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May 11 2023

Cultural Marxist Brainwashing Now Mandatory at SUNY

Leftism has subverted every college subject, including even medicine (see here, here, here, here, here, here, etc.). But that’s no reason not to put each and every student through reeducation bootcamp. If North Korea’s rulers were in charge of American universities, they would run them like SUNY:

The State University of New York will institute a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice course into its core curriculum across its 64 campuses beginning next fall for every incoming student.

There is to be no escape. Only by taking other classes in leftist radicalism can students avoid this one.

Students are not there to receive the education they want in exchange for tuition payments (plus lavish taxpayer subsidies). They are there to be put through a meat grinder and come out the other end as intellectually homogenous moonbats ready to serve the liberal establishment.

The new course will “explore race, class, and gender identity,” according to SUNY officials.

They will not be told anything bad about favored groups (blacks, homosexuals, women, Muslims) or anything good about disfavored groups (whites, nonperverts, men, Christians). They are to be trained on who to love and who to hate. Unless they spout the correct rhetoric, their GPAs will suffer.

Professors are not allowed to deviate from the socially corrosive leftist viewpoint. According to a fact sheet provided by SUNY educrats,

In fulfilling the learning outcomes for the DEISJ category, courses must explicitly address how institutional and societal structures lead to inequities across groups.

Dissident professors who stress forbidden concepts like liberty, individuality, merit, and personal responsibility are likely to lose their jobs.

The stated purpose is “closing racial equity gaps.” That can only be achieved by holding us down to a lowest common denominator. Refer to the black majority country of your choice to see what the social engineers have in mind for America’s future.

Mandatory diversity/equity/inclusion (i.e., cultural Marxism) indoctrination is already imposed on the 23 campuses of the California State University system.

Some ideologies can’t stand on their own. They have to be imposed by force.

Small wonder that recent college graduates are unprepared for work. Work is oppression anyway.

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Apr 25 2023

Liberals Find Transgender Lesbian of Color They Hate

When combined with also being a moonbat, being a Woman of Color qualifies people for impressive positions like Supreme Court Justice and even Vice President of the USA. Add lesbian to the résumé and you can be the mouthpiece for the White House. Imagine how impressive a Transgender Lesbian of Color must be. Stand back in awe of Delaware, Indiana County Councilmember Ryan Webb:

“After much consideration I have decided to come out and finally feel comfortable announcing my true authentic self,” Webb wrote. “It is with great relief that I announce to everyone that I identify as a woman and not just any woman but as a woman of color as well. I guess this would make me gay/lesbian as well, since I am attracted to women.

“Whew, that felt good to finally get that out there and start living life as my true self,” he wrote. “I’m excited to bring some diversity to the county council. Until today we didn’t have any females of color or LGBTQIAPC+++ on the council. I’m glad that now we do!”

There is so much here for progressives to celebrate. Yet they disregard his lived experience as a Transgender Lesbian of Color and callously refuse to affirm his identity.

True, Webb is a Republican. But why hate him for being who he is? How do they know he wasn’t born that way?

Charlize Jamieson, himself a Person of Transgenderness, went so far as to denounce Webb as a bigot. Others have expressed their liberal tolerance by doxing him:

“It is unfortunate, but a group called Indiana Progressives has decided to organize a hate and harassment campaign against me and my family,” Webb said in a statement to WISH TV8, “by publishing my address and encouraging people to unlawfully congregate at my home. … I have to look out for the safety of my family, including our 6 children. There are people with serious mental health issues encouraging people who are unwelcome to come to my home…”

Unsurprisingly, Webb has received death threats.

Best wishes for the safety of Webb and his family. Even a guy who identifies as a member of the opposite sex could get caught up in the ongoing wave of transgender violence (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, etc.).

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Apr 21 2023

Open Thread

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Apr 16 2023

Privileges Demanded for Flying While Fat

Make room — and plenty of it — for the next belligerently oppressed identity group: the grotesquely obese.

Real news spinoff Not the Bee pulls ahead of the Babylon Bee in the race toward absolute absurdity:

Morbidly obese “plus-size influencer” who goes by “JaeBae” has started a petition demanding the FAA and airlines give fat flyers as many free extra seats as they need to accommodate their girth.

From the petition, which over 5,400 have signed:

Air travel should be comfortable and accessible for everyone, regardless of size. … The lack of a uniform customer-of-size airline policy is unacceptable and must be addressed.

That is, government coercion must be applied through the FAA. Demands include:

All plus-size passengers should be provided with an extra free seat, or even two or three seats depending on their size, to accommodate their needs and ensure their comfort during the flight.

Looks like airlines will need a whole new fleet of redesigned planes:

Airlines must provide additional airport assistance to plus-size travelers if necessary, including wheelchair assistance and priority boarding. Airlines should also create accommodations for larger passengers, such as larger bathrooms, seat belt extenders, and alternative seating arrangements.

Indoctrination in CRT and LGBT victimology is imposed throughout society. JaeBae wants something similar:

Airlines and government agencies that regulate the airline industry must train all employees on how to accommodate plus-size travelers, including handling sensitive situations and providing appropriate customer service.

Surprisingly, she doesn’t mention free seconds, thirds, and fourths on inflight meals.

The rest of us will have to pay more to provide free seats to those who let their weight get out of control. It’s what we deserve for not being clever enough to find a way to qualify as victims.

As always, “fair treatment for everyone” means “special treatment for us.”

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Apr 11 2023

Professor Eric Stewart Appears to Be Race Fraud

Not all of the racial fraud in academia relates to phonies claiming privilege by pretending not to be white. Florida State University Associate Professor and 2005 W.E.B. Du Bois Fellow Eric Stewart looks black enough. Yet he appears to be a race fraud:

The Florida Standard reports that Eric Stewart, a fellow of the American Society of Criminology, has had six studies retracted in recent years, after being accused of falsifying data first in 2019 by a professor named Justin Pickett from the University of Albany.

Stewart’s focus has been on racial data and research. That’s where the grant money is.

Pickett says he asked that a study he was involved with be retracted because the data was altered to the point of mathematical impossibility.

The study reported that as populations of black and Hispanic Americans grew, the public desire for discriminatory sentences also grew. However, Pickett later noticed that the sample size of the study somehow grew from 500 to over 1,000 and the number of counties polled dropped from 326 to 91.

Sometimes you have to cook the numbers so they come out politically correctly. That’s how we know math is racist.

Stewart responded by squealing that Pickett “essentially lynched me.”

Pickett told the Florida Standard that there is a “huge monetary incentive to falsify data and there’s no accountability. If you do this, the probability you’ll get caught is so, so low.”

Even so, academics have not been able to fabricate a factual framework for Critical Race Theory to rest upon that passes the laugh test. But at least they are trying. That proves they are good people, not lynchers like Pickett.

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Mar 25 2023

Unintended Consequences of DEI Brainwashing

John Stossel observes that all major companies require employees to undergo indoctrination in cultural Marxism — a.k.a. diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Utopia has been achieved; we now live in a climate of totalitarian political correctness. It isn’t working as promised:

For the $billions per year thrown at irritating DEI moonbattery, the return on investment would be negative — if liberal social engineers really wanted to help blacks and reduce racism. Actually, they deliberately keep down blacks and create racial resentment where it didn’t exist, because the ideology of our degenerate ruling class requires an underclass of floundering losers righteously oppressed by the alleged racism of the white middle class.

That pernicious ideology needs to be rejected in favor of EMC (equality [as opposed to equity], merit, colorblindness).

Here’s someone who gets what DEI and Critical Race Theory have been doing to blacks:

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Mar 11 2023

Los Angeles Times Blames Whites for Car Smog

According to the media and education establishments, whites are bad because they are oppressors; identity groups favored by Democrats are good because they are oppressed. This applies to all aspects of existence, even the smog that characterizes Los Angeles, according to a recent excretion of the LA Times:

The article, by Sammy Roth, comments on a recent study by scholars at the University of Southern California who found that “all else equal, tracts whose residents drive less are exposed to more air pollution, as are tracts with a less-White population.”

State and local government alone spends hundreds of $billions per year on higher education. This money is extracted from us forcibly through taxation and inflation. You can see why so much of the funding has to be on a coercive basis; few would pay for this pernicious nonsense voluntarily.

The study blamed urban planning that put freeways through black and Latino neighborhoods (though there may be a cause-and-effect problem, as neighborhoods with freeways may be more affordable and convenient for black and Latino households migrating to the city to find jobs and opportunities).

The effect of this moonbattery is not only to whip up hostility against scapegoated whites in accordance with cultural Marxism, but to cause economic dysfunction:

Recently, a major cargo freeway expansion was canceled in L.A. due to the supposedly racist effects of building it, despite the possible negative effects on the local economy.

The tasteless joke serving as Secretary of Transportation agrees that roads are racist, as are bridges. The malevolent lunatics who rule over us are driven by a bizarre ideology.

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Mar 03 2023

Crybully Sues University of Bristol for Microaggressions

If it is true that some hesitate to hire members of allegedly oppressed identity groups, it could be because no one wants to deal with the crap Christabelle Peters put the University of Bristol through:

A black university lecturer sued the faculty for race discrimination because her nameplate on her door didn’t have her ‘Dr’ title on it.

Other microaggressions Peters claims to have been subjected to include that her office furniture wasn’t delivered fast enough, that like coworkers she didn’t always get her pay slips in her pigeonhole, that someone expressed lack of interest in Africa, and that educrats racistly pushed her to take ill health retirement after she suffered a disabling stroke.

Even now, sanity sometimes prevails, even in academia:

The lecturer, who is black British of Guyanese origin, has lost all her claims at an employment tribunal.

This followed a week-long spectacle at which she denounced everyone around her as a racist.

As for the nameplate,

The tribunal found the nameplate issue was an ‘admin error’, that another lecturer had the same problem happen to him, and that the nameplates are often prepared by junior workers who don’t even know what they look like.

Regardless of her qualifications — which thanks to Affirmative Action could be nonexistent — would you want Christabelle Peters working for you?

Peters practices what she preaches: cultural Marxist moonbattery.

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Mar 03 2023

NIH Blows $241 Million to Discriminate Against Whites

Since Biden’s handlers took power, Democrats have been throwing money at “infrastructure” by the $trillions, causing both the national debt and inflation to explode. Yet we cannot even keep trains on our decaying tracks, as seen for example in Ohio and Florida.

This is possible because whatever Democrats pretend to spend money on, what they are actually spending it on is either graft, as with the money-laundering green energy boondoggles Obama pioneered, or moonbattery, as with the quarter $billion the National Institutes of Health is spending to advance not health but the twisted ideology that is tearing apart the country:

In 2020 the National Institutes of Health created the Faculty Institutional Recruitment for Sustainable Transformation program “to enhance and maintain cultures of inclusive excellence in the biomedical research community.” The program will give 12 institutions a total of $241 million over nine years for diversity-focused faculty hiring.

Somehow I doubt spending $241,000,000 of other people’s money to discriminate against Caucasians will result in a cure for cancer.

Under the terms of the grants, only candidates who demonstrate “a strong commitment to promoting diversity and inclusive excellence” can be hired through the program. To apply, candidates must submit a diversity statement.

That is, they must swear allegiance to cultural Marxism. As Daniel Greenfield puts it, the “express goal is to get candidates to disavow any notions of neutrality or equality, and to commit to viewing everything through the leftist lens of identity politics.”

Healthcare spending needs to be divested from the federal government — for the sake of our national health.

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Feb 26 2023

Black College Hit by Diversity

What goes around, comes around. Diversity is hitting everyone — even black colleges:

When Keylin Perez became the first Latina to be crowned Miss Coppin State University in Baltimore, she was thrilled. She had been named the university’s Miss Sophomore and Miss Junior previously and was eager to continue representing the school with pride as the 91st Miss Coppin State University queen.


she received backlash, including harassment, from online critics who said the role should be given to a Black woman, since Coppin State University is a historically Black university…

Miss Perez is Guatemalan by descent.

Perez, who turns 23 on Saturday, said the backlash online escalated as some of the comments turned vulgar, with some even suggesting she [harm] herself.

She ran unopposed, but now students are mad because she isn’t black like 81% of the student body.

Look on the bright side, Coppin Staters: at least she isn’t Anglo-Saxon. That would be way too diverse.

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Feb 23 2023

Harvard Decolonizes Medicine

The depraved ideology of our self-loathing ruling class is truly totalitarian. Every aspect of reality must be subordinated to it — including healthcare:

This past weekend Harvard played host to the sixth annual Black Health Matters confab, the theme of which was “Decolonizing Black Health.”

The objective was…

…to “‘challenge and transform’ approaches to health care that may have been shaped by ‘colonialism, racism, and other forms of oppression,'” The Crimson reports.

Like everything else, healthcare must be “decolonized.” As medical schools have made explicit, this entails rejecting modern medicine in favor of the practices of savages.

The practical effect of decolonization is regression … all in the name expunging the white man’s influence. Students at South Africa’s University of Cape Town even said exactly that — that science should be “scratched” because it is a “product of racism.”

One UCT student defined “decolonization” as “doing away with [Western science] entirely and starting all over again to deal with how we respond to the environment and how we understand it.”

Two and two may or may not make four. It all depends on whether a white guy was first to notice it:

Durham University’s decolonization efforts include professors asking themselves if they are citing too many “white or male mathematicians.”

Not even physics is safe from antiwhite race hate:

Scholars at Concordia University are working to decolonize light — “advancing other ways of knowing about light, science and physics.” Courses will be developed in conjunction with Native scholars to “elevate” indigenous knowledge … while “Eurocentric” science is “de-centered” and “scrutinized for its alleged past and present contributions to colonialism.”

Once universities were repositories of Western Civilization. Now they exist to eradicate it.

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Feb 23 2023

Countermoonbat Pushback at Virginia Military Institute

The Virginia Military Institute, alma mater of the great George Patton, tragically succumbed to the Long March Through the Institutions. A Moonbat of Color has been put in charge of subverting it to serve the leftist racial agenda. But an attempt is underway to restore the USA’s oldest public senior military college.

The New York Post reports:

Cedric Wins, 60, launched diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives after taking the helm of VMI in October 2020.

He laid out a five-goal plan for “Inclusive Excellence” by citing the mission to “achieve and maintain a more diverse and inclusive student body, faculty, staff, and administration.”

“Inclusive excellence” is a classically Orwellian oxymoron. The point is to sacrifice excellence to “inclusivity” — i.e., the exclusion of the core population of white male heterosexuals in accordance with cultural Marxism.

Wins’ classmates of 1985 are not ready to give the school up as lost:

Ex-Marine Matt Daniel, 60, a fellow “brother rat,” as VMI classmates are known, founded a political action committee dubbed “Spirit of VMI” to fight the 183-year-old school’s new progressive efforts.

The group is shining light on the lucrative scam that is exclusionary “inclusion”:

Spirit of VMI has questioned why the school’s Board of Visitors awarded Wins a $100,000 bonus on top of his annual salary of $656,000 — despite a 25 percent drop in enrollment.

Wins has in the past denounced Daniel as being “racist.” No doubt Daniel will be clubbed with the accusation again for trying to prevent his school from being flushed down the toilet.

Success is hardly assured, but a Marine doesn’t stop fighting a war that isn’t over. Neither should any of us.

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Feb 20 2023

SEAL Warns of Nation of Victims

Never be a victim. No matter what life throws at you, you are not a victim until you see yourself as one. That gives you a claim to pity, at the price of agency and self-respect. You become helpless and self-loathing, so that people might feel almost as sorry for you as you feel for yourself.

Because it is contemptible, moonbats revere victimhood. The highest honor in their inverted moral scheme is to be seen as a victim. This is the basis of their religion, cultural Marxism.

Of all the catastrophic consequences of liberals achieving hegemony, the worst is that we are becoming a nation of victims. Retired SEAL Mike Sarraille sounds the alarm:

Sarraille doesn’t blame young people for adopting a victim mentality — he said it’s been taught to them.

“The problem is us. It’s my generation,” he said, adding that politicians are setting a poor leadership example and that the public education system is ingraining victim mentality in kids, particularly through Critical Race Theory.

Freedom is for the strong, not victims. Consequently,

Young people are also much more likely to support cancel culture than older generations, according to the Manhattan Institute.

Victims submit. They lash out on behalf of their masters at those who do not submit.

“We’re not creating a generation of warriors,” Sarraille said. “Instead, we’re creating victims who think they’re entitled to certain things and that nothing is their fault.”

Authoritarians instill this infantile mentality deliberately. The purpose of victim-based ideology is to create a population that is easy to rule.

“But nobody can help you but you,” Sarraille said.

People who understand that will reject progressivism and hold onto their freedom. If there are not enough of them, America will continue to die.

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Feb 19 2023

Race Ideology Rammed Down Kids Throats at School

It isn’t only on the playground that kids have Black Lives Matter ideology imposed on them at school:

A woke teacher has sparked fury after mocking Florida’s CRT rules by forcing his white students to act as slaves for black pupils.

The Florida educator also hit out at the state’s recent push to ban certain books from classrooms by sarcastically screaming at the children while throwing their books around his classroom. …

His bizarre protests come as Governor Ron DeSantis has vowed to crack down on critical race theory in school curriculums across the state.

The education establishment lets this guy teach children:

In another Florida classroom, preschoolers were made to wear blackface in honor of the 28 days of neurotic self-flagellation by white liberals known as Black History Month.

The purpose of public education is to promote the twin obsessions of our cultural Marxist ruling class: LGBTism and critical race theory.

This is what passes for education with moonbats in control:

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