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May 19 2024

Ballad of Ashley Biden

When even the spin doctors at Snopes admit to unconscionable behavior by a Democrat, you know the moonbat has been caught dead to rights:

Snopes, a fact-checking website, quietly changed a fact check about a diary belonging to Ashley Biden, President Joe Biden’s daughter, being real.

The story was recategorized from “Unproven” (i.e., probably a conspiracy theory or Russian disinformation) to “True.”

The fact-checking website describes the diary, which was written by Ashley Biden, describing “actions taken toward her” by the president when she was younger that are “not appropriate,” according to Snopes.

The inappropriate actions include taking showers with her when she was a little girl. Fortunately for his election prospects, just because Snopes finally admits it doesn’t mean the media will report it — not that people who would care are still voting for Democrats at this point anyway.

Biden’s irrepressible physical attraction to underage girls is among his most notable characteristics:

On the positive side, at least he helped launch his daughter on a career in music:

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May 19 2024

Open Thread

Compliments of Chuck A.

May 16 2024

Open Thread

Compliments of Chuck A.

May 12 2024

Open Thread

Compliments of Chuck A.

May 10 2024

Americans Not Only Left Behind…

…but totally forgotten:

The sooner we leave Biden and his party behind, the sooner this will be America again.

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May 09 2024

When You’ve Lost Erin Burnett…

You can see why Biden normally only sits for safe interviews with obsequious toadies like Howard Stern. If they have even a shred of journalistic integrity, even the libs at CNN can’t help but lay waste to him:

Not even CNN can ignore what Biden and his astonishingly inept handlers have been doing to the country.

Now wonder Democrats are geared up to cheat worse than ever. Biden’s Marxist rhetoric about “corporate greed” will not cut it in November with anyone who has an IQ above room temperature.

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May 05 2024

See the Ad Google Doesn’t Want You to See

The moonbats staffing Google use their dominance of the Internet to suppress speech that does not support their malevolent agenda. Having dealt with them, I find it easy to believe they have already placed a heavy thumb on the 2024 election scale by suppressing effective ads like this one:

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May 03 2024

Biden: Migrants Rather Than Americans Make USA Strong

The USA is undergoing the largest invasion in human history. The term “existential threat” is overused, but here it actually applies. Any means necessary should be deployed to defend our country from the foreign enemy pouring across the border to swamp it out of existence. Yet no means will be deployed. The invasion is only happening because our president and the forces he represents side with the hostile invaders against American citizens. Biden makes it explicit:

Migrants — not voting Americans and their children — “are what makes us [economically] strong,” President Joe Biden told a May 1 fundraiser for pro-migration groups at the elite Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C.

Given the unfolding impact of the illegal immigration crisis he caused, this is hardly the time for Biden to be croaking statements like this:

“Immigrants are what makes us strong. Not a joke.”

Crooked Joe is correct that what he is doing to us is no joke. At least he warned us in advance that he wanted to make regular Americans a minority in their own country. Refer to South Africa (and the next inevitable step, Zimbabwe) to see what happens to white minorities.

Biden, Democrats, and their GOPe allies tout the supposed short-term economic benefit of mass Third World immigration. But like most liberal establishment policy, it only helps the rich. As for the country as a whole:

The economic policy has pushed many native-born Americans out of careers in a wide variety of business sectors, reduced Americans’ productivity and political clout, slowed high-tech innovation, shrunk trade, crippled civic solidarity, and incentivized government officials and progressives to ignore the rising death rate of discarded, low-status Americans.

The policy also sucks jobs and wealth from heartland states by subsidizing coastal investors and government agencies with a flood of low-wage workers, high-occupancy renters, and government-aided consumers.

A society that allows itself to be ruled by people who are hostile to it is living on borrowed time.

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Apr 25 2024

Biden Blasphemes on Behalf of Abortion

Even amid calls from within the Catholic Church for Joe Biden’s excommunication, he continues to double down on blasphemy:

Biden made the Sign of the Cross in response to pro-abortion comments made by Democrat Nikki Fried, who was standing next to the president.

The gesture came while the president was listening to Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Nikki Fried slam her state’s pro-life law. …

His gesture occurred moments before he delivered a speech in Florida in favor of legal abortion.

It would be hard to imagine anything less Christian than snuffing out innocent life to facilitate degeneracy. Abortion is a sacrament to leftists precisely because it is so profoundly wrong. It is their way of flipping the middle finger to God, as Biden underscored.

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Apr 19 2024

Welcome Home Scranton Joe

As part of the absurd pretense that he somehow represents the regular Americans that his regime has been eradicating through open borders, socialism, and the DEI ideology of the liberal elite, the figurehead of our degenerate ruling class presents himself as “Scranton Joe,” on the grounds that he happens to have been born in the working class town before moving to Delaware. LANGUAGE ALERT — here’s how Biden is welcomed by the actual residents of Scranton:

Biden’s visit to Scranton was intended to contrast his middle class background with Trump’s privileged upbringing. Marxists forget that in America, it isn’t where you start; it’s where you end up.

Creepy Joe represents the decadent rich. The wealthiest have grown wealthier with him in office, whereas the rest of us have been incrementally impoverished by inflation. In contrast, Trump represents resistance to their misrule, which is why they hate him so much.

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Apr 18 2024

Biden Demands Israel Not Move on Haifa

If Joe Biden is clever enough to serve as Commander in Chief of the USA, he ought to be put in charge of Israel’s fight for survival against Islamomaniacs. Never mind; he already is in charge of it. Watch as he delivers orders not to move on Haifa:

Haifa is the third-largest city in Israel. This is equivalent to Netanyahu demanding Biden not move on Chicago.

The liberal establishment would be hard pressed to find a more appropriate figurehead than this clueless moron.

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Apr 12 2024

Solyndra Swindler Continues to Collect Federal Funds

When bad behavior is not punished, it continues. Eighty percent of Obama’s generous green energy loans went to those who had backed him financially. Prominent among these wasteful debacles was Solyndra, which raked in over half a $billion of taxpayer money and soon afterward declared bankruptcy. Because Obama was never held accountable, similar malfeasance continues during his third term. The Regime is still giving our money specifically to the same guy who ran the Solyndra scam:

The Biden administration is giving $6.6 billion to a semiconductor project run by the former CEO of Solyndra, the failed solar energy company at the center of an Obama-era scandal over government misspending.

The money is going to the Arizona subsidiary of Taiwan’s TSMC to make chips in Phoenix.

[TSMC Arizona President Brian] Harrison, who is overseeing TSMC’s projects in Arizona, said he was involved in securing the federal financing in a media interview last August.

It is not competence that makes you valuable in today’s business world. It is what friends you have.

Regarding Solyndra under Harrison’s tenure,

An inspector general investigation found that Solyndra executives provided misleading information to Department of Energy officials during the loan negotiations in 2009 and later “while drawing down loan proceeds.” The IG report said the “actions of certain Solyndra officials were, at best, reckless and irresponsible or, at worst, an orchestrated effort to knowingly and intentionally deceive and mislead the Department.”

Deceiving people is easy when they are eager to pay you off for helping to put them in power.

Outrage over Solyndra forced Obama to scale down the DoE’s loan programs office — but only temporarily:

[N]ow the Biden administration has revived and expanded the office—giving it a massive $400 billion budget for green energy loans.

This isn’t a government. It is a looting spree.

On a tip from R F.

Apr 02 2024

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano Defends Faith From Biden

Some are pushing back. Like Cardinal Gerhard Müller, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano calls for the Catholic Church to preserve its credibility by excommunicating the belligerently blasphemous leftist creep in the White House. In response to Biden’s Easter Transgender Day of Visibility proclamation, Vigano defends the faith:

The unprecedented and scandalous proclamation of March 31 as “Transgender Visibility Day” by self-styled U.S. President Joe Biden — who dares to declare himself a Catholic — constitutes a most serious offense to God and to millions of Catholics and Christians in America and around the world, before which it is impossible not to react with due firmness. …

I ask my Brethren in the Episcopate and priests to recognize that Joe Biden has incurred latæ sententiæ excommunication, and as such must be expelled from the churches and not admitted to Communion.

Vigano decries “a world awash in execrable perversions that cry out to Heaven for vengeance.” He gets what Sunday’s Democrat Easter blasphemy represents:

Christians are progressively banished from civil society and considered a threat to the subversive project of the New World Order, while a minority of the vicious and perverted claim to erect their deviations as the universal norm. Here is the “visibility” of Biden and the woke ideology, celebrating a macabre mad dance to the abyss.

We’re going into the abyss with them if we fail to turn the ship around.

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Apr 01 2024

Joe Biden Head to Be Removed

Before moonbattery, we had great leaders, whom we commemorated with public statues. The liberal establishment egged on Black Lives Matter mobs to tear these statues down. It would be hard to imagine anyone putting up a statue of our current “leader,” the senile corruptocrat chosen as the figurehead for the forces deliberately destroying our country. Yet a statue in Wyoming is known as the Joe Biden head:

The sculpture has a name — “Exhaling Dissolution” — but most everyone around Laramie knows it as the Biden head because they say it bears an uncanny resemblance to the current U.S. president.

Residents try to ignore the monstrosity and are glad it will be removed next month.

[Hannah] Blair said that she, like many other locals, has always been baffled by what the statue is supposed to represent and why it was deemed appropriate for Laramie or anywhere in Wyoming.

She thinks the artist was trying to convey a message about a need for equality.

Good guess, but creator Sarah Deppe of Iowa…

…has said that the sculpture is a commentary of the huge levels of pollution humans gorge out into the environment.

She denies that the head represents Creepy Joe. Yet the empty-eyed mouth-breathing stare does call Biden to mind:

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