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Jun 12 2021

Sea Level Panic Debunked

Maybe slightly warmer weather is not something that we would submit to poverty and authoritarianism in a futile effort to avoid. But what about rising sea levels? Rutgers Laboratory Research Associate Jennifer Walker, PhD got 15 seconds of fame by shrieking that the rising sea level in Connecticut is much worse than expected:

“One, we have these increasing rates of sea-level rise. It’s this acceleration that’s important. And then also what’s causing that acceleration and that’s that global component because of climate change.”

Her media megaphone makes sure you get the message:

This means more flooding and more destroyed homes, and land that will continue to become underwater moving the coastline inland more and more every year.

What’s causing it? According to experts, in a word… us. It all comes back to increased greenhouse gas emissions from humans causing climate change.

So how do we fix this? Laws need to be changed…

It would be difficult to enforce laws forbidding the sea level to rise. What they want is to pass laws that dramatically lower our standard of living, because according to leftist ideology, generating the energy that enables a modern lifestyle makes the weather too warm, which causes the sea to rise.

We had better bow our heads and let Biden’s handlers shut off our energy supply (see here, here, and here) — unless this is a load of baloney like all other global warming alarmism. Tony Heller investigates:

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Jun 07 2021

Lies, Damned Lies, and Biden Fire Statistics

More deceptive than lies, damned lies, and even statistics are the numbers our Democrat rulers present us with in order to terrorize us into submitting to the Great Reset in the name of the global warming hoax. Do you like the standard of living enabled by fossil fuels? Then you must want to burn up in a forest fire.

Tony Heller pulls back the curtain on the Biden Regime’s phony numbers:

No, burn acreage is not correlated with harmless CO2.

You can see why liberals have been waging a war on history. Their postmodern ideology rejects objective reality. Facts that do not fit their narrative are to be erased.

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Jun 04 2021

Biden Power Grab in Name of Global Warming

No need for Biden to take Chuck Schumer’s advice and officially declare a state of emergency in the name of the imaginary global warming crisis. As former Director of the National Economic Council Larry Kudlow observes, all he had to do is sign yet another of his countless executive orders:

The things the executive order will regulate and control add up to really the whole economy, all in the name of global warming. Massive and unprecedented central power would come from the District of Columbia and be exercised by upper- and middle-level bureaucrats. …

Biden’s order starts with the claim that “intensifying impacts of climate change present physical risk to assets, publicly traded securities, private investments, and companies — such as increased extreme weather risk leading to supply chain disruptions.”

There is no evidence that anything we do or refrain from doing will have any impact on extreme weather. Climate malarkey is such a thin pretext as to barely serve as a fig leaf on an ongoing authoritarian power grab.

On such a basis, the Bidenites are claiming the power to regulate just about everything. Even your signing a loan for a new home, or how your savings and retirement funds are managed.

It is past time for resistance.

Someone’s got to stand athwart history and just say, “No, we’re not going to bring down our entire capitalist, market-based, free-enterprise system, nor our values, nor our workforce, nor our international standing, because of a bunch of fact-free assertions that at best indicate minor and quite manageable problems in the years ahead.”

Believing that the temperature might fluctuate upward is reasonable. This may even require mitigation measures, like ensuring that we have a reliable energy supply to keep the AC going. Believing that the government can control the global climate by micromanaging economic activity is literally insane.

A White House “fact” sheet outlining the power grab can be found here. Kudlow doesn’t advise trying to read the entire EO.

The full text of the executive order is a complete bureaucratic word salad. What it makes clear is that they are coming for you and your property and the free market system that built our country.

The reason our leftist rulers are obsessed with “equity” is because it would take a totalitarian level of control to impose it. The same motive drives the global warming hoax— and for that matter, everything else the Party of Government inflicts on us.

On a tip from Kevin R.

Jun 03 2021

Language Corrupting Thought: Global Warming

Not only critical theory but all modern leftist ideology is based on postmodernism, at least to the extent that it emphasizes altering what people perceive as reality by manipulating language. The global warming hoax is a case in point.

The liberal establishment frequently proclaims that we are “addicted” to reliable, affordable energy (i.e., fossil fuels and nuclear). Addiction is bad; therefore, reliable energy is bad. The reality they are distorting is that we need reliable energy. We have become dependent on it for our very existence, as Texans were reminded last winter. Yet leftists want to deny us reliable energy in the name of their lunatic ideology, even at the potential cost of many lives, so as to achieve more control over us.

Tony Heller reveals that it is liberals who are addicted: to junk science, to lies, to corruption, and to power.

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Jun 01 2021

From Greta Thunberg to Naomi Osaka

It’s hard not to laugh at Naomi Osaka, the moonbat tennis player who withdrew from the French Open because talking to reporters makes her anxious and depressed. However, Naomi is only one snowflake in a blizzard. Wall-to-wall liberal propaganda has spawned an entire generation of neurotic wrecks.

Esteemed countermoonbat Alan Jones of Sky News connects the dots between Osaka’s emotional debility and global warming oracle Greta Thunberg, who has been exploited as a mouthpiece for ill-informed rubbish — validated and reinforced by the liberal establishment — that is likely to instill in the impressionable an enfeebling sense of hopelessness and doom:

Lending support to the apocalyptic fantasies spewed by climate kooks like Greta Thunberg is a crime against the mental stability of anyone gullible enough to believe them.

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May 30 2021

The Biden Effect

The Biden presidency has been an unmitigated disaster in every other respect, but at least his handlers’ blitzkrieg war on energy production quickly resolved the global warming problem. Despite unrelenting hysteria from the mainstream media about the supposedly problematic climate, it hasn’t been especially warm lately. Tony Heller presents some interesting numbers:

Imagine if it were as hot now as it was back in 1934 or 1911, when CO2 levels were vastly lower than currently. Journalists would shriek themselves hoarse. Democrats would declare a state of emergency. Actually, they want to do that anyway, even though the climate has been fine for some time.

Heller is on the mark as usual:

“Pretty much everything we hear from the press and politicians now has no basis in reality. We live in a world driven by propaganda, junk science, misinformation, and superstition.”

Pretending that electric cars, higher energy prices, obsessive recycling, eating bugs, et cetera will somehow improve the weather is magical thinking — that is, superstition.

Lately it is increasingly necessary to point out the obvious:

“One of the main reasons why people don’t die from heat and cold anymore is that we have fossil fuels, which provide us with air conditioning and central heating.”

These may have to be taken away from us in the name of climate ideology before people wake up from their propaganda-induced stupor and stop voting for Democrats. We got a glimpse of the future our moonbat rulers have planned last February when people froze in energy-rich Texas due to politically driven reliance on unreliable green energy.

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May 20 2021

Even Greta Thunberg Ridicules John Kerry’s Ecomoonbattery

As Climate Czar, treasonous CO2-spewing mask hypocrite John Kerry is the Biden Regime’s main moonbat when it comes to exploiting the global warming hoax to inflict the Great Reset. Here’s how seriously someone who apparently believes in the hoax takes his duckspeak:

Great dig. However, Hanoi John Kerry gets the last laugh. At least he doesn’t actually believe the world is doomed unless Big Government controls the weather by inflicting leftist tyranny. He’s just in it for the tyranny.

Hat tip: Not the Bee.

May 14 2021

Open Thread

There is no global warming problem, there isn't going to be a global warming problem. Sit back and enjoy the sunshine. - Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley
May 13 2021

Tesla Cancels Bitcoin

It seemed that Tesla could not get any moonbattier, considering it sells its government-subsidized product to well-to-do moonbats who want everyone to know they are saving the planet by driving a car that runs on natural gas or coal instead of gasoline. But moonbattery can always get moonbattier. Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin as payment for its vehicles on the grounds that it is offensive to the climate, because mining Bitcoin is done with computers, which like Teslas run on electricity.

The Verge reports:

Musk also said that Tesla will no longer sell any more of the $1.5 billion stash of bitcoin it purchased earlier this year. Tesla sold some of that bitcoin in the first quarter of 2021, which wound up helping pad the company’s quarterly profit figures.

Meanwhile, New York state may ban Bitcoin mining on the same grounds.

Looks like Bitcoin is getting canceled. The idea of currency that cannot be inflated by Big Government must alarm some people.

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May 09 2021

Birthing People’s Day Flowers Offensive to Climate

Happy Mother’s Day — or as our moonbat rulers might call it, Birthing People’s Day. Just be sure not to give Mom flowers. That would be offensive to the climate:

[F]lowers can generate serious carbon emissions because of refrigeration and long-haul transport. … In 2018, Valentine’s Day flowers grown in Colombia and flown to US airports produced some 360,000 metric tons of CO2, according to estimates by the International Council on Clean Transportation. …

To top it off, after they are flown to the USA, they are distributed by truck, which entails using fossil fuels.

Maybe we should grow the flowers domestically to cut down on transportation. But no; that won’t save the polar bears:

When grown in cooler climates, flowers need heated greenhouses. That means domestic flower production can also generate high CO2 emissions because it’s electricity-intensive… [T]he carbon footprint of flowers grown in cooler countries like the US can be more than 5.5 times greater than that of equatorial countries…

If we don’t listen to leftist scolds and stop buying flowers, the weather will become too hot. Then, according to climate doomsayers, the British will have to stop growing potatoes and lettuce. Fortunately, they are developing suitable alternatives:

Potatoes and lettuce will have to be replaced in the UK by small, mustardy root vegetables and dandelion leaves as a warming climate means we cannot rely on traditional crops, Kew Gardens has said.

Celebrate Mother’s Day politically correctly. Give Mom a bouquet of dandelions harvested locally from your backyard.

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May 06 2021

Melting Glacier Is Not Sad After All

Relentless propaganda from the liberal establishment has conditioned the gullible to respond like Pavlov’s dog to any story involving glaciers. For example, CNN reports this:

Researchers have recovered a treasure trove of World War I artifacts from a cave shelter in northern Italy revealed by the melting of a glacier. …

It sits at an altitude of 3,094 meters (10,151 feet), just below the peak of Mount Scorluzzo, and excavation work has been carried out each July and August since 2017, removing around 60 cubic meters of ice from the cave.

The ice they have been excavating to reach the artifacts could not have been there when Austrian soldiers used the cave as a shelter. That’s because it was warmer during WWI than it is now, despite over a century of unprecedented human carbon emissions. This suggests that global warming dogma is a preposterous lie.

Yet a predictable response is for sheep to bleat that it is sad the ice is melting, as if it proved we are all doomed for not abandoning economic freedom and forbidding the use of fossil fuels as leftists demand.

Tony Heller has a laugh at this idiocy, and takes the opportunity to document how Big Government lies about the temperature record to advance its agenda:

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May 06 2021

China’s Greenhouse Emissions Exceed Entire West’s

If global warming ideology were on the level, those who believe in it would not be focused on defacing the landscape and killing birds with unreliable wind turbines. They would be too busy promoting carbon-free nuclear energy and denouncing the communist Chinese:

China now accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than all of the world’s developed nations combined, according to new research from Rhodium Group.

China’s emissions of six heat-trapping gases, including carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, rose to 14.09 billion tons of CO2 equivalent in 2019, edging out the total of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development members by about 30 million tons, according to the New York-based climate research group.

The OECD comprises 37 countries, including the USA, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Mexico.

China emits twice as much as the USA, despite having a smaller economy. India emits more than the entire European Union.

Yet the climate deals that reflexively treasonous liberals endorse tighten a garrote on the economies of the USA and Europe while mostly allowing China and India to do as they please. It’s almost as if Biden, Kerry, et al. know they cannot control the weather anyway, but just want to cripple the economy, for reasons they are unlikely to share with us but that probably have to do with the Great Reset.

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Apr 24 2021

Parenting Advice From Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg, primary oracle of the Church of Enviromoonbattery, can provide wisdom on any topic, including parenting. In the video below, a moonbat requests advice regarding the affective disorder she has induced in her daughter through leftist brainwashing. Saint Greta’s solution: take climate action!

Note that Greta first emphasizes collective action. Imposing oligarchical collectivist tyranny is the objective of the global warming hoax. One reason Greta is top moonbat when it comes to global warming is that she keeps her eyes on the prize.

Scarier even than Greta the teenage totalitarian is that the woman supplicating her for guidance has the power to ruin the lives not only of her children. As a member of Congress, Katie Porter (D-CA) can inflict her gloomy delusions on all of us on a coercive basis.

The Democratic Party has weaponized insanity.

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Apr 23 2021

Earth Day Madness

Vladimir Lenin was the world’s first (but unfortunately far from last) genocidal communist dictator. Yesterday would have been his 151st birthday. Leftists have rebranded this holiday as Earth Day. Tony Heller reports on how Biden celebrated, and explains why observed global warming really is largely caused by humans:

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