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Sep 01 2020

Biden Confirms That Trump Has Been “Stroking” Violence

Sometimes you almost have to admire their gall. After not only validating but inciting Black Lives Matter violence for months on end, conspicuously refusing to put a stop to it where they have local control, shunning federal help when offered by Trump, and showily associating themselves with Black Lives Matter at the Democratic National Convention, Democrats learned from opinion polls that American voters don’t share their enthusiasm for burning the country down. So now they are blaming Trump for the riots:

Multiple Democrats on Sunday said President Donald Trump was responsible for inciting violence in Democrat-run cities.

Party apparatchiks were deployed to the Sunday shows, all reading from the same phony script as usual. Just as we were asked to believe that an obscure “Islamophobic” video was to blame for Benghazi, we are now told that Donald Trump is the cause of leftist domestic terrorism.

In reality,

Trump has repeatedly called for “law and order” and offered federal support to cities that are struggling with riots. Some local Democratic leaders, however, have refused federal assistance—Portland mayor Ted Wheeler, whose city has faced violent protests for more than three months, turned down Trump’s offer of federal support on Friday. The mayor previously said that he plans to let the violence “burn itself out.”

However, congressional Democrats agree that Trump has been trying to aggravate the violence. Adam Schiff says the purpose of sending in National Guard to stop the violence is to inflame the violence. Karen Bass says Trump will “do everything to disrupt law and order.”

As recently as August 15, after the riots had been going on for nearly 3 months, Trump proclaimed that “there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives.” No wait, that was another congressional Democrat, Ayanna Pressley.

Since Biden doesn’t come out of his spider hole very often, we have to make the most of it when he does. He spoke in Pittsburgh yesterday, enlightening us as to the history of COVID-19 over the past hundred years. He also confirmed that yes, Donald Trump is to blame for left-wing violence, which he has been “stroking”:

Being a prominent Democrat means never having to pass the laugh test.

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Aug 17 2020

Democrats Praise and Encourage Rioting as It Spins Out of Control

In her first appearance after officially becoming the Democrats’ VP candidate, Kamala Harris effusively praised Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioters:

“[W]e are experiencing a moral reckoning with racism and systemic injustice that has brought a new coalition of conscience to the streets of our country demanding change.”

Harris continued: “To everyone keeping up the fight, you are doing something great! You are the heroes of our time.”

Other Democratic officeholders go farther, explicitly inciting still more riots. Shouts Rep Ayanna Pressley (D-MA),

“You know, there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives.”

In the context of the past 2+ months, “unrest in the streets” means mayhem. It means this:

Chicago police officers and violent rioters collided on Saturday as riots broke out in the Windy City. According to Chicago Police, at least 24 people were arrested during the protests that escalated into violence. …

During the riots, two civilians were injured and 17 police officers were treated for injuries. …

Brown said one of the cops injured was an officer who was “beaten in the head several times with a skateboard.” …

The situation became so uncontrollable that the city was forced to raise the area bridges to limit access. The same defensive tactic was implemented by the city last Sunday during the riots and widespread looting.

Also from this past weekend:

Eighteen people were arrested late Sunday in Seattle when an anti-police protest descended into a riot, with members from the group throwing rocks and explosives at law enforcement officers, authorities said Monday.

Protesters marched on the Seattle Police Officer Guild.

Sometime after 10 p.m., demonstrators detonated a “large explosive” and tried to break the window of a police car, authorities said. …

“Multiple explosives were thrown toward officers,” the press release stated. “Several officers were struck by explosives and injured.” …

Three officers were hurt, and one was taken to an area hospital for their injuries, police said.

The anarchy has been too widespread and has been going on for too long for Democrats to count on the media to ignore it or spin at as a few agitators “hijacking” peaceful protests. Anyone who joins up with one of these mobs knows they will likely be taking part in a riot.

Then we have John Thompson, the Minnesota candidate for State Representative, who has been endorsed by Democratic Governor Tim Walz, and who during an obscenity-laced racist tirade suggested burning down the town of Hugo.

Until we hear otherwise is clear terms, this is what the Democratic Party stands for.

Maybe voters can be intimidated into rewarding this terror. Then again, maybe they will vote for people who will make the terror stop.

Who is going to vote for more of these peaceful protests?

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Aug 17 2020

Black Lives Matter/Antifa Beat Driver Unconscious

The 1992 Los Angeles riots gave us Reginald Denny. The current nationwide riots have given us this unfortunate fellow:

A mob of Portland Black Lives Matter and Antifa militants forced a white man to crash his truck, then punched and kicked him unconscious, disturbing footage shows.

It happened last night at 10:30. Mostly peaceful protesters, who have made a habit of blocking vehicles and menacing those within, punched him as he sat with a woman in the truck.

The unidentified driver eventually sped off, with the mob chasing him — with some heard loudly laughing when he crashed into a light pole…

He was dragged from the truck and tackled to the ground — getting repeatedly punched as he tried to call his wife…

“I was trying to get out the way,” he insisted of crashing his truck, as several of the group punched him in the face and repeatedly called the white driver the N-word.

Then came the coup de grâce that could have killed him.

As the mob dispersed to watch another fight, the main offender circled back around — kicking the defenseless driver in the face from behind, instantly knocking him out with his head cracking on the road.

“What the f–k is you talkin’ about, n—er!” the attacker screamed after the thud of his victim’s head hitting the ground.

He then lay unconscious, bleeding from a head wound. Rescue workers were blocked by the hostile crowd and had to be helped through by police in riot gear.

Other injuries were inflicted by mostly peaceful protesters in Portland over the weekend.

Two cops were hospitalized overnight Saturday after protesters hurled a 10-pound rock at them during the 79th night of clashes in the City of Roses, according to reports.

As noted previously, multiple officers were also injured in Chicago and Seattle.

A rioting mob is not admirable. Yet it is what overpaid athletes kneel to. It is what Democratic Senator and VP candidate Kamala Harris calls “a new coalition of conscience” and “the heroes of our time.” Others in her party either pretend this terrorism isn’t happening, call for more of it, or participate themselves.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa are so extreme that they would be marginalized into irrelevance if they did not employ rioting as a political tactic. This tactic would not be effective if they were not supported by the liberal establishment.

This is what you are voting for if you vote Democrat:

The media will not be able to keep voters from realizing what Black Lives Matters is actually about until November 3. But Democrats are too heavily invested to distance themselves from the radicals they have unleashed.

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