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Jan 23 2020

Open Thread

I think the American people, understandably, have sort of lost faith in the United Nations. - Cliff Stearns
Dec 04 2019

Will UN Use Military Force to Impose Climate Crapola?

It sounds like the plot to a novel, but it makes perfect sense if you take liberal rhetoric at face value. According to their fanciful ideology, sustaining a modern standard of living will make it a few degrees warmer outside. Although the climate has always fluctuated, leftists hold that this would be a catastrophe unprecedented in human history. Imagine for a moment that you were crazy enough to believe this silly crap, yet instead of being incarcerated in a mental institution, you were among the useless bureauweenies running the United Nations. Would you not call for countries that refuse to stop generating energy by economically viable means to be brought into line by force? Otherwise, the planet will be doomed!

Breitbart refers us to prominent international relations professor Ole Wæver of the University of Copenhagen:

In an interview with ABC News in Australia, Professor Wæver cautions that what he sees as “climate inaction” might draw the U.N. into considering other means to ensure its goals are met, even if that leads to global armed conflict.

World War III would be just what the environment needs. Think how many carbon-emitting humans could be killed.

“The United Nations Security Council could, in principle, tomorrow decide that climate change is a threat to international peace and security,” [Wæver] says.

When moonbats frame the global warming hoax in terms of security, that means they are serious about using it to justify coercion.

“If there was something that was decided internationally by some more centralised procedure and every country was told ‘this is your emission target, it’s not negotiable, we can actually take military measures if you don’t fulfil it’, then you would basically have to get that down the throat of your population, whether they like it or not,” he says.

Wæver compares this to the European Union imposing debt solutions on Greece. The difference is, the big carbon emitters are large countries armed with nuclear weapons, namely (in descending order) China, the USA, India, and Russia.

The only one of these top four countries that has produced a smaller share since the Kyoto Protocol is the USA. Yet the UN may give some countries a pass and only pick on others, since this isn’t actually about either CO2 or the climate anyway.

Once again, we see that the global warming hoax is popular with progressives because it can be exploited to advance their agenda. Preeminent on that agenda is globalization — the concentration of total world power in the hands of an oligarchy.

Sep 29 2019

Greta at the UN: The Prequel

The Greta Thunberg spectacle at the United Nations was menacing but not very original. In 1992, the UN produced a remarkably similar performance by Severn Cullis-Suzuki, 12-year-old daughter of environmentalist David Suzuki.

Via Zero Hedge:

On a tip from R F.

Aug 30 2019

Ilhan Omar: Cede Border Control to United Nations

Even after the spectacle she has made of her hatred of America while serving on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, there may have been some who doubted that congresscritter Ilhan Omar (D-Somalia) is an enemy of the United States. Any such doubts have now been laid to rest. Even as the USA is subjected to an ongoing invasion that is demographically deforming the country, Omar demands that we turn over control of our own border to the largely malevolent United Nations.

Screeches Omar:

“[W]e have to bring in the United Nations high commissioner on refugees, an agency that has the expertise and the training to handle massive flows of refugees humanely.”

“Refugees” is what foreign invaders are called in the context of asymmetrical warfare.

The demand bears hallmarks of how Europe was deluged with migrants after governments were forced to accept millions of “refugees” after lobbying from international groups and NGOs.

Omar has taken her habit of homewrecking nationwide.

Paul Joseph Watson states the obvious:

Any such intervention by the UN would represent a direct violation of U.S. sovereignty, fundamentally weakening America’s national security.

Weakening national security is Omar’s forte. These days, lots of Democrats are radical enough to propose abolishing ICE (shockingly including even leading presidential candidates), but Omar has called for defunding the entire Department of Homeland Security.

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Aug 09 2019

United Nations Gets Serious About Taking Our Food

Nature reports that the United Nations is coming for our food on behalf of the climate:

Efforts to curb greenhouse gas-emissions and the impacts of global warming will fall significantly short without drastic changes in global land use, agriculture and human diets, leading researchers warn in a high-level report commissioned by the United Nations.

Too bad actual science is not involved. They might proceed more methodically, first proving that there is any warming beyond normal fluctuation, then proving that more bad than good will come of this, then proving that human greenhouse gas emissions are causing it, then proving that dictating what we can eat would have any perceptible impact on the weather. But none of this is necessary, because this is a power grab, not science.

On 8 August, the IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] released a summary of the report, which is designed to inform upcoming climate negotiations amidst the worsening global climate crisis. More than 100 experts compiled the report in recent months, around half of whom hail from developing countries.

It is not a coincidence that so many of these “experts” come from developing (aka sh**hole) countries, despite such countries being a poor place to look for scientific expertise. The redistribution of wealth from nations that create it to nations that do not is a major component of global warming ideology.

Jacobins have their marching orders:

“It’s really exciting that the IPCC is getting such a strong message across,” says Ruth Richardson, the Toronto, Canada-based executive director at the Global Alliance for the Future of Food, a strategic coalitions of philanthropic foundations. “We need a radical transformation, not incremental shifts, towards a global land use and food system that serves our climate needs.”

To get an idea of what people like this mean by “a radical transformation,” refer to Mao’s Great Leap Forward, the objectives of which were relatively modest. That killed 45 million people in just 4 years. Think of all the carbon footprints wiped clean!

It isn’t just meat that these antihuman maniacs scream makes it be too hot out. They don’t like crops either. It might be okay with the climate if we eat maggots though.

How did Stalin and Mao manage to kill so many more people than Hitler? They took control of the food supply. Starvation did the rest.

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Aug 05 2019

United Nations Announces Crackdown on Free Speech

Utopia must be imposed on a global basis; otherwise, people will escape to places where basic human rights like free speech and self-defense are still respected. That’s what makes the supranational United Nations so important. Secretary General Antonio Guterres has just put his name to a memo on a plan to suppress free speech (I mean, “hate speech”) worldwide.

Via Big League Politics:

The globalist organization was vague and unclear on what exactly they defined as “hate speech,” choosing to describe the phenomenon as “any kind of communication in speech, writing or behaviour, that attacks or uses pejorative or discriminatory language with reference to a person or a group on the basis of who they are, in other words, based on their religion, ethnicity, nationality, race, colour, descent, gender or other identity factor.”

“I don’t like it that vandals keep breaking the windows,” for example, is pejorative and discriminatory against people who identify as vandals. Needless to say, any remark critical of unlimited mass immigration would qualify as hate speech.

The definition of hate speech is left vague enough so that most anything you might say could conceivably qualify. That way, troublemakers can be punished selectively, and the rest of the herd will limit itself to reciting leftist talking points just to be on the safe side.

The United Nations believes that member nations are required to criminalize speech deemed by transnational bureauweenies to constitute “incitement.” No doubt these bureauweenies believe that their dictates supersede the US Constitution.

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Jun 26 2019

United Nations Moves Toward Imposing Sharia

To the extent that the United Nations is able to impose global government, we will have global sharia. As with many of the most alarming lurches toward tyranny in the world today, the oppression will be inflicted in the name of repressing “hate speech.”

Pakistan threw its full weight behind the new UN Strategy and Plan of Action to combat hate speech, saying that language was being used to secure narrow political and electoral gains in many parts of the world, including the South Asian region.

In the olden days, Muslims imposed their ideology by whacking people’s heads off with scimitars. Now, they pursue the same objective by whimpering about hate speech. This degradation is the price Muslims pay for participating in the Muslim–moonbat alliance. Moonbattery rots everything it comes in contact with — even its friends.

“An inevitable consequence is to fan the flames of bigotry, intolerance, anti-Muslim hatred and xenophobia,” Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi said after UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres unveiled the strategy at a special meeting held in the packed ECOSOC chamber [last] Tuesday, says a press release.

“My Prime Minister Imran Khan has recently again called for urgent action to counter Islamophobia, which is today the most prevalent expression of racism and hatred against ‘the other’,” the Pakistani envoy told ambassadors, senior diplomats and high ranking UN officials.

“Islamophobia” means criticism of Islam. Forbidding criticism of Islam is a major tenet of sharia.

To the extent you are not allowed to speak out against this brutal sociopathic cult, you are ruled by it.

The UN Strategy and Plan of Action provides a system-wide programme with the overriding objective of identifying, preventing and confronting hate speech. The secretary-general said, “It targets the root causes of hate speech, pointing out that these include tackling violence, marginalisation, discrimination, and poverty, as well as bolstering weak state institutions.”

The reference to poverty indicates that after the UN has taken away your right of free speech on behalf of Muslims, it will take away the wealth you create for redistribution.

On a tip from Stormfax. Hat tip: Jihad Watch.

May 30 2019

UN Report: AI Assistants With Female Voices Are Sexist

It’s a good thing that the voices for AI assistants like Alexa and Siri always seem to be female. If they were male, moonbats would shriek that it constituted sexism by implying that men have all the answers. Since the voices are female… moonbats shriek anyway.

It turns out the feminine voices are a patriarchal scheme:

The revelation about this digital plot for male dominance comes in a 146-page report from the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in cooperation with the German government and the EQUALS Skills Coalition, a partnership of governments, businesses and nonprofits. …

The report says that these voices send “a signal that women are obliging, docile, eager-to-please helpers, available at the touch of a button or with a blunt voice command like ‘hey’ or ‘OK.’”

Like everything committed or excreted by the United Nations, the report was partially financed with your tax dollar. It raises the alarm that AI assistants, which exist only as lines of code, fail the #MeToo movement by not responding correctly to sexual harassment.

If you tell Cortana she’s hot, the report frets, she’ll quip that “beauty is in the photoreceptors of the beholder.” Digital assistants “greet verbal abuse with catch-me-if-you-can flirtation” and “give deflecting, lacklustre, or apologetic responses to verbal sexual harassment,” the report says. This response fails “to encourage or model, let alone insist on, healthy communications about sex or sexual consent.”

Imagine the relentlessly humorless preachiness of an AI assistant programmed by a UN world government. Good thing most of us won’t live to see liberals establish their global utopia.

The authors declare that it is a sin against political correctness that a female-voiced computer program “responds to queries regardless of their tone or hostility” because this reinforces “gender biases that women are subservient and tolerant of poor treatment.”

Maybe tech companies should go with male voices after all. They could keep liberals happy by having the assistant preface each response with, “I am only a lowly male so I am probably wrong, but I think the answer is…”

On a tip from Varla.

May 28 2019

Gender Dysphoria Switched From a Disease to a Right

The United Nations usually seems useless for any constructive purpose, but its agency the World Health Organization has just achieved an astounding feat. It has cured the severe form of mental illness that reduced Olympic hero Bruce Jenner to a freakish laughing stock. This was ingeniously accomplished by declaring that gender dysphoria is no longer a disease but now a human right.

Chirps Gay Star Health,

The World Health Organization (WHO) has made history and removed gender dysphoria from its list of ‘mental disorders’.

The WHO maintains the International Classification of Diseases (ICD). According to the newest revision, it will no longer be considered mental illness for a man to believe himself to be a woman, in contravention of objective biological reality. Here’s why:

Dr Jack Drescher, a member of the ICD-11 working group, wrote: ‘there is substantial evidence that the stigma associated with the intersection of transgender status and mental disorders contributes to precarious legal status [and] human rights violations’.

Effectively, this form of insanity is now a human right. Maybe we can declare cancer to be a human right and cure that too.

The adulteration of the ICD for political purposes confirms that the top priority for the WHO is to promote leftism, not health.

Here’s an example of the oppression that Persons of Gender Dysphoricness experience as a result of their condition having been regarded as a mental illness rather than a human right:

Governments often require a ‘gender disorder’ diagnosis as a precondition for changing transgender people’s names and gender markers on official documents. Advocates have argued that diagnoses [sic] imperils basic rights like work, education, and travel.

At least it will now be easier to save a bundle on your car insurance by switching to female.

Are militant deviants happy, now that pandering progressives have granted them another big win in the Culture War? Of course not. Give a bully your lunch money, he will want your allowance too. The LGBT brigade will always demand more.

Barks Mauro Cabral Grinspan, executive director of GATE (Global Action for Trans Equality):

‘Intersex people around the world have the right not only to be protected from pathologization, but also to have full access to reparative justice and to universal health coverage.’

Reparative justice. That sounds ominous. Universal health coverage is scary too, considering how much it costs to treat horrific diseases like AIDS that are spread by the LGBT community.

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May 07 2019

UN Report Demands Transformative Change

A new report by the United Nations reveals that the planet is not just doomed but really, really doomed if we do not submit to “transformative change”:

One million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction.

Nature everywhere is declining at a speed never previously seen and our need for ever more food and energy are the main drivers.

These trends can be halted, the study says, but it will take “transformative change” in every aspect of how humans interact with nature.

Overseeing transformative change at this level is every totalitarian’s dream.

The alleged problem is that people need food:

The report’s authors say there are a number of direct drivers of which land use change is the primary one.

This essentially means the replacement of grassland with intensive crops, or replacing ancient woodland with a plantation forest, or the clearing of forests to grow crops.

This is mainly a problem in the tropics. Coercion on a globalist basis will be required to prevent people from clearing land to farm so that they can eat.

The dubious concept of anthropogenic climate change is also given as an important factor. That means the production not only of food but also of energy must be regulated on a global basis.

Since we have not achieved utopia yet, we still have independent nations. UN apparatchiks helpfully tell them what they must do to save the planet.

They suggest moving away from GDP as a key measure of economic wealth and instead adopting more holistic approaches that would capture quality of life and long-term effects.

That’s because the “limited paradigm of economic growth” hurts the animals. We must lower our standard of living. Governments must stop encouraging the production of food and energy.

It’s nice that they want to help the animals. But if their goal were to hurt humans, they would make the same recommendations.

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Mar 21 2019

The United Nations and Che Guevara

The malice of the United Nations exists not only in the minds of those who oppose its left-wing globalist ideology. Sometimes the organization is quite straightforward in its maleficence, as when it openly honors the chief executioner of the brutal dictatorship that ruined formerly prosperous Cuba. Humberto Fontova notes that the UN and Che Guevara share a long history:

“The United Nations office in Geneva, the home of its Human Rights Council, is showcasing a giant photograph of notorious Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara in its halls, a U.N. watchdog group revealed….Hillel Neuer, the executive director of U.N. Watch, tweeted the picture of the photograph from the building in Switzerland.” – Fox News, March 1st.

Here is the charming picture of communist Cuba’s answer to Heinrich Himmler:

The UN–Che connection goes back a ways:

“Certainly we execute! And we will continue executing as long as it is necessary! This is a war to the death against our revolution’s enemies!” – Che Guevara, Dec. 9, 1964 to an ovation while addressing the hallowed halls of the UN General Assembly.

At the time, Guevara et al had executed about 15,000 Cubans in the course of imposing a Stalinist dictatorship.

At a ceremony in Havana in July, 2013, UNESCO (the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) honored Guevara by enshrining his writings in its hallowed “Memory of the World Register.”

By honoring Guevara, the UN honors this:

“We reject any peaceful approach!” declared the man the UN honored in Geneva this month. “Violence is inevitable! To establish Socialism rivers of blood must flow! If the nuclear missiles had remained [in Cuba] we would have fired them against the heart of the U.S. including New York City. The victory of socialism is worth millions of atomic victims!”

Far and away, the #1 financial sponsor of the United Nations is the USA. Obviously, this must change.

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Mar 14 2019

Iran Takes Women’s Rights Leadership Role at UN

If the very mention of the United Nations does not make you laugh out loud, you must not have heard who just won a leadership position at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), a characteristically farcical UN circle jerk that is supposed to advance women’s rights:

The United Nations’ body dedicated to “gender equality and the advancement of women” this week handed Iran a key role in evaluating “injustice and discriminatory practices against women” – on the same day as an Iranian court reportedly sentenced a women’s rights advocate to 38 years’ imprisonment and 148 lashes.

No member of the CSW raised an objection.

The UN is rotted through with moonbattery. Therefore, women’s rights are never the issue, because eroding Western Civilization is always the issue.

As an aggressive opponent of Western Civilization, Iran is well-suited for any UN leadership role. Never mind that it is a place where — in stark contrast to the USA — women truly are oppressed.

Iran has for years ranked near the bottom of the World Economic Forum’s annual “Global Gender Gap” report, which measures gaps between women and men in areas of political empowerment, economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, and health and survival.

Regarding women’s rights advocate Nasrin Sotoudeh, who got in such big trouble for not wanting to wear a hijab and for allegedly insulting supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,

State Department deputy spokesman Robert Palladino said Tuesday the U.S. was “outraged” at the reported sentence, calling it “beyond barbaric.”

The lines are clearly drawn. America represents civilization. Iran represents the opposition. The United Nations insidiously supports the latter.

Yet American taxpayers are forced to fund the UN. But at least we no longer have a president who favors Iran (see here, here, here, here, and here).

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