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Oct 01 2023

French Support for Climate Change Travel Restriction

It is hard to say what is more alarming: French contempt for fundamental liberties like freedom of movement or the national collapse in IQ suggested by this:

A new poll shows that a shocking number of French citizens support banning people from flying more than four times in their lives due to climate change.

A poll from research firm Consumer Science and Analytics Institute (CSA) found that 41% of citizens would support such a limit. That number rose to 59% support among 18-24-year-olds.

Anyone who believes that the weather has recently become a problem and we can fix it by forbidding people from traveling is encouraged to get in touch regarding a bridge I am selling that crosses the East River.

It is unclear whether anyone in France is dumb enough to believe that the travel restrictions would apply to the ruling class as it jets around the globe to climate conferences.

Let’s not single out France. The epidemic of stupidity that is both cause and effect of moonbattery is worldwide:

Climate activists across the globe have pushed for wide-ranging restrictions aimed at reducing carbon emissions, from limiting car travel to banning plastic straws.

Banning plastic straws. Because the weather. Reasoning with people who swallow leftist climate ideology is not an option.

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Sep 25 2023

Nurses Repurposed

Once a sector of society has been subverted by leftists, all who work in it have a new primary task: to affirm leftism. This includes even the healthcare field:

The American Nurses Association (ANA) said that nurses, as trusted messengers in healthcare, have a responsibility to mitigate and help others adapt to the impacts of climate change in a position statement released on Thursday.

Nurses have enough on their plate dealing with problems that actually exist — yet the ANA quacks flaky duckspeak to justify turning them into Democrat propagandists:

“From the function of cells to the function of Earth’s natural systems, nurses know that humans are deeply interconnected and part of the entire ecosystem. … This holistic orientation positions nurses to grasp the impact of social, structural, and environmental determinants of health.”

The holistic orientation reveals that insufficient taxation and regulation constitute a healthcare crisis, because only a government more intrusive and all-powerful than heretofore imagined can prevent the climate from continuing to fluctuate the way it always has.

“As advocates for the health and safety of individuals and communities, nurses have vital roles to play in addressing this global issue and its consequences on human health and all life on Earth,” the organization added.

Here’s how nurses are expected to take charge of the supposedly problematic weather:

At the professional level, nurses can help communities to both mitigate future climate health harms and adapt to current conditions by educating patients, supporting decarbonization efforts, and supporting research and innovation efforts.

In case there is anyone out there who hasn’t caught on that the imaginary climate crisis has more to do with neo-Marxism than the weather,

In the policy statement, the ANA also stressed the importance of nurses advocating for policies that “advance just and equitable climate responses in public health and healthcare, and direct adequate resources to communities that are overburdened by climate-related conditions,” including individuals who are made more vulnerable due to their race, gender, income status, or disability.

Instead of attending to the sick, nurses are to focus on protecting those of preferred race and gender from the climate. As the inmates continue to consolidate control of the asylum, the Clown World they create will not be characterized by health.

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Sep 21 2023

Phoenix Mayor Is Coming After Meat

Fourteen major US cities have committed to imposing moonbattery in the name of the World Economic Forum’s globalist agenda. Among them is Phoenix, whose mayor is the ditzy moonbat Kate Gallego:

Gallego now serves as “Vice Chair of the C40 Steering Committee,” which provides rigorous oversight to ensure C40’s mission is driven by and responsive to the needs of C40 cities and their climate goals.

The C40 is a global network of cities run by leftists working together to inflict the progressive conception of utopia in the name of the global warming hoax. Cities like Phoenix have shouldered responsibility for controlling the global climate. This will be accomplished in part through the war on meat.

No worries; Mayor Kate says she doesn’t want to ban meat just yet. You can believe her, because she uses a knife to eat a bowl of milk:

Or maybe you can’t. From AZ Free News:

According to the C40 Cities website, “C40 is a global network of mayors of the world’s leading cities that are united in action to confront the climate crisis.” C40 has many documents outlining the organization’s desire to reduce and abolish the consumption of meat. …

[O]n March 4, 2020, Gallego and the Council passed the 2025 Phoenix Food Action Plan. In Strategy 2, under Goal 1, the fifth “Progress on Action” creates a new policy for the Office of Environmental Programs (OEP) at the City of Phoenix to enter a contract with Arizona State University to “establish an AgriFood Tech Incubator in 2023 to accelerate ventures in sustainable food systems…”

That likely entails eating insects and repulsive lab-grown pseudofood. It certainly does not involve eating meat.

The City of Phoenix has multiple policies for sustainable food systems in the 2020 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory report conducted by [Arizona State University]. …

While Gallego is able to say she is not literally banning meat, she is implementing policies that make meat more expensive and will lead to major reductions of meat consumption in the future.

To think I moved to Phoenix to get away from the moonbats in New York. Turns out, you can’t run away from leftists. You can only stand your ground and fight.

On tips from R F and Wiggins.

Sep 19 2023

Weeds Return to Choke Germany

As Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr observed, the more things change, the more they stay the same. For example, Leipzig used to be in the communist German Democratic Republic, were brainwashed students were forced to attend political demonstrations in support of leftist ideology. Now it is in the Federal Republic of Germany, where everything is different and the same:

Last Friday, participation in the “Global Climate Strike” of the radical organisation “Fridays for Future” was compulsory for tenth graders at a Leipzig grammar school. …

[P]articipation was declared compulsory as part of a “sustainability project day”. Morning and afternoon classes were cancelled for this purpose. …

Four days earlier, at the parents’ meeting of the Gerda Taro School in Leipzig, some mothers and fathers were said to have protested vehemently. “It’s just like in the GDR,” complained one father. At that time, the pupils were also sent to demonstrations.

Germans were not liberated once and for all when the Nazis lost or when the Berlin Wall fell, because no one is ever liberated once and for all. Weeds start returning to choke the garden the moment you stop pulling them.

Sep 14 2023

What Drove the Libyan Death Toll?

Flash floods are caused by weather, which is caused by climate, which is caused by our failure to grant absolute power to our moonbat rulers. That means liberals score a big propaganda coup from the flood in Derna, Libya that has reportedly killed over 5,100.

“Bodies are everywhere, inside houses, in the streets, at sea. Wherever you go, you find dead men, women, and children,” Emad al-Falah, an aid worker from Benghazi, said over the phone from Derna. “Entire families were lost.”

If we would just let Democrats mandate dysfunctional electric cars, all of this could have been avoided.

Hold on:

Mediterranean storm Daniel caused deadly flooding Sunday in many towns of eastern Libya, but the worst-hit was Derna. Two dams in the mountains above the city collapsed, sending floodwaters roaring down the Wadi Derna river and through the city center, sweeping away entire city blocks.

This isn’t about the climate’s revenge because someone used the wrong light bulb. It is an infrastructure issue.

No wonder sane people have been warning that if we really are concerned with the effects of the climate’s inevitable continuing fluctuation, we ought to focus not on corrupt green energy boondoggles but on infrastructure — for example, dams.

[Libya] is divided by rival governments, one in the east, the other in the west, and the result has been neglect of infrastructure in many areas.

You could expect the problem to be especially acute in Derna.

Derna was once a hub for extremist groups in the years of chaos that followed the NATO-backed uprising that toppled and killed longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi in 2011.

Gadhafi was once an enemy of the USA. But after Ronald Reagan scared him onto the straight and narrow, he became an effective ally against Islamic terrorists. Then Barack Obama came to power. The vicious idiot who served as his Secretary of State comments on our government plunging Libya into chaos by getting Gadhafi killed, setting the stage for the Benghazi debacle:

Elections have consequences that spread far and wide. But that won’t stop the media from blaming the death toll in Libya on the imaginary climate crisis.

On a tip from Lyle.

Sep 07 2023

Lab-Grown Fruit Because Climate Change

In the name of their atavistic weather gods, our leftist rulers want us to eat synthetic meat produced in a laboratory. But at least we get to eat real fruit that grows on trees under the sun that so frightens them. Or maybe not:

In the face of growing food security concerns due to climate change, scientists in New Zealand are attempting to grow fruit tissue in labs.

Taxpayers are forced to fund the Food by Design program at Plant & Food Research.

The program aims to grow fruit tissue without the parts that are usually discarded like the core of the apple or the rind of an orange.

Pseudofood is better than real food. No waste.

The technology would probably be suitable for growing fruit tissue within cities, said Dr Sam Baldwin, a strategy leader at Plant & Food Research, in the hope that it would reduce the cost and carbon emissions created when transporting food into urban centres.

This would reduce the dependence of liberals’ urban power bases on the regular people who live outside their moonbat fever swamps.

Allegedly harmful carbon emissions help fruit trees to grow. But we won’t be needing trees anymore. Our liberal overlords want to cut them down and bury them, because they offend the climate.

On a tip from Franco.

Sep 06 2023

Climate Scientist Spills the Beans

The media shrieks that we are doomed because global warming causes ever worsening forest fires; we will all burn up if we do not sacrifice our freedom and standard of living so that the government can prevent the climate from fluctuating. Liberals crow that they have the Science on their side.

True enough, scientific papers support the liberal narrative. This is hardly surprising, considering that they are a product of academia — that is, the liberal establishment.

Patrick T. Brown recently told liberals what they want to hear about global warming and forest fires in the prestigious journal Nature. Now he spills the beans:

The paper I just published—“Climate warming increases extreme daily wildfire growth risk in California”—focuses exclusively on how climate change has affected extreme wildfire behavior. I knew not to try to quantify key aspects other than climate change in my research because it would dilute the story that prestigious journals like Nature and its rival, Science, want to tell.

If he didn’t play by the rules, he wouldn’t have been published. Publish or perish.

The first thing the astute climate researcher knows is that his or her work should support the mainstream narrative—namely, that the effects of climate change are both pervasive and catastrophic and that the primary way to deal with them is not by employing practical adaptation measures like stronger, more resilient infrastructure, better zoning and building codes, more air conditioning—or in the case of wildfires, better forest management or undergrounding power lines—but through policies like the Inflation Reduction Act, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The green energy looting spree with the Orwellian title the Inflation Reduction Act is about as likely to prevent wildfires as it is to reduce inflation. But science isn’t about science anymore. Like every other institution that has fallen to leftists, it is about moonbattery.

Brown is willing to speak out because he has left academia and now he works for a private research center, where the pursuit of scientific understanding is not subordinated to leftist politics. No one who wants a career in academia can tell the truth about global warming.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden croaks:

“Nobody can deny the impact of climate crises—at least nobody intelligent can deny the impact of the climate crisis anymore.”

In other words, if you won’t pretend there is a “climate crisis,” you are a dummy.

Biden was well known for his low intelligence long before senility reduced his mental capacity to the point he can no longer function.

Yet thanks to the politicization of science, Biden is as smart as the cleverest scientists. He already has the answers they are required to find.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and R F.

Sep 05 2023

Bill Gates Schemes to Chop Down and Bury Millions of Trees

Psychotic malice? Or enviromoonbattery? At this point, there isn’t any difference:

[Creepy moonbat zillionaire Bill] Gates’s organization, Breakthrough Energy, has plowed $6.6 million into the project led by Kodama Systems.

The move will see 70m acres of forests, mostly in the Western United States, cut down.

After the trees have been chopped down, they will be buried.

According to the project organizers, “scientists” say “burying trees can reduce global warming.”

Trees are the climate’s enemy now.

Burying trees won’t improve the weather, but it can make people rich without generating any wealth whatsoever thanks to government intervention in the economy via carbon offsets.

Think what 70 million acres of lumber could do for rising housing prices. But no doubt housing offends the climate too, in addition to being racist.

As we have seen from their war on whales, there is no greater threat to the environment than enviromoonbats.

This isn’t even the most sinister plan supported by Gates, who also wants to address the imaginary crisis of climate fluctuation by reflecting the sun’s life-giving rays back into outer space.

Someone needs to infiltrate the next Davos confab and get the word to Bill Gates, John Kerry, et al. that the climate will be pleased if enough liberals simultaneously lick their own elbows. If we can keep our rulers harmlessly occupied, the forests will be safe.

On a tip from taxpayer22.

Aug 31 2023

Open Thread

One of the most insidious and nefarious properties of scientific models is their tendency to take over, and sometimes supplant, reality. - Erwin Chargaff

Aug 30 2023

Could Global Warming Turn Earth Into Venus?

The reason leftists of the climate cult like models so much is that they strike the naïve as scientific, yet can be used to prove anything imaginable. The wannabe globalist tyrants of the World Economic Forum have even used them to prove that Venus — with its sulfuric acid cloud cover and mean surface temperature of 867°F — was just like Earth before climate change came:

According to recent climate modelling, for much of its history Venus had surface temperatures similar to present day Earth. It likely also had oceans, rain, perhaps snow, maybe continents and plate tectonics, and even more speculatively, perhaps even surface life.

Despite Venus being 40 million kilometers closer to the sun, it can’t be ruled out that it even had Starbucks. Then came global warming.

Less than one billion years ago, the climate dramatically changed due to a runaway greenhouse effect. It can be speculated that an intensive period of volcanism pumped enough carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to cause this great climate change event that evaporated the oceans and caused the end of the water cycle.

Fortunately, we have taken steps to prevent that from happening here. The Biden Regime has declared war on light bulbs and ceiling fans.

In case that does not suffice, we must succumb to hysteria, forsake our freedom and standard of living, and place our fate in the hands of globalist Experts, whose models will tell them exactly what must be done to us.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Aug 29 2023

Climate Crisis Is Dead; Long Live the Time Crisis

There is bad news and good for Democrats. First the bad — the climate crisis is kaput:

A coalition of more than 1,600 scientists released a declaration this week entitled “There is No Climate Emergency,” denouncing politically-driven narratives about “imminent” climate crises.

The World Climate Declaration (WCD)—now known as CLINTEL, is a global climate intelligence group dedicated to fostering an approach to climate change grounded in science. For the statement, CLINTEL brought together a diverse group of scientists from all over the world to combat erroneous popular opinions.

Leftists like Joe Biden have fostered and exploited these erroneous opinions to justify repressive regulations and $trillions in wasteful spending. CLINTEL calls for countering this misinformation with climate research that gives “significantly more emphasis to empirical science.”

The signers note that as even young children used to be aware, the climate has always fluctuated. Lately, the “world has warmed significantly less” than claimed by the United Nations and climate cultists like Greta Thunberg.

Contesting the notion that CO2, which is “essential to all life on Earth”, is a negative effect of climate change, the statement added: “More CO2 is beneficial for nature, greening the Earth: additional CO2 in the air has promoted growth in global plant biomass. It is also good for agriculture, increasing the yields of crops worldwide.”

Furthermore, scientists who collaborated on the CLINTEL project said “there is no statistical evidence” to prove “global warming is intensifying hurricanes, floods, droughts and suchlike natural disasters, or making them more frequent.”

No wonder jet set Climate Czar John Kerry is so desperate to stop countermoonbats from laughing at his cult that he accuses them of being the cult. Serious people are done taking Al Gore’s self-serving “crisis” seriously.

Now for the good news for moonbats; there is a crisis far more serious than the climate continuing to fluctuate the way it always has: time depletion.

Time is a nonrenewable resource, and the most precious one we have. It is running out.

Do you think you can hide your head in the sand and deny this crisis? Wrong. Time depletion makes you older with every passing day. Eventually, it will kill you. After that, it will kill the entire human race along with all other life on earth, because even the life-giving Sun is running out of time.

Only all-powerful government can address a crisis on this scale. Not even Democrat bureaucrats can stop the passage of time. But they can slow it.

Everyone knows that time flies when you’re having fun. The first task of our rulers must be to slow time by abolishing enjoyment. Steps have already been taken in this direction through the leftist takeover of the entertainment industry, for example by reducing Hollywood output to tedious rubbish, but time continues to pass too quickly. Coercive government intervention is required on a totalitarian basis.

On tips from MrRightWingDave and seaoh.

Aug 28 2023

British Quango Recommends No Heat in Evening

We will have to bundle up if moonbats prevail. The Climate Change Committee, a British quango, proclaims that Britons should heat up their homes in the afternoon, then shut the heat off in the evening.

Too hot in the afternoon, too cold in the evening. If we aren’t suffering pointlessly, we have no claim to climate righteousness.

As with Biden’s crackdown on ceiling fans, this will supposedly save people money.

Some critics, however, have argued the real reason is because renewable energy forms would not be able to cope with demand at peak times.

No serious person thinks a modern society can get by on green energy. But our rulers’ ideology dictates that they force us to try.

On tips from Wiggins and Chuck A.

Aug 25 2023

John Kerry Proclaims Humanity to Be Threat to Humanity

A church is a fitting setting for an unhinged sermon by Climate Czar John Kerry, who preaches the gospel of the global warming hoax:

For well-to-do American white guys like John Kerry, liberalism is externalized hatred of the self. They demonize wealth, call for the displacement of the American population, denounce whites as “racist,” and emasculate men. It should come as no surprise that Kerry is a traitor, because his type reflexively sides against its own kind.

Take this self-hatred to the ultimate extreme and you have hatred of the human race, which Kerry expresses by flying around on a private jet pretending to believe in the “climate crisis.”

“Humanity is inexorably threatened by humanity itself.” Therefore, our freedom and standard of living must be sacrificed to a pretense of controlling the weather. What a sick, malevolent cult.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Aug 20 2023

Greens Find Global Warming in Vienna

The convenient thing about global warming is that true believers can always find it if they look hard enough. In Vienna, the hottest month is July, with an average high of 80°F. Yet Viennese Greens have managed to find evidence of the climate crisis even there. They raised the alarm with a video:

The Greens recorded the video at the Naschmarkt in Vienna: Ilham (35), an employee of a kebab grill, says in the clip that it “feels like 100 degrees” right next to the open fire of her grill. It was “the weather” that was to blame, says the young woman, who works at the Naschmarkt stall in a headscarf, long dress and gloves. …

The Greens, however, might not have been quite so concentrated on the video dealing with fear – so this sentence of the kebab seller can also be heard on the clip: “It’s hot here in winter too.” …

[Green Party pols] Judith Pühringer and Peter Kraus then state in the video, with well-staged emotionality, that there are “more and more tropical nights” and that the “climate war” has now been declared.

They say the first casualty of war is truth. In this case it is sanity.


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