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Jan 28 2024

UN Funds US Invasion, Participates in Hamas Terrorism

The most pernicious global organization may not be the World Economic Forum. The United Nations helps fund the ongoing invasion of the USA and has participated in Hamas terror atrocities.

Financing foreign invasion is an act of war:

[T]he UN and its advocacy partners are planning to spread $372 million in “Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA)”, and “Multipurpose Cash Assistance (MCA)” to some 624,000 immigrants in-transit to the United States during 2024. That money is most often handed out, other UN documents show, as pre-paid, rechargeable debit cards, but also hard “cash in envelopes”, bank transfers, and mobile transfers the U.S. border-bound travelers can use for whatever they want.

It’s the largest invasion in human history. The troops need to be paid.

The $372 million in planned cash giveaways to the 624,000 immigrants moving north and illegally crossing national borders “represents a significantly greater share of the financial requirements” for 2024, the RMRP [Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan] says, but it is still only one part of much broader UN hemisphere-wide vision that aims to spend $1.59 billion assisting about three million people in 17 countries who emigrated from their home nations.

Much of that money was expropriated through taxation from the very people being conquered through this new form of warfare.

Personnel is policy. This gives an idea of the kind of personnel that staffs the United Nations:

The UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) says it has sacked several employees after reports of their involvement in the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel.

They had to be fired because Israel brought them to public attention, threatening US funding.

The US State Department had recently praised UNRWA’s work, and the administration of Joe Biden restored funding that was halted during Donald Trump’s tenure.

For the sake of appearances, Biden’s State Department is pausing additional funding to UNRWA. But even the clueless Antony Blinken no doubt knew all along where the sympathies lie:

UN Watch, a Geneva-based NGO that scrutinises the work of the UN, earlier this month raised the alarm about alleged Hamas sympathies among multiple UN employees in Gaza.

The group cited hate posts in a Telegram group of about 3,000 UNRWA teachers in Gaza, praising the Hamas attackers as “heroes”. …

Several teachers quoted by the UN Watch were seen glorifying the Hamas attackers as “martyrs” and wishing them victory.

No worries, globalist moonbats. Now that a few terrorists have been fired, the story will blow over and the money spigot will be turned back to all the way open.

Unconfirmed but unsurprising:

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Jan 04 2024

Face of UN Women UK Is White-Hating Black Man

Women are not faring well in the leftist pecking order. When they aren’t getting raped and murdered by Hamas with feminist approval, they are getting displaced by cross-dressing men — even in women’s organizations:

Women’s rights groups have written in opposition to a decision by UN Women UK to have a transgender woman as its “UK champion”.

They have voiced their “dismay and disappointment” following the decision to select Munroe Bergdorf, 36, a model and broadcaster, to take on the role in November.

Nice to see some women’s rights groups still support women. Other ostensibly feminist groups have been subordinated to the greater liberal agenda, which calls for the sacrifice of women to terrorist savages and male perverts.

UN Women UK works in support of UN Women in a bid to transform the lives of women and girls along with “empowerment of women equality globally within civil society, government and the corporate sector”.

It empowers women by displacing them and by advancing the LGBT objective of canceling the very concept of women. What do you expect from the United Nations?

Mr. Bergdorf drones that he will “draw attention to the systemic and social impact of misogyny, transphobia and gender-based inequality within the UK.”

He is a fierce opponent not only of transphobia but also of Caucasians. Bergdorf is about as British as he is female. From 2020:

Bergdorf has rejoined L’Oreal Paris after [he] was sacked by the brand in 2017 for posting about “the racial violence of white people”. …

[He] will now join the company’s UK diversity and inclusion advisory board.

Bergdorf temporarily got the boot by shouting that “ALL white people” are guilty of racial violence. He proclaimed that whites’ “entire existence is drenched in racism.” Among the politically orthodox, to accuse someone of racism is the worst possible insult.

Naturally L’Oreal caved to the Powers That Be by bringing Bergdorf back on. If being a left-wing black woman is qualification enough to be Vice President, a Supreme Court Justice, White House Press Secretary, and until this week President of Harvard, surely being a left-wing black transsexual is qualification enough to represent beauty products — as well as women’s organizations like UN Women UK.

Munroe Bergdorf is a woman like Rachel Dolezal is black.

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Dec 02 2023

UN Demands USA Forsake Meat and Natural Gas

The #1 bankroller of the United Nations is the United States. While overtaxing us and inflating our savings toward worthlessness through spending, our government bestows over $12 billion per year upon the left-wing globalist organization. In return, the UN schemes to deny Americans food and energy.

Regarding food:

The United Nations wants Americans and other Westerners to eat less meat. Although the alleged purpose of the internationally requested diet is to futilely attempt to arrest global weather patterns, there appears to be more at play than just so-called distributive justice and climate alarmism.

After all, the director-general of the specific U.N. agency expected to issue this demand during the COP28 summit next month happens to be a top Chinese Communist Party member whose nation, the number-one source of greenhouse gas emissions in the world, will likely be among the so-called developing nations exempted from the guidance.

Complying would not improve the weather, even supposing that producing meat makes it be too warm outside as leftists claim. As House Agriculture Committee Chairman Glenn Thompson (R-PA) observes,

“Regulating producers out of business in the U.S. will not effectively address global climate change, but export production to foreign countries with hostile regimes and worse emissions profiles while harming food security and affordability. Simply put, the world needs American farmers and ranchers more than the U.N.”

Regarding energy:

Global delegates heading to the annual United Nations climate change summit are circulating a letter calling for the U.S. and other Western nations to immediately ban new natural gas infrastructure projects.

Our enemies without have the assistance of leftist enemies within:

Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., is among the lead architects of the effort…

Despite moonbat rhetoric, this is not about the supposedly problematic climate. Natural gas is not only plentiful but clean.

It is also a primary source of our energy. Without it, the economy would collapse.

For the sake of national security, we need to bulldoze the United Nations building into the East River — preferably while it is full of globalist moonbats.

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Oct 17 2023

Communist Cuba Loves Hamas

We knew the Biden Regime funds Hamas by pouring our money into Gaza and through its Iranian backers by easing sanctions and paying ransom. We knew Democrats fund leftist indoctrination through the Department of Education and their alliance with teachers unions. So it should come as no surprise that we are paying to promote to Palestinian children the cult of communist executioner Che Guevara, an advocate of using nuclear weapons against American cities on behalf of leftism.

Once again the United Nations serves as a conduit for American money as it offers the world the Life and Works of Ernesto Che Guevara through UNESCO (UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization).

The Muslim–moonbat alliance may be the greatest threat civilization has ever faced. It has emerged into plain sight following the historic terror atrocities in Israel. Ivy League colleges are one example. Communist Cuba is another:

Cuban official media spokespersons, Leticia Martinez, head of communications for Miguel Diaz-Canel, and “El Necio” posted statements celebrating a “Free Palestine” and justifying the terrorist attacks over their social media. He retweeted the People’s Forum’s genocidal call for the end of the Israeli State with the slogan: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!.”

The “From the River” slogan calls for the eradication of Jews from the Jewish homeland.

In the midst of this barbarism and evil, Castro Regime spokesman “El Necio” cites Che Guevara visit to Gaza as inflection point that turned Palestine into a world cause, and posts photos of the Argentine guerilla with Middle East leaders during a visit there at the start of the Cuban dictatorship.

The totalitarian ideologies of leftism and Islam differ in the particulars, but the sadistic barbarism that characterizes Hamas and that was personified by Che Guevara provides them with common ground.

Moonbats should dig out their old Che Guevara t-shirts. Hamas could make them stylish again:

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Oct 13 2023

So-Called Asylum Seekers as Mercenaries

The invasion of the USA and displacement of its population by millions upon millions of welfare colonists from the Third World is not a spontaneous event. America’s destruction is a planned operation, organized by the nation’s enemies, both internal and external.

We have seen the treasonous Biden Administration actively assist the largest invasion in human history by disabling border defenses and transporting invaders deeper into the country. The objective is to fundamentally transform America into a different country that is more susceptible to leftist rule. Largely financed by American taxpayers, the hostile United Nations also plays a role:

[G]lobalist leaders are determined to weaken the world’s preeminent superpower, all in the pursuit of their “one world order” agenda, which aims to level the global playing field. This is where a recently rediscovered video becomes relevant. A couple of years ago, a startling video featuring a Haitian migrant who alleged that the UN had paid him to cross the border circulated, but it went largely unnoticed by the public. However, as Biden’s border crisis continues at unprecedented levels, the video has resurfaced, and this time, it has captured significantly more attention.

The video:

Clearly, penniless Haitians did not get to the Texas border on their own.

The establishment media has no interest in looking into this, because it shares the anti-American agenda of the Biden Regime and the United Nations.

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Sep 19 2023

Jacinda Ardern Denounces Free Speech at United Nations

Covid tyrant Jacinda Ardern is no longer in power. However, she remains a menace to freedom. Watch her hold forth at the comparably pernicious United Nations regarding the need to suppress dissident speech — or as authoritarian moonbats call it, “mis- and disinformation”:

War is peace; freedom is slavery; censorship protects free speech, which must be abolished because it is a weapon of war.

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Apr 15 2023

United Nations Pushes Degenerate Agenda

In case anyone hadn’t noticed that next up for normalization after homosexuality and transsexuality is pedophilia, or that the United Nations is not just irritating but evil:


The International Committee of Jurists (ICJ) along with UNAIDS and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) officially launched a new set of expert jurist legal principles to guide the application of international human rights law to criminal law.

UNAIDS and OHCHR are part of the United Nations. “Human rights” in this context is Liberalese for “decay.”

Ian Seiderman, Law and Policy Director at ICJ, complains that “there has been a growing trend towards overcriminalization.” This applies to a variety of degenerate behavior that meets with globalist approval:

The ‘8 March principles’ … were finalized in 2022. Initially, the principles focused on the impact of criminal laws proscribing sexual and reproductive health and rights, consensual sexual activity, gender identity, gender expression, HIV non-disclosure, exposure and transmission, drug use and the possession of drugs for personal use. Later, based on the inputs of civil society and other stakeholders, criminalization linked to homelessness and poverty were also included.

That is, the UN promotes the legalization of abortion, corrupt sex (explicitly including prostitution, homosexuality, and pedophilia), transsexualism (implicitly including sex change operations, presumably on children as well as mentally ill adults), knowingly spreading HIV without telling sexual partners, and recreational drug use. The “criminalization” of homelessness likely refers to derelicts not always being allowed to reduce public areas to 24-hour open air drug dens.

Laws against these approved activities “perpetuate stigma, harmful gender stereotypes and discrimination based on such grounds as gender or sexual orientation.”

Yes, the debauchery applies to children. Presenting Principle 16 (starting on page 22):

Consensual sexual conduct, irrespective of the type of sexual activity, the sex/ gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression of the people involved or their marital status, may not be criminalized in any circumstances. Consensual same-sex, as well as consensual different-sex sexual relations, or consensual sexual relations with or between trans, non-binary and other genderdiverse people, or outside marriage – whether pre-marital or extramarital – may, therefore, never be criminalized.

With respect to the enforcement of criminal law, any prescribed minimum age of consent to sex must be applied in a non-discriminatory manner. Enforcement may not be linked to the sex/gender of participants or age of consent to marriage.

Moreover, sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law. In this context, the enforcement of criminal law should reflect the rights and capacity of persons under 18 years of age to make decisions about engaging in consensual sexual conduct…

The sexual molestation of children by adults is never consensual in any meaningful sense.

If we can’t at least all agree that the United Nations must be abolished and the UN building bulldozed into the East River, there is no hope for unity.

By the way, American taxpayers are forced to provide this pernicious globalist institution a staggering $12.5 BILLION per year, even as we struggle to pay our own debts.

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Mar 05 2023

United Nations Plots Global Doom

The zany ideology of our moonbat rulers stops being funny when they superimpose it on the real world. For example, in the name of their imaginary climate crisis, the kooks comprising the United Nations are planning measures that could disrupt the planet’s ability to sustain life:

The United Nations published an in-depth document outlining possible “Solar Radiation Modification” programs, otherwise describing a series of methods to cool the earth’s temperature in emergency situations.

According to devotees of the global warming hoax, we are already in an emergency situation and always will be so long as the climate fluctuates or there is weather.

UN bureauweenies admit there is “little information on the risks of SRM,” but they have experts to resolve the issue. Similar experts in the UN’s World Health Organization resolved how to deal with Covid.

The first suggested method involves stratospheric aerosol injections, or “SAI,” which involve “injecting highly reflective sub-micron-size particles into the stratosphere,” requiring aircrafts that can release the particles at an altitude of 20-25 kilometers.

Any country that tries to do this should be nuked immediately before it makes the planet unlivable for the rest of us.

The idea was theorized around 2017 and then subsequently experimented with by Bill Gates and Harvard University in 2018.

If it is sinister enough for Bill Gates and his fellow liberal elitists at Harvard, it’s surprising James Bond never had to stop SPECTRE from doing it.

Another method is known as “marine cloud brightening,” which “would be achieved by introducing sea salt aerosols to produce a larger number of smaller cloud droplets, thus ‘brightening’ clouds.”

Again the objective would be to reflect sunlight back into space, because according to liberal ideology, the sunlight that sustains all life on earth is bad.

A third method involves simulating the effects of a volcanic eruption that blocks out the sun’s rays.

Remember when we were warned of the “nuclear winter” that could threaten the existence of the human race following WWIII? Progressives want to bring this about on purpose by polluting the air with sulfur dioxide.

Sulfur dioxide is described as “a toxic gas responsible for the odor of burnt matches. It is released naturally by volcanic activity and is produced as a by-product of copper extraction and the burning of sulfur-bearing fossil fuels.”

The smell of this poisonous gas has been associated with hell and Satan for good reason. As we should have learned from the 100 million killed by their own communist governments, letting leftists take control means creating hell on earth.

Other suggestions include “whitening the roofs of urban buildings” with paint to make them more reflective, genetically modifying the color of crops to make them reflect sunlight, and of course “space mirrors.”

The latter options for rejecting the sun’s life-giving rays are where they will probably start: gigantic futile gestures that will cost $trillions and accomplish nothing whatsoever. But when these fail to eradicate weather, the UN will have to fall back on the more extreme measures — unless we wise up by then and call in an air strike on UN headquarters.

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Mar 01 2023

Open Thread

WHO logo

Compliments of Chuck A.

Nov 14 2022

Staggering Climate Hypocrisy at COP27

If you like our Climate Czar John Kerry, who wants to impose a Third World lifestyle on his own country because this will supposedly improve the weather, even as he takes a private jet to Iceland to collect a climate kook award, you will love COP27, the climate cult revival currently underway in Egypt:

Climate delegates were accused of hypocrisy after 400 private jets arrived in Egypt for COP27.

Accusing the climate priesthood of hypocrisy is like accusing water of being wet.

According to the European clean transport campaign group Transport and Environment, a private jet can emit two tonnes of carbon dioxide in an hour and is five to 14 times more polluting per passenger than a commercial plane.

Yet the liberal ruling class proclaims that they must snuff out freedom and radically reduce our standard of living lest we help plants grow by emitting allegedly harmful CO2, because as UN Secretary-General António Guterres barks, the planet “is literally on fire.”

‘Humanity has a choice: cooperate or perish,’ UN chief Antonio Guterres told the summit on November 7.

Do your worst, Guterres.

The hypocrisy did not stop at the travel arrangements. Globalists want us to eat insects so as to serve the climate, bringing us to the topic of the menu:

Those with a taste for the luxurious can snap up an angus beef medallion with sautéed potatoes for a pricey $100 (£90) or a creamy salmon for $40 (£35), after scoffing back a $50 (£43) seafood platter for starter.

COP26 was similarly opulent. Nothing is too good for the taxpayer-financed Liberal World Order that rules over us little people.

As Robert Spencer notes,

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) declares: “Edible insects contain high quality protein, vitamins and amino acids for humans. Insects have a high food conversion rate, e.g. crickets need six times less feed than cattle, four times less than sheep, and twice less than pigs and broiler chickens to produce the same amount of protein.”

This isn’t just abstract speculation. As far back as 2013, the UN was trying to sell this disgusting notion: “While the idea of eating a worm, grasshopper or cicada at every meal may seem strange, FAO says this has many health benefits. Insects are high in protein, fat and mineral contents. They can be eaten whole or ground into a powder or paste, and incorporated into other foods. ‘Insects are not harmful to eat, quite the contrary. They are nutritious, they have a lot of protein and are considered a delicacy in many countries,’ said Eva Muller, the Director of FAO’s Forest Economics, Policy and Products Division.”

Actually, they are so harmful to eat. That’s why we find the idea of eating them disgusting. It is why they have to be heavily processed to qualify as edible (lefties also tell us that processed foods are so bad, they should be regulated as drugs). It is why you won’t find John Kerry or Antonio Guterres eating bugs.

Remarks Harris Rigby,

It’s almost, almost, as if they ALL know it’s an absolute hoax.

Almost? Of course the ruling elite know their climate crisis is a hoax. But they also know that rank and file Democrats will believe anything whatsoever to help their team win. The ability of otherwise intelligent people to swallow preposterous lies on behalf of a malevolent agenda is a horror to behold.

Oct 03 2022

United Nations Moonbat: We Own the Science

Everything leftists infiltrate, they subvert and subordinate to their twisted agenda, rendering it useless for any other purpose. The Long March Through the Institutions has moved beyond the media, entertainment, schools, and the government to attack the most basic foundations of civilization — including even science.

This is accomplished not only through government control of funding, but by directly controlling the flow of information and redefining science through a political lens.

Two of the farthest left institutions on the planet are Google and the United Nations. Watch Melissa Fleming of the UN Department of Global Communications boast that the two are working together to suppress information that does not support their strategy of seizing wealth and power through the climate crisis hoax:

“We own the science,” crows Fleming. If this is true, there is no science, only propaganda.

“All sectors of society need to be very active” in promoting ruling class opinion (i.e., moonbattery) and suppressing dissent. That they are.

Modern leftism is heavily influenced by postmodernism. Academic moonbats literally believe that objective reality, if it even exists, is irrelevant. According to their ideology, all that matters is the consensus they create by controlling what we say.

The climate crisis will become real when they have achieved the leverage to force everyone to pretend it is real. The tyranny it will be used to justify will dwarf the cost of Covid.

On tips from Dragon’s Lair and Occam’s Stubble. Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

Aug 02 2022

Open Thread

[The UN should remain in New York] because every country needs a cesspool. And the UN is always interesting as a theater of the absurd. - Ed Koch

Jul 24 2022

Why WHO Declared Monkeypox Global Health Emergency

Looks like a state of emergency is the new normal. The World Health Organization’s communist Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has declared a global health emergency over monkeypox — despite only five people having died worldwide and despite his own expert committee voting against the declaration.

Here’s why it qualifies as an emergency:

“Although I am declaring a public health emergency of international concern, for the moment this is an outbreak that is concentrated among men who have sex with men, especially those with multiple sexual partners,” Tedros told a media briefing in Geneva.

A disease is more serious if it is spread primarily among homosexuals, because according to the value system of the Liberal World Order, members of the LGBT community are worth more than normal people. That’s why so much of our money is spent on AIDS relative to more prevalent lethal diseases:

[The National Institutes of Health] spends about $2,583 each year per person with HIV/AIDS, $418 each year per person with cancer, and only $38 each year per person with diabetes.

Confirming that this is about Cultural Marxism, not public health, Tedros yelps that “Stigma and discrimination can be as dangerous as any virus.”

At least, since it is primarily a disease of homosexuals, we don’t have to worry much about children. But I’m forgetting — there is now such a thing as LGBT youth, enabled and empowered by the groomers who dominate public schools. Consequently, at least 181 K-12 educators have been arrested for sex crimes involving children in the USA so far this year. This could make monkeypox an issue for kids.

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Jul 07 2022

UN Touted Benefits of World Hunger

Just in case there is anyone who still doesn’t understand what the Liberal World Order entails (besides high gas prices), the United Nations spelled it out by touting the benefits of world hunger.

Via Climate Depot:

The UN Chronicle, which bills itself as “The magazine of the United Nations, Since 1946” originally published this essay in 2008 by Professor George Kent of the University of Hawaii: “Hunger has great positive value to many people. Indeed, it is fundamental to the working of the world’s economy. Hungry people are the most productive people, especially where there is a need for manual labour. … How many of us would sell our services if it were not for the threat of hunger?”

“More importantly, how many of us would sell our services so cheaply if it were not for the threat of hunger?”

For once, instead of the usual pious doubletalk about equity, we get some sincerity:

“For those of us at the high end of the social ladder, ending hunger globally would be a disaster. If there were no hunger in the world, who would plow the fields? Who would harvest our vegetables? Who would work in the rendering plants? Who would clean our toilets? We would have to produce our own food and clean our own toilets. No wonder people at the high end are not rushing to solve the hunger problem. For many of us, hunger is not a problem, but an asset.”

Asks the author,

Who would have established massive biofuel production operations in Brazil if they did not know there were thousands of hungry people desperate enough to take the awful jobs they would offer?

Biofuels are an economically inefficient boondoggle propped up with coercive funding by Big Government in the name of the climate.

Speaking of global warming idiocy, another benefit of world hunger is that according to the woke ideology of our globalist ruling class, food makes it be too warm outside. That’s why they plan for us to eat insects instead.

After people outside the liberal elite discovered the article (archived here), the UN said “just kidding” and deleted it:

The piece could have been satire as the UN now claims. The point would be that people should be given what they need at someone else’s expense by an all-powerful globalist government regardless of whether they are willing to work.

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