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Jan 11 2021

Google/Apple/Amazon Crush Parler

Twitter is a private company, they tell us. If you don’t like the way it suppresses opinion and information that undermine the progressive quest for power, then find an alternative. So people found an alternative: Parler. The Big Tech cartel promptly crushed Parler.

Via Legal Insurrection:

Google and Apple now have removed the Parler App from their stores, and in the coup de grace, Amazon Web Services, the largest corporate hosting service, gave Parler 24-hours notice that it was terminating hosting services, effectively removing Parler from the internet.

Parler is now offline.

Parler’s other vendors are afraid to help the company, including Parler’s law firm. This is part of a tactic we have seen develop for years where lawyers and law firms are pressured not to represent controversial conservative causes and people — but representing al-Qaeda members at Gitmo is just fine.

Only those who enjoy the sympathy of the liberal establishment are entitled to free speech and legal representation.

Collapses, it’s said, happen slowly, then very suddenly. And so it has happened with the collapse of internet freedom through the domination of a handful of companies that control the flow of information and whose platforms are indispensible for political discourse.

Big Tech is the government now. Biden/Harris are figureheads. This is no longer a free country.

Maria Bartiromo interviews Parler CEO John Matze on this horrifying development:

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Dec 15 2020

Google Warns 7-Year-Old of Parental Monitoring

Thanks to advances in information technology, we don’t need parents anymore. Big Tech can be the parents. They are cool parents, who let kids explore the last extremes of degeneracy, just so long as they never wander to the right of center. If old-fashioned biological parents attempt to interfere, Big Tech provides a warning:

Not the Bee notes that “we’re just a few steps away from a Google van pulling up next to your child and offering him candy” and provides multiple examples of the Twitter mob actually agreeing that a 7-year-old should be warned by Google if his parents are checking in on his school account.

Oct 28 2020

Google Tightens Garrote on Breitbart Traffic

This gives an idea of how arrogantly ham-fisted the Big Tech ruling clique is about tilting the election in favor of their pawns. If you want information that does not favor Joe Biden — on the shocking Hunter laptop revelations, for example — you can only get it from the conservative media. Google isn’t going to help you find it:

In July, Breitbart News published data showing that Breitbart’s Google search visibility is down 99 percent compared to the same period in 2016.

RealClearPolitics later published data corroborating this, and showing that the same silent expulsion from Google search results has happened to a variety of other conservative news websites as well.

With the election approaching, left-wing information gatekeepers have become even less subtle:

It appears that Breitbart News links are being hidden on Google searches even when users search for the exact string of words in an original Breitbart headline. When links to Breitbart stories do appear, it is often below obscure websites that plagiarize Breitbart’s content.

Breitbart is not an obscure website, but one of the top five news publishers in the USA, according to the hardly right-wing (owned by Amazon).

What fossil fuels are to the economy, traffic is to the Internet. Google controls it:

Search ranking is critical for web traffic from Google. The search analytics industry has found that the top three search results on Google drive over 70 percent of clicks.

If you think Big Tech censorship is bad now, wait until Democrats consolidate control of Washington. Even bombshell stories like Biden’s influence peddling to the communist Chinese are likely to vanish without a trace.

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Sep 07 2020

Censored on Google’s YouTube

At first, I didn’t understand why Google killed its ads on Moonbattery and stole the money it owed me for running them. An unspecified violation of their community guidelines did not seem like much of an explanation. But it is all clear to me now, thanks to this video by AwakenWithJP:

On a tip from Lyle.

Mar 09 2021

Countermoonbat Vocabulary: Superstraight, Blue Anon

As detailed in 1984 and implemented on a regular basis by the liberal establishment, modern totalitarianism entails controlling culture and even thoughts by controlling language. Finally, countermoonbats have learned to fight back. Instead of banning old terms, they invent new ones, like “superstraight” and “Blue Anon.”

According to woke ideology, heterosexual men must be willing to date men who claim they are women, or be subjected to cancelation on grounds of the thought crime “transphobia.” Countermoonbats have responded by identifying as “superstraight,” meaning that they are attracted only to members of the opposite sex who really are members of the opposite sex.

Moonbats have created over 100 sexual identities. Surely normal people can create just one.

Progressives reacted with blistering rage:

Not the Bee sees endless possibilities:

The great thing is that you can add “super” to anything.

• Don’t like the hierarchies of Marxist oppression in intersectionality? Try super-intersectionality, where you respect everyone at the smallest identity group: the individual!

• Are people telling you to be antiracist? Then say you identify as super-antiracist, where you believe all ethnic groups are equally capable of racism, and it’s all bad!

The media continues to hyperventilate over the imaginary threat posed by QAnon. Those looking for truly dangerous conspiracy kooks are directed to Blue Anon, which is made up of nuts who disseminate disinformation regarding the racist aggression of the Covington kids, the oppression of Jussie Smollett and Bubba Wallace, Brett Kavanaugh’s career as a sex criminal, the continued menace to democracy posed by Buffalo Guy, and of course Russia Russia Russia:

Not only Urban Dictionary but also Google censored the term “Blue Anon,” so unnerving do liberal establishmentarians find the idea of regular Americans pushing back on the language front. Ridicule has apparently compelled both to back down and undisappear the term.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Feb 28 2021

Thought Police Crack Down on Matt Christiansen

At first, they went after fringe characters who are easy to demonize, like Alex Jones. But just as the campaign against Robert E. Lee quickly and predictably led to the cancelation of Abraham Lincoln, the thought police are already targeting even the calmest and most reasonable conservatives, including the esteemed countermoonbat Matt Christiansen.

Christiansen has been canceled by Streamlabs, which produces livestream software, apparently not because he said anything in particular that was “offensive,” but because he makes good arguments against leftism and is therefore regarded as a threat to the liberal establishment. Sarah Corriher, another threat to the liberal establishment who is no doubt in leftists’ crosshairs, explains the situation:

Christiansen was denied a refund for a service that he paid for but was also denied. This is theft, as surely as when Google’s AdSense and Taboola abruptly cut off advertising on without paying what they owed. It’s okay to steal from canceled thought criminals. They are no longer people, once they have been unpersoned.

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Feb 22 2021

Big Tech Robotic Moonbat Overlords Censor Chess Videos

Thanks to our reliance on social media, Big Tech’s robotic moonbat overlords determine what we can say to each other. This is bad news for people who are into chess.

Croatian chess player Antonio Radic (aka Agadmator) had his popular chess videos blocked by Google’s YouTube due to unspecified “harmful and dangerous” content.

Computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon suspect Radic’s discussion of ‘black vs. white’ with a grandmaster accidentally triggered YouTube’s AI filters.

Running simulations with software trained to detect hate speech, they found more than 80 percent of chess videos flagged for hate speech lacked any—but did include terms like ‘black,’ ‘white,’ ‘attack’ and ‘threat.’

They must have a liberal definition of hate speech. My guess would be that closer to 100% of chess videos lack any hate speech. But as the definition of hate speech expands, it incorporates ever more harmless conversation.

As has been previously determined, chess itself is racist because white goes first.

On a tip from Lyle.

Feb 12 2021

Black Lives Matter Masks at the Workplace

Militants have taken to wearing Black Lives Matter masks to their jobs, so as to intimidate customers and coworkers. Given that BLM pushes a violent ideology based in racism, Marxism, and hatred of America and is responsible for hundreds of riots and $2 billion in property damage over the past year, business managers are not thrilled.

Whole Foods is owned by belligerently left-wing Amazon, which gave $10 million to the Afrocentric cause in response to BLM violence and crushed Parler for offering an alternative to leftist social media platforms. Yet Whole Foods pushed back and succeeded in moonbattery-addled Cambridge, Massachusetts:

A federal judge dismissed most counts of a lawsuit filed against Whole Foods by employees claiming they were being racially discriminated against and that their right to free speech was being violated because of a policy against wearing Black Lives Matter face masks at work.

Whole Foods has a dress code that bans “visible slogans, messages, logos or advertising,” but rules don’t usually apply to BLM activists, who have been allowed to ignore laws against rioting, looting, vandalism, and arson for almost a year now.

The Girl and the Fig, a restaurant in Sonoma, California, doesn’t want employees alienating and/or frightening the customers with Black Lives Matter masks either. Unlike Whole Foods, it is not big enough to stand up to the bullies without sustaining serious damage.

Former server Kim Stout, who has since quit rather than follow the rules, demanded that the restaurant either post a Black Lives Matter sign or let her wear a BLM mask. When it didn’t comply with her command, she ran to local media. Screechs Stout:

“As a Brown queer fem person, standing up for the marginalized has always been important to me. I know how it feels to walk around in downtown Sonoma when you have darker skin than others and getting those sideway stares.”

The restaurant tried to be obliging, even posting on Facebook,

“We do and have always believed in Black Lives Matters and we know it is a human right issue.”

The human rights mob has responded by bombarding the restaurant with “negative and hateful reviews” on Yelp and even death threats, forcing it to close.

A Black Lives Matter rally is now scheduled Sunday in front of the restaurant. It wasn’t clear when the business would re-open.

They can count themselves lucky if they don’t get firebombed.

At least there is no question who the bad guys are, even if the media sides with them.

On tips from ABC of the ANC.

Jan 31 2021

Buffalo Guy Wants to Testify

We already know that the votes are not there to convict. Trump is no longer the president anyway. The coming impeachment trial in the Senate is nothing more than theater. More specifically, it is theater of the absurd.

Providing an indication of what sort of spectacle we might be subjected to, Jacob Chansley (a.k.a. “Buffalo Guy”) has offered to testify for the prosecution. He is the maniac who participated in the Capitol Riot dressed as some sort of savage with horns coming out of his head.

From the Daily News, via MSN:

Chansley, who famously took part in the Jan. 6 insurrection while sporting face paint, no shirt and a furry hat with horns, was “horrendously smitten” by Trump, said Chansley’s lawyer, Albert Watkins.

But that devotion ended along with Trump’s term when the former president left the White House without granting a pardon to Chansley and others who participated in the riot.

If anyone could make even Senate Democrats look almost sane by comparison, it is Chansley:

Trump is to be tried for inciting the riot by telling his audience to go to the Capitol and “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” No competent prosecutor would bring such a weak case for incitement.

Worse yet, the justification for crushing Parler is that it was allegedly used (as were Facebook and Twitter) to organize the riot in advance. House Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) wants to sic the FBI on Parler on these grounds, in case it manages to get back online. Obviously, Trump’s speech did not cause the riot if it was planned in advance.

The trial is a farce from its conception. Chansley will fit in perfectly.

The more garish the circus, the better for Democrats. Otherwise, no one will watch. They need to keep Trump in the spotlight to draw attention away from Biden’s executive orders.

Liberal establishmentarians plan to milk the Capitol Riot for months to come. Aside from power, it is all they have going for them.

On a tip from Mr. Freemarket. Hat tip: Not the Bee.

Jan 29 2021

Purging Biden Dislikes From YouTube

Google’s YouTube, which made an explicit policy of censoring any COVID-19 information that contradicted the ChiComdominated World Health Organization, continues to serve in the information warfare Praetorian Guard of the globalist Left.

We are told by our rulers that the corrupt and demented mediocrity Joe Biden is the most popular president ever. YouTube statistics tell a different story, so they are altered.

Zoe Phin wrote a script to check YouTube stats every 80 seconds. She then charted the views, likes, and dislikes. The results are striking.

Near Death Experiment pulls back the curtain to reveal just how unpopular Beijing Biden is among YouTube viewers, less than 2 weeks into his misbegotten administration:

On tips from Mr. Freemarket. Hat tips: American Thinker, JoNova.

Jan 25 2021

Why WaPo Won’t Keep Biden Lie Database

To quote the figurehead of our ruling oligarchy, “We choose truth over facts.” That could be why, with Biden’s handlers in power, WaPo no longer needs to fact check presidential statements, after 4 years of having politicized fact checkers denounce nearly every utterance from Trump.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Washington Post ended its false claims project for President Donald Trump on Wednesday and has no current “plans” to start a new database for President Joe Biden, the paper told the Daily Caller.

WaPo fact checkers discovered 30,573 “false or misleading claims” by Trump. Maybe they don’t want to do the same with Biden because the sheer volume of lies would bury them.

Biden is infamous for attempting to glorify himself with easily disprovable or outrageously unlikely lies. For example, lying about his performance in law school was one of the reasons his 1988 presidential bid collapsed amid gales of laughter.

Via Time:

The “final blow” for the campaign came when Newsweek unearthed C-SPAN footage of Biden rattling off his academic accomplishments, including saying that he graduated in the top half of his law school, when in fact, he ranked 76th out of 85.

More recently, Biden has lied repeatedly about being arrested in South Africa for attempting to visit Nelson Mandela.

Some of his tall tales are hilariously improbable, like his Corn Pop adventure:

Other Biden whoppers include:

1. Biden said his helicopter was “forced down” near Osama bin Laden’s lair in Afghanistan

2. Biden said he was a coal miner

3. Biden said he was “shot at” in Iraq

4. Biden said he called Slobodan Milošević a “damn war criminal” to his face

5. Biden said he participated in sit-ins at segregated restaurants and movie theaters

6. Biden said he criticized President George W. Bush during lengthy private meetings in the Oval Office

Click through for details.

Occasionally Biden’s lies could be vaguely based on reality, as with his distorted and embellished story about giving a reluctant Navy captain a Silver Star in Afghanistan, which he vouched for with “my word as a Biden” and proclaimed to be “God’s truth.”

The Federalist published a list of lies Biden had told as president 2 days into his presidency. Keeping such a list current beyond a few weeks would require such massive data storage as to be infeasible, especially since Amazon Web Services would pull the plug on it.

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble. Hat tip: Summit News.

Jan 25 2021

Big Government Follows Through on Big Tech Parler Attack

Even now, some fall for the argument that political censorship is okay so long as it imposed not by the government, but by a cartel of private companies. However, once it gains a foothold through public acceptance, authoritarianism won’t stay private for long.

The liberal establishment wants to destroy Parler for offering an alternative to leftist controlled, politically weaponized Twitter. Google and Apple inflicted damage by suppressing Parler’s app, then Amazon took it completely offline through its dominance of web services. But these broken kneecaps do not satisfy the totalitarian thugs comprising the Democrat Party. They want the power to destroy alternative voices directly, rather than through Big Tech cat’s paws. That’s why we read this:

Carolyn Maloney, the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, is asking the FBI to conduct a “robust examination” of the role social media site Parler played in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, specifically whether the platform was a “potential facilitator” of planning or inciting the violence.

There is no reason to believe Parler played as large a role in planning the Capitol Riot as Facebook and Twitter. But Facebook and Twitter are solidly on the Democrat team.

Maloney, D-N.Y., in a letter to the FBI Thursday, requested that the FBI review whether Parler facilitated planning and questioned whether it is “a potential conduit for foreign governments who may be financing civil unrest in the United States.”

The gradual conversion of the FBI into a KGB-like tool of the Democrat Party got underway under Obama. Under the rule of the unprincipled Biden and his radicalized party, it will now go into overdrive.

As we saw when Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton absurdly accused Trump of plotting with Putin to plan the Capitol Riot, the debunking of the Russian collusion hoax has not put an end to the Democrat tactic of accusing everyone they want to destroy of conspiring with the increasingly irrelevant Russians.

In her letter, Maloney went on to point to questions raised about “Parler’s financing and its ties to Russia.”

Whether Parler has meaningful ties to the Russian government is doubtful. Merely to get the idea out there is helpful to Democrats, so that people who are not paying attention will be left with the general impression that Parler schemed with Putin to attack the Capitol so of course it had to be crushed.

Maloney even went so far as to try to link Parler to Hamas through DDos-Guard, the Russian company Parler turned to for help getting back online after Amazon kicked it off the Internet for not being part of the Left-Wing Elite club. We no longer live in a country where a company associated with dissidents can easily find a web host.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Jan 19 2021

Washington Post Introduces Multiracial Whiteness

Anyone who voted for Donald Trump is truly evil. Only white people are truly evil. Trump’s share of the nonwhite vote went up from 2016, despite 4 years of the media screaming that he is a racist. The Washington Post manages to make this compute by introducing the concept of “multiracial whiteness.”

Actual WaPo headline:

To Understand Trump’s Support, We Must Think in Terms of Multiracial Whiteness

Let the reader be forewarned that this is the reaction Not the Bee had to the article:

This balloonheaded, excrementitious propaganda from the Washington Post is so vile and yet simultaneously hilarious that after reading it I want to go scrub my face with paint thinner and razor blades.

Without further ado, let’s proceed to the wisdom passed down to us from thought cop Jeff Bezo’s personal newspaper. Cristina Beltrán, associate professor of social and cultural analysis at New York University, explains the guffaw-inducing concept of multiracial whiteness:

Rooted in America’s ugly history of white supremacy, indigenous dispossession and anti-blackness, multiracial whiteness is an ideology invested in the unequal distribution of land, wealth, power and privilege — a form of hierarchy in which the standing of one section of the population is premised on the debasement of others. Multiracial whiteness reflects an understanding of whiteness as a political color and not simply a racial identity — a discriminatory worldview in which feelings of freedom and belonging are produced through the persecution and dehumanization of others.

Have you ever triggered moonbats by disagreeing with their depraved and pernicious ideology? Then you too are guilty of “persecution and dehumanization.”

For voters who see the very act of acknowledging one’s racial identity as itself racist, the politics of multiracial whiteness reinforces their desired approach to colorblind individualism.

Colorblind individualism is of course racist.

Multiracial whiteness offers citizens of every background the freedom to call Muslims terrorists, demand that undocumented immigrants be rounded up and deported, deride BLM as a movement of thugs and criminals, and accuse Democrats of being blood-drinking pedophiles.

Let’s be fair, Cristina. Even deplorables know that not all Democrats are blood-drinking pedophiles.

These mental gymnastics will come in handy if Democrats’ Cultural Marxist coalition, which unites competing interest groups through a shared hatred of heterosexual white men, begins to fragment:

America’s racial divide is not simply between Whites and non-Whites. Thinking in terms of multiracial whiteness helps us recognize that much of today’s political rift is a division between those who are drawn to and remain invested in a politics of whiteness and those who seek something better.

According to liberal ideology, whiteness = badness. If you are bad, you are for all intents and purposes white. It follows that even white people could achieve redemption and become good if they just hate their own whiteness intensely enough; then they would no longer be white.

On a tip from Lyle.

Jan 16 2021

Pennsylvania Lt Gov: No Free Speech on Election Fraud

The First Amendment has been fundamental to the conception of American civilization since the 18th century. But it does have its limits. For example, according to John Fetterman, Democrat Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, it does not allow voters to raise the issue of election fraud.

“[T]his idea that saying that Pennsylvania was rigged or that we were trying to steal the election, unquote, that’s a lie. And you do not have the right, that is not protected speech,” Fetterman told anchor Poppy Harlow on Friday.

Fetterman also revealed that it is “not deplatforming someone” to delete their tweets if you feel that the tweets are not true.

The open scorn Democrats now show for free speech is particularly alarming as they consolidate total control over both the federal government and social media.

On a tip from Stormfax.

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