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Nov 09 2023

Sexually Perverted Felons Benefit From Liberal Rule

One group actually benefits from liberal rule — namely, sexually perverted felons.

In California,

Taxpayers in California have been rolling out the red carpet for prison inmates by splashing out on expensive cosmetic surgeries, that were once exclusive to Hollywood elites, for criminals.

Since 2017, the state has blown $4 million in tax dollars on transgender treatments such as sex changes, cosmetic surgery, and more for prisoners.

California residents even paid for death row prisoners to have expensive transgender surgeries.

The benefits of being a criminal in California include having artificial breasts and vaginas installed at taxpayer expense. The libs running the Land of Fruits and Nuts can find no better use for other people’s money.

No expense is spared when it comes to pandering to felonious perverts:

Two men in the prison system got what were described as “facial feminization surgeries,” totaling $184,141.

Laser hair removal was also given to 69 male inmates, costing $224,000.

Work hard, law-abiding citizens. Someone has to pay for this as the number of transgender convicts shoots through the stratosphere. In California, it has gone from 131 in 2014 to 1,847 this year — and for good reason:

Male inmates who claim to be “female” are often placed in women’s prisons, despite the nature of their crimes.

Meanwhile, up the Left Coast,

The morally depraved are calling the shots. Society’s sickest benefit from this state of affairs, even if no one else does.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and R F.

Nov 08 2023

Ohio Takes Left-Hand Path

Considering what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah, it is surprising Ohio has not yet disappeared beneath a storm of fire and brimstone in the aftermath of this:

Ohio voters approved a ballot measure Tuesday night that will effectively outlaw any restrictions on abortion and other procedures that involve reproduction, including gender-transition surgeries.

If Satan were to propose a ballot measure, Issue 1 would be it. Liberals have granted themselves the “right” to butcher viable babies right up to the moment of birth.

The amendment includes vague language about prohibiting any law that “directly or indirectly” would “burden” or “interfere” with “reproductive decisions.” Opponents of the measure argue it would also outlaw nearly any restrictions on abortion or other reproduction-related procedures, removing requirements for parental-consent and parental notification, as well as protections for people who undergo the procedures, including requirements that a qualified physician perform them.

What’s more, decent people will likely to be forced to finance these atrocities.

The amendment would also pave the way for taxpayer-funded abortion due to the vague language banning laws that would “burden” reproductive decisions, which could extend to one’s inability to pay for an abortion.

Ohioans may pay to have children chemically castrated or even sexually disfigured without their parents’ knowledge because TikTok or their liberal teachers convinced them they are members of the opposite sex.

The amendment was written by the ACLU, which has spent years fighting to remove parental involvement from abortion and gender-transition procedures.

A people that murders and sexually mutilates its own children on behalf of a demonic ideology grounded in sexual degeneracy will not end well.

On a tip from Varla.

Nov 07 2023

Audrey Hale Diary Reveals Moonbattery as Motive

No wonder they have suppressed the manifesto of Audrey Hale, the transsexual maniac who shot up a Christian school in Nashville, killing among others three 9-year-olds. She shares with the liberal establishment the ideology that inspired her terror attack.

Like the Democrats in charge, Hale was not a fan of her fellow Caucasians, to judge by released pages of her diary:

“Kill those kids!!! Those crackers going to private fancy schools with those fancy khakis + sports backpacks w/ their daddies mustangs + convertables [sic],” the 28-year-old female shooter wrote in a diary entry dated February 3.

“I wish to shoot you weakass d—ks w/ your mop yellow hair, wanna kill all you little crackers! Bunch of little f—gots w/ your white privileges,” she wrote.

Pour an evil ideology into an unhinged woman who was probably further deranged by cross-sex hormones and the predictable results are tailor-made to exploit for attacking gun rights.

The musings reflect the envy for stable, productive society that is targeted as “dominant” and “privileged” by the Critical Race Theory espoused in many public schools.

Where Hale differs from the liberal establishment is that she wanted her motives known:

[Hale] boasted to a friend before the shooting that she had left plenty of evidence behind making her motives clear. Nashville’s police acknowledged this fact after the shooting.

Nashville Chief of Police John Drake promised last April that her manifesto would be released, but it still hasn’t happened.

The writings may raise questions about why the killing of schoolchildren, apparently based on their race, was not considered a hate crime by the FBI.

The answer:

The shooter, and the children she targeted based on their race, were white.

Now that these diary pages have come to light, the authorities may as well cough up the manifesto at long last — unless it is still more revealing of the effect their toxic ideology has on unstable minds.

On a tip from MrRightWingDave.

Nov 05 2023

Glamour Names Man Woman of the Year

Now that women are outliving their usefulness to social engineers, you no longer have to be one to be named Woman of the Year. You only have to be a degenerate moonbat — like this guy:

Via American Wire:

One of Glamour magazine’s 2023 “Women of the Year” is a biological man who used to be a drag queen but is now a transgender model.

Geena Rocero is the model’s name, and according to Glamour, Rocero started out as a pageant queen in the Philippines and eventually moved “to a career in fashion and trans advocacy in the United States.”

Regarding the image on the right,

Rocero has reportedly also previously met with former President Barack Obama — who, as recently reported, allegedly used to fantasize about having sex with men.

These are the sort of people dictating how artificial intelligence will be applied.

Not that any reasonable person would cherish honors bestowed by the moonbats at Glamour, but some actual woman who otherwise would be a Woman of the Year has been deprived of the title so that this Rocero fellow could have it instead.

Speaking of the displacement of women by men tastelessly parodying them,

A male athlete who has dominated the women’s category of cycling competitions across the United States took home two first-place medals over the weekend, bringing his tally of women’s gold medals up to 10 since December of 2022.

On October 29, the Chicago CycloCross Cup held the fourth race of its eight-race event at Anderson Park in Campton Township, Illinois. …

Tessa Johnson, a male who self-identifies as a woman, took the top spots in both the Women’s SingleSpeed and Category 1/2 races, with the latter also coming with $150 in prize money.

Tessa Johnson’s womanface is less than convincing.

After displacement comes erasure. Before long, you won’t have to be as dumb as Ketanji Brown Jackson not to know what a woman is.

On tips from Franco and ABC of the ANC.

Nov 03 2023

Loudoun County Students Push Back Against LGBTism

Young people grow up emersed in moonbattery. Can we hope they will rebel before leftist social engineers have finished flushing society down the toilet? Maybe yes:

A group of high school students walked out of their classroom in Loudoun County, Virginia, on Wednesday in protest at the district’s policy on transgender bathrooms.

Loudoun County Public Schools, which saw ugly scenes at board meetings following a May 2021 sexual assault by a boy in the girls’ bathroom, adopted the trans bathroom policy in August 2021.

The policy, officially termed 8040, was approved 7-2, and allows transgender students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice.

On Wednesday, a group of students at Woodgrove High School in Purcellville marched out of class in protest at 8040, arguing it made them feel unsafe.

When moonbats bark that they feel “unsafe,” it means they are crybullying to impose yet another unreasonable demand. In contrast, teenage girls really are unsafe when boys are allowed into their bathrooms and locker rooms. This was confirmed when Scott Smith was publicly roughed up by police and arrested for complaining at a school board meeting about his 14-year-old daughter being sexually assaulted by a boy in a skirt in the girls’ bathroom.

LGBT bullies and their liberal enablers had better enjoy their upper hand while they can. Sooner or later, the worm will turn.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Nov 03 2023

AI Knows What a Woman Is

Next time someone asks Ketanji Brown Jackson what a woman is, instead of stammering helplessly, she should ask AI. Unlike liberals, it can tell the difference between men and women. Watch as an effeminate fellow curses and pouts because AI isn’t fooled by his womanface shtick:

No wonder the Biden Regime has announced it will regulate AI to ensure it serves Democratic Party ideology.

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.

Nov 03 2023

Resistance to LGBTism Declared Public Health Threat

The Marxist goal of abolishing private property was accomplished when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention established that owners can only insist on rent from those living on their property per the whims of federal bureaucrats — who are now the true owners of all property in the USA. The CDC even floated the idea of setting up Covid concentration camps. Now, public health is the preferred mask for authoritarians of all stripes. Ironically, this pertains even to the thuggish LGBT community, well known for undermining public health by spreading terrible diseases like AIDS and monkeypox.

From the pink swastika crowd at the Washington Blade:

Admiral Rachel Levine, assistant secretary for health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, told the Washington Blade in a statement: “We know that hate — whether fueled by homophobia, transphobia, or racism — is a public health threat.”

Admiral” Rachel demonstrated his own reverence for public health as Pennsylvania Health Secretary by putting Covid patients into nursing homes, while moving his own mother out of one because he knew the effect it would have, and by advocating sex change operations for innocent children.

Health bureaucrats can exaggerate, mischaracterize, or fabricate the threats, but other agencies may be required to provide muscle:

Noting the [apocryphal] escalation of violence encountered by LGBTQ individuals and spaces, the White House in June announced plans to create an LGBTQI+ Community Safety Partnership led by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in coordination with the U.S. Department of Justice and HHS.

The fist of the Department of Injustice is the FBI, which is already used to investigate and intimidate Americans who speak up at school boards or oppose abortion. People like Craig Robertson and Theodore Deschler have been dying violently in quasi-military FBI raids on their homes. You will use the preferred pronouns of the sexually eccentric if you know what’s best for you.

Levine met with New York City Anti-Violence Project Executive Director Beverly Tillery. Tillery wants the DHS and FBI to “play a role in data collection,” which will have implications “down the road for funding and resources and congressional action.”

[Tillery] noted the “overlay of gun violence with this as well,” especially in communities that do not have strong gun safety laws…

The Second Amendment has already been framed as a “public health” issue by authoritarians like Andrew Cuomo and Michelle Lujan Grisham.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Oct 28 2023

Pushback Against Withholding Food to Impose LGBTism

Finally, there is some pushback against Biden’s appalling tactic of imposing LGBT ideology on schools by withholding lunch funding from those who resist.

From May 2022:

K-12 schools must allow boys into girls’ private areas to obtain federal funds for lunches, breakfasts, and snacks, the Biden administration announced this month.

As remarked earlier,

You don’t want boys exposing themselves in the girls’ shower room? Then don’t take money from a government run by evil creeps like Joe Biden.

Except it is our money. The reason the federal government doles back some of what it has confiscated through taxation and inflation is to make people dependent.

Biden is hardly the only evil creep in Washington. His party backs him on withholding food as leverage to impose sexual perversion on children:

Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) spoke from the Senate floor on Thursday, calling on his colleagues to support his resolution to prevent the Biden administration from withholding school lunch money funding from schools that don’t allow children to use the bathroom of the opposite sex. …

Marshall’s resolution needed a simple majority to pass in the Democrat-controlled Senate but came up short, with only 47 senators voting in the affirmative and 50 senators, all from the Democratic caucus, voting against it. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) broke away from his party to vote with Republicans.

The only Democrat in the Senate who meets the bare minimum standard of human decency knows he won’t be getting elected again in West Virginia as a Democrat, after what his party has done to his energy-producing state in the name of bogus climate ideology. Manchin is openly considering leaving the party.

At least Republicans are gathering the courage to push back against government-mandated LGBT sickness. They are going to have to push hard, because Democrats will oppose them every step of the way.

On a tip from MrRightWingDave.

Oct 27 2023

50-Year-Old Man Swims Against 13-Year-Old Girls

What a great time to be a middle-aged lecher attracted to pubescent girls. Just declare that you identify as one of them and you can join them in swimming competitions:

A man named Nicholas J. Cepeda, who goes by “Melody Wiseheart,” competed against young girls ages 13-17 at the Richmond Hill Aquatic Centre’s Fall Classic hosted at the Markham Pan Am Centre, near Toronto, Canada.

Cepeda competed against nine other female swimmers, all of whom were 13 or 14 years old. Cepeda made a mockery of the “Girls 13 & over” age requirement for the 200-meter competition, as he was both the only male competitor and the only swimmer in the entire event over 17 years old.

Creepeda is 50 years old.

Cepeda is also reportedly a professor at York University in the psychology department, under the moniker “Dr. Melody Wiseheart.”

Psychos like this define psychological health for the rest of society. His research areas unsurprisingly include “Children” and “Youth.”

No official word on whether Creepeda joined the girls in the showers, but Rebel News is betting he did. That is usually how it works. Just ask the girls forced to compete against NCAA “Woman” of the Year nominee Will “Lia” Thomas.

On tips from Tlabia Majora and R F.

Oct 26 2023

Next After Voluntary Mastectomies

Considering that the sexually insane have their own genitalia cut off, it should come as no surprise that they do the same to their fingers.

Natasha Baggett, a 31-year-old mother of five from South Seattle, lost two fingers in a woodworking accident. This attracted unwanted attention:

”I thought not having my fingers would be the hardest part, but it’s actually dealing with these crazy people online.

”I was sickened to find out they also get a sexual kick from it. The images on their profiles are extremely disturbing once you realise that they have chopped off their own fingers.”

We see women proudly brandishing scars from voluntary mastectomies on the White House lawn. Chopping off your own fingers is no worse.

”They are not ashamed at all, they even post publicly about it and ask each other for advice on how to handle the pain after severing their own fingers.”

Why should they be ashamed? Shame has been abolished in favor of depravity.

On a tip from Mike B.

Oct 25 2023

BBC Weeps Over Gay Tax

Why is it that homosexual couples can’t have children, even though our rulers have dictated that their sexual liaisons are valid marriages? Is it because of biology? No, biology has been overruled in favor of LGBT doctrine. It is because of the gay tax, as revealed by the BBC:

In England, the NHS will fund in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) for heterosexual couples who have been trying for a baby unsuccessfully for at least two years and meet certain other criteria such as age and weight.

But same-sex couples are often expected to demonstrate their infertility before the NHS will fund IVF – and to do so must pay privately for between three and 12 rounds of artificial insemination.

This is denounced as a “gay tax” — possibly the first tax ever that liberals don’t like.

It is discrimination to require homosexuals to prove they are infertile, because it is irrelevant. Two members of the same sex can no more conceive a child than you could conceive one by having sex with a dog. That’s why homosexuality has been reviled for millennia as perversion. It’s why the Obergefell ruling is depraved. It’s why the moonbat activists at the Beeb demand taxpayer-funded test tube babies for their favorite identity group, knowing that any offspring produced will grow up messed up and almost certainly left-wing.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC. Hat tip: Not the Bee.

Oct 24 2023

11-Year-Old Boy Paraded Before Perverts

Britain’s Daily News is conservative compared to most of the establishment media. Yet check out this coverage:

An 11-year-old transgender girl is ‘living her best life’ her mother insisted as the pair soaked up the applause at Orlando’s Come Out With Pride Festival on Saturday.

By “transgender girl,” they mean boy. Mendacious pronouns as in original. By calling him “her,” the media participates in what is being done to him.

Dempsey Jara became the youngest grand marshal in the event’s history as she paraded in an open top car through the streets of the Florida city at one of the world’s biggest Pride events.

Wearing pink heart-shaped sunglasses and a floral gown, she blew kisses to the crowd while clutching a puppy wrapped in blue bow, as her parents beamed in the back seat.

The piece soon veers into an attack on Ron (misspelled “Rod”) DeSantis over the highly necessary Parental Rights in Education Act, which protects children through third grade from being groomed by perverts in public schools.

Breitbart provides more accurate coverage of the appalling parade:

The parents of a little 11-year-old boy are dressing him up as a girl and allowing a bunch of perverts to exploit him as the grand marshal of Orlando’s Come Out with Pride Festival Parade.

As the saying goes… Having an 11-year-old transgender kid is like having a vegetarian cat… We all know who’s making the decisions here. …

Of course, [the boy’s] mom is a school teacher.

A society that tolerates this will not end well.

On a tip from Barry A.

Oct 22 2023

Scientific American Hypes Drag Queen Shark Tagger

Once a publication has succumbed to the Long March Through the Institutions, its ostensible subject matter is subordinated to moonbattery. Scientific American is a case in point (see here, here, here, here, here, etc.). A recent article on affixing numbered pieces of plastic to sharks so they can be identified for research purposes is not about sharks; it is about promoting flamboyant displays of sexual depravity:

It starts like any other day on the water for the Field School, a marine research and education organization based in Miami. Scientists and volunteers cram into the main cabin of the RV Garvin, a 55-foot converted yacht…

Soon we’re cruising through calm seas off Florida’s Atlantic coast. …

Then the music starts.

The cabin door pops open, and Miss Toto—a tall, muscular drag queen with a long red-and-blonde wig and a colorful ruffled costume reminiscent of a tropical fish—emerges and takes the makeshift stage. [He] dances and lip-synchs to Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” as the boat rolls with the waves. [He]’s soon joined by Viola Putx, who is dancing energetically to Bad Bunny in heavy black boots, a spiked collar and pointy elf ears, and finally by Opal Am Rah in a tight pink dress, performing (what else?) Céline Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”—because this is no ordinary shark tagging expedition. This is Drag ’n Tag. …

[This Toto guy and] Catherine Macdonald, head of the university’s shark research program and director of the Field School … started Drag ’n Tag expeditions in 2021 to showcase queerness in marine science.

Barks Macdonald, who introduces herself to associates as a “raging lesbian”:

“We want to create welcoming spaces for visual queerness.”

That’s what marine science is all about, in a world run by moonbats.

In case the political message is too subtle for a readership that probably isn’t as bright as it once was, SA clubs you over the head with it:

Drag ’n Tag was never intended to be a political statement—but it is taking place in Florida, where simply existing as queer has become an inherently political act. The state has been turning into an increasingly hostile place for queer people; its infamous “Don’t Say Gay” law limits classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity, and the state has also imposed restrictions on gender-affirming treatments for minors, as well as on drag shows, bathroom usage and the pronouns that kids can use in school.

The much-needed Parental Rights in Education Act, which leftists mischaracterize as “Don’t Say Gay” in an attempt to mislead, protects children through third grade from being groomed by perverts in public schools.

“Never intended to make a political statement.” Yeah right:

The Garvin flies both a rainbow Pride flag and a Black Lives Matter flag, prompting the occasional shouted slur. “We’re still figuring out what protecting our students looks like,” Macdonald adds. “It’s important to make our values clear, but we don’t want people screaming at them.”

Woke “values” prominently feature promoting sexual perversion to children, so liberals should find this inspiring:

But the only screaming today (besides from the audience during the drag show) comes from a family on a passing boat, whose children recognize Miss Toto and call out happy greetings. “I never expected that!” Toto says, with a huge grin and a hint of tears in [his] eyes.

Maybe Scientific American and the Field School could further promote their values by teaming up to do a remake of Jaws. I’ll be rooting for the shark.

On a tip from Mike B.

Oct 20 2023

Unlovely Man Makes Maxim 100 Hottest Women List

Not even the most gullible can be gaslit into regarding men as attractive women. In their arrogance, social engineering information gatekeepers beclown themselves by trying anyway:

Danielle Laidley landed in Maxim Australia’s Hot 100 list this week, pulling in at number 92 for [his] contributions to [Australian Football League] and trans activism.

Whatever the mainstream honor is, you win by helping to shove moonbattery down people’s throats, not by actually deserving the honor.

Maxim released its annual Hot 100 list for 2023 on Wednesday, showcasing the most successful and beautiful women in entertainment, sport and pop culture.

Despite the media’s obsequious misapplication of feminine pronouns, “Danielle” is fooling no one:

That is what the liberal media tells you to regard as a hot female. Why would you listen to anything else it tells you?

Laidley not only displaces real women; he also stalks them, evidently while dressed in women’s clothes. From 2020:

Dani Laidley, formerly known as Dean Laidley, pleaded guilty [to stalking] after making dozens of calls and text messages to [a] woman between April 25 and May 2, and watching and photographing her from outside her home. …

Laidley spent nine days in custody after [he] was arrested outside the woman’s home, and photographs of Laidley wearing a blonde wig and make-up while being interviewed at a police station were taken and published by some media outlets.

No doubt the moonbats at Maxim found the pictures quite fetching.

Laidley’s life was in turmoil at the time of the stalking, defence lawyer Rob Stary said, as [he] was “excessively using” the drug ice and in the process of gender transitioning. Laidley had previously been treated for mental health problems.

Like all people we are told to find appealing, Laidley is a victim:

The release of the photographs taken in the police station had caused Laidley and [his] adult son and two adult daughters “considerable distress”.

Now the media eggs him on as he poses in women’s clothes. His mental health problems conspicuously persist.

On tips from Mr. Freemarket and ABC of the ANC.


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