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Jan 22 2020

Gucci Wages War Against Toxic Masculinity

Because moonbattery is all-encompassing, it dictates even the clothes we wear — or at least the clothes fashion models wear. Paper reports on the Gucci Fall 2020 men’s fashion show in Milan earlier this month, featuring the vision of creative director Alessandro Michele:

Michele boiled down his vision for Gucci to its essence. He wanted to capture the purity of childhood, back when carefree days weren’t tainted by societal norms, particularly those relating to masculine ideals.

Maybe this attempt to capture purity explains why the show appeared to pander to pedophiles by dressing the models as little girls.

In any sector of society that is dominated by liberals, the issue is never the issue. The issue is always moonbattery. Did you think fashion shows are about clothes? Guess again:

“In a patriarchal society, masculine gender identity is often moulded by violently toxic stereotypes,” read the show notes. “A dominant, winning, oppressive masculinity model is imposed on babies at birth. Attitudes, languages and actions end up progressively conforming to a macho virility ideal that removes vulnerability and dependence. Any possible reference to femininity is aggressively banned, as it is considered a threat against the complete affirmation of a masculine prototype that allows no divergencies.”

Someone found a use for their PhD in gender studies.

“Toxic masculinity, in fact, nourishes abuse, violence and sexism,” the show notes continued. “And not only that. It condemns men themselves to conform to an imposed phallocratic virility in order to be socially accepted. In other words, toxic masculinity produces oppressors and victims at the same time.”

At least we can find a refuge from toxic masculinity in the fashion world.

You won’t know whether to guffaw or scream in horror as Gucci presents what moonbats think men should look like:

Hats off to the models. It can’t be easy for a guy to hold a somber, self-important look on his face as he strolls around in circles dressed as a schoolgirl. Marilyn Manson was an apt choice for the music, considering how hard he has worked at being freakish and repulsive.

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Nov 15 2019

ChiComs Accuse CIA of Weaponizing Metrosexual Moonbattery

Black Pigeon Speaks explores the relationship between moonbattery and metrosexual unmanliness, which the ChiCommies suspect the USA of having weaponized:

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Nov 09 2019

British Children Not Allowed to Play Tag

Where the Nazis went wrong was attempting to conquer England too soon. If they had just waited a couple of generations, it would have been a cakewalk. Imagine a generation brought up like this fighting off the Third Reich. Kids are not even allowed to play tag because it might get too rough:

Pupils at Rudyard Kipling Primary School, Woodingdean, were reportedly told they could no longer touch each other while playing at break time. …

A letter sent home to parents by the headteacher Joanne Smith said it follows concerns about “play fighting and rough play” that were “causing some children to get upset”.

She said games such as “it” and “team it” had “escalated” and said a new “gentle hands” rule was in place at the school.

Instead of Nazis, Pakistanis and other Third Worlders get the spoils. Whether formerly great Britain will still be worth conquering after being rotted away by moonbattery is debatable.

On a tip from Steve T.

Nov 04 2019

Borderline Bar and Grill: A Tale of Men and Masculinity

When a loser went postal at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California last November 7, real men stepped forward to save lives. Matt Wennerstrom, a hero of that night, personifies the masculinity that social engineers want us to regard as “toxic.” Journalist Abigail Shrier does not find it toxic at all:

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Oct 28 2019

Oxford Nixes Clapping Lest It Trigger Snowflakes

Seventy-nine years ago, when they still had an empire, the British withstood relentless waves of ferocious Nazi bombing in the Battle of Britain. Since then, some of them have degenerated into such fragile snowflakes that they cannot even withstand the sound of applause. From the land where dictionary definitions launch criminal investigations, Oxford — via the New York Post:

The University of Oxford has voted to nix clapping in favor of “silent jazz hands” at their future commencement ceremonies to show solidarity with the hearing-impaired.

This isn’t really about revering the deaf for having a sacred disability. After all, the blind can’t see the jazz hands.

“Loud noises, including whooping and traditional applause, are argued to present an access issue for some disabled students who have anxiety disorders, sensory sensitivity and/or those who use hearing impairment aids,” the UK student council representatives wrote in a statement on Oct. 23.

Anxiety disorders and sensory sensitivity are such pressing problems among young moonbats that chattering and “aggressive scents” need to be repressed at meetings of the Democratic Socialists of America.

The preferred ovation — silent jazz hands — is the British Sign Language translation for clapping.

Here I was thinking that the ostentatious sign language translations that accompany announcements by public officials are just made up on the fly, as at the big worship service for Nelson Mendela (see here and here).

During the school’s initial announcement, Oxford Sabbatical Officers Ebie Edwards Cole and Roisin McCallion wrote that “the use of British Sign Language clapping … [is] to make those events more accessible and inclusive for all, including people who suffer from anxiety.”

In the olden days, those who were such basket cases as to be unable to withstand the sound of clapping would be encouraged to pull themselves together. But then, in the olden days, Brits expected each other to withstand the boom of German bombs blowing up the building next door. Nowadays, infirmities are nurtured and encouraged.

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Oct 17 2019

Dem Mayor Jacob Frey Feels Like a Woman

Mayor Jacob Frey invited some invective by denouncing the POTUS and trying to keep him out of Minneapolis. He has dealt with the criticism as well as you would expect of today’s Democrats. Watch as he reflexively grasps at the mantle of bogus oppression:

Frey may not know what it’s like to be a woman, but he has a pretty good idea what it’s like to be an effeminate snowflake.

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

Oct 16 2019

GQ Presents New Masculinity

Want to know what the social engineers are engineering us into? Pick up a copy of GQ Magazine. It presents the “new masculinity” — that is, what the typical American man will look like if progressives have their way:

Looks like they plan to do to the word “masculinity” what they did to the word “liberal,” which used to mean nearly the diametric opposite of what it does now.

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Oct 03 2019

HuffPost Conception of a Homecoming Queen

Whether its the news media, Hollywood, the Democrat Party, academia, the judiciary, or the advertising industry, everything the liberal establishment does is intended to push society in a predetermined direction. What will America look like if we ever arrive at their socially engineered destination? If you really want to know, zip yourself into a hazmat suit and visit HuffPost. This recent puff piece answers the question explicitly:

Memphis, Tennessee, high school student Brandon Allen gives the title of “homecoming queen” new meaning.

The White Station High School senior was crowned Homecoming Royalty on Friday night ― and accepted his title in a fabulous gold sequin gown.

They use male pronouns for Allen not out of fidelity to biological accuracy but because he “identifies as gay.”

Allen is praised for his “bravery” and the school for its “progressive outlook.” Those who reacted normally to this disgusting farce are denounced as “haters” whom readers are expected to hate.

Behold America’s progressive future:

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Oct 01 2019

Guardian Denounces Physical Fitness

If it is healthy or constructive, it is only a matter of time before moonbats denounce it. Consider physical fitness. Zoe Williams at the Guardian already has. She is “angry as a bull,” as she puts it, because last Thursday was Fitness Day:

[T]he problem is with fitness itself.

I have been writing a fitness column for a year and in this time I’ve digested very little about what exercise does for your body. I still have to Google what counts as maximum-intensity every time I feel moved to talk about it, which is all the time – but I know everything about what it does to your personality, and none of it is pretty.

Leave it to the flagship publication of the British liberal media to have a fitness column written be someone who dislikes fitness.

Unavoidably, over time, this makes you more rightwing, as you descend into an aerobics-powered moral universe where only the weak need each other, and all the strong need is a waterpouch in their backpack that pipes straight into their mouths.

From the viewpoint of the liberal establishment, it would be better to degenerate into a rotting blob of suet than to become “more rightwing.”

This may point to why people become moonbats. It is easier to establish self-esteem by conforming to the officially correct ideology than it is to earn self-respect in ways that require effort and discipline.

Hat tips: Power Line, Maggie’s Farm.

Aug 07 2019

Soycialists of America

In case you aren’t tired yet of laughing at the recent Atlanta National Convention of the Democratic Socialists of America, Paul Joseph Watson pokes some more fun. Considering that they are largely comprised of soy boys, maybe we should be calling them the Soycialists of America:

This outfit produced prominent Democrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib.

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Jun 05 2019

Dodgeball as a Tool of Oppression

Anything that does not promote the molding of children into soft, sissified, egalitarian moonbats will be banned. This includes dodgeball.

From Canada’s National Post:

When the Canadian Society for the Study of Education meets in Vancouver at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, a trio of education theorists will argue that dodgeball is not only problematic, in the modern sense of displaying hierarchies of privilege based on athletic skill, but that it is outright “miseducative.”

Being “miseducative” means that dodgeball counters the brainwashing that the authorities are trying to implement.

A joy-killer named Joy Butler (a professor of curriculum and pedagogy at the University of British Columbia) leads the attack by proclaiming that dodgeball “reinforces the five faces of oppression” as outlined by University of Chicago social and political theorist Marion Young.

As Butler’s abstract describes it, those “faces” are “marginalization, powerlessness, and helplessness of those perceived as weaker individuals through the exercise of violence and dominance by those who are considered more powerful.” Young’s list of these fundamental types of oppression also includes exploitation and cultural domination.

The 2004 slapstick movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story provides examples of the brutal oppression inherent in the game.

From their viewpoint high aloft in the ivory tower, academics can spot the many aspects of culture that are theoretically not in sync with their ideology. These aspects are slated for eradication, which is implemented by likeminded liberals in the media and primary education establishments. Say good-bye to dodgeball.

On tips from 1-Bodhisattva and Varla.

May 27 2019

Moonbat Guide to Unmanliness

You can’t stop being Caucasian, but you can at least stop being such a man. Not ready to go the full Bruce Jenner route, with the castration and the pharmaceutical alterations? Fine; you can still cultivate unmanliness. Askmen offers advice on how to accomplish this in an article entitled “Obsolete Man Skills You Should Ditch.”

“Obsolete” skills include:

1. Hunting. Men should do more cooking rather than procuring food.

2. Fighting. Men should not confront people “physically, verbally or emotionally.”

3. Repairing Your Car. What use could there be to knowing how to repair your car? You should be saving the planet by using public transit.

4. Fixing Things at Home. This is bad because “the idea that a man owns his house and should therefore know how to take care of it is increasingly an outdated concept.”

5. Being a Leader. We don’t want “men’s top-down leadership” but rather “open communication between coworkers of all genders.”

6. Being a Disciplinarian. In the olden days, men taught their sons “how to shoot, how to fight, how to push through their pain, how to overcome their fears.” The olden days were sexist and bad. Boys need wet nurses and therapists, not fathers.

7. Holding Your Emotions In. Stoicism is part of the bad past. Emotional incontinence is “emotional maturity.”

If ditching these obsolete skills fails to make you into a New Man, try consuming more soy.

On a tip from Jester.

Apr 16 2019

Moonbattery and Emotional Incontinence

Paul Joseph Watson highlights the correlation between moonbattery, declining testosterone levels, emotional incontinence, and the degeneration of civilization, also offering an explanation for the eagerness of liberals to submit to Islam:

On a tip from Lyle.

Mar 27 2019

Men’s Therapeutic Cuddle Group

The price of losing the Culture War to liberals is that their social engineering schemes will succeed. Then there will be no point to anything. Men won’t even be men anymore; they will be soy boys who cuddle to overcome trauma and toxic masculinity. Actual headline from the Philadelphia Enquirer:

Men’s cuddling group aims to redefine masculinity and heal trauma

The Men’s Therapeutic Cuddle Group meets twice a month in a Philadelphia suburb. Unsurprisingly,

There is a range of sexual orientations.

Members might want to have their co-cuddlers tested for HIV.

The cuddling started with men pairing up to do “the motorcycle hold,” in which one man sits with his back against another man’s chest, as if they were riding together on a motorcycle. Some massaged their partner’s shoulders or hands, while others stroked the other person’s beard. Many closed their eyes as the room fell into silence. After 15 minutes, they switched to a new partner.

For the second half of the session, the men cuddled as one large group in what they call a “puppy pile.” Men lay with their heads in each other’s laps…

The creepy proceedings begin and end with a group hug.

“So often, we’re taught that to be an emotional stoic is the mark of manhood,” said Scott Turner, a 46-year-old interior designer and cofounder of the group. “If you show any emotional weakness or vulnerability, that’s a failure to your title of a man.”

Turner thinks this is bad. He would prefer for men to wallow in weakness.

This is why we keep fighting the Culture War, no matter how hopeless the situation may seem.

On a tip from KirklesWorth. Hat tip: Chicks on the Right.

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