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Sep 22 2021

Biden Doubles Climate Handouts to Third World

Democrats’ lunatic spending binge is too vast to contain within the country’s borders. Some of our money will be wasted abroad, in the name of a crisis that does not even exist except in the fevered imaginations of moonbats:

Biden announced Tuesday he will work with Congress to double again the United States’ financial commitment to help developing nations confront the climate crisis.

That is, Democrats are paying the dictators of dysfunctional hellholes to control the climate. If it turns out that weather keeps happening no matter how much of the money we work for is piddled away, they may have to spend it on weapons and presidential palaces instead.

Biden pledged in April the US would increase its contribution to global climate financing to $5.7 billion per year, putting his new commitment at $11.4 billion per year…

Why be so cheap? By the time African backwaters get around to spending the money, inflation will have reduced $1 billion to chicken feed. Democrats waste by the $trillions now, taxing and printing in a frenzy as they go.

Congress will ultimately be responsible for appropriating the climate funds, meaning the final number could change. Congressional Democrats are currently writing Biden’s $3.5 trillion budget bill, which contains the vast amount of spending for Biden’s climate and clean energy programs.

Eventually, massive flagrant waste on needless entitlements and corrupt green energy boondoggles will cause the economy to collapse. This is not a bug but a feature of Democrat spending policy. When hyperinflation makes our money worthless, they can stop imposing Marxism by increments and go full-bore communist in one great leap forward.

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Sep 21 2021

McDonald’s Announces Plan to Save the Climate

The food is barely edible, but the important thing is that McDonald’s is woke. It cares about the climate:

McDonald’s announced on Tuesday plans to further reduce the amount of fossil fuel-based plastic in their Happy Meal toys within four years…

Apparently recycled plastic doesn’t count as being made from fossil fuel.

The company said the plan aims to cut out 90% of virgin fossil fuel-based plastics in Happy Meal toys by the end of 2025.

In all seriousness, the purpose of this righteous posturing is to make the weather colder. According to liberal doctrine, plastic makes it be too hot outside. The ideology of our ruling class is that insane.

Now if only McDonald’s would stop making their food out of plastic — and stop making it smaller:

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Sep 16 2021

Climate Math at The Economist

Formerly prestigious pillars of the liberal establishment like The Economist have cashed in their credibility to prop up the anthropogenic global warming hoax. Once again, Tony Heller counters today’s media propaganda with what was reported earlier. Archives reveal that global cooling caused disastrous weather throughout the 1970s, making a mockery of the lies we are told today:

You can see why Ingsoc employed Winston Smith to put down the memory hole past communications from the ruling oligarchy that countered the current party line. To impose the tyranny that the climate change crisis was fabricated to enable, progressives will have to erase the historical record.

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Aug 26 2021

The Taliban, the Media, and Climate Change

Osama bin Laden understood American politics well enough to know that Joe Biden becoming president would be of great benefit to Islamic terrorists. The Taliban, who hosted him as he launched 9/11, understand it well enough to know that any extreme of evil might earn the media’s approval if coated with a veneer of political correctness.

Newsweek quotes Abdul Qahar Balkhi of the Taliban’s Cultural Commission:

“We believe the world has a unique opportunity of rapprochement and coming together to tackle the challenges not only facing us but the entire humanity,” Balkhi added, “and these challenges ranging from world security and climate change need the collective efforts of all [quack quack quack].”

The Taliban isn’t only about raping slaves and beheading infidels. It is also devoted to liberal ideology regarding the theorical harmful effect of human activity on the climate.

And while the Taliban have been accused of involvement in climate-harming activities such as illicit logging and mining, the group has for years presented itself as a supporter of green initiatives such as tree-planting and environment protection.

Not even liberal media cretins will really believe that the Taliban are the good guys until the terrorists start retrofitting their caves with solar panels. Otherwise, Newsweek would hesitate to reveal that the Taliban taking power and unleashing a wave of violence that is only just getting underway was not actually a result of the incompetence/treason of Democrats as your lying eyes tell you, but was caused by … wait for it … climate change:

While the triumph has been attributed to a range of factors from the inefficiencies that long plagued the Afghan government to the Taliban’s shrewd engagement with rival parties, one less likely advantage that appears to have factored into the wins is climate change.

On Friday, CBS News cited experts arguing that droughts and floods due to melting ice on mountain snowcaps helped to fuel discontent in rural Afghanistan.

If you believe this unfolding catastrophe was the fault of climate change, maybe you will believe it was the fault of Donald Trump, who stands with climate change and the forces of darkness against Joe Biden, Afghanistan, John Kerry, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, and of course Newsweek:

While the Trump administration set out to downplay the threat of climate change, Biden and his officials have placed the issue at the forefront of their agenda, recommitting to the Paris Climate Agreement signed by every other country in the world, including Afghanistan, and appointing a new special presidential envoy position headed by former Secretary of State John Kerry. The president also hosted a leaders’ summit in April on climate that included even top rivals Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

You could read the whole piece for laughs, or if you have better things to do than subject your intelligence to insults from moonbats, read the Not the Bee synopsis:

“See guys, these barbarians now control 40 million lives at the end of their guns, but don’t pay attention to the sex slaves because they are going to fight climate change!! Isn’t that great? Climate change is the REAL reason the nation fell, after all. If you want to blame someone, blame that yucky orange guy, eww!!”

Less hilarious is that the same leftist idiots who run the media also run the US government, hence the situation in Afghanistan.

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Aug 15 2021

Simple Proof That Climate Hysteria Is a Lie

Last Monday, the UN’s IPCC released its Climate Assessment Report 6. The bad news is that whereas previous Assessment Reports (which have since been proven wrong) only claimed that we are doomed, this one shrieks that we are really really doomed. The good news is that like everything else excreted by the global liberal establishment, the report is a lie.

William M. Briggs has too long a memory to be frightened. Without delving into the science, he has proof that the shrieking Experts are not telling the truth:

The proof is this: ever since global cooling was the consensus in the 1970s, which later turned into the consensus of global warming in the late 1980s, which later turned into the consensus of climate change now, all of the predictions have been of doom. The future is bleak, with no sunshine foreseen.

The idea in the 1970s was that man-made pollution from burning fossil fuels was going to knock back the sun’s rays, plunging us into a new ice age. …

The atmosphere was going to change because of man. … All Experts swore that nothing good could come from the change.

In the 1980s, when the temperature began to warm in places, the theory changed, but the predictions of doom did not. Now, burning fossil fuels was going to trap the effects of the sun’s rays, casting us into the flames. …

Experts said every animal that is cute, photogenic, or delicious was going to die; whereas every beast or plant that bit, stung, or poisoned was going to flourish.

We are expected to believe that all this unmitigated misery will be caused by the temperature fluctuating a fraction of a degree. It is because the misery is unmitigated that we know the Experts are lying.

That Experts insist only evil things can occur is why you can know, without doubt, that they cannot be trusted. Experts, like you, also know that much good can come from a warmer, more carbon-dioxide-rich planet, but the Experts choose to deny these goods because of politics.

If authoritarians are exploiting an issue, most everything that establishment-approved Experts have to say about it will be dictated by politics. Anthony Fauci types have cashed in their credibility for political power.

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Aug 02 2021

Nikola Scam: Preview of Democrat Climate Spending

Nikola sums up the phony green economy:

The founder of the much-hyped electric truck manufacturer Nikola Corp. has been charged with lying to investors about the supposed technological breakthroughs the company had achieved in order to drive up its stock price, federal prosecutors announced Thursday.

If electric vehicles made sense, the free market would provide them. Trucks that are not driven by diesel or gasoline are driven instead by ideology. That is, they are driven by wishful thinking, coercive subsidies, and lies.

Nikola impressed investors with its electric truck prototypes. However,

Prosecutors said that, in fact, the prototypes that had been unveiled didn’t function and were Frankenstein monsters cobbled together from parts from other vehicles. At public events, the vehicles were allegedly towed into position and were powered by plugs leading from hidden wall sockets.

In one instance, in which the vehicle was filmed for a promotional film, tape was used to keep the doors of a truck prototype from opening, prosecutors said. To make it appear the truck was driving, it was towed to the top of a hill and then rolled down to the bottom, according to the indictment.

Multiply the money burned on the Nikola scam by hundreds of billions; that’s what Democrats plan to ram through in addition to still more entitlements to add to the massive unfunded liabilities incurred by the welfare state.

Currently, the liability per US citizen is $463,252. The good news is that before long an unemployed dishwasher will be able to pay off that much with his weekly stimulus check. The bad news is that by then the liability per person will be far into the $trillions, considering the hyperinflation Democrats are likely to set off with their wasteful spending on green idiocy and socialism.

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Aug 01 2021

More Acreage Burned in Delaware Than Delaware + Maryland Combined

No wonder our Democrat rulers are willing to set off hyperinflation by spending $trillions that we do not have on gestures intended to combat the climate. According to their ideology, forest fires are caused not by environmental kooks preventing forest management, but by the climate. The problem is so serious that more acreage burned in Delaware last year than Delaware and Maryland combined.

Incredible as this may sound, it must be true, because we hear it straight from the guy millions of people regard as fit to serve as President of the United States:

It would be bad enough if he is trying to say that more acreage burned in Delaware than in Delaware and Maryland. But he might mean that more acreage burned in Delaware than exists in Delaware and Maryland. The fire must have been huge enough to see from outer space. Maybe the UFOs that have been in the news came to check it out.

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Jul 31 2021

Back to the USSR

Despite their sanctimonious posturing, the power-mad authoritarians exploiting the global warming hoax are not benevolent people. Even the most clueless among them — Climate Czar John Kerry, for example — know that nothing they inflict on us is going to make a perceptible difference regarding the climate. Their goal is to impose on America the same squalor and repression that characterized the Soviet Union. The only difference is that they want to inflict it in the name of a lie even easier to debunk than Marxism.

Tony Heller pulls back the curtain on these fiends once again:

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Jul 24 2021

Climate “Experts” Discard Reality

Screams Science Alert:

Summer 2021 will mark a turning point in how heat is seen by the public and communicated by experts.

If that’s true, it is because the “experts” have cast aside any correlation between the actual weather and the hysterical lies they shriek in support of the power grab known as the global warming hoax. Normal weather in Britain and the unusually cool, wet weather we have been experiencing in Phoenix are portrayed as scorching heat and drought.

Winston Smith had an important job in 1984. He erased previous official information that would give the lie to current official information. That way, no one like Tony Heller could put the propaganda fed to the public into historical context:

You know you live under a form of totalitarianism when even the weather report is misinformation.

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Jul 16 2021

Pushback Against Green Tyranny Begins

Green tyranny entails the ruling class demanding that we radically lower our standard of living and surrender basic liberties like freedom of movement for the sake of politically contrived models that promise the climate will be a degree or two cooler 100 years from now if we obediently submit. That this stratagem has not already been laughed into oblivion is a testament to the liberal establishment’s power to manipulate the masses through its control of the media and education. However, people are inevitably figuring out how much the global warming hoax will cost them. The Wall Street Journal reports that global pushback has begun:

The Swiss last month rejected a referendum to impose a fuel tax and a tax on airline tickets.

In Britain, announced plans to ban gas-fired home heating have encountered resistance. In France, gilet jaunes protests ignited by a fuel tax hike have stalled the green agenda for years.

The EU hadn’t even unveiled its marquee new climate package this week before furious lobbying erupted in opposition from almost everyone.

As for Japan,

Resolutions codifying aggressive corporate carbon targets were defeated at all three companies where activists proposed them — Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo and Kansai Electric Power.

This followed the announcement in April that Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund, the world’s largest with around $1.6 trillion under management, is abandoning trendy ESG investing.

ESG stands for “environmental, social, and governance” — i.e., moonbattery. The truth of the maxim “Get woke, go broke” has burst the bubble of PC posturing.

Dopey lies about inefficient electric cars and corrupt green energy boondoggles somehow helping the economy have worn thin.

Meanwhile, countries more interested in economic growth than political correctness have ratios of carbon emissions to GDP 9–10 times as high as some countries in the West. Even if we continue to slash at our wrists on behalf of the climate, China, India, and Russia will keep pumping out massive quantities of harmless CO2, rendering our sacrifice all the more obviously futile.

Yet Biden’s handlers are doubling down on the green agenda. They plan to spend $trillions that we do not have on economically insane gestures that will have no measurable impact on the climate. This will be financed by continuing to inflate the currency, making the money we work for and save throughout our lives increasingly worthless.

When stagflation shatters the liberal establishment’s wall of hysterical propaganda, more energetic pushback will get underway.

We will know there really is such a thing as “climate justice” when we see the leftist politicians who tried to play us for fools tarred, feathered, transported by rail to the nearest body of water, and dumped therein.

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Jul 13 2021

Time Magazine: Abolish Private Air Conditioning

On Sunday the thermometer reached 111°F here in Phoenix for the sixth consecutive day. They say it’s a dry heat, but that does not apply during monsoon season — i.e., summer. America’s fastest-growing major city will become uninhabitable when leftists have achieved their dream of banning air conditioning for ideological reasons.

Time instructs the public what to think about AC:

We came close to destroying all life on Earth during the Cold War, with the threat of nuclear annihilation. But we may have come even closer during the cooling war, when the rising number of Americans with air conditioners—and a refrigerant industry that fought regulation—nearly obliterated the ozone layer. We avoided that environmental catastrophe, but the fundamental problem of air conditioning has never really been resolved.

Only liberals could regard the American miracle of air conditioning as a problem.

Freon was banned, but the planet remains in peril, because it was replaced by hydrofluorocarbons. Unnamed “experts” pretend that abolishing HFCs completely could lower the temperature by “as much as 0.5ºC” over the next 100 years. Such a tiny impact is so far within the margin of error that after liberals ban HFCs, no one will be able to prove that it had no impact whatsoever.

Even without HFCs, AC may still be worse that nuclear warfare:

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, air-conditioning accounts for nearly a fifth of annual U.S. residential electricity use.

As anyone in the Biden’s Handlers Administration can tell you, efficiently produced energy causes global warming. Energy that is unreliable and stratospherically expensive is okay, but even the kooks at Time know that green energy boondoggles will not keep the AC running:

Biden’s announcement to shift toward a renewable energy infrastructure obscures the uncertainty of whether that infrastructure could meet Americans’ outrageously high energy demand—much of it for cooling that doesn’t save lives [even if lack of it murders oppressed criminals]. Renewable energy infrastructure can take us only so far. The rest of the work is cultural.

That is, so as to pretend that we can prevent the climate from fluctuating as it always has, we must learn to live without AC, just as we will learn to live without meat.

Our moonbat overlords may allow some access to AC, but only on a collectivized basis:

The troubled history of air-conditioning suggests not that we chuck it entirely but that we focus on public cooling, on public comfort, rather than individual cooling, on individual comfort. Ensuring that the most vulnerable among the planet’s human inhabitants can keep cool through better access to public cooling centers, shade-giving trees, safe green spaces [yadda yadda yadda…]

How “safe” the green spaces will be if progressives succeed in defunding the police is doubtful, especially since law-abiding citizens won’t have guns to defend themselves after utopia has been achieved. But then, in places run by moonbats, park workers can keep people safe.

AC is bad not only per the global warming hoax, but also according to economic and cultural Marxism:

Privatized air-conditioning survived the ozone crisis, but its power to separate—by class, by race, by nation, by ability—has survived, too. Comfort for some comes at the expense of the life on this planet.

It’s time we become more comfortable with discomfort. Our survival may depend on it.

Liberals ask a lot, considering that they offer us nothing except hysterical lies in return. But they control the media and the schools, so people can be brainwashed into voting for them.

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Jun 23 2021

Climate Lockdowns Are Coming

If you liked the senseless Covid lockdowns that crippled the economy, cost us $trillions, and caused a mental health epidemic among young people, you will love the climate change lockdowns. Because the climate has always fluctuated and always will, the climate change lockdowns never have to end.

Tucker Carlson gives a preview of what the liberal elite has planned for us, now that they know how much people will put up with:

Exploiting the exaggerated crisis of Covid and the imaginary crisis of anthropogenic climate change as pretexts to “build back better” is known among Biden’s handlers and the Davos crowd as the Great Reset. It entails a level of tyranny that would have made Stalin himself gasp in horror.

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Jun 12 2021

Sea Level Panic Debunked

Maybe slightly warmer weather is not something that we would submit to poverty and authoritarianism in a futile effort to avoid. But what about rising sea levels? Rutgers Laboratory Research Associate Jennifer Walker, PhD got 15 seconds of fame by shrieking that the rising sea level in Connecticut is much worse than expected:

“One, we have these increasing rates of sea-level rise. It’s this acceleration that’s important. And then also what’s causing that acceleration and that’s that global component because of climate change.”

Her media megaphone makes sure you get the message:

This means more flooding and more destroyed homes, and land that will continue to become underwater moving the coastline inland more and more every year.

What’s causing it? According to experts, in a word… us. It all comes back to increased greenhouse gas emissions from humans causing climate change.

So how do we fix this? Laws need to be changed…

It would be difficult to enforce laws forbidding the sea level to rise. What they want is to pass laws that dramatically lower our standard of living, because according to leftist ideology, generating the energy that enables a modern lifestyle makes the weather too warm, which causes the sea to rise.

We had better bow our heads and let Biden’s handlers shut off our energy supply (see here, here, and here) — unless this is a load of baloney like all other global warming alarmism. Tony Heller investigates:

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Jun 07 2021

Lies, Damned Lies, and Biden Fire Statistics

More deceptive than lies, damned lies, and even statistics are the numbers our Democrat rulers present us with in order to terrorize us into submitting to the Great Reset in the name of the global warming hoax. Do you like the standard of living enabled by fossil fuels? Then you must want to burn up in a forest fire.

Tony Heller pulls back the curtain on the Biden Regime’s phony numbers:

No, burn acreage is not correlated with harmless CO2.

You can see why liberals have been waging a war on history. Their postmodern ideology rejects objective reality. Facts that do not fit their narrative are to be erased.

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