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Jun 30 2021

Man Is Crowned Miss Nevada USA

Transsexuals rank so far above women in the intersectional hierarchy that misogyny is now politically correct, so long as it serves the incomprehensibly bizarre transsexual cause. What could be more misogynistic than giving the title of Miss Nevada USA to a man?

Kataluna Enriquez was crowned in the biggest preliminary competition for the Miss Nevada USA pageant.

Proclaims “Kataluna”:

“With pageantry, people think it is only about beauty. But it’s how you present yourself, what you advocate for, what you’ve done and the goals you have.”

Since he is a guy who likes to wear women’s clothes, it is unsurprising that what Enriquez advocates for is transgender “rights” (i.e., privileges). What he has done is help ruin beauty pageants for women by reducing them to a farce in which the winner is picked based on how woke it will make the judges look in front of their liberal peers.

He sums up his qualifications to be Miss Nevada USA:

“I am a proud transgender woman of color.”

How can beauty or grace compete with that?

Apparently without irony even if dressed like a glamorous version of Corporal Klinger, Enriquez says he is also “an advocate for mental health.”

Western Journal observes that this isn’t the only time women have had to take it on the chin on behalf of favored transsexuals recently:

An undefeated female mountain biking champion lost her title to a transgender. A weightlifter, mediocre when she was a he, qualified for the Olympics in the women’s category. A biological male who identifies as a woman caused a ruckus at a Los Angeles women’s day spa when he decided to strut around stark naked.

That last is a reference to the Wi Spa, which attracted attention not because a man was exhibiting his genitalia in the ladies’ locker room, but because a woman actually dared to object.

These days, making history is rarely a good thing.

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Jun 29 2021

Judge Them by What They Leave Behind

Anyone who attended a typical Tea Party rally can testify that the grounds were cleaner afterward than before it started. No one says that about moonbat events like the “pride” march in Manhattan on Sunday:

Sherman’s March to the Sea left less of a mess.

It isn’t just LGBT militants. As Rob Natelson observed back in 2017:

The mess created by “progressive” rallies and demonstrations has become legendary. The Occupy movement left tons of litter for hapless sanitation workers to clean up after their 2011 protests. More recently, the “Women’s March” did the same. The Black Lives Matter movement has been even worse, adding riots and looting to their mounds of trash.

That was before mostly peaceful BLM protesters spent 2020 causing over $2 billion in damage with their riots.

Organizer Mark Meckler explains why there was no mess at Tea Party rallies:

I’m sure that good, neighborly behavior was encouraged, but the reality is that this is just how folks on the right generally behave. We believe in the rule of law. We believe in the right to “peaceably” assemble. We believe in private property rights. And we believe in the Golden Rule. Were we “angry?” Sure, we were—and frankly, we still are. But we were civil, non-destructive, and certainly never criminal. These are hallmarks of conservative protests and are the exact opposite of what one sees on the left.

Last January 6 was the exception that proved the rule, and occurred only after many hundreds of media-approved Black Lives Matter riots that apparently convinced some that the rules had changed.

Actually, the rules of citizenship are the same as they have always been; the only difference is that leftists are more arrogant than ever in their refusal to obey them.

The bad guys have the advantage of not having to follow rules. But the good guys have the advantage of being the good guys. As Natelson asks, “[W]ould you rather have a person in a position of power who appeals to decent, conscientious people—or one who panders to rioters and metaphorical pigs?”

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Jun 29 2021

Fed Up With Men in Women’s Locker Room

The Supreme Court has declined to take up the issue of whether people have a civil right to barge into private facilities intended for the opposite sex in the name of transsexual ideology. This means that at least when it comes to schools, they effectively do have that right. It means we can expect more of this:

Staff at Wi Spa in Los Angeles dismissed a woman’s complaint that a man was exposing his penis to little girls in the women’s area by insisting that the individual had a right to be there due to his “sexual orientation.”

The woman to her immense credit will not be bullied into submitting quietly to what liberal social engineers have been inflicting on us. The video she took is going viral:

According to the ideology of our degenerate ruling class, any pervert who wants to expose himself to females of all ages has only to proclaim himself to be a woman. Per the liberal version of transubstantiation, this transforms him into an actual woman.

Matt Walsh notes that the same spa received a review from 3 years ago complaining about a guy who regularly hangs out in the women’s locker room exposing himself and boasting about his sexual exploits:

Living in a world gone insane, the reviewer wrote, “This guy is Not transgender, he seems to be just be a ‘pervie.’” That is, he is a pervert, but not so perverted as to think he is a woman, as if what he thinks has any bearing on whether he is or is not a woman.

Fling open the doors to insanity and depravity, and don’t expect it to be angels who rush in.

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Jun 29 2021

Oli London Becomes Korean Through Surgery

Since people are avidly encouraged to identify as the opposite sex and then surgically transmogrify themselves into a grotesque parody of that sex, why shouldn’t they do the same with their racial identity? British “influencer” Oli London shows how it’s done by coming out as Korean. He has had his face surgically deformed in a way that is intended to make him look like a Korean — that is, like his true inner self:

Via Daily Mail:

A white influencer who had [his] jaw shaved down, along with numerous other surgeries, to look like [his] Korean boyband idol has been slammed for coming out as a ‘non-binary person who identifies as Korean.’

Oli London, 31, from London, first hit headlines in October 2018 after news broke that [he] had spent over £75,000 on surgeries to look like K-pop star, Jimin from Korean boyband BTS.

London has now spent an estimated £100,000/$139,000 on surgery to make himself into a Korean. He has announced that his pronouns are they/them/Korean/Jimin and his name is Park Jimin HueningKai Taeyong Imnida.

This statement by London is perfectly valid by transsexual reasoning:

“If you can be transsexual you can also be TRANSRACIAL. Why are there such double standards & hypocrisy with people criticising me for being Korean. It’s the same as someone who was born in the wrong body and wants to become a man or a woman. I was actually born in the wrong body!”

If Caitlyn Jenner is a woman, then Oli London is ethnically Korean. Anyone who denies it is a transphobe who deserves to be canceled by the liberal mob.

Yet the woke police denounce London, seeming to believe that what he has done to himself makes a mockery of their ideology — even though nothing about him is any crazier than the transsexual dogma that is rammed down our throats by the liberal establishment incessantly.

Transspecies surgery comes next. Dr Moreau may come out of retirement.

Paul Joseph Watson weighs in:

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Jun 28 2021

Moonbats Take Their Clothes Off

If there is one thing worse than moonbats, it is moonbats without their clothes on. These were in abundance in Manhattan Saturday at the 29th annual Dyke March:

Dozens of topless women triumphantly splashed around the fountain in Washington Square Park to mark the end of the march — which organizers described as a “protest march, not a parade” and a celebration of “beautiful and diverse Dyke lives.”

What sexual deviants have left to protest about can only be imagined. Society caters to their every demand.

Because critical race theory is now our national religion, Saturday’s event adopted the intersexual theme “Black Dyke Power.”

Along the way, there was a moment of silence to honor black trans lives lost. Protesters stopped at 23rd Street and held their hands in the air, crossed in the shape of an X.

The X’s might have been a salute to black nationalist Malcolm X, who advocated violence and barked that “the white man is a devil.”

Since the marchers represented depravity, degeneracy, and moonbattery, no permits were required.

At least the triumphant if still angry lesbians only went topless. The situation will be unsightlier at the Philly Naked Bike Ride planned for late August. It will also be moonbattier. To judge from news photos, few of the New York lesbians signaled mindless compliance to authority by wearing masks, despite the WHO’s recent declaration that these are still necessary, even among the vaccinated. In contrast,

Naked Philadelphia bikers need only bring their masks.

Participants in the annual Philly Naked Bike Ride can ditch their clothes to ride as long as they follow the Aug. 28 event’s mask guidance…

The naked ride was launched to promote body positivity, advocate for the safety of cyclists and protest dependence on fossil fuels.

Like the Covid masks that will deprive their brains of oxygen, their bicycles were manufactured with the use of fossil fuels.

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Jun 23 2021

Transsexual Wants to Win Olympic Medal, Burn US Flag

It is strictly forbidden not to find appealing those who define themselves as transsexuals. At a minimum, they must be treated with obsequious displays of respect. In the world of the woke, respect is a one-way street. Militant transsexuals often reciprocate by expressing contempt for the things most valued by normal Americans, including their country.

A case in point is a guy who calls himself Chelsea Wolfe. He has qualified as an alternate for the US BMX Freestyle team in the 2020 Olympics — as a woman. Wolfe is particularly motivated to win a medal, for a reason he explained on Facebook:

“My goal is to win the Olympics so I can burn a US flag on the podium.”

It wouldn’t be the first time the USA was represented at the Olympics by those with no respect for it. Despising America is encouraged by the liberal ruling class. In contrast, talk about burning the “Progress Pride” flag would quickly result in cancelation.

When Trump was President, Wolfe expressed a desire to kill him “with dynamite.” The media will pull for Wolfe enthusiastically if he rides in the Olympics.

Most outrageously of all, Wolfe proclaims that he is “a woman just like any other” — despite not being a woman at all. Moonbats want to tear down more than America. They want to tear down reality itself.

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Jun 22 2021

Gender Fluidity Explained

What exactly is gender fluidity? What pronouns must you use to refer to a gender fluid person? A moonbat suffering from this contrived disorder helpfully explains in the video below. In the process, she offers an indication as to how our tax dollars are applied once they have disappeared into the voracious maw of education and then been excreted out the other end:

If she paid better attention in class, she would know not to associate pink with feminine and blue with masculine. The entire spectrum must be liberated from oppressive cis-gender binarism.

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Jun 22 2021

Boys and Girls Struck From Newspeak Dictionary

From Airstrip One:

The LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall has told teachers in Britain to ditch the terms boys and girls and refer to pupils with the gender-neutral “learners”.

Fortunately, only weaklings and lunatics would allow policies to be dictated by the autocratic whims of LGBTetc maniacs. Unfortunately, Britain is governed by weaklings and lunatics.

Stonewall also forbids calling students by the proper pronouns. Teachers are expected to use the plural “they/them” for individuals. Furthermore, students must not be divided by gender, since moonbats are waging a bizarre and incomprehensible war on the concept. So much for girls and boys competing within their own gender in sports.

Needless to say, “trans” students must be given free access to the private facilities of members of the opposite sex.

One of the guides produced by the leftist charity stated that the Government Equalities Office funded its work in primary schools.

This nefarious organization — devoted to deranging civilization at a fundamental level in order to promote sexual perversion — gorges itself on taxpayer money:

A report from the TaxPayers’ Alliance this month found that between 2015 and 2019, the government gave Stonewall at least £2,616,102 in funding.

On top of that, schools that are members of the Stonewall School & College Champion programme pay the charity a yearly fee of £150 plus VAT for schools with fewer than 100 pupils. The fee rises to £800 plus VAT for schools with over 2,000 pupils.

The British government gives money to these maleficent militants, it may as well take orders from them. Expect all demands to be complied with, if not immediately then soon. Stonewall (presumably named after the riots) crows that its demands are “in line with the Department for Education’s guidance for schools in England, and the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s Equality Act Code of Practice.”

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Jun 18 2021

Maniac Convicted of Shooting “Transphobes”

Deliberately target the mentally and emotionally disturbed with depraved propaganda that eggs them on to wallow in lunacy and to regard themselves as the righteous victims of oppression inflicted by normal people, and you can expect results like this:

A former high school student charged with opening fire alongside a transgender accomplice on “transphobic” classmates at a Colorado charter school has been convicted of all 46 counts, including murder.

20-year-old Devon Michael Erickson and accomplice Maya “Alec” McKinney shot one student dead and wounded eight others when the pair fired inside a darkened classroom at STEM School Highlands Ranch on May 7, 2019, while the unsuspecting classmates watched The Princess Bride.

Found guilty on 46 charges including first-degree murder, Erickson faces life when he is sentenced in September. Miss McKinney, who testified against him, is eligible for parole in 20 years because she was a juvenile at the time.

Moonbats naturally sided with the maniacs their ideology had helped to drive over the edge.

Leftists claimed that “oppressive society” and “a world designed to kill us” had driven McKinney to violence, alleging that [she] doesn’t deserve to be punished for [her] crimes because it wasn’t [her] fault that [she] committed the acts.

No doubt it was the fault of transphobes who oppressively insist on referring to women with feminine pronouns even if they are crazy and proclaim themselves to be men.

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Jun 15 2021

How Interior Secretary Deb Haaland Celebrated Flag Day

Yesterday our moonbat rulers celebrated Flag Day by flying their flag over the Stewart Lee Udall Department of the Interior Building. Not our flag. Their flag:

Underscoring that the American Cultural Revolution is imposed from the top down, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland is seen above hoisting the “Progress Pride” flag in person.

In case you haven’t been following the evolving iconography of our official state religion, Cultural Marxism, Breitbart explains:

The Progress Pride flag is a revised version of the gay pride rainbow flag, including black and brown stripes to represent gay, lesbian, transgender, and intersex people of color, as well as the colors of the pink and baby blue transgender flag.

Injecting race into the politicization of perversion allows the symbol to represent the broader intersectional coalition of people whose interests the ruling Democrat Party belligerently advances at the expense of the core population in order to tear the country apart, the better to rule over its ruins.

As even Democrat bureaucrats must know, the purpose of Flag Day is to honor the flag of the United States, not the flag of LGBT militants or of intersectional Cultural Marxism. The Second Continental Congress adopted Old Glory as our national flag on June 14, 1777.

At least the appalling spectacle of Haaland hoisting that obscenity offers a reprieve from the insult of Democrats pretending to represent regular Americans.

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Jun 09 2021

Great News: Pansexuality Is Not Inherently Biphobic

For those unwilling to go into decades of debt spending six figures or more on a degree in gender studies, free education is available online. In the lecture below, we learn that it is not inherently biphobic to be pansexual, and we become acquainted with the important vocabulary term “bierasure”:

A “pansexual” is someone who could find even this neurodivergent person sexually attractive, despite what she has masochistically inflicted on her own appearance.

Via Not the Bee.

Jun 09 2021

It’s Official: Mothers Canceled in Favor of “Birthing People”

Update your copy of the Newspeak Dictionary, lest you find yourself canceled for a language infraction. Since women do not exist in any meaningful sense according to transgender ideology, the word “mother” has been deleted. Henceforth, we must say “birthing people.” Biden’s handlers have spoken:

The text of Biden’s record-breaking $6 trillion budget, unveiled last month, includes a section highlighting more than $200 million in health care spending aimed at reducing the “high rate of maternal mortality and race-based disparities in outcomes among birthing people.”

As usual, the toxic insanity imposed through the federal government appears to have originated in academia. Social engineers at Harvard have been saying “birthing people” instead of “mothers” since at least last year. From there it seeped into Congress, with Rep Cori Bush (D-BLM) drawing guffaws by referring to the alleged racist oppression of “Black birthing people” just before Mother’s Day. The genocidal maniacs at NARAL confirmed that “birthing people” is correct because it is gender neutral and “it’s not just cis-gender women that can get pregnant and give birth.”

Now we have it from the White House that “birthing people” is official Newspeak.

Searching for and throwing money at “race-based disparities” among “birthing people” is a prime example of how race-obsessed Democrats are wasting the wealth we create as they spend the country into oblivion.

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Jun 08 2021

Drag Queen Teaches Kids the Colors of the Flag

Earlier we saw a cartoon version of drag queen Andrew Levitt (a.k.a. Nina West) sing to preschool children about the glories of homosexual, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, transexual, and nonbinary families. In the video below, Nickelodeon presents rug rats with live action video of Mr Levitt teaching them the meaning of the colors of the flag — not the American flag of course, but the flag saluted by moonbats, i.e., the flag representing the militant LGBT ideology aggressively inculcated into children by the liberal establishment:

LGBT militants have their reasons for targeting innocent children.

Not many parents would let their children watch hardcore pornography. But at least it would be less insidious in its effects than letting them watch Nickelodeon. Porn isn’t explicitly designed to coax children into embracing sexual abnormality.

Could it have been any worse than this in Sodom or Gomorrah? The meteor is overdue.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC. Hat tip: Not the Bee.

Jun 07 2021

Canada Proclaims Pride Season

Why throw the promotion of sexual aberrancy into overdrive for only 1 month out of the year? Too much moonbattery is never enough to suit moonbats; consequently, Canada’s fanatically LGBTetc-friendly Trudeau Regime has extended Pride Month through summer. From an official government account:

Not even all summer is enough. Via Breitbart:

Canada’s LGBTQ2 Secretariat, which the ‘Free to be me’ account links to, had already celebrated an “International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (IDAHOTB)” in May, and is committed to”work[ing] across federal public service to support the integration of LGBTQ2 considerations into the everyday work of the Government of Canada.”

You don’t have to deviate from normal sexuality to get special treatment under liberal rule. Being black also works:

We once believed that everyone should be equal before the government as they are before God. Then came cultural Marxism, the ideology under which Canada is ruled. Now some animals are far more equal than others.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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