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Sep 03 2021

Using the United Nations to Undermine Gun Rights

Because we need to be defenseless, domestic leftists cannot complete their agenda without first confiscating our firearms. They can’t confiscate our firearms without first forcing us to register them. The globalist left could be helpful in that regard:

The Biden administration this week signaled that it is eyeing a United Nations small arms treaty that critics claim will lead to an international gun registration plan — including for individual American gun owners. …

“I have come from Washington, D.C., this week to take the floor on the agenda item Treaty Universalization to underscore the continuing commitment of the United States to responsible international trade in conventional arms,” William Malzahn said at the 7th Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty.

Malzahn is a Foggy Bottom apparatchik — specifically, Acting Deputy Director of the Office of Conventional Arms Threat Reduction, Bureau of International Security & Nonproliferation at Antony Blinken’s US Department of State.

The NRA has warned that, among many moves, the treaty will require all arms that Americans buy from overseas makers to be tracked. To do that, a global gun registry would be created and maintained for 10 years. Every owner will be listed on that registry.

Democrats pursue their objectives sneakily. Their incremental approach to imposing Marxism is a case in point.

Few will miss the irony of Biden working insidiously to disarm the American population after arming Taliban terrorists with $billions worth of weaponry at our expense.

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Jul 15 2021

Antony Blinken Calls on United Nations to Denounce America

Under sane governance, the Secretary of State would advance American interests abroad. Under rule by moonbats, he has the opposite role: to rally foreign foes to help Democrats tear America down. Quintessential repulsively soft liberal bureauweenie Antony Blinken is tailormade for the task:

The United Nations — whose World Health Organization arm was just panned for its probe of the COVID-19 pandemic’s origins confined to guidelines set by the Chinese Communist Party — has been formally invited by the Biden administration to investigate “the scourge of racism, racial discrimination, and xenophobia” in the US, according to Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Among the liberal elite, it will lend weight to Democrats’ scurrilous condemnations of their own country if the execrable United Nations agrees.

“It is in this context that the United States intends to issue a formal, standing invitation to all UN experts who report and advise on thematic human rights issues,” he continued. “As a first step, we have reached out to offer an official visit by the UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism and the UN Special Rapporteur on minority issues.”

A UN Special Rapporteur will be oblivious to the only prevalent racism in this country, namely, the systematic racism against whites manifested in its most blatant and systematic form by Affirmative Action. The UN will attack America from the viewpoint of the ultra-left, just as it does with Israel, which a Special Rapporteur recently accused of “war crimes” for building settlements.

The invitation … comes less than a year after the US endured a lashing on its civil rights record before the UN — getting scolded by the likes of China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and North Korea.

Our Democrat rulers so enjoyed the humiliation of that absurd spectacle, they are explicitly requesting more of the same.

This isn’t the first time the Biden’s Handlers Administration has utilized the United Nations as a platform to attack the country they are in the process of ruining. Earlier this year, our UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield denounced America to its very core, proclaiming that “white supremacy” was woven into our “founding documents and principles.” She didn’t mention that blacks live better in the USA than in any other country, for this would undermine critical race theory, the main wrecking ball they are using to destroy it.

Although their figurehead Biden is an idiot, we are not ruled by mere fools. We are ruled by our enemies. No country can long survive rule by people who hate it.

On tips from Chuck A, R F, and Wiggins. Hat tip: Gun Free Zone.

May 11 2021

United Nations Likes Global Minimum Tax

Biden’s people advocate for a global tax, so that victims of their confiscatory taxation policies cannot escape the country, the way people have been escaping hypertaxed Democrat-ruled states like California and New York. Unsurprisingly, our embryonic world government loves the idea. A high-level UN panel issued recommendations in February:

The High-Level Panel for International Financial Accountability, Transparency and Integrity for Achieving the 2030 Agenda (FACTI) said a 20% to 30% global corporate tax on profits would “help limit incentives against profit shifting, tax competition and a race to the bottom.”

If countries are not allowed to compete with each other on tax rates, these rates will only go higher and higher. When they reach 100%, utopia will have been achieved.

Globalism offers plenty of pain, and spreads it widely. Even globalist Big Tech companies may get their share:

One of the panel’s other recommendations includes a tax on digital services. France has already moved forward with such a tax, which would hit tech giants like Facebook and Google.

The concept of taxation imposed globally could put a crimp on techie plans to build their own city on a Mediterranean island so that they don’t have to deal with greedy and oppressive Big Government. Ironically, Big Tech plutocrats have been eager to impose excessive government on the rest of us through their aggressive support for the Democratic Party.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and Steve T.

Mar 30 2021

Will Covid Vaccine Patents Be Confiscated?

Big Pharma performed a miracle by creating innovative vaccines astonishingly quickly, forcing the ChiCom virus to wind down. Progressives, who are heavily invested in prolonging the pandemic so they can continue to exploit it, will not let this happen again. They demand that pharmaceutical companies surrender their patents:

“Multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical companies continue to prioritize profits by protecting their monopolies,” Bernie Sanders says. Adds Connecticut Rep. Rosa DeLauro: “We need to make the public policy choices both in the U.S. and at the WTO that puts patients first.”

The World Trade Organization has been petitioned by relatively backward countries to suspend intellectual property protection on coronavirus vaccines.

Breaking patents won’t accelerate vaccine production or distribution to poor countries. Pharmaceutical companies are ramping up manufacturing as fast as they can, including in low-income countries.

Even if patents are stolen on their behalf, poor countries can’t make these sophisticated vaccines without help from the developers. But at least bullying backed by Marxist rhetoric may spur more vaccine donations.

World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who supports the WTO campaign, last week called the gap between vaccines distributed in rich and poor countries “grotesque.”

What is grotesque is that this literal communist who has been credibly accused of war crimes and who has helped spread Covid by serving as a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party is in a position to demand that other people’s intellectual property be confiscated.

Why doesn’t his native Ethiopia give its vaccine patents to the USA? Just kidding; countries like that are not capable of developing vaccines, largely because they tend to be run by smash and grab thugs.

If the USA succumbs to people cut of the same cloth as Tedros (e.g., Bernie Sanders), we won’t be capable either. It takes massive investment to create medical innovation. No one will bother if anything produced will only be seized by thieves, like the formula for Rearden metal in Atlas Shrugged.

Liberals posture ostentatiously about their concern for the Third World. However,

There would be more deaths if not for medicines developed in the U.S. and Europe. In 2012 J&J introduced the first novel treatment for multi-drug resistant TB in nearly half a century. About 2.5 times more people died of tuberculosis in India in 2019 than have from Covid.

As for equitable distribution: first, those who made it deserve first dibs; second, the rate of Covid mortality is many times higher in advanced countries due to the older population; and third,

U.S. and European governments have donated billions of dollars to a WHO-backed initiative to distribute vaccines to poor countries. AstraZeneca has promised to allocate nearly two-thirds of its vaccines to the developing world. J&J has pledged up to 500 million doses, and Novavax 1.1 billion.

However, looters and moochers will never be satisfied.

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Mar 05 2021

United Nations Pushes Child Sexuality

The purpose of each pillar supporting the liberal establishment is to advance the progressive agenda in all of its pernicious depravity. At the global level, this applies to the United Nations. The Center for Family and Human Rights reveals a new report published by the UN Human Rights Council that aspires to intercede between children and their parents so as to erode sexual morality:

The report asserts that “sexual expression” is part of the “interwoven fabric of children’s privacy.” The report defines children as anyone under the age of 18.

As we have seen repeatedly, you are never too young for leftists to take an interest in your sex life.

The report asserts that “adolescents need to be able to make decisions regarding their well-being and bodies, and to safely and privately explore their sexuality as they mature, whether offline or online.” However, the report explains, bodily integrity and autonomy rights are infringed by “governments, commercial entities, health-care providers and other professionals, parents, and peers.” How are bodily integrity and autonomy rights infringed? Denial of abortion. Requiring parental permission for abortion and contraception. Therapy for unwanted sexual attractions. And slut-shaming.

No doubt preventing children from gawping at pornography also prevents them from exploring their sexuality.

Once again, the transsexual agenda is aggressively pushed at children:

The report insists that children have diverse gender identities, sexual orientations, and expression.

Back when human rights were a good thing, they applied to everyone. Now the term has been appropriated by leftist social engineers, who have largely replaced rights with the privileges they bestow upon favored groups. Here, a distorted conception of the right to privacy is used to promote degeneracy and perversion.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Feb 22 2021

United Nations Demands Vaccine Equity

Should the people who developed coronavirus vaccines have first access to them? Don’t be silly. With globalist moonbats at the helm, everything is about equity:

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres sharply criticized the “wildly uneven and unfair” distribution of COVID-19 vaccines…

Guterres called for an urgent Global Vaccination Plan to bring together those with the power to ensure equitable vaccine distribution — scientists, vaccine producers and those who can fund the effort.

The UN has a global plan for everything. If we continue to elect liberals who subordinate American interests to everyone else’s, you will find that it has a global plan for every penny in your pocket.

The World Health Organization’s COVAX program, an ambitious project to buy and deliver coronavirus vaccines for the world’s poorest people, has already missed its own goal of beginning coronavirus vaccinations in poor countries at the same time that shots were rolled out in rich countries. WHO says COVAX needs $5 billion in 2021.

Guess who will be funding WHO, now that the USA is once again entangled in this tool of the Chinese Communist Party thanks to one of Biden’s innumerable executive orders?

[T]he United States will pay over $200 million in previously assessed and current obligations to the U.N. agency…

Open your wallet and don’t bother putting it back in your pocket until it is empty.

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Dec 20 2020

WHO Director-General Accused of Genocide

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is Director-General of the World Health Organization. He is regarded as a shill for the Chinese Communist Party, on whose behalf he helped hide the seriousness of COVID-19. Facebook and Google have had a policy of censoring information deemed to contradict the official statements of Tedros’s WHO regarding the ChiCom virus. The committee of “experts” advising the CDC on the rollout of a vaccine for the virus literally advocates genocide. Tedros, a representative of the same globalist left-wing establishment, has been accused of genocide too.

Via the Post Millennial:

David Steinman, an American economist, has alleged that Tedros was one of three who authorized the “killing” and “torturing” of Ethiopians during the conflict, when he was with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front party, according to The Times.

The TPLF is a Marxist-Leninist political organization.

Steinman, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee from 2019, filed a formal complaint at the International Criminal Court in the Hague. He said that Tedros “was a crucial decision maker in relation to security service actions that included killing, arbitrarily detaining and torturing [Ethiopians].”

Tedros stands accused of trying to destroy the Amhara, Konso, Oromo, and Somali tribes by killing and terrorizing its members. That kind of track record and a good rapport with the ChiComs can get you a long way at the United Nations, parent of the WHO.

That’s the kind of guy Silicon Valley forbids us to disagree with.

As progressives consolidate power at the global level, the future will darken until the lights go out completely, leaving those who survive in a new dark age.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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