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Sep 09 2023

August to Be Transgender History Month

One month out of 12 is not enough for our degenerate rulers to devote to grinding depravity and psychosexual insanity into our faces. So California is adding another:

The California State Assembly has voted to officially recognize August as “Transgender History Month,” beginning in 2024. The resolution, which passed on Wednesday, makes California the first state in the United States to have a month that officially recognizes the history and contributions of transgender people.

Those still queasy from being force-fed LGBTism for the entire month of June may recall that the T stands for trans. But it takes more than one month to recognize all the positive contributions to society made by transvestites — or rather, it would take more than a month to come up with any.

The bill’s author is Assemblymember Matt Haney, Democrat of San Francisco.

[I]n 2021, San Francisco became the first city in the U.S. to declare August as Transgender History Month, which was repeated by Santa Clara County shortly after.

This demonstrates how sickness spawned in the cesspool San Francisco metastasizes. That’s how Nancy Pelosi came to be one of the most powerful members of the federal government for the past 20 years. Expect Transsexual Reverence Month to join Pride Month nationwide shortly.

We are still a few years away from MAP Month, but it’s coming.

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Sep 08 2023

California Judge Prevents Parents From Protecting Kids

A few years prior to the culturally catastrophic Supreme Court decision imposing homosexual marriage at the federal level, voters in California had a chance to weigh in. They passed Proposition 8 in 2008, banning it. Gay federal judge Vaughn Walker overruled them, until such time as the media could stampede the herd in the desired direction. Similar tactics are used against parents who object to their children being transsexualized behind their backs:

A judge in California on Wednesday issued a temporary restraining order on the Chino Valley Unified School District’s recently adopted policy that requires schools to inform parents about student gender transitions.

San Bernardino Superior Court Judge Tom Garza granted the temporary order amid an ongoing civil rights lawsuit filed last month by California Attorney General Rob Bonta, who claimed the district’s “forced outing policy” discriminates against the privacy rights of LGBTQ+ students and the California Constitution.

According to the official narrative, children are already sexually psychotic before liberals get their hands on them. The teachers who brainwash them and the doctors who chemically castrate them in preparation for eventual sex change mutilation are only trying to protect them from their parents, who are the villains of the story.

Chino Valley Unified School District, which represents over 26,000 students in San Bernardino County, passed a policy in July that requires teachers to inform parents within three days if their child uses names and pronouns different from their birth certificate or requests to use school facilities or join sports team opposite of their gender.

Sonja Shaw, President of the Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education, is an advocate for parents’ rights.

“I don’t understand why they are so gung ho on this issue, but everything else we have to inform the parents about,” Shaw said.

In case she really doesn’t understand, let’s spell it out. Homosexuals and transsexuals don’t reproduce; they recruit. They do it largely through schools. This is facilitated by the Democratic Party, which controls most schools and knows it can count on the overwhelming majority of the LGBT vote, being the party of degeneracy and moral depravity.

The left-wing creeps running California are very explicitly coming for kids. Republican State Senator Scott Wilk has recommended fleeing the state if that’s what it takes to protect your children from having their lives destroyed. Good advice — except that Democrats will impose their agenda nationally.

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Aug 23 2023

Another Purse Snatch and Drag

Sadistic fiends who enjoyed watching an oppressed person achieve social justice by bouncing an old lady’s head off the pavement while stealing her purse in Hacienda Heights might like this story from up the Left Coast in Oakland:

Shocking video has emerged of a woman being pistol-whipped and dragged across gravel by two thugs in Democrat-led Oakland as the city grapples with a surging crime wave.

The attack happened last week Wednesdayat 6.15 pm on International Boulevard, and left the unidentified woman with severe injuries, police investigating in the East Bay city said.

Footage shows the woman being confronted by two men who try to grab several items from her, including her purse, before she’s violently struck with the weapon.

She is then seen falling to the ground before being pulled across the floor by her purse as both men rifle through her pockets. The attackers are both on the run and the woman’s condition as of Tuesday is unknown.

This latest incident is an example of violent crime running rampant across the Dem-led city with business owners now comparing the area to a ‘battleground’ akin to wartime Vietnam. It’s become so severe that the city’s police force is also warning residents to secure their homes while they’re inside.

Here’s a better idea: why don’t we secure the whole country by voting Democrats out of office before it degenerates into California?

Under liberal rule, this behavior is encouraged by the media and effectively permitted by authorities.

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Aug 22 2023

Criminalizing Speaking Up at School Board Meetings

In California, it won’t be necessary for Merrick Garland to sic the FBI on concerned parents who speak up at schoolboard meetings about the depraved state of affairs prevailing in public schools. State police we be well positioned to handle the job:

SB 596, introduced by State Sen. Anthony Portantino (D-Glendale), would expand an existing law that punishes those who cause “substantial disorder” in schools to include school board meetings as well.

The bill does not define “substantial,” which can be taken to mean “annoying to our liberal rulers.”

Once it sails through for Gavin Newsom’s signature, this will lighten the load for federal tyrants:

The Biden administration has already come under criticism for colluding with the National School Boards Association (NSBA) to produce a letter urging Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate parents who showed up at school board meetings as if they were domestic terrorists. Garland issued a directive to Department of Justice employees to monitor school board meetings.

Remember Scott Smith, who was manhandled by the police and demonized by the media for objecting to his 14-year-old daughter being sexually assaulted in the girls’ restroom by a boy wearing a skirt? There will be more like him until regular people learn to shut up and love their degenerate moonbat overlords.

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Aug 21 2023

California Gets a Shot Across the Bow

No sign yet of rivers turning to blood, dust becoming lice, plagues of frogs, flies, and locusts, 3 days of darkness, or the death of first-born children, but judgment may be getting underway in sin-soaked California:

California residents raced a uniquely harrowing set of circumstances on Sunday as an earthquake shook the ground in the Los Angeles County area while Tropical Storm Hilary ravaged roads and caused severe flooding.

The rainbow that has been insolently appropriated and defiled is a symbol of God’s promise not to punish sin by flooding the world. That does not rule out a little high water:

Palm Springs has been submerged in a deluge of floodwater as Tropical Storm Hilary continues to batter California. …

Shocking footage emerged throughout Sunday of cars, trucks and ambulances swallowed by flood waters in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs is regarded as a gay mecca even by California standards.

Speaking of the LGBT community, in June a ceremony honoring the belligerently blasphemous Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence was held at Dodger Stadium. Now we read this:

Remarkable aerial footage showed the iconic home of the LA Dodgers – which has stood for more than six decades – engulfed in a sea of water after the first tropical storm to hit Southern California in 84 years.

Here’s the view from above:

Hilary is a gender-neutral name, so it fits with California politics. It means “cheerful” or “happy.”

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Aug 19 2023

Furry Attack on Public Beach

It’s a scene that could only happen in a society that has decayed into a freak show:

A fight broke out at a Furries meet up when a man was caught filming members of the group at a California beach.

Two people in black wolf costumes got into an altercation in Huntington Beach on Saturday after a man who was recording them refused to leave – with some commenters suggesting that he is a scorned ex-lover of one of the participants.

The incident, which was caught on video, happened at a Sunset Beach Bonfire ‘furmeet’ where hundreds of Furries were out in full force.

Furries are degenerates who identify as cartoon animals, usually for purposes of sexual gratification. Be forewarned that anyone who identifies as something other than what they are has mental problems, and people with mental problems can be dangerous.

Looks like it was the guy who got clocked with the bullhorn who was screaming “Oh my God” in falsetto, lending support to the spurned gay lover theory. Where are tsunamis when you need them?

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Aug 16 2023

Assisted Suicide Skyrockets in California

In Canada, state-sanctioned killing is presented as a solution for everything except crime (and regretting sex change procedures) — including anorexia, PTSD, being poor, needing a wheelchair lift, and long waits to see a doctor. When it comes to ghoulish moonbattery, can the USA hope to catch up to Canada? Sure we can; we have California:

The number of deaths from assisted suicide in California increased by 63% in just one year, according to the state’s latest report.

Consistent with the principles of anarchotyranny, the same hyperregulatory state that soon won’t let people drive normal cars passed a law legalizing assisted suicide.

Since it took effect, the number of people who died under the lethal legislation has climbed each year, and 2022 was no different. In 2021, 525 people died from assisted suicide. In 2022, that number rose to 853.

Why such a drastic increase? In 2021, California legislators moved to remove safeguards from assisted suicide, including decreasing the waiting period to just 48 hours, when it was previously 15 days. … Some patients have also reported that insurance companies in California are refusing to cover treatment, and instead, will only pay for assisted suicide.

This state of affairs was created by the same liberals who bark that we must be denied the fundamental right of self-defense because we might use guns to commit suicide.

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Jul 29 2023

Obese Women Loot in California

The latest oppressed identity group to join the Cultural Marxist coalition is the morbidly obese. They are even holding a convention this Halloween to celebrate their hurtful marginalization. You can tell they are put-upon because they shop like Black Lives Matter looters — just a little more slowly:

Via Daily Mail:

The brazen heist unfolded [last] Saturday at the discount retailer’s North Freeway Boulevard location in Sacramento, where the three women were caught on camera trudging away with shopping carts loaded with stolen goods.

‘D**n look at these people stealing! Say hi to the camera!’ the bystander filming the incident can be heard saying, as alarms blared and the shoplifters piled mounds of clothing and shoes into the trunk of a red Dodge Charger.

Under moonbat rule, shoplifting is all but legal in California. Property is theft, according to the prevailing ideology. However, in this case authorities might investigate:

[I]n addition to audaciously looting the Burlington store, the three shoplifters had parked in a handicap spot without displaying a placard.

Major chains have been forced to close stores due to out of control shoplifting. No worries; California lawmakers are addressing the issue:

Although California has been one of the epicenters of organized retail crime, state lawmakers there are considering legislation that would ban store employees from confronting thieves.

Senate Bill 553 was passed by the state Senate last month and is currently in committee in the state Assembly.

No problem Democrats create is so awful that they can’t pass legislation making it even worse.

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Jul 29 2023

California Bills Come for Children

As moonbats openly taunt, they are coming for your children. They will do this not only through their control of the entertainment and education establishments, but through direct government force.

The Land of Fruits and Nuts is once again at the vanguard, with two bills that have already passed the State Assembly:

The text of AB 957 states that it “would include a parent’s affirmation of the child’s gender identity or gender expression as part of the health, safety, and welfare of the child.”

As the California Globe reported, the bill could cause a parent to “lose custody for not ‘affirming’ or agreeing to a child’s claims about gender identity.” This would apply in custody disputes in which one parent wants to “affirm” the child’s confusion about gender, and the other does not.

As if that weren’t enough,

A related bill, AB 665, passed in the State Assembly on April 10 and has also made its way into the Senate chambers. If signed into law, it would allow a minor as young as 12 to be emancipated from his or her parents and transferred into state custody without a court order.

Former San Diego City Councilman and two-time Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio, R-CA, is leading the charge to oppose AB 665. He said the bill “effectively takes children away from their parents if they aren’t ‘woke’ enough.” DeMaio added: “The worst part is that the bill permits even counselors and interns to make and facilitate decisions to allow the state to take these kids away from their parents.”

Both bills will soon be law:

If one or both pieces of legislation were to pass the State Senate, where Democrats hold an 80% majority, the bills would head to the desk of Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-CA.

Newsom can be expected to eagerly showcase his allegiance to the LGBT agenda at the expense of parents — again.

As Republican State Senator Scott Wilk advises, parents need to flee California. After that, they need to protect their new home from the metastasizing cancer that has claimed the Left Coast.

First they groom, then they confiscate.

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Jul 27 2023

Arizona Criminals Exploit California Recycling Moonbattery

Enterprising Arizona criminals have found a use for the righteous green posturing that prevails on the Left Coast. Ecomoonbattery can be converted to cash:

Over the span of eight months, the United States Department of Justice investigated several recycling centers around [Riverside County, California] and found that the operators illegally redeemed $7.6 million worth of aluminum cans and plastic bottles that were brought over illegally from the neighboring state.

The criminal recyclers were exploiting the California Redemption Value (CRV) program.

The program allows Californians to return beverage containers to privately-owned recycling centers in exchange for $.05 to $.10 per container.

It’s funded by Californians every time they purchase an eligible item: the CRV tax is tacked onto the initial cost, but can be redeemed upon return. By redeeming ineligible items from outside of the state, scammers effectively steal money from the pockets of Californians.

The theft started with California bureaucrats stealing from those who are forced to pay extra for the eligible items. The out-of-state criminals just wanted a piece of the action. Both are doing their part to placate the planet by reprocessing garbage that would otherwise end up where it belongs: buried in a landfill.

This isn’t the first time:

Earlier this year, two Arizona business owners were arrested for their alleged roles in a $10 million recycling fraud scheme, in which they allegedly trucked over hundreds of tons of recyclables from Arizona to California to take advantage of the CRV program.

A similar scheme involving another group of Arizonans was busted in 2018 after defrauding California to the tune of $16.1 million.

Don’t worry, Californians. You will get your revenge by reducing Phoenix to a second Los Angeles as it fills up with refugees from your moonbattery-ruined state.

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Jul 26 2023

Welcome to California

California was the promised land. But the promise has gone wrong:

A wandering naked intruder is putting residents in East Hollywood on edge.

“None of us can get any sleep because we’re keeping an eye out for each other,” said one of the residents in the apartment complex that he broke into. …

“He’s running around naked,” the resident said.

He’s also been known to touch himself, a morbid sight neighbors regret seeing on security camera.

“There’s children in the building,” the resident said. …

The Los Angeles Police Department tells FOX 11 it is aware of the complaints but officers can’t really arrest the man since no crime has been committed.

Authorities are keeping down the incarceration rate, in accordance with liberal priorities.

More California:

Note that even with some of the most repressive gun laws in the country, criminals and lunatics have no problem acquiring firearms; it is only law-abiding citizens wanting to be able to defend themselves whose access to them is limited.

California is plunging over the edge into end stage moonbattery. The rest of the country is not far behind. As the disgusting farce that is Joe Biden staggers toward collapse, former California Senator Kamala Harris is a heartbeat away. Current California Governor Gavin Newsom stands ready to replace him on the 2024 ticket.

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Jul 25 2023

California Parents Cave to Newsom on LGBT Curriculum

Sometimes parents and even teachers put up a fight against progressives using public schools to indoctrinate innocent children in the ruling class ideology of politicized sexual depravity. Usually, it is not enough of a fight:

A Southern California school board on Friday adopted a social studies curriculum that includes gay rights that was approved by parents and teachers after initially rejecting it.

When CNN says “gay rights,” it means glorification of LGBTism.

Why did parents agree to this? Arms were twisted.

[Leftist Governor Gavin] Newsom previously warned that the district could be sanctioned if it didn’t use the state-approved curriculum.

Newsom denounced attempts to protect children from the glamorization of sexual sickness as “extremists’ desire to control information.”

Don’t worry, it isn’t as if children are being brainwashed into revering perverts who prey on them. According to Allison Barclay, a Temecula Valley Unified School District board member,

“There is no mention of Harvey Milk in the textbook that I know of,” she said. “He is listed in a supplemental section titled ‘Biographies’…”

Supervisor Harvey Milk was shot along with San Francisco Mayor George Moscone by Dan White, a former supervisor who became unhinged when he couldn’t get his job back. White received a wrist slap after using the infamous Twinkie defense. Because Milk was a pervert who molested children, the same sort of liberals who don’t want you to see Sound of Freedom exploited his death to enshrine him as a martyr to their cause. The Navy even named a ship after him.

We grew up with George Washington. The next generation will grow up with Harvey Milk. Because all societies need heroes.

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Jul 24 2023

California Court Decrees Free Parking for Vagrants

Being a vagabond does not confer the privileges enjoyed by the sexually insane and members of favored races, but in California it does come with perks — including free parking.

That’s the main takeaway from a California Court of Appeals opinion issued Friday that ruled cities that tow cars with five or more unpaid parking tickets violate the 4th Amendment’s prohibition of search and seizure without a warrant.

The Coalition on Homelessness sued the City and County of San Francisco seeking an injunction against towing scofflaw cars that piled up parking tickets, and the trial court had denied the petition. But the Court of Appeals reversed, because “appellant [Coalition on Homelessness] presented declarations regarding the severe impacts of vehicle tows on unhoused San Francisco residents.”

The interests of The Unhoused (formerly known as bums) take priority in places like San Francisco. Those who don’t like it are homelessophobes.

Good luck finding a parking place that isn’t taken up by a dead vehicle housing a dope fiend.

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Jul 18 2023

Now Frozen Pizza Has to Be Locked Up

We have reached the point in the moonbattery-induced collapse of civilization where frozen pizza has to be kept locked up so that it isn’t shoplifted:

Shoplifters targeted the ice cream and pizza section of a Walgreens in San Francisco, which led to the chaining up of the freezer section to prevent theft, according to a tweet from reporter Betty Yu. San Francisco businesses are fleeing amid a surge of organized theft in the city.

Democrats effectively legalized shoplifting in single-party California. The inevitable consequences were easy to foresee.

Due to the dense concentration of moonbats, San Fransicko in particular has collapsed into anarchotyranny and is no longer inhabitable. While senior citizens are forbidden from parking on their own driveways, roving savages are free to rob stroller-pushing moms at will.

At least this will have the added bonus of preventing vermin from licking the ice cream so they can post video of it to social media:

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