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Oct 25 2023

UFC Jumps Off Cliff After Bud Light

The people running professional sports care more about grinding moonbattery in our faces than they do about filling seats or making money. UFC provides further evidence by jumping into the ocean chained to an anchor called Bud Light:

The tie-up with Anheuser-Busch’s beleaguered brew — which has been slammed with sharp sales declines since its fleeting, ill-fated campaign in April with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney — is reportedly worth more than $100 million, according to MMA Fighting.

The Bud Light brand is so toxic due to its association with the repulsive female impersonator Mulvaney that Anheuser-Busch is paying stores $150 million to continue stocking their unwanted beer.

Maybe UFC will get away with this, the way the NFL, MLB, etc. got away with ramming Black Lives Matter down fans’ throats while rioters looted and destroyed. Or maybe stepping on a rake isn’t such a good idea:

UFC has locked itself into a 6-year deal. Its primary beer sponsor has been Modelo for the past 4 years.

Bud Light has been dethroned as the No. 1 beer in the US, losing its top spot to Modelo Especial, which experienced double-digit growth thanks to Bud Light’s demise.

Don’t expect logic when business decisions are dictated by moonbattery.

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Oct 19 2023

Get Woke Go Broke: Victoria’s Secret

Turns out moonbattery doesn’t apply to lingerie marketing. Victoria’s Secret has had enough of declining sales and will go back to featuring attractive women:

Cathaleen Chen reported that the brand’s efforts to promote inclusivity – which included making LGBTQ pro women’s soccer player and outspoken leftist Megan Rapinoe, as well as a transgender woman, brand spokesmodels and getting rid of its famous “Angels” supermodels – gained “favorable reviews from online critics [but] never translated into sales.”

As we know from movie reviews, if critics tell us to like something, that means it stinks but we are supposed to pretend to like it in order to be woke.

According to the numbers, the lingerie brand’s projected revenue for 2023 is $6.2 billion, which is 5% lower than it was last year, and even lower than 2020, when the brand’s revenue was $7.5 billion.

They should look at the bright side. They’re still doing better than Bud Light.

The drop in Victoria’s Secret’s sales also followed the company’s move to make its board of directors mostly female.

Choosing personnel by identity group doesn’t work any better in the corporate world than it does on the Supreme Court.

In 2021, Rapinoe called out what the brand had been before the revamp, claiming it had sent out a “really harmful” message that was “patriarchal, sexist, viewing not just what it meant to be sexy but what the clothes were trying to accomplish through a male lens and through what men desired.”

Instead, Victoria’s Secret tried marketing to what Women’s Studies professors desire. Nobody is buying.

The point of lingerie is to be sexy. Choosing Rapinoe to represent the brand was like picking Dylan Mulvaney to market weight-lifting equipment.

For now they are trying to have it both ways:

Chen noted that the lingerie company’s attempt to stop the financial drain body-positive marketing was causing was to bring back its runway show format, and blend the sexiness the brand had become famous for with some of its more inclusive initiatives.

Bring a barf bag to the fashion show, in case this means every other model struts out looking like Lizzo.

Compromise doesn’t work with moonbats. Feminists and anti-fatphobia activists will probably call for a boycott.

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Sep 20 2023

Racist Beer

For anyone who finds Bud Light to be insufficiently woke, there are beers that are still more aggressive in their moonbattery. Some beers focus on taste, others on showcasing their race-based ideology. Examples of the latter include Weathered Souls Brewing and Hella Coastal:

Weathered Souls Brewing gained widespread recognition with their initiative, the “Black is Beautiful” beer.

The brewery invited other breweries across the US and around the world to join them in brewing their own version of “Black is Beautiful,” with the proceeds supporting organizations fighting racial injustice and promoting equality.

“Racial injustice” is Liberalese for insufficient race favoritism. Since we already have equality, what they probably mean is “equity.”

Sure enough:

Hella Coastal desires to foster a more equitable brewing industry. …

Hella Coastal has been involved in impactful work like Inclusion Beer, a project in which breweries are required to create their own DE&I committee.

In utopia, all breweries will be required to create diversity, equity, and inclusion committees.

Alternatively, you can drink beer produced by explicitly white-owned breweries that advocate on behalf of Europeans and the civilization they created. Just kidding; no such brewery would be allowed to exist.

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Sep 15 2023

Dove Overdoes Moonbat Posturing

Bud Light and Target taught them nothing. The corporate world has fallen to the Long March Through the Institutions and no longer exists to provide products and services in exchange for profits. It has become a religious cult. Its purpose is to evangelize on behalf of its god, which is moonbattery:

Furious conservatives have begun boycotting Dove after the soap brand hired a Black Lives Matter activist notorious for destroying a white student’s life over a remark she later admitted she may have ‘misheard.’

Like Ben & Jerry’s, Dove is part of Unilever, a British conglomerate infamous for shoving wokeism down customers’ throats, so it should come as no surprise that it chose the maleficent intersectional land whale Zyahna Bryant to tie the brand to the latest variation on Cultural Marxism, “fat liberation.”

If disease-spreading sexual perversion is not a choice but an identity to be revered, the same can be true of morbid obesity. Rather than attempt to alleviant this serious health condition, we are now commanded to celebrate it.

Background on Bryant:

Bryant claimed that she had overheard a white student named Morgan Bettinger threaten Black Lives Matter protesters in Charlottesville in July 2020. …

Bettinger was subjected to a torrent of abuse and a campaign to remove her from UVA. Staff and students ganged up against her and scuppered her future prospects.

No doubt Miss Bettinger’s scalp helped secure Bryant’s status as a woke activist, which Unilever has allowed her to monetize.

More malice from Zyahna:

Bryant, 22, is a leftist community organizer and former DEI intern who recently graduated from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. She prides herself on harboring a lifelong antipathy towards the police, having supposedly organized her first rally for Trayvon Martin at the age of 12.

Trayvon Martin was shot in self-defense while attempting to smash the skull of neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman against the sidewalk, evidently after being interrupted as he prepared to burglarize houses.

Years later, she petitioned to have the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia, taken down and other elements of the area’s history erased.

She then led the jihad against innocent victim Morgan Bettinger.

Bryant later admitted she may have “misheard” Bettinger’s words on the day in question.

Bettinger had been accused of observing that Black Lives Matter hooligans would make good speed bumps. Actually, she said they could have ended up as speed bumps as a result of blocking the street.

Despite Bryant’s admission and a dearth of evidence, UVA’s University Judiciary Committee found Bettinger guilty of using “shameful rhetoric” which “put members of the community at risk.” As a consequence of the ruling, Bettinger, who had already been subjected to horrible abuse as a result of Bryant’s allegations, ended up with an expulsion in abeyance on her permanent record and had to both write the BLM radical an apology and perform 50 hours of community service with a social justice group.

That’s life on campus, under the rule of moonbat tyrants like Zyahna Bryant.

Showcasing Bryant is part of a larger campaign by Dove to pervert and defile the concepts of beauty and femininity in accordance with woke ideology:

Earlier this year, Dove ran an ad celebrating a fat video game character who tossed away armor that had made her appear thin as part of a campaign “to eliminate beauty stereotypes.”

Maybe the suits still care about profits after all. Promoting obesity maximizes the surface area to which their products can be applied. Promoting transsexualism allows them to market their products to men:

The company [has been] on the bleeding edge of hyping transgenderism, featuring a transvestite pretending to be a mother in a 2017 ad titled “#RealMoms.”

To expiate the damage she has inflicted on society, here Bryant offers us a chance to listen for free to the duckspeak graduate students have run up so much debt by wallowing in rather than entering adulthood:

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Sep 07 2023

Bill Gates Buys Into Budweiser

They say fools and their money are soon parted. The world will be better off when cartoonishly malevolent moonbat zillionaire Bill Gates has been parted from his. In the unlikely event you needed another reason not to drink anything sold by AB InBev, he provides another:

Bill Gates has acquired 1.7 million shares of Anheuser-Busch Inbev through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation trust during the second quarter of this year. …

The market value of Gates’ investment in Anheuser-Busch is valued at $95 million, according to TipRanks.

Maybe consumers will decide they don’t mind having LGBTism condescendingly rammed down their throats. Maybe Budweiser will stage a comeback. Or maybe not:

Over the past six months, the company’s share price has fallen nearly nine percent, the New York Post reported. In the past five days, the stock has been down over three percent.

It could be that Gates expects growth in the Asia Pacific region to make AB InBev a good investment despite alienation of the American market. Or it could be that Gates is pouring money down the drain to secure the approval of his peers. Pasting Dylan Mulvaney on cans of Bud Light erased $6 billion in market value, but it won the hearts of liberal elitists — who unfortunately for Budweiser don’t drink much beer.

At least bailing out Budweiser will cause less damage than buying up 70 million acres of forest, cutting down all the trees, and burying them to appease the climate.

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Sep 03 2023

Best Buy Fires Whistleblower

It isn’t feasible to boycott every company run by people who hate our guts. So we focus on the most vulnerable (like Budweiser) and the most egregious — like Best Buy, which implements hatred of Caucasians and Christianity as corporate policy as it rams LGBT depravity down people’s throats:

Great to see that James O’Keefe is still pulling back the curtain on moonbats, even as Project Veritas tailspins into the ground without him. He is under investigation in New York, so you know he has been doing good work.

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Sep 01 2023

Tucker Carlson Book Arrives Defaced From Amazon

Until it has achieved total monopoly, Amazon will still sell books it disapproves of. But don’t be too fussy about the condition they arrive in:

Glenn Dobbs was shocked when he opened an Amazon box containing the new biography “Tucker,” by Chadwick Moore, to find the cover had been defaced with a Hitler-style mustache drawn on Tucker Carlson’s face.

A Hitler mustache is appropriate on Tucker because everyone leftists don’t like is Hitler.

The customer said he immediately wrote a review on Amazon, only to have the company inform him his review would not be published, because it violated company rules.

What do you expect? This is the company that used its dominance in web services to take Parler offline because conservatives were using it to communicate free of liberal establishment censorship.

The box came from the Amazon fulfillment center in Troutdale, Oregon, just outside of Portland.

Again, what do you expect? Portland is a hostile foreign country.

If this story sounds familiar,

Coming to depend on Amazon is not going to end well.

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Aug 17 2023

Too Little Too Late

The suits at Budweiser have gotten wet enough to realize their ship is taking on water. Maybe the working class rubes in Jesus Land will forget all about decades of arrogantly pushing LGBTism in light of this:

The appropriate response:

The stated objective was to change their customer base to people liberal elitists find more appealing, like transsexuals. The company is now committed to that course of action, whether it knows it or not.

If camo cans inspire former Bud drinkers to drop the boycott, within a few weeks it will be back to business as usual, with rainbow cans and marketing execs pinching their noses in disgust of their own customers. That’s why the boycott has to be permanent. Death to Budweiser.

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Aug 16 2023

Countermoonbat Boycott Draws Blood From Target

AB InBev was vulnerable to a countermoonbat boycott because it sold its former #1 brand Bud Light to the sort of people liberal elitists hate. Retail giant Target is more belligerently woke, aggressively targeting children for transsexualization. But its broader customer base makes it invulnerable, so it can afford to be arrogant. Or maybe not:

Target lowered its sales and profit expectations for the rest of the year after its quarterly sales fell for the first time in six years, declining 5.4%, while it announced it expected its share price to clock in between $7.00 to $8.00 as opposed to the previously expected $7.75 to $8.75, according to the earnings report. The decrease in expectations follows backlash from conservatives after the company announced a Pride Month collection in May that included LGBT merchandise marketed to kids.

It is not feasible to boycott every company that rams sickness down our throats on behalf of the degenerate ruling class. But regular Americans can inflict serious damage on the most egregious of them, potentially motivating the rest to back off.

A shareholder lawsuit was filed in early August through America First Legal, suing the company and its board of directors for allegedly misleading investors and costing them billions. The suit takes aim at Target’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Environment, Social and Governance policies, saying that they do not benefit shareholders and ignore previous trends related to conservative backlash.

Liberals are expert at imposing their agenda through lawsuits. Let’s hope they like the taste of their own medicine.

The bleating about “safety” in the video above is pure moonbattery. There were threats of violence, but they came from the left.

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Aug 11 2023

No One Drinking Bud at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

For the Bud Lite boycott to constitute effective pushback, it has to be ongoing. As can be seen at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, it continues to be:

The punishing conservative boycott of Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Bud Light brand continues unabated, as the beer giant was unceremoniously blackballed at a major motorcycle event it sponsored in South Dakota.

Who will be first to buy from Budweiser? No one:

As for Budweiser’s official sponsorship, it’s too late for condescending pandering. Alissa Gordon Heinerscheid, self-proclaimed “first female to lead the largest beer brand in the industry,” let regular Americans know what the suits at Budweiser think of them. The feelings are mutual.

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Aug 07 2023

Disney Encourages Boys to Dress Like Minnie Mouse

Some people don’t get why Ron DeSantis has declared war on Disney, a major employer in his state. This is why:

A culture reengineered by the creeps running Disney will be so disgusting that it will not be allowed to exist. Whether by nuclear attack, the Sweet Meteor of Death, or fire and brimstone directly from God’s hand, the abomination will have to be snuffed out.

Meanwhile, CEO Bob Iger sets eyes rolling by claiming that Disney does not sexualize children. He wouldn’t have to deny it if it weren’t true.

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Aug 04 2023

DeSantis Slays DEI at Disney World

This is a sword plunged into the eye of the dragon. The board Ron DeSantis selected to oversee the district governing Disney World has nixed diversity, equity, and inclusion programs that promote sexual perversion and penalize people for being Caucasian:

The Central Florida Tourism Oversight District — which replaced the former Disney-run Reedy Creek district after the Mouse House contested DeSantis’ “Don’t Say Gay” law — said it would scrap its DEI committee and any job duties connected to it.

The clearly needed “Don’t Say Gay” law, as the media calls the Parental Rights in Education Act, requires teachers to wait until after third grade before indoctrinating Florida schoolchildren with LGBT propaganda.

The board also eliminated initiatives pushed by the former Disney-controlled board that awarded contracts based on goals of achieving racial or gender parity.

Glenton Gilzean, the district’s new administrator, a conservative African American and a former head of the Central Florida Urban League, called such initiatives “illegal and simply un-American.”

That popping sound is liberal skulls exploding throughout the country.

By systematically targeting children for LGBT grooming, Disney has become the quintessential evil corporation — as we have seen:

Disney Announces LGBT Clothing Line for Children

Disney Embraces Evil

Disney Employees Busted for Child Molestation

Disney’s Degenerate Business Model

Gay Teen Animated Movie Strange World Is Bombing

More Child-Grooming Sickness From Disney

Woke Disney Bomb “Asked Too Much of the Audience”

Wokefied Disney’s Conception of a Fairy Godmother

CEO Bog Iger has been forced to issue an embarrassingly unconvincing public denial that Disney sexualizes children.

However, taking on this malign corporation requires rare courage, because Disney is at the core of the liberal establishment, many people still think of it as innocuous, and it is one of the largest employers in the state.

This isn’t the first time DeSantis has taken the fight to the enemy to defend equality from equity:

Last spring, DeSantis signed into law a measure that blocks public colleges from using federal or state funding on diversity programs.

DeSantis also has championed Florida’s so-called “Stop WOKE” law, which bars businesses, colleges and K-12 schools from giving training on certain racial concepts, such as the theory that people of a particular race are inherently racist, privileged or oppressed.

This was blocked by a liberal judge. No one said taking our country back from moonbats would be easy.

The first step is to support the one guy who has earned medals fighting the Culture War. If we don’t, we have no right to complain when degenerate liberals continue to win it.

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Aug 01 2023

Sexual Mutilation Footwear

Doc Martens used to cater to skinheads. They still do, except now we live in a grotesque nightmare of moonbattery, so the skinheads are women who have had their breasts amputated:

Corporations push the LGBT agenda with as much subtlety as a boot to the seat of the pants. It’s up to countermoonbat customers to Bud Light as many of them as possible, starting with the most egregious.

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Jul 17 2023

Maybelline Goes Out of Its Way to Disgust Customers

Formerly, advertisers attempted to appeal to customers. But like so many institutions, advertising was infiltrated and subverted by moonbats, and now serves the opposite purpose. Advertisements now deliberately disgust customers and bully them with obnoxious woke ideology. Soon to be extinct Bud Light is an obvious example. Maybelline is another:

Maybelline shared a video from TikTok content creator Ryan Vita applying the company’s new range of lipsticks on sale for Amazon Prime Day. These were on the company’s Instagram and TikTok accounts. Vita, who uses “she/he/they” pronouns and has over one million followers on TikTok, is described as a paid “Maybelline Partner” in the post.

As with Anheuser-Busch, intrusive LGBTism from L’Oreal’s Maybelline is not new.

In April, Maybelline experienced a wave of backlash after the company partnered with Dylan Mulvaney to sell its products in social media ads.

Not even a liberal could expect women to want to look like this:

Either the posturing wokesters running the corporate world are so hermetically sealed in their detached ruling class bubble that they are not aware of Bud Light’s impending demise, or they don’t care whether we buy their products or not, so long as they can smear moonbattery in our faces. This is already the case with Hollywood.

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