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Mar 25 2020

Greta Thunberg Thinks She Has Wuhan Virus

The Wuhan virus has taken a particularly harsh toll on the nonexistent climate crisis and on people with a neurotic need to be the center of attention. This comprises a double whammy for climate queen Greta Thunberg:

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg says she has coronavirus, taking to social media to share with fans that she was feeling unwell after travelling across central Europe, revealing that her father shares her symptoms.

She hasn’t been tested, but says “it’s extremely likely that I’ve had it, given the combined symptoms and circumstances.”

Fortunately, she probably just has a cold, like most people with the symptoms she lists (tired, shivers, sore throat, cough).

Claiming without confirmation to have the virus may seem a little shameless, but at least she isn’t posting coronavirus challenge videos.

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Mar 16 2020

Implications of Abolishing Fossil Fuels

Radicalized Joe Biden isn’t the only one. Many Democrats want to dramatically limit if not completely abolish the fossil fuels that make things go. Do they understand what they are attempting to impose? CFACT’s Paul Driessen has written an excellent piece on the implications of ridding the world of fossil fuels.

Wind and solar — inefficient, expensive, and unreliable techniques — would not merely have to generate as much electricity as fossil fuels do now. They would have to generate three times as much, because the plan calls for eliminating fossil fuels even for transportation, heating water, et cetera. Lefties want to get rid of nuclear and hydroelectric too.

The number of wind turbines and solar panels required would be surreal. There is no room for them in the cities where leftist policies originate. Rural communities will not want to be buried in them. Imposing them by force will further destabilize the country politically.

Acquiring the raw materials to create many thousands of turbines and millions of solar panels won’t be easy, especially since lefties don’t approve of mining.

Then there is the efficiency factor. Driessen observes that “it takes 79 solar workers to produce the same amount of electricity as one coal worker or two natural gas workers.” The drain on the economy would be massive. This illustration gives only a hint:

At the 8¢ per kWh in 2019, Virginia’s Inova Fairfax Women’s and Children’s Hospital pays about $1.6 million annually for electricity (based on typical hospital costs per square foot). At California’s (15¢ per kWh), or Germany’s business rate (22¢), Inova would have to shell out an extra $1.4-2.8 million a year for electricity. That would mean employee layoffs, higher medical bills, reduced patient care, more deaths.

That reflects the higher price of electricity in California and Germany due to ecomoonbattery. With no fossil fuel use at all, energy costs would go far higher.

Green lunacy is already causing real hardship in Europe:

In 2017, German families and businesses were pummeled by 172,000 localized blackouts. Last year, some 350,000 German families had their electricity cut off because they couldn’t pay their power bills. In Britain, millions of elderly people have to choose between heating and eating decent food; many spend their days in libraries to keep warm; and more than 3,000 die every year because they cannot heat their homes properly, making them more likely to succumb to respiratory, heart, flu or other diseases.

Across Europe, 11 million jobs are “at risk” because of an EU “green deal” that many say is suicidal.

Meanwhile, China and India merrily construct ever more power plants fueled by coal and gas as they prepare to overtake the West economically. If CO2 were a problem, it would not be solved if Europe and the USA emitted none of it at all.

Nonetheless, progressives are committed to pursuing the green agenda, not despite but because of the authoritarianism that will be required to impose it.

Click through; the whole piece is worth reading.

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Mar 16 2020

Biden Promises to Halt All US Oil Production

If you think coronavirus hysteria is hurting the economy, wait until leftist maniacs take control in Washington. Then we will see how much damage fools can inflict. Joe Biden, the supposedly “moderate” Democrat candidate, announced last night that he will completely abolish drilling for oil, the lifeblood of the economy:

“No more subsidies for fossil fuel industry, no more drilling on federal lands, no more drilling including offshore, no ability for the oil industry to continue to drill,” Biden said. “Period. Ends.”

The USA is currently the world’s top oil producer. When it is up to Biden, we will produce none.

No matter how much oil we buy from hostile regimes abroad, energy prices will skyrocket. This will cripple every sector of an economy already reeling from coronavirus hysteria.

Biden, the alleged moderate, actually supports Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s demented Green New Deal, which is like something the Khmer Rouge would have imposed on Cambodia.

We have been learning from coronavirus that overzealous attempts to head off a crisis can cause more damage than the crisis itself. Let’s hope this lesson sinks in with the public before Democrats achieve the power to collapse the economy in the name of the nonexistent global warming crisis.

Many probably assume that Democrats are just blowing hot air to rev up their lunatic base, but aren’t actually insane enough to cause mass starvation by implementing their own stated agenda. No doubt other societies that were destroyed by their own government made similar assumptions.

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Mar 16 2020

Extinction Rebellion Considers Show Suicides

It isn’t easy to get attention when the only story the media will acknowledge is coronavirus. Extinction Rebellion may be forced to push its theatrical brand of ecomoonbattery ever further over the top.

Via Breitbart:

Mooted tactics include: committing suicide in public (perhaps at the UN’s next climate summit in Glasgow later this year); hunger strike to the death; painting parliament green; spraying traffic lights black; blocking every station, airport, and motorway in Britain; and “scare the [f***] out of people”.

These are among the actions proposed on a leaked XR discussion document titled ‘Vital Additions to Action Strategy.’ They appear in a list under the heading ‘Top Ideas from the Sessions.’

Now for the bad news:

There is no evidence of any XR member having actually volunteered to commit suicide or go on hunger strike in order to save the planet.

The dangers of the Wuhan virus may be overhyped, but they are real, whereas the dangers of global warming are not real. This is a problem for climate crusaders that not even public suicides will resolve. If they were less childlike, they would have the patience to lay low until the virus passes and people forget that we get enough grief from reality without wallowing in bleak fantasies.

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Mar 13 2020

Reusable Shopping Bags Can Spread Coronavirus

Now we have yet another reason to resent the reusable bags moonbats try to force us to use by banning plastic bags and/or forcing us to pay for bags that have always been free. Among the diseases they can spread is coronavirus.

Via City Journal:

The COVID-19 virus is just one of many pathogens that shoppers can spread unless they wash the bags regularly, which few people bother to do. Viruses and bacteria can survive in the tote bags up to nine days, according to one study of coronaviruses.

Progressives often denounce their opponents for allegedly not believing in science. Let’s see if they like this science:

The risk of spreading viruses was clearly demonstrated in a 2018 study published in the Journal of Environmental Health. The researchers, led by Ryan Sinclair of the Loma Linda University School of Public Health, sent shoppers into three California grocery stores carrying polypropylene plastic tote bags that had been sprayed with a harmless surrogate of a virus.

The result: the tote bags spread the virus surrogate all over everything, so that anyone coming into the store might pick it up.

An earlier study of supermarkets in Arizona and California found large numbers of bacteria in almost all the reusable bags—and no contamination in any of the new single-use plastic bags.

But plastic bags are offensive to the climate or the sea turtles or whatever, so we have to spread disease to signal our obeisance to enviromoonbattery.

Other liberal initiatives that help spread diseases like the Wuhan virus include open borders.

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Mar 05 2020

Legalizing Ecoterrorism on the Left Coast

Law & order break down where liberals rule. San Francisco is an obvious example. Portland is another:

Five climate radicals arrested for sabotaging train tracks used by Zenith Energy to transport crude oil are free today because Portland, Ore., jurors just couldn’t bring themselves to convict the earth’s saviors. The five jurors believed the defendants’ “climate necessity defense,” which argues you can break the law if you’re saving the planet.

This goes beyond even Berkeley’s insane “right to rescue” into the realm of legally sanctioned terrorism.

The five defendants, who belong to the group “Extinction Rebellion,” put a “garden” on top of train tracks in Portland last April to stop Zenith Energy from transporting crude oil and were charged with trespassing.

Sabotaging train tracks can cause more than economic damage; it can get people killed.

The faux garden was put on top of the tracks to cause a potential derailment.

Here’s how crazy it’s getting in moonbattery-addled Portland:

Even though the district attorneys presented video showing the trespassing, only one juror voted to convict the direct-action monkey-wrenchers last Thursday. Five other jurors were persuaded that the sabotage was “necessary” to save the environment. The case ended in a hung jury and now the notoriously left-leaning district attorneys office will decide whether to retry the five.

If the DA’s office is half as left-wing as Chesa Boudin’s down the coast in San Francisco, the decision will be no.

One of the ecoterrorists is Ken Ward, “who was convicted in Washington State for turning a valve to shut down an oil pipeline, which could have ended in catastrophe.” He got off in that case too:

An appeals court has overturned Ward’s conviction in that case, ruling that he was denied the “right” to use the “climate necessity defense” in his case.

According to liberal ideology, any human activity might exacerbate the imaginary global warming crisis. Theoretically, you could use “climate necessity” to justify murdering someone for eating hamburgers, since liberals believe that consuming meat makes it be too hot out. Progressivism has progressed to the last extremes of clinical psychosis.

On the Left Coast, left-wing activists are increasingly able to engage in terrorist activities with impunity. These same Portland ecomoonbats have publicly proclaimed that “There are too many people in this world. We need a new plague.” There is no limit to how far they will take their antihuman ideology.

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Feb 28 2020

Green Embezzlement by Executive Order

Any attempt of Big Government to increase its already wildly excessive revenues is to be fought tooth and nail. Statist officials will point to urgent needs, like crumbling infrastructure. They cause these needs themselves by failing to allocate revenue appropriately. Critical roads disintegrate while fortunes are wasted on green initiatives intended to signal ideological virtue rather than provide any tangible benefit. Extra revenue raised for the sake of important needs will be redirected to the nearest drain.

As noted earlier, California voted not to repeal confiscatory gas taxes, on the condition that the money go to relieving the desperate traffic situation by repairing roads and bridges. Then Gavin Newsom autocratically redirected the money to green tomfoolery.

OAN won’t let this pass:

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Feb 28 2020

Next After Nixing Heathrow Expansion: Forbidding New Roads

Envirojacobins are satisfied, now that they managed to inconvenience everyone by killing an expansion of London’s Heathrow airport, right? Of course not. Give bullies an inch and they will demand a yard. The lawfare tactic is working well for them. Next on the agenda: suppressing road construction.

Via the BBC:

Plans for a £28.8bn roads programme could be challenged in the courts for breaching the UK’s laws on climate change.

Only in a world succumbing to insanity could road construction be blocked for making the weather too warm.

The prime minister has promised many new roads, with infrastructure spending focused on northern England.

But whether roads get built is up to bureauweenies, not Boris Johnson.

They are supposed to weigh the benefits of a proposed road – for example how much time drivers will save if it is built – against the drawbacks, including the potential for increased carbon emissions.

Evaluating the imaginary damage caused by harmless CO2 is like calculating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. With moonbats making the cost-benefit analyses, the benefits of permitting so much as a flatulating cow will be outweighed by the supposedly catastrophic effect on the climate.

Britain could forbid transportation entirely and the effect on the weather would be nil. But it’s the gesture that counts. Gaia approves of deferent intentions, and rewards her servants with the rich pleasures of moral smugness. Plus, this gives lefties a chance to punish Johnson for Brexit.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC. Hat tip: GWPF.

Feb 25 2020

Green Office Goofiness

The ostentatious promotion of moonbattery that characterizes corporate America entails bringing the workplace in line with environmentalist ideology. This in turn entails pointless hassle, as the Wall Street Journal reports.

Office workers have been reduced to drinking unhygienically directly out of faucets, water dribbling down their chins, because disposable cups have been abolished lest they offend the planet.

Some are forced to use communal waste bins, which allegedly cut down on waste and “prompt spontaneous social interactions.” These interactions likely consist of workers grousing to each other about having to walk across the office every time they need to throw something away, when they could be getting some work done.

More moonbattery:

Other firms have kept personal trash cans, but stopped changing liners as frequently, with occasionally discomfiting results. “I was like, why do we have gnats everywhere?” says Rachel Doyle, a 33-year-old account manager outside Detroit. While the cans were still emptied daily, certain trash, such as overripe fruit, would leave pest-attracting residue, she says.

Filling the office with clouds of fruit flies increases biodiversity. If the envirorighteousness envelope gets push much further, trash will be left in a composting pile in the middle of the office. That will allow still more biodiversity, as rats breed in the rotting garbage.

Electricity is bad, because it offends the climate. For the sake of using less, motion-activating lights are installed, so that everything goes dark if you don’t move around enough. Reports one office worker,

“Sometimes I’ll just wave my hands over my head, but sometimes I’ll do a whole yoga routine, or practice my TikTok dances to get them back on.”

The transition to a green office can be a big deal:

Tel Aviv-based software company MCE Systems engaged in elaborate preparations, including staff interviews, trials of various cup-washing devices and a companywide training on how to properly wash the communal mugs.

Time is limited. This idiocy comes at the expense of activity that generates revenue.

No one could be crazy enough to believe these gestures will have a significant impact on the environment. The point is to force people to undergo inconvenience in obeisance to political correctness.

A wise company will find more efficient means to accomplish this. Rather than abolish disposable cups, make it hard to throw garbage away, force workers to wave their hands in the dark to make the lights come back on, et cetera, why not just require everyone to touch their forehead to the lobby floor and proclaim “Hail Enviromoonbattery!” before entering the premises? This will accomplish just as much, without interfering with productivity.

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Feb 20 2020

Recycling Is a Waste

This won’t come as a big surprise, but it has been revealed that recycling is largely a waste of time and money. Via WUWT:

[T]he value of recycled materials has fallen dramatically in recent years because far too much unrecyclable material is put in the bins by the public and much of what is recyclable is contaminated with water, food, or other contaminates that make the “good” stuff unusable. Waste disposal companies often charge “contamination fees.” In addition to the contamination problem, the value of recyclables is going down and cost to process them into a usable form is going up. Processing, that is cleaning and sorting a load of recyclable material, has gone from earning a community $25/ton to costing the community $70/ton or more in many areas. …

Paper and metals, especially aluminum, are the easiest and most valuable materials to recycle, but if they are stained with food or left-over beer or soda, they are rejected and wind up in the landfill anyway. Wet paper, even wet with water, often cannot be recycled. …

Glass is still recycled in some areas, but most reject all glass currently because non-recyclable glass items and dirty bottles are too commonly placed in the bins.

A lot of supposedly recyclable garbage is shipped overseas.

China used to buy up to 70% of the world’s waste plastic, but they stopped taking it and this has caused the cost of recycling to go up dramatically. … Even Vietnam, Malaysia, and some countries in Africa are limiting their imports of recyclables. They would welcome cleaner recyclables, but the contaminated portion of the loads wind up in local rivers and in the ocean, where they are not only unsightly, but they affect the fish and can [cause] disease.

Processing recyclables requires massive amounts of water. Afterward, the contaminated water often finds its way to local rivers. Since most of the plastic shipped overseas cannot be recycled, it ends up floating around in the ocean.

Burning garbage is much better for the environment. Ash can be contained, pathogens destroyed, and valuable metals extracted afterward. Sorting and cleaning are not required. But as with nuclear energy, moonbats don’t approve of incineration for ideological reasons disconnected from reality.

But it’s not as if recycling serves no purpose. It has a religious function. For moonbats, it signals virtue. For everyone else, it is a constant reminder that we are ruled by moonbats and must make obeisance to their religion by going through the motions of their absurd rituals.

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Feb 16 2020

Seattle Tree Huggers Sing the Tree Murder Song

Last Wednesday, tree-hugging moonbats performed a hilarious rendition of the “Tree Murder Song” before the Seattle City Council’s Land Use and Neighborhoods Committee. The meeting was mostly about a resolution to stall development in this major city by making it even harder to cut down trees, according to The Stranger.

“There’s a hole in the sky where the tree once was, somebody’s making money.” One day, if I study moonbattery diligently enough, maybe I will be able to grasp why these kooks are morally outraged by the idea of their betters making money. If no one makes money, how can Big Government confiscate and redistribute it?

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Feb 03 2020

Oxford Prof Offers to Turn Off the Heat for Ecoposturing Students

Students at Oxford University stand to learn something even if they have been too busy occupying St. John’s College in protest against fossil fuels to attend their classes.

Hot Air quotes the Times of London:

Two students at St John’s College wrote to Andrew Parker, the principal bursar, this week requesting a meeting to discuss the protesters’ demands, which are that the college “declares a climate emergency and immediately divests from fossil fuels”.

Parker’s response was classic:

“I am not able to arrange any divestment at short notice,” he wrote. “But I can arrange for the gas central heating in college to be switched off with immediate effect. Please let me know if you support this proposal.”

Unsurprisingly, the students did not support it. Abolishing fossil fuels in the abstract is fine and noble, even if it would mean bringing the economy crashing to a stop with some version of the demented Green New Deal. Liberals apparently believe that this would only affect other people. But the idea that they themselves should be subjected to discomfort is preposterous.

Fergus Green, the organiser of the wider protest, who is studying for a master’s degree in physics and philosophy at Balliol College, said: “This is an inappropriate and flippant response by the bursar to what we were hoping would be a mature discussion. It’s January and it would be borderline dangerous to switch off the central heating.”

Parker’s offer is dismissed as unserious. On the contrary, it is the petulant children throwing tantrums over the fossil fuels that keep them alive who are unserious.

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Jan 29 2020

Do-Gooder NGOs Prevent Africans From Feeding Themselves

Progressives love Africans — but they love enviromoonbattery more.

Africa is experiencing its worst locust infestation in 75 years. This is not the only big problem for those trying to grow food. The fall armyworm has reduced yields by 50% in some areas. They also have to worry about wheat rust, banana wilt, cassava mosaic virus, and countless more pests, molds, and diseases. Worst of all, they have to deal with envirorighteous moonbats.

Via CapX:

Over the last decade, development organizations and activist NGOs have increasingly pushed organic-style agriculture on the poorest nations, making assistance dependent on a highly politicized version of “agro-ecology” that arbitrarily limits pesticides, bans advanced hybrid crops and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and extols the virtues of “peasant” farming.

Lavish generosity from the West comes with strings. African countries have been bullied into banning hundreds of pesticides that many regulatory agencies deem safe. The technology that allows American agriculture to produce such bounties is denied to African farmers, who are literally advised to kill the swarming millions of locusts one by one with their hands.

When famine hits hard, we will be deluged with heartbreaking images of starving African children. We will be persuaded or coerced to provide Africans with the food they were not allowed to grow for themselves. This will leave moonbat NGOs with even more power to impose their deranged and dysfunctional vision of how other people should live.

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Jan 23 2020

Feminist Author Wants Germans to Stop Having Babies

At a personal level, moonbattery is usually only irritating. At a societal level, it is fatal. Feminism and environmental extremism are both lethal strains. Combine them and you get the mentality of feminist author Verena Brunschweiger.

Via Summit News:

Brunschweiger has called on Germans to stop having babies to save the planet, despite the fact that the country’s native fertility rate is already at just 1.4 children per woman.

The replacement rate to keep society from contracting is 2.1 children.

In an interview with Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, Brunschweiger warns “we are on the brink of ecological collapse” and that the only solution is “the renunciation of one’s own reproduction.”

Germany is already a dying society because of its failure to reproduce.

“Since 1972, Germany has not seen a single year in which the number of newborns has exceeded the number of deaths,” reports Arutz Sheva.

Because Germans no longer have enough babies, they are being displaced by colonists from the Third World, who are not known for their sympathy toward feminism.

Meanwhile, the population is exploding in Africa, where environmental concerns are an extravagant luxury that few can afford to prioritize. Despite the rare exception, liberals don’t complain much about it.

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