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Feb 14 2020

Open Thread

I am convinced that policies meant to reduce alleged carbon dioxide-induced global warming will be destructive. - Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley
Feb 05 2020

Climate Activist Reveals Ultimate Goal

Now we know the ultimate objective for radical environmentalists. You might have guessed it, by the conspicuous unreasonableness of their demands and their nihilistic, antihuman outlook. Now Simon Bramwell, cofounder of the global warming activist group Extinction Rebellion, has admitted it outright.

LBC quotes Bramwell addressing his fellow climate warriors:

“[I]t is up to all of us, en masse along with doing things like shutting down fossil fuel industries, direct sabotage, mass civil disobedience, we must also transform the myths that have got us here, the myths that we are in fact civilised.”

Bramwell proposes to prove we are not civilized by destroying civilization.

“[W]e’ve also got to not only take down civilisation but shepherd ourselves and incoming generations back into a state of wilding as it were, into like a feral consciousness that is also one of the biggest tasks remaining to us.”

To judge by the feral behavior of environmental activists, they are making progress on this task.

Now that we know that the objective is to take down civilization, how do we accomplish it? Bramwell is still working on that:

“We can’t convince people that we are going to have to do without food. We can’t convince people that they’re going to have to do without more flights.

“We can’t convince people that they are going to maybe *have to see their child die* because we don’t simply have the machinery and technology to keep them alive any longer.”

This must refer to the “machinery and technology” that would be forbidden on the grounds that it allegedly offends the climate with carbon emissions.

“So we have to offer them something else along as these trajectories of civil disobedience and direct sabotage of civilisation…”

What these malevolent lunatics could possibly offer normal people is unclear, but they do offer gullible fools a bogus sense of self-righteousness.

Hat tip: Pirate’s Cove.

Feb 05 2020

Cost of Green Heating Skyrockets in Scotland

Green energy doesn’t necessarily make the planet any greener, but it certainly takes a lot of green to pay for it. Falkirk, Scotland has seen energy bills skyrocket to about £5,000 (~US$6,500) per year.

Via Daily Mail:

The problems stem from a decision by Falkirk Council to install new, eco-friendly boilers in around 900 council properties over the past ten years, in a project costing £6 million.

Local homes used to be heated by coal fires and storage heaters. Coal is bad, because it offends the climate. The new Thermaflow boilers are electric. That means no fossil fuels are required, because electricity can be generated with wind turbines, solar panels, unicorn flatulence, and happy green thoughts.

But not cheaply.

At first, those who had previously used an incorrect boiler got a special rate on the new green heating. But special rates don’t last forever. Some residents are now spending as much on energy as they do on rent.

Too bad the promised global warming doesn’t kick in. Then it wouldn’t be a problem that people can’t afford to run the heat all day.

If we would just let the market decide on the most efficient way to heat homes, the polar bears would never know the difference.

On a tip from Kate P.

Feb 02 2020

Global Warming Even Causes Rape

You still won’t take the global warming hoax seriously? Then you must have missed this story from 2014. Actual headline from Mother Jones:

Study: Global Warming Will Cause 180,000 More Rapes by 2099

That’s right, Mother Jones, not the Babylon Bee.

The article shrieks that global warming will cause more murder too:

That’s the conclusion of a controversial new study that uses historic crime and temperature data to show that hotter weather leads to more murders, more rapes, more robberies, more assaults, and more property crimes.

Here I was thinking it was historical inequities that caused all these things.

According to the experts, it’s going to get bad:

Using the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s warming projections, [study author Matthew] Ranson calculated that from 2010 to 2099, climate change will “cause” an additional “22,000 murders, 180,000 cases of rape, 1.2 million aggravated assaults, 2.3 million simple assaults, 260,000 robberies, 1.3 million burglaries, 2.2 million cases of larceny, and 580,000 cases of vehicle theft” in the United States.

Fortunately, all we have to do to prevent this is elect Democrats, implement the Green New Deal, and plunge the economy into total ruin.

On a tip from R F.

Jan 28 2020

Profiles in Propaganda: David Attenborough

Pretentious BBC blowhard David Attenborough’s tear-jerking truth-twisting does not stop with convincing the gullible that global warming makes walruses jump off cliffs. We are also asked to weep for the flourishing man-eating polar bears:

Unfortunately, despite Attenborough’s despicable attempts to yank on heartstrings, the population of dangerous polar bears is not falling.

The actual victims here are children young enough to take this crap seriously; ecoanxiety can be a serious psychiatric disorder, as Greta Thunberg demonstrates.

On a tip from Jack S.

Jan 26 2020

Canada’s 2001 Climate Predictions: Major Fail

If you are ever tempted to take the liberal establishment’s doomy global warming prognostications seriously, check to see whether past predictions were accurate. This video reviews the Canadian government’s 2001 climate predictions. The results will surprise only the gullible:

In place of science we now have models, which find whatever they are designed to find. Previous predictions prove that these models are nothing more than props for propaganda.

Authorities would be wise to set their predictions farther in the future, when we won’t be around to see them not come true. Problem is, shrieking about doom is ineffective at inducing panic unless the impending catastrophe is supposedly imminent. Maybe they should focus on convincing dupes that their predictions would have come true if not for the taxes and regulations they have imposed.

On a tip from Lyle.

Jan 24 2020

Al Gore: Global Warming Hoax = 9/11

Watch and laugh as, desperate to reachieve relevance, Al Gore croaks that the global warming hoax is the equivalent of Thermopylae, the Battle of the Bulge, September 11, and more:

If the hoax is equivalent to Thermopylae, hoaxers like Gore are equivalent to King Leonidas shouting, “Come and take them” rather than surrendering the arms of free Greeks to a tyrant. If it is like the Battle of the Bulge, Gore is like the soldiers who fought heroically to defend limited government from totalitarianism. If it is 9/11, Gore is a first responder charging up the stairs as the twin towers collapse.

No wonder they gave Prince Albert a Nobel Prize!

On a tip from Rapinhoe.

Jan 24 2020

San Francisco Restaurants Add Surcharge to Fight Global Warming

In addition to power grabs by leftist pols, the global warming hoax can also be used to justify jacking up the bill at San Francisco restaurants, with the increased revenue targeted to ineffectual moonbat virtue signaling.

Via Eater San Francisco:

Diners at some of San Francisco[’s] most popular restaurants might notice a new line item on their bills this month, a one percent add-on that’s known as the Restore California surcharge — a fee that’s intended to assist in efforts against climate change.

There is precisely zero chance that paying an extra 1% on your restaurant tab will improve the climate — as if there were anything wrong with the climate anyway.

According to its website,

Restore California is a public sector – private sector collaboration to enable consumers to invest a few cents at a time to actively “improve the grid” of food by helping local farmers implement climate beneficial farming practices.

The reference to the public sector means taxpayers are also getting bilked. At least restaurant customers can opt out if they ask to have the surcharge removed.

If people really want to do good regarding farmers, they should raise funds for bribing politicians to build more reservoirs, so that there will be enough water.

Over 400 restaurants closed in corroding San Francisco last year. Jacking up prices in the name of the global warming hoax is unlikely to improve the situation.

On a tip from Steven S.

Jan 23 2020

Polar Bears Are in Decline, but Only as an Icon

The polar bear is in decline — not as a species, but as an icon. Leftists have used them as a propaganda tool by convincing people that these ferocious beasts, which actually hunt down humans to eat them, are cuddly and adorable, and that global warming caused by insufficiently restricted human activity will cause them to perish by melting arctic ice. However, the lies employed to sanctify polar bears as victims are coming unraveled.


In May of 2008 the US Fish and Wildlife Service listed the polar bear as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, predicting that polar bear populations would decline by two thirds as the sea ice they rely on for hunting continued to shrink. This conclusion was not based on numbers observed but were put on the list by mathematical models woven from thin air. The actual numbers observed during these years showed the opposite to be true.

That is, where sea ice has retreated, this has not had an adverse effect on polar bears.

The real facts of the matter are that polar bear populations are increasing and that the regions with the greatest ice loss are thriving. Susan Crockford, considered to be among the world’s leading experts on this species, reports from a recent study, that the current population of between 22,000 and 31,000 is the highest it has been in the past 50 years.

The liberal establishment was so enraged by Susan Crockford’s findings regarding polar bears that it purged her from the University of Victoria.

Not only are polar bears flourishing, they are flourishing more where there is less ice.

The Chukchi Sea has lost twice as much ice as the Beaufort Sea in recent decades of slight warming. While researchers supported by the global warming alarmists had expected to find that the polar bears in the Chukchi Sea would have suffered as a result, they found the opposite to be true. The females in the Chukchi Sea were on average 70 pounds heavier and the males 110 pounds heavier than those in the Beaufort Sea.

Chukchi Sea polar bears have also been producing larger litters with heavier babies.

It appears that like virtually every other lifeform on the planet, including humans, polar bears benefit from warmer weather.

Deplatforming scientists like Dr Crockford will not keep reality hidden from the public indefinitely. As an icon of the global warming hoax, the polar bear has no future. Fortunately for moonbats, they can exploit Greta Thunberg as a replacement.

On a tip from Stormfax.

Jan 16 2020

Francisco Javier Vera, 10-Year-Old Greta

When it comes to puppet ecowarriors, the younger the better. Sixteen-year old envirofascist mouthpiece Greta Thunberg has been topped by 10-year-old Francisco Javier Vera of Colombia — who has the added advantage of being from a Third-World country.

Al Jazeera wants to make him a star:

No doubt Francisco has as much factual information in his head regarding the influence of human activity on the earth’s climate as most others participating in the global warming hoax.

It is actually possible that gullible liberals take these pint-sized climate commies at face value, as if the rhetoric they spew were not devised by adults.

Let’s hope that being used by environmental fanatics does not cause Francisco ecoanxiety, as happened with Greta Thunberg, who is said to have plunged into such a deep depression due to the doomy propaganda she had been subjected to that she barely spoke or ate, which caused her to suffer malnutrition on top of Asperger syndrome.

On tips from Frances J.

Jan 14 2020

Australia to Kill 10,000 Camels for Causing Global Warming

During the days of hippies and the Vietnam War, moonbats used to display posters reading, “War Is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things.” That should be updated for the current age by replacing the word “War” with “Global Warming Ideology.” We have seen what it does to children. Here is what it can do to other living things:

Nearly 10 years after Australian camels (and their methane emissions) were identified as a factor in climate change, 10,000 of the country’s wild dromedaries now face a slaughter.

The cull, which was scheduled to start Wednesday, comes as part of an effort to help conditions in fire-ravaged Australia.

Instead of dealing with bushfires by overcoming the objections of environmentalists and clearing deadwood so that the work of arsonists does not get out of hand, moonbats have opted instead to blame global warming, which they hold responsible for all bad things that can’t be blamed on racism/sexism/Islamophobia/transphobia/etc. According to leftist dogma, climate change is mainly caused by greenhouse gases like methane and CO2.

Camels are getting scapegoated for drinking too much water and worse still, for making it be too hot out by farting and belching, in accordance with global warming ideology.

According to an NPR report from the faraway year of 2011, a single camel can produce greenhouse gasses equivalent to over a ton of carbon dioxide.

Why a ton? Why not make it a hundred tons? That would be even more impressive.

Meanwhile, they have yet to prove that carbon dioxide is a dominant factor in global temperatures, much less that killing every camel on earth would make any difference regarding the severity of Australian bushfires.

Culling the camels may be a good idea for other reasons, but killing them by the thousands for causing global warming is alarming in the extreme. When killing camels fails to make the climate stop fluctuating for the first time in world history, what or who will the true believers want to sacrifice next?

On a tip from Jack S.

Jan 13 2020

Enviromoonbattery Is Harmful to Children

Despite their unhinged fanaticism, authoritarian politics, and antihuman outlook, militant advocates of the global warming hoax may seem as harmless as the carbon emissions they denounce. However, their tactics are not good for kids.

Ecoanxiety is real even if anthropogenic climate change isn’t. Among adults, countermoonbats dismiss leftist global warming rhetoric as malevolent malarkey. Moonbats employ doublethink to believe in it even while knowing that it isn’t true; that’s why liberals do not move away from the coasts and seek safety in colder parts of the country, as they surely would do if they took their own balderdash seriously. In contrast, children often accept hysterical prognostications of doom at face value. Psychiatric drugs are prescribed to treat the resulting anxiety.

Leftists know they cannot make a utopian omelet without breaking a few underaged eggs. Prominent among the eggs they are cracking is Greta Thunberg, a teenager with multiple diagnosed psychiatric ailments who has been exploited as a human shield to defend hardcore envirofascism from criticism.

Last week, Fakebook accidently allowed the public to see who is actually posting under famous accounts. This resulted in the following revelation:

[S]ome 3 million followers of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg have been reading posts written by her father, Svante Thunberg, and a climate activist in India who serves as a delegate at the UN’s Climate Change organization, Adarsh Prathap. Thunberg, Inc. claims Greta is still the one writing the content.

Tony Heller of Real Climate Science pulls back the curtain on what cynical and callous envirofascists do to kids:

On tips from ABC of the ANC, KirklesWorth, and R F.

Jan 09 2020

Glaciers Still Won’t Melt at Glacier National Park

As noted earlier, signs at Glacier National Park that claimed global warming would make the glaciers disappear by 2020 had to be changed due to the climate’s noncompliance with liberal dogma. The year has now arrived and still the pesky glaciers won’t melt, so more signs have to come down.

The Communist News Network sorrowfully admits:

The most prominent placards, at St. Mary Visitor Center, were changed last year. [Park spokeswoman Gina] Kurzmen says that park is still waiting for budget authorization to update signs at two other locations.

Government moves at a pace that is downright glacial.

Despite all of the failed prognostications of doom, bureaucrats are still slow to let up with the global warming propaganda:

But the glacier warning isn’t being removed entirely, she told CNN. Instead, the new signs will say: “When they will completely disappear depends on how and when we act. One thing is consistent: the glaciers in the park are shrinking.”

They weren’t telling the truth before, so there is no reason to believe them now. Whether the glaciers are shrinking or growing is in dispute.

On tips from R F, Sad Hill, Kate P, and Rapinhoe.

Jan 05 2020

Climate Change Did Not Cause Australian Bushfires

Power-hungry leftists have predictably exploited the bushfires in Australia. Their moronic lies are used to herd idiots:

There may really be people who think “climate change” caused Australia to burst into flame, and that socialism would have prevented it from happening. Ignorance and stupidity are resources Democrats are happy to exploit and never seem to run low on.

Meanwhile, Australian authorities are trying to figure out what really did cause the bushfires; they know it wasn’t global warming.

Besides arson, possible culprits include lightning and the Indian Ocean Dipole.

An exacerbating factor is moonbattery:

Governments appeasing the green beast have ignored numerous state and federal bushfire inquiries over the past decade, almost all of which have recommended increasing the practice of “prescribed burning”. Also known as “hazard reduction”, it is a methodical regime of burning off flammable ground cover in cooler months, in a controlled fashion, so it does not fuel the inevitable summer bushfires.

Why would greeniacs want to mitigate the destruction caused by wildfires? “Worse is better,” as Lenin liked to say. Of course, this assumes that a large number of people are dim enough to accept the global warming spin.

On a tip from Lyle. Hat tip: Summit News.

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