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Sep 14 2023

CNN Lists a Few Biden Lies

As we were reminded when Biden marked the anniversary of September 11 by falsely claiming to have been at Ground Zero the next day and to have witnessed the attack on the Pentagon, he is not merely a liar but a compulsive liar, who lies brazenly and constantly, with no consideration for how easily his lies are debunked. This is a manifestation of mental illness; either Biden literally cannot stop himself from lying due to a severe personality disorder, or he is psychotic and cannot distinguish reality from his self-aggrandizing fantasies. Even the regime stenographers at CNN are getting sick of it:

While this guy did not have time to list more than a tiny fraction of Biden’s lies, he skipped some true doozies, like Biden being Catholic, having attended a black church, having gone to a black college, being the first in his family to attend college, having done well in college, having taught constitutional law for over 20 years, having cured cancer, and even having been arrested in South Africa for trying to meet with liberal demigod Nelson Mandela.

The Washington Post maintained a database of alleged lies told by Donald Trump, but declined to do so for Biden, possibly due to insufficient capacity to deal with the sheer volume.

Back in 1988, when we still had standards, Biden’s run for president collapsed amid gales of laughter in part due to his absurd lies. Senility may aggravate Biden’s compulsive lying, but it isn’t the original cause.

That CNN would effectively admit Biden is a pathological liar with mental problems confirms that the liberal establishment is planning to install a new figurehead prior to the 2024 election.

Hat tip: Not the Bee.

Sep 13 2023

Patriotic Nine Line Ad Nixed by CBS

All you need to know about the moonbats running CBS is that they won’t let this patriotic Nine Line ad run during the Super Bowl:

But if Nike wants to run an ad featuring Colin Kaepernick urinating on an American flag, that should be no problem.

Nine Line Apparel CEO Tom Merritt responds:

“Let’s call this what it is: a blatant attempt to censor a message that their politically correct executives find offensive. We urge Americans who believe it’s important to show respect for our flag and national anthem to join us in calling out this offensive bias. It’s time to give a penalty flag to CBS.”

The purpose of shelling out big money for advertising is for a business to get its name out there in a positive context. Hopefully this story spreads, so that Nine Line can get what it wanted without having to give money to the anti-American moonbats at CBS.

On a tip from Anonymous.

Aug 25 2023

Liberal Establishment: Democracy Is a Threat to Democracy

Since humanity is a threat to humanity, it stands to reason that democracy is a threat to democracy. Sure enough:

This take by the flagship publication of the liberal establishment might help explain why the people who shriek endlessly about threats to Our Democracy have the leading opposition candidate posing for a mugshot.

Aug 12 2023

Jonah Goldberg Denounces Small Donors

A countermoonbat should take inspiration from Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment and aspire to have no enemies on the right. Despite marketing himself as a conservative, liberal establishmentarian Jonah Goldberg does not count.

Intones Goldberg on the progressive propaganda platform CNN:

“Now small donors are one of the biggest problems for democracy, for the GOP. Because small donor — large donors actually have a strategic view about moderation, who can win, who can’t. Small donors really are just venting their spleen with their credit card, and they lock candidates into positions that can hurt them in the general election.”

True enough, small donors “venting their spleen” — or rather, voting with their pocketbooks and their hearts — won’t always support candidates and positions best suited to win in the general election. That is the price of keeping candidates honest. What is the point of giving if you will only give to the causes and candidates already expected to win?

What Goldberg first said sticks in the mind as quintessential liberal elitism: “small donors are one of the biggest problems for democracy.”

When liberals say “democracy,” they usually mean “Democrat rule.” Uncoincidentally, Trump has been blowing away Biden in support from small donors.

The two top Democrat donors in the last cycle were Bond villain George Soros and crypto swindler Sam Bankman-Fried. Those are the people who should be selecting the oligarchy’s representatives, not regular Americans giving $200.

On a tip from Varla.

Aug 04 2023

Al Sharpton and the Founding Fathers

Liberal luminary Al Sharpton has discovered respect for the Founding Fathers. Yet like the media establishment he represents, he continues to be full of baloney. Here he responds to the latest meretricious Trump indictment, this one over 1/6/21, the most important day in history according to Democrat dogma:

The Federalist provides a badly needed lesson on both current events and history to the MSNBC audience:

Contrary to common belief, Biden’s Department of Justice is not charging Trump with inciting an insurrection — something he has already been acquitted of by the U.S. Senate. Instead, the DOJ is prosecuting him for stating that the 2020 election was rigged — an opinion shared by many and one that’s protected under the First Amendment.

However, Sharpton apparently believes that Trump tried to overthrow the government and will now be punished for it by righteous defenders of Our Democracy like the senile corruptocrat Joe Biden and the hyperpartisan apparatchik Merrick Garland.

Unlike Trump, the Founding Fathers really did want to overthrow the government. We can all be thankful for their success.

Sharpton has incited riots, as liberals accuse Trump of doing. The pretext for the 1991 Crown Heights race riots was a Jewish driver accidentally hitting two black children:

Sharpton inspired violence and hatred in the aftermath of the accident, publicly and falsely suggesting that the Hasidic ambulance crew purposely did not aid the injured black children so they could instead treat the Jewish men who were in the vehicle. Under sworn testimony, a former Hasidic resident of Crown Heights even said he heard Sharpton repeatedly say “Kill the Jews” while marching down the streets in protest.

Sharpton’s race-baiting got people killed again in 1995 in a pogrom at Freddy’s Fashion Mart.

Regarding Sharpton’s reverence for the Founding Fathers,

In 2017, Sharpton called for the federal government to stop maintaining Washington D.C.’s Jefferson Memorial because Jefferson owned slaves.

Imagine trying to reason with people who choose to get their information from malevolent idiots like Al Sharpton.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Jul 27 2023

NBC BLK Denounces the Outdoors as Racist

The only standard of value inside their insular bubble is devotion to woke ideology, so the kooks who run the media have no self-awareness of how ludicrous they have become. Ever further they venture out on their creaking limb, finally reaching NBC BLK levels of absurdity, at which point the limb breaks and they come crashing down into self-parody:

NBC BLK reporter Char Adams described in a recently-revived June essay several black-led outdoor groups working to ‘provide safe spaces for black people to enjoy outdoor activities and dispel myths that the outdoors doesn’t belong to us.’

The report focused heavily on creating racially segregated ‘safe spaces’ so that black people can avoid ‘harassment’ and ‘trauma’ from white people who might fly ‘Trump flags’ at campsites.

The great outdoors is exclusive, because you never know when a Trump flag might appear in the middle of the wilderness, inflicting trauma by reminding you there are people in the world who won’t conform to moonbattery.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Jul 25 2023

Country Fans Hit With Evident Hate Hoax

Jason Aldean has taken a stand for community cohesion and basic decency. In response, the liberal establishment has been trying to destroy him. Ultra-woke CMT canceled his hit song “Try That in a Small Town,” which cultural gatekeepers denounced as racist because it sides with regular Americans against BLM/Antifa rioters. The media’s specialty is characterizing villains as heroes and vice versa on behalf of the leftist agenda, but Aldean is not an easy case, because no well-meaning person could oppose his viewpoint. One propagandist became so desperate to discredit his fan base that even as the country guffawed at Carlee Russell, she pulled off what looks like a hate hoax.

From Wisconsin:

A TMJ4 reporter was “left humiliated” while reporting from Country Thunder’s opening night in Twin Lakes Thursday after being yelled at and subjected to a racist slur.

Uncoincidentally, Jason Aldean played “Try That in a Small Town” at the Country Thunder festival, though not that same night.

Taylor Lumpkin, a Black multimedia journalist for WTMJ-TV (Channel 4) since 2020, tweeted Thursday night that “a guy ran up and yelled at me (unprovoked), and called me a N***** twice. No one helped. Everyone stared at me, and laughed.

“Do better people,” the tweet said.

The aptly named Lumpkin proved herself a true modern journalist by making herself the story. Her tweet has racked up 1.3 million views.

Naturally liberals are fawning self-righteously over how oppressed she is. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel squawks piously about the “core commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion” that likely put her in her job. She ought to set up a GoFundMe page.

Have a bucket handy as you brace for her follow-up:

Please. With apologies to talented black journalists who deserve their positions, everyone with access to a television who knows that blacks make up only 13% of the population also knows that the Powers That Be bend over backward to place them in front of cameras. Being a left-wing Woman of Color obviates the need for other qualifications, as Kamala Harris and Ketanji Brown Jackson comically confirm.

The improbable incident may earn Lumpkin a promotion, but it also earns her a spot on the Hate Hoax List.

On tips from Dave F and Todd Burgess.

Jul 23 2023

NPR: It Is Racist to Know They Want Us to Eat Bugs

By now most of us know that our globalist moonbat ruling class wants to make us to eat insects in order to degrade and humiliate us — or rather, because The Climate.

While they gorge on meat, they tell us to eat larvae, mealworms, beetleburgers, and maggot butter, and to wash it down with cockroach milk.

The EU has approved sneaking powdered insects into food. Canada has built a massive cricket farm.

They tell us eating bugs will control the cost of living. Kids are taught to eat them.

British subjects pay to make African children eat bugs — and even their own children. The Dutch make their kids eat bugs too.

The only qualm liberals have about making us eat insects is that it oppresses the insects. Never mind the parasitical infections that can result.

Yet even as one repugnant coercively financed leftist propaganda platform applies pressure to make us accept eating bugs, another gaslights by sneering that this thoroughly documented agenda item is not only a conspiracy theory, but racist even to entertain. Actual headline from NPR:

This Right Wing Conspiracy Theory About Eating Bugs Is About As Racist As You Think

“Racist” in this context means verboten to discuss.

The media establishment has dug itself so far into self-parody that nothing it asserts will be taken at face value by serious people. Yet the liberals who get the slogans and talking points that serve them as thoughts from NPR are so hermetically sealed inside their smug bubble of pretentious idiocy that they cannot even hear us laughing at them.

NPR rebutted.

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.

Jul 22 2023

Fox News Will Match Donations to Satanic Temple

It is the least awful pillar of the liberal establishment media, but when it comes to making money from countermoonbats and spending it to advance moonbattery, Fox News may top even Chick-fil-A.

The Blaze shares revelations passed along by whistleblowers within Fox News:

“Fox Giving” is an app in the company portal that facilitates charitable donations via the Canadian-based donation management platform Benevity. Fox will apparently match donations up to $1,000 to various organizations that satisfy the company’s criteria.

These criteria are plenty inclusive where malevolent moonbats are concerned.

[T]he company is willing to match donations to the Satanic Temple, the Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood (and local Planned Parenthood branches), and the Southern Poverty Law Center – radical leftist groups antipathetic to conservatives and the values they hold most dear.

Although the Satanic Temple does not exceed the level of evil of the other three, it isn’t for want of trying:

The Satanic Temple is an atheistic leftist organization that has distributed satanic literature to children; publicly performed “unbaptisms”; sought to ensure that women can legally have their unborn children killed by way of their “religious abortion ritual”; and erected statues of Baphomet on government property.

The Trevor Project pushes the demonic transsexual agenda, including sex-change mutilation for children.

Southern Poverty Law Center generates propaganda smearing anyone to the right of all the way left as an “extremist,” a “racist,” et cetera. Its “hate map” inspired an attempted mass murder at the offices of the Family Research Council.

Planned Parenthood has left the Third Reich behind in terms of genocide, having exterminated nearly 9 million babies since 1970, and has branched out into transsexualizing children.

More conspicuously pernicious organizations would be difficult to imagine. All qualify for matching donations from Fox News.

An insider provides context:

“It shows complete disregard and hatred for Fox’s core audience, which is a huge part of the country. They watch believing Fox is speaking for them, when in reality it’s a company participating in certain things that don’t match their audience’s values. [The disdain] is driven more by executives, lawyers, and HR than people realize, especially post-Dominion,” said the former producer, referencing the company’s $787.5 million settlement with Dominion Voting Services earlier this year.

That settlement was soon followed by the firing of Tucker Carlson, whose scalp liberals had been after for years. Since then, the alarmingly left-wing corporate culture at Fox News has been coming to light.

On tips from Wiggins, ABC of the ANC, and Chris Neilson.

Jul 14 2023

Open Thread

Such as it is, the press has become the greatest power within the Western World, more powerful than the legislature, the executive and judiciary. One would like to ask; by whom has it been elected and to whom is it responsible? - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Jul 12 2023

The View Moonbats “Turned On” by Biden’s Unhinged Rage

As has been pointed out earlier, Biden’s senility often takes the form of uncontrollable outbursts of rage:

Biden terrifies White House aides with his “quick-trigger temper” and expletive-filled rants, Axios reported on Monday.

• Examples of the president’s foul-mouthed eruptions include: “God dammit, how the f—k don’t you know this?!” “Don’t f—king bulls—t me!” and “Get the f—k out of here!”

• Biden’s temper tantrums are so bad some staff members “try to avoid meeting alone with him.”

What it means: Increased anger and agitation are common symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, according to the National Institute on Aging (NIA).

As with even the most alarming of Biden’s many flaws, this is spun by the establishment media as a good thing:

To grasp how pointless it is to try to intellectually engage most Democrat voters, consider that many of them have the slogans that serve them as thoughts installed by these same shrieking harpies.

In fairness, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar are not the only pundits who find Biden’s senile meltdowns curiously arousing. Lisa Kennedy of Fox News does too.

On a tip from Jester.

Jul 12 2023

MSNBC Blames Biden’s Staff for His Dementia

Biden is still sharp enough to run a command-and-control economy from the White House. It’s just finding his way around stages without falling down that requires more cognitive reserve than he managed to store up before his brain began to decay. His fawning enablers at MSNBC blame his staff:

Eighty is older for some people than for others. Mika is right. From now on, Creepy Joe should never appear in public without the Easter Bunny to guide him:

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.

Jul 11 2023

How Russiagate Hoax Killed Mainstream Media

Starting in 2016, hundreds of reporters working for dozens of news organizations worked in concert to sell the lie that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to subvert the election. We now know that the only actual collusion that occurred was between the mainstream media, the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic Party, and the Deep State.

Consequently, if credibility is the lifeblood of journalism, the mainstream media is dead. So says not only investigative journalist Ashley Rindsberg, but also Jeff Gerth of the Columbia Journalism Review, who produced an extensive investigative report on the matter in January. Naturally, the media refused to cover it.

Rindsberg sums up the establishment media nicely: “a morass of malfeasance greased by naked ambition and ideological bias.” It is no longer in the business of informing. As with its ally the Deep State, its purpose is to empower leftists.

The mainstream media is comprised of professional liars who hate regular Americans and despise everything they value. Why would you listen to them?

On a tip from Blackjack. Hat tip: Frontpage Magazine.

Jul 06 2023

News Directors Fired for Wanting News Instead of LGBTism

What would happen if nonmoonbats found their way into the journalism profession? They might obstruct the agenda by wanting to cover actual news at the expense of promoting sexual perversion and gender psychosis. They would of course be fired:

Stanton Tang, director of WOOD TV, a channel based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, asked Assistant Director Amy Fox to write an internal memo telling employees that the station was covering too many “pride”-related events and asking reporters to balance their content.

They compounded this thought crime by acknowledging that many of their viewers are conservative and might want a break from pro-LGBT propaganda projectile vomited into their faces 24/7.

“We should not cover every Pride event that we learn about. We need to do some work to discern the newsworthy-ness of the event. If we are covering Pride events, we need to consider how to make the story balanced and get both sides of the issue,” the memo concluded.

Recent journalism students will identify two errors. (1) Newsworthiness is irrelevant. The point of the media is to promote the liberal agenda. Informing people with objective information so they can make up their own minds defeats the purpose. (2) There is only one side to LGBTism. All things homosexual and transsexual are sacred. All resistance is bigoted and shameful.

Fox’s memo pointed out that good journalism is unbiased and reports on a wide variety of topics; however, her memo drew backlash from the other reporters at WOOD TV. Both Fox and Tang were fired shortly after the memo was sent.

Let that be a lesson to anyone who deviates from orthodoxy. What do they think this is, America?

The memo was leaked to the press on June 14 and two WOOD TV executive producers, Luke Stier and Madeline Odle, confirmed the memo a day later.

Stier and Odle dutifully denounced the thought criminals on behalf of LGBTism and announced that there would be “a thorough investigation.”

However, WOOD TV’s parent company, Nexstar Media Group, accused Stier and Odle of leaking the memo to the press, and the two were subsequently fired as well.

Only by recreating the fear-based climate of the USSR under Stalin can our liberal rulers impose ideological homogeneity. At least we still have a soft tyranny, so people are only fired and rendered unemployable rather than sent to starve in gulags or lined up in front of firing squads — until power has been sufficiently consolidated.

On tips from Franco and MrRightWingDave.


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