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May 29 2021

Open Thread

The government can back up its tastes and beliefs with the police power. That is why it cannot be permitted tastes and beliefs. Most emphatically, it cannot be permitted to define one group as being privileged over another group of people. It was wrong in the days of Jim Crow; it is wrong in the days of affirmative action. - Charles A. Murray
May 16 2021

Biden Advisor Blames Economy on Easter in March

The reason the post-Covid economic recovery has been aborted is not that the leftists who rule us have suppressed the energy sector, are inflating the currency, and pay people not to work. White House economic adviser Cecilia Rouse has revealed that the problem is that Easter was in March.

The calendar reminds us that Easter fell on April 4 this year. But the calendar is racist and sexist for contradicting someone who probably has her job because she is a Woman of Color.

On a tip from Henry.

May 03 2021

Science + Moonbattery = Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

There is no aspect of civilization that cannot be debased and destroyed through the application of moonbattery. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein demonstrates that this is true not only of the arts but also of the sciences.

As CNN glowingly reports, she is…

…the first Black woman to hold a tenure-track faculty position in theoretical cosmology as an assistant professor at the University of New Hampshire. Prescod-Weinstein is one of the country’s few core faculty members of both physics and women’s and gender studies departments at a higher institution.

If you mix meatloaf with manure, you get manure. If you mix science with moonbattery, you get moonbattery.

In her new book, “The Disordered Cosmos: A Journey into Dark Matter, Spacetime, and Dreams Deferred,” Prescod-Weinstein invites readers into the universe as she sees it — and as a self-described queer agender Black woman, she sees it differently than many people.

Imagine designing a rocket to the moon from the viewpoint not of objective reality, but of a “queer agender Black woman.” Odds of it getting off the launch pad would not be high.

Her book chapters — including “The Physics of Melanin,” “Black People Are Luminous Matter” and “The Anti-Patriarchy Agender” — show her focus “at the intersection of astrophysics and particle physics” and at the intersection of physics and Black feminist thought and anti-colonial theory.

Liberals have already conquered the liberal arts. Now this nauseating and pernicious lunacy will displace science education.

Prescod-Weinstein asks us to consider how science would be different if scientists were from more diverse backgrounds, and if it incorporated Indigenous scientific knowledge and voices.

For example, instead of skyscrapers, we could have dung huts. Instead of microsurgery, we could have witchdoctors writhing convulsively and pointing bones.

Predscod-Weinstein weeps for the “alternative futures that were foreclosed because of White supremacy, because of patriarchy.” At least she escaped the alternative futures where there is no such thing as Affirmative Action.

What liberalism will leave us with in place of science.

On a tip from Steve T.

Apr 07 2021

United Airlines to Recruit Pilots on Affirmative Action Basis

Air travel may soon become more exciting. United Airlines proclaims that it will recruit pilots on the same basis Biden nominates cabinet officials — namely, identity politics:

United Airlines said on Tuesday it wants women and people of color to make up at least half of the 5,000 pilots it plans to train this decade at its new flight school, a push to diversify a career traditionally dominated by white men.

Most people wouldn’t think twice about seeing a female or minority pilot — unless they have reason to suspect that the pilot has that position not due to being the most qualified for the job, but so as to satisfy a quota. In that case, they would be wise to hesitate before getting on the plane.

But what does public safety matter in comparison to the grand jihad against white men? Speaking of which,

Becoming a pilot can be a long and costly pursuit and the company is offering $1.2 million in academy scholarships.

The airline’s credit card partner, JPMorgan Chase, will fund another $1.2 million for women and people of color accepted to the academy, which expects to enroll 100 students this year.

Discriminating on the basis of race and sex is wrong — unless of course you are discriminating against white men, who serve the same role in liberal establishment ideology that Jews did in Nazi ideology.

In case hiring pilots to fulfill Affirmative Action quotas isn’t woke enough, the airline also denounces election integrity:

United joined Delta Air Lines and American Airlines on Monday in speaking out against voting restrictions following recent legislation in states like Georgia that activist groups say unfairly target Black and other racial minority voters.

By now even liberals inside their propaganda bubble know that Biden’s public relations campaign against the Georgia law is based on blatant lies. Georgia is no more restrictive than many blue states. The point is to demonstrate how severely anyone who puts up resistance to HR1 will be punished if the bill passes, institutionalizing voter fraud and establishing single party Democrat rule. This confirms that cheating is key to the Democrat game plan.

Some enterprising entrepreneur ought to start up Unwoke Airlines, with the stated policies of hiring pilots based on ability and staying out of politics. It would have no problem finding customers. But then, Big Government would crush it with the selective application of regulations and by denying it the subsidies showered upon its competitors.

Hat tips: Maggie’s Farm, Power Line.

Apr 02 2021

Babylon Bee and Not the Bee All but Merge

Scrambling desperately, the Babylon Bee manages to stay a step ahead of the Biden’s Handlers Administration:

I should have said half-step. Democrats are already conflating humans with animals in order to impose equity, implying that different races are different species. Via Not the Bee:

Antiracism isn’t easy to tell apart from racism.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and Varla.

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