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Apr 18 2019

Notre Dame Fire: Our Civilization Burns

The significance of the Notre Dame fire is so obvious that even WaPo’s Talia Lavin could grasp it if she let herself. But few have expressed it as well as the Iconoclast:


Moonbats really don’t want you to watch this video. You still can though, you just have to click on the graphic and then click where it says something like, “Yes, I understand this video is hateful and bad but I am a hateful and bad person so I want to watch it anyway.” Looks like the video undermines liberal ideology so effectively that SJW foot soldiers have been flagging it as offensive content. Hopefully, it will get extra views due to the Streisand effect.

Apr 18 2019

Book Reveals Homosexualization of Catholic Church

The reluctance of the Vatican to do anything substantial about the epidemic of boy-molesting priests and even the need for a priest who spoke out against the corruption to go into hiding make perfect sense if this is true:

A total of about 80 percent of the most revered clerics in the Roman Catholic Church are homosexual despite the church’s opposition to gay rights, according to the extensively researched book by French journalist Frédéric Martel.

The term “gay rights” is an example of controlling thought through language. The phrase refers to formal approval of homosexual practices as well as special privileges for gays, who supposedly have a “right” to hiring priority, immunity from criticism, and all the other bennies that come of being “oppressed.”

The Church still officially opposes “gay rights” for the obvious reason that if it did not, it would no longer be Christian in any meaningful sense, per the Bible. If they turn the heat up too fast, the frogs will jump out of the pot.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Apr 18 2019

Anthropogenic Climate Change as a Cult

Is the ideology of anthropogenic climate change a cult? Let’s be scientific about it. The Cult Education Institute provides a list of 10 signs that a group and/or its leader are a potentially unsafe cult:

1. Absolute authoritarianism without meaningful accountability.
2. No tolerance for questions or critical inquiry.
3. No meaningful financial disclosure regarding budget, expenses such as an independently audited financial statement.
4. Unreasonable fear about the outside world, such as impending catastrophe, evil conspiracies and persecutions.
5. There is no legitimate reason to leave, former followers are always wrong in leaving, negative or even evil.
6. Former members often relate the same stories of abuse and reflect a similar pattern of grievances.
7. There are records, books, news articles, or television programs that document the abuses of the group/leader.
8. Followers feel they can never be “good enough”.
9. The group/leader is always right.
10. The group/leader is the exclusive means of knowing “truth” or receiving validation, no other process of discovery is really acceptable or credible.

The Global Warming Policy Forum tested anthropogenic climate change against each of these in turn. Examples are provided to confirm that climate change qualifies as a potentially unsafe cult on all 10 points:

When I looked up these established warning signs, I honestly expected Climate Changeists to meet two or three of them, NOT TEN! The disturbingly religious nature of this supposedly “scientific” movement should alarm any thinking human being, especially since the movement now openly seeks to nationalize the entire economy.

If you know someone who has imbibed the climate change Kool-Ade, learn how to help them at Cult Education Institute’s Intervention page.

Regarding Warning Sign #7 on the list above, an example given as documentation of abuses of the cult is video of the brigade of brainwashed children the Khmer Vert sicced on Dianne Feinstein. It truly is alarming:

This is a Heaven’s Gate level of lunacy — and people who literally believe this crapola (or at least are willing to help impose it) infest the government/media.

On a tip from R F.

Apr 18 2019

William Weld the Weasel

Gary Johnson’s assistant gadfly William Weld (former RINO Governor of Taxachusetts) is a Republican again, sort of.

On Tax Day, the 107th anniversary of the Titanic sinking, Weld announced a primary challenge against Trump. Given that he essentially endorsed Hillary while running for VP on Johnson’s statist “Libertarian” ticket in 2016, his choice of a weasel for his mascot is apt:

A preview of the campaign ahead, which should provide some laughs before it collapses in ignominy a few months down the road:

On tips from Byron.

Apr 18 2019

Why Beto Doesn’t Give to the Poor

It is unknown why wealthy Stalinist Bernie Sanders gives very little to charity despite his strident concern for the poor, but we have an answer regarding fellow redistributionist Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke:

The ultimate gift to the poor isn’t money; it’s Beto himself. As an added bonus, he will give the poor the middle class’s money in exchange for votes.

It is not easy to compete with a guy who recently referred to himself 392 times during a single town hall. But if anyone could personify the malignant narcissism of our age as well as Obama, it is Robert Francis.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Apr 18 2019

Decriminalizing Crime in Dallas

As discussed earlier, Houston is a great place to be a criminal. But Dallas isn’t bad either.

Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot has set himself to the do-gooder task of “decriminalizing poverty” — a cloying euphemism for decriminalizing crime.

Creuzot says he’ll decline to prosecute theft of personal items worth less than $750 unless the theft was for financial gain. … And he’ll stop prosecuting most first-time marijuana offenses and some misdemeanors that he believes often stem from poverty.

I’m not sure how theft qualifies as not being for financial gain or what qualifies as a personal item, but it would appear that this constitutes at the very least a big step in the direction of legalizing shoplifting (not to mention porch piracy) in the nation’s 9th largest city.

Liberals who enjoy bellyaching about “food deserts” will love the way this lunacy drives stores out of poor neighborhoods. Soon we will be told that food is a human right that must be guaranteed by a federal takeover of all grocery and convenience stores so that they can’t move out of areas where the customers don’t pay. Progressives have to plan ahead for what’s next after President Bernie imposes Medicare for All.

On a tip from Byron. Hat tip: Big Jolly Times.

Apr 18 2019

Expelled for Kneeing Bathroom Invader in Groin

The sort of liberals who run schools say they want to empower females. Yet when a high school girl kneed a boy in the groin as he participated in invading the girls’ bathroom, she was reportedly expelled. From North Pole, Alaska:

Seven boys entered the girls’ restroom at North Pole High School in Alaska to protest a selfie taken in a boys’ bathroom by a student transitioning from female to male. The male students, in protest to the transgender student’s selfie, intended to do the same in the girls’ bathroom that was occupied by the student [who responded with her knee and was expelled]. The transgender student and the student expelled were not connected in any way.

The female student was blocked from leaving and felt threatened.

Here’s why they lowered the boom on her:

The school district, through district superintendent Karen Gaborik, defended the way it handled the situation and said violence is not acceptable to resolve conflict.

Here’s an idea that might help to avoid these situations in the future. Girls use the girls’ bathroom; boys use the boys’ bathroom. It worked for generations before the transgender agenda came along.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Apr 18 2019

Harris County Prepares to Pander to Lawbreakers

The Democrat Party is the criminal party. It implements a criminal ideology based on theft, degeneracy, and the abnegation of personal responsibility. Democrats want felons voting because felons, unlike many law-abiding citizens, will vote their interests. Having taken control of Harris County (greater Houston), Democrats are demonstrating just how far they will go to advance the interests of criminals at the expense of everyone else. A proposed settlement in a bail lawsuit would entail reforms bestowing lavish benefits upon lawbreakers.

They would, among other changes: require Harris County to provide free child care at courthouses, develop a two-way communication system between courts and defendants, give cell phones to poor defendants and pay for public transit or ride share services for defendants without access to transportation to court.

Providing free cell phones explicitly for criminals tops the insanity of the ObamaPhone.

However, the disadvantaged will want to know why they only get a free Uber ride instead of a chauffeur-driven limousine. In contrast, the victims of their crimes do not get free Uber rides.

The cost of the goodies will supposedly be covered by savings resulting from fewer lawbreakers being kept in jail. It won’t be covered by fees:

Courts would be barred from charging any fees to poor defendants, defined as those earning less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level, which is about $25,000 for someone with no dependents.

Conveniently for illegal aliens, this would include anyone whose tax-free income is off the books.

The proposal also would reduce penalties for missed court dates. A defendant could not be deemed to have failed to appear if he arrived in court on the day assigned, even if he was hours late.

Free manis and pedis for accused criminals will have to wait for the next round of reforms. But there is a new bail schedule…

…under which about 85 percent of people arrested on misdemeanors automatically qualify for release on no-cash bonds.

What about the hardship or at least inconvenience getting arrested causes criminals?

The proposal also would require courts to schedule hearings at least three days after misdemeanor defendants are released from jail, to ensure they have an opportunity to “address the disruption in their lives caused by the arrest,” according to the draft.

Elections have consequences. This lunacy is among them.

Since the 15 Republican misdemeanor judges named as defendants in the case were swept out of office last November, attorneys for the county, the hearing officers and poor defendants have worked together on the settlement.

As Houston is going, so will go the nation. It’s a matter of demographics. That’s the point of the open border and the welfare state.

On a tip from Byron. Hat tip: Big Jolly Times.

Apr 17 2019

Open Thread

We tried to provide more for the poor and produced more poor instead. We tried to remove the barriers to escape poverty, and inadvertently built a trap. - Charles A. Murray
Apr 17 2019

Thought Cop Shep Smith Filters Notre Dame Info

The Notre Dame fire appears to have been an accident, but we can’t know for sure, because information supporting arson might be suppressed by the liberal establishment on behalf of Muslims. Watch how fast Fox News thought cop Shep Smith shuts down an interviewee for putting Notre Dame in the context of other French churches that have burned:

Ham-fisted attempts to regulate the narrative could have unintended consequences. People will distrust the official version and come to their own conclusions, even in the absence of evidence.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Apr 17 2019

Urban Renewal as Racial Emergency

An alarming piece at Citylab reveals just how bitterly progressives hate white people. Whites who had been driven out by urban decay coming back to rejuvenate inner cities with their competence and work ethic is literally viewed as an emergency:

Ron Daniels, president of the Baltimore-based civil-rights network Institute of the Black World 21st Century, assembled a group of some of the foremost African-American social-justice advocates, thinkers, and influencers to Newark [recently] for an emergency summit on gentrification. The emergency is that too many white people have been moving back from wherever they fled to into inner-city neighborhoods that have been culturally and racially defined as black communities for the past few decades. This white invasion is an “insidious onslaught” to African-American life as we know it, as Daniels spelled out in a blog he penned last November, and so walls must be built, or rather, policies must be built to stop the occupation.

The “occupation” of American cities by the core population of America is a crisis only if that core population has been slated for marginalization and eventually worse.

The hypocritical double standard could not be more obvious. Complaining about blacks moving into white neighborhoods could easily end your career, despite the effect this phenomenon has had on cities like Detroit. Racism only cuts one way, once the scapegoat race has been settled on.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Apr 17 2019

Celebrating the Notre Dame Fire

It isn’t just the Washington Post. In the aftermath of the Notre Dame fire, the fake news peddlers at BuzzFeed were just as quick to propagandize against countermoonbats and in defense of Islam. Paul Joseph Watson reveals how low they stoop:

No wonder BuzzFeed is circling the drain. Most people don’t like being lied to.

On tips from Lyle and Jester.

Apr 17 2019

WordPress Cracks Down on Fellowship of the Minds Again

Silicon Valley’s purge of all incorrect thought from the Internet continues. Last summer, WordPress suspended the right-leaning blog Fellowship of the Minds for unspecified thought crimes. Now they have done it again:

Jetpack is the WordPress software that enables this blog, Fellowship of the Minds, to function.

In February 2019, I had purchased the Jetpack Premium plan for $99, which includes all kinds of features, including the powerful Askimet Anti-Spam.

I just received this notice that they’ve cancelled our account.

The reason: unspecified “content does not align with our Terms of Service.” These terms state that they can deny service to anyone for any reason or none. In short, the authorities don’t like FOTM’s attitude.

Pardon me for reusing the same commentary from last time, but it still applies:

Imagine a world of pure moonbattery, where everything you look at evokes nausea and horror. Every politician is Barack Obama. Every newscaster in Rachel Maddow. Every athlete is Colin Kaepernick. Every musician is Donald Glover. Every actor is Ezra Miller. The fundamental liberties of free speech, self-defense, and even property ownership inevitably vanish as we are inundated, looted, and eventually enslaved by a never-ending tsunami from the Third World.

Each of us will think we are the only one who doesn’t like it.

That’s the world the Internet will impose if the decentralized totalitarianism encroaching from Silicon Valley does not encounter successful pushback.

On a tip from DCGere.

Apr 17 2019

Denounced for Acknowledging Notre Dame

It would be impossible to overstate the malice and foolishness of Cultural Marxist publications like the Washington Post, whose Talia Lavin yesterday took Ben Shapiro behind the woodshed for making the indisputable observation that Notre Dame symbolizes Western Civilization:

[F]ast-talking far-right [sic] pundit Ben Shapiro called Notre Dame a “monument to Western civilization” and “Judeo-Christian heritage.” Given the already-raging rumors about potential Muslim involvement, these tweets evoked the specter of a war between Islam and the West that is already part of numerous far-right narratives; it was also a central thread in the manifesto of Brenton Tarrant, the alleged Christchurch, New Zealand, shooter.

If even a moderate conservative who scrupulously obeys the strictures of political correctness recognizes the cultural significance of Notre Dame, this puts him in a box with a mass murderer.

Such villains must not be permitted to express unwoke facts. The WaPo editorial ominously concludes:

It is past time that those who stoke inflammatory rhetoric, knowing its potential to catalyze racist violence, were made to stop playing with fire — before it’s too late to control the inferno.

Sounds like she would like to see Shapiro imprisoned for his allegedly inflammatory awareness of Notre Dame’s significance.

It isn’t enough for them to hate European heritage. Progressives want to prevent us from acknowledging that there even is such a thing.

Reasoning with the Jacobins who now comprise the Democrat mainstream is not feasible. However, clear-headed reasoning is Shapiro’s stock and trade, so he had to try anyway. This drew a predictable response from the liberal establishment:

You may as well try to reason with a monkey as it flings its feces through the bars at you. The only difference is that these monkeys may soon have complete control of the zoo.

On a tip from Varla.

Apr 17 2019

Don’t Forget to Ban Crossbows

As Britain demonstrates, once they have deprived law-abiding citizens of guns, they will come after knives. Tory MP Scott Mann has even called for a database of cutlery owners and GPS trackers embedded in all knives. But they ought to go after crossbows first:

Canadian authorities have released surveillance footage of a suspect who shot a woman with a crossbow on her front porch while posing as a delivery person.

The video, released Monday, showed a masked man approaching the 44-year-old woman’s home near Toronto with a large cardboard box in his hand and a hidden crossbow. He rang the doorbell, chatted with the woman for a few moments and fired an arrow into her chest, leaving her with life-threatening injuries.

This isn’t the first time Canadians have been menaced by assault crossbows. From 2016:

Three people have died after an attack involving a crossbow in Toronto’s east end, and police believe there is “a link” between the deadly incident and a suspicious package found in a downtown condo. …

Questions remain about how exactly the incident unfolded, including how three people could possibly be killed by a crossbow. An archery expert who spoke with CTV News Channel on Thursday said it’s “an extremely long process” to load a crossbow.

This goes to show that any weapon is an assault weapon — and probably an effective one if you use it to assault people who are unarmed.

Let’s sort out the agenda. First ban guns; Democrats are already crystal clear on this objective. Then ban crossbows; better go after bows and arrows too. Then knives, as in Britain, followed by all other sharp objects, such as knitting needles and razor blades. Next would follow blunt instruments: baseball bats, tire irons, chair legs, etc. Wait, I’m forgetting vehicles; they can easily be used as deadly weapons, including for mass murder. One of the most time-honored means of inflicting violence on defenseless victims is bashing their heads in with rocks, so we had better ban those too. Rope, piano wire, even twine can be used to strangle — if it saves even a single child’s life, we must ban them. Let’s not forget hands; plenty of people can kill with their bare hands…

On a tip from Lyle.

Apr 17 2019

AOC Moves to Cash In on Being a Star

The media has made Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a star. You can hardly blame her for wanting to cash in by hiring a pricey Hollyweird talent agency and pursuing a book deal:

Ocasio-Cortez retained the talent agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and held meetings earlier this year about potentially writing a book, the Daily Beast reported.

CAA can’t be cheap; it “reportedly represents the likes of George Clooney, Emma Watson, and Brad Pitt.” Just last fall, OAC whimpered that she could not afford an apartment in DC. She must expect a big return on her investment.

The book deal has fallen through for now. This is too bad, because as her dear friend and fellow personification of what the Democrat Party has become Ilhan Omar would say, it’s all about the Benjamins.

Speaking of the allegedly put-upon Ilhan Omar,

Rep. Ilhan Omar, a freshman Democratic lawmaker from Minnesota who’s facing multiple controversies, entered a book deal worth up to $250,000, though the exact figure remains unclear, before officially becoming a congresswoman, Forbes reported.

That’s plenty of Benjamins.

When AOC and Omar monetize their infamy to make their fortunes, will they volunteer to pay the tax rates they would like to inflict on the rest of us? Doubtful. More likely, they will follow the lucrative example of AOC’s fellow Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders. When asked why he took advantage of the Trump tax cuts that he wants to repeal in favor of vastly higher taxes, Bernie sneered, “Pfft, come on. I paid the taxes that I owe.”

On a tip from Varla.

Apr 17 2019

Eric Swalwell Confirms He Would Imprison Gunowners

Global warming hoaxer Jay Inslee isn’t the only presidential aspirant in the overcrowded Democrat field to run on a single issue. Eric Swalwell thinks we should elect him POTUS so that he can confiscate our firearms. Those who defy him would go to jail:

Jake Tapper: So, gun control is the central plank in your campaign. You wrote last year — quote — “We should ban possession of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons. We should buy back such weapons from all who choose to abide by the law. And we should criminally prosecute any who choose to defy it by keeping their weapons.” Criminal prosecution for keeping assault weapons. What’s the punishment for people who don’t hand in their guns? Do they go to jail?

Eric Swalwell: Well, Jake, they would… I want to do what Australia did and New Zealand just recently did. I think this issue just needs some bold leadership to do it.

“Bold” in this context means “tyrannical.”

It should be noted that “military-style assault weapons” is a slippery concept, and deliberately so. It facilitates progressives’ incremental approach to disarming the public. The reference to Australia makes clear that Swalwell would not stop at confiscating AR-15s.

At least this time Swalwell refrained from threatening to use nuclear weapons against recalcitrant gun owners.

The Founding Fathers would not have been surprised to see someone run for President on the promise that he would throw people in jail for exercising their Constitutional rights. The Constitution exists in the first place to protect us from people like Eric Swalwell.

Hat tips: Whatfinger, Townhall.

Apr 16 2019

Open Thread

Laws against the possession of weapons only disarm those who have no intention of committing a crime. - Cesare Beccaria
Apr 16 2019

Moonbattery and Emotional Incontinence

Paul Joseph Watson highlights the correlation between moonbattery, declining testosterone levels, emotional incontinence, and the degeneration of civilization, also offering an explanation for the eagerness of liberals to submit to Islam:

On a tip from Lyle.

Apr 16 2019

How $15 Minimum Wage Affects Seattle Employer

Moonbattery-addled Seattle was a pioneer in imposing the $15 minimum wage that has been a rallying cry for leftists like Bernie Sanders. Subway demonstrates how that has worked out for people at the bottom rung of the ladder:

Boost minimum wage, boost prices and unemployment. The only sensible explanation for their enthusiasm for minimum wage hikes is that Democrats are pursuing Nikolay Chernyshevsky’s “the worse, the better” strategy of paving the road to power with misery. There is no question that $15 minimum wage has made things worse for Seattle’s low-wage workers.

What a tangled web Big Government weaves when it ham-fistedly meddles in private economic matters. Seattle employees who have not been replaced by robot waiters have found themselves pleading for reduced hours so that the higher minimum wage doesn’t cost them subsidized housing. This results in less work, resulting in turn in less wealth for Big Government to redistribute.

On a tip from 1-Bodhisattva.

Apr 16 2019

UNC/Duke Academic Anti-Semitism Festival

It isn’t just the Democrat Party. Anti-Semitism arising largely from Islamophilia has also infected academia. Although Israel is hated by Cultural Marxists mainly for being an outpost of Western Civilization, Ami Horowitz crashed a University of North Carolina/Duke party and found the hostility extends to Jews in general:

On a tip from Lyle.

Apr 16 2019

Leftists Celebrate Destruction of Notre Dame

I thought nothing could lower my opinion of moonbats. Then Notre Dame, possibly the most iconic building in the history of Western Civilization, is largely destroyed by fire — and leftists rejoice:

Twitter user @SarahSahim, a writer for Rolling Stone magazine, Teen Vogue and the Independent newspaper wrote, “Notre-Dame burning is cosmic karma for all the historical sites and artefacts France destroyed and stole when being colonialist scum.”

Another Twitter user, @gaygadott called the fire, “the most aesthetically pleasing visually (sic) I’ve ever seen,” while the account for a U.S.-based far-left pro-Palestinian publication called the Jewish Worker said, “Genuinely awful but if you mourn for this one building and not, say, the entirety of Syria, your white supremacy is showing.”

Treasuring Europe’s heritage is a manifestation of “white supremacy” — the worst sin imaginable in the liberal religion. That’s why the War on History is a war of extermination.

Some Muslims joined their progressive allies in celebration. Others are no doubt hoping Notre Dame will be rebuilt so that they can convert it to a mosque, as they did with Hagia Sophia.

Almost 38,000 likes and counting on this disgusting remark:

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

Apr 16 2019

Colorado Governor Signs Gun Grab Bill

Law by law, Democrats chip away at the Constitution, leaving it slightly weaker from each year to the next. Colorado Governor Jared Polis recently did his part by signing red flag legislation:

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) signed into law on Friday the Democrats’ gun confiscatory Red Flag legislation.

The legislation allows courts to issue orders for the confiscation of individuals’ guns.

That is, it allows courts to arbitrarily deny someone a fundamental right explicitly spelled out in the Constitution.

Is the bill a reasonable public safety measure? This should give an idea:

Tribune Ledger News reported that the legislation, House Bill 1177, did not garner a single Republican vote. And more than half of Colorado’s county governments have voiced opposition to the bill, making clear they have no plans to enforce it.

Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams is on the record that he would rather go to jail than enforce this law. He will have plenty of good company behind bars if Democrats are put in a position to pursue their antigun agenda.

Denver is effectively a sanctuary city. They import violent gangs from Central America, then disarm the native population. Democrats wouldn’t be any more openly hostile to regular Americans if they poured poison in the water supply.

On a tip from Sad Hill.

Apr 16 2019

Pride Festival Encounters Cultural Marxist Crackup

Brace yourself for crushing news. Edmonton’s 2019 Pride Festival has been canceled. As they grapple with their grief, those who enjoy having perversion and degeneracy belligerently rubbed into the public’s face search for answers as to why.

Part of it was “a funding and volunteer deficit.” Another factor was a widening crack in the Cultural Marxist coalition:

In [an] email, festival organizers wrote about a heated meeting … between [Edmonton Pride Festival Society] members and other LGBTQ+ groups called Shades of Colour, which advocates for “queer and trans Indigenous, Black, and people of colour,” [QTIBPOC] and RaricaNow, a group that promotes human rights for LGBTIQ+ refugees and newcomers in Canada.

“The festival has been provided demands, involving a complete restructuring of our festival and our commitments to sponsors, which we needed to bring to our membership,” the Pride Society said in an email dated April 6.

The demands were outrageous (Word doc), including $20,000 cash apiece for Shades of Colour and RaricaNow and open-ended funding for travel. Also, Edmonton Pride Festival Society was told to issue a public apology for supposedly harming the “QTIBPOC community.”

The QTIBPOC thugs should have taken their list of demands to the nearest university instead; it probably would have been complied with.

A special meeting was called to respond to the shakedown. It did not go well.

Police ended up being called when the disagreements became heated.

This isn’t the event’s first moonbat vs moonbat controversy.

Last year, the parade was halted for more than half-an-hour by demonstrators demanding organizers uninvite Edmonton police officers, the [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] and military personnel from the event, amid a country-wide debate over the presence of police in Pride parades.

Black Lives Matter types are vociferously hostile toward law enforcement. Even being homosexual is not enough to overcome it. The demonstrators who obstructed last year’s parade described themselves as “queer and trans people of colour and their allies.”

Bleats Mayor Don Iveson,

“This is not something limited to the city of Edmonton. We understand Pride organizations are encountering challenges around North America, with increasing complexity and what does it mean to be inclusive to everybody.”

That is, inclusive to everyone except the core population of regular Canadians that such events are intended to shock and defy.

That core population has not yet been thoroughly marginalized, yet the Cultural Marxists tearing it down are already at each other’s throats. Maybe there is hope.

On a tip from Steve T. Hat tip: Pride and Prejudice.

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