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Mar 30 2021

$392,000 to Be a Life Guard in Los Angeles

As government grows ever larger, it will suck all of the money out of the economy, until there is no one else to work for. On the positive side, government employees are often paid extravagantly under liberal rule:

The highest-paid Los Angeles lifeguards earn up to $392,000 annually — and dozens of others rake in more than $200,000 a year, according to an investigation by Forbes.

Seven LA County lifeguards earned more than $300,000 in taxpayer dough by tapping into overtime pay in 2019, the latest year available, Forbes found.

They must be truly excellent lifeguards, to earn that much. Or maybe not:

Many of the lifeguards who won the Medal of Valor for exhibiting bravery and saving lives were not among the county’s highest-paid.

Divorcing compensation from merit is key to the liberal agenda. How else are we going to reduce income inequality?

On the negative side, when Big Government has taxed the private sector out of existence and bloated public sector salaries are financed entirely by inflating the currency, the money will be worthless.

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Jan 06 2021

Counselor Beaten to Death by Misunderstood Youths

Moonbats like de facto president-elect Kamala Harris bark that we must “reimagine safety and public safety in America” because police are racist. Instead of armed law enforcement officers trained to deal with violence, liberals would send in social workers to deescalate the situation. A recent event at the nonprofit organization Wayfinder Family Services in Windsor Hills, Los Angeles County indicates how likely that is to work out.

Counselor David Mcknight-Hillman, age 25, was responsible for day-to-day care of the residents at this nonprofit organization. He was found severely beaten and taken to the hospital, where he died.

Via NBC4 Los Angeles:

Investigators determined that Mcknight-Hillman was attempting to break up a fight when he was assaulted by seven people — two 18-year-olds and five juveniles…

If only Mcknight-Hillman had been more sensitive and patient with them…

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Jan 05 2021

2020: A Great Year for Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles

2020 was annus horribilis for most of us, but it was a great year for Black Lives Matter, especially in Los Angeles, which this radical movement is rapidly transforming into another Detroit:

Daily Wire sums up some of BLM-LA’s deleterious accomplishments:

Media and Hollywood celebrities amplified BLM-LA’s signal, and organizers channeled that momentum toward successful grassroots efforts to oust D.A. [Jackie] Lacey…

Lacie was replaced by demented pro-criminal DA George Gascon.

More wins for the bad guys:

L.A. City Council agreed to slash the [LAPD]’s budget by $150 million. L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti first announced the idea after BLM-LA led a massive demonstration outside of his residence on June 2.

Intimidation works in the sort of country this is becoming. At least it does on people who are sympathetic to the intimidators.

The L.A. Board of Education quickly followed suit, reducing the L.A. School Police Department’s budget by 35%, which equated to a $25 million cut. BLM-LA had spent more than five years organizing students, parents, and teachers against the district’s police force, which is tasked with protecting more than 600,000 students enrolled in the nation’s second-largest public education system.

BLM also went after the LA County Sheriff’s Department, with the ballot proposal Measure J:

Its passage requires at least 10% of the county’s general fund be appropriated to community programs and alternatives to incarceration, but Sheriff Alex Villanueva and police unions said it would defund public safety. LASD operates the nation’s largest jail system.

Leftists have already managed to largely empty neighboring Orange County Sheriff’s Department jails onto the streets.

Despite Garcetti’s willingness to cave to outrageous demands by BLM terrorists, BLM-LA’s lead community organizer Melina Abdullah claims that her organization blocked him from a Biden cabinet position. If so, this may be the first good thing ever to come of Black Lives Matter.

She also noted a series of Black LA Demands related to the COVID-19 pandemic as another important achievement from 2020, along with the formation of BLM Grassroots, which was established to aid local chapters’ organizational needs.

Alarmingly, BLM racists aren’t the only ones to racialize the coronavirus response.

Lastly, Abdullah recognized BLM-LA’s annual Black Xmas campaign, which asks allies to refrain from spending money with white corporations from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.

Christmas is the season for hating white people. Racial animosity hasn’t been this explicit since they closed down Auschwitz. Yet it is those brave enough to oppose Black Lives Matter who get whacked with the “RACIST!” club.

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Dec 23 2020

Eric Garcetti: Money Taken From Police Must Go to Moonbattery

When urban progressives defund the police despite soaring crime rates, at least taxpayers get some of their money back, right? Just kidding of course. Not only do characters like Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti keep the money, they insist that it be put toward a destructive purpose:

Garcetti vetoed a plan backed by black and Latino members of the City Council to redistribute money cut from the police Tuesday because he said it was too focused on everyday needs and not on the “call of history.”

The “call of history” means pernicious moonbattery.

The plan, which was originally passed 13-2, included funding to trim trees, improve parks, and repair sidewalks in poor neighborhoods.

No dice; too constructive. If Garcetti wanted to help minority neighborhoods, he would see to it that they are policed sufficiently.

A little background:

In June, as the city was under curfew and the National Guard was on the streets, Garcetti acceded to a demand by Black Lives Matter activists to defund the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) by $150 million, more than 10% of the budget.

The terrorists did not have to twist his arm very hard.

The funding was to be redistributed to “communities of color.”

This is known as “racial justice” or more accurately as “racial spoils.”

The move led to a collapse in morale within the police department, and coincided with a surge in homicides in Los Angeles.

You can’t make a leftist omelet without breaking eggs. If you want a pretext for a gun grab, breaking eggs may be the objective.

How to waste the money in a way that would suit Garcetti? A giant golden statue of fentanyl casualty George Floyd? No good; not local enough. Better to make it a statue of Floyd’s fellow career criminal Deonte Murray, who was arrested for seriously wounding two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies in an attempted assassination on September 12, presumably as part of the mostly peaceful protesting that had led to the police being defunded.

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

Oct 19 2020

Los Angeles to Send Unarmed Response Teams Instead of Cops

After Democrats have demonized, defunded, and hamstrung the police, who is going to answer your emergency call? If California really is our future, the answer is unarmed response teams.

From the Western Journal:

The Los Angeles City Council has unanimously voted to created a pilot program to send “unarmed response” teams to nonviolent calls which are currently handled by the city’s police department.

“Nonviolent” situations do not always remain nonviolent, particularly when an arrest must be made.

City Council’s President Nury Martinez hails this dangerous idiocy as “a seminal moment in our City’s history in our efforts to reimagine public safety.”

Honks Martinez,

“Ultimately, this will also allow us to provide our Black and Brown communities with the resources they deserve.”

Because who cares about white communities, since white people are racist and bad? Or maybe Martinez is acknowledging that black and brown communities will pay the price for ideologically driven anarchy because that’s where the crime is.

Calls deemed not to require police include those involving mental health, drug abuse, suicidal threats, and conflict resolution — all situations that can take unexpected violent turns.

Psychologists and social workers are poorly equipped to deal with the hordes of mentally ill and/or drug-crazed derelicts whose population has been exploding in California.

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world so peaceful that unarmed response teams would suffice? Unfortunately, our world is crowded with people like George Floyd and Jacob Blake. Force is required to protect society from them.

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