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Feb 21 2020

Property Rights Erode in California

The fundamental basis of civilization is property rights. Without them, society disintegrates into tyranny and/or chaos. California is a case in point:

After a group of homeless moms simply moved into a vacant three-bedroom house in Oakland owned by a company that invests in local real estate, local progressives turned them into folk heroes.

Immaculate conception is unlikely to involved in the story of these homeless mothers. Where are the fathers, who should be making sure there is a roof over their heads? Is sexual morality starting to make sense again yet?

These women weren’t squatters who took something that wasn’t theirs, but valiant protesters who were standing up for their communities against — all together now — corporate speculators.

In the early days of the Soviet Union, you could get in big trouble if someone denounced you as a “speculator.” Basically, it means capitalist.

As one of these Oakland moms said, “Housing is a human right. I pay bills there. I pay water, PG&E, internet. We live there. We want to purchase the home; it needs to belong back in the hands of the community. It was stolen through the foreclosure crisis.”

Property is theft, according to Marxist ideology. “You didn’t build that,” as Barack Obama would say.

Even Marxism is less incoherent than modern moonbats, who seem to believe in a twisted form of ownership. Pay the utility bills, and you own a house. The people who paid for the house don’t have a right to own anything, because they are speculators.

Who will build houses and provide mortgages in a world with no coherent property rights? That is no concern of leftists. You may just as well ask a robber, who will serve Slurpees after the corner 7-11 has been held up so many times it has to close down? The smash and grab mentality is not future-oriented.

Alarmingly, this dysfunctional mentality characterizes not only lowlifes who rob convenience stores and occupy other people’s property, but the modern Democrat Party.

Here’s how local pols responded to the Oakland squatters:

Assemblyman Ash Kalra, D-San Jose, inveighed against “opportunistic landlords and corporate landlords” who “keep our homes vacant,” according to news reports. …

“I want to thank Moms 4 Housing for taking that house and for demonstrating that nowhere, nowhere should there be a vacant house anywhere in California when we have the housing crisis that we have,” Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, told the Los Angeles Times. “And it was totally legitimate for those homeless moms to take over that house.”

Theft is okay in California. Just don’t do something serious, like provide plastic straws to restaurant customers. Then you’re in trouble. The term for this is anarchotyranny.

Housing is a human right, screech the moonbats. If you have a “right” to take something that does not belong to you, then the concept of rights has been rendered absurd. In that case, how are we to defend real rights, like the ones enshrined in the Constitution? Uncoincidentally, these rights — such as freedom of speech and the right to bear arms — are under attack from the same people who want us to believe they have a “right” to force others to pay for housing, medical care, et cetera.

From the leftist point of view, it is oppressive to have to steal on your own. The government is there to commit theft on your behalf, as we see further down the Left Coast:

The Los Angeles city council might use the power of eminent domain to seize a 124-unit apartment building called Hillside Villa in Chinatown.

The owner wants to rent apartments at market rates.

Councilman Gil Cedillo’s plan would have the city take the apartment building to maintain the lower rents. “If it works, Cedillo wants the city to consider seizing other privately-owned buildings whose owners are on the cusp of converting their rents from below-market to market rate,” according to an editorial in the Los Angeles Times. In other words, this might just be the beginning.

This is the main reason the Third World is poor. There is no point building anything if the thugs running the government will just take it away. So nothing gets built.

If Democrats prevail, the USA will become a Third World country; it is beginning to happen already, where they hold sway.

On a tip from Sean C.

Feb 04 2020

California Bill Protects Child Molesters

Give today’s Democrats enough power and they can dispense with pretense and move more quickly toward imposing the sort of world they really want. Under single-party rule, California is a case in point. The Dem-dominated legislature has introduced a bill protecting adult sex criminals who prey on minors.


State Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Assemblywoman Susan Eggman (D-Stockton) reportedly co-introduced the legislation, dubbed Senate Bill 145, which would explicitly exempt sexual predators who are within 10 years of age of their minor victims from automatically having to register as sex offenders in the state’s official database.

An 18-year-old molesting an 8-year-old could get a pass on registering. The idea is supposedly to “end blatant discrimination against LGBT young people.” You can excuse any means with such a noble end.

In California, it is illegal to work as a freelancer, but authorities are less worried about sexual predators molesting children, as liberal icon Harvey Milk was wont to do.

Progressives take their name from their approach. They know that normal people would react with horror if they went straight for their ultimate objectives. So they boil the frog slowly, turning up the gas one notch at a time.

What ultimate objective does Senate Bill 145 lead toward?

On a tip from Not Quite Human.

Feb 02 2020

Nightmare in Paradise

A recent arrival from Kansas learns what it is like to run a business in the People’s Republic of California:

You can see why the pathologically despotic Michael Bloomberg sees hyper-regulated California as a model to emulate. You can also see why moving vans tend to be full when they leave California and empty when they return. But the Third World still keeps the state’s population growing, if slowly.

On a tip from Kate P.

Jan 29 2020

Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien Paid Cash for Being Held for ICE

When it comes to placing the interests of foreign criminals ahead of those of law-abiding American citizens, no extreme of injustice is too outrageous for the liberals running “sanctuary” jurisdictions. In California, an illegal immigrant who had been arrested for drunk driving was actually paid cash for having his “rights” violated because police detained him for a few hours for immigration authorities.

Via Judicial Watch:

The 29-year-old perpetrator, Edgar Torres Gutierrez, eventually pled guilty to a lesser charge of reckless driving and his pro bono attorneys from a nearby public university sued the city for violating his Constitutional rights as well as a statewide sanctuary law. Under the agreement, Gutierrez will receive $18,750 from taxpayers in the California coastal municipality where he lives illegally. Local police officers will also be forced to watch a training video involving sanctuary measures for the next two years.

No doubt the video entails sensitivity training. The officers sure need it, if they think immigration laws apply even to historically oppressed groups like illegal aliens from Mexico.

In all, Gutierrez spent around 15 hours in Laguna Beach Police custody and several more hours in a Los Angeles immigrant detention facility, according to a local news report. Apparently, Gutierrez wasn’t deported because he is protected by an Obama-era amnesty program, known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) that temporarily shields illegal immigrants that came to the U.S. as children. Government figures show that more than 100,000 illegal immigrants who have requested DACA have serious criminal histories that include murder, rape and assault charges.

Those with criminal histories are also historically oppressed. That is, they are unlikely to vote Republican.

After taking a victory lap, his publicly-funded lawyers filed another complaint [last] week with the Laguna Beach Police Department that will require more taxpayer resources to defend.

Gutierrez isn’t the only illegal alien waging lawfare against a host country that doesn’t take its own immigration law seriously.

Emboldened by sanctuary policies and open-borders groups that offer free legal representation, a growing number of illegal immigrants are filing lawsuit demanding rights in the U.S. Last year seven illegal immigrants detained in a workplace raid sued the federal agents that arrested them, claiming that they were racially profiled for being Latino.

If the Imperial Japanese had just waited a couple generations, they could have invaded California; if anyone had put up resistance, they could have sued them for racially profiling Asians.

Another lunatic lawsuit resulted in a federal ruling that illegal immigrants can sue American employers who discriminate by not hiring them because they are not legal residents. This suggests that Democrats will not have to import many more Edgar Torres Gutierrezes to turn the whole country into California — that is, into a mental institution run by the inmates.

On tips from Chuck A and R F.

Jan 14 2020

California Water Turns to Sewage

Liberals care deeply about the environment — so deeply that they would use it to excuse destroying the economy and imposing an authoritarian form of government through radical programs like the Green New Deal. However, the environment does not benefit when they have achieved the power they demand.

In California, there is effectively no opposition to progressives at the state level. Their policies have reduced the water to sewage.

Via California Healthline:

[S]ome of California’s most prized rivers, beaches and streams are indeed contaminated with levels of fecal bacteria that exceed state limits, threatening kayakers, swimmers — and the state’s reputation as a bastion of environmental protection. …

[T]he source of at least some of the fecal bacteria is California’s growing homeless population…

The usually drug-addled and/or mentally ill derelicts that liberal rule has drawn to California often use buckets as toilets, then dump the buckets into rivers.

The problem affects the Left Coast in general:

In Seattle, homeless people living in RVs are accused of dumping raw sewage straight into storm drains, which flows directly to local waterways. In Oregon, workers cleaning up homeless camps along the Willamette River in Eugene routinely find feces and needles.

The liberal political climate in Seattle and Portland encourages vagrancy, as in California.

[H]uman fecal contamination is particularly dangerous because it can transmit diseases that affect people, including hepatitis A and cholera.

Some recreational areas, including Tiscornia Beach [in Sacramento], where families picnic, BBQ and wade in the river, had E. coli levels so high in the past year that they hit the upper limits of what the water board’s laboratories could measure…

When in California, stay out of the water. Better still, avoid the Left Coast until sanity has been restored — unless it’s too late for that.

On tips from Byron, Ellen O, R F, and Dragon’s Lair.

Jan 12 2020

California DMV: >250,000 Serious Voter Registration Errors

New York isn’t the only state to exploit the legendary incompetence of the DMV to undermine the integrity of elections. Here’s how Democrats use the tactic to help keep themselves in power in California:

We’ll know that illegal aliens have started voting Republican if Democrats ever becoming willing to clean up this mess.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Jan 08 2020

Bloomberg: Dysfunctional California Is Model to Emulate

Demographically transformed by mass immigration into a single-party Democrat state, California has become a canary in the coalmine of moonbattery:

• Homelessness is heavily subsidized and consequently out of control; crazed, drug-addled derelicts rule the streets, taking over whole neighborhoods and dumping buckets of diarrhea on the normal people who have not yet escaped.

• It is the state with the highest poverty rate.

• It is the state with the lowest quality of life.

• It is the least educated state.

• It ranks 48th in freedom.

• Income tax is the highest of any state.

• Confiscatory gas taxes are diverted from desperately needed highway maintenance to unneeded green B.S.

• The energy situation is going from bad to worse.

• Taxpayers are forced to buy healthcare for illegal aliens.

• Foreign criminals are pardoned.

• Sanctuary status has created mayhem.

• Anarchy has been imposed on schools.

• The public schools are failing.

• Freelancers are forbidden from working.

• Minimum wage insanity is closing businesses.

• It imposes the heaviest regulatory burden on small businesses.

• Stores are openly looted due to the collapse of law and order.

• The American dream has died there.

• Due to moral degeneracy, STDs are exploding.

Rats spread typhus amid the piles of garbage.

California is becoming America’s first Third-World state. No wonder so many people are leaving that California could lose a congression seat for the first time. Led by Los Angeles and San Francisco, the erstwhile Golden State is becoming a sh**hole.

Yet there is someone so clueless and/or malevolent that he explicitly proposes modeling America’s future on the Land of Fruits and Nuts — namely, Michael Bloomberg, one of the two kooky billionaires currently attempting to buy the Democrat presidential nomination.

Via the Washington Times:

“I think that California can serve as a great example for the rest of this country,” Bloomberg told supporters…

California “is something the rest of the country looks up to,” Bloomberg said. “California has been a leader in an awful lot of things.”

You can see why a society succumbing to anarchotyranny would appeal to Bloomberg. He has issued groveling apologies for keeping crime under control as Mayor of New York, but you won’t hear him apologize for his jihads against cigarettes, salt, firearms, trans fats, soda, soup, food donations, baby formula, escalators, earbuds, Styrofoam, sparklers, coal, and more.

Bloomberg is the quintessential nanny state totalitarian. He will decide what is best for the little people, then he will use Big Government to impose it by force. What he has decided is that the whole country should be California.

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm.

Jan 06 2020

Shopping in California

Mainly as a result of demographic transformation, California has succumbed to moonbattery, which manifests itself politically as anarchotyranny. California won’t allow you to earn a living as a freelancer, but it has effectively legalized shoplifting. Behold the result:

Moonbattery is not a sustainable ideology. After all the stores have been looted and all the productive taxpayers have escaped to Texas, the savages will be left to starve.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Dec 29 2019

American Dream Dies in California

California has been broken. It was once part of America, built and populated by people with big dreams and high expectations. In the name of political correctness, those dreams were crushed. Now the only expectation is of increasing misery.

In 2003, Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected in a landslide on a platform of cracking down on illegal immigration. Liberals pushed back. As David Cole laments, they prevailed:

In sixteen years, we’ve gone from a governor promising to control the border to one so disdainful of the “sun-drenched natives” [as regular Americans are sneeringly dismissed by Los Angeles Times propagandist Peter King] that he tailors his speeches to foreign nationals while gloating over the disenfranchisement of those who tried to preserve the Eden of old. Thanks to “shifted demographics,” he doesn’t even have to pretend to pander to natives like me. We’re no threat anyway, because how could any Californian retain high expectations these days? We haven’t just defiled paradise; we’ve turned it into a Taco Bell restroom. We’re nationally ranked last in quality of life. We’re in the top ten worst states to retire. We’re top ten worst in student academic performance (right above D.C. and Arkansas), and twelfth worst overall school system in the U.S. We’re the worst state for working moms (even though we’re so proudly “feminist”). We’re the worst state for business, and the worst state for pollution. We have the highest taxes, and the highest poverty rate. And we’re ranked 49 out of 50 for “opportunity” (only Louisiana outsucks us).

To think this was recently known as the “Golden State.”

Now for the scary part:

[W]hat we have here in California is coming your way, folks. In 2003 we elected a tough-talking, womanizing loudmouth celebrity who ran on a platform of immigration control. He failed, and look where we are now.

California has not even hit bottom yet — and the rest of the country is hot on its heels.

It’s hard to say exactly where the American dream was born, but unless we reverse course quickly, future historians will know where it died: California.

On a tip from Ellen O.

Dec 28 2019

Subsidized Healthcare for Illegal Aliens Expands in California

This helps explain how California liberals were able to import enough foreigners to convert the Land of Ronald Reagan into the Land of Gavin Newsom:

Under the new law SB 104 California will offer government subsidized health benefits for undocumented immigrants under the age of 26.

Like most welfare programs, it starts with bleeding hearts bleating, “What about the children?” and soon leads to a general looting spree.

Previously only undocumented immigrant children could apply.

Newsom proudly crows that no other state is as suicidally generous toward foreign invaders who are in the country illegally. He promises them “an additional $450 a month in subsidies” complements of the politically marginalized Gringos they are supplanting.

Why would anyone stay in the Third World when they can get the best healthcare on earth, paid for by someone else, simply by crossing a border that Democrats see to it is left mostly undefended? Dropping lots of anchor babies reduces the already slim chance of being deported and adds exponentially to the welfare benefits.

California openly refuses to participate in the enforcement of immigration law. This leaves the federal government with three options, in descending order from reasonable to rubber room crazy: (1) evoke the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause and throw seditious kooks like Newsom and Libby Schaaf in federal prison if they do not stop obstructing law enforcement; (2) kick California out of the Union, thereby ridding the USA of about half of its homeless population; or (3) do nothing and wait for the entire country to turn into California, as an interim step before turning into Guatemala.

Naturally, Washington has opted for #3.

If the 2020 election goes poorly, the whole country will be California. All major Democrat presidential candidates promise to provide free healthcare for needy illegal aliens.

What they have done to California is only the beginning of what they plan nationwide. The floodgates will open the rest of the way; America will be rendered unrecognizable. We would have stood a better chance of coming back from a nuclear war.

On a tip from Bill589.

Dec 26 2019

Folsom Dystopia Blues

If radical leftists of the Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren stripe are able to secure power, stratospheric taxes and crushing debt resulting from wildly extravagant spending, senselessly repressive regulation, lack of respect for property rights, and some version of the demented Green New Deal (plus a possible Blue New Deal) will cripple the US economy, throwing tens of millions of Americans out of work. Where will we live when we no longer have jobs?

Fortunately, the liberal masterminds who impose most of our problems also devise solutions to them. Unfortunately, these solutions are as bad as the problems.

Once again, we look to progressive California to see how our future might unfold. A special city has been planned to house the hordes of homeless:

Daune Nason, founder of the Folsom-based Citizens Again, released details Thursday of his plans for an estimated $3 billion private city equipped with amenities and services for a 150,000 “high-needs” population.

Fittingly, Folsom is best known for the Johnny Cash song “Folsom Prison Blues.”

[T]he all-inclusive city will offer high-density housing in dormitories consisting of sleeping quarters and communal bathrooms with private showers.

See? You don’t need a job or even to give up your heroin habit. Others will see to your needs.

Residents would be provided RFID-enabled wristbands to gain access to their dorm rooms as well as perform tasks such as job check-in, purchasing items with credits, medicine consumption, and more.

Just call it the Mark of the Beast.

Each of the four neighborhoods will have their own cafeteria and kitchen and multiple scheduled eating times to accommodate a 150,000-person population, according to Nason.

Here’s a scene straight out of a depressing science fiction movie:

The neighborhoods will also be fitted with tiered seating for residents to watch TV in a community setting within their neighborhood.

Don’t worry about knife fights over channel selection. The social engineers will decide what people ought to watch.

Crowd-funding has been a little slow. In over a week, the GoFundMe page has raised only $1,450.

That’s why the taxpayer will have to step in and make the city public. Liberal ideas cannot be financed on a voluntary basis. That would defeat the purpose anyway.

On a tip from Byron.

Dec 23 2019

California Is Least Educated State

The erstwhile Golden State has attained the highest poverty rate and the lowest quality of life in the USA. Moonbat rule and the mass Third World immigration that enabled it have had a similar effect on education.

Via CNS News:

California once again ranked No. 1 among the 50 states for the percentage of its residents 25 and older who have never completed ninth grade and 50th for the percentage who have at least graduated from high school, according to new five-year estimates (2014-2018) released Thursday by the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

California received the same rankings in the 2013–2017 estimates released last year. Consistency is the one thing California can still achieve.

At least Californians have an excuse for continuing to vote for Democrats. They may be so uneducated that they don’t know any better.

Texas ranked second with 8.5 percent (1,506,111) of its 25-and-older population having never completed ninth grade.

New York ranked third with 6.3 percent (857,177) of its 25-and-oder population having never completed ninth grade.

Democrats want to abolish the Electoral College so as to marginalize more conservative, less densely populated parts of the country. This would have the benefit of allowing presidential candidates to limit their campaigns to the three states that would decide each election: California, Texas (which Democrats hope to turn blue through immigration), and New York. Some coincidence.

The five states with the smallest percentages of residents 25 and older who never finished ninth grade were Wyoming (1.9 percent), Montana (2 percent), New Hampshire (2.2 percent), Vermont (2.3 percent) and Alaska (2.6 percent).

None of these states would have any say whatsoever in presidential elections if not for the Electoral College.

California law requires kids to stay in school until they turn 18. But if coercion worked, all those moving vans would be heading into instead of out of California.

On a tip from Lyle.

Dec 19 2019

California Energy Situation Bad and Getting Worse

Thanks to moonbat rule, the energy situation in California is bad and likely to get worse. Ronald Stein, Founder and Ambassador for Energy & Infrastructure of PTS Advance, sounds the alarm. Via Watts Up With That:

California has not even been able to generate enough of its own electricity in-state and imported 29% of its needs in 2018. … California households are already paying 50% more, and industrial users are paying more than double the national average for electricity.

Do the leftists running the state actually believe that carbon emissions are somehow harmful? Apparently not, or they would support zero-emission and low-emission energy sources. The state’s last nuclear plant and the last three natural gas plants in Southern California are all closing. Nuclear and natural gas are no good because they are economically efficient.

But there are no plans for industrial wind or solar projects either. This means California will have to import ever more energy — some from overseas.

California is the only state in the union that currently imports most of its crude oil energy from foreign countries. The California Energy Commission (CEC) data demonstrates that this dependency on foreign sources of oil requires expenditures of $60 million dollars EVERY DAY to oil rich foreign countries to support the 5th largest economy in the world for it’s military, aviation, cruise ships, and merchant ships, just to make up for the States’ choice to continue decreasing in-state production.

Not all of these countries are friendly to the USA or to California.

Governor Gavin Newsom’s solution is to take a bad situation and make it worse. His…

…latest moves to reduce production and require larger setbacks for existing production wells will further decrease production and require the State to increase its monthly imports resulting in expenditures approaching a whopping $90 million EVERY DAY for foreign countries to support our infrastructures.

By now everyone knows that Trump is not in cahoots with Vladimir Putin, regardless of what the Democrat Party/establishment media told us for years. Maybe someone should investigate Newsom instead:

Both [Putin and Newsom] support California being more and more dependent on imported foreign oil, and both support anti-fracking in California as a successful fracking enterprise would lessen the states’ dependency on that foreign oil.

No wonder most of the moving vans are heading out of instead of into California. As those who leave are displaced by still more needy immigrants from the less successful parts of the world, expect the politics to veer ever further to the left. The Democrat Death Spiral is not inducive to energy production.

On a tip from R F.

Dec 18 2019

Minimum Wage Drives California Restaurants Under

The reason Democrats enthusiastically support an ever-higher minimum wage is that it works — assuming the objective is drive businesses into bankruptcy and workers out of work, so as to increase dependence on Big Government and support for the party of Big Government. Liberal-ruled California serves as an example:

With California’s minimum wage set to increase on January 1, restaurants facing high rent and staffing costs said it’s a price they can’t afford, which is forcing some to close their doors. …

The minimum wage increase, which will hit $13 per hour, applies to businesses with 26 or more workers. Employers with fewer than 26 workers will have to pay a minimum wage of $12 per hour.

Phil Courey, owner of the popular Opa! Opa! Greek restaurant in East Sacramento, is closing shop at the end of the month as a result.

“The wages are definitely a heavy pressure on us,” he said. “About 40 grand a year every time they jack up the minimum wage.”

That is a lot of money to someone struggling to keep a small business afloat. But then, from the liberal point of view, he deserves to be driven under, because he requires his employees to work for pay, in contrast to the benevolent government, which gives them money for nothing, only asking that they vote Democrat.

In South Sacramento, Perry’s restaurant along Highway 99 served their final meals on Sunday. … For years, Perry’s was the go-to place for cops, truckers and customers looking for late-night eats.

The owner says he can’t afford the new minimum wage. Congratulations to his employees, who would now be making more money if they still had a job.

It’s the fourth straight year the minimum wage has been increased and it’s expected to jump to $15 by 2023.

Will Californians push back against this malevolent lunacy? Probably not. Those with brains and initiative will leave for less liberal states. The rest will see themselves as victims and support the party that pays people to be victims. The erstwhile Golden State has entered the Democrat Death Spiral.

On a tip from Steve T.

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