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May 17 2024

Cow Vaccine to Improve the Weather

Looks like there may be an interim step between monitoring meat consumption and banning it altogether. Moonbat plutocrats like Bill Gates could poison it:

ArkeaBio, a Boston developer of a vaccine to reduce livestock methane emissions, raised […] $26.5 million in venture capital funding led by an investment fund founded by Bill Gates.

It sounds like something Dr. Evil would come up with while tripping on LSD: a vaccine to change the weather by altering the way cows digest their food — with effects on the meat and those who eat it left to unfold in time.

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May 15 2024

Climate Scientist Calls for Culling Human Race by Disease

Until previously, the most malevolent ideology that had ever existed was Marxism. It has driven brutal regimes in previously civilized countries to kill over 100 million of their subjects and reduce many more to miserable existences. Communism has now been eclipsed by an ideology still more profoundly evil in that it pushes hatred of the human race to a more explicitly genocidal extreme. I refer to the Cult of Climatism:

A leading climate scientist has suggested a virulent pandemic killing swathes of the human population is the only way to reduce carbon emissions enough to halt climate change. Professor Bill McGuire was previously a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), a British government body that advised politicians on the Covid pandemic response. He also helped author a report for the notorious Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a United Nations (UN) body that has helped drive climate policy globally despite making a slew of errors.

Rather than first establishing that there is anything wrong with the climate and that CO2 emissions significantly impact it, McGuire plunges straight ahead to the objective:

“If I am brutally honest, the only realistic way I see emissions falling as fast as they need to, to avoid catastrophic #climate breakdown, is the culling of the human population by a pandemic with a very high fatality rate,” wrote McGuire, Professor of Geophysical & Climate Hazards at University College London (UCL).

If you needed any more evidence that climate kooks, international agencies like the UN, academia, and the bureaucracies of countries like the UK are wicked and want to kill you, now you have it.

McGuire would no doubt tell you that reducing the human race by presumably billions of people is only a means to the sacred end of fewer allegedly harmful emissions. But the entire ideology is so preposterous as to make obvious that the global warming hoax is only a means and what they inflict in its name is the end.

Stand by for Disease X, which may already be under development by the UN’s World Health Organization, financed by US tax dollars. Or maybe Biden’s handlers will implement our culling directly:

Research funded by the Joe Biden regime could make McGuire’s vision of a high-mortality pandemic a reality. Peter Daszak, a researcher with ties to Anthony Fauci who was accused of being complicit in a Wuhan lab leak prior to the Covid pandemic, is still receiving millions of dollars of public funding.

His EcoHealth Alliance group still has hundreds if not thousands of coronavirus samples “in freezers in Wuhan.”

Democrat rule might pose an existential threat.

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May 11 2024

Weather Has Upper Hand

We are told that the weather can be controlled by green energy boondoggles. Actually, Mother Nature is in control.

From India:

No wonder Indians rely on coal.

Are there lessons to be learned from events like this? No there are not. The main purposes of green energy projects are to launder taxpayer money and to demonstrate how devoutly moonbats worship the Global Warming Hoax. No doubt developing countries also exploit them to acquire handouts from the West. Whether any energy is generated is irrelevant.

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Apr 22 2024

Climate Change Oppresses Gay Couples

What, you still aren’t taking the global warming hoax seriously, even after year upon year of the media hysterically shrieking in your face? Let’s try this:

Same-sex couples have a significant risk of exposure to the adverse effects of climate change — wildfires, floods, smoke-filled skies, drought, etc. — compared to straight couples, according to a new report by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law.

Considering that UCLA’s medical school promotes “revolutionary suicide” and denounces “white science,” what would you expect the law school to engage in if not pure moonbattery?

Here’s why sexual deviants who may participate in the farcification of holy matrimony are more vulnerable than normal people to climate fluctuation ending life on earth:

LGBTQ same-sex couples who live together frequently reside in coastal areas, large cities and places with infrastructure ill-equipped for climate-related disasters.

The liberal bastions known as San Fransicko and the District of Corruption could be hardest hit:

The authors found that San Francisco County, behind the District of Columbia, has the second-highest proportion of same-sex couples in the country and a relatively high risk of national hazards complicating life.

Because the Experts have declared that global warming has a disparate impact on the Alphabet People, those who oppose even the most extravagantly expensive, suffocatingly oppressive, and clearly ineffectual symbolic efforts to impose climate stasis are homophobes and transphobes. Before long, they will be subject to arrest on these grounds in the name of climate justice.

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Apr 16 2024

German Climate Kookery Threatens Driving on Weekends

Left unchecked, leftists will erase Germany. The last Germans will see their liberties progressively choked off to nothing in the name of the green ideology that has been employed to destroy them. Soon they may be forbidden from driving on weekends to please the climate:

Germany’s transport minister has warned that driving will have to be banned at the weekends unless the country’s net zero laws are changed.

Volker Wissing’s FDP party wants the law amended so the polluting transport sector can miss carbon emissions reduction targets, as long as Germany as a whole reaches them.

But the change is opposed by the Greens, who are part of the three-way coalition with the pro-business FDP and the Social Democrats (SPD), led by Olaf Scholz, the chancellor. …

Greenhouse emissions in Europe’s biggest economy fell to the lowest level in 70 years in 2023, but the transport sector has been consistently failing to meet its climate targets.

The climate cult won’t rest until Germany produces no emissions at all — that is, until it ceases to exist.

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Apr 16 2024

German Climate Kookery Threatens Steel Production

As they make obvious while shrieking about “colonialism” and “white supremacy,” leftists hate Western Civilization. They mean to diminish, degrade, and eventually eradicate it. The global warming hoax is a useful tool for this purpose. Germany’s rulers are employing their phony weather-based religion to dismantle the economy.

David Blackmon notes that ThyssenKrupp, one of the world’s largest steel producers, recently announced it will cut output by 20%. This has been attributed to “energy costs owing to climate policy objectives” and “unchecked” steel imports from Asia.

Blackmon puts this in the context of a larger strategy:

1. Use climate policy to force massively higher energy costs on the population and industry;

2. Item #1 above inevitably results in rapid de-industrialization of what once was the leading industrial economy in Europe;

3. This leads inevitably to Germany becoming a de facto vassal state of China, which can provide all the steel the deindustrialized, down-sized German economy could ever need at cut-rate prices;

4. The combination of items 1-3 above lead inexorably to the final solution, which is Malthusian depopulation of the German homeland.

Add to this the ongoing tsunami of Muslim immigration and you have a workable plan to erase Germany.

The Islamic nation that replaces it won’t be as environmentally conscientious, but that’s beside the point. The stated issue is never the issue with leftists.

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Apr 10 2024

Democrats Move to Keep Bugs in Food Hidden

To paraphrase prominent globalist Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, “You Vill Eat Ze Bugs!” Until they have the leverage to force the insects into our mouths, moonbats will feed them to us by stealth:

In Minnesota, state Senate Democrats blocked an amendment that would have required foods containing insects to be labeled.

Senator Torrey Westrom (R-Alexandria) introduced an amendment to the omnibus agriculture bill S.F. 4225:

The amendment would require food to be properly labeled if it contains either insect products or artificial “cell-cultured” food like lab-grown meat.

This amendment was voted down by Democrats on the preposterous grounds that the insect-based and lab-grown pseudofoods liberals want us to eat are not yet available.

Democrats’ willingness to lie to sneak creepy-crawlies and artificial meat into the food supply has national implications:

According to [a] report from The Buckeye Institute, the Biden administration is pushing policies that seek to eliminate the farming industry and drastically alter the American food supply.

In order to meet the WEF’s “Net Zero” targets, the Biden admin seeks to eliminate meat and dairy products from the food supply.

They are to be replaced with insects and disgusting substances fabricated in laboratories.

Under the plans, the organic agriculture industry would mostly be eliminated with the gaps in the food supply filled up with manufactured products.

That’s what farmers get for voting Republican.

Democrats won’t make meat and dairy products illegal…

However, the cost of producing these foods will be so high that they will become a luxury that only the wealthy will enjoy, much like private jet use.

The liberal elite will still get to eat proper food. We won’t though. That way, the climate will be happy.

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Apr 10 2024

Indigenous Leaders Bestow Rights on Whales

Once equity has been imposed between all identity groups, progressives will progress to the next illogical step — imposing it between all species. Everyone except Captain Ahab loves whales, making them a good place to start:

The indigenous leaders of New Zealand, Tahiti, Tonga and the Cook Islands have signed a treaty granting whales legal personhood.

Failure to submit to the decrees of indigenous leaders would be white supremacist.

“What we’re trying to achieve here is to provide whales with certain rights,” [Māori conservationist Mere] Takoko told Morning Edition. “Those rights include the right to freedom of movement, natural behavior, development, cultural expression – which includes language – to a healthy environment, healthy oceans, and indeed the restoration of their populations.”

Only Big Government can forcibly uphold animals’ fundamental right to cultural expression.

Let’s hope the right of sea creatures to healthy oceans means no more of the hideous, economically insane wind turbines that are lethal to whales.

[Mere Takoko] says the treaty lays the groundwork for legislation to be written to protect the whales, or, as the Māori call them, tohorā — the sacred ancestors of indigenous Polynesians.

No doubt it would come as news to Charles Darwin that Polynesians are descended from whales. But then, Darwin was blinkered by what a UCLA medical school lecturer might call “white science.”

The source article having been excreted by government-affiliated NPR, it goes on to preach that whales “are especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change.” Connect the dots and you can see how whales have a right for Joe Biden to force you to drive an electric car.

Considering that climate change is named as the #1 threat to whales, this assertion is especially poignant:

[CEO and Cofounder of Blue Green Future Ralph] Chami points out that whales capture and store carbon in their bodies throughout their lifetimes. When they die, they sink to the bottom of seafloor and the carbon in their bodies is prevented from returning to the atmosphere.

The very whales that are victimized by carbon emissions try to save the planet from them. Noble creatures!

NPR might want to rethink this take. Aren’t they saying that killing whales is a good thing? After all, the more of them die, the more carbon dioxide goes to the bottom of the sea, rather than helping plants to grow and allegedly making it be too warm outside.

Granting nature these kinds of rights is not a new idea. But Chami says it’s becoming a more common way to combat climate change.

The point of inventing absurd rights for animals is to take rights away from people. With moonbats, the issue is never the issue; the issue is always exerting control.

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Apr 08 2024

ABC Moonbat: Global Warming Caused Earthquake, Eclipse

The stupidity of the propagandists who install opinions via television is so massive, it could shake the earth and blot out the sun. Sunny Hostin exceeds the cognitive deficiency even of her cohosts on the ABC News program The View, as she confirmed today by suggesting that the imaginary climate crisis caused an earthquake and the eclipse.

First, she made fun of Christians:

Hostin, a self-proclaimed devout Catholic, laughed about how their studio makeup artist “put on her coat” and “ran down the hallway” during the earthquake saying “Jesus is coming” and “the rapture is here.”

Then Hostin tied the earthquake, multiple cicada broods, and today’s eclipse all together under a moonbat unified field theory:

“All those things together would maybe lead one to believe that either climate change exists, or something is really going on,” she proclaimed.

What’s going on is leftist social engineers are using their control of the media not merely to indoctrinate but to reduce the population to mental retardation.

People who watch that show vote.

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Apr 06 2024

Climate Oppresses Transsexual Indonesian Prostitutes

According to the Experts, global warming poses an “existential threat” to life on Earth. The end of the world is hitting transsexual Indonesian prostitutes the hardest:

Joya Patiha, a 43-year-old Indonesian transgender woman, first started to notice that changing weather patterns in the mountain-ringed city of Bandung were affecting [his] income as a sex worker a decade ago.

The rainy season was lasting longer across the West Java province, winds were stronger and in some particularly bad years Patiha lost up to 80% of [his] earnings.

He was soliciting johns outdoors. Even some perverts know enough to stay out of the rain.

Trans women like Patiha are among the most affected by extreme weather linked to climate change…

Even before liberals adopted the global warming hoax as a religion, it was difficult to exaggerate their absurdity. Now, it is virtually impossible. The Babylon Bee can barely stay a half step ahead of them.

But wait, the story has a happy ending. Weather forced Patiha to find alternatives to prostitution:

Patiha launched a cake-making business that same year, employing three trans friends when orders stacked up. [He] also started making and selling [his] own perfume last December.

Now, [he] is free from the income-sapping vagaries of the rain clouds and strong winds.

Since the climate will fluctuate no matter what we do, we would be wise to adapt to changing conditions like Mr. Patiha. But leftists would rather use the pretense of being able to control the weather as a pretext to seize more power.

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Apr 03 2024

Imaginary Climate Crisis Is “White Man-Made”

You can’t blame liberals for largely basing their ideology on hatred of white men. After all, it was white men who caused the climate to continue fluctuating the way it always has and always will. Just ask UN climate advisor Ayisha Siddiqa:

Only when white guys have been put in their place so they can’t oppress black trans women will the planet achieve climate stasis.

The United Nations proudly presents the bio of a bigot:

Ayisha Siddiqa (United States) is a Pakistani-American human rights and tribal land defender. … Her work focuses on uplifting the rights of marginalized communities while holding polluting companies accountable at the international level. She is currently a research scholar at NYU School of Law, university working to bridge the environmental and human rights sector with the youth climate movement. Ayisha was recently named a Time magazine Woman of the Year.

If you are a US taxpayer, you pay Ayisha to hate whites because the weather. This is among the countless reasons the UN building must be bulldozed into the East River, preferably while full of moonbats.

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Mar 29 2024

Global Warming and the Leap Second

Due to leftism, America is sinking into decline, giving us real problems to worry about and making it ever more likely people will roll their eyes when confronted with leftists shrieking about their imaginary climate crisis. So they try different angles. Now they want us to believe it impacts Father Time:

One day in the next couple of years, everyone in the world will lose a second of their time. Exactly when that will happen is being influenced by humans, according to a new study, as melting polar ice alters the Earth’s rotation and changes time itself.

Per Democrat ideology, the melting polar ice is caused by the federal government not yet having snuffed out the last of our freedom.

Lest you think a “leap second” isn’t worth losing sleep over, we are told that it “can have a big impact on computing systems.”

Plenty of seconds have been added over the years. But after a long trend of slowing, the Earth’s rotation is now speeding up because of changes in its core.

Frets an Expert,

“A negative leap second has never been added or tested, so the problems it could create are without precedent.”

But wait, what’s this:

Melting polar ice is delaying the leap second by three years, pushing it from 2026 to 2029…

Global warming has granted us a reprieve! If only people really could control the climate.

The piece ends with the usual MSM takeaway. Intones college professor and presumed government grant recipient Duncan Agnew,

“Being able to say so much ice has melted that it’s actually changed the rotation of the Earth by a measurable amount, I think gives you the sense, OK, this is a big deal.”

Though maybe not as big a deal as the leap second.

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Mar 07 2024

Climate Kook Kerry Confirms He Is Insane

The media had some convinced that the war in Ukraine is the most momentous event since twin socialist dictators Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland, justifying the flushing of gargantuan sums of our money down the drain. Turns out it’s not such a big deal after all. Putin might win over our rulers to his side, if he would just make a few politically correct noises about the imaginary climate crisis:

Outgoing Special Presidential Envoy for Climate (SPEC) John Kerry claimed that people would “feel better” about the ongoing war in Ukraine if Russia would “make a greater effort to reduce emissions.”

Putin will now hamstring his own country’s energy-based economy out of sheer moonbattery in order to indulge John Kerry in his delusional ideology. Or maybe he’ll just laugh.

“If Russia wanted to show good faith, they could go out and announce what their reductions are going to be and make a greater effort to reduce emissions now,” Kerry said during a foreign press briefing on Tuesday in Washington, D.C., his last as the SPEC, as he departed from the position Wednesday to reportedly join President Biden’s presidential re-election campaign.

Also, it would be nice to know what Putin is doing about mischievous leprechauns, which pose no less of a threat to the planet than minor fluctuations in the weather that no one can control anyway.

There is no clown like a pompous clown:

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Mar 05 2024

Rachel Levine Declares Climate Change to Be Racist

Democrats are serious about bringing the ever-fluctuating climate to heel. They have brought in Admiral Rachel Levine to proclaim weather to be racist:

Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine, a biological male who identifies as a transgender woman, earlier this month took time away from encouraging pre-adolescent children to explore their gender identities through the wonders of endocrine-disrupting pharmaceuticals to lecture the public about how climate change might be racist.

In a video posted on X, Levine said, “Black Americans are more likely than White Americans to live in areas in housing that increase their susceptibility to climate-related health issues,” and added that “65% of Black Americans report feeling anxious about climate change’s impact.”

From this we learn that skeptics of the global warming hoax are racists who had better shut up if they don’t want to get canceled.

Behold what we let ourselves be ruled by:

Mr. Levine has addressed other threats to utopia by declaring resistance to LGBTism to be a public health threat and demanding censorship to suppress resistance to the transsexualization of children.

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