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Jan 04 2024

Compton Business Encounters Social Justice

As local police are marginalized, the “marginalized” become ever more entitled. In the Los Angeles area, liberal utopia has been achieved. Good luck to capitalist oppressors trying to run a business:

A mob of over 100 looters purposefully crashed a Kia into a small bakery in Compton, Calif., before they flooded in and ransacked the store during a night of rampage on the streets earlier this week.

This same means of entry has been used in Chicago, which now has a mayor who sides with mobs of looters openly, instead of implicitly like most Democrats.

The thieves had gathered in the area for an illegal street takeover around 3 a.m. Tuesday before making the mile-long trek to Ruben’s Bakery & Mexican Food.

This could be why in the olden days the streets were policed rather than left to mobs of lowlife. But that was found to be racist.

Police had received two calls about a car on fire and a street takeover outside the bakery just before the looting occurred.

Maybe they thought better of intervening, lest an officer end up getting the Derek Chauvin treatment. It’s not as if any of the looters would be prosecuted anyway. Los Angeles County DA George Gascon was installed by George Soros, #1 bankroller of the Democratic Party.

No injuries or arrests were reported in Tuesday’s looting.

Of course not. If there were consequences, lawlessness would not be escalating out of control.

Ironically, the Ruben’s storefront prominently features “We Accept EBT” notices. EBT is a government-implemented form of looting, whereby taxpayers and holders of inflated US currency are the ones who get looted.

On tips from Jack D and ABC of the ANC.

Oct 07 2023

Los Angeles Sides With Airbnb Squatter

As we learned when the CDC surreally decreed that landlords could not insist that rent be paid, we no longer enjoy property rights in the decaying remnants of the USA. Also gone are rule of law and shame. This state of affairs makes it hard to earn money with Airbnbs:

[Sascha] Jovanovic, who owns a dental surgery practice in Santa Monica, rented out his accessory dwelling unit via Airbnb to [Elizabeth] Hirschhorn, whose Airbnb stay ended in April last year, according to the [Los Angeles] Times. She hasn’t paid rent since.

The “accessory dwelling” is in tony Brentwood, Los Angeles. It should be worth $millions.

“When Elizabeth Hirschhorn’s Airbnb stay ended in April 2022, she simply didn’t move out. She’s been living there rent-free ever since, and she refused to budge unless Jovanovic paid her a relocation fee of $100,000,” the Times reports.

Extortion is apparently no longer illegal. But we still have plenty of rules. Welcome to the Kafkaesque world of moonbat bureaucracy:

Because of several [evidently trivial] code violations, the city determined that Jovanovic couldn’t evict Hirschhorn, whom he claims won’t even let him inside to bring it up to code.

According to leftist ideology, landlords are always the bad guys. So Big Government participates in the extortion:

Because she stayed in the unit for six months, Hirschhorn qualified for L.A.’s recently adopted Just Cause Ordinance, which requires a landlord to have a legal reason to evict her, and if there is no legal reason, the landlord is required to pay for relocation assistance for the tenant.

Looks like her refusal to pay and his desire for her to leave his property don’t count as legal reasons.

Pedro Gonzalez, the city investigator, also concluded that the unit is subject to L.A.’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance, giving Hirschhorn much stronger tenant protections.

No doubt the same government that negates property rights and refuses to perform the fundamental service of arresting the trespasser will insist taxes be paid on the property, despite having rendered it useless to its owner.

On a tip from Varla.

Aug 17 2023

End Stage Liberalism in Los Angeles

Savages are attacking police officers with hammers in broad daylight. Here’s what they do to old ladies:

Investigators are looking for the man who grabbed a 75-year-old woman’s purse Monday, Aug. 14, then dragged her through a Hacienda Heights [Los Angeles] parking lot as two good Samaritans chased him until he yanked the purse from her and he fled.

She was at an ATM when the oppressed person came up on her.

Deputies have not recovered the victim’s purse, which contained a wallet, an unknown amount of cash and a cellphone.

This is why law-abiding citizens need to be armed.

Watch and wince as her skull repeatedly strikes the pavement:

The price of succumbing to liberal rule is living in fear, as criminals increasingly own the streets.

Elsewhere in LA:

That’s what end stage liberalism looks like.

On tips from 100Bravo, Ed McAninch, and Varla.

Jun 17 2023

Los Angeles Times Spins Dodgers Blasphemy

As forewarned, the Los Angeles Dodgers spat in the face of their fans on behalf of LGBTism with a ceremony yesterday honoring the extravagantly blasphemous anti-Catholic hate group the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. A massive crowd showed up to protest:

Meanwhile, inside the stadium,

There are more of us than there are of them. They manage to create the illusion that their sick ideology is normal and that those opposed to it are outliers because they control the media. The Los Angeles Times put the spin into overdrive to salvage this public relations disaster, excreting one of the most nauseating specimens of liberal propaganda I have ever endured:

You could have heard a pin drop. You could have seen hearts soar.

The Dodgers and the perverts dressed as gaudy nuns are predictably depicted as potential victims of violence at the hands of the peaceful Christians praying outside. A Sister of Perpetual Indulgence is reverently quoted:

“Whatever happens to me, I have to be there for them. This moment was given to us, it was a moral imperative for me to rise to that occasion on behalf of the people who believe in us.”

Count the LA Times among those who believe in the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence the way those who protested believe in real nuns. Readers are told that the LGBT militants’ message consists not of the ostentatious blasphemy that made them infamous but of “inclusion, hope, and love.”

For leverage, La Times brings in a moonbat who has infiltrated the Catholic Church and is helping to subvert it, Fr. Chris Ponnet, described as “spiritual director for the Los Angeles archdiocese’s Catholic Ministry With Lesbian and Gay Persons.” He opposes opposition to anti-Catholic bigotry:

Ponnet said that if strident Catholics aren’t careful, the alleged hate they are protesting can actually be coming from them.

“Part of our church position is not to bully, not to demonize, not to hate … and they’ve demonized and bullied,” he said.

Homosexuality is condemned in the most adamant terms throughout the Bible (as is pride). That there is a Catholic Ministry With Lesbian and Gay Persons is itself blasphemous. From there, we are at least half way to homosexuals dressed as nuns defecating on altars while the vermin comprising the media cheer and liberal priests scold us for not liking it.

On tips from Varla, Ed McAninch, KirklesWorth, Jester, and Lyle.

Mar 24 2023

Why Public Schools Must Be Abolished

Teachers unions are a cancer. In Los Angeles, this cancer has reached stage 4:

Local 99, which represents teacher’s aides, food-service workers, and other non-teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District ecosystem, demanded a 30% across-the-board salary increase plus a $2/hour addition for the lowest-paid worker, reported the Los Angeles Times.

The LAUSD offered a 23% raise, starting with 2% retroactive hike as of the 2020-21 school year and ending with a 5% boost in 2024-25, among other perks. However, Local 99 turned down the offer and determined not to continue negotiations.

Pathological greed inspired the union to go on strike, closing schools throughout the district.

American schools are dismal failures. Accountability is required to make them functional. In addition to raiding the public treasury and driving an ultraleft political agenda, teachers unions prevent accountability.

Like the socialist ideology they espouse, unions work great for the people at the top:

The Daily Mail reported that United Teachers Los Angeles president and BLM member Cecily Myart-Cruz, who represents over 35,000 members in the city, rushed off to attend an NBA game in a box suite after announcing the strike.

Suites run anywhere from $3,765 to over $12,547…

Students were set back when teachers unions, backed by the Biden Regime, exploited Covid as a pretext to avoid work. When asked about the impact keeping schools closed would have on kids,

Myart-Cruz told Los Angeles Magazine in August 2021, “There is no such thing as learning loss.”

True enough — because with moonbats like her in charge, there is no such thing as learning.

Test scores are collapsing. Instead of learning to read and do math, students are indoctrinated with antiwhite race hate and a depraved sexual agenda. The only constructive purpose of public schools at this point is to babysit children so their parents can work. But unions have made teachers too lazy to be relied on for even this minimal service.

Meanwhile, taxpayers are forced to pay over $24,000 per LA Unified School District student.

This isn’t education or even babysitting. It is a looting spree.

Boasts the arrogant union thug Myart-Cruz:

“You can recall the Governor, you can recall the school board. But how are you going to recall me?”

Here’s how. Public schools must be abolished. A voucher system allowing for competition between private schools would guarantee access to education and provide accountability that would radically improve the quality.

On a tip from Mr. Freemarket.

Mar 11 2023

Los Angeles Times Blames Whites for Car Smog

According to the media and education establishments, whites are bad because they are oppressors; identity groups favored by Democrats are good because they are oppressed. This applies to all aspects of existence, even the smog that characterizes Los Angeles, according to a recent excretion of the LA Times:

The article, by Sammy Roth, comments on a recent study by scholars at the University of Southern California who found that “all else equal, tracts whose residents drive less are exposed to more air pollution, as are tracts with a less-White population.”

State and local government alone spends hundreds of $billions per year on higher education. This money is extracted from us forcibly through taxation and inflation. You can see why so much of the funding has to be on a coercive basis; few would pay for this pernicious nonsense voluntarily.

The study blamed urban planning that put freeways through black and Latino neighborhoods (though there may be a cause-and-effect problem, as neighborhoods with freeways may be more affordable and convenient for black and Latino households migrating to the city to find jobs and opportunities).

The effect of this moonbattery is not only to whip up hostility against scapegoated whites in accordance with cultural Marxism, but to cause economic dysfunction:

Recently, a major cargo freeway expansion was canceled in L.A. due to the supposedly racist effects of building it, despite the possible negative effects on the local economy.

The tasteless joke serving as Secretary of Transportation agrees that roads are racist, as are bridges. The malevolent lunatics who rule over us are driven by a bizarre ideology.

On tips from Ed McAninch, Wiggins, and Jack D.

Feb 17 2023

Los Angeles Replaces Law Enforcement With Yoga

The future of law enforcement under liberal rule unfolds in Los Angeles:

[C]ity officials announced a new public safety initiative which implements yoga, meditation and healing circles to communities as an alternative form of unarmed policing. The initiative’s launch cost the city of Los Angeles $2.2 million in city funding.

No worries, taxpayers. In the end there will be a net savings, because in liberal utopia you won’t have to pay for police or prisons.

At a briefing on Monday, Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, who chairs the City Council’s public safety committee, announced the Project TURN initiative-which stands for Therapeutic Unarmed Response for Neighborhoods.

The only response to watching the Land of Fruits and Nuts plunge off a cliff into an abyss of self-parody is to move at top speed in the opposite direction.

Project TURN hopes that therapy, yoga, meditation, and healing circle will reduce the need for officers to engage in neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

If California takes over the federal government via Gavin Newsom or Kamala “Heartbeat Away” Harris, we will learn how well these techniques work at staving off the communist Chinese.

In other news from La-La Land,

Throughout 2022, the Los Angeles Police Department reported 229,584 crimes, an 11.6% increase over the previous year.

Los Angeles could get that number down to zero. All it has to do is cut to the chase and move beyond defunding the police. Disband the department altogether, as the city council promised to do in Minneapolis at the height of Black Lives Matter violence, and it won’t report any crime at all.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and KirklesWorth.

Feb 04 2023

Anti-Cop LA City Councilor Gets Extra Patrol for His Car

The hypocrisy that characterizes leftists is almost superhuman. Consider Hugo Soto-Martinez of the Los Angeles City Council:

Soto-Martinez campaigned against ‘armed militias occupying our neighborhoods,’ saying that the existing policing system was ‘completely corrupt, immoral, and needs to be changed drastically.’

He has advocated defunding the LAPD and California Highway Patrol. “I believe in the eventual goal of abolishing the current system of policing,” barked the moonbat. He called for the “redistribution of police money to other public sector unions.” But then,

On Thursday night, a member of his team placed a call to the LAPD just before 10pm requesting assistance, because Soto-Martinez’s white Lexus had broken down.

‘Extra patrol throughout the night for parked white Lexus belonging to councilmember,’ the LAPD request noted.

Hate-hoaxing extended Squad member Cori Bush, who ran for Congress as a representative of Black Lives Matter in the aftermath of hundreds of antipolice riots, spends a fortune on security. Even she doesn’t have the gall to rely heavily on the local police she demonizes.

Soto-Martinez will go far in liberal politics.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Jan 15 2023

Los Angeles Police Department Bans Thin Blue Line Flag

The thin blue line flag represents support for police officers, who put their lives on the line to defend us from lowlifes. Naturally, the lowlifes don’t like it. Lowlifes are represented by the party that controls Los Angeles. Consequently, the thin blue line flag is banned — at the police department:

The Los Angeles Police Department banned the Thin Blue Line flag from public areas within police departments this week over a complaint that the flag represented “violent, extremist views.”

Any view leftists want to suppress is “extremist,” including the opinion that criminals should be arrested.

LA Police Chief Michel Moore says the thin blue line flag represents “the honor, valor, dedication, and sacrifice of law enforcement to protect our communities” but also “undemocratic, racist, and bigoted views.” Political lackeys are good at talking out of both sides of their mouths.

As the liberal establishment’s aggressive embrace of Black Lives Matter established, criminals are the good guys and local police are the bad guys. Therefore, a flag representing support for police is thoughtcrime.

The LAPD chief ordered all flags with the symbol to be removed from public areas.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League responds:

“It is difficult to express the level of utter disgust and disappointment with Chief Moore’s politically pandering directive to remove Thin Blue Line flags and memorials for fallen officers from all public areas within our police stations. This direction came as a result of complaints from anti-police, criminal apologists, and activists who hold too much sway over our city leaders and, unfortunately, our Chief.”

Moonbats screech that the thin blue line flag is “white supremacist.” That this is untrue is particularly obvious in Los Angeles, where most cops are either black or Hispanic.

Moore has made it explicit that higher-ups do not have the backs of officers on the street. The inevitable effect on morale will degrade public safety. This is in accordance with the liberal agenda, as George Soros having placed pro-criminal Los Angeles County DA George Gascon in power confirms. The likely intent of deliberately increasing violent crime is to set the stage for a major gun grab, leaving law-abiding citizens still less safe.

On tips from Ed McAninch and Mr. Freemarket.

Dec 31 2022

EV Charging Stations Become Homeless Encampments

Another use has been found for the thousands of electric vehicle charging stations that have been established at taxpayer expense because our rulers have decided for inscrutable reasons that the weather gods want us to drive dangerous, expensive, and unreliable electric cars. In the decaying remnants of moonbattery-addled Los Angeles, they have become homeless encampments:

The Daily Mail has some numbers:

More than 69,000 homeless people currently live in the city.

Last year, Los Angeles had 62,851 registered electric vehicles, with city officials projecting even more in 2022. California as a whole had 563,070 registered EVs in 2021, more than 100,000 more compared to the year before.

The boom has meant that charging stations have popped up throughout the city, with about 4,296 public stations installed so far, according to

And even more are expected to spring up after the state approved a ban on the sale of new gas cars by 2035, demonstrating a commitment to electric vehicles.

Too bad it takes so long for an EV to charge. Standing around in a homeless encampment is not likely to be pleasant — or safe, especially in a state with such restrictive gun laws that criminals have law-abiding citizens outgunned.

It is increasingly clear why EVs have to be not only heavily subsidized but mandated by Big Government to get people to drive them. What is less clear is why our rulers are pushing them. It certainly is not out of concern for the environment. Most likely the actual objective is to end individual transportation.

On tips from Ed McAninch and ABC of the ANC.

Oct 23 2022

Take a Tour of Fundamentally Transformed Los Angeles

Venezuela was the wealthiest nation in Latin America. Then leftists took control. Now it is the poorest. People eat their pets, zoo animals, and anything quasi-edible that they can find in dumpsters. Leftists also control Los Angeles. It is not turning out any better.

Combine the welfare state, demographic displacement, contempt for law & order, and the rest of the grab bag of pernicious moonbattery that comprises the liberal agenda and behold the results:

Everyone knows how leftist policies always turn out. We know that Democrats are doing to the whole country what they have done to Los Angeles. We just don’t know how to stop them, when they control the media and the media controls the direction of the herd.

Hat tip: Not the Bee.

Oct 17 2022

LA Mayoral Candidate Rick Caruso Denies Being White

Maybe our moonbat rulers will spare Columbus Day, now that Italians are no longer white.

During a mayoral debate in single-party Los Angeles last week between Karen Bass and Rick Caruso, Telemundo moderator Dunia Elvir put the election in the usual identity politics terms, proclaiming that the next mayor of the rotting city “will be either an African-American woman [Bass] or a white man [Caruso].”

Not so fast:

Desperate to avoid the stigma of being a white man, Caruso immediately declared: “I’m Italian,” whereupon Elvir said, “An Italian American,” to which Caruso responded: “Thank you, that’s Latin, thank you.”

Just like that, everyone with Italian heritage from Julius Caesar to Al Pacino stopped being white. Now they are Latin, or more PC still, Latinx.

We have not quite reached maximum moonbattery. To get votes in moonbattery-addled LA, Caruso has switched from Republican to Democrat and Italian American to Latin, but he still identifies as a man, even if his spinelessness in the face of wokeism makes that an exaggeration in his case.

Alberto Retana, who is the president of the Community Coalition of South Los Angeles (“Uniting Black & Brown”), was appalled and wasn’t about to let Caruso slither out of being white: “Wow, did Caruso just say he is Latin?” Retana tweeted. “That he is not a white man? I am floored. We cannot let him do this. Terrible.”

Pretending not to be white is the Cultural Marxist version of stolen valor. Caruso is hardly the first to lay false claim to the many advantages of oppressedness:

The white Jewish professor Jessica Krug passed as black for years. So did Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP official who famously turned out not to be a CP at all. Still at it is Shaun King, aka Talcum X, who strenuously insists that he isn’t white despite photographic evidence he was a light-haired white child before he was woke. Elizabeth Warren passed as Native American and was even hailed as the first “woman of color” on Harvard’s faculty. Muslim “feminist” activist Linda Sarsour said in a Vox video published in January 2017: “When I wasn’t wearing hijab, I was just some ordinary white girl from New York City.” But in an April 2017 interview, the hijabbed Sarsour referred to “people of color like me.”

Please welcome Rick Caruso to the Racial Impostor Hall of Shame.

On a tip from Blackjack.

Aug 19 2022

Collapse of Civilization on Display at Los Angeles 7-Eleven

What the Democratic Party has been achieving at the national level with looting sprees like the Inflation Aggravation Act, mobs consisting of the Democrat base apply at the local level. From a Los Angeles Police Department press release:

On August 15, 2022, around 12:40 a.m., a street takeover initiated at the intersection of Figueroa Street and El Segundo Boulevard. Motorists flooded the intersection and blocked traffic with their vehicles from all directions to create a “pit” in the middle of the intersection. During the incident, spectators exited their vehicles and watched as motorists recklessly drove in a maneuver known as ‘doing donuts.’ …

The spectators then formed a ‘flash mob’ of looters and rushed a nearby 7-Eleven located at the northwest corner of Figueroa Street and El Segundo Boulevard. Video surveillance from the store showed the looters fanning out across the store and grabbing all the snacks, drinks, cigarettes, lotto tickets, and other merchandise. Looters also vandalized the store and threw merchandise at employees. The looters then exited the store to the surrounding parking lots and streets, and quickly dispersed before police arrived.

This open contempt for law and order is a predictable result of the liberal establishment’s embrace of Black Lives Matter ideology and war on local law enforcement. Lawlessness has been greatly facilitated in cities like Los Angeles, where George Soros has installed an openly pro-criminal district attorney who will see to it that, in the unlikely event any looters are arrested, they will not be prosecuted.

George Gascon recently survived a recall effort because the authorities rejected over 195,000 petition signatures. Soros-appointed maniacs have subverted DA offices throughout the country (e.g., Alvin Bragg [Manhattan], Kim Foxx [Chicago], Larry Krasner [Philadelphia], Kim Gardner [St Louis], Marilyn Mosby [Baltimore]).

If police do attempt arrests, they are likely to be accused of racism. If any culprits succumb to a fentanyl overdose while resisting, officers will receive the Derek Chauvin treatment.

The leading figure in the political opposition has his home raided by FBI goons on a fishing expedition for anything that can be construed as evidence of a crime, while large mobs loot stores secure in the knowledge that they will not face consequences. The technical term for Democrat rule is “anarchotyranny.”

This is what the collapse of civilization looks like:

On tips from Jack Bauer and Wiggins.

Aug 06 2022

LA: A Choice Between Adam Schiff and Maebe A. Girl

The nice thing about Democracy is that it offers a choice. In Los Angeles, the choice is between the odious Adam Schiff and a guy calling himself Maebe A. Girl:

G. “Maebe A. Girl” Pudlo, a progressive Democrat and drag queen who identifies as transgender non-binary, is challenging Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California during the 2022 election.

Girl received a bit less than 13% of the primary vote, coming in a distant second to Schiff who earned more than 62% — the two will face off during the general election later this year.

Girl wants to be a “voice for trans people.” The liberal establishment aggressively promotes their agenda at everyone else’s expense, but too much is never enough when it comes to favoritism for mentally ill sexual deviants.

He’s right about this much:

“I think that if there’s any place where a progressive, especially a trans nonbinary person can get elected, it’s Los Angeles.”

Or any other suppurating pustule of a city where moonbats have established cultural hegemony.

His specific demands include that men be allowed to play in women’s sports and that they be let into private facilities intended for women only such as restrooms and locker rooms. Many other Democrats have been making these same demands, but usually not while dressed as an insultingly grotesque parody of a woman.

“Healthcare, housing, and education are all human rights,” squawks Girl. That is, forcing other people to pay for them is a human right. He wants to abolish US Immigration and Customs Enforcement so that taxpayers can furnish these goodies gratis to the entire planet.

His attitudes place him in the Democrat mainstream. There is no reason to believe that Mr Girl would be any worse that Adam Schiff — who may be the next Speaker of the House if he is reelected.

On a tip from R F.


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