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Oct 06 2022

Google Suppresses GOP Get Out the Vote Emails

When it comes to Big Tech placing a weighty thumb on the political scales, it isn’t easy to compete with Twitter and Facebook, which suppressed the Hunter laptop bombshell that implicated Biden in selling influence to our communist enemies just before the election. But Google manages:

According to RNC officials, emails being sent by the RNC to Republican subscribers who use Gmail accounts in the final days of each month are being sent to spam folders.

An RNC official told Fox News Digital that since Sept. 28, Gmail has “suppressed” more than 22 million RNC emails—358,000 of which were GOTV emails.

The RNC has complained to Google for months to no avail.

“Every single month, like clockwork, Google suppresses important GOTV and fundraising emails at the end of the month, with zero explanation nor commitment from Google to resolve this issue,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told Fox News. “We are less than 40 days out from Election Day, and important GOTV emails to our opted-in voters in states that have already started early voting are being systematically sent to spam.”

The arrogance and unfairness are characteristic of Google, which semicovertly suppresses anything to the right of all the way left.

Republicans have pointed to a non-partisan study by researchers at North Carolina State University which found that Gmail allows the vast majority of emails from the Democratic Party to land in the user’s inbox while more than two-thirds of messages from conservative candidates are marked as spam. …

During the 2020 election cycle, an RNC official said the study found that Gmail routed Republican emails to spam at a rate approximately 820% higher than similar Democrat fundraising appeals.

Google has potentially cost Republicans $billions in fundraising. Like the “mainstream” media and the FBI, it has become a tentacle of the Democrat Party octopus.

Remarks Robert Spencer,

As the Left grows progressively more open about its authoritarianism and hostility to opposing points of view, ultimately Big Tech, including Google, is going to destroy the freedom of speech, or that freedom is going to be afforded new protections and the tech giants’ ability to infringe upon it will be restricted. It’s one or the other, and the very fate of our free republic hangs in the balance.

A federal government controlled by Democrats is unlikely to institute freedom of speech protections against the leftist Silicon Valley cabal that it has been using as a cat’s paw to circumvent the First Amendment.

If there is any hope of reform from within Big Tech, it lies with Elon Musk, who has enraged the liberal establishment with the suggestion that Twitter could be a neutral platform that allows free speech:

On tips from ABC of the ANC, KirklesWorth, and Bluto.

Jun 04 2022

Google’s Doodle Tells Us to Revere Kiyoshi Kuromiya

Once again, Google rams moonbattery down the Internet’s throat with its doodle for the day:

As liberals systematically cancel our national heroes (Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, et al.), they are to be replaced by new ones, like Kiyoshi Kuromiya.

Who was he? Let’s let liberals describe his significance. From way-left Wikipedia:

[C]ivil rights, anti-war, gay liberation, and HIV/AIDS activist … Kiyoshi Kuromiya was born on May 9, 1943, in Wyoming at the Heart Mountain Concentration Camp…

Note the capitalization, as if FDR’s wartime internment camps literally called themselves concentration camps. The actual name of the place was the Heart Mountain Relocation Center. The purpose of this subtle lie is to equate America with Nazi Germany and the USSR, which had proper concentration camps where people tended not to survive for long. Kuromiya was destined for wokeness, born oppressed by America’s horrific iniquity…

Back to Wikipedia’s hagiography:

Kuromiya came out as gay to his parents when he was roughly 8 or 9 years old living in California and says that he was fairly sexually active.

Mozart started composing at age 4 and performing publicly at age 6. Moonbats answer that with Kuromiya, allegedly active in sexual perversion at age 8.

Here I was thinking that LGBT children existed only in the fetid imaginations of leftists. Given the current emphasis on homosexualizing children, it is no wonder Google wants Kuromiya in the spotlight.

Kuromiya was even arrested precociously, confirming that he was born to be righteously oppressed:

He was arrested in a public park with a 16-year-old boy when he was only 9 or 10 for lewdness and was put in juvenile hall for three days as punishment.

Kuromiya got to attend an Ivy League school on a scholarship. This did not produce notable gratitude.

Kuromiya’s increased involvement in [leftist politics] during the early 1960s stemmed largely from his sexual orientation and his feeling that the University of Pennsylvania was very closeted.

Highlights of his résumé:

In 1965 Kuromiya and other activists took over Independence Hall in Philadelphia…

On October 20 and 21, 1967, Kuromiya joined a large demonstration organized by Abbie Hoffman that attempted to levitate the Pentagon building by joining hands around it in a performance art protest. When the levitation failed, Kiyoshi joined other protesters in taking police barricades to make bonfires all the way around the length of the Pentagon. …

Kuromiya co-founded the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) in 1969 following the Stonewall riots in 1969 with Basil O’Brien, who he met later while attending a Homophile Action League meeting in Philadelphia. … [T]he GLF was more radical than some of its peer organizations that formed after Stonewall. Under Kuromiya’s leadership, the GLF recruited a diverse array of people and stood in solidarity with groups such as the Black Panther Party…

After being diagnosed with AIDS himself in 1989, Kuromiya only intensified his advocacy work.

If you don’t want to live in a society where heroes have been replaced by moonbats like Kiyoshi Kuromiya, push back against Google, Wikipedia, and the rest of the liberal establishment with everything you have.

On a tip from Roger in California.

Apr 26 2022

Google Docs to Automatically Alert Users to Thoughtcrime

Excisions from the Newspeak Dictionary come so fast and furious that even the most devoutly obedient liberal runs the risk of cancelation by his own mob for using a previously innocuous but now forbidden word. To address this problem, Google will automatically present warnings when people stray from political correctness by using disfavored terms like “policeman” and “landlord”:

The warnings will alert users that what they have typed “may not be inclusive to all readers,” while suggesting users should “Consider using different words,” offering woke corrections like ‘police officer’ or ‘property owner’.

Other words regarded as offensive include “motherboard” and “mankind.”

This Google Docs feature is on by default for “enterprise-level users.” No doubt applications will be found for this technology on the Google search engine.

Eventually, Google will devise an intracranial chip that automatically blocks and replaces incorrect thoughts. That is the ultimate objective of the liberal war on our vocabulary.

On a tip from Franco.

Nov 12 2021

Google’s Conception of the Military

If you haven’t had enough of Google and the sort of moonbat social engineers who run it, you were lucky enough to miss yesterday’s doodle in honor of Veterans Day. That luck just ran out:

Looks like Corporal Klinger switched to the Marines and got promoted to sergeant. That’s who we are presented with now instead of Sergeant York.

Liberals see the military not as a fighting force but as a social engineering lab. Their contempt for it could not be more obvious. Anyone showing as little respect for sexual deviants as they do for the armed forces would be blacklisted right off the Internet.

It goes without saying that we will not be winning any wars with these people in charge of the government. But at least our electric Humvees will send a woke message about the climate as we go down in ruin.

By the way, 12% of US veterans are black, not 50% as the graphic implies. But anyone who watches television or views advertisements is used to the racial aspect of liberal propaganda.

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Oct 06 2021

Feds Have Google Track Searches

It isn’t enough to sic the FBI on concerned parents who speak up at schoolboard meetings. Big Government likes to be proactive, identifying potential domestic terrorists before they commit their misdeeds. Thanks to secretly issued warrants, a simple Google search to learn the names of local schoolboard members can give away a thought criminal:

[F]ederal investigators have started using new “keyword warrants” and used them to ask Google to provide them information on anyone who searched a victim’s name or their address during a particular year, an accidentally unsealed court document that Forbes found shows.

The word “victim” in this context could mean “anyone the government sides with.”

The threat to our freedom and privacy is so alarming, the ACLU was jarred out of its moonbattery long enough to remember what it is supposed to be about:

“Trawling through Google’s search history database enables police to identify people merely based on what they might have been thinking about, for whatever reason, at some point in the past,” Jennifer Granick, surveillance and cybersecurity counsel at the American Civil Liberties Union, told Forbes.

Fortunately, countermoonbats tend to know better than to use Google, whose algorithms suppress websites for having a conservative orientation.

On tips from MrRightWingDave and Chris Neilson.

Jan 11 2021

Google/Apple/Amazon Crush Parler

Twitter is a private company, they tell us. If you don’t like the way it suppresses opinion and information that undermine the progressive quest for power, then find an alternative. So people found an alternative: Parler. The Big Tech cartel promptly crushed Parler.

Via Legal Insurrection:

Google and Apple now have removed the Parler App from their stores, and in the coup de grace, Amazon Web Services, the largest corporate hosting service, gave Parler 24-hours notice that it was terminating hosting services, effectively removing Parler from the internet.

Parler is now offline.

Parler’s other vendors are afraid to help the company, including Parler’s law firm. This is part of a tactic we have seen develop for years where lawyers and law firms are pressured not to represent controversial conservative causes and people — but representing al-Qaeda members at Gitmo is just fine.

Only those who enjoy the sympathy of the liberal establishment are entitled to free speech and legal representation.

Collapses, it’s said, happen slowly, then very suddenly. And so it has happened with the collapse of internet freedom through the domination of a handful of companies that control the flow of information and whose platforms are indispensible for political discourse.

Big Tech is the government now. Biden/Harris are figureheads. This is no longer a free country.

Maria Bartiromo interviews Parler CEO John Matze on this horrifying development:

On a tip from Eddie_Valiant.

Dec 15 2020

Google Warns 7-Year-Old of Parental Monitoring

Thanks to advances in information technology, we don’t need parents anymore. Big Tech can be the parents. They are cool parents, who let kids explore the last extremes of degeneracy, just so long as they never wander to the right of center. If old-fashioned biological parents attempt to interfere, Big Tech provides a warning:

Not the Bee notes that “we’re just a few steps away from a Google van pulling up next to your child and offering him candy” and provides multiple examples of the Twitter mob actually agreeing that a 7-year-old should be warned by Google if his parents are checking in on his school account.

Oct 28 2020

Google Tightens Garrote on Breitbart Traffic

This gives an idea of how arrogantly ham-fisted the Big Tech ruling clique is about tilting the election in favor of their pawns. If you want information that does not favor Joe Biden — on the shocking Hunter laptop revelations, for example — you can only get it from the conservative media. Google isn’t going to help you find it:

In July, Breitbart News published data showing that Breitbart’s Google search visibility is down 99 percent compared to the same period in 2016.

RealClearPolitics later published data corroborating this, and showing that the same silent expulsion from Google search results has happened to a variety of other conservative news websites as well.

With the election approaching, left-wing information gatekeepers have become even less subtle:

It appears that Breitbart News links are being hidden on Google searches even when users search for the exact string of words in an original Breitbart headline. When links to Breitbart stories do appear, it is often below obscure websites that plagiarize Breitbart’s content.

Breitbart is not an obscure website, but one of the top five news publishers in the USA, according to the hardly right-wing (owned by Amazon).

What fossil fuels are to the economy, traffic is to the Internet. Google controls it:

Search ranking is critical for web traffic from Google. The search analytics industry has found that the top three search results on Google drive over 70 percent of clicks.

If you think Big Tech censorship is bad now, wait until Democrats consolidate control of Washington. Even bombshell stories like Biden’s influence peddling to the communist Chinese are likely to vanish without a trace.

On a tip from FrancesJohn.

Sep 07 2020

Censored on Google’s YouTube

At first, I didn’t understand why Google killed its ads on Moonbattery and stole the money it owed me for running them. An unspecified violation of their community guidelines did not seem like much of an explanation. But it is all clear to me now, thanks to this video by AwakenWithJP:

On a tip from Lyle.

Nov 23 2022

Gay Nightclub Killer Anderson Lee Aldrich Is Nonbinary

A psychotic maniac who had apparently committed multiple felonies within the past year was allowed by authorities to run loose. Predictably, he committed mayhem, killing five and wounding over 20 at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs. Before the bodies had stopped twitching, the left-wing authoritarians who run the media swept in like vultures to exploit this avoidable tragedy.

After an incident like this, liberals normally go after our right of self-defense. This time, the emphasis has been on free speech, as they play on emotions to advance the agenda item that any speech contrary to the LGBT agenda must be suppressed. Even the grooming of small children by men dressed as hypersexualized parodies of women during drag queen story hours must be passively accepted.

Shrieks Rex Huppke at USA Today:

For months in America we’ve heard hideous anti-LGBTQ rhetoric coming from one side of the political aisle. Lawmakers, parents and pundits senselessly calling out drag queens, labeling teachers who dare speak of gender identity as “groomers,” passing or supporting legislation making the word “gay” seem taboo.

The reference is to a much-needed Florida law that prohibits schoolteachers from sexually indoctrinating children in kindergarten through third grade. Leftist kooks and cretins call it the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

And now we have a mass shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado. …

What did you think was going to happen? Did you think all that hate would just drift up into the ether? Did you think, in a country filled with guns and rage, it was all just harmless talk?

Clearly talk that impedes the LGBTQ agenda must be banned, because it is “hate” and leads to killing sprees.

Huppke admits to not knowing killer Anderson Lee Aldrich’s motives, but…

…what we know already should be enough to make anyone who has tossed about the word “groomer” or made specious claims that LGBTQ people are a threat to children feel at least partially responsible for the violence.

If you disapprove of sexual perverts grooming children or even use the word “grooming” to describe it, you are a murderer and should be treated as such.

The rest of the Democratic Party–establishment media axis of evil piled on:

Brandy Zadrozny from NBC News singled out the Libs of TikTok Twitter account and Fox News host Tucker Carlson for pushing “online hate trends” against the LGBTQ community. President Joe Biden also chimed in, saying that “gun violence continues to have a devastating and particular impact on LGBTQI+ communities across our nation and threats of violence are increasing.”

Only when speech is strictly regulated to conform to Democrat ideology will society be safe for sacred sexual deviants.

In the meantime, let’s sue into oblivion anyone who objects to the LGBT agenda, yells MSNBC’s Frank Figliuzzi:

As I’m sure I was not the only one to predict, it turns out the killer is not a right-wing advocate of moral decency, but rather a member of the sexually deranged community:

The shooter who is suspected of gunning down five people at a Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub Saturday identifies as “non-binary” and uses “they/them” pronouns, attorneys said Tuesday according to a court filing obtained by The New York Times.

The revelation that the suspect identifies as “non-binary,” one of several categories contained under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, comes amid popular narratives that animosity toward individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ motivated Aldrich’s attack.

Maybe the killer is faking LGBT credentials to mitigate punishment, as CNN propagandist Alisyn Camerota and friends suggest. If so, this would undermine the liberal narratives that Aldrich is a right-wing martyr and that privileged sexual deviants are oppressed.

Nonetheless, moonbats are taking pains not to bruise the sensitive feelings of the homicidal maniac by “misgendering” him:

If anyone is guilty other than Aldrich himself, it is the leftists who have done all they can to undermine sanity and to let criminals run amok.

On tips from Come&TakeIt, Anonymous, Angel, Wiggins, Mr. Freemarket, and Occam’s Stubble.

Nov 17 2022

Chuck Schumer, Great Replacement Theorist

Leftists will tell you that abortion and homosexuality are good because, being contrary to human thriving, they help to keep the population down. They will also tell you that nation-transforming mass illegal immigration is good — for the opposite reason:

Speaking to the press outside the U.S. Capitol grounds, Schumer declared, “Now more than ever, we’re short of workers, we have a population that is not reproducing on its own with the same level that it used to.”

Citing our failure to reproduce sufficiently, Schumer declared that illegal invaders from other countries should take the place of our nonexistent offspring, shouting that Democrats’ “ultimate goal is to … get a path to citizenship for all 11 million, or however many undocumented immigrants.”

However many indeed. The magic number of 11 million has held steady for many years. Yet Biden brought in 4.9 million illegal aliens in just his first 18 months.

Americans would fight to defend their country from eradication if they knew the actual scale of the invasion. Good thing for Democrats they control the media.

Schumer avidly supports both abortion and homosexuality. He personifies the liberal agenda, which minimizes reproduction by non-welfare-dependent American citizens. As Greg Price observes,

“They say that it’s empowering to stay single forever and never start a family, claim having kids destroys the environment, promote abortion as a moral good, and their solution when they realize people aren’t having enough kids is to import the third world to replace them.”

It isn’t only feminism and the war on marriage that result in lower fertility, but also suffocatingly greedy taxation and an economy strangled by excessive regulation. These make it hard to own a home and often require both parents to work, reducing the number of children.

Ryan James Girdusky is confused:

“Is Schumer saying we’re going to replace Americans with immigrants… because the media said that’s not happening.”

Drawing attention to so-called Great Replacement Theory, unless to denounce it as racist and paranoid, is serious thoughtcrime. It can get you blacklisted by Google. However, Schumer has earned a get out of jail free card with his many years of service to moonbattery, so long as his intentions remain malevolent.

On tips from Varla and MrRightWingDave.

Nov 16 2022

Irish Bill Would Impose Full Bore Totalitarianism

Ireland has succumbed to moonbattery, which is incompatible with liberty. Consequently, the country is moving to abolish free speech:

The proposed Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences) Bill 2022 would criminalize the possession of material deemed hateful. … The law would allow for sweeping authoritarian measures in defining opposing viewpoints hateful.

Dissident speech is designated as “hate speech” so that authorities can justify suppressing it.

Even before addressing the crime of possession of harmful material, the law would “provide for an offence of condoning, denying or grossly trivialising genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against peace.”

What it means to trivialize crimes against peace, only a left-wing college professor could explain. Bottom line: if there is a chance leftists wouldn’t like it, you had better not say it, or you may end up behind bars.

The law expressly states the intent to combat “forms and expressions of racism and xenophobia by means of criminal law.”

We know what racism means: anything to the right of all the way left. For example, in the USA, complaining about the IRS is regarded as racist.

As for “xenophobia,” consider that Ireland’s rulers have been displacing the population so fast that the Irish are expected to be a minority in their own country by 2050. Within the lifetime of people alive today, Ireland will have been erased, replaced by an outpost of Africa. Anyone who gives any indication of objecting to this will be treated as a criminal.

What is so striking about the law is how utterly unapologetic it is in the use of criminal law to curtail not just free speech but free thought. It allows for the prosecution of citizens for “preparing or possessing material likely to incite violence or hatred against persons on account of their protected characteristics.” That could sweep deeply into not just political but literary expression.

Those with “protected characteristics” have the power to destroy those who think incorrect thoughts.

Stormtroopers will be deployed:

Under this pernicious law, a judge can order the search of a home based solely on a police officer’s sworn statement that he or she has “reasonable” grounds to believe illegal material may be present in a person’s home.

“Illegal material” may constitute anything that contradicts the government’s viewpoint.

No doubt accessing this website will be regarded as criminal activity in Ireland, if it isn’t blocked. Last I knew, was blocked by the Pentagon, so that US servicemembers cannot access it. They are not allowed the freedom they are supposedly fighting for. Likewise, the site has been blacklisted by Google AdSense and other advertisers for being a “hate site,” severely curtailing revenue possibilities.

The USA is not so far behind Ireland. We face the same choice: leftism or freedom.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Oct 29 2022

Publishing Industry Tries to Censor Amy Coney Barrett

For those who succumb to leftism, all else must be subordinated to it. You would think that however wrong they might be about everything else, the liberals who control publishing would believe in free speech. But true believers believe only in moonbattery:

More than 350 literary workers—agents, editors, publicists, and writers—have signed an open letter demanding Penguin Random House drop publication of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s upcoming book.

In an attempt to justify their unjustifiable position, they resort to the preposterous doubletalk that progressives exhibit a remarkable capacity to spew with straight faces.

The letter argues that Random House has a duty to stop the publication of ACB’s book to save free speech. “This is not just a book that we disagree with, and we are not calling for censorship,” says the letter, titled “We Dissent.” “We cannot stand idly by while our industry misuses free speech to destroy our rights.”

Establishmentarians believe they have a “right” to suppress opinions and information that do not support the liberal narrative. If this narrative did not contradict reality, the censorship they call for would not be necessary. They would not fear open discussion.

[The letter] quotes British leftist David Puttnam, who contends that the media has a duty to “balance freedom of expression with wider moral and social responsibilities.”

This means you can have free speech, but only so long as you do not deviate from liberal dogma, which would be socially irresponsible.

Letting Amy Coney Barrett explain why the absurd Roe v. Wade ruling was finally overturned contradicts the liberal doctrine that killing unborn children is a fundamental right and therefore we must pretend it says so in the US Constitution. That makes it socially responsible to silence her.

Note that woke authoritarians preposterously pretend that this is not censorship. They know what they are doing is wrong or they would not announce they are not doing it as they do it.

On a tip from Blackjack.

Oct 11 2022

Toilet Paper as Thoughtcrime

Defending civilization at even the most basic level qualifies as thoughtcrime. For example, pointing out that it is customary in France to use toilet paper is Islamophobic.

Allah’s Willing Executioners translates a pair of tweets from French journalist Amaury Bucco:

[French event planner Lomarec] has been accused of “Islamophobia” on social media for a message reminding its employees of certain hygiene regulations and has been under cyber attack for the past 24 hours. Dozens & dozens of messages have been posted on Google in an attempt to damage their reputation … This French medium-sized company, founded in the 1950s & based in Sevran, and yet making no reference whatsoever to any religion in the message attributed to it, is accused of being unhygienic, discriminatory, inciting racial and religious hatred, etc.

Evidently the mob was provoked because Lomarec asked its employees to use toilet paper:

Memo translation:

It is customary in France to wipe with the toilet paper at your disposal and then wash your hands with soap and water.

Using your hand to wipe and then wash it with water contained in a plastic bottle is totally contrary to the elementary hygiene rules in force in the company.

The last paragraph threatens punishment of those who go into the toilet with water, which indicates that they are not using the TP. This provoked a cry of outrage against such “Islamophobia,” which is denounced as “incredible.”

Legislation against this kind of intolerance can’t be far away. Every aspect of Western society is to be abolished in the name of diversity, equity, and inclusion, even if it makes for smelly hands.

On a tip from R F.

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