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May 03 2024

Canada Constructs Monument to Sexual Perversion

You can tell what a culture values by the monuments it constructs. Canadians are reverently erecting a monument to bestow cherished victim status upon those who conspicuously indulge in sexual depravity:

Construction officially began [Thursday] on the Government of Canada’s LGBTQ2+ National Monument in downtown Ottawa. …

Construction is expected to reach completion in 2025.

According to Trudeau’s government,

“It will be a lasting testimony to the courage and humanity of those who were harmed by the LGBT Purge, homophobic and transphobic laws and norms, and Canada’s colonial history.”

“Colonial history” is a reference to the expansion of Western of Civilization — which liberals have been working feverishly to reverse.

Appropriately, the monument will look like some kind of phallus eaten away by a horrific disease:

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Apr 30 2024

Transgenderism as a Totalitarian Ideology

The sick cult of transgenderism has metastasized into a truly totalitarian ideology, imposed by the government on every aspect of society.

Women’s sports are the most obvious example. We can’t have them anymore — because transgenderism:

The Biden administration’s pro-transgender rewrite of Title IX rules is hiding rule changes that could end single-sex K-12 sports as soon as August 2024.

Typically of totalitarian societies, we are required to explicitly reject objective reality in favor of the ideology being imposed:

At issue are the segments that seem to require schools to use the “pronouns” demanded by trans identifying kids in schools.

Compelled speech is a violation of the First Amendment. But the US Constitution is easily dismissed as transphobic.

Transgenderism is important to our ruling class because it can be used as a sledgehammer to smash Christianity and conscience:

In a wide-ranging final rule released Friday, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) strengthened the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) rules that prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, including on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, in certain health programs and activities.

By defining any resistance to transgender depravity as “discrimination on the basis of sex,” liberals can steamroll over religious objections to inflicting sex change atrocities on children:

The final rule comes at a time when GOP-led states are curtailing access to gender-affirming medical care.

Note that this is from the liberal outlet The Hill and is therefore written in Orwellian Euphemese. “Gender-affirming medical care” means “gender-denying sex change procedures.”

Advocates were concerned that the previous policies would have made it easier for doctors, hospitals and insurance companies to deny care or coverage to transgender and nonbinary patients…

For now, doctors can still object on grounds of conscience. But they have to prove to bureaucrats and the increasingly ultraleft healthcare establishment that a “sincerely-held belief” prevents them from wanting to mutilate children, rather than simple decency a.k.a. transphobia. That would put the kibosh on many a career.

It isn’t only doctors who are pressured to succumb to the Regime’s ideology. Even pharmacists must comply. Law & Liberty draws our attention to an article published in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association entitled “Exploring LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency and DEI in Continuing Education: A Cross-Sectional Review of U.S. Pharmacy Legislation”:

The article … approvingly writes about California Assembly Bill 2194 that requires an hour of continuing education in so-called cultural competency for pharmacists (approximately 32,000) and pharmacy technicians (approximately 37,000) to renew their licenses: “Requiring LGBTQ+ cultural competency training will help pharmacists uphold the Oath of a Pharmacist to promote inclusion, embrace diversity, and advocate for justice to advance health equity and to assure optimal outcomes for all patients.”

In other words, Californians must undergo brainwashing in transgenderism to work as a pharmacist.

The tyranny applies beyond the medical profession. Whatever your line of work, you are required to comply with transgenderism:

In landmark guidance, [a] federal commission created to fight racial and sexual discrimination declared Monday that employers that fail to use a worker’s preferred pronoun or refuse them the chance to use the restroom of their choice will be engaging in prohibited harassment.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission published the new harassment guidelines Monday after voting along partisan lines on Friday to approve them, even in the face of opposition from nearly two dozen red states.

Employers are actually required by the government to refer to men as “her” and to allow male perverts to invade private facilities intended for women. Stalin himself never imagined a form of totalitarianism this intrusive.

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Apr 27 2024

Denied Healthcare for Affirming Only Women Are Women

Under a totalitarian regime that is still relatively soft and decentralized, you won’t be subjected to torture in Room 101 for stating incontrovertible facts along the lines of 2 + 2 = 4. But you might be denied healthcare:

A disabled Pennsylvanian woman is speaking out after Planned Parenthood Keystone dismissed her from medical treatment over what they allege are “anti-trans and transphobic” views. The woman, who uses the pseudonym Jane Lane, had been receiving healthcare at the Pennsylvania clinic for over a decade.

With Democrats in charge, Planned Parenthood is in effect a branch of the government. It is funded lavishly with taxpayer money. Much of this is kicked back to Democrats as campaign donations. Democrat apparatchiks will break the kneecaps of those who give Planned Parenthood trouble, as when Kamala Harris went after journalist David Daleiden for exposing Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling body parts harvested from the children it kills.

Without warning, Lane’s upcoming medical appointment was canceled, and she was not allowed to make future appointments. A letter from Planned Parenthood Keystone CEO Trish Tashjian made explicit that Lane was being punished for her viewpoint:

“The dismissal from services is due to repeated offensive conversations and symbols that contradict our commitment to creating an inclusive and compassionate environment for both staff and patients.”

Lane was denounced for “anti-trans and transphobic rhetoric and symbols.”

The letter was initially shared on X by @TTExulansic, who also included photos of the shirts Lane had occasionally worn to her appointments. Among the shirts were those with slogans “Make Women Female Again”; “Woman: Adult Human Female”; and “100% Natural Woman, Female Original.”

That is, her crime is to have affirmed that only women are women. That they regard this fact as impermissible provides insight into whether the ostensible feminists at Planned Parenthood really support women.


Lane says she witnessed a Planned Parenthood staff member with yellow and purple hair wearing similarly politicized t-shirts and jewelry, including a “smash the gender binary” pin and “they/them” pronoun earrings.

In a show of liberal tolerance, Planned Parenthood agreed to see Lane “in case of medical emergencies until 5/10/2024” — which is more compassion than you might expect from people who mainly kill babies for a living.

You can see why Democrats have made a priority of incrementally seizing control of healthcare. It gives them significant leverage to punish resistance.

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Apr 25 2024

Pro-Hamas Drag Queen Story Hour

If a single event could sum up contemporary liberalism, it would be a drag queen indoctrinating little kids to support Islamic terrorists in Amherst, Massachusetts last week:

“Today what we’re going to do is shout ‘Free Palestine.’ Can I hear that?” the drag queen, known as “Lil Miss Hot Mess,” was filmed telling the children…

We last met Mr. Hot Mess when he teamed up with PBS and NYC public schools to promote sexual perversion to 3–8-year-olds.

“If you’re a drag queen and you know it, and you really want to show it, if you’re a drag queen and you know it, shout ‘Free Palestine.’”

Liberals champion the terrorist maniacs elected by the people of Gaza in response to the nightmarish terror atrocities of October 7, which entailed the rape, mutilation, torture, and murder of women and children. If Hamas has a redeeming quality, it is that it would chuck “Lil Miss Hot Mess” off a rooftop.

The kids could be heard mimicking the drag queen by repeatedly chanting, “Free Palestine.”

“Free Palestine” is short for “Eradicate Jews in their ancient homeland.”

Stand by to see where progressives progress to from here.

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Apr 22 2024

Climate Change Oppresses Gay Couples

What, you still aren’t taking the global warming hoax seriously, even after year upon year of the media hysterically shrieking in your face? Let’s try this:

Same-sex couples have a significant risk of exposure to the adverse effects of climate change — wildfires, floods, smoke-filled skies, drought, etc. — compared to straight couples, according to a new report by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law.

Considering that UCLA’s medical school promotes “revolutionary suicide” and denounces “white science,” what would you expect the law school to engage in if not pure moonbattery?

Here’s why sexual deviants who may participate in the farcification of holy matrimony are more vulnerable than normal people to climate fluctuation ending life on earth:

LGBTQ same-sex couples who live together frequently reside in coastal areas, large cities and places with infrastructure ill-equipped for climate-related disasters.

The liberal bastions known as San Fransicko and the District of Corruption could be hardest hit:

The authors found that San Francisco County, behind the District of Columbia, has the second-highest proportion of same-sex couples in the country and a relatively high risk of national hazards complicating life.

Because the Experts have declared that global warming has a disparate impact on the Alphabet People, those who oppose even the most extravagantly expensive, suffocatingly oppressive, and clearly ineffectual symbolic efforts to impose climate stasis are homophobes and transphobes. Before long, they will be subject to arrest on these grounds in the name of climate justice.

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Apr 20 2024

Andrea Ye Bid to Be Next Audrey Hale Foiled

Authorities continue to keep transsexual mass murderer Audrey Hale’s writings from the public, evidently because they do not want to draw attention to the conspicuous connection between transgenderism and psychotic violence. The politicized FBI has been using the lame excuse of a supposed ongoing investigation — a full year after the fact. It would look less ridiculous for them to claim they don’t want to encourage copycat kooks — though Audrey Hale may have had her influence anyway. Fortunately, Andrea Ye’s plans were foiled:

Ye, whose preferred name is Alex, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with making threats of mass violence after allegedly planning to shoot up Wootton High School in Rockville, Maryland.

Police swooped on Ye after finding a ‘manifesto’ written by the teen which they said ‘writes about committing a school shooting, and strategizes how to carry out the act’.

Writes the 18-year-old Ms. Ye,

“I have also considered shooting up my former elementary school because little kids make easier targets.”

Her fellow LGBTists in the education and media establishments would concur on children being easier targets.

Ye has a long history of inpatient care for mental health issues, according to the court documents seen by ABC, and had openly expressed thoughts of homicidal and suicidal ideation.

According to the court documents, Ye was previously hospitalized ‘for threatening to ‘shoot up a school’.

Female transsexuals tend to take male hormones. This splashes gasoline on the flames of their psychosis.

Although she fortunately hasn’t murdered anyone yet (that we know of), Ye fits right in with her compatriots in the Transsexual Violence Hall of Horrors.

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Apr 19 2024

Slippery Slope Summarized

Their incremental strategy is right there in the word “progressive.” Yet in an attempt to prevent us from defending ourselves against it, progressives sneer that the slippery slope is a fallacy. This guy proves in a few seconds that it is not:

What’s next, subject your children to horrific sex change procedures or they will be confiscated and you will face arrest? No; Not the Bee reminds us that this milestone has already been passed.

The great Leonardo da Vinci tried to warn us:

It's easier to resist at the beginning than at the end. - Leonardo da Vinci

Apr 18 2024

Transgender Maniac Layla Le Fey Gets Wrist Slap

Sexual psychosis is a serious problem in our society. It should be treated like the illness it is rather than encouraged in the name of leftist politics. Maniacs like Layla Le Fey do not need egging on:

Le Fey, 44, was handed a combined 20-week suspended sentence for violent threats he sent to Helen Joyce and Kellie Jay Keen, two well-known women critical of gender identity ideology, in which he fantasized about butchering and dismembering them.

Le Fey says he is “interested in setting fire” to Keen’s home — with her inside.

Le Fey had also communicated his desire to “kick the s**t out of” her, rip her eyes out, and break her spine in a bizarre bid to “prove [her] point” that “some trans people are extremely violent.” That same day, Le Fey stated that he would enjoy either seeing Keen brutally killed by a “misogynist psychopath” or acting out the murder himself.

No doubt she has it coming for being a transphobe. Transphobia = genocide. Take a Gender Studies course at any liberal arts college if you don’t believe me.

As for author Helen Joyce, Director of Advocacy for women’s rights charity Sex Matters,

“God how I would love to just rip your eyes out, chop your hands off, and carve your face up really badly,” Le Fey said to Joyce on March 20.

The idea is to terrify resistance to LGBTism into silence. The threats carry wait because if a guy is crazy enough to go around dressed like a red light district version of Corporal Klinger, he might be crazy enough to act on them — as a visit to the Transsexual Violence Hall of Horrors will confirm.

Le Fey was sentenced to a consecutive 10 weeks for the threats against Keen, and another 10 concurrent weeks for the messages he sent to Joyce.

Even this wrist slap of a sentence was suspended.

At least there is an 18-month restraining order keeping him away from Keen and Joyce. They must feel totally safe now. Or maybe not:

Le Fey has a history of violence, and, according to the Daily Mail, a lengthy criminal record. He has been convicted for more than 50 prior offenses, including several for wielding weapons in public.

Good thing for him that he claims to be a woman:

Le Fey had also previously avoided a prison sentence as a direct result of his transgender status.

That was for brandishing a claw hammer while stealing wine from a store. Membership has its privileges — especially membership in identity groups worshiped by leftists as “oppressed.”

On a tip from Franco.

Apr 16 2024

Trans Vampire Sexually Assaults Cognitively Disabled Teen

There is nothing our society values more highly than inclusion, so let’s not forget to include in the Transsexual Violence Hall of Horrors a serial sex offender in Wisconsin named Adam Hetke:

Hetke, who identifies as a female vampire named Sabrina, has a lengthy criminal history involving multiple sex offenses against women and outstanding charges related to a homicide.

Regarding the homicide, he allegedly strangled someone with a power cord and blamed it on a demon. He has now been convicted of assaulting an intellectually disabled teenage girl.

Hetke, 35, was charged in July of 2021 with first-degree sexual assault by threatening the use of a dangerous weapon and second-degree sexual assault of a mentally ill victim. The assault occurred in Waukesha, and involved a 16-year-old cognitively disabled girl Hetke had met at a local gas station.

Hetke was already a lifer on the sex offender registry before he decided he is a woman. He reportedly also identifies as an “incarnation of Satan” — which is more believable than the Sabrina the vampire persona.

However, according to the prevailing ideology, whatever Hetke declares himself to be is his true self. No doubt they will make special accommodations for him in prison to protect him from daylight and crosses.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Apr 16 2024

Nonbinary Sex Change Procedures to Become Standard?

We treat lunatics who believe themselves to be members of the opposite sex by surgically disfiguring their bodies in a futile attempt to make reality conform to their delusions. How then to treat the growing number who trendily view themselves as nonbinary if not by plunging further into the realm of nightmare:

[L]eading NHS doctor, Jonathan Arcelus, a professor in mental health and transgender health at the University of Nottingham, … is a member of WPATH and works as a medical doctor at the NHS’s Nottingham National Centre for Transgender Health where he provides psychological support to patients as well as hormone treatment and referrals for gender-related surgery. …

[In] leaked WPATH messages, seen by The Telegraph, which form part of an internal message board discussing standards of care for non-binary patients, various members discuss a range of procedures, including patients keeping their original genitalia, as well as having all genitalia removed entirely.

The thread begins with one member asking how they come up with appropriate standards and best practices for non-binary patients, adding: “I’ve found more and more patients recently requesting ‘non-standard’ procedures such as top surgery without nipples, nullification, and phallus-preserving vaginoplasty.”

In response to the message thread, Prof Arcelus suggests that such controversial procedures may become “standard” in future, and, as such, should not be referred to as “non-standard”.

The NHS (National Health Service) is Britain’s socialized healthcare system. That puts taxpayers on the hook for these potentially standard procedures — as in Canada:

An Ontario resident has successfully secured public funding for a specialized gender-affirming surgery argued to be “experimental” by the provincial health insurer following a years-long legal battle.

He will go to Texas for the bizarre procedure at a cost to taxpayers of up to $70,000.

The prospective patient, identified only as K.S. in documents filed with the provincial Health Services Appeal and Review Board (HSARB), was seeking coverage under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) for a penile-preserving vaginoplasty, a procedure in which a vaginal cavity is surgically created while keeping the penis intact.

Up pops WPATH again:

This week, [Ontario’s Divisional Court] ruled 3-0 that KS was entitled to have the surgery funded by the taxpayer after finding that the province had incorporated standards written by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) into its health insurance law.

More on this pioneer among patients:

As well as identifying as non-binary, KS also identifies as a “transgender baby” and a “little” who is attracted to diapers. In one post, he reveals that his bedroom is fashioned to look like that of an 8-year-old girl, and that he experiences spells where he is “obsessed” with incontinence.

Leftists have subverted healthcare. As a result, the medical field has sacrificed its credibility to pander to perverts.

On tips from Steve T and Chris Neilson.

Apr 14 2024

Coprophilia: A Hill Liberals Have Not Yet Taken

In utopia, the only stigma will be against normality. Despite the best efforts of progressives, we are not there yet. Homosexuality has been thoroughly mainstreamed and pedophilia follows close behind, but bigots continue to suppress coprophilia:

Daniel Gómez del Barrio, councillor in the city council of Illescas near Toledo, was forced to resign after videos were leaked showing him eating his own excrement.

The proud public servant has been presenting himself (allegedly with his council ID visible) on porn sites and social media as a guy who likes to be “exposed, humiliated, degraded, exploited, eat sh[**], play the whore, be used as a urinal.” He represents the left-wing Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE), leader of which is Pedro Sánchez, current Prime Minister of Spain.

Now that his online persona has been exposed,

Gómez del Barrio has been removed from his position as counsellor for youth, children and family by the mayor of Illescas, José Manuel Tofiño.

If it’s wrong to discriminate against people for who they love, why pass judgment on what they eat?

Lest coprophiles be oppressed in the USA, we need an expansion of the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling, so that guys like this can partake of the sanctity of marriage. Eventually, churches will be compelled to host the wedding ceremonies. In the meantime, they can be held in public restrooms.

Apr 13 2024

BBC Lets Readers Believe Scarlet Blake Is a Woman

Imagine how clueless people must be who rely on leftist propaganda outlets like the government-affiliated BBC for information. For example, they might believe that Scarlet Blake — a Netflix-inspired cat torturer who graduated to murder — is not a transsexual but a woman:

The broadcaster received complaints about how Scarlet Blake’s trans identity was not mentioned in an online article on Feb 23 and the BBC News at One three days later, on the day [he] was sentenced.

This was found to breach the Beeb’s own accuracy rules. But accuracy takes a back seat to promoting the preposterous lie that “trans women” (i.e., men who proclaim themselves to be women) literally are women, although some BBC reports did admit to Blake’s transsexual status.

From deliberately using erroneous pronouns to keeping readers in the dark by never mentioning the actual gender of criminals is a short step. This assertion from the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit is astonishing in its contempt for both factual reality and logic:

“[A] simple refusal to use the terms in which people who regard themselves as transgender describe themselves would in effect be an endorsement of one viewpoint in this controversy.”

That is, the BBC kowtows to LGBT ideologues by deliberately using false and misleading pronouns because to describe subjects accurately would endorse the viewpoint that objective reality should take precedence over the delusions/pretensions of sick freaks like Blake.

For BBC viewers, deception and inaccuracy are not bugs but features. They want to be protected from anything that would challenge their viewpoint. The Beeb can be relied on to subordinate factual reality to the Narrative.

Those who are not devoted moonbats are advised never to take anything reported by the BBC at face value. The same goes for the entire alphabet soup of liberal establishment propaganda platforms (PBS, NPR, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc.).

On a tip from Steve T.

Apr 12 2024

A Very Special Person Proclaims Her Pronouns

Transsexuals pretend to be something they objectively are not, then attempt to bully everyone else into complying with the sick farce. This makes them very special persons. You don’t think so? Just ask one:

She gets plural pronouns because she’s not a single woman. She’s a “very special nonbinary trans person.” Those who are less special are expected to display obeisance to her by sacrificing good taste, the English language, and reality itself on her behalf.

Who would have guessed that very special nonbinary trans person Shivani Dave is a journalist? Kudos to TalkTV host Julia Harley-Brewer for not knuckling under.

They went on to discuss the Cass review:

The Cass review follows Dr Hillary Cass’s research which found that there was no evidence to support the prescription of puberty blockers to those under 18.

On the contrary, there is plenty of evidence that those who inflict sex change procedures on children deserve long prison sentences.

On a tip from seaoh.

Apr 11 2024

Facebook LGBT “Dating Group” Targets 8-Year-Olds

It started not long ago, with whimpering pleas for tolerance. In no time, they demanded we dismantle marriage on their behalf. The steps have been short and inevitable from gay marriage to gay adoption to LGBT children to a homosexual “dating group” on Facebook that targets kids as young as 8:

“Love is love” is Liberalese for “Anything goes.”

The evident purpose is to groom small children for gay sex, parents often being the last to know what their kids are doing online.

These people were around even when America was healthy:

Now that the country is succumbing to moonbattery, the predatory weirdos have the whip hand.

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