identities as you can, while avoiding privileged identities. Otherwise, you might find yourself last hired, first fired, and at the end of the line for medical care.

Earning still more enmity from the liberal establishment, Elon Musk reacted by gasping “This must end!” However, as the New York Post sniffs,

Musk, the richest man on the planet, also happens to be white, cisgender and English-speaking.

His intersectionally privileged kind must be marginalized or better still eradicated before woke utopia can be achieved.

On tips from Franco, Jack D, and Varla.

Jan 05 2024

Fat Con Waddles Into Seattle

The Cultural Marxist promotion of morbid obesity as the latest claim to precious “oppressed” status totters forward in the moonbat bastion Seattle, which is hosting Fat Con this weekend:

The convention will feature over 30 hours of programming to gorge on, including a fashion show. Keynote speakers include Dr. Bianca Laureano, a sexologist and activist, and “Alotta Boutté,” a Bay area cabaret and burlesque performer.

Drag queens aren’t the only moonbats with cleverly tasteless pseudonyms.

Fat liberation demands that society and institutions pretend there are no significant health consequences of obesity.

Like every other aspect of woke ideology, this is not merely a lie but a dangerous lie.

The movement even goes as far as to shame people who aren’t attracted to overweight people.

If social engineers can command us to find transsexuals attractive, why not the monstrously obese?

Yet again, leftists attempt to cudgel us into ideological compliance by making us feel guilty about other people’s hurt feelings. But the feelings of the severely obese are not nearly as important as the need for them to lose weight before they lose years off their lives. The privilege bestowed upon members of the Cultural Marxist coalition cannot compensated for the damage to their health.

Maybe Fat Con will see the launch of Fat Lives Matter. Then come mobs of Michael Moore types burning down police stations and of course looting stores. It has already begun.

On tips from DCGere and R F.

Jan 03 2024

Claudine Gay Blames Racism

Turns out there is a limit to what even Harvard can pass off as excellence on behalf of Cultural Marxism — or as proponents currently call it, diversity/equity/inclusion. Affirmative action hire Claudine Gay was such a conspicuous disaster that even though Harvard at first circled the wagons around her, she was finally forced to walk the plank:

Gay, the president of Harvard University, resigned from her position on Tuesday after just six months in the role. Gay has recently come under sharp public scrutiny over her handling of antisemitism on campus since the start of the Israel-Hamas war, as well as accusations of plagiarism in some of her past academic writings. She announced her decision to resign in a letter addressed to the Harvard community.

This comes in the wake of her getting hit with six new plagiarism charges.

That Claudine Gay was made president only for purposes of identity politics could not be more obvious:

Gay’s plagiarism is one indication among others that she had a lackluster record. Gay published no books and just 11 papers in 20 years. Last week, a journalist at Substack reported that after two professors questioned a method she used in a 2001 paper because of its “logical inconsistencies,” Gay refused to share her data with them. Gay’s academic record is far below Harvard’s normal standards for both professors and presidents.

Even the little bit she published she did not necessarily write:

Gay has been hit with nearly 50 allegations of plagiarism affecting eight of her 17 published works.

Gay topped this off by saying that calling for the genocide of Jews can be okay depending on context — i.e., depending on whether the call is made on behalf of people viewed as less white than Jews.

As with Kamala Harris, Ketanji Brown Jackson, and Karine Jean-Pierre, that Gay is the best left-wing black woman our moonbat overlords could find for the job does not make left-wing black women look good.

Absurdly yet predictably, despite having exploited racial favoritism to climb to a position for which she is clearly unqualified, Gay squawks that she is the victim of racism:

Gay painted herself as a victim, suggesting she found it frightening “to be subjected to personal attacks and threats fueled by racial animus.”

Here’s her resignation letter:

Eight score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we (metaphorically) stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of Black and LGBTQIA2S+ slaves who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice. …

But 160 years later, I see no changes. All I see is racist faces. Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races. …

When my brief presidency is remembered, I hope it will be seen as a moment of reawakening to the importance of striving to find our common humanity—and of not allowing rancor and vituperation to undermine the vital process of education. I promise to never give you up, to never let you down, to never run around and desert you. To never make you cry, never say goodbye, or tell a lie and hurt you. After my picture fades, and darkness has turned to gray, watching through windows, you’re wondering if I’m okay. If you’re lost you can look and you will find me, time after time.

No wait, that was a parody. Hard to tell the difference with a moonbat as cartoonish as Claudine Gay. Here’s the real resignation letter:

Another esteemed countermoonbat is not so glad to see her go:

It’s important to Harvard that its brand survive Claudine Gay. It’s important to America that it doesn’t.

Gay was arguably performing a constructive service by keeping a klieg light trained on the absurdity of DEI.

Harvard and academia will try to claim the problem is over. In fact, they’ll claim there never was a problem, she was singled out because she is a black woman. …

Rearranging administrative chairs on a sinking ship is not the answer.

Havard and other Ivy League schools need to jettison not just their Presidents, but the DEI industrial complex…

The pervasive rot that is moonbattery will not be purged with a single resignation. That task may take generations. The Ivy League is unlikely to survive it.

On tips from WDS 2.0, Bluto, ABC of the ANC, KirklesWorth, and Mr. Freemarket.

Jan 01 2024

Lunar Moonbattery

Who owns the moon? Given their high position in our Cultural Marxist caste system, maybe Indians do:

Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren has asked NASA to delay a scheduled launch to the Moon that could include cremated remains.

Nygren says he recently learned of the Jan. 8 launch of the Vulcan Centaur carrying the Peregrine Mission One. The lander will carry some payloads from a company known to provide memorial services by shipping human cremated remains to the Moon.

They forgot to get Nygren’s approval first.

He noted the Moon is sacred to numerous Indigenous cultures and that depositing human remains on it is “tantamount to desecration.”

Indians didn’t like it when the ashes of scientist Eugene Shoemaker were deposited on the moon in 1998.

Then-Navajo Nation President Albert Hale said the action was a gross insensitivity to the beliefs of many Native Americans. NASA later apologized and promised to consult with tribes before authorizing any similar missions in the future.

Apologizing out of political correctness when you didn’t do anything wrong tightens the garrote around your neck.

Looks like cremains may remain earthbound. How sacred the moon is to Indians doesn’t matter. The important thing is that “indigenous” people are nonwhite and therefore sacred to the federal bureaucracy.

But what if the cremains are from someone who based his/her/its identity on perverted sexual practices? That would trump Nygren’s indigenousness.

On a tip from Steve T.

Dec 28 2023

Body Positivity Movement Kills

With minimum wage madness, moonbats recently provided an elementary lesson in economics. Now they teach us about public health by adding the morbidly obese to the Cultural Marxist coalition with the body positivity movement:

Aggressively promoted by the liberal establishment, obesity confers precious oppressed status, resulting in legal privileges and free seats on airplanes. A conspicuously unfit 400-pounder named David Lopez believes himself entitled to a job as a gym teacher despite suffering from asthma, hypertension, diabetes, etc. on the grounds that he is overweight; he is suing Wayne State University for “discrimination.”

However, there are drawbacks to not keeping your weight under control, including:

• All-causes of death (mortality).
• High blood pressure (hypertension).
• High LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, or high levels of triglycerides (dyslipidemia).
• Type 2 diabetes.
• Coronary heart disease.
• Stroke.
• Gallbladder disease.
• Osteoarthritis (a breakdown of cartilage and bone within a joint).
• Sleep apnea and breathing problems.
Many types of cancer.
• Low quality of life.
• Mental illness such as clinical depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders.
• Body pain and difficulty with physical functioning.

The privileges of oppression are hard to enjoy when you are sick or dead.

On a tip from R F and Mr. Freemarket.


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