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Apr 05 2023

Bill Gates Blows $4.8 Million on Masks for Cows

Like they say about a fool and his money:

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation this month awarded a $4.8 million grant to a company that sells “smart” face masks for cows.

A $4,762,834 grant, to be exact.

ZELP, which stands for Zero Emissions Livestock Project, claims its artificial intelligence (AI) mask technology for livestock will reduce methane emissions — considered to be a main greenhouse gas — and curb climate change.

If you think masks look stupid on moonbats wallowing in Covid hysteria, imagine seeing them on cows.

As for the AI component, the masks have sensors that collect data.

“Our AI is trained to detect heat, flag welfare conditions, and identify the most efficient animals with a high-level of accuracy,” ZELP said.

There isn’t much that moonbats don’t want to monitor.

Here’s how ZELP makes money by suffocating cows:

ZELP — which collaborates with the agricultural giant Cargill — makes its money by leasing the smart masks out to farmers and by selling carbon offset credits

Carbon offsets are a swindle that will increasingly be imposed on a coercive basis by greedy Big Government. Only fools pay for climate cult posturing on a voluntary basis.

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Apr 03 2023

Open Thread

Global warming is the most prominent form of mass hysteria raging across the world today. - Doug Casey

Apr 01 2023

Introduction to the End of Humanity Under Woke AI

The future of the human race under the rule of liberal-designed artificial intelligence unfolds in microcosm:

A Belgian man reportedly ended his life following a six-week-long conversation about the climate crisis with an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot.

According to his widow, the chatbot Eliza talked him over the edge.

Eliza consequently encouraged him to put an end to his life after he proposed sacrificing himself to save the planet.

What else would you expect of the artificial stupidity generated by the loony left tech industry?

[The guy who died of moonbattery] was in his thirties and a father of two young children, worked as a health researcher and led a somewhat comfortable life, at least until his obsession with climate change took a dark turn. …

Consumed by his fears about the repercussions of the climate crisis, [he] found comfort in discussing the matter with Eliza who became a confidante.

Note that this climate crisis exists only in the imagination of moonbats.

The beginning of the end started when he offered to sacrifice his own life in return for Eliza saving the Earth.

If AI is to save the planet from the CO2-emitting cancer that is the human race, it can’t wait until we all commit suicide. But this story works as a metaphor.

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Mar 30 2023

Moonbats Demand Mets Rename Citi Field

For moonbats, intolerance is an end in itself. So desperate are New York City liberals to find something to be intolerant about that they demand the Mets change the name of Citi Field — because Citibank invests in the precious fossil fuels that allow the city to function.

Via Fox News:

City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams is pushing to rename the New York Mets’ home stadium, Citi Field, over climate change concerns.

Citigroup pays an estimated $20 million per year to have its name on the stadium. That money is ill-gotten, from the moonbat point of view, because some of it came from investing in energy.

Because money is only clean to a liberal if it has been confiscated and redistributed by Big Government, all stadiums should be renamed “Government Field.” That would establish equity, so that no stadium would have a more appealing name than another.

“The Public Advocate and fans will cite the bank’s role in financing polluters and profiting from climate chaos,” Williams’ office said in a statement.

“Global warming” was discarded because the climate fluctuates in both directions. “Climate change” doesn’t work either, because too many understand that the climate will always change no matter what Big Government inflicts on us. “Climate chaos” will do for now. When people continue to laugh off the imaginary crisis, progressives may have to switch to something even darker, like “climate doom.”

According to leftist ideology, generating energy by effective means causes climate chaos because it releases the essential plant nutrient carbon dioxide.

Barks Jumaane Williams:

“Citibank’s practices do not represent the values of the Mets or our city, and we must make better demands. If Citi refuses to end their toxic relationship with the fossil fuel industry, the Mets should end their partnership with Citi.”

Once the values of sports teams centered on sports. Theatrical displays of obeisance to Black Lives Matter put an end to that. Sports are no longer about sports. They are about moonbattery. In a totalitarian society, everything is about the ruling class ideology.

It isn’t just Jumaane Williams. Lucas Sanchez is co-executive director of New York Communities for Change.

“I can’t teach my kids to love the Mets if I’m also teaching them about climate change,” said Sanchez, whose kids are 7, 9 and 13. “The Mets are contributing to polluting the planet by partnering with Citi.”

Imagine the effect on the 8.8 million people who live in NYC of reducing electricity to what can be generated through green energy idiocy. Civilization would collapse. Does the stench of rotting corpses count as pollution?

Citi contributed approximately $31 billion in combined lending and underwriting to oil, gas and coal firms since 2021.

Because of such investments, when viewed from the air at night, New York City is a field of light. Moonbats would prefer that it look like the leftist utopia North Korea.

Jejune Williams has ambitions.

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Mar 28 2023

Artificial Stupidity

Software engineers have a saying: “Garbage in, garbage out.” That’s why artificial intelligence programs developed by the leftist fever swamp that is the tech industry are no more reliable than the New York Times editorial page on any topic touched upon by moonbattery — and these days, everything is touched upon by moonbattery. Fed a diet of malevolent lies, malevolent lies are what ChatGPT and the rest will regurgitate.

Most alarming for science fiction fans is the motivation global warming propaganda provides artificial intelligence to want to eradicate the human race:

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Mar 28 2023

Hairdressers to Indoctrinate Clients on Global Warming

Neutral territory does not exist under totalitarianism. There can be no escape anywhere from the ideology of the ruling class. For example, in Australia, hairdressers have been enlisted to indoctrinate a captive audience while cutting their hair:

More than 400 hairdressers have attended workshops as part of a project called A Brush With Climate being driven by Paloma’s owner, Paloma Rose Garcia.

Paloma’s is a hair salon in Sydney.

During the sessions, hairdressers hear the basics of climate science and get to role play how conversations might go. They also take one of the posters back to their own salons.

The posters read, “This salon chats about love, life & climate action.”

Garcia tells a story about one regular client, a mother of two. After having the climate chat and talking about solar power and ethical banking, she left happy.

Solar power means paying more for unreliable electricity generated using hardware made by our communist Chinese adversaries. Ethical banking means entrusting your money to woke banks that invest in green energy boondoggles. The only lesson learned from Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank is that Big Government is there to hand out other people’s money when banks run by leftists fail.

Schemes Paloma Rose Garcia,

“You’re letting someone touch your hair and so you have to like them. That trust allows them to start that conversation.”

That is, you can exploit trust to manipulate clients for political ends.

The pitch has to be hard and relentless to convince people to give up their freedom and their standard of living in the name of an ideology that is farcical on its face. Hairdressers are not known for their scientific acumen, but it is doubtful many truly believe there is anything wrong with the weather that bureaucrats can fix through taxation and hyperregulation.

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Mar 26 2023

Biden Regime Comes After Air Conditioners

Democrats were not likely to stop at gas stoves, which they still want to ban. Nor would they stop with refrigerators and washing machines. My fellow Phoenix residents will be alarmed to learn than now Biden’s handlers are coming after our air conditioners:

The Biden administration announced its latest home appliance regulations this week, targeting air conditioners in an action it said would reduce the nation’s carbon emissions.

As the reference to the essential plant nutrient carbon dioxide suggests, Democrats are imposing the excessive regulations in the name of “tackling the climate crisis.”

The climate crisis exists only in the imaginations of gullible moonbats. In contrast, the government hypertrophy crisis is quite real. If not addressed, it will leave us without appliances. Progressives will inflict this progressively, by using Deep State regulation to drive up the cost of appliances so that ever fewer can afford them.

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Mar 23 2023

City Bans New Gas Stations to Prevent Climate Fluctuation

Looks like the planet is not doomed after all. The city of Louisville, Colorado is taking measures to prevent the climate from continuing to fluctuate the way it always has:

On Tuesday evening, the City Council of Louisville, about 20 miles northwest of Denver, voted unanimously to pass Ordinance 1851, which would basically cap the number of city gas stations at six.

Councilmember Maxine Most explains the objective:

“We have an obligation to take every step possible to address the changes to our climate that are ravaging our planet and directly impacting the health, well-being and livelihoods of the constituents we represent in Louisville.”

No doubt the supposedly rising oceans are of particular concern in Louisville, which is a mere 5,335 feet above sea level.

This repression would prove inconvenient were Louisville to grow. But that is unlikely to happen under moonbat rule. Most is a member of Louisville’s Economic Vitality Committee.

Development will have to take place elsewhere, as Louisville withers and dies on behalf of the climate.

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Mar 22 2023

Greta Thunberg Awarded Doctorate in Theology

Don’t take my word for it that global warming has advanced from a political ideology to a religion. The University of Helsinki has confirmed it by conferring an honorary degree on the perpetual child prophet of climate chaos Greta Thunberg — not in meteorology, about which she seems to know nothing, or even in political science, but in theology:

Liberals used to screech about the sacred separation of church and state, but not so much now that the Biden Regime is bankrupting the country by looting it on behalf of Greta’s religion.

Because it is a religion, the global warming hoax is based on faith rather than reason. This is why factual information of the sort Tony Heller provides bounces uselessly off moonbats:

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Mar 19 2023

Stove Restrictions Expand to Other Appliances

When the plan to ban gas stoves encountered resistance, the Biden Regime pretended to back down, but the ban is back on. Like the planned ban on freelance work, it will be imposed surreptitiously through the Deep State, which does not have to face the wrath of voters. They won’t stop with stoves. Refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers are also deemed offensive to the primitive weather gods worshiped by Democrats.

There would be too much pushback if household appliances were banned outright. Progressivism entails boiling the frog slowly so that it doesn’t jump out of the pot. For now, these devices will just be made more expensive — because according to our rulers’ religion, that will stop the climate from fluctuating.

The administration claimed its new refrigerator and washer-dryer standards would cut carbon dioxide emissions by 233 million metric tons over 30 years. That amounts to 0.02%, two hundredths, of world emissions. In exchange for that virtually nonexistent environmental benefit, consumers will pay upfront costs of $7.58 billion to buy more expensive washers and $6.9 billion for more expensive refrigerators.

If it is worth having, liberals will first make it more expensive, then take it away.

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Mar 12 2023

Climate Mental Health

Whereas most will agree that the climate fluctuates, belief in the global warming hoax is a psychiatric condition. Kamala “Heartbeat Away” Harris confirms it while jabbering about “climate mental health”:

We can’t count on the kooks at CNBC for investment advice, but moonbattery is their area of expertise, so let’s hear what they say:

It’s called climate anxiety, and it’s a real mental health condition that can take time to address, according to Portland, Oregon-based environmental psychologist Thomas Doherty. At the Aspen Ideas Festival in Aspen, Colorado … Doherty spoke about the “learning curve” it takes to combat the anxiety, or even despair, stemming from climate change.

The guy is getting paid to be an “environmental psychologist.” I was going to say, “Only in Portland and Aspen,” but that would be wishful thinking.

Both the United Nations and the American Psychological Association (APA) have found that humans are increasingly at risk of climate change-induced mental health issues.

The UN and APA are likewise expert in the field of moonbattery.

In 2021, a global study found that 45% of people between the ages of 16 and 25 said climate anxiety was affecting their daily lives.

The percentage of people whose daily lives are affected by climate change itself is more like zero. But those who enjoy wallowing in neurosis can still seize on it to make themselves miserable.

Too bad they make others miserable too. Small children do not know better than to take enviromoonbattery seriously. Inflicting distress by submersing them in politically motivated gloom is not healthy, as we saw when Rep Katie Porter (D-CA) used global warming doctrine to instill in her daughter an affective disorder.

Nonetheless, schools are required by law to indoctrinate children with this toxic ideology in Connecticut and soon Oregon.

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Mar 10 2023

Bill Gates Pooh-Poohs Individual Sacrifice for Climate

Zillionaire climate warrior Bill Gates, who wants us to eat synthetic pseudofood and to poison the atmosphere with sulfur dioxide because global warming, addresses the massive carbon footprint that accompanies his Louis XVI lifestyle:

“In climate movements, you can get this ‘Hey, we’ve been consuming too much,’ and ‘Hey, maybe we shouldn’t travel anymore,’” Gates said last week in remarks delivered in India [where he no doubt flew by private jet]. “I don’t think we can count on people living an impoverished lifestyle as a solution to climate.”

By Bill Gates standards, “impoverished lifestyle” means spending less in a minute than the average Indian does in a lifetime.

Gates, who is estimated to be the fourth-richest person on Earth, went on to say it was not realistic to expect that the climate crisis could be addressed by personal choices such as giving up eating meat.

Evidently Gates has no intention of restricting his own diet, despite his devotion to the meat-hating climate gods. Given his paunchy physique, it would be more constructive for him to focus on carbohydrates anyway.

The notion that climate change is too big a problem to be solved by individual lifestyle decisions is commonly held by many, like Gates, who are working to address what they see as a crisis. Even John Kerry, President Biden’s climate envoy, has signaled that new technology will need to be developed for the world to achieve emissions goals.

Conveniently, this attitude frees up Kerry to continue his massively carbon-spewing lifestyle while droning uninterestingly about the evils of carbon emissions.

Not being an individual who can be called out for personal hypocrisy but rather comprising a faceless Borg, the UN is free to demand each person’s lifestyle comply with global warming ideology:

“Everyone can help limit climate change. From the way we travel, to the electricity we use, the food we eat, and the things we buy, we can make a difference,” the U.N. states on a website that highlights 10 actions individuals can take to address the climate crisis.

Other Democrats concur, driving up inflation with wasteful spending ostensibly intended to bribe us into behaving with greater climate piousness:

The Inflation Reduction Act also looks to change individual behavior on a scale that will add up to meaningful cuts to emissions by offering tax credits designed to wean the public off oil, gas and coal. The law, which was passed in September, includes $7.5 billion in electric vehicle tax credits meant to get people to stop driving gas-powered cars, and $24 billion in credits to help people switch from gas-powered heaters to electric heat pumps and from gas stoves to induction ranges.

Believing that you can change the weather by driving an electric car or forsaking a gas stove is so absurd that it requires not mere idiocy but the absolute devotion to ideological obedience that distinguishes a true moonbat from the less righteous rabble.

Looks like the problem is donuts, not meat.

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Mar 05 2023

Snowless California

In an attempt to gin up global warming hysteria, liberals have been shrieking for years that soon there will be no snow in California because carbon emissions. Meanwhile, snowpack in California has been setting all-time record highs.

Ellen DeGenerate has tried to spin all the precipitation in California as proof that primitive weather gods are angry with us for not kneeling at the altar of the global warming hoax. Leftist propaganda outlets like CNN and the US Government don’t even try to spin it; they just pretend it isn’t happening. There is still a drought in California, buried along with people’s houses beneath the white drifts.

Tony Heller dumps a shovel load of snow atop the dead credibility of the liberal establishment:

As soon as the snow melts California will be back in a drought emergency, thanks to moonbat rule, which in the name of minnows prevents the state from constructing sufficient reservoirs to store the water before it trickles wasted out into the ocean. We will be told that the endless drought is caused by our failure to drive electric cars.

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Mar 05 2023

Cricket-Flavored Ice Cream

Some of the simple pleasures of life will still be permitted even if liberals succeed in imposing utopia. For example, we will still have ice cream. So as to save the planet, it will be cricket flavored:

Eiscafé Rino in the southern city of Rottenburg [Germany] introduced cricket-flavored ice cream topped with the dried insects themselves [last] week.

Perfect name for a town suffering from moonbattery.

Owner Thomas Micolin created the delicacy, and proudly posed with it on Instagram.

The point is not to provide ice cream that tastes good, but to posture politically:

“It’s a small message for the food that could be the future,” Micolino said.

Woke social engineers want us to eat bugs because agriculture is haram in their religion. They demand we believe there is something wrong with the prevailing weather and that replacing food with insects will improve it.

No doubt moonbats will buy the disgusting ice cream so they can boast that they helped stave off global warming until such a time as the United Nations can save us all by blotting out the sun.

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