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Jan 14 2024

Doomsday Clock Climate Kookiness

As we lurch toward World War III under incompetent leadership, we could use a little comic relief to lighten the mood:

It’s almost that time again: Time for the annual update of the Doomsday Clock, the symbol of how close the world is to civilization-ending catastrophe. …

USA TODAY asked Rachel Bronson, president and CEO of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, about the factors that will affect the clock’s timing this year: “Climate change and nuclear risk continue to play very large factors in setting the timing of the Doomsday Clock,” she said, “as the effects of the climate crisis become more felt and the threats of nuclear escalation in Ukraine and nuclear arms racing globally continue to loom large.”

The world’s #1 nuclear power is getting boxed into a corner and potentially destabilized over a regional conflict that has nothing to do with us. The maniacs ruling Iran, who have been at war with the USA since 1979, continue to develop the capacity to vaporize our cities. But nuclear Armageddon must not be such a big deal as we thought, or it would be mentioned before the possibility that the climate will continue to fluctuate like it always has.

Or maybe it’s only because serving as a government shill on the global warming hoax results in lucrative grants that the weather not being exactly the same from one year to the next looms larger than any mushroom clouds.

Further stoking the guffaws, we are told we should take the Doomsday Clock seriously because of “its science-based stance.”

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Jan 12 2024

Media Predicts the End of Snow Again

To justify engineering the coming energy crisis, Democrats present dogma that cannot pass the laugh test. Check out this actual January 8, 2024 headline from Bloomberg:

Don’t Be Fooled, Snow Is Becoming a Thing of the Past

Tell that to anyone living in the Midwest, which has been getting hammered by way too much snow as well as hoax-defying “dangerously cold” temperatures.

Ten years ago, a New York Times headline shrieked,

The End of Snow?

By now we have a definitive answer: no.

Yet our moonbat rulers continue to double down on the hysteria, distracting the gullible from their systematic destruction of the country by convincing them that energy will make the pretty snow melt away. Dates are altered on their predictions of doom as dictated by circumstance.

David Blackmon touches base with reality:

For the record, the amount of snowfall in any discreet regional area has always ebbed and flowed as the climate and temperatures and amount precipitating moisture in the air around us have always fluctuated.

The same goes for all aspects of the climate. If the media can make us forget this and panic over every minor fluctuation, we are a herd of cattle and deserve the fate that awaits us at the stockyards leftists are driving us toward.

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Jan 09 2024

Open Thread

I am supposed to worry about oceans rising 70 years from now, on climate models that have already proven to be utterly flawed? - Dennis Prager

Dec 26 2023

Glaciers Give the Lie to Global Warming Narrative

According to the Gospel of the Global Warming Hoax, 1850–1910 was the coldest period of the past millennium. Yet glaciers were retreating rapidly. Now that the planet allegedly has a fever, the retreat has slowed dramatically and even reversed:

Our moonbat rulers canceled the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age for failing to comply with climate ideology. But preventing glaciers from growing is more difficult than doctoring the historical record to support climate con man Michael Mann’s spurious hockey stick graph.

Nonetheless, prophet of doom Al Gore shouts that “we could lose our capacity for self-governance” if we don’t surrender still more freedom to Big Government so that it can fix the supposedly broken weather.

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Dec 21 2023

German Climate Kooks Defile Christmas Trees

The Muslim colonists who torch and behead nativity scenes aren’t the only ones in Germany lacking the Christmas spirit. There are also the climate kooks:

German climate protesters defiled Christmas trees in seven different cities [last] Wednesday, spraying them orange in the name of climate activism.

Thou shalt have no gods before the global warming hoax, shriek the deranged moonbats:

“Amidst the flashing lights, shiny jewelry and festive atmosphere, it’s easy to forget: We’re racing full speed towards catastrophe and our governments are failing miserably to pull the emergency brake in Dubai,” a woman proclaimed in German in a video.

The reference is to COP28, to which globalists flew in private jets from every corner of the world to discuss how to impose authoritarianism and radically reduce our standard of living in the name of the supposedly imperiled climate.

The level of malice and psychosis presented by the climate cult is alarming. The scariest part is that a likeminded kook was in Dubai representing the US government.

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Dec 16 2023

Let Them Drink Sewage

Despite the arid climate, a fair amount of rain falls in California. Almost all of it flows out to sea, wasted. It could be captured in reservoirs, so that people could drink it. Unfortunately, the moonbats in charge bark that this inconveniences minnows.

No worries; progressives always have solutions for the problems they cause. Californians can just drink sewage:

The California State Water Resources Control Board is tentatively planning a vote next week to approve a landmark water regulation that would turn sewage into drinking water across California.

Here’s why Californians might have to drink sewage:

The project is an effort to tackle climate change and the problem of water droughts.

There have always been droughts in California. That’s why they used to build reservoirs. As for climate change, that is an issue only in the imagination of moonbats.

Given California’s long coastline, large-scale desalinization would be an option — except that would be offensive to plankton, according to the California Coastal Commission.

It’s okay. Other countries drink recycled sewage. Namibia, for example, and if it’s good enough for Namibia…

However, this year, it was reported that Namibia is facing a water contamination crisis and the water is “not fit for human consumption.” Many communities in the country fear outbreaks of waterborne diseases.

Expecting people to drink sewage is especially emblematic of the state’s liberal rule when you consider that California is the seat of the entertainment industry.

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Dec 15 2023

Jail Time for Mowing Lawn

So long as we remain armed, this remains a soft tyranny, focused on eating away our liberty by micromanaging relatively trivial details of our lives. January 6 was an exception to the rule; Americans aren’t normally thrown into solitary confinement on suspicion of dissent. But that doesn’t mean you won’t face jail time for mowing your lawn.

From deep blue Washington State:

State Reps. Amy Walen and Liz Berry authored a bill to be considered in their state’s upcoming legislative session that would ban “gasoline-powered and diesel-powered landscaping and other outdoor power equipment,” a group that includes common lawn care tools like lawn mowers, weed whackers, pressure washers and snow blowers, among others. Violating the new law would be punishable “by a fine of not more than ten thousand dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail for up to three hundred sixty-four days, or by both for each separate violation.”

Jail time for maintaining your yard or clearing snow off your driveway. It’s getting hard to keep a straight face while referring to this as the Land of the Free.

We are told that the climate doesn’t like lawn mowers, snowblowers, etc. Using them makes it be too warm outside, according to the gibbering lunatics we allow to rule over us.

As with cars, we are supposed to play along with the global warming hoax by using the ideologically compliant coal-powered electric version.

While the bill provides a sales tax break for new equipment, new electric lawn mowers or snow blowers can cost thousands of dollars.

No problem. The Democrat Party is an alliance between the rich and a massive underclass bred for votes through the welfare state and imported from the Third World. The former can afford the Tesla equivalent of a lawn mower. The latter isn’t known for worrying about lawn maintenance or clearing the driveway so as to get to work.

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Dec 14 2023

Human Breathing Offends Climate

So-called greenhouse gases are a byproduct of literally all human activity. Consequently, evil ecclesiastics of the global warming cult suppress even agriculture. It was only a matter of time until the Experts got around to stressing that every time we breathe, we offend the climate:

Methane and nitrous oxide in the air we exhale makes up to 0.1 per cent of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, scientists say.

That’s on top of the CO2 we exhale, which is unholy in the moonbat religion but at least is absorbed by plants, which need it to live.

And that’s not even accounting for the gas we release from burps and farts, or emissions that come from our skin without us noticing.

Big Government might force us to buy offsets for burps and farts, like Canada wants to do with cows. But this may not suffice to prevent us from breathing.

No worries; our globalist moonbat overlords have a solution. Uncoincidentally, it corresponds with the TOE that explains all aspects of the liberal agenda:

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Dec 13 2023

Canadian Offset Credits for Burping Cows

Don’t worry about the incipient collapse of civilization into Third World squalor ruled over by totalitarian degenerates. We have bigger problems — like cows that according to leftist doctrine offend the climate by burping. The Canadian government is on the case:

Environment and Climate Change Canada … is proposing financial incentives for farmers in the form of offset credits they can sell…

As FDR taught us while prolonging the Great Depression, only through Big Government can the agriculture sector make more money by producing less food — or in this case, producing it less efficiently in obeisance to leftist ideology.

ECCC published a draft protocol Sunday to “encourage beef cattle farms to reduce enteric methane emissions by improving animal diets, management, and other strategies that support more efficient animal growth.”

How it is more efficient to drive up the price of food with special diets that prevent cattle from digesting their food normally is not explained.

Each credit represents one tonne of emission reductions, and the credits can be sold to facilities to help them meet emissions reduction requirements or to other businesses to meet their climate commitments, the government said.

If Canada starts being cold in the winter and not all that warm in the summer either, citizens will know they can thank their government for spending their money to stop animals from burping, thereby perfecting the weather.

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Dec 11 2023

Climate Crisis in the Late 1970s

Before global warming, they tried global cooling. But people just laughed:

However, other TV programs took a more serious tone:

Needless to say, if the climate change ideology Democrats are exploiting as a pretext to deny us access to electricity and transportation had any validity, we would have noticed that the world was getting warmer not colder prior to the late 1970s.

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Dec 07 2023

Open Thread

'Emergencies' have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded. - Friedrich August von Hayek

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Dec 06 2023

777 Imaginary Thermometers

To maintain ideological orthodoxy regarding the global warming hoax requires superimposing imagination over reality. Big Government shows the way by collecting make-believe data from thermometers that no longer exist:

Once NASA placed men on the moon. Now, it seems to consist mostly of Deep State apparatchiks fabricating phony data that treasonous termites like John Kerry can use to destroy the country.

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Dec 05 2023

More Greenhouse Gas From John Kerry

The treasonous elitist twit John Kerry may be the most unappealing moonbat ever to drone about the global warming hoax, but give him credit for succinctness. If brevity is the soul of wit, Hanoi John is a clever guy to have summed up everything he has to say in a single blast of greenhouse gas:

“There shouldn’t be any more coal-fired power plants permitted anywhere in the world,” Kerry began before launching into an anti-coal diatribe.

“I find myself getting more and more militant because I do not understand how adults who are in a position of responsibility can be avoiding responsibility for taking away those things that are killing people on a daily basis…”

Before Kerry can complete his thought, the crude sound of passing gas can be heard over the microphone. …

CNN’s [Becky] Anderson — sitting to Kerry’s right and within striking distance of a potential bodily function — quickly jerks her head aside and inconspicuously places her hand to her mouth, possibly in the event of any stench permeating the climate panel.

It must have been a doozy to disgust even a mainstream media propagandist. The climate won’t mind though — not if it is okay with the massive emissions caused by globalist hypocrites like Kerry jetting into Dubai to discuss how to lower our standard of living.

We’ll never get through watching our country destroyed by moonbats without a little comic relief:

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Dec 04 2023

Biden Flushes Away More $Billions on Climate Malarkey

Great news for the allegedly imperiled climate. Biden promises to fix it by throwing our money at it:

The Biden administration announced Saturday it is sending $3 billion in U.S. taxpayer funds to the U.N.’s flagship Green Climate Fund (GCF) in a move applauded by Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry.

If Kerry and the United Nations like it, it isn’t good for America.

Vice President Kamala Harris announced the cash splash as part of a series of a series of U.S. climate initiatives aired at the COP28 climate conference now underway in Dubai.

As with green energy boondoggles that enrich Democrat donors at our expense, the global warming hoax once again serves as a pretext for wealth transfers:

The GCF … is supposed to distribute $100 billion per year to poor countries under the guise of funding various emissions reduction initiatives and compensation for climate-related damages, as Breitbart News reported.

American taxpayers are literally held responsible for what the weather does in Third World dictatorships.

The Regime’s schedule is ambitious. Creepy Joe says he will please his weather gods by preventing us from making productive use of 30% of our country by 3 years ago:

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