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May 16 2024

Ayanna Pressley Denounces White Men

Considering that the ideology of our ruling class is based largely on demonization of white men, you can’t expect them to be treated respectfully by the government. Still, it is a little much to have to hear about the white males who are systematically discriminated against at every level of society “failing up” from a conspicuously dim-witted Woman of Color who is in Congress instead of cleaning hotel rooms due to DEI:

No white guys in Congress would be allowed to complain that poster children for Affirmative Action like Kamala Harris, Ketanji Brown Jackson, Karine Jean-Pierre, Claudine Gay, Jasmine Crockett, Ayanna Pressley, et alia hold positions for which they are unqualified, because it is true.

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Mar 09 2024

Ayanna Pressley Showcases Comfortable Deadbeat

For a special guest to showcase at the SOTU Thursday, squad member Ayanna Pressley picked someone who has actually benefitted from Democrat policies — i.e., a comfortable deadbeat:

A teacher paid $135,901 last year who had student debt forgiven was the “honored” guest of U.S. Rep. Ayanna Pressley at the State of the Union address.

That teacher, who also owns a home in Dedham with her husband assessed in Zillow online records at about $1 million, was given $117,000 in student debt relief, Pressley says in a press release.

Adding to her specialness, Priscilla Higuera Valentine is a member of the cancerous teachers unions that have destroyed American education and the daughter of a Third World immigrant.

She teaches elementary school — easy work with lots of time off. Median income in her town is about half her take at $61,699.

Debt can’t really be canceled; it can only be transferred. Someone has to pay it. As with Priscilla’s bloated salary, we pay through taxes and inflation.

No wonder Priscilla looks pleased.

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Jan 25 2021

Ayanna Pressley: Commute All Federal Death Sentences

By aligning themselves with mobs of looters, exploiting COVID-19 as a pretext to release convicts onto the streets, and selecting the notoriously corrupt Joe Biden as their figurehead, Democrats have made it more obvious than ever that they are the party of criminality. So this should come as no surprise:

[Squad member Ayanna] Pressley and U.S. Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., led 35 of their colleagues … in sending a letter to Biden urging him to “immediately commute” the sentences of all 49 prisoners on federal death row and ensure a “fair re-sentencing process.”

Being a leftist, Biden opposes the death penalty, except when applied to inconvenient babies. These will be killed on the US taxpayer’s dime in foreign countries thanks to one of his many executive orders.

Pressley is also pushing a bill to abolish the federal death penalty with Bush and U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill.

Cori Bush is a Black Lives Matter organizer who entered Congress last year. More than anything else, BLM stands for criminals in opposition to law enforcement.

Because Pressley is a Democrat and therefore a Cultural Marxist, she frames the death penalty in terms of racial favoritism:

“State-sanctioned murder is not justice, and the death penalty, which kills Black and brown people disproportionately, has absolutely no place in our society,” Pressley said in a statement.

Pressley’s jihad against the death penalty could save the neck of multiple murderer Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who may yet face appropriate justice despite a judge throwing out his death sentence. No doubt executing Tsarnaev would be Islamophobic and xenophobic. The Chechen refugees Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev killed three and wounded over 260 by setting off a bomb at the Boston Marathon in 2013, then continued to enrich the multicultural tapestry with the execution-style murder of 27-year-old police officer Sean Collier.

By the way, Pressley’s husband Conan Harris spent 10 years in prison for drug trafficking. Her father was in jail for much of her childhood. She has the right background to achieve prominence as a Democrat.

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May 18 2024

Large Contingent of Democrats Vote Against Police

In case there is anyone left in the country who doesn’t understand which side is the bad guys:

Every member of the far-left “Squad” and dozens of other House Democrats voted Friday against a resolution condemning calls to “defund the police,” which have preceded a record-breaking spike in violence against law enforcement officers.

The House still overwhelmingly passed the measure in a bipartisan 337-61 vote, denouncing the anti-cop movement, declaring support for officers in the line of duty and expressing condolences to the family members of those who have been killed while serving. …

No Republicans voted against the measure.

Some Democrats held their nose and voted with Republicans because they are vulnerable in the November elections. Others are in districts that have already been secured and can vote their id. Sixty-one openly sided with criminals against local law enforcement, flaunting their intention to turn the USA into Haiti.

Thanks go to the Squad for providing a cautionary preview of what the remnants of America will be like before Democrats have finished demographically transforming it via welfare policy and the undefended border. The plan is for the whole country to be the kind of place that would elect the likes of AOC, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Cori Bush, Jamaal Bowman, et al.

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Dec 07 2023

Democrats Push Unconstitutionally to Get Felons Voting

A few blacks are wising up regarding the Democrat Party. Time to shift emphasis to the identity group that won’t ever forget who to vote for. Not even LGBTers are more certain to support Democrats than convicted felons:

Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., announced the Inclusive Democracy Act on Wednesday outside the United States Capitol with Sen. Peter Welch, D-Vt.

Because so long as America is still standing, Our Democracy is not inclusive enough.

The bill would guarantee the right to vote in federal elections for all Americans, regardless of criminal conviction. It also requires those with past convictions to receive notice they are now eligible to vote.

If you want to know what a country run by people elected to represent criminals looks like, cities that have had pro-criminal DAs installed by the Democrats’ #1 donor George Soros offer an indication (e.g., Alvin Bragg [New York], George Gascon [Los Angeles], Kim Foxx [Chicago], Kim Ogg [Houston], Larry Krasner [Philadelphia], Chesa Boudin [San Francisco], Kim Gardner [St Louis], Marilyn Mosby [Baltimore], Monique Worrell [central Florida], Jason Williams [New Orleans], Pamela Price [Oakland]).

The bill is unconstitutional, because the states have authority over elections. But that isn’t likely to stop a member of the Squad like Ayanna Pressley.

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May 05 2023

Leftist Viewpoint on Criminals Hurt by Citizens

Never let it be said that engages in viewpoint discrimination like the SEC. For the sake of fairness, let’s listen attentively as a San Francisco moonbat offers her take on criminals who get hurt by private security guards and law-abiding citizens now that local police have been marginalized in the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter riots:

Here’s what she is upset about:

San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins chose not to charge security guard Michael Earl-Wayne Anthony with murder for the April 27 shooting of black transgender 24-year-old Banko Brown, who police said was allegedly shoplifting at the time, according to The San Francisco Chronicle. Jenkins cited “credible evidence of reasonable self-defense” in the case, but some civilians at the Tuesday meeting held “Justice For Banko Brown” signs, and the woman with the buzzcut said she hated many of the board members “for the reasons that led up to” Brown’s death.

If only Soros-appointed terrorist offspring Chesa Boudin were still in office, she might have gotten the vindictive prosecution she wants — or if it had happened in New York:

A retired NYPD officer working as a Walgreens security guard says he was wrongfully charged with assault after he took down an alleged shoplifter who hit him in the head in a caught-on-video scuffle.

Tackling a shoplifting derelict who has whacked you hard enough to leave a welt is not a good idea in Manhattan under Soros-appointed DA Alvin Bragg.

The liberals who run major cities have allowed criminals to run amok, causing violence to skyrocket. Not everyone who gets hurt is an innocent victim. Those who asked for it are deified as martyrs, as exemplified in the case of the next George Floyd, Jordan Neely:

A 30-year-old homeless man who was acting erratically and antagonizing other passengers on the New York subway Monday afternoon was subdued by a 24-year-old former Marine and at least two others.

Neely had been threatening other passengers. Efforts to restrain him resulted in his death.

Radical leftists immediately rushed to impose a racial framework on the incident, retroactively canonize the career criminal, and rule Neely’s death a murder.

These radical leftists include Democrat lawmakers Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley and liberal media propagandist Joy Reid. For a summary of their arguments, refer to the video above.

Newsweek reported that Neely’s criminal record includes 42 prior arrests between 2013 and 2021, including four for assault. At the time of his death, he had one active warrant for felony assault in connection with an incident in 2021.

Since the authorities refuse to incarcerate sociopaths like Neely, private citizens must step forward to defend themselves and others. For this, leftists will try to do to them what they did to Derek Chauvin.

British commentator Carl Benjamin suggested a bias in the apoplexy over the incident, highlighting how the leftists keen to express their outrage in response to this incident were relatively silent “when a white woman was being raped by a black homeless man on the Philadelphia subway and dozens of bystanders did nothing.”

The idea of persecuting the Marine who defended other passengers from Neely is to make sure Americans cower like the bystanders in Philadelphia as we are terrorized into submission.

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Dec 13 2022

NY Times Lists John Fetterman Among Most Stylish

The New York Times is the flagship publication of the liberal ruling class. What if it were infiltrated and subverted by countermoonbats? They might publish ludicrous stories, so as to discredit leftist ideology. In a desperate attempt to get chin-pulling progressives to wake up to their own gullibility, they might even run stories like the one reported here:

The New York Times on Monday declared incoming US Sen. John Fetterman one of its 93 “most stylish” people of 2022…

Other than having been mentally incapacitated by a stroke, Fetterman is best known for his disrespectful goblin mode dress code.

The news outlet feted Fetterman, whose usual attire on the campaign trail involved a hoodie, basketball shorts and sneakers, as a lawmaker who “is going to bring Carhartt to the Capitol,” a reference to the US workwear apparel company.

If you don’t like the explanation that the New York Times has been subverted by countermoonbats, try this one from RedState:

The goal here […is] to destroy any sense of normalcy you’ve ever enjoyed. Do you believe that men are men and women are women? Well, the left has 72 genders to force down your throat. Do you think traditional marriage is a valuable societal good, both on religious grounds and specifically for the formation of families? Well, you are just a hateful person who doesn’t want love to prevail. Got a problem with men dressed as women twerking in thongs for children? That’s just a blessing of liberty, you bigot.

Everything that you hold dear, everything that makes sense, will be torn down to promote the leftist cause. That’s what this is really all about. John Fetterman is a slob who makes a seasoned hobo look like an Armani model, but he has the right politics. Meanwhile, someone like Melania Trump has the wrong politics, and for that, she must be shunned. That’s how the game is played.

As usual with the liberal media, the piece served to elevate moonbats and moonbattery. Eric Adams, Ayanna Pressley, and the transvestite Harry Styles also made the list.

It is a marvel that the liberal elitists comprising the NY Times’ readership manage to take themselves so seriously.

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Sep 25 2021

AOC Weeps That Israel Will Be Defended From Terrorists

No matter how much they have to inflate US currency, there is no limit to how much money moonbats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will fling to four winds — so long as none of it goes to protecting Israeli civilians from terrorist rockets. Seeing money spent on this purpose reduced the normally fiery Marxist to tears:

The 420-9 vote was an overwhelming rebuke of House progressives who Wednesday held up Democrats’ continuing resolution because Iron Dome funding was included in the legislation.

Those who so adamantly side with terrorists against Israel that they would rather defund their own bloated government than support the Iron Dome include the usual suspects — namely, squad members Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, and Cori Bush and their radical left allies.

AOC herself, needing Jewish support to maintain power in New York and possibly to acquire still more by taking Chuck Schumer’s Senate seat, changed her “no” vote to “present” at the last moment. However, she made her feelings clear by weeping the way spoilt children do on the rare occasions that they do not get their way.

No doubt Jews will vote for her anyway, despite her open hatred of Israel. After all, white people voted for Biden, who despite being white himself has been making his vociferous hostility toward Caucasians obvious for years.

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Jul 29 2021

Liberal Establishment Praises Simone Biles for Quitting

In a culture dominated by moonbats, all values are inverted. For example, fortitude is not courageous — quitting is. When Olympic gymnast Simone Biles quit on her team and her country because dealing with the stress of competition wasn’t “fun,” instead of shaking their heads in sadness, liberal opinion-shapers praised her for it:

Prominent politicians like Ayanna Pressley and Cori Bush have made public statements applauding her. The White House Press Secretary expressed “gratitude and support.” Deadspin gushed over “the most impressive move of her career.” Former Olympians joined in the group hug. Articles have been written extolling her bravery and declaring that her achievements this week have sent a “powerful message” to the world. CNN called her performance “impactful.” She has been hailed for her strength and for “setting an amazing example” and being a great athlete and role model. Women’s advocacy groups have thanked her.

Biles quitting because the extraordinary stress was too much for her is sad but understandable. Not everyone has what it takes. But to spin quitting as laudable is disgusting.

Gold medals mean something. They mean you will keep pushing yourself even when it is hard. A nation of entitled, thumb-sucking bedwetters will win ever fewer gold medals.

That’s all right with the liberal ruling class. For reasons too sick to bear examination, they want it that way.

Compare Biles with gymnast Kerri Strug, who performed with an injured ankle to win the gold medal for the USA in 1996. Our culture doesn’t produce as many brave winners like Kerri Strug as it used to. It produces self-absorbed victims like Simone Biles and tennis quitter Naomi Osaka.

America can live without gold medals. It cannot live without the character the medals symbolize — except as a second-rate nation slouching into decline.

Winners never quit and quitters never win. - Vince Lombardi
In better days, we had a better attitude.

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Feb 14 2021

Dem Rep Calls for $2,000/mo Free Money for Illegal Aliens

Not even Biden’s wildly excessive $1.9 trillion blowout wasting spree is the final word in Democrat irresponsibility. Neither is canceling student debt. Rep Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) wants to debase American currency toward worthlessness by paying people $2,000 a month for nothing — even if they are in the country illegally:

The crisis will never be over, so long as Democrats are in control. We will segue smoothly from the relatively mild crisis of the ChiCom virus to a far more serious economic collapse.

Democrat demands for ongoing “coronavirus relief” payments explicitly include illegal aliens.

Combine the inducement of $2,000/mo free money with Biden’s open border and the demise of the USA will be swift and certain. Unless these people are even dumber than they seem, that must be the idea.

Dec 23 2020

Convicts Get Priority for COVID-19 Vaccine

You don’t have to be a pervert who repeatedly raped his 10-year-old daughter to get special favoritism from the liberal ruling class. Any enemy of society qualifies — because racial justice:

Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley said she would work to make it a priority for prisoners to get the coronavirus vaccine, as Massachusetts reportedly announced that inmates would be among the first to be inoculated after health care workers and the elderly.

Barks Pressley:

“I’m going to continue to fight for our most vulnerable communities who have been disproportionally impacted by the virus, for our health care workers, for our essential workers, for incarcerated men and women to be prioritized in the distribution of the vaccine.”

Note she did not list older people, the major demographic for which COVID-19 is more deadly than the flu. As has been established, older people do not deserve to be protected, because they are more likely to be white. Convicts, on the other hand…

Massachusetts, according to the New York Times, said its decision to prioritize inmates was made to provide equal access during the pandemic, as the coronavirus has taken a larger toll on people of color, who make up the majority of people incarcerated.

This is because blacks are vastly more likely than whites to commit crimes, explaining why blacks more often get into violent confrontations with the police. However, to liberals, it proves that criminals are not criminals at all, but merely victims of racism who have been imprisoned for no reason other than the color of their skin. Whether moonbats like Pressley and her supporters really are crazy enough to believe such nonsense is unclear.

What is clear is that we do not want these people to be in charge of who gets medical care and who does not, as they will be if healthcare continues to fall under government control.

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Sep 01 2020

Biden Confirms That Trump Has Been “Stroking” Violence

Sometimes you almost have to admire their gall. After not only validating but inciting Black Lives Matter violence for months on end, conspicuously refusing to put a stop to it where they have local control, shunning federal help when offered by Trump, and showily associating themselves with Black Lives Matter at the Democratic National Convention, Democrats learned from opinion polls that American voters don’t share their enthusiasm for burning the country down. So now they are blaming Trump for the riots:

Multiple Democrats on Sunday said President Donald Trump was responsible for inciting violence in Democrat-run cities.

Party apparatchiks were deployed to the Sunday shows, all reading from the same phony script as usual. Just as we were asked to believe that an obscure “Islamophobic” video was to blame for Benghazi, we are now told that Donald Trump is the cause of leftist domestic terrorism.

In reality,

Trump has repeatedly called for “law and order” and offered federal support to cities that are struggling with riots. Some local Democratic leaders, however, have refused federal assistance—Portland mayor Ted Wheeler, whose city has faced violent protests for more than three months, turned down Trump’s offer of federal support on Friday. The mayor previously said that he plans to let the violence “burn itself out.”

However, congressional Democrats agree that Trump has been trying to aggravate the violence. Adam Schiff says the purpose of sending in National Guard to stop the violence is to inflame the violence. Karen Bass says Trump will “do everything to disrupt law and order.”

As recently as August 15, after the riots had been going on for nearly 3 months, Trump proclaimed that “there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives.” No wait, that was another congressional Democrat, Ayanna Pressley.

Since Biden doesn’t come out of his spider hole very often, we have to make the most of it when he does. He spoke in Pittsburgh yesterday, enlightening us as to the history of COVID-19 over the past hundred years. He also confirmed that yes, Donald Trump is to blame for left-wing violence, which he has been “stroking”:

Being a prominent Democrat means never having to pass the laugh test.

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Aug 17 2020

Democrats Praise and Encourage Rioting as It Spins Out of Control

In her first appearance after officially becoming the Democrats’ VP candidate, Kamala Harris effusively praised Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioters:

“[W]e are experiencing a moral reckoning with racism and systemic injustice that has brought a new coalition of conscience to the streets of our country demanding change.”

Harris continued: “To everyone keeping up the fight, you are doing something great! You are the heroes of our time.”

Other Democratic officeholders go farther, explicitly inciting still more riots. Shouts Rep Ayanna Pressley (D-MA),

“You know, there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives.”

In the context of the past 2+ months, “unrest in the streets” means mayhem. It means this:

Chicago police officers and violent rioters collided on Saturday as riots broke out in the Windy City. According to Chicago Police, at least 24 people were arrested during the protests that escalated into violence. …

During the riots, two civilians were injured and 17 police officers were treated for injuries. …

Brown said one of the cops injured was an officer who was “beaten in the head several times with a skateboard.” …

The situation became so uncontrollable that the city was forced to raise the area bridges to limit access. The same defensive tactic was implemented by the city last Sunday during the riots and widespread looting.

Also from this past weekend:

Eighteen people were arrested late Sunday in Seattle when an anti-police protest descended into a riot, with members from the group throwing rocks and explosives at law enforcement officers, authorities said Monday.

Protesters marched on the Seattle Police Officer Guild.

Sometime after 10 p.m., demonstrators detonated a “large explosive” and tried to break the window of a police car, authorities said. …

“Multiple explosives were thrown toward officers,” the press release stated. “Several officers were struck by explosives and injured.” …

Three officers were hurt, and one was taken to an area hospital for their injuries, police said.

The anarchy has been too widespread and has been going on for too long for Democrats to count on the media to ignore it or spin at as a few agitators “hijacking” peaceful protests. Anyone who joins up with one of these mobs knows they will likely be taking part in a riot.

Then we have John Thompson, the Minnesota candidate for State Representative, who has been endorsed by Democratic Governor Tim Walz, and who during an obscenity-laced racist tirade suggested burning down the town of Hugo.

Until we hear otherwise is clear terms, this is what the Democratic Party stands for.

Maybe voters can be intimidated into rewarding this terror. Then again, maybe they will vote for people who will make the terror stop.

Who is going to vote for more of these peaceful protests?

On tips from Rapinhoe, Mr. Freemarket, and Scott D. Hat tip: American Thinker.

Apr 14 2022

CNN Spins Black Supremacist Frank James as Anti-Black

Frank James delivered a blow to the liberal narrative by shooting 10 people and injuring 19 others on a rush hour NYC subway on Tuesday.

James is a black supremacist who endorses Black Lives Matter and has been shouting on social media for years about his desire to kill white people. He proclaimed that cop-killing career criminal Lashawn McNeil was justified, being the victim of a racist society. He celebrates sociopathic black supremacists like Angela Davis, Malcolm X, and Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad.

Not even Critical Race Theory adherent Ketanji Brown Jackson is enough of a black supremacist to suit James:

James yells that “blacks and whites should not even be in the same hemisphere” and pleads, “O black Jesus, please kill all the whiteys.”

The mainstream media will disappear this bombshell story as quickly as it forgot about Darrell Brooks, the black supremacist arrested for driving an SUV through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, running over children and grandparents, killing six and injuring over 60, apparently for the crime of being white. But in the immediate aftermath, they have to acknowledge it.

Here is how they are reporting it at CNN:

Many of the videos that James uploaded to a YouTube channel included references to violence, including at a set group of people he believed had maligned him, in addition to broad societal and racial groups that he appeared to hate. …

After talking about community violence, James says, “We need to see more mass shootings. Yeah. … We need to see more, there has to be more mass shootings to make a n***er understand. … It’s not about the shooter; it’s about the environment in which he is, he has to exist.”

That speech was a common theme throughout James’ videos, in which he repeatedly espoused hatred toward African Americans.

CNN’s evidence that this avowed black supremacist doesn’t like blacks consists of his use of the n-word, which is not pejorative when used by blacks, as listening to any random 5 seconds of rap will confirm.

Blacks appear to be the only group James does not hate. In tune with the times, he aims most of his animosity at whites. CNN makes no mention of this, despite it being the most conspicuous feature of James’s mentality.

This is because CNN, like the rest of the liberal media, shares James’s Cultural Marxist ideology and does not want the public to dwell on its inevitable consequences.

Too bad the media, the education establishment, the corporations that have shoveled money at Black Lives Matter, professional sports with its obsequious kneeling, the Biden Administration that aggressively promotes Critical Race Theory, and every other institution rotted through with moonbattery can’t be charged for abetting James.

Pumping Critical Race Theory into the public bloodstream was bound to result in violence, even beyond the hundreds of Black Lives Matter riots that we were told to regard as “mostly peaceful protests.” There will be more.

As always, Paul Joseph Watson provides better coverage than the media establishment:

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