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Jan 04 2024

Inheritors of South Africa: Women Want to Be Raped

Rape is endemic in the Rainbow Utopia, as previously flourishing South African disintegrates into a pre-civilization state of barbarism due to the triumph of moonbattery. How do women feel about it? Let’s see if potential rapists know. Britain’s Ross Kemp asks the previously oppressed:

In the case of female moonbats, these sociopaths may actually have a point. If they are not willing at some sick level to become victims of rape, why do they support the societal disintegration that makes sexual violence inevitable? Maybe this explains feminist support for Hamas rapists.

On a tip from R F.

Aug 20 2023

Lights Will Soon Go Out in South Africa

Eventually progressivism progresses to the point where the lights go out. Consider the Rainbow Utopia:

Renowned economist Dawie Roodt said Eskom’s generation and distribution divisions are slowly dying, similar to South African Airways (SAA) and the South African Post Office (SAPO).

State-owned Eskom is the largest producer of electricity in Africa. It is going bankrupt.

The government is furiously shoveling other people’s money at Eskom. This won’t work.

Roodt said the government is trying to run things they cannot run, which causes them to collapse.

He previously explained that SAA had ten turnaround plans, and they all failed. “The company was ultimately run into the ground financially and operationally.”

“The same is currently happening to the South African Post Office. It is simply coming to an end. It is under provisional liquidation, and it is also just dying.”

The same could be said of the country as a whole. But all the racism there is against whites these days, so liberals count it as a win.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Apr 26 2023

South Africa to Ban Free Speech

How does the fundamental right of free speech fare where liberalism has triumphed? To find out, let’s turn to the Rainbow Utopia and check on the progress of the Prevention and Combating of Hate Crime and Hate Speech Bill, which has been accepted by South Africa’s National Assembly:

The Bill has now been referred to the National Council of Provinces for deliberation and should it be accepted, it will be sent to Pres Cyril Ramaphosa for confirmation.

Ramaphosa was produced by the same African National Congress that gave us the communist terrorist, chum of despots, and prominent deity in the liberal firmament Nelson Mandela. I’m guessing he will sign it.

A specific concern is the vague definitions used in the Bill to define hate speech.

That’s not a bug; it’s a feature. As with the terms of service Big Tech tyrants like Google exploit to deplatform dissidents, vagueness will allow it to be weaponized on an arbitrary basis. The concept of “hate speech” and “hate crimes” was created for this purpose.

After several amendments to the Bill the term “hate crime” is now defined as an offense – excluding the offenses of crimen injuria or hate speech – committed by a person motivated by their prejudice or intolerance towards the victim, a family member of the victim, or the victim’s connection to or support of a group of persons who share one or more of the following real or perceived characteristics: age; albinism; culture; disability; ethnic or social roots; gender; HIV or Aids status; language; nationality; refugee status; occupation; political affiliation or conviction; race; religion; sexual orientation; skin colour.

The Bill also provides for the different channels through which these crimes can be committed and includes social media and online communication.

In short, say anything over the Internet that anyone chooses to find offensive and if authorities don’t like the cut of your jib, you will be in big trouble:

The Bill also provides for any person found guilty of a hate crime to be sentenced to a maximum of eight years imprisonment or a fine or both.

It would be a challenge to survive eight days in a South African hospital nowadays. Eight years in prison could be a life sentence.

We all know when Democrats will impose a similar law in the USA: the moment they have the political leverage.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Feb 11 2023

South Africa Declares National State of Emergency

The future moonbattery makes inevitable is coming for us all. Because the Rainbow Utopia is a few years ahead of the rest, it is hitting South Africa first:

National Disaster Management Centre head Dr Elias Sithole has classified the impact of load-shedding as a national disaster.

Droned Sh**hole:

“[I] hereby call upon organs of state to further strengthen and support existing structures established to coordinate and manage the implementation of contingency arrangements in line with the National Energy Action Plan.”

President Cyril Ramaphosa contributes more words:

“Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures. The energy crisis is an existential threat to our economy and social fabric of our country,” said Ramaphosa.

“We must spare no effort, and we must allow no delay, in implementing these measures.”

Meanwhile, the lights flicker out as a formerly wealthy country circles the drain.

Every time you flip the switch and the lights still come on, be thankful that liberalism has not yet reached full flower.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Sep 27 2022

Race Quota Could Nix Starlink in South Africa

Even after leftists like Joe Biden use immigration and welfare policy to achieve their stated objective of making whites a minority, the quotas, set-asides, and antiwhite discrimination collectively known as Affirmative Action will continue. The whites who created South Africa have been reduced to <9% of the population. Systemic racism against them is still so repressive that it appears to be preventing South African expat Elon Musk from providing Starlink Internet service:

South Africa’s estimated launch date for SpaceX’s high-speed, low-latency satellite Internet service Starlink has been changed from 2023 to “unknown”.

The delay in launching Starlink has been attributed to “regulatory hurdles.” At least some of the red tape is racial in nature:

South Africa’s telecoms regulator — the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) — previously told MyBroadband it would not issue any new licences to companies that are not 30% black owned, in line with new legislation for Internet service providers (ISPs).

Racial justice means it is better to go without than give business to white people.

On a tip from R F.

Apr 18 2022

Shopping in South Africa

Let’s check in on the rainbow utopia, where the globalist Left got what it wanted. Here’s how grocery shopping is done:

What happens when people start starving because looting delivery trucks and killing white farmers leave the grocery stores empty? Europe and North America send free food, of course.

It’s when liberals have turned the entire West into South Africa en route to Zimbabwe that we really have a problem. Maybe Putin will send us some free food.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Mar 22 2022

Making Covid Tyranny Permanent in South Africa

South Africa is the template for progressives because its demographics at least theoretically guarantee permanent left-wing rule. Here’s how that applies to Covid:

A set of new draft laws introduced in South Africa could make permanent some of the liberty-crushing measures imposed on citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic, and enshrine into law a type of medical caste system formally excluding the unvaccinated from public life.

Among the intrusive decrees is a mask mandate for all public areas, including public transportation.

The laws are needed because even if Covid disappears entirely — or peters out as it already has into the mild Omicron variant, which originated in South Africa — it might come back some day.

Under the new draft laws, unvaccinated citizens could be banned from all indoor events with more than 1,000 people and all outdoor events with more than 2,000 people.

Only about half of South Africans are counted as fully vaccinated. The rest will be the equivalent of Hindu “Dalits.”

Bad enough to be white in South Africa. Imagine being white and unvaccinated. Life isn’t fun at the bottom of a caste system.

The draft rules are to apply not only to Covid but to “ALL notifiable health conditions.” If Omicron qualifies as a pretext to impose these restrictions, so might the next round of flu.

As Democrat Alliance leader John Steenhuisen observes:

“The ANC government is no longer fighting the spread of Covid. It is fighting to hold on to the powers it has become accustomed to.”

This will hold true to varying degrees in every country where leftists have exploited Covid to increase their power.

On tips from ABC of the ANC.

Jul 13 2021

South Africa: At the End of the Rainbow Nation

If you want to know the future of the West, look to South Africa, where the demographics liberals aspire to produce in America and Europe are already in place and their political objectives have been achieved. The white oppressors who built the country out of wilderness are now effectively slaves to blacks who immigrated from other parts of Africa, in accordance with racial justice. Now it remains only for the oppressed to finish looting and burning what others worked to create.

Major upheaval was set off when the judicial system showed encouraging integrity by jailing infamously corrupt former President Jacob Zuma, age 79. At last word, at least 45 people have been killed in rioting, 10 or more of them in a stampede of looters at a shopping center in Soweto.

Nearly 800 people have been arrested. But you can’t arrest the entire population, and you would almost have to in order to restore civilization.

Fires have been set, highways blocked, ATMs disemboweled. Looting is rampant. In Durban, even a blood bank was looted. The lavishly rewarded mostly peaceful protests of Black Lives Matter may have served as an inspiration.

Zuma governed at the head of the same African National Congress that produced liberal demigod Nelson Mandela and current President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Via the Beeb:

Ramaphosa was accused of belatedly deploying troops – and only 2,500 of them compared with the 70,000 he deployed to enforce a nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of Covid-19 last year.

In South Africa as in the USA, Covid lockdowns are serious business, whereas left-wing riots are no biggie.

Police Minister Bheki Cele told journalists on Tuesday that, if the looting continued, there was a risk areas could run out of basic food supplies.

What do they need food for? This is utopia, the country where liberals completely got their way. Let them eat moonbattery.

If South Africa follows former Breadbasket of Africa Zimbabwe into basket case status, Western countries will provide just enough food to keep the half-starved population exploding. Reducing a prosperous country to hell on earth is a small price to pay for the eradication of white privilege.

Not all law-abiding citizens have been disarmed yet. Watch armed citizens fire on looters:

On tips from ABC of the ANC and Wiggins.

May 06 2021

Applied Critical Race Theory in South Africa

As Americans know from watching critical race theory, Black Lives Matter, and the Democratic Party achieve ever more dominance, hatred of whites is a powerful political tool in the hands of leftists. It is also an exceeding dangerous one, having created the situation that continues to prevail in the Rainbow Utopia:

A helpless farmer shot through the spine by robbers and left paralysed 20 years ago in South Africa was tied up in his wheelchair and cruelly strangled to death in a second attack.

Neil McKay, 46, was found by his distraught mother when she visited the farm in Winterton to check on him.

Widow Bev went upstairs and found her disabled son tied up in his wheelchair in his bedroom.

The original attackers were never brought to justice. As for this time around, no arrests have been made.

Killing white farmers is technically illegal in South Africa. Similarly, it is technically illegal in the USA for Black Lives Matter mobs to loot Target every time a Criminal of Color loses a physical confrontation with police.

North America may increasingly resemble South Africa after Democrat welfare and immigration policy allow Biden et al. to achieve their white minority holy grail. The level of race hate they have used their control of the schools and the media to generate is already intense.

On a tip from R F.

Jan 29 2021

South Africa Shows One Way to Deal With Judiciary

As our decline unfolds like a morbidly compelling novel, sometimes it is tempting to peek ahead to see what happens next. South Africa, preceding us along the same road, allows us to see America’s future. A current scandal there is that a spy agency has been spending public money to corrupt the judiciary:

The Commission of Inquiry into State Capture on Thursday heard explosive evidence of how the State Security Agency (SSA) attempted to undermine the country’s judiciary using millions of rand of its funds.

A secret witness only identified as “Ms K” told the commission, chaired by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, that “Operation Justice” was set up to influence, recruit and handle sources within the judiciary. She said sources meant members of the judiciary.

According to Ms K, the purported aim of “Operation Justice” was to ensure harmony between the state and the justice fraternity and allegedly included influencing the outcome of cases.

“Harmony” might mean the same thing our Democrats mean by “unity.”

Ms K is project manager of a probe into malfeasance at the SSA. Another official at the same agency is known as Mr Y.

The chief directorate: special operations contributed largely to the rise in confidence in the justice by the public through its influential role in the media, reporting and utilising well-placed media personnel, stated Mr Y’s evidence.

A corrupted media manipulates public opinion for political ends. Sounds familiar.

Back on the topic of American politics, Biden’s rule by executive order has encountered no noticeable opposition but rather encouragement from the legislative branch, which is becoming obsolete.

The judiciary, however, might be a problem. Unsurprisingly, we recently received confirmation that Biden might disable that branch of government by packing the Supreme Court with rubber stamp flunkies, at which point the USA would literally become a dictatorship.

Or maybe Biden will follow South Africa’s lead, and employ our massive intelligence apparatus to keep the courts in line. Former CIA chief John Brennan, who recently suggested targeting libertarians for investigation political harassment, would love the idea.

The corruptocrat Biden, who has been ensconced in the Washington establishment for half a century, was placed in the Oval Office because he is the Swamp personified. Under his rule, his fellow swamp creatures will thrive, as confirmed by recent appointments. For example, just as the corruption prevailing on Wall Street bursts into the news, the wife of disgraced FBI apparatchik Peter Strzok has been named Acting Director of the Division of Enforcement of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

As corruption becomes the norm as in South Africa, the Swamp should have no problem keeping judges in line.

On tips from ABC of the ANC, Henry, and Dragon’s Lair.

Jul 30 2021

Miles4Migrants: Importing Illegal Immigrants From Africa

Once illegal immigrants have taken up Biden on his invitation to invade, the military transports them throughout the land, so as to turn red states blue and make the colonists more difficult to expel, in case people who mean the country well ever take control and begin to enforce immigration law. There may not be not enough needy economic refugees in Central America to displace us, so more need to be brought in from farther away.

Demographic projections indicate that Africa is producing enough people to overwhelm the entire planet. Any African who can make it to our southern border is welcome to walk across and never leave. But getting to Mexico can be difficult for people across the ocean who may not even be able to feed themselves without assistance. So moonbats help fly them here at no charge by supporting Miles4Migrants.

Here’s how this nonprofit organization describes itself:

Miles4Migrants uses donated frequent flyer miles (and monetary donations) to fly refugees, asylees, and asylum seekers to their new homes.

Refugees, asylees, and asylum seekers are euphemisms for illegal aliens. Once on American soil, the process of conquest is simple: (1) claim to be seeking asylum; (2) get a date to appear in court that will be years in the future because the system is hopelessly backed up by the millions who are invading; (3) ignore the court date; (4) drop anchor babies who are American citizens from birth, so as to qualify for ever more extravagant welfare benefits; (5) wait for the inevitable amnesty so as to vote legally for Democrats instead of voting for them illegally.

Look who is backing the invasion:

Miles4Migrants, which is funded by the Shapiro Foundation and the Tripadvisor Foundation, works with Delta Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Uber, and a network of over 50 nonprofit partners including the UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency.

Meanwhile, as Democrats force small children to wear masks all day on the slim chance that they might come down with the sniffles from Covid, which is not a serious illness for kids,

The Democratic Republic of Congo Africa has been the primary country of origin of refugees seeking admittance to the United States following the country’s 2019 Ebola outbreak according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Supporting Miles4Migrants isn’t virtue signaling. No one could be stupid enough to think sinking the USA into the Third World through never-ending mass immigration will improve the lot of the human race. To have any chance of stopping the liberal agenda, we have to call it what it is: treason.

On a tip from R F.

Dec 11 2023

Whole Countries Want Slavery Reparations

The greed and sense of entitlement that have come to characterize a certain privileged minority group reach their most pathological extreme in the demand for “reparations” — unearned wealth transfers in amounts so grotesquely excessive as to in effect enslave the rest of the population. Now whole countries want to get in on the looting spree:

Speaking at the London School of Economics this week, Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley redoubled her push for slavery reparations, saying that the movement demanding payment for historical wrongs had become a more pressing issue following the resurgence of Black Lives Matter and the [fentanyl overdose] of George Floyd in the United States in 2020.

The leftist Bajan leader, of the Barbados Labour Party, claimed that her country was owed a staggering $4.9 trillion in reparations for slavery from former colonial powers…

Numbers have been crunched on behalf of crybully moochers:

The Barbadian prime minister cited figures compiled by the Boston-based Brattle Group, which has claimed that Britain owes $24 trillion to 14 different countries over the transatlantic slave trade. The group has also asserted that France owes $9.2 trillion, the Netherlands owes $4.86 trillion, and Spain owes $17.1 trillion for their roles in slavery.

For comparison, the annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Barbados is estimated by the International Monetary Fund to be around $6.2 billion this year, meaning that the demanded reparations would amount to 790 times the yearly economic output of the entire country.

If it hadn’t been for slavery, potential reparations recipients would be back in the land of their ancestors, digging under rotting logs for bugs to eat rather than demanding other people’s money. That’s why Mohammed Ali wisely thanked God that his “granddaddy got on that boat.”

Meanwhile, back in Africa,

The calls for reparations from Mottley came days after the granddaughter of former South African President Nelson Mandela demanded that the British Royal Family personally pay for its role in colonialism in Africa. Ndileka Mandela told the BBC last week that payoffs to Africa would be necessary for the “healing” to begin.

Now that reparations are underway, the healing won’t finish until civilization has been looted out of existence.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Nov 30 2023

DC Doubles Down on BLM Insanity

With violent crime under control and a comfortable budget surplus, the moonbats running the District of Corruption can remained focused on wasting taxpayer money to glorify lawlessness and undermine the police in the name of black supremacist ideology:

Taxpayers in Washington are footing the bill for a $270,000 paint job to refresh “Black Lives Matter Plaza” as violent crime in the district has spiked 40% since last year.

The move to repaint the anti-police street art, which features 50-foot yellow letters along two blocks of 16th Street outside the White House, comes as the district has implemented millions in budget cuts to the Metropolitan Police Department over the past several years and crime has skyrocketed. …

A large share of the 40% increase in violent crime comes from the 34% increase in homicides in Washington over last year, according to data released Monday. Robbery increased by 68% in the same time period.

By now, anyone who cares to know is aware that the Black Lives Matter phenomenon is based on a lie, the career criminal George Floyd not having been killed by the by-the-book police officer Derek Chauvin. We know that BLM is a con, and that the $millions upon $millions shoveled at it by liberal fools and woke corporations have gone to buy luxury homes or have disappeared altogether. We know that undermining law and order with BLM rhetoric predictably led to an explosion of violent crime.

But as noted in the context of South Africa,

No moonbat is going to say, “Okay, that’s enough moonbattery; let’s turn back.” The condition is terminal.

As South Africa has gone, so America is going. Rhodesia is already there.

On tips from Barry A, Franco, and ABC of the ANC.

Nov 28 2023

Checking In on the Rainbow Utopia

Moonbats managed to force South Africa to succumb to the sort of government they want. The story is over, with a happy rainbow ending, so there is no need for the media to dwell on the aftermath. But just in case you are curious:

According to the most recent crime statistics released by the Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, a staggering 881 women and 293 children were killed during the period of July and September this year. …

A staggering 14,401 female victims were victims of assault and 1,514 were victims of attempted murder during the three-month period.

Seventy-five people are killed daily in South Africa. Fortunately, the left-wing GOOD Party has a solution. Barks Brett Herron, GOOD Party secretary-general and MP:

“GOOD maintains that without addressing the toxic blend of social and economic injustice; crime cannot be reduced through more boots on the ground alone.”

No matter how intolerable the crises caused by moonbattery, moonbats’ solution will always be more moonbattery. That’s why a country is doomed once they consolidate control.

South African Federation of Trade Unions national spokesperson Trevor Shaku blames the criminal violence on “backwardness created by patriarchy” and “economic deprivation created by capitalism.”

No moonbat is going to say, “Okay, that’s enough moonbattery; let’s turn back.” The condition is terminal.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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