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Aug 04 2022

Open Thread

Mankind is considered (by the radical environmentalists) the lowest and the meanest of all species and is blamed for everything. - Dixie Lee Ray

Aug 03 2022

Mother Jones Eggs On Climate Vandals

Lest you run short of reasons to dislike moonbats, liberal organ Mother Jones is egging on woke vandals to let the air out of the tires of SUVs so as to improve the weather:

The Tyre Extinguishers movement started in the UK, spread to a clutch of other countries, and has now landed in the US. Since June, dozens of SUV and pickup truck owners in New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Chicago have discovered their vehicles with flat tires along with a note on the windshield declaring: “Your gas guzzler kills.”

According to liberal ideology, trucks and SUVs kill people with harmless carbon dioxide emissions that according to politically motivated models could increase the temperature by imperceptible increments over the course of many decades.

The vandals are cast as the victims, because they have allegedly received death threats for their noble crusade on behalf of the climate. The SUV owners are the bad guys.

Mother Jones asserts that Toyota Sequoias are “named after the towering trees that are on fire because of the climate emergency.” Readers are left to conclude that the owners of the Toyotas are responsible for setting the trees on fire.

“The amount of damage from a flat tire is nothing compared to climate change,” one envirovandal piously proclaims.

Anyone who believes that SUVs perceptibly change the climate belongs in a padded room. Yet people who embrace this psychotic ideology are in charge of most everything.

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Aug 02 2022

Dutch Police Beat Farmers on Behalf of Liberal World Order

Under the rule of globalist Mark Rutte, Holland has reached the fork in the road that demands we choose between green ideology and food. Farmers unsurprisingly opt to go with food. Here, police respond on behalf of the moonbat establishment:

The slower and less decisive the pushback, the uglier this is going to get. Ugliest of all would be no pushback. That would mean farms shut down and economies deliberately destroyed so that the Liberal World Order can achieve absolute power in the name of pretending to control the weather.

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Jul 31 2022

Globalists Attack Farming in Name of Climate

With leftists, the issue is never the issue; the issue is always power. When the Liberal World Order proclaims that it must seize control of the food supply in name of the green ideology, we are headed for a Holodomor level of tyranny.

Sri Lanka pushed back hard enough to overthrow its government. Resistance in Holland continues. But the globalist Left has absolute power nearly in its grasp. It is not going to let up now.

Canada and now Ireland are following closely behind Dutch globalist Mark Rutte:

Farmers in Ireland may soon be forced to make potentially damaging changes to their businesses as climate alarmist ministers within Ireland’s government look set to cut the sector’s emissions by around 28 per cent.

Unlike carbon emissions, such cuts are not harmless. Many cattle will need to be slaughtered, never to be replaced; a high percentage of farmers will be put out of business.

Only a mental defective would believe this will improve the weather. The purpose is to make us hungry, because the hungrier we are, the more powerful our rulers will be when they control the food — which for us little people is likely to consist largely of insects.

John Daniel Davidson shines a light on where the enviroleftist attack on farming is heading:

Private farms and independent farmers will be a thing of the past, supplanted by global bodies making decisions about how much and what kinds of food are produced. The private sector and the independent farmers will have no place in the future that the UN and the WEF are planning.

That’s why they are pushing back in Holland, the world’s second largest food exporter. Pray that it is enough — and that there is as much pushback when Democrats inflict similar policies on the USA. The insolently named Inflation Reduction Act spending blowout — which is the largest climate bill in this country yet — is an indication that we are nearly there:

The bill is a tax-and-spend cornucopia of some $369 billion for wind, solar, geothermal, battery, and other industries over the next decade, along with generous subsidies for electric vehicles…

Senate Democrats say the bill will allow the U.S. to cut greenhouse emissions by 40 percent below 2005 levels by 2030 — matching up nicely with the UN’s “Agenda 2030.”

Understand that the Senate bill isn’t the end, it’s the beginning. Climate activists and ideologues are working at the highest levels to transform not just the global food supply, but the nature of private property and property rights, all in the name of saving the planet. What Rutte and his government are doing to Dutch farmers, Schumer and Biden are planning to do to American farmers and American industries.

We are running out of time to fight them with full bellies. Step #1 is to acknowledge that the global warming hoax is a malevolent lie, the purpose of which is to destroy our standard of living and enslave us.

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Jul 17 2022

Sri Lanka President Toppled Over Green Agenda

The globalist green agenda calls to mind the lunatic utopian ambitions of the Khmer Rouge, which managed to kill as much as 30% of the population of Cambodia. Fortunately, pushback has begun — and not only in the Netherlands. Sri Lanka’s president Gotabaya Rajapaksa has been toppled for inflicting green tyranny:

He campaigned for president in 2019 on a platform that promised a form of technocratic utopia, including the commitment to turn Sri Lankan agriculture completely organic in a decade.

But the relatively educated, middle-income population balked when it got what it voted for, just as the American population is beginning to balk after grasping the implications of Biden’s hostility to the fossil fuels we require to survive.

On April 27, 2021—with no warning, and with no attempt to teach farmers how to cope with the change—he announced a ban on all synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Henceforth, he decreed, Sri Lankan agriculture would be 100% organic.

The economic consequences were predictably catastrophic.

Food prices soared as a result of scarcity and Sri Lanka’s people, their pockets already hit by the pandemic, began to go hungry. To add to the stench of failure, a shipload of manure from China had to be turned back after samples revealed dangerous levels of bacteria.

Communist manure is more politically correct than fertilizer, but that does not mean it will keep people fed. Turns out, people like to eat more than they like moonbattery.

Having overstepped to the point of being forcibly thrown out of power, green authoritarians will temper their arrogance, right? Of course not:

The U.K.-based Soil Association tweeted this: “Lots of lessons to be learnt from Sri Lanka, but ‘see, organic doesn’t work’ isn’t one of them.”

Sure it is. But the main lesson is that we will starve if we do not pry envirotyrants from power.

On a tip from Varla.

Jul 11 2022

Dutch Farmer’s Daughter’s Excellent Advice for Americans

They used to talk about the proletariat. Now it’s the climate. However, the objective is the same: global totalitarian rule. In Holland, they have declared war on agriculture to consolidate power. Farmers pushed back; authorities responded by firing on a kid driving a tractor. The daughter of a Dutch farmer has good reason to advise Americans to hold tight to the Second Amendment:

She mentions Sri Lanka, another country where the food supply has been constricted in the name of leftist climate ideology. Pushback has now brought down that government:

Both the president and the prime minister of Sri Lanka are resigning in the wake of massive mobs storming and occupying their residences, burning the PM’s private house and refusing to leave the presidential palace until both men are out of office.

Here’s why the mob acted appropriately:

Sri Lanka foolishly signed on to the green initiative in farming, going organic and limiting the importation and use of chemical fertilizers. Food production, including tea, a vital export earner of foreign exchange, collapsed, and now the government is broke, people are hungry.

Similar tyrants are imposing the same agenda in America, ignoring the Supreme Court in the process. If Sri Lankans will rise up against green tyranny, maybe Americans will too.

As Leonardo da Vinci observed, it is easier to resist at the beginning than it is at the end. We are now at the end of the beginning in the war between humanity and the Liberal World Order.

Sky News Australia puts the Dutch rebellion in the context of the global ruling class’s attempted Great Reset:

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Jul 11 2022

DoT Power Grab Ignores Supreme Court Ruling

The good news is that the Supreme Court has ruled that unelected federal bureauweenies like Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg cannot regulate us into abject poverty in the name of their climate ideology without legislation. The bad news is that Democrats don’t care:

In West Virginia v. EPA, the Court ruled that regulatory agencies can’t impose costly new regulations without a clear direction from Congress.

And yet:

Now the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) wants to take this abuse of authority on the road. It cites an obscure provision in federal law that authorizes it to set national “performance” goals for the national highway system. The law defines these goals as safety, infrastructure condition, congestion reduction, system reliability, freight movement and economic vitality, environmental sustainability and reduced project delivery delays.

FHWA says this “environmental sustainability” language allows it to regulate CO2 emissions.

Everything we do, including breathing, produces the harmless CO2 emissions that according to liberal dogma control the global temperature. The FHWA is claiming the authority to dictate all human behavior.

They want to start by abolishing affordable transportation. A familiar tactic is employed; states that do not sufficiently suppress CO2-emitting traffic on highways will be denied federal funding. They confiscate your money, then dole some of it back to you on the condition that you do as you are told.

The proposed rule also says states will be required “to establish declining targets for reductions in tailpipe CO2 emissions” on the national highway system. This sounds like DOT conscripting states into regulating vehicle greenhouse gas emissions, which states are expressly barred from doing under federal law.

Law is a tool that Democrats use only when it suits their purposes. Their purpose here is to suppress transportation. What else would you expect of the Department of Transportation, considering that the Biden Regime is straight out of George Orwell?

On a tip from Varla.

Jul 09 2022

Liberal World Order Attacks Food Supply in Holland

Our rulers tell us that we must accept a lower standard of living for the sake of what Biden advisor Brian Deese calls the “Liberal World Order.” Some are putting up resistance, especially in the Netherlands, where the environmentalist war on nitrogen is being used as a pretext to shut down a large percentage of farms.

Pushback to the pushback has already escalated to police firing on farmers as they drive past in their tractors:

Only the most cynical and paranoid will be able to guess what the authorities plan to do with some of the land after they have shut down farms during a worsening food shortage. Who else would imagine that they will use it to settle colonists imported from the Third World to displace the native population?

Flevo member of parliament Niek Beenen (JA21) has shared a document on Twitter from the province of Flevoland in the Netherlands about the purchase of “nitrogen space” in the Noordoostpolder.

The government plans to use the “nitrogen space” — i.e., farmland on which farmers will no longer be allowed to produce food — to set up a registration center for asylum seekers.

“In this country, farming families who produce food are being exchanged for asylum seekers,” tweeted Beenen.

Fumes Geert Wilders:

“Here’s the proof. It just says it all. The farmer has to go because they want to build a registration centre for asylum seekers on his land. They are completely destroying the Netherlands. Our farmers out, the fortune seekers in. No wonder people are furious.”

Repercussions will be worldwide. Holland is the second largest agricultural exporter in the world after the USA, which is also controlled by radicals willing to subject people to misery in the name of the green agenda.

More from Paul Joseph Watson:

If you find it hard to put food on the table within the coming months, it will not be by accident. Strategic starvation allowed Stalin to consolidate power. Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Mark Rutte, Biden, and the rest of the leftist globalist ruling class think it will work for them too.

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Jul 01 2022

Dutch Push Back Against Green Tyranny

As the impending attack on the Permian Basin makes clear, we can’t rely on the Supreme Court to prevent our rulers from imposing a Liberal World Order that will resemble what the Khmer Rouge did to Cambodia. Eventually, pushback against green tyranny is our responsibility. Farmers have figured this out in Holland:

Nitrogen makes up 78% of the atmosphere. But if harmless carbon dioxide can be a pollutant, nitrogen can too. Next, progressives might declare light to be a pollutant.

Manure really is a pollutant, but it is useful for fertilizing crops and for dumping in front of the buildings where leftist bureaucrats fester:

Manure can also be deployed against other agents of the state:

The alternative to escalating this pushback will be planned mass starvation. The green agenda cannot be inflicted without millions of us dying. Even if we could live off a diet of insects, there is no way windmills and solar panels will generate enough energy to prevent total economic collapse. As we can see from their hebephrenic reaction to Roe’s repeal, the woke ruling class regards human life itself as a pollutant.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Jun 18 2022

Tyranny in the Name of the Planet and Perverted Children

Tyranny is tyranny, whether imposed in the name of the proletariat, the planet, or something bizarre and nonexistent, likely sexually perverted children. The pretext used by your rulers to grind their collective boot on your face makes no difference whatsoever. All that matters is how hard they grind it. They are grinding it hard.

In the name of the planet,

Single-use plastic drinking straws, cutlery, plates, drink-stirrers, expanded polystyrene food and drink containers, and cotton bud sticks will be banned from sale or supply in Victoria from 1 February 2023.

Victoria is home to Melbourne, Australia’s second largest and arguably most progressive city.

Businesses and individuals will be fined $54,000 and $10,900, respectively, for selling, supplying, or distributing the forbidden items. This is even more draconian than the punishment already in place for selling highly useful plastic bags: $49,500 and $9,900, respectively.

Even the most picayune aspects of normal life must be controlled and the most trivial conveniences suppressed, so that you cannot so much as sip your ice tea without doing it in compliance with liberal ideology.

In the name of sexually perverted children,

The Fairfax County School Board in Virginia approved changes to expand punishment for students for “malicious misgendering” at Luther Jackson Middle School Thursday.

The changes in the Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook, approved by a vote of 8-4, make it possible for students as young as fourth grade to be suspended for “malicious misgendering” or “deadnaming” their peers.

“Misgendering” means referring to someone with the correct pronouns even when these differ from “preferred” pronouns. “Deadnaming” means calling someone by their real name rather than a new name that has been invented to go with a new identity as a member of the opposite sex.

Thanks entirely to brainwashing by liberal social engineers, transsexual posturing is trendy among children, who are incapable of comprehending its implications.

Kids are forced to refer to other kids by bogus pronouns and phony names. This is compelled speech, which goes beyond even suppression of free speech to constitute the purest essence of tyranny.

Children who grow up in an environment where they are compelled to lie will have a hard time comprehending the principles America was built upon.

Transsexualized children, global warming hysteria, oppressed blacks, gun violence, toxic masculinity — all of it is idiot noise intended to validate that grinding boot. It is a waste of time to argue with moonbats about how many historically marginalized transsexual BIPOCs can dance on the head of a sustainably sourced pin. The only thing anyone should have to say to them is “Get your boot off my face.”

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Jun 05 2022

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Shortage Could Cripple Trucking

Combining green authoritarianism with reliance on our communist Chinese enemies has inevitably resulted in shortages. Now we are running out of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). This could have a crippling effect on the transportation required to keep civilization running.

From American Thinker:

DEF is an emissions control liquid required by the EPA in diesel engines manufactured after 2010 as an “aftertreatment technology” to reduce vehicle emissions. This additive is required for most modern diesel truck fleets. … Truckers are now reporting increasing DEF shortages around the nation.

It is easy for the EPA to declare mandates. Complying with them is more difficult, especially with the ChiComs cutting back on DEF production.

Guttman Energy provides details:

China is the number 1 manufacturer of DEF globally. Urea is the main component of DEF, but it’s primary use is fertilizer in farming. China’s increased demand for urea in farming caused it to cut production of DEF fluid.

The mandate for DEF began in 2010, so the average age of vehicles on the road utilizing the commodity is growing. The older vehicles are less efficient at burning fuel and therefore require more DEF. More and more vehicles that are lawfully required to use DEF continue to hit the market with no more manufacturing taking place in the DEF supply chain. In short, we have a growing demand and no new supply. …

All diesel-powered trucks since 2010 require DEF to run. If the trucks DEF tank runs empty, the truck will shut down and not run, meaning millions of commercial transportation trucks could be sidelined at the height of the trucking industry need.

As with inflation, energy shortages, possible food shortages, the open border, et cetera, the Biden Regime has no evident intention of addressing the growing crisis. Maybe the Transportation Secretary will get around to blaming it on Covid next time he takes a break from canoodling with his gay lover.

Human urine contains urea. But getting it from our bladders into trucks while we still have a pot to piss in would be a challenge beyond Biden et al.’s capacity.

That’s what we get for becoming so dependent on the ChiComs. Talk about a yellow peril.

It is also what we get for letting bureauweenies piss away our economic future in the name of environmentalist ideology.

On a tip from Angel.

Jun 02 2022

California’s Choice: Moonbattery or Water

As we know, the California farmers we rely on for food are always wrong. They are particularly wrong when they try to hog up water that it would be more politically correct to flush out to sea in the name of the planet. No worries; leftist bureauweenies are on the case, making sure water is not wasted growing rice:

Colusa County in Northern California is the top producer of rice in the Sacramento Valley. Colusa County historically produces more than 150,000 acres of rice in a normal year. But in 2022, Colusa officials say they will only be able to produce a fraction of their usual rice crop, costing rice farmers, workers and suppliers hundreds of millions of dollars.

California ranks #2 among states for producing rice.

“In April 2022, the water districts serving Colusa County were given their final allocation for the 2022 growing season – 0.4-acre feet per acre,” Colusa County officials said in a statement. “This allocation is not enough to support rice production, and estimates show that the Sacramento Valley will fallow 370,000 of 450,000 acres in the Sacramento River Settlement Contractors service area, primarily in Colusa and Glenn Counties. Currently, less than 7,000 acres are estimated to be planted in Colusa County, resulting in a direct financial loss to growers in excess of $270 million.”

The problem is not so much a shortage of water as a surplus of moonbattery.

The first 50% of California’s water flows out to the Pacific Ocean for fish and environmental purposes – something the Public Policy Institute of California verified in 2019

Democrats revel in the mess they made, screeching self-righteously about drought resulting from global warming, which they claim they can reverse with still more of the regulations that caused the problem in the first place.

At least the farmers will be okay. The government that won’t let them grow food will bail them out with other people’s money. Colusa County Administrator Wendy Tyler calls for “a payroll protection plan and rental assistance” for farm workers.

Meanwhile, as Legal Insurrection reports,

California is reinstating a new set of restrictions and water-use mandates.

Rationing water is necessary because, under liberal rule, you can forget about the erstwhile Golden State taking steps to secure more water.

A few short weeks ago, the state’s coastline protection unanimously rejected the development of a $1.4 billion desalination plant in Huntington Beach that would have converted ocean water into municipal water for Orange County residents. … Not content with simply rejecting new infrastructure proposals, California officials are also now tearing down essential public water supply assets.

Californians can have water or they can have moonbattery; the choice is theirs.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

May 21 2022

Why the Planet Needs Genocide

Looks like we are going to have to kill billions of people and/or impose a globalist dictatorship. According to an Expert, the Planet can only support 1 billion free people. Dennis Meadows, scientist, Emeritus Professor of Systems Management, former director of the Institute for Policy and Social Science Research at the University of New Hampshire, and President of the Laboratory for Interactive Learning, has spoken:

They often look and talk like civilized people. But their ideology is more evil than anything the world has ever seen. The atrocities of communists and Nazis are weekend traffic fatalities compared to the body count the self-ordained priests who speak on behalf of the Planet would inflict.

Already, they effectively control American energy policy, as evidenced by gasoline prices.

On a tip from Wiggins.

May 06 2022

California Desalination Plant Attacked on Behalf of Plankton

Envirofascists don’t need higher lifeforms like minnows to serve as pretexts to deny homes and farms the water they require. Even plankton can serve the purpose:

California state officials might have noticed that we’re enduring yet another historic drought — one so intense that the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the nation’s largest water supplier, has this week announced mandatory conservation measures that not only restrict lawn watering, but prod residents to cut back their water usage by 30 percent.

California has a dry climate. If it doesn’t store sufficient water in reservoirs, it will periodically run out. Due to excessive taxation, the state has a massive budget surplus. But politicians in this single-party Democrat state will not spend the money on reservoirs for political reasons. As with wildfires caused by poor forest management, drought can be spun as evidence that global warming is real and requires still higher taxes and more repressive regulation.

Whereas Big Government cannot really control the weather, it does have the ability to make water more available. But it may prefer to champion a few handfuls of historically marginalized microscopic plankton.

Around the same time that MWD announced its restrictions, the California Coastal Commission — the ham-fisted environmental agency that regulates construction along the state’s 1,100-mile coastline — issued a staff report opposing a desalination plant at a shuttered power station in Huntington Beach. …

The proposed Poseidon Water facility could meet 16 percent of the water needs of Orange County, with its 3.1-million population.


The Surfrider Foundation complains that these facilities’ water-intake systems “cause marine life mortality through impingement (pinning and trapping fish or other species against the intake structure screens) and entrainment (when intake pipes suck in and kill small species like plankton, fish eggs, and larvae) of species, and risks disrupting an area’s entire ecological balance.”

Lack of water disrupts the entire economy. But who cares what happens to humans? The plankton were here first.

Inland of the moonbat-infested coast, California is largely populated by farmers. They are among the most productive in the world. The rest of the country relies on them. When they are denied water in the name of delta smelt or plankton or fungus or whatever, all of us are affected.

So as to diversify their attack, opponents of the desalination plant also voice concerns regarding global warming and “environmental justice.”

As for actual motives, leftists have two. These apply regardless of the particular issue at hand: (1) lust for power and (2) malice against the human race.

On a tip from R F.

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