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May 24 2023

Profiles in Liberal Education: Shellyne Rodriguez

Where moonbats prevail (e.g., the federal government under Democrat rule, the education establishment), being a left-wing black woman is the only qualification needed to attain any job. If it is enough for the Supreme Court, it is enough for a college professor — even for psychopaths like Shellyne Rodriguez:

A Manhattan college professor flipped out on a group of students who set up an information table opposing abortion inside the school building — cursing and tossing their pamphlets…

Shellyne Rodriguez, an adjunct professor, told the pro-life students they were “triggering” her students by tabling inside Hunter College in Manhattan earlier this month. …

“You’re not educating s–t. This is f–king propaganda,” the art professor told the students tabling on May 2. “What are you going to do like anti-trans next?”

Resisting the transsexual agenda would be an even greater thought crime than opposing abortion.

She then pushed the anti-abortion materials off the table toward the students while exclaiming “f–k this s–t” and walked off…

The PSC Graduate Center is a labor union representing City University of New York professors. On behalf of the liberal establishment, it endorsed Rodriguez’s behavior:

“Her actions to shut down the tabling were fully justified, and are part of a long and celebrated CUNY legacy of confronting groups such as military recruiters who disseminate misleading information,” the group said in a letter of support.

Affirmative Action hires can still get fired, but they have to push the envelope farther still:

The Post knocked on the door of [Shellyne Rodriguez’s] Bronx apartment Tuesday morning — a day after she made headlines for flipping out on pro-life students at Hunter College.

“Get the f–k away from my door, or I’m gonna chop you up with this machete!” the manic adjunct art professor shouted from behind her closed door just moments after veteran reporter Reuven Fenton identified himself.

Seconds later, Rodriguez barged out and alarmingly put the blade to the reporter’s neck.

The reporter wasted no time getting out of there, but Rodriguez followed, brandishing the machete, shrieking,

“Get the f–k off the block! Get the f–k out of here, yo!”

She chased him all the way to his car. No worries about police interfering; this happened in New York City under Eric Adams.

However, the optics were bad enough for Rodriguez to be viewed by educrats as a liability to the cause of moonbattery, so she was fired. She may turn up in DC next time Biden has an open cabinet position.

In the meantime, she is suing the NYPD for oppressing her during the Black Lives Matter riots, in which she unsurprisingly participated. She says she suffered nerve damage when police had to restrain her with zip ties.

The lawsuit adds that the injuries also impacted “her ability to make art.”

So she won’t be hurting moneywise. A jury of NYC liberals will see to that by looting themselves on her behalf.

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Mar 23 2023

Biden Judicial Nominee S. Kato Crews Flunks Law Class 101

Democrats regard merit as racist. They select personnel on the basis of two requirements: (1) left-wing political views and (2) not being a sexually normal white guy. This policy has placed Ketanji Brown Jackson on the Supreme Court and Kamala Harris a heartbeat away from the presidency. It may place Shane Kato Crews on the US District Court for Colorado. But not if Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) can restore some sanity:

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for several judicial nominations, including U.S. Magistrate Judge S. Kato Crews’ nomination to serve as a U.S. district court judge, Kennedy asked Crews an elementary question about evidentiary discovery.

Crews was given the opportunity to prove he made it through the first year of law school by explaining how he would analyze a Brady motion, by which a defendant compels prosecutors to turn over potentially exculpatory evidence. An example would be the video footage proving that political prisoner Jacob Chansley was not rioting much less trying to overthrow the government on January 6, but rather was escorted around the People’s House by friendly Capitol Police.

Crews was unable to answer the [softball] question.

“How I analyze a Brady motion? Senator, in my four and a half years on the bench, I don’t believe I’ve had the occasion to address a Brady motion in my career,” he said.

Kennedy forced Crews to admit that he does not even know what a Brady motion is. The concept does not relate to his historical oppressedness, so it never came up.

Ted Cruz weighs in:

“Wow. This is basic criminal procedure. If a [first-year law student] gave this answer, he or she would flunk criminal law,” Cruz reacted. “But the Biden White House would then try to make you a federal judge …”

The Affirmative Action mentality allows people like Crews to get into law school and even to graduate. Then Democrats grant them power over us, bestowing upon them the authority to dismantle the society our ancestors required many generations to build.

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Feb 05 2023

Princeton Op Ed Denounces Honor Code as Racist

Pernicious rot seeps steadily down from the Ivy League to poison society. Now we learn that honor codes are racist. Emilly Santos writes in the Daily Princetonian:

American systems of legal administration enact violence against minority populations. Examining and re-considering these structures, such as the criminal justice system (CJS), is a crucial part of anti-racist action.

This is all settled social science. That’s why criminals are allowed to run loose wreaking havoc where liberals have achieved total dominance. Emilly applies the principle to her own world:

Princeton’s Honor Code, tasked with holding students accountable and honest in academic settings, mirrors the criminal justice system in its rules and effects. … [I]t is often most damaging for … students who also often belong to racial minorities.

Many minority students are allowed into Ivy League schools not because they are qualified but because they belong to preferred racial groups. Plunged in over their heads, some must resort to cheating in an attempt to keep up.

The University should lead by example by dismantling the Honor Code system, which acts as a barrier to social mobility and a more equitable society. Only once such internal injustices are addressed can we make real-world changes.

Today Princeton, tomorrow the world.

Miss Santos says getting suspended for cheating is especially hurtful to minorities because they are more likely to be attending school at other people’s expense, and are not eligible for financial aid for the repeated term. They might have to take out a loan and have to wait for Democrats to cancel their debt.

Like BIPOC criminals, BIPOC students should not have to live with the consequences of their behavior:

In the same way a criminal record haunts previous convicts, any Honor Code violation for which a student is found responsible follows them in their transcript, overshadowing the accomplishments of attaining a Princeton degree and making it difficult for students to find employment opportunities.

How attaining a Princeton degree counts as an accomplishment for people who are accepted due to their skin color and then allowed to get through by cheating is not explained.

Apply equity to academia, and standards collapse, reducing everything to farce. Let’s see what happens when you apply equity to a fashion runway:

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Jan 31 2023

Tyre Nichols Killing Was Caused by Erosion

When five black cops working for a black police chief in a majority black city beat to death a black guy, people looked for explanations for how this could have happened. The media establishment, applying the When All You’ve Got Is a Hammer principle, jumped the shark completely with the risibly preposterous assertion that white racism is to blame for the Tyre Nichols killing. The actual explanation is erosion — of both standards because of Affirmative Action and the War on Police, and the family because of sexual immorality and the welfare state.

Regarding the erosion of standards:

At least two out of of five Memphis police officers charged with murder in the fatal beatdown of Tyre Nichols joined the force after the department relaxed its hiring requirements.

Tadarrius Bean and Demetrius Haley joined the Memphis PD in August 2020, after education requirements were lowered.

Retired NYPD detective Mike Alcazar, who teaches at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, notes that this results in “less desirable” candidates.

“They’re desperate. They want police officers,” Alcazar said. “They’re going through it, they check off some boxes, saying, ‘Ok, they’re good enough, get them on.’”

Here’s how desperate:

The department showed signs of struggle with recruiting new police officers, offering $15,000 signing bonuses in 2021 and 2022, Fox 13 reported. …

The department also revealed that [it] was even offering waivers for people who have been convicted on felony charges.

Urban police departments are desperate to find recruits because the heavy emphasis on Affirmative Action shrinks the pool of candidates, and because the liberal establishment’s ferocious hostility to local police — which became conspicuous during the promotion of Black Lives Matter — has made the job unappealing. Few want to put their lives on the line with their hands tied, knowing that politically motivated brass will not have their back, and that the vermin comprising the mainstream media will side with criminals to rally the public against them.

Speaking of Affirmative Action, Memphis is one of the many cities that just happens to have a black woman for a police chief:

Cerelyn “CJ” Davis … was fired from the Atlanta police department in 2008 for her alleged involvement in a sex crimes investigation into the husband of an Atlanta police sergeant…

Two detectives accused Davis of telling them not to investigate Terrill Marion Crane, who was married to sergeant Tonya Crane after the police department obtained photos of him with underage girls.

A federal grand jury later indicted Terrill Crane on child pornography.

Thanks to identity politics, Davis will always be qualified for a top job, no matter how spectacularly she fails.

Personnel standards are not the only conspicuous manifestation of the moonbattery eroding America. Jason Whitlock enraged liberals by coming on Tucker Carlson’s show and drawing attention to what they would call “root causes.” Whitlock confesses to escaping the plantation:

I argued that the five police officers mimicked gang behavior and that the whole sad event is a byproduct of communities overrun with matriarchal values and controlled by single black mothers. I said that the conversation we should be having in reaction to Tyre Nichols centers on the cost of destroying the black family.

For this, the liberal thought police at Google’s YouTube labeled video of his appearance on Tucker Carlson as “inappropriate or offensive to some audiences” — the ultimate endorsement.

As usual, Whitlock makes good points. The intelligentsia was particularly enraged by his…

…attempt to spark a conversation about the real ramifications of America’s growing preference for female authority and alternative family structures. The matriarchy doesn’t work.

The black urban matriarchy has resulted from fatherless homes, resulting in turn from the stratospheric illegitimacy rate caused by the welfare state and the collapse of sexual morality.

General decay of our culture as it is presented to us by the lefty-dominated news and entertainment media also plays a role.

[The Nichols killing] feels like the outgrowth of a rotten culture, a culture where black men are canonized and celebrated for handling petty beefs and disrespect with lethal violence.

Whitlock’s solution is Christianity. It worked for 2,000 years. In stark contrast, liberalism is not working.

CNN’s Van Jones speaks for the establishment by barking about the Nichols killing being “driven by racism.” The implied solution is to double down on the progressive policies that caused the erosion.

No wonder CNN viewership just hit a 9-year low. The pernicious lies comprising the liberal misinformation bubble are so divorced from anything real, they only resonate with fanatics who live in an alternate universe of sheer moonbattery.

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Jan 19 2023

Dems Want to Lower Standards for Female Firefighters

To Democrats, identity politics is more important than life itself, as they prove by attacking physical fitness standards for firefighters in Connecticut:

A law introduced earlier this month in the Connecticut State Assembly would let women skip the Candidate Physical Ability Test, a timed gauntlet used by fire departments across the country. The test, which only 10 to 15 percent of women pass, requires candidates to complete intense physical tasks while wearing a 50 pound vest. It’s designed to simulate the experience of navigating a fire in heavy gear—and to weed out those unable to do so.

It’s not as if there will be no physical requirements at all. Social engineers will only lower standards far enough to get results that prop up their surreal vision of a world where there is no difference between men and women.

The law, introduced by five Democratic lawmakers, would offer women an alternative test based on “revised physical standards,” with the goal of ensuring that “additional female candidates” qualify for firefighter positions, text from the bill states.

As retired New Haven firefighter Leah DiNapoli notes,

“If you can’t handle a 50 pound vest, you’re not going to be able to rescue a child from a burning building.”

Leftists could counter this with one of their favorite slogans: “You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.”

Cultural Marxism is also applied on a racial basis:

In 2003, the New Haven fire department threw out the results of a written exam after none of the African Americans who took it scored high enough for a promotion. [Retired fireman Frank] Ricci, the former union president, who would have been promoted based on his results, sued the department, arguing that he and other non-black firefighters had been denied professional opportunities because of their race. The Supreme Court agreed, ruling 5-4 that New Haven had violated anti-discrimination law.

Rulings like that make Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court.

Equity will be achieved when we are all equally unqualified. Those stuck in burning buildings will be left to their own devices.

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Dec 12 2022

Profiles in Affirmative Action: Karine Jean-Pierre

If Brittney Griner is worthy to be traded for the Merchant of Death while other Americans are left to rot in Russian labor camps, then Karine Jean-Pierre is worthy to be the White House Press Secretary. The two have identical qualifications: they are black lesbians. It is only a distraction to note that Jean-Pierre is so incompetent that she read one of her canned answers in response to the wrong question:

During a recent press briefing, Jean-Pierre was asked about Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s (D-N.H.) angry response to President Joe Biden’s support of a proposal to put South Carolina ahead of New Hampshire in the Democratic presidential primary process. But the press secretary, who infamously reads scripted answers from her giant binder full of notes, accidentally rattled off an answer about the Hatch Act.

“So, look, we honor — we honor the Hatch Act, as I mentioned many times before here, as we are talking about a potential election, a 2024 presidential election. But, looking backward, it is the ultimate irony, you know, that the 2020 election was proven by the Trump administration’s Homeland —” Jean-Pierre said before realizing she was reading the answer to a completely different question.

Behold the death of merit:

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Oct 28 2022

Dusty Baker Grouses That His Team Isn’t Racially Correct

It’s not whether you win or lose or how you play the game that counts; it’s what identity boxes you check. So says Houston Astros manager Dusty Baker, whose opinion matters no matter how moronic it might be because he is black:

When [Dusty Baker] leads the Houston Astros in Game 1 of the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies on Friday night, the AL and NL champions are expected to play without any U.S.-born Black players for the first time since 1950…

It’s a fact that deeply disturbs the 73-year-old Baker…

Baker will pout even if his own team wins, because they aren’t US-born blacks like him. This is unlikely to have a positive effective on the team’s morale.

According to Baker, “we need to do something” about too many players failing to comply with his racial preferences. He implies that it is somehow due to racism and that we should hang our heads in shame.

The percentage of black players in the MLB has declined from 18% in 1991 to 7.2% at the beginning of this season, presumably because blacks are less interested in baseball. This leaves those in charge with the choice of either fielding fewer blacks, or fielding blacks who are less talented than players who are excluded due to their race.

Can you guess which option the woke MLB is going with? Sure you can:

Last summer, for the first time in MLB draft history, four of the first five players selected were Black.

What a coincidence. Not even sports are free from the injustice and mediocrity imposed by Affirmative Action.

All four, along with more than 300 big leaguers, including Atlanta’s Michael Harris II, Cincinnati’s Hunter Greene, Pittsburgh’s Ke’Bryan Hayes and Milwaukee’s Devin Williams, took part in MLB diversity-based initiatives such as the MLB Youth Academy, DREAM Series and the Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) program.

For some reason, no one cares about racial disparities in the 71% black NFL or 72% black NBA.

Blacks make up 13% if the population. That they are vastly overrepresented in some areas (e.g., advertising) makes it difficult to ensure that they are not underrepresented anywhere else.

Formerly, virtually every major leaguer was a US-born white guy. This is unsurprising, considering that members of America’s core population invented the game. Now, the league openly recruits others to supplant them. A white manager who complained about this would lose his job instantly. Systemic racism cuts only one way.

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Sep 03 2022

Biden Spox Claims “Ten Thousand Million” Jobs Created

To get an idea of what Affirmative Action does to the general level of competence by discarding merit as prerequisite in favor of Cultural Marxist identity politics, consider that racially and sexually correct immigrant Karine Jean-Pierre is chief spokesperson for the figurehead of the ruling party. Here she tells us that the regime that has been systematically destroying the economy through grotesquely excessive spending and malicious regulation has created “ten thousand million jobs”:

Note that she appears to be reading this remarkable figure from her notes, and that she gives no indication of being aware that she has said something stupid yet again.

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Aug 17 2022

RAF Hold on White Male Recruits

The Royal Air Force earned the world’s admiration by holding off overwhelming Nazi airpower to win the Battle of Britain. Don’t expect similar accomplishments in the foreseeable future. Defending the British nation is no longer the priority — quite the reverse. Consequently,

The head of RAF recruitment has resigned in protest at an “effective pause” on offering jobs to white male recruits in favour of women and ethnic minorities, defence sources have claimed.

This unnamed officer is a woman herself. Like any patriot, she prefers combat readiness to Cultural Marxism.

The senior female officer apparently handed in her notice in recent days amid concerns that any such restrictions on hiring … could undermine the fighting strength of the Royal Air Force (RAF), the sources said. …

The defence sources accused Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston, the head of the RAF, of appearing willing to compromise UK security at a time of growing threats from Russia and China in pursuit of albeit important goals such as improving diversity and inclusion.

Why diversity and inclusion should be regarded as “important goals” for the military rather than a security threat given massive Islamic immigration to Britain is not explained.

Successive governments have been challenging all three armed services – the RAF, the army and the Royal Navy – for years to improve their diversity statistics in what has traditionally been a predominantly white, male profession.

Until such a time as robots do the fighting, an effective military will always consist mainly of men. As for the charge that the RAF allows in too many white people, it apparently needs to be noted that Britain is located in Europe.

Senior leaders appear to be prioritising diversity over operational needs, according to defence sources.

Looks like the USA is not the only country whose military recruitment has been crippled from within by Mark Milley and Lloyd Austin types and their moonbattery.

As British top brass focuses on wokeness…

…the military’s flying training system – a fundamental part of a functioning air force – is in crisis, as revealed by Sky News earlier this month.

The Chinese and Russians watch and plan accordingly. Joel Abbott is correct that with the current lot in charge of the RAF, Britain would have lost to the Nazis.

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Aug 05 2022

New York City Hiring to Be Based on Race

Affirmative Action feeds on itself by putting those who have benefitted from non–merit-based hiring in a position to impose still more of it. Given his conspicuous witlessness, New York City Mayor Eric Adams probably owes his position to his race. He does not hesitate to play the race card. So this comes as no surprise:

Adams has requested city agencies to provide photographs of potential hires to City Hall as candidates go through the interview process for city jobs ranging from assistant commissioner to departmental press secretary, Politico reported Thursday.

Several unnamed city officials told the outlet that the request is clearly an effort to hire more diverse staffers.

The euphemism “diverse” means that whites need not apply for cushy, overpaid, and mostly superfluous government jobs in New York City.

Selecting candidates on the basis of not being white is not likely to work out any better for Adams than it has for Joe Biden, who explicitly chose the laughing stocks Kamala Harris and Ketanji Brown Jackson on that basis.

Applied Affirmative Action.

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May 20 2022

Karine Jean-Pierre May Be Qualified After All

Karine Jean-Pierre gives the impression of being yet another unqualified Affirmative Action hire. Unlike Kamala Harris and Ketanji Brown Jackson, she wasn’t explicitly given her position for identity politics purposes. Yet she checks more boxes than either of them, being not only a Woman of Color but also ostentatiously sexually aberrant and an immigrant born of a Haitian mother in Martinique. However, watching Mark Dice’s summary of her career as a propagandist suggests that she has the one skill required to be spokesmoonbat for Biden’s failing presidency.

Democrats are down to their last resort — namely, yelling their favorite word “racism” as if it were a magic incantation. Fortuitously, the one thought in Karine’s otherwise empty head appears to be, “Racist!”

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May 17 2022

Rule by Mental Defectives

The infuriatingly condescending Jen Psaki is so witless that back in Obama days, Russians adopted the псаки as a unit of measure to gauge stupidity. However, she was Kayleigh McEnany compared to her replacement, the Historic First Lesbian of Color Press Secretary. Watch in astonishment as Karine Jean-Pierre explains that raising taxes will fix inflation because climate change and Marxism:

As for the so-called rich “not paying taxes at all,” the USA has arguably the most progressive income tax structure in the world. Karl Marx would love it.

Check enough identity boxes and you don’t have to be any smarter than a box of rocks. Jean-Pierre’s trendily interracial “partner” is a female CNN propagandist. What more qualification could she need?

Stand by as Affirmative Action subjects us to an onslaught of stupidity that will top even this:

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May 09 2022

ABA Advises Dropping LSAT

According to political correctness, your only relevant qualification is your position on the intersectional identity totem pole. Aptitude is as irrelevant as performance. Consequently, there is no point in law school applicants taking the LSAT:

The American Bar Association favored dropping standardized tests from law school admissions in a newly released memo approved by the organization’s strategic review committee.

The shift in the bar’s position to make standardized admissions tests optional could substantially affect how the Law School Admissions Test, which law school applicants are currently required to complete, is used in law school admissions.

The point is to facilitate discrimination against whites and Asians, in favor of those who may be less qualified but who represent racial groups favored by the liberal ruling class.

Reuters explains why the LSAT has to go:

Studies have shown significant disparity in LSAT scores across racial groups. A 2019 study found the average score for Black LSAT takers was 142, compared to 153 for white and Asian test takers.

Since equity exists only in leftists’ totalitarian fever dreams, there is no valid test on which all groups will perform equally. Ergo, there will be no meaningful tests. Instead, students might write essays about the hurtfulness of their historical marginalization. No extra credit would be given for proper spelling and grammar, because that would be racist.

The ABA’s woke social engineering goes beyond dumping the LSAT. There is also Standard 206:

The ABA’s original proposed revision met with so much pushback that ABA delayed moving forward with it. The recently revised proposal (which likely won’t be adopted before August) aims to increase student admissions and faculty-staff hires of members of groups underrepresented in law compared to the U.S. population overall. Although the ABA Council has denied seeking to impose quotas, its effort to guarantee a proportional share of admissions/hires is likely unlawful.

Who is better suited to break the law than lawyers?

The Supreme Court is expected to hear cases involving racial discrimination in admissions at Harvard and UNC next term. The liberal establishment is abolishing objective standards in advance.

Legal Insurrection notes that the ABA has a near monopoly on accrediting power, and should be stripped of it due to its devotion to Cultural Marxism at the expense of fair admissions.

As our explicit Affirmative Action VP Kamala Harris so often serves to remind us, merit and moonbattery cannot coexist.

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Mar 02 2022

Affirmative Action Vice President Explains Ukrainian Crisis

In case there are any kindergartners out there unclear on what is going on in Ukraine, our Historic First Affirmative Action Vice President spells it out in appropriate terms:

Funny thing about Affirmative Action: the best are not chosen, even among the privileged identity groups being favored. There must be any number of black women more competent than Kamala Harris. But once you throw merit out the window, Kamala Harris is what you get.

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