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Mar 27 2021

Nike Satan Shoes

Now that the mainstream has embraced Black Lives Matter, associating your brand with a malevolent anti-American lowlife like Colin Kaepernick isn’t cutting edge any more. So Nike upped the ante with a new sneaker honoring to the Prince of Darkness.

This is on the level:

Rapper Lil Nas X unveiled a limited edition of “satan shoes” that contain human blood and are limited to 666 pairs.

The “Old Town Road” singer is expected to release the pair of shoes on March 29 as a collaboration with Nike.

The satanic sneakers start at $1,018. Eternal damnation doesn’t come cheap, now that Nike has learned how to make a buck off it.

The timing of the shoe’s release coincides with the release of Nas’s latest video, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” which was released Thursday. The music video shows him dancing on a stripper pole on his way down to hell as well as giving Satan a lap dance, according to the New York Post.

On top of the worship of evil, we are treated to LGBT BS. The rapper says the song “will open doors for many other queer people to simply exist.”

The effect of moonbattery on what was once a thriving, healthy culture has been devastating. At this point, it may be irreversible.

On tips from Stormfax, Dragon’s Lair, and Chris Neilson.

Mar 23 2021

Harry’s: As Bad as Gillette?

Most countermoonbats would agree that it would be nice to avoid buying anything from the obnoxiously woke Procter & Gamble. But who to buy from instead? For toothpaste and dish soap, alternatives to Crest and Joy are offered by Colgate-Palmolive — which like P&G promotes transsexualizing children. For shaving products, in place of man-hating Gillette, there is Harry’s — which has joined the leftist cancel culture lynch mob, as Michael Knowles reveals:

The entire corporate establishment is rotted through with extreme moonbattery. German communist Rudi Dutschke called for a “Long March Through the Institutions.” At this point, there are few if any institutions left to be marched through. Normal people are now the underground.

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Mar 22 2021

Pantene Ad Features Lesbians Converting Boy Into Girl

It seemed that Procter & Gamble had reached the last limits of moonbattery with the woke commercials it has been ramming down our throats. But progressives always progress to another previously unimaginable extreme.

After already having promoted the transsexualization of children, as well as obesity, man hatred, the false and divisive black oppression narrative, and the bizarre lie that men can menstruate, P&G continues to push the envelope.

The many P&G brands include Pantene haircare products, which are intended for liberal use only to judge by a commercial featuring two lesbians converting a boy into a pseudogirl on behalf of their grotesque ideology.

Behold the price innocent kids pay as liberals press their advantage in the Culture War:

The vast majority of children who have been convinced they have gender dysphoria grow out of it. But they will never grow out of the damage inflicted on their bodies and their minds by moonbats who try to physically convert them into the opposite sex.

Woke corporations have reached the depth of exploiting child abuse as a marketing ploy.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC. Hat tip: Not the Bee.

Mar 22 2021

Rite Aid Apologizes for Denying Illegals COVID Vaccine

Brace yourself for unseemly groveling. Rite Aid confesses to denying free (i.e., paid for by you) ChiCom virus vaccines to not one but two people who are in the country illegally.

Via Fox Business:

The company told FOX Business that these two mistakes were “isolated incidents” and is seeking out opportunities to improve.

Both illegals have now been given their first shot.

Rite Aid is also “conducting a thorough investigation regarding this incident,” the company said.

No doubt heads will roll. Maybe Rite Aid can expiate its sin against political correctness by offering a special discount to illegal aliens.

The company had better stock up on vaccine. On Biden’s invitation, vast numbers of illegal aliens are pouring across the undefended border. According to the National Sheriffs’ Association, up to half of them carry COVID-19.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Mar 19 2021

Tide Campaigns Against Hot Water Laundry

It used to be that a company selling laundry detergent would want your clothes to come clean. Now, the emphasis is on preaching about the danger cleaning your clothes poses to the allegedly delicate climate. CNN is impressed:

Doing your laundry with cold water can help save the planet, and maybe save you some money along the way.

That’s the message from Tide in a newly launched campaign to decarbonize laundry. The goal is for consumers in North America to do three out of every four loads of laundry with cold water instead of hot by 2030, up from about half today. That would eliminate the power consumption required to heat cold water.

According to liberal dogma, power consumption makes the weather warmer by producing plant-enriching CO2. This is bad because it imperils man-eating polar bears.

Tide is made by Procter & Gamble, the same company whose insufferably woke commercials have promoted perversion, obesity, man hatred, the bogus black oppression narrative, and the literally insane notion that men can menstruate.

Shailesh Jejurikar, CEO of Procter & Gamble’s fabric and home care division, says that if you wash your clothes in cold water, “you’re helping to save the planet.”

Instead of “preaching to people,” the P&G exec described a “fun” marketing campaign that will feature cameos by wrestling legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and rapper and actor Ice-T.

Ice-T is best known to moonbattologists as the guy who recorded “Cop Killer,” a song that encourages listeners to murder police officers. A sample of the lyrics:

My adrenaline’s pumpin’
I got my stereo bumpin’
I’m ’bout to kill me somethin’
A pig stopped me for nuthin’

Cop killer, better you than me
Cop killer, f*** police brutality
Cop killer, I know your mama’s grievin’
(F*** her)
Cop killer, but tonight we get even

Die, die, die pig, die
F*** the police, f*** the police
F*** the police, f*** the police
F*** the police, f*** the police
F*** the police, yeah

Only in a world run by liberals could Ice-T be used to virtue signal.

Now back to CNN:

P&G (PG), one of the largest advertisers in the consumer space, plans to spend tens of millions of dollars on the cold water washing campaign in traditional advertising, social media and inside stores.

Like they say about fools and their money. But which are the fools, PC P&G execs or their customers? That depends on the success of the virtue signaling.

On a tip from Steve T.

Mar 11 2021

Covfefe Coffee Cancelation Fails

Until Democrats have finished consolidating power, political repression in the USA is mostly decentralized. An example is Covfefe Coffee, which was crushed for its politically incorrect support of Donald Trump not by Big Government, but by Chase Bank, which it relied on for receiving payments. Chase informed the company that “pending payments will be canceled and you won’t be able to withdraw funds at this time” due to unspecified “violation of the terms of service” — i.e., ideological infractions. But wait, Covfefe Coffee was not crushed after all.

The company was able to keep collecting payments through PayPal. Cheers Not the Bee:

Since Chase’s draconian, cancel-culture move, I’m happy to report that Covfefe Coffee’s revenue has rocketed to the moon, with nearly an 8,000% increase in sales this last month.

Take this, Chase moonbats:

The retailer will be donating some of the proceeds to Chris Rufo of the Discovery Institute, who’s done an amazing job outlining how Marxist racial theory is infiltrating schools, as well as Look Ahead America, which is facing legal action over their reporting on alleged election fraud.

Covfefe Coffee is now collecting payment through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Apple Pay. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that all of them won’t follow Chase Bank and cancel a coffee company for supporting a former president who over 74 million Americans voted for a few months ago. Buy their coffee while you can.

On a tip from Mr. Freemarket.

Mar 10 2021

Unilever Abolishes the Word “Normal”

The objective of leftist social engineers is to marginalize normality itself. If you doubt it, consider that the word “normal” has now been struck from the Newspeak Dictionary by the repressively woke mega-corporation Unilever.

From the BBC:

Unilever will drop the word “normal” from its beauty products and ban excessive editing of models’ photos in a push for inclusivity.

Inclusivity is exclusive of people who identify as normal.

Dove’s owner said the editing ban would apply to “body shape, size, proportion and skin colour” and “normal” would be removed from 200 products.

Want shampoo for normal as opposed to dry hair? Tough. You ought to go without shampoo, for being an oppressive normal person. Want face cream for normal as opposed to oily skin? They don’t cater to your kind at Unilever.

The ban on editing will include photos taken of models as well as social media influencers.

Because attractive models oppress ugly people, according to woke ideology.

More wokeness:

Unilever said on Tuesday it would also take a number of other steps in an attempt to promote “a new era of beauty that’s inclusive, equitable and sustainable”.

It committed to increase the number of adverts portraying people from under-represented groups and use more natural and biodegradable ingredients across its range of products.

There is to be no escape from moonbattery, in any area. Every product for sale at the drug store must be loaded with wokeness.

In January, Unilever said it would launch the Crown Fund UK, an initiative aimed at stopping discrimination around black hairstyles, while ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s has voiced support for the Black Lives Matter protests.

Those who rely on the liberal establishment media for information may need to be reminded that “protests” in the Black Lives Matter context often mean riots, including looting, vandalism, assault, arson, et cetera.

Unilever is not content to virtue signal about its leftist ideology. It used its massive clout to silence dissent when it compelled Facebook to crack down more repressively on conservative viewpoints by threatening to pull advertising.


Having been blamed for massive deforestation in Indonesia via its purchase of palm oil, a 2016 Amnesty report found that Unilever’s palm oil supplier Wilmar International had profited from child labor and forced labor.

In 2019, Unilever was also named as one of the world’s top 10 plastic polluters by BreakFreeFromPlastic.

This followed a 2016 out of court settlement where Unilever was forced to pay compensation to hundreds of workers at a mercury thermometer factory operated by the Indian subsidiary of Unilever which was caught dumping toxic mercury wastes in a densely populated part of town.

However, woke posturing sweeps all that under the rug.

Evil corporations used to be a liberal cliché. Now, they are a liberal power base.

Mar 02 2021

Amazon App Logo Accused of Looking Like Hitler

If militant moonbats could find a Nazi rune in the layout of the stage at CPAC, it should come as no surprise that they also found Nazism in an Amazon smartphone app logo. The lunatics were of course promptly catered to:

From the New York Post story:

The e-commerce giant introduced the new icon in January to replace the symbol of a shopping cart with one featuring a brown box with a jagged piece of blue tape above the company’s iconic smile-shaped arrow.

But sharp-eyed users noticed the tape disturbingly recalled the Führer’s toothbrush mustache.

Having been caught red-handed revering the Führer, Amazon changed the logo to the image on the right above. But that hardly addresses the underlying menace.

Nazism is everywhere, all around us, requiring drastic action. You just have to be woke to see it.

On a tip from Varla.

Mar 01 2021

McDonald’s Moves Toward Ideologically Correct Pseudo-Food

The KFC chicken-free chicken sandwich was only the beginning. Fast food behemoths are part of the establishment. The official ideology of the establishment is moonbattery. According to liberal dogma, eating meat makes the weather too warm. So don’t expect McDonald’s to keep serving meat indefinitely.

Via Eat This, Not That:

McDonald’s is expected to launch its first plant-based burger, the McPlant, later this year, and it sounds like this is only the first of many new plant-based options for the chain. Beyond Meat, which is partnering with McDonald’s on the McPlant patty, has announced a three-year global deal with the fast-food giant. According to VegNews, the partnership will result in several innovative protein alternatives for the McDonald’s menu.

In addition to beef,

McDonald’s will explore alternatives to chicken, pork, and eggs…

At other fast food chains, pseudo-food will substitute for pizza and tacos:

Yum Brands, which owns Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC, has penned a similar distribution agreement with Beyond [Meat], that will help them create plant protein-based pizza toppings, chicken alternatives, and possibly taco fillings, according to CNN.

Meat will bring a pretty price on the black market after progressives finish consolidating power. Too bad it is hard to stockpile.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Feb 27 2021

KFC Launches Chicken-Free Chicken Sandwich

Bill Gates and other moonbat social engineers will be delighted by a new product KFC is trying out in Malaysia. Via Poultry World:

KFC Malaysia has launched its Zero Chicken Burger, a plant-based and meatless burger that promises the flavour of Colonel’s secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices, but which has no chicken. …

The chicken-free chicken burger has been created in collaboration with meat substitute brand Quorn and carries a halal-certified meat-free patty…

Regrettably, the chicken-free chicken sandwich cannot be certified as 100% politically correct. It does not meet vegetarian much less vegan requirements, because as KFC Malaysia warns, it is “prepared sharing the same cooking equipment as other KFC products.”

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Feb 26 2021

Dropping the Mr From Mr Potato Head

The eradication of gender is nearly complete. The 70-year-old Mr Potato Head line of toys will now have the more gender-neutral name “Potato Head.”

We have not achieved utopia quite yet, because after the announcement Hasbro clarified that Mr Potato Head himself will still keep the “Mr”:

As noted at National Review,

The brand name change, which will appear on boxes this year, makes the spud the latest toy to undergo changes to conform to diversity and inclusion efforts. Others include the Thomas the Tank Engine line, which now features more female characters, and American Girl, which has begun selling a boy doll.

Let’s hope Mr and Mrs Potato Head remain legal in California, where a new bill would mandate gender-neutral children’s retail departments.

On tips from Wiggins and Varla.

Feb 20 2021

Coca-Cola Trains Employees to “Try to Be Less White”

Coca-Cola has long been emblematic of America. Yet the people running the company, deranged by moonbattery, are aggressively hostile to America’s core population, to judge by this:

What does it mean to be white? According to the brainwashing that Coca-Cola employees are forced to undergo, it means to be oppressive, arrogant, defensive, ignorant, et cetera.

Some people really hate Caucasians. Strangely, many of them are Caucasians themselves. These twisted haters are currently in control of most everything.

Karlyn Borysenko reports:

For anyone curious as to how you can make $millions by hating your own race, here’s a link to the Robin DiAngelo course.

To make sense of woke race talk, you need to understand that the word “antiracist” means “racist against whites.” It stands to reason that the word “racist” therefore means “not racist against whites.”

On tips from Henry and KirklesWorth.

Feb 10 2021

Aunt Jemima Replaced by Pearl Milling Company

In their desperation to find racism against favored blacks, the PC police have proclaimed that brand name icons like Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, and the Cream of Wheat chef are somehow offensive. All have been canceled. Now Quaker Oats/PepsiCo has announced the replacement name for Aunt Jemima: Pearl Milling Company.

What could be whiter than a pearl?

From the moonbats at CBS News:

Last June, when the [probably fentanyl-caused death] of George Floyd gave rise to protests against racial injustice, PepsiCo was one of many brands and people to face backlash over identities seen as problematic. As the likes of Lady Antebellum and the Washington Redskins football team changed their names — to Lady A and the Washington Football Team, respectively — the food, snack and beverage corporation also pledged to do better.

That is, they pledged to obey social justice bullies, no matter how unreasonable their demands.

Quacks Kristin Kroepfl, vice president and chief marketing officer of Quaker Foods North America,

“As we work to make progress toward racial equality through several initiatives, we also must take a hard look at our portfolio of brands and ensure they reflect our values and [quack quack quack].”

Racial equality has been reified:

Kneeling is nice, but warriors against inequity do not live by servile deference alone. They like money:

The brand also pledged $5 million to support the Black community.

In the past, shakedown artists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have gotten rich off such racial payoffs. Nowadays, corporations frantic to demonstrate their wokeness have been throwing so much money around, it is hard to say where it actually goes. Maybe Black Lives Matter will be equipped with $5 million worth of gasoline for setting fire to police stations.

On a tip from Lyle. Hat tip: Not the Bee.

Jan 14 2021

Airbnb Bans Guests for Political Reasons

In the future, you won’t be able to rent lodging unless Big Tech certifies that you are not an incorrect person. Airbnb brings that future closer:

Airbnb announced on Monday that it would be reviewing reservations in the Washington DC area ahead of the presidential inauguration and will ban any guests it believes are associated with “hate groups” or violent activity.

The term “hate group” can be applied to any group the liberal establishment hates.

If this had anything to do with preventing violence, Airbnb would blacklist people suspected of taking part in the hundreds of devastating Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots that have destroyed property, businesses, and lives over the past year.

The ban extends into the future, and is not limited to people found guilty of taking part in illegal activities.

Intolerance for dissidents is not new at Airbnb:

Airbnb has had a policy of removing guests that are confirmed to be members of hate groups since 2017 after the company blocked guests who were traveling to a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

That alleged “white supremacist rally” was largely attended to people who objected to a Robert E. Lee statue being removed as part of a campaign to erase prominent figures from history. This campaign soon went after the Founding Fathers, as had been predicted.

The company offers a hotline so that people can rat out guests they suspect of violating Airbnb policies. It is unclear whether having voting Republican counts as a violation.

Communist China’s social credit system is taking shape in the USA. If you think the discrimination is bad now, wait until Biden’s handlers take control.

On a tip from Henry.

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