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Nov 18 2019

Disposing of Wind Turbine Blades as an Environmental Problem

Once virtue has been signaled and crony capitalists have acquired their subsidies and tax breaks, wind turbines have served their purpose, and it is time to take them to the landfill, so that we can get on with generating electricity by more efficient means. But unfortunately, getting rid of them is not easy.

Even before the turbines die, companies like MidAmerican Energy in Iowa have to replace turbine blades on a large scale. Getting rid of the old ones is a challenge. From AP:

MidAmerican’s retired blades … are among hundreds that will land in dumps across Iowa and the nation. Critics of wind energy say the blades’ march to a landfill weakens the industry’s claim it’s an environmentally friendly source of energy.

The gigantic blades, which are difficult to crush and compact, cause major headaches for landfills. Only one facility in north Iowa is willing to take them.

“This clean, green energy is not so clean and not so green,” says Julie Kuntz, who opposes a Worth County wind project.

On the contrary, it is plenty green for those who are subsidized with taxpayer money to put them up and take them down again so that we can all see how much our rulers care about the planet.

MidAmerican has said the utility will receive about $10 billion in federal production tax credits for the investment, covering the capital costs needed to build the wind farms.

Sounds green enough for MidAmerican.

Disposing of these monstrosities isn’t easy.

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Nov 07 2019

Extinction Rebellion Neighbor From Hell

HOAs can be overbearing, but maybe they are a good thing after all. The rules they impose might save the whole neighborhood if the neighbor from hell decides to convert a £750,000 home into a shrine to Extinction Rebellion, as happened in Carshalton, a suburb of London.

From Daily Mail:

Paul Barrett has enraged his neighbours by turning his three-bedroom semi into a rainbow house, erecting a giant 12-foot robot made from plastic bottles and installing multi-coloured rocks in the front garden.

A broken fridge has been converted into a letter box while roof tiles have been painted different colours leaving residents worried about the value of their homes.

Complains one neighbor,

“I have children and I no longer feel safe for them as so many people, many of them undesirable, are hanging round the house. It is awful.”

Barrett is a supporter of Extinction Rebellion, a moonbat cult that takes the global warming hoax seriously. He inherited the property from his parents. There goes the neighborhood.

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Nov 06 2019

Wearing Clothing as an Envirocrime

It wouldn’t be enough to have us shivering in the dark. They want us shivering in the dark with no clothes on. The New York Times, flagship publication of the liberal establishment, says clothing is offensive to the environment.

From a piece entitled, “Wear Clothes? Then You’re Part of the Problem”:

The clothing and footwear industry is responsible for 8 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, nearly the same as the entire European Union, according to a study by the environmental services group Quantis. Without abrupt intervention, the industry’s impact on the climate is on track to increase by almost half by 2030.

Given the sort of lunatic proposals that have already been inspired by the global warming hoax, “abrupt intervention” sounds ominous.

Clothes are sexist, because they “have throughout history been made by enslaved, unpaid and low-paid laborers, often by women.” But the main thing is that they offend the environment, making us run out of water and even oppressing trees in the sacred Amazon:

Let’s say you wear a cotton T-shirt — it required thousands of gallons of water to make. If that T-shirt is viscose rayon, it may well have come from a tree felled in the Amazon (viscose rayon is made from plants). And if it’s polyester, acrylic or nylon, you’re wearing plastic.

Plastic is one of the greatest inventions mankind ever came up with, as it enables so many other technologies. Imagine your world with everything plastic removed from it.

Moonbats hate plastic so much, they seem to feel that merely using the word wins the argument. In this case, washing clothing is bad because it will make the ocean fill up with “microplastic pollution.”

The worst thing about clothing is that it is as likely as anything else pertaining to people to cause global warming. Clutching her pearls, the Gray Lady reveals that most clothing brands do not measure the harmless CO2 emissions entailed in producing their wares.

Furthermore, politically unholy fossil fuels are used in pesticides for cotton plants and in dyes and synthetic fabrics.

Getting clothing off oil will not be easy.

Maybe it would be easier to get the clothing off our backs with some “abrupt intervention.” Nothing is too crazy for ecotyrants’ fantasies.

Moonbats can showcase their enviropiousness by wearing second-hand clothes or repairing clothing that has worn out, like the Medieval peasants progressives want to reduce us to.

However, voluntary gestures will not be enough to bring about utopia.

[W]e need government action and innovative policy that accounts for the global impact of the stuff we buy. Other countries have already made progress: France has passed a bill banning the destruction of unsold clothing…

How can we expect the climate to stop fluctuating when it is still legal to throw away worn-out clothing?

Everything you do makes you guilty in the liberal religion, even eating, even wearing clothes.

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Nov 04 2019

How to Get Greta Back to Europe

World famous truant and climate militant Greta Thunberg is asking for suggestions on how she can get back across the Atlantic without contributing to harmless but politically incorrect CO2 emissions.

A big global warming circle jerk planned for Chile in December has been canceled due to political unrest. Via Breitbart:

The COP25 summit will now be held in Spain and she is pleading for public help to make the 6000-mile trip through carbon-free modes of transportation.

Greta tweets from Los Angeles:

Flying is out of the question. Air travel will be among the first things to be eradicated when envirocommies achieve sufficient control to impose a Green New Deal.

One carbon-neutral mode of transportation is the trebuchet. It might not work for such a long trip, but it wouldn’t warm the planet to try.

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Nov 02 2019

Euskirchen Wind Project to Wreak Environmental Havoc

Enviromoonbattery can be hard on the environment. An example is the Euskirchen wind project in Aachen, Germany, which will consist of 24 wind turbines 200 meters tall, each of which will require clearing 12,000 square meters of forest. According to a municipal bureaucrat, placing the turbines in fields would have done even more damage to the environment, hard as that may be to imagine.

Principia Scientific fumes:

[C]hop down hundreds of acres of forests and pour thousands of tons on concrete reinforced with hundreds of tons of steel on huge beds of gravel, all hauled in by hundreds of truckloads.

Then install skyscraper tall industrial bird-killing monstrosities.

Result: an idyllic forest gets turned into an industrial complex that can be seen and felt from miles away – in order to protect the climate.

The purpose is of course to signal climate virtue. Anyone crazy enough to think the project will have any measurable effect on world climate is probably wearing a straitjacket, scrawling “Earth First” on padded walls with a crayon held between the toes.

Joni Mitchell ought to update her song “Big Yellow Taxi.” Instead of “They pave paradise, they put up a parking lot,” it ought to go, “They pave virgin forest, they put up hideous bird-chopping turbines.” At least parking lots are useful.

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Oct 30 2019

Eco-Grinches Denounce Halloween Candy

Every aspect of our culture has to be eradicated to make space for utopia. Yet Halloween continues to thrive, despite attacks on costumes as racist or otherwise offensive. Now the joy-killers take an environmentalist tack. Halloween candy is denounced as problematic in a HuffPost piece entitled “Is It Time To Ban Halloween Candy?” (available at Yahoo! News):

Public awareness of our plastic pollution crisis is at a high, plastic straws and bags are getting banned in cities and states across the country, and yet there has been almost no discussion about the massive environmental problem that Halloween candy creates.

Did you think that despots repressive enough to ban plastic bags and plastic straws would stop there?

Candy wrappers are very hard to recycle.

Only a lunatic would consider it worthwhile to recycle the chocolate-smeared wrapper of a bite-size Halloween candy. But according to liberal logic, that which is not recycled ought to be banned.

Recycling systems aren’t designed to capture and sort wrappers “because they have little dollar value,” said Nick McCulloch, senior manager of sustainability at Rubicon Global, a waste reduction tech company.

In other words, because it would be a waste of time. Possibly the greatest thing about capitalism is that it causes us to expend our resources sensibly.

HuffPost floats the idea of banning all unrecyclable food packaging.

Such an effort, however, would not only be unpopular, and therefore unlikely to gain political traction; it’d be tough to enact and enforce.

That’s why they need more power.

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Oct 24 2019

Beware the Scary Palm Oil

For moonbats, the scariest thing about Halloween is not the tricks but the treats, because they might contain palm oil, which is offensive to the planet.

The Toronto Zoo has launched a social media campaign listing snack brands that use “certified sustainable” palm oil. Brands not listed can be assumed to be politically unclean.

Kelly Bentley, supervisor of volunteering and engagement at the Toronto Zoo, sounds off via CBC:

“We have orangutans here, we have tigers, we have rhinos — these are all affected by a lot of this destruction of the rainforest in Indonesia, and a lot of this destruction has been for palm oil plantations,” she said. In fact, Indonesian officials said more than 80 per cent of the devastating wildfires raging through its rainforests in September were intentionally set to make room for palm plantations.

Left unmentioned is why there is increased demand for the palm oil that so oppresses Gaia. Palm oil is used in inefficient biofuels, which have been imposed by government mandate in the insane belief that they will stop the climate from fluctuating.

Palm oil is both sacred and profane in the moonbat religion. This paradox is not a problem for progressives, because it does not matter whether you embrace or denounce palm oil; it only matters that whichever you do, you do it out of envirorighteousness.

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Oct 16 2019

Ecomoonbats Begin to Win War on Cows

Progressives are serious about preventing us from eating meat and dairy products in the name of their repressive ideology. Doing away with cows is part of AOC’s demented Green New Deal, which found acceptance among the Democrat establishment. “Progress” toward this malevolent objective is already underway, as left-wing apparatchiks build on the dangerous notion (upheld by the Supreme Court) that “greenhouse gases” are pollutants.

From Power Line:

[Monday] the Minnesota Court of Appeals issued an opinion in In the Matter of the Decision on the Need for an Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Daley Farms of Lewiston, LLP – 2018 Dairy Expansion Utica Township. Daley Farms wants to expand its dairy operation, which naturally entails having more cows. Daley Farms dutifully went through the permitting process with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, and the MPCA granted the necessary permits. That wasn’t good enough for far-left organizations like the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, which appealed the MPCA’s grant of permits to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. MCEA argued, among other things, that the agency hadn’t taken into account the methane emissions that more cows would generate.

Cows fart. Leftist want to use these farts as a pretext to criminalize cows to force us toward a vegan diet. Their strategy is beginning to work.

Shockingly, the Minnesota Court of Appeals found this objection persuasive. It reversed the MPCA’s permit issuance and sent the matter back to the agency for further proceedings. …

If this decision stands, every farmer in Minnesota who wants to add more cows (or other animals, presumably) to his farm will have to pay lawyers to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement that calculates the effect of the additional farm animals on the Earth’s average temperature. I can save them some money: the impact is zero, to however many decimal points you want to work it out to.

True enough. But imagine trying to prove to a leftist bureaucrat who is trying to put you out of business that adding a few more cows to your farm will not make it be too hot outside.

This is about more than food — not that food isn’t important enough.

The need for endless environmental assessments and filings, and the invitation to lavishly-funded left-wing groups to challenge permits issued by state and federal agencies, explain why we can no longer do anything. We can’t build a dam, we can’t replace a pipeline, we can’t build a power plant (especially a nuclear one). With this decision, we can’t even expand a dairy farm.

It’s fun to laugh at fools who take the global warming hoax at face value. But the totalitarian ideology driving it is no joke. Stalin’s USSR was a land of freewheeling libertarianism compared to what the climate change crowd wants to impose.

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Oct 10 2019

Charmin Gets Squeezed by Ecomoonbats

Moonbattery is a capricious and perfidious god. Not even Nike and Dick’s have gone to greater lengths than Procter & Gamble to pay it obeisance, even at the cost of disgusting or enraging its own customers. P&G force-feeds us neurotic white guilt. It accuses men of toxic masculinity. It celebrates morbid obesity so as to combat lookism. It makes us throw up into our throats with transsexual propaganda. It has taken a financial hit for wallowing in moonbattery. The thanks it gets: ecomoonbats denounce its Charmin toilet paper as hurtful to the sacred boreal forests.

“It’s just unacceptable that a company like P&G is making toilet paper, a product that is used for seconds and flushed, from virgin pulp,” said Shelley Vinyard, boreal corporate campaign manager for the Natural Resources Defense Council and one of several dozen protesters at P&G’s annual shareholders meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Tuesday.

Moonbats demand that Charmin be made of more politically correct recycled wood pulp.

P&G offers a simple reason for not using recycled wood pulp: It doesn’t make for good toilet paper.

P&G points out that acquiring paper from well-managed forests makes more sense than using recycled garbage. However, recycling is inherently good in the moonbat religion, just as cutting down trees, even if you planted the trees specifically so that you could cut them down, is inherently bad.

Sooner or later, every corporation will learn that rhetorically feeding the crocodile of moonbattery does not guarantee that it will eat you last.

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Oct 04 2019

“Army of Young People” to Push Green New Deal

A radical left sect calling itself the Sunrise Movement is pushing hard in early primary states to get a Democrat nominee who will help impose environmental extremism, enthusing the moonbats at BuzzFeed.

Barks Iowa-based Sunrise organizer Kaleb Van Fosson,

“Our top priority is to build an army of young people to elect a candidate in the caucuses who will be a champion of the Green New Deal.”

Van Fossen and other revolutionaries have been busy in Iowa.

Since early September, 1,425 people in Iowa have signed cards pledging to vote for candidates backing a Green New Deal, a 10-year plan to transition the US off fossil fuels in order to cut the nation’s climate pollution, create jobs, and tackle economic inequality.

The last two words get to the actual issue, which is not the ever-fluctuating climate. Saikat Chakrabarti appeared to do most of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s thinking for her at the time she presented her ultra-radical Green New Deal. He has publicly admitted the obvious: this is not about the climate, but rather about imposing economic equality — i.e., it is about inflicting communism or something very like it.

“I think this is the number one issue young people care about,” Van Fosson said about climate change.

Those who are young enough don’t remember when some of the same people were yelling about global cooling rather than global warming. The very young and unworldly sometimes even take the eco-left’s apocalyptic predictions seriously. No wonder they chose a 16-year-old to personify their movement.

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Sep 25 2019

OAC’s Imaginary Toxic Emissions From Fracking

Greta Thunberg may be a neurodiverse child who parrots apocalyptic rhetoric fed to her by leftist radicals, but at least she is probably more knowledgeable than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of the Green New Deal when it comes to environmental issues. Comically clueless, OAC recently presented a heat signature where no fracking was taking place as toxic emissions from fracking.

The Future of the Democratic Party traveled to Colorado, presumably by carbon-emitting jet, to register her disapproval of the state’s energy production. This tweet resulted:

Wow, scary. Now a word from someone who knows what he is talking about — Brian Cain, a spokesman for Extraction Oil & Gas, via Daily Caller:

“Using an infrared camera, the Congresswoman claimed to see ‘invisible emissions,’ when she was actually witnessing a heat signature caused by high-temperature (200-plus degrees) synthetic drilling mud being circulated to the surface against cooler fall temperatures in Broomfield.”

The Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA) and Chris Wright, CEO of Liberty Oilfield Services, confirmed that no fracking was taking place in the video.

It was a fellow Democrat who first exposed AOC’s bogus video:

“Interesting video, but [Ocasio-Cortez] there is no fracking occurring at the site as shown and no way to determine compliance or lack thereof with CO air standards. As Dems, we do ourselves no favors when we ignore science and facts. Happy to discuss energy and the West any time,” Mary Throne, a Wyoming Democratic public service commissioner wrote in response to Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet.

Not all Dems agree about the importance of facts. OAC has denounced those who are “more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right” (i.e., ideologically correct). Leading Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden famously barked, “We choose truth over facts,” although admittedly that was probably Alzheimer disease talking.

Few of the 39,700 people who liked AOC’s tweet will ever learn that it was thoroughly false. But Coloradans who like a healthy economy have one more reason to vote against a party controlled by radical authoritarian fools.

Fanatical hostility to the economic miracle of fracking is not likely to go over well in swing state Pennsylvania either.

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Sep 23 2019

People’s Climate March Leaves Mounds of Trash

Where you have moonbats, you have hypocrisy. Where you have a lot of moonbats, you have a huge mess that is left for someone else to clean up. So the aftermath of yesterday’s People’s Climate March comes as no surprise:

New Yorkers uploaded images to social media sites showing piles of trash – included ditched paper and cardboard signs – left behind after thousands took part in the People’s Climate March.

The litter that conspicuously characterizes liberal gatherings is only the beginning of the hypocrisy. Posturing Hollyweird ecowarriors Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo exploited the event to showcase their climate righteousness by marching in the parade. I doubt they arrived on sailboats. As for the little people, according to organizers, 550 busloads of moonbats were brought in, generating enough carbon emissions to inflict great angst upon the sacred polar bears.

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Sep 17 2019

Polish Forces Seize Greenpeace Ship

Preventing a country from receiving shipments of a crucial resource is an act of war, so Greenpeace militants should not be surprised that armed Polish authorities seized their ship, taking the moonbats aboard into custody.

According to Marek Jozefiak of Greenpeace,

for several hours [last] Monday, activists on the Rainbow Warrior and in smaller boats had blocked a shipment of coal from Mozambique from entering the northern Polish port of Gdansk. They also painted slogans like “Stop Coal,” ”Poland Beyond Coal 2030,” and “No Future in Coal’ on the cargo ship’s side.

Coal provides 80% of Poland’s energy needs.

Polish border authorities said 18 Greenpeace activists were brought into their local headquarters on Monday night. They said in all, 22 people had their documents checked and that two — the captain, a Spaniard, and an Austrian activist — remain detained on allegations of having violated safe seafaring regulations.

Releasing any of them was a mistake. Sociopathic behavior only escalates when it is tolerated — as it has been for far too long where Greenpeace kooks are concerned.

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Sep 14 2019

Proof That American Citizens Can Be Trusted With Guns

The Democrat debate Thursday confirmed what we already knew, namely, that the Democrats will take away our guns the moment they have the political leverage. They pretend that American citizens cannot be trusted with guns. But I have proof that we can — and that liberals know it:

Note that the moonbats pulled this irritating stunt in Texas, where the economy is even more dependent than everywhere else on fossil fuels, and a high percentage of the populace is armed.

It took a lot of faith to present themselves as if for target practice. The faith was not misplaced.

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Sep 03 2019

Why Lights Will Go Out in NYC

Sooner or later, if you keep electing leftists who take global warming BS seriously, the lights will go out. In New York, it is likely to be sooner.

Envirofascist Governor Andrew Cuomo blames the people who provide energy for the problems caused by his refusal to leave them alone. Specifically, he has ordered the Department of Public Service to “broaden its investigation” into National Grid.

The utility has stopped taking new gas customers in parts of Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens where it can’t handle the new demand — because Team Cuomo vetoed the proposed Williams pipeline to bring in supplies from New Jersey.

Months in advance, National Grid warned there would be a moratorium. So did Con Ed in Westchester, for the same reason; they need new pipelines. Cuomo won’t allow them because the polar bears or whatever.

Blocking pipelines comprises only a small part of Cuomo’s war on energy. He senselessly made a fracking ban permanent in 2014. He has forced the shutdown of Indian Point, which provides 25% of NYC’s electricity, starting next year. Crazier still,

In 2015 he pledged to run the state on 50 percent renewable energy by 2030. New York actually lost ground on that front last year, but he just upped it to 70 percent — and 100 percent by 2040.

It is not conceivable that New York could run on 100% green energy given currently existing technology and energy requirements.

Remember the New York City Blackout of 1977? Riots raged. There were over 1,000 cases of arson. Stand by for an ongoing reprise if moonbats are not removed from power.

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Aug 27 2019

Brazilian Rain Forest Fires: Mostly Smoke

If the story hyped on the news has to do with environmental issues, you are probably getting fed politically motivated lies. If the story features shrill squeals of hysteria from moonbats like Leonardo DiCaprio and Emmanuel Macron, that likelihood approaches 100%. The Brazilian rain forest fires are a case in point.

Via the Wall Street Journal:

“The lungs of the Earth are in flames,” says an Instagram post shared by the actor Leonardo DiCaprio. French President Emmanuel Macron warns of a “real ecocide.” For a casual news consumer, the pictures and apocalyptic rhetoric may be the end of the story.

Far below the headlines, the press finally gets around to explaining what’s really happening: Many of these fires appear to have been set intentionally to clear land in already deforested areas, as the ground is prepared for farmers’ crops or livestock.

This does not comprise “ecocide.”

The propaganda is at a CNN/MSNBC level of phoniness:

The photographs on social-media websites often are downright deceptive. One shows a fire in 1989. Another, shared by Mr. Macron and Mr. DiCaprio and then “liked” by millions of users, is credited in a stock-photo database to a journalist who has been dead since 2003.

We don’t hear DiCaprio squealing about the forest fires that have burned thousands of square miles in Bolivia, probably because that country is ruled by a socialist. In contrast, Brazil finally has a president in Jair Bolsonaro who wants to get the government off the economy’s back. Bolsonaro’s approach will result in a wealthier country, which in turn will result in more environmental protection — a luxury that only wealthy countries can afford.

As for the “lungs of the planet” rhetoric, the media frequently shouts that 20% of the planet’s oxygen comes from the Amazon rainforest. This is an imaginary fact, which has been pushed into the public’s mind through force of repetition, like the “facts” that Americans use more than 500 million plastic straws every day and 97% of scientists have been duped by the global warming hoax.

Speaking of scientists,

The deforestation occurs so that people can farm. They aren’t putting in thousands of square miles of parking lots. Plants will still grow there that will produce oxygen. Nor are farmers likely to cut down the entire rain forest. Don’t believe the hype.

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