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Jan 14 2020

California Water Turns to Sewage

Liberals care deeply about the environment — so deeply that they would use it to excuse destroying the economy and imposing an authoritarian form of government through radical programs like the Green New Deal. However, the environment does not benefit when they have achieved the power they demand.

In California, there is effectively no opposition to progressives at the state level. Their policies have reduced the water to sewage.

Via California Healthline:

[S]ome of California’s most prized rivers, beaches and streams are indeed contaminated with levels of fecal bacteria that exceed state limits, threatening kayakers, swimmers — and the state’s reputation as a bastion of environmental protection. …

[T]he source of at least some of the fecal bacteria is California’s growing homeless population…

The usually drug-addled and/or mentally ill derelicts that liberal rule has drawn to California often use buckets as toilets, then dump the buckets into rivers.

The problem affects the Left Coast in general:

In Seattle, homeless people living in RVs are accused of dumping raw sewage straight into storm drains, which flows directly to local waterways. In Oregon, workers cleaning up homeless camps along the Willamette River in Eugene routinely find feces and needles.

The liberal political climate in Seattle and Portland encourages vagrancy, as in California.

[H]uman fecal contamination is particularly dangerous because it can transmit diseases that affect people, including hepatitis A and cholera.

Some recreational areas, including Tiscornia Beach [in Sacramento], where families picnic, BBQ and wade in the river, had E. coli levels so high in the past year that they hit the upper limits of what the water board’s laboratories could measure…

When in California, stay out of the water. Better still, avoid the Left Coast until sanity has been restored — unless it’s too late for that.

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Jan 14 2020

Saving the Planet From Cafeteria Trays

Those woke to the anthropogenic global warming crisis know that anything made by humans might imperil the planet — even cafeteria trays. Good thing we have student government to keep the planet safe. From Michigan State University:

In an attempt to make dining at MSU more eco-friendly, trays in dining halls will not be an available option unless specifically requested once entering the cafeteria. …

According to the Associated Students of Michigan State University’s (ASMSU) Bill 56-30, doing away with trays will decrease food waste, energy waste, and water usage.

How can students waste food if they have no way to carry it? You find some smart cookies at universities.

The energy allegedly saved means few carbon emissions. According to current liberal dogma, that improves the weather by making it colder.

If only there were some way to get the word to the sacred man-eating polar bears, so they would know that they don’t need to worry anymore, now that the climate will no longer fluctuate thanks to the ecorighteous gestures of MSU’s student government.

Social engineering also plays a roll. The lack of trays will make students eat less by “encouraging conscious portion sizes.”

However, this introduces a complication. Complains graduate Kelsie Luokkala,

“No one should have to go through the embarrassment of having to ask for a tray and then having to explain themselves…there shouldn’t be a stigma around having a tray, but there will be.”

Stigma over cafeteria trays could lead to fatphobia, an acknowledged thought crime.

MSU’s student government must pass a bill to stamp out stigma once and for all. Otherwise, who knows where it might end? One day there could be a stigma over collecting welfare, or indulging in sexual perversions, or even having children out of wedlock.

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Jan 11 2020

Train Kept A-Rollin’, Despite Moonbats on the Tracks

A story from last month illustrates what some might do if they are delivering the fossil fuels that keep us all alive by serving as the lifeblood of the economy, and moonbats attempt to prevent them on behalf of a foolish, juvenile, antihuman, but highly fashionable ideology:

About a dozen activists attempting to stop a coal resupply train near Worcester [Massachusetts] were forced from the tracks when the train failed to stop…

No one was injured or arrested.

The activists — some of whom were affiliated with groups like the Climate Disobedience Center, 350 New Hampshire Action and 350 Mass Action — said in a press release that the action was part of their campaign to shut down the Merrimack Generating Station in Bow, N.H.…

Good thing for the moonbats they hadn’t chained themselves to the tracks.

Give these kooks the power to shut down the power supply with Extinction Rebellion tactics and they will do it. Then they will find some way to blame capitalism when the lights go out and water freezes in the pipes.

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Jan 09 2020

Portland to Impose Climate Justice Tax

Portland has gone so far off the rails, it plans to impose a scaled-down local version of AOC’s demented Green New Deal. This is unlikely to have any impact whatsoever on the supposedly problematic climate, but it will succeed at its actual objective: confiscating and redistributing money on a racial basis.

A sympathetic take from Willamette Week:

The Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund, or PCEF, will raise as much as $60 million a year from a new tax on big retailers. The money is supposed to supply clean, efficient energy and jobs to people the city has long slighted.

The jobs and energy are not for everyone, but only for the politically preferred — or “underserved,” to use a favorite progressive euphemism.

The overarching goals: to provide members of underserved communities with valuable skills while insulating, caulking and tweaking inefficient heating and cooling systems and installing rooftop solar panels at the homes of low-income Portlanders.

As a rule, hated whites do not get to be “underserved.”

At its core, the concept transfers wealth from big corporations such as Walmart to low-income Portlanders of color.

It appears that only evil rich white people shop at Walmart, which will inevitably pass the higher cost of doing business in Portland along to its customers.

It’s a local version of the Green New Deal proposed in 2019 by U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.). It’s also part of a larger political effort to reshape who calls the shots—and who benefits—in America’s whitest big city.

The racial animus driving envirosocialism is becoming explicit. The PCEF is largely the work of Jo Ann Hardesty, a hardcore moonbat known for her diseased bag lady appearance and her theatrical hatred of Caucasians (see here and here).

Hardesty, the first black woman to serve on the City Council and the self-described “mother of the Portland Clean Energy Fund,” promises she won’t let it fail.

If it does fail, there will be precedent:

Clean Energy Works snagged a $20 million federal stimulus grant in 2010 and became an independent nonprofit whose mission was to deploy minority contractors to make 100,000 homes energy efficient.

Obama’s “stimulus” looting spree wasted massive amounts of money on green energy boondoggles. The economic damage continues to unfold.

The program aimed to benefit underserved communities—just as the new tax does. …

The Energy Trust of Oregon, a nonprofit funded by utility ratepayers, found the program’s costs “significantly” higher than those of other contractors doing similar work without public funding.

Government programs tend to work that way.

By 2014, Clean Energy Works had spent the $20 million in federal stimulus money it received four years earlier. It then secured an additional $10 million state grant to keep going.

Like all socialist endeavors, Clean Energy Works soon ran out of other people’s money.

Although Clean Energy Works hoped to weatherize 100,000 homes, it only completed about 5,000.

The envirocommies say this time will be different, because they have learned a lesson:

The lesson from Clean Energy Works’ experience: Good intentions and an extensive background in the field were not enough to create an operation that could finance itself. What such a project needed instead was a spigot of money that couldn’t be turned off…

Who ever heard of a tax going away? “Big retailers” will pay a 1% surcharge on Portland sales to finance “climate justice” until the end of time. Even if every penny is wasted, there will always be more — at least in theory.

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Jan 08 2020

Crescent Dunes: Yet Another Solyndra

Remember the looting spree during which Obama and other corrupt Democrats used a severe economic downturn as a pretext to shower their donors with “stimulus” money that was laundered through dysfunctional green energy projects? Taxpayers were hit hard by Solyndra, SolarCity, Solexel, et cetera — and the hits keep coming:

The Crescent Dunes solar plant looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. Ten thousand mirrors form a spiral almost 2 miles wide that winds around a skyscraper rising above the desert between Las Vegas and Reno.

Readers may recall the way it incinerated birds during testing.

In 2011 the $1 billion project was to be the biggest solar plant of its kind, and it looked like the future of renewable power. … Steven Chu, the U.S. Department of Energy secretary at the time, offered the company government loan guarantees…

Today, its developer SolarReserve is…

… mired in litigation and accusations of mismanagement at Crescent Dunes, where taxpayers remain on the hook for $737 million in loan guarantees. Late last year, Crescent Dunes lost its only customer, NV Energy Inc., which cited the plant’s lack of reliability.

Green energy is unreliable? Who would have guessed?

By the time the plant opened in 2015, it was already obsolete due to advances in solar panels. That’s what happens when the emphasis is on bribing politicians for subsidies rather than on building something that can make a profit on its own.

Linda Taylor owns the Clown Motel in the nearest town, Tonopah, Nevada.

“It took our money,” she says of the giant mirror matrix up the road. “It’s dead. But real pretty, though. You can see it for miles.”

Even if it doesn’t provide any electricity, it is probably still frying birds.

How is it that taxpayers came to be screwed out of $737 million in this farce? Lawrence Person’s BattleSwarm Blog explains:

Are SolarReserve Inc. executives connected to the Democratic Party? And how!

Chairman Lee Bailey donated tons of money to Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Chuck Schumer, Barbara Boxer and (naturally) Harry Reid.

CEO Tom Georgis has only sent money to two candidates: Barack Obama and Harry Reid.

Maybe one day technological developments will make some form of green energy efficient. But crony capitalism will never be efficient — all the less so when it is laced with moonbattery.

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Jan 07 2020

Arson, Not Global Warming, Caused Australian Bushfires

Despite the rhetoric barked by demagogues like Bernie Sanders, the devastating wildfires that have plagued Australia recently were not caused by global warming. Arson is to blame:

On Monday, police in NSW reported they had already caught 24 alleged firebugs accused of deliberately lighting bushfires in a catastrophic season that has so far killed 18 people in the country’s most populous state.

It isn’t just New South Wales:

Overall, across Australia police arrested 183 people for lighting bushfires across Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania in the past few months.

Why would people do this? Sheer malice? There doesn’t seem to be an Islamic connection. No doubt some arsonists are lunatics in the grip of mental illness. Others are thrill-seeking teenagers who don’t grasp the potential enormity of what they are doing.

The eagerness of leftists to blame the fires on global warming suggests another possible motive. Could some wildfires be an environmentalist version of a hate hoax, but on a larger scale? Anything can be justified, if the objective is to save the planet.

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Jan 02 2020

Expert: Half of UK Farmland Must Be Abandoned

Anyone familiar with the 20th century history of Russia or China knows that when leftist ideologues take control, people die of starvation by the tens of millions. The same will hold true in the UK. At least this time, they were good enough to warn their victims. From the official organ of the British liberal elite, The Guardian:

Half of the nation’s farmland needs to be transformed into woodlands and natural habitat to fight the climate crisis and restore wildlife, according to a former chief scientific adviser to the UK government.

How many people would have to die because lunatics believe that farms make it be too hot outside for the comfort of the sacred polar bears? Put progressives in charge and find out.

Prof Sir Ian Boyd said such a change could mean the amount of cattle and sheep would fall by 90%, with farmers instead being paid for storing carbon dioxide…

Letting farmers produce food creates wealth. Paying them with other people’s money to “store” the harmless CO2 that otherwise would be helping the crops to grow destroys wealth. When wealth is created, we are all better off. When wealth is destroyed, we are all worse off — except for our rulers.

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Dec 30 2019

Wind Turbine Smashes Car

It isn’t only birds that pay a price for the economically inefficient monuments to moonbat virtue signaling that are wind turbines. The taxpayers who subsidize them pay a price for the hideous monstrosities too — and not only on April 15.

From the Bronx:

Blades from a wind turbine in Baychester flew off the massive structure Monday, crashing to the street below, according to officials.

Through dumb luck, no one was injured. However, in addition to a billboard getting knocked down, a car was destroyed.

Since this happened in New York City, local pols naturally blamed capitalism:

State Sen. Jamaal Bailey and Assemblyman Mike Benedetto claimed at the scene in an impromptu press conference the structure was put up quick “in order to try and make a buck” — and called on the city Department of Buildings to “make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.”

Utopia is always a few more regulations away.

Among enviromoonbats, this could pass for pornography.

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Dec 27 2019

Greta Thunberg’s Preternatural Power Revealed

By now we all know that Greta Thunberg is very special to those who worship the authoritarian, antihuman ideology she has been exploited to personify, but did you know that she can actually see molecules of politically unclean carbon dioxide floating around in the air? It’s true; her own mother says so:

In her book, Scenes from the Heart: Our Life for the Climate, Malena Ernman, who represented Sweden in the 2009 Eurovision song contest, contended that her daughter had been “gifted” with a supernatural ability to visualize CO2 levels…… everywhere that she went.

Greta is also credited with being such a good globalist that she knows all the world’s capitals by heart. So knowledgeable about scientific stuff is Greta that she can list all the elements in the periodic table. She was diagnosed with autism and obsessive–compulsive disorder from a very young age; this also makes her special.

“Greta is able to see what other people cannot see,” Malena further explains about Greta in her book. “She can see carbon dioxide with the naked eye. She sees how it flows out of chimneys and changes the atmosphere in (sic) a landfill.”

She must be able to see it pluming out of mouths every time we breathe, painfully reminding her that each human breath oppresses the sacred polar bears. No wonder she is driven with such fanatical zeal.

Malena, who supports Antifa along with her husband, admits that Greta was indoctrinated with climate propaganda from a very young age.

Her parents created her, the way other woke parents create transsexual trophy children. So if anyone should know what special powers Greta has been given, it would be them.

No wonder moonbats hail her as the equivalent of an angel in their religion.

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Dec 25 2019

Green Christmas in Canadian Oil Country

Because moonbattery is a totalitarian ideology, everything must be bent to its service. This includes even Christmas, so long as Christmas is allowed to exist. From Saskatchewan, via the CBC:

On Thursday, the Oxbow Prairie Horizons School’s annual concert featured a show titled: “Santa Goes Green.”

This belligerent insertion of enviromoonbattery not only corrupts Christmas, it is a slap in the face to the local economy and culture.

Oxbow is a community where a good number of workers are in the mining and resource industries. In fact, the town’s logo prominently contains a pumpjack.

Parent Mike Gunderman took to Facebook to express his outrage:

“It wasn’t even a Christmas concert at Christmas time,” he said. “It was blatantly just an anti-oil protest.”

A local educrat played innocent:

“There was no political agenda,” said Audrey Trombley, chair of the [South East Cornerstone Public School Division]’s Board of Trustees. “The teacher chose the song because of the rhythm and the beat, and thought the kids would like it.”

This apparently refers to the song, “Turn Off the Pump.” Via the Saskatoon StarPhoenix:

“Turn off the pump and plug in the sleigh, it’s going to be a green holiday,” children sing at the beginning of a song in one online performance.

Further on, children sing: “Nothing at all could this holiday spoil, except for the price of a barrel of oil.

“On this Christmas Eve we’ll give it our all, and juice up the sleigh with pure ethanol.”

Sure, no political agenda at all. Totally focused on the reason for the season.

Despite her denial, Trombley did apologize, provoking rage from more militant moonbats who took the apology as evidence that schools are in the pocket of Big Oil.

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Dec 12 2019

Time’s Person of the Year Chosen to Advance Agenda

Since Time Magazine sometimes chooses groups for its Person of the Year, this year there was an obvious choice: the people of Hong Kong. They have been making history by bravely standing up to leftist tyranny. An online poll overwhelmingly chose them over other candidates. But I’m forgetting; awards are granted purely on the basis of moonbattery now. So just as the obnoxious Megan Rapinoe — the personification of poor sportsmanship — was a shoo-in for the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year, pint-sized anticapitalist envirotyrant Greta Thunberg surprised no one by getting the Person of the Year accolade from Time.

Granting the award to a child who has been diagnosed with various psychiatric conditions (including autism and obsessive–compulsive disorder) for parroting radical environmentalist propaganda was explicitly political:

TIME’s editor-in-chief, Edward Felsenthal, unveiled this year’s winner on NBC’s Today Show, describing Thunberg as the “biggest voice on the biggest issue facing the planet.”

That these people want you to believe the increasingly farcical global warming hoax is “the biggest issue facing the planet” tells you all you need to know about the credibility of Time Magazine.

More like the power of poppycock.

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Dec 10 2019

Elizabeth Warren’s “Blue New Deal”

Elizabeth Warren endorses AOC’s literally insane Green New Deal — with one caveat. AOC’s plan, which would cost an estimated $94.4 trillion (over $600,000 per household) and reduce those Americans who don’t starve to death to a medieval standard of living, does not go far enough to suit Fauxcahontas. So she proposes adding her own “Blue New Deal” atop it.

Via The Hill:

The plan, including its name, would be based on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Ed Markey’s (D-Mass.) Green New Deal proposed earlier this year. …

Warren’s plan would … include efforts to fast-track permits or offshore renewable energy, investments in ocean farming, a push to electrify ports to reduce air pollution, an expansion to marine protected locations and an end to all new fossil fuel leases offshore and on public lands.

That would cause the cost of energy and therefore everything else to skyrocket, put many people out of work as businesses fold, and leave us at the mercy of hostile Muslim regimes to meet our energy needs. No one wishing this country well would propose it.

The wealthy Warren applies her eat-the-rich Marxist rhetoric even here:

“The climate crisis is too urgent to let the ultra-wealthy complain about wind turbines getting in the way of their ocean views,” her plan said.

It hasn’t occurred to her that others besides her fellow rich people might like for landscapes and seascapes not to be rendered hideous with giant bird-chopping monuments to moonbattery.

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Dec 09 2019

Turning Loved Ones into Soil

There should be dignity in death. But there is no dignity in moonbattery. In utopia, human bodies will be treated like table scraps so as to express reverence for the climate.

Via the Independent:

The world’s first funeral home dedicated to composting human beings is set to open in 2021 – allowing those left behind to turn their dearly departed into soil.

US ‘deathcare’ company Recompose will be able to turn the deceased into a cubic yard of soil over a period of as little as 30 days, using one-eighth of the energy of cremation and saving as much as a metric ton of carbon dioxide from being produced compared to other forms of burial.

In the liberal religion, the essential plant nutrient carbon dioxide is regarded as offensive to the climate.

The firm’s first site in Seattle, Washington, will be able to hold 75 people at a time.

The industrial scale is already impressive. But they need to take the next logical step and recycle the dead into food. That way, we can revere the climate by abolishing cows, in accordance with the Green New Deal.

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Nov 25 2019

Moonbat Tries to Save Planet by Getting Vasectomy

Moonbats have discovered the ultimate cure for the imaginary climate crisis. There can’t be any man-made global warming if there aren’t any people. That means we can do our part to save the planet by getting a vasectomy.

An enviromoonbat named Wes Siler takes virtually signaling to a new level of perniciousness by boasting of the vasectomy he subjected himself to on behalf of the planet.

He’ll do his best to help cancel the future, but he won’t stop driving a gas-guzzling truck; that would be too much of a sacrifice. But then, as he sensibly points out, giving up the truck wouldn’t make any difference anyway:

If I gave up my 15 mpg pickup truck—basically the mascot for climate inaction—and rode my bicycle everywhere, I’d save the planet 2.4 tons of carbon emissions a year. That’d be a massive sacrifice, but it’s nowhere near the carbon emissions I’ll save by skipping becoming a daddy, which comes in at around 58 tons annually, per kid. Any other action we could take, even all the actions we could ever possibly add up together, pale in comparison.

For some reason, he has never considered suicide, even though the problem is that…

…there are simply too many humans on this planet. We’ve all been told that driving an electric car or putting solar panels on our roofs will help, but that involves buying more stuff, which has a terrible impact on the environment, no matter how green the image. Two people deciding to make fewer humans eliminates the entire cycle of consumption that would fuel that kid’s life.

The same logic used to justify not having children could be used to justify aborting them or killing them after they have been born.

Is this a world we want to bring kids into? Is this a world it’s responsible to bring kids into?

Hell yes. Thanks to capitalism, the human standard of living is the highest it has ever been. Not that hard times would be a reason for the human race to give up and stop existing.

Whether Siler has kids is not going to impact the climate any more than giving up his beloved truck. It won’t even impact the population, in terms of raw numbers. It will just contribute to a vacuum that is being filled by an explosively fecund Third World.

Third Worlders don’t give a hoot about his climate change ideology. You want to find real pollution, look to the Third World. Environmentalism is a luxury no one will spend money on when all the white people are gone.

Siler acknowledges that his vasectomy might not save the allegedly endangered (actually alarmingly flourishing) polar bears, but he congratulates himself for his noble gesture. “We need fewer humans,” he piously proclaims.

Radical environmentalists literally believe that human life is bad. There has never been, nor could there ever be, a more fundamentally evil ideology.

From evil ideologies come evil deeds. This dupe’s vasectomy is just a nihilistic gesture. Future measures to prevent human life may not be voluntary.

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Nov 19 2019

Fire Hazard From Solar Panels

Solar panels are not necessarily the environment’s friend. They can offend the planet by burning your house down. This allows carbon emissions to escape into the air, thereby causing the climate to fluctuate catastrophically according to prevailing leftist ideology.

Via Boston 25:

25 Investigates found there have been at least 15 residential fires in Massachusetts linked to rooftop solar installations between 2017 and 2019…

It isn’t just Massachusetts. Walmart has reached a settlement with Tesla after accusing its solar panels of starting fires at seven stores. Tesla also has a problem with its allegedly ecofriendly cars bursting into flames.

As noted earlier, when solar panels set fire to a town hall run by the Green Party in England,

Fires in buildings with solar panels are extremely dangerous for firefighters, because direct current is more hazardous than alternating current, and because the materials involved create toxic smoke when burned.

Burning trees to make room for solar farms also causes environmental problems.

In addition, like wind turbines, solar panels present a significant waste disposal problem.

But then, with all things environmental, it isn’t the actual effect that matters so much as the virtuous intentions that are displayed.

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Nov 18 2019

Disposing of Wind Turbine Blades as an Environmental Problem

Once virtue has been signaled and crony capitalists have acquired their subsidies and tax breaks, wind turbines have served their purpose, and it is time to take them to the landfill, so that we can get on with generating electricity by more efficient means. But unfortunately, getting rid of them is not easy.

Even before the turbines die, companies like MidAmerican Energy in Iowa have to replace turbine blades on a large scale. Getting rid of the old ones is a challenge. From AP:

MidAmerican’s retired blades … are among hundreds that will land in dumps across Iowa and the nation. Critics of wind energy say the blades’ march to a landfill weakens the industry’s claim it’s an environmentally friendly source of energy.

The gigantic blades, which are difficult to crush and compact, cause major headaches for landfills. Only one facility in north Iowa is willing to take them.

“This clean, green energy is not so clean and not so green,” says Julie Kuntz, who opposes a Worth County wind project.

On the contrary, it is plenty green for those who are subsidized with taxpayer money to put them up and take them down again so that we can all see how much our rulers care about the planet.

MidAmerican has said the utility will receive about $10 billion in federal production tax credits for the investment, covering the capital costs needed to build the wind farms.

Sounds green enough for MidAmerican.

Disposing of these monstrosities isn’t easy.

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