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Jul 22 2024

Green Odyssey Ends in Death

Ecorighteous posturing is all fun and games — until someone gets killed:

Brett Clibbery and Sarah Packwood were found after their raft washed ashore on Sable Island, around 108 miles southeast of mainland Nova Scotia…

Despite having different names, they were married. They had abandoned their yacht for the life raft for unknown reasons.

They dubbed their latest adventure the green odyssey, a nod to the yacht being powered by a battery from an electric Nissan Leaf car and six solar panels.

Prior to the ill-fated adventure, Clibbery proclaimed:

“We’re doing everything we can to show that you can travel without burning fossil fuels.”

You can. But why would you want to?

Some experts said the addition of the solar panels and battery pack will have added weight to the yacht and made it potentially unstable. There were also fears that salt water may have led to the lithium battery pack being corroded and catching fire.

Best not to rely on EV batteries and solar energy.

On a tip from Steve T.

Jul 07 2024

Your Property Is Not Your Property

Under leftist rule, your property is not your property. It belongs to bureaucrats. They might let you use it, but only on their terms. If you use it in a way that contradicts their ideology, they may punish you.

From Connecticut:

A Barnum Road homeowner accused of cutting down trees and filling in environmentally sensitive wetlands with soil and wood chips has been ordered by the city of Danbury to complete a $26,000 restoration of the property.

That is, she cleaned up a swamp on her own property. Liberals like swamps. So they made her put the swamp back. Because the planet.

About 1.5 acres on the homeowner’s 3.3-acre property is wetlands…

No doubt the planet will feel much better after the acre and a half of swamp is restored. Bureaucrats already feel better, smugly pleased by their belief that they can make anyone do anything just because they say to.

To be sure the wetlands are not degraded again, the city order requires the homeowner to place a line of boulders between the home and the wetlands, among other requirements.

The point is to remind her whose property it is.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Jun 25 2024

Let Them Drink Maggot Milk

If you liked the idea of cockroach milk, you will love maggot milk:

Bill Gates has launched a new project that seeks to introduce “maggot milk” into the food supply of the general public.

The new “EntoMilk” is described as a “dairy alternative” that is made from “black soldier fly larvae” or maggots.

The maggots are blended into a “rich and creamy liquid which looks and acts just like dairy,” according to its creators.

Why would anyone let an evil twerp tell them to drink something so disgusting that it would instantly make you puke? Here’s why:

Gates and his allies argue that EntoMilk should replace traditional dairy milk because farming allegedly destroys the planet.

If someone tells you that agriculture is bad, don’t feel obligated to listen to anything else they have to say.

Bill Gates maggot milk will go nicely with the other nonfoods the planet wants you to eat, like lentils, beetleburgers, crickets, grass, maggot butter, mealworms, plastic trash, weeds, worm dogs, synthetic pseudofood, larvae, and wind turbine blades.

On a tip from WDS 2.0.

May 30 2024

Moonbats Serve Liquor With Dead Bugs in It

All-pervasive leftism might drive some to drink in an attempt to escape. But there is no refuge anywhere. Moonbattery can be found even in liquor:

The Noon Whistle Pub, located in [the Chicago suburb] Lombard, is serving up cicada-infused Malört shots.

Moonbats will be pleased to learn that the dead bugs are locally harvested.

The brewpub is collecting the cicadas from a nearby park, cooking them, and putting them into bottles of the legendary Chicago liquor.

This should be good for a pat on the head from our future globalist rulers, who have determined that we should eat insects to demonstrate our reverence for the climate.

For a chaser, wash down the bug-flavored Malört with some sewage water beer. The woke combo is guaranteed to improve the weather just as much as electric cars do.

On a tip from R F.

May 26 2024

German Moonbats Push Beer Made of Sewage Water

Moonbats will pee on your leg and tell you it’s raining. Worse yet, they will serve you sewage water and tell you it’s beer. Literally:

Drinking sewage water “offers a sustainable solution to beer-making.”

When Germans regard beer-making as a problem that requires a solution, they may as well turn over what’s left of their country to Muslim colonizers. Their culture is done.

On a tip from R F.

May 20 2024

Enviromoonbat Conundrum: Lithium From Fracking

Great news for enviromoonbats: a new source has been found for the lithium that is required in massive quantities for the glorified golf carts they want to force us into. Now the bad news: it comes from fracking wastewater.

It turns out that the Marcellus Shale — a long swath of sedimentary rock in the northeastern United States that holds huge amounts of frackable gas — holds huge quantities of lithium too. Justin Mackey and other researchers at the National Energy Technology Laboratory in Pennsylvania were pleasantly surprise[d] when they studied the contents of wastewater dredged up in the fracking process at 515 sites in the Keystone State, reports Science Alert.

Fracking provides clean and cheap natural gas, but possibly due to its effectiveness, it is haram in the liberal religion.

Nuclear energy provides affordable electricity without allegedly harmful carbon emissions. Liberals oppose it, because it too is haram.

Whether our moonbat overlords will exploit the Marcellus Shale is doubtful. After all, why would they want to make increasingly mandatory EVs affordable, when they can just coercively subsidize them?

On a tip from R F.

Apr 22 2024

New York to Ban Individually Wrapped Cheese

There is nothing liberals will not take away from you, from the most essential (e.g., cars, electricity, toilets) to the most trivial, like individually wrapped cheese. If you want to see how absurdly repressive the whole country will soon be if Democrats further consolidate power, look to deep blue states like New York:

Individually wrapped cheese would be largely banned under a far-reaching bill getting pushed by New York environmentalists and politicians to reduce the use of plastics…

Plastic represents the greatest advance in materials science since the bronze age. It makes modern life possible. Applied to food, plastic benefits public health by preventing spoilage and contamination. But it is petroleum-based, so liberals regard plastic as ideologically unclean.

The state bill — called Packaging Reduction and Recycling Infrastructure Act — would require companies with net incomes over $1 million who sell or distribute food or products to reduce plastics and other packaging that ends in landfills or waterways by 50% over the next 12 years.

If the waterways are full of waste, New Yorkers should elect representatives who will clean them up, rather than banning anything that might conceivably end up as litter. But that’s not the approach the left-wing activists calling the shots prefer:

One leading environmentalist backing the bill confirmed that the goal is to eliminate single slices of cheese packaged in non-reusable plastic, as well as other wasteful packaging.

“We have to do something about the plastic crisis,” said Judith Enck, president of the group Beyond Plastics.

As it is submersed beneath a tsunami of needy illegal aliens and crime spirals out of control, New York has bigger crises than individually wrapped cheese slices. But the liberals who caused its problems have no interest in solving them. Their focus is on exerting power over every picayune aspect of life until the ultimate objective is achieved: a world in which everything that is not mandatory is forbidden.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Apr 21 2024

Glacier Is Running for President of Iceland

If Joe Biden is fit to be President of the USA, then a pile of ice is more than qualified to be president of Iceland. So a glacier named Snæfellsjökull has entered the race:

“It suddenly just came to me. What if the glacier was president?” said [campaign organizer Angela] Rawlings. It was a seemingly unorthodox way to push forward a movement that was already swiftly advancing; Ecuador had enshrined legal rights for nature while Māori in New Zealand were working to secure legal personhood for the Whanganui River.

A campaign organization has been assembled:

[A] team of more than 50 people scrambles to secure Snæfellsjökull a spot on the ballot in the country’s upcoming election on 1 June.

According to leftist doctrine, glaciers will soon melt due to white people and capitalism, so they had better give serious thought to who will be VP.

Rawlings’s ambitions go beyond putting a piece of ice in charge of Iceland:

“Getting on the ballot itself would be a huge step for increasing awareness around the rights of nature movements internationally,” said Rawlings. “It would set an extraordinary precedent to be considering non-human entities for these kinds of positions.”

I used to expect that at any moment leftists would burst out laughing at countermoonbats for thinking they were serious. But no, they really are this crazy.

On a tip from Steve T.

Mar 30 2024

San Francisco Floods Bay With Ocean of Sewage

Hard to imagine a story more illustrative of the consequences of putting liberals in charge than this one about the Mecca of Moonbattery pouring gargantuan amounts of sewage into San Francisco Bay:

San Francisco has long been at the forefront of all things progressive: it was one of the first locales to begin decriminalizing marijuana, which of course devolved into the druggie free-for-all it now is; home to pederasts like Harvey Milk, the LGBTQ++ community, no matter how obscene (Folsom Street Fair) is always celebrated; it’s home to social programs like GIFT, which isn’t just ordinary welfare, but a handout that can pay out as much as $21,600 per enrollee and is exclusively for “trans” people; and the city has an official “Poop Patrol” department to clean up all the human fecal matter plopped around the sidewalks thanks to the sizable vagrant population.

And predictably, all that progressivism only reaps total destruction, coming back to bite the city in the rear-end in grand fashion; a longstanding nonprofit committed to the environmental health of the bay filed a lawsuit against the city’s utility commission for 1.2 billion gallons per year of sewage and trash-filled runoff flowing into the San Francisco Bay.

The filth flowing out of San Franfreakshow is described to be rich in “fecal matter, plastics, syringes, and condoms,” as you might expect.

The same sanctimonious moonbats who run this seeping pustule of political correctness won’t let people have gas furnaces and water heaters, on the grounds that they are allegedly offensive to the environment.

Down the Left Coast, we see a similar phenomenon in Los Angeles, which has been flooding the country with comparable quantities of sewage via Tinseltown.

On a tip from R F. Hat tip: Selwyn Duke.

Mar 20 2024

NYC Cracks Down on Pizza

Environazis will even come after pizza in New York. In the absence of sufficient pushback, they are pressing forward with restrictions:

New York City has quietly approved a controversial green plan to require pizzerias and matzah bakeries using decades-old wood- and coal-fired stoves to cut their smoky pollutants by 75%.

Mayor Eric Adams’ Department of Environmental Protection said the fresh edict takes effect April 27, with some city businesses having already coughed up more than $600,000 for new smoke-eating systems in anticipation of the expected mandate.

Uundercapitalized businesses (to use a favorite Shrillary term) that can’t afford a $600,000 system to appease bureauweenies may have to go under — or make pizza that doesn’t taste as good.

New York is already the most expensive city in the country to buy pizza.

Why come after pizza? Because New Yorkers love their pizza. Their moonbat rulers are testing the limits of how much pointless repression they will docilely submit to.

On a tip from Chris Neilson.

Feb 24 2024

Moonbat Denounces Vegan Leather as Insufficiently Woke

Whatever people want, capitalism will provide — including opportunities for enviromoonbat virtue signaling. This is done through green-washing:

If you want to make the ultimate environmentally-friendly statement, you have to order an electric car with a vegan leather interior.

“Vegan leather” used to be known as vinyl or pleather.

One righteous moonbat is not fooled:

My annoyance stems from the sheer amount of greenwashing used to punt fake leather, now sold as an optional extra or the eco-friendly alternative. …

[J]ust because it’s vegan-friendly doesn’t mean it’s environmentally friendly. …

Basically, manufacturers are still using materials derived from good old-fashioned petroleum plastic.

Petroleum plastic — the greatest advance in materials science since bronze — is regarded as unclean in the moonbat religion.

Because cows will be killed anyway so we can eat them,

By opting for leather, you’re actually reducing global waste…

There is also this to consider:

I’m willing to bet a large percentage of people with eco-friendly interiors drive around in leather shoes.

That’s why everyone who truly believes in woke ideology goes barefoot.

Don’t be duped, moonbats! It is bad enough for the environment to foolishly buy an EV, let alone one with faux leather interior.

On a tip from Mike B.

Feb 19 2024

You Pay Government to Get You to Eat Trash-Fed Bugs

Would you eat bugs to signal subservience to ecomoonbattery? Would you eat bugs fed on garbage? Would you pay money to have the federal government get you to eat bugs fed on garbage? The answer to the last question is yes, in light of this grant from the US Department of Agriculture:

The $130,000 grant supports research that “addresses the need for more cost-efficient production of crickets as a sustainable protein source,” according to the listing. Specifically, the grant will support research into using municipal landfill waste to feed crickets that will later be harvested for human consumption.

“Sustainable” is Liberalese for “compliant with our antihuman ideology.”

Here’s why we can’t eat food anymore:

“Conventional protein production poses a substantial strain on the ecosystem, requiring unsustainable quantities of water, land, and feed as inputs,” the grant description reads. The grant description also calls “conventional” farming a “significant source of greenhouse gas emissions.”

By “greenhouse gas emissions,” they usually mean beneficial CO2, which causes crops to grow. But we won’t be needing crops in liberal utopia, because our rulers want us to eat bugs fed on garbage.

On a tip from R F.

Feb 15 2024

NYC to Restrict Laundry Detergent

Even without the second Civil War, America is splitting apart into separate nations, with different and incompatible populations, customs, values, and laws. The everyday products people use are becoming different in parts of the country that have succumbed to liberal micromanagement. New Yorkers will have to make do with different laundry detergent:

New York City could soon ban Tide PODS and other laundry-detergent packs under the latest “green” push from lawmakers. …

Fines for selling the pods would start at $400, double for a second violation and top off at $1,200 for flouting the rules more than twice, if the bill becomes law. The bill would also require education and outreach to businesses on the ban for the first year.

At least this might keep social media from coaxing kids into taking the Tide pod challenge. Unfortunately, banning pods will not sate bureauweenies’ lust for control; other laundry detergent will inevitably follow. It is offensive to the planet.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Jan 11 2024

The Enemy Is Taking Out Our Dams

Our enemies could do it the traditional way: with a bombing campaign. But that could provoke resistance. So they use a characteristically insidious tactic. They are destroying our infrastructure from within in the name of radical antihuman environmentalism and Cultural Marxism.

Moonbats are delighted at the ongoing project to destroy the dams many rely on to provide electricity:

Copco No. 2 was fully removed in October 2023, marking the first of four dam removals along the Klamath River. The other three dams on the Klamath River that are part of this project are slated to begin removal in January of 2024!

It is the largest dam destruction project in history.

For nearly 100 years, dams on the Klamath River have blocked salmon and steelhead trout from reaching more than 400 miles of habitat, encroached on indigenous culture, [yadda yadda yadda]. The time has finally come for the four dams – J.C. Boyle, Copco No. 1, Copco No. 2, and Iron Gate – built between 1908 and 1962, to come down.

What takes generations to build, it takes moonbats no time at all to destroy.

Estimated cost of the demolition: $500 million. This will be split between taxpayers and utility company PacifiCorp, which will presumably raise rates on whatever electricity it still has to offer to pay for it. The cost in terms of increased energy prices are unknown.

Dam destruction is not limited to California’s Klamath River:

In Ohio, a dam that was built a century ago to power a mill on the East Branch of Rocky River was removed in 2020, which quickly led to a thriving habitat for fish and other wildlife as well as native plants.

Allowing a thriving habitat for people is not on the agenda.

In the United Kingdom, projects big and small are drawing rave reviews. In 2022, 325 dams, weirs, culverts, and levees were removed, and Dam Removal Europe hands out an annual award for the best endeavor.

Leftists tell us that they have to restrict our access to electricity because carbon emissions offend their weather gods. Yet they are just as hostile to emission-free hydroelectric and nuclear as they are to coal and clean-burning natural gas.

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