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Aug 19 2021

Australia Covid Tyranny Update

It isn’t easy to keep up with events in Australia as the country goes off the rails into abject Covid tyranny, but since the rest of the West is following close behind, we have to try our best.

It is now forbidden in Victoria to remove your mask to take a sip of your drink outdoors. Premier Daniel Andrews of the Labor Party cracks down hard:

Presumably Australians are expected to waterboard themselves by pouring the drink through the mask. Never mind that there is a negligible risk of spreading Covid outdoors.

More Aussie Covid tyranny, presented by New South Wales Police Minister David Elliott:

Elliott’s focus is on preventing protests against Covid tyranny, because such protests are “putting lives in danger.” He has no reservations about “going harder” if that’s what the bureaucrats above him think they can get away with. He encourages Australians to, as he puts it himself, “snitch on their neighbors” so that the police can crack down on people visiting each other. All too many are willing to rat others out, a human failing East Germany’s communist Stasi was famous for exploiting.

Elliott wants us to think of submitting to totalitarian restrictions as “guaranteeing freedom earlier than we expected.” If people do whatever the government tells them, no matter how outrageously repressive, they will get a pat on the head and be given their freedom back — later, when there are no crises real, imagined, or absurdly exaggerated.

For earlier examples of Covid tyranny Down Under, see the following stories:

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In the race to absolute tyranny, Australia may soon surpass even communist regimes such as Cuba, North Korea, and the source of the virus, China itself.

Australians are doing the world a service by demonstrating how outrageously intolerable the situation will become if authoritarians are allowed to exploit Covid hysteria to their heart’s content. Don’t let their sacrifice be wasted.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and seaoh.

Oct 10 2021

Australian Covid Concentration Camps

Having been down this road in Russia under Lenin and then Germany under Hitler, we already knew what would come next in Australia: concentration camps:

The first glimpse of what the 1,000-bed quarantine facility at Wellcamp Airport outside Toowoomba will look like has been revealed.

The facility is expected to take 500 inmates by the end of the year and the full 1,000 by the end of March.

Another 1,000-bed quarantine facility is being built in Queensland by the Commonwealth government on a 30-hectare Army barracks site in the industrial area of Pinkenba, near Brisbane Airport.

They might construct a whole gulag archipelago. Why not? Taxpayers have plenty of money.

At this stage, the [Toowoomba camp] will be used by domestic travellers returning from COVID hotspots.

Why anyone who had left Australia would come back again is unclear. It is possibly the most repressive country in the world regarding Covid tyranny.

On a tip from Brian Brandt.

Sep 25 2021

Australian Covid Police Go After Precriminals

In a modern police state like Australia, you don’t have to actually commit thoughtcrime to earn an intimidating visit from police. Authorities have a handle on precrime. No doubt computer algorithms process online activity to determine precriminals who need a scare thrown into them before they do something terrible like attend a rally against Covid tyranny:

Australia’s heritage as a prison colony has been fully restored with the help of Covid hysteria. Big Tech has been helping out too.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Aug 14 2021

Australian Covid Dissident Locked in Lunatic Asylum

It is getting harder to tell the soft tyrannies from the hard ones. They used to lock up dissidents in lunatic asylums in the Soviet Union. Now, they do it in the biosecurity police state Australia.

As behind the Iron Curtain, informers rat out thought criminals. In one guy’s case, it was his wife, who doesn’t approve of his opinion regarding Covid hysteria:

Russians had the excuse that totalitarianism was imposed on them by the Bolshevik minority at gunpoint after a bloody civil war. Australians have their heritage as a former prison colony.

When they gave up their guns, they made something like this inevitable. Let’s not make the same mistake. Nothing has been inflicted on Australia that Democrats would not love to impose on the USA.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Aug 12 2021

No Compassion From Australia’s Covid Cops

Once the Covid Police have achieved total dominance, as in Australia, expect no mercy:

Katarina Anderson, 62, applied for a compassionate exemption to travel to Melbourne more than three weeks ago.

Her daughter Georgie, 33, has been diagnosed with an advanced form of breast cancer. She began chemotherapy on July 29.

Ms Anderson is fully vaccinated with AstraZeneca and willing to pay for her own two week hotel quarantine.

She has tested negative for Covid four times. But Covid control is not about Covid; it is about control. Her plea for mercy was denied, so she will be unable to offer emotional support to her daughter.

On tips from Bluto and Dragon’s Lair.

Aug 03 2021

Australian Covid Police Apparently Induce Heart Attack

Why do Biden’s handlers continue to amp up the Covid tyranny even after mortality has flattened? Because they have not yet reached the objective. To get an idea of what that objective is, look to Australia, which has come closer to achieving it.

The video below reflects the degree of tyranny Australian authorities have been able to extract from Covid hysteria. An elderly man was attempting to get some exercise in Brisbane’s City Botanic Gardens yesterday morning. Four police officers descended upon him for not wearing a Covid obedience mask. He has a medical exemption due to a heart condition. They dragged him off in handcuffs anyway, apparently causing him to suffer a seizure.

Rebel News reports:

Police allegedly joked when he had a seizure that they did not believe he had heart problems that warranted the mask exemption. The man’s heart medication was revealed to be in a plastic bag in his backpack.

As we have seen with sadistic mask mandates for children, Covid tyranny entails casting health concerns aside.

If he had died, he might have been the George Floyd of Covid resistance — except that George Floyd was a career criminal who was resisting legitimate arrest when he died almost certainly primarily due to a fentanyl overdose. The guy in Brisbane peacefully complied with police commands, and his arrest was anything but legitimate. Also, George Floyd’s death caused thousands of his fellow lowlifes to riot, with the enthusiastic approval of the liberal establishment. If the poor guy in Brisbane had died, it is unclear how many would make an issue of it. The mainstream media would spike the story.

Not long ago, the Anglosphere was willing to risk nuclear war rather than submit to living like this.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tips: Summit News, Vlad Tepes.

Sep 23 2020

COVID-19 Tyranny Tightens in Australia

Remember pregnant Australian mom Zoe Buhler, who was arrested for urging people on Facebook to come to a Freedom Day protest? Looks like she will have plenty of company in custody, now that Australia is following the lead of the dystopian science fiction movie Minority Report by punishing COVID-19 precrime.

The Age reports:

The COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2020 was announced on Minister for Health Jenny Mikakos’ website and is now before Parliament. …

The explanatory memorandum to the bill provides for an authorised officer, who reasonably believes that a high risk person (someone either diagnosed with COVID-19 or a close contact) who is required to comply with a self-isolation direction and is likely to refuse or fail to comply with the direction, to detain that person. So the first concern is the speculative or predictive nature of the assessment that the authorised officer is to make before depriving a person of their liberty.

If the Precogs prophesize that someone might not self-quarantine to the fullest extent demanded, out come the handcuffs.

As noted at Summit News, Australia is becoming a COVID-19 police state:

Numerous people have been violently arrested for not wearing a face mask on the street, while journalists have also been arrested merely for covering anti-lockdown protests. Street markets have also been raided and shut down by riot police.

Even Black Lives Matter protests are somewhat frowned upon by authorities, in stark contrast to the USA, where liberal pols go out of their way to encourage them. They must not have gotten the word Down Under that left-wing mobs don’t spread the virus.

On a tip from Lyle.

Oct 13 2021

Leftists Extend the Covid Crisis

If our ruling class were responsible, sensible, and honest, it would admit that the Covid pandemic is over. The ChiCom virus is now endemic. People should be advised to take commonsense precautions but get on with their lives. However, our rulers are anything but responsible, sensible, or honest. They don’t like to let a crisis go to waste, as Obamunist Rahm Emanuel noted, because a crisis is “an opportunity to do things … you could not do before.” That’s why leftists are extending the crisis for as long as possible.

Yale University’s Nicholas Christakis proclaims that we are only at the “end of the beginning” of Covid hysteria and the tyranny it enables. He says the crisis can be milked by authoritarians until at least 2024:

Australia would not be investing in Covid concentration camps if they were willing to let this go any time soon.

Speaking of Australia, Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant is the Tony Fauci of New South Wales. She has forbidden Australians from speaking to each other and does not intend for their lives ever to go back to normal. Now she proclaims that her subjects may be forced to wear obedience muzzles in the name of Covid for years:

In the absence of sufficient pushback, there is no reason for our rulers not to keep this up indefinitely — or at least until the ChiComs leak the next engineered virus.

On tips from KirklesWorth and Occam’s Stubble.

Sep 27 2021

Covid Tyrant Kerry Chant: Never Going Back to Normal

As Paul Joseph Watson reports, “The scowling face of Australia’s dystopian Covid nightmare has let slip the truth.” He refers to Chief Health Officer of New South Wales Kerry Chant, who forbids people from speaking to each other and who views contact tracing in the context of the “New World Order.” Now she has admitted that if everything goes according to plan, Australians are never going back to normal — not even if everyone takes regular booster shots.

Thanks to the pretext provided by Covid, Australia has been plunged into genuine police state tyranny. If it could happen there, it could happen anywhere else where the public has been disarmed.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Sep 21 2021

Orange Vest Uprising in Australia

The extremes to which Australian authorities have exploited Covid hysteria to impose tyranny beggar belief. Finally, serious pushback is getting underway. Excessive taxes in the name of the global warming hoax produced the Gilet Jaune uprising in France. Following a Biden-style mandate that construction workers get the jab or lose their jobs, Australia answers with the Orange Vest uprising:

Australia has been at the vanguard of Covid tyranny. Maybe it will be at the vanguard of pushback.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Aug 25 2021

Australian Media Versus “Those Doing the Wrong Thing”

To get Western populations to voluntarily surrender fundamental liberties and succumb to tyranny is a big lift for the statist media establishment. Australia’s is up to the job. Hard as it is to believe, this is not a parody:

There is no extreme of Covid tyranny occurring Down Under that the Democrat Party–liberal media axis of evil will not avidly inflict on the USA if we let it.

On a tip from Jester.

Aug 24 2021

Healthy Rescue Dogs Shot Because Covid

First, you let them take your guns. Before long, they impose martial law in the name of a supposed health crisis. Next thing you know, they are executing dogs. In Australia, world capital of Covid tyranny run amok, a group of dogs were shot by local officials so as to prevent shelter volunteers from traveling to rescue them.

A watchdog group, the Office of Local Government, says it was informed by the Bourke Shire Council that the dogs had been shot, The Sydney Morning Herald reports. The incident occurred in an attempt to prevent volunteers from another area, Cobar, from traveling to the location.

The volunteers can be thankful they weren’t the ones shot instead. That’s where this is headed.

The 160 mile drive could have resulted in the spread of Covid, because according to Australia’s rulers, the farther you venture from underneath your bed, the more Covid you spread.

Characteristically, moonbat authorities attempt to justify the unjustifiable by wrapping themselves in cultural Marxism:

[A] spokesperson for the Office of Local Government said, “OLG has been informed that the council decided to take this course of action to protect its employees and community, including vulnerable Aboriginal populations, from the risk of COVID-19 transmission.”

It is okay to shoot healthy dogs for no sane reason, so long as you mention sacred BIPOCs afterward.

On tips from Wiggins and Occam’s Stubble.

Aug 23 2021

NSW Premier Confirms: Covid Tyranny Is Permanent

Gladys Berejiklian, Premier of New South Wales, confirms the obvious. Covid tyranny, which has reached its apogee in Australia (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), is not temporary. Two weeks to stop the spread has officially been extended to forever:

“So long as Covid is still around” means “so long as any of us are still around.”

Even if Covid surprises everyone by disappearing completely in the foreseeable future, many of the most tyrannical Covid measures would be equally justified from a health perspective by the flu or even the common cold. Curing Covid cannot end authoritarianism. Only effective pushback can.

Thankfully, resistance appears to be growing:

It is doubtful that regular people defending fundamental liberties will get any of the fawning media coverage that is lavished upon Marxist black supremacists who loot, vandalize, and commit arson.

On tips from DM.

Aug 23 2021

Australia’s Tyranny Transitions From Soft to Hard

Just 2 days ago, I referred to Australia as a soft tyranny. I stand corrected:

Soft tyrannies don’t remain soft indefinitely.

In general, Covid is the best thing to happen for authoritarians since the Communist Manifesto. Specifically for Australian authoritarians, it is the best thing to happen since citizens gave up their guns, enabling — or rather, making inevitable — the current state of affairs.

To their credit, some Aussies are pushing back:

Let’s hope it’s not too little too late.

On a tip from Wiggins and gregtuco.

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