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May 28 2021

Anticop Atlanta Pol Has Car Stolen in Front of Him

Leftist demagogues are willing to subject impoverished neighborhoods to sharply increased crime rates for the sake of Black Lives Matter posturing. Gratifyingly, what goes around, comes around.

In Atlanta, for example, homicide is up 57%, rape 55%, aggravated assault 36%, and car theft 31% from last year. Democrat Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms isn’t bothering to run for reelection with out of control crime hanging around her neck. Don’t expect an improvement if she is replaced by Atlanta City Councilman Antonio Brown.

Via Fox 5 Atlanta:

Atlanta Police are searching for a group of very young thieves who stole Mayoral Candidate Antonio Brown’s car. The thieves were between the ages of 6 and 12, officials stated.

Brown was standing only a few feet away from his white Mercedes coupe at the time.

Brown said he tried to stop them, but got dragged a short distance and eventually let go after about a half block.

That was wise. If he held on, he might have ended up like Mohammad Anwar in Washington, DC, a city run by similar people with similar results.

Officers said they found Brown’s car a few hours later but did not say if they made any arrests. Brown said he does not want to press charges.

Of course not. The reason there is so much crime in inner cities is that there are usually no meaningful consequences.

Regarding Brown’s campaign,

Brown launched his mayoral campaign with a platform calling for the “reimagining” of policing. …

He was also one of seven council members to support withholding $73 million from the [Atlanta Police Department]’s budget until the mayor’s administration came up with a plan to “reinvent the culture of policing in the city.”

In the context of law enforcement, “reinvent” is liberalese for defund, hamstring, and all but abolish law enforcement, which Brown has good reason not to be fond of, considering that he is under indictment on multiple federal fraud charges.

If only all left-wing politicians could be locked up for fraud, inner cities might be reclaimed from the jungle.

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May 28 2021

The Status of Property Rights in Suburban Seattle

According to leftists, property is theft. It should come as no surprise that with them in charge, property is not respected. In the Seattle suburb Sammamish, this resulted in an absurd situation after squatters infested a multimillion-dollar home:

“The amount of guns, drugs, et cetera that were confiscated out of that place are not for personal use or for any good reason,” Sammamish Police Chief Dan Pingrey told KIRO 7 TV. …

The homeowner lives overseas, but a few people living locally help maintain the home with routine checkups. One of those workers stopped by the home and found 12 guns, bulletproof vests, more than 15,000 fentanyl pills, heroin, meth, and over $40,000 in cash.

The squatters, who appeared to be running a criminal enterprise out of someone else’s house, were arrested for burglary. Within a few days they were out of jail and back at the house, along with friends. They wanted “their” property from inside the house. Pingrey was required to let them take what had not been confiscated.

Pictures taken by a neighbor show police vehicles lined up on the street with officers watching as the squatters filled a U-Haul truck. Another picture shows a garage full of appliances, including an ATM.

No doubt much of it had been stolen elsewhere. Some of it was probably the property of the homeowner. Police were not allowed to go in the house while the squatters went on a farewell looting spree before most likely moving on to do the same to someone else’s house.

A society that glorifies Black Lives Matter looters, and that does not allow police to deal with criminals in an effective manner, can expect this behavior to increase.

On a tip from R F.

May 27 2021

Open Thread

If a state, or nation, has laws it will not enforce for political reasons, it mocks both the law and politics, to say nothing of the cultural order. - Cal Thomas
May 05 2021

Chauvin Juror Revealed as Black Lives Matter Enthusiast

It was clear all along that the Derek Chauvin trial was not a legal proceeding but a political spectacle. Two of the charges were preposterous, and there was never any chance that he would receive a fair trial in a venue where everyone knew that the city would be burned down by leftist thugs if they did not reach the desired verdict. Powerful Democrat Maxine Waters actually traveled to Minneapolis to inflame the mob and to clarify its demands. The President of the United States was irresponsible enough to weigh in. We already knew it was a travesty of justice. Now we learn that one of the jurors, Brandon Mitchell, was a Black Lives Matter activist before the trial began — that is, he was essentially part of the same lynch mob that terrorized the other jurors into reaching their quick decision:

During jury selection, Brandon Mitchell — a 31-year-old high school basketball coach who was known as Juror #52 before speaking publicly last week — told Judge Peter Cahill that he only heard “basic info” about the high-profile case, and was certainly not aware of any information that would hinder his ability to serve as an impartial juror.

However, Mitchell was pictured last August wearing a T-shirt that included references to George Floyd’s death and Black Lives Matter.

The picture shows Mitchell wearing a shirt with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s picture surrounded by the words “GET YOUR KNEE OFF OUR NECKS” and “BLM.” He is also seen wearing a Black Lives Matter baseball cap.

An equivalent would be if an O.J. Simpson juror had been photographed wearing KKK robes and burning a cross on someone’s yard — the main difference being that O.J. was guilty.

Chauvin has filed a motion for a new trial which does not explicitly mention Mitchell evidently lying on the jury questionnaire.

It is doubtful that Chauvin directly caused Floyd’s death. The manslaughter charge may have had merit. The second- and third-degree murder charges did not. No matter; Chauvin would have been found guilty no matter what the charge. He was not being tried as an individual who committed an individual act, but as a symbol of what people like Mitchell fanatically hate.

What is on trial now is our system of justice. Can it withstand the onslaught of Black Lives Matter moonbattery? Does it still matter whether defendants are innocent or guilty, or only whether they are politically favored or disfavored? Until Chauvin gets the fair trial that all Americans deserve, we will have to assume the latter.

Behold the impartial juror on the right:

On tips from ABC of the ANC, Varla, and Kirklesworth.

Apr 27 2021

Chief Medical Examiner Targeted for Chauvin Testimony

Given the vindictiveness of Democrats, it is not enough that their chosen victim Derek Chauvin was offered up to the mob by a kangaroo court. Those who undermined his lynching must be punished too:

The Maryland’s Attorney General’s Office said Friday it believes there should be a review of “in custody” death reports produced by the state’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner during the tenure of Dr. David Fowler, nine days after Fowler testified that an ex-Minneapolis police officer was not responsible for the death of George Floyd in police custody. …

Attorney General Brian Frosh’s office said Friday afternoon that it agreed for the need to review Fowler’s work…

Frosh is a Democrat former state senator who filed nuisance suits against the Trump Administration.

Frosh sent out tweets praising the jury’s verdict in the Floyd case, never mentioning that Fowler, Maryland’s longtime chief medical examiner, served as a primary witness for Chauvin’s defense.

The doctor’s crime was the following:

Fowler testified that Floyd died of a sudden heart rhythm problem due to his heart disease while being restrained by police, contradicting several experts who said Floyd died due to a lack of oxygen.

Fowler’s testimony is consistent with the findings of Andrew Baker, Hennepin County, Minnesota’s chief medical examiner. However, it contradicts the liberal narrative, and is therefore incorrect.

His testimony could have helped Derek Chauvin get a fair trial. Chauvin has been designated as an enemy of wokeness. Therefore, Fowler too is an enemy of wokeness.

Good thing they can’t fire him. He retired in 2019. However, the damage Maryland authorities are inflicting on his reputation is likely to cripple his private consulting practice.

He was considered one of the foremost medical examiners in the country and served on national boards.

That is probably behind him now.

How many people over the age of 40 thought they would live to see America degenerate into a country where expert witnesses are targeted for destruction after their testimony helps the wrong side in a political show trial?

The odds of getting a fair trial keep getting slimmer for those the liberal establishment wants found guilty. Just as jurors are unwilling to risk violence, expert witnesses will be unwilling to risk their careers.

On a tip from Steve T.

Apr 20 2021

Could Maxine Waters Spring Derek Chauvin?

Assuming that Derek Chauvin is not criminally responsible for George Floyd’s death — and it appears that he is not — the best outcome would be a not guilty verdict and the ensuing mob violence kept under control. To that end, Minneapolis has been made into a fortress. The next best outcome, if the jury succumbs to intimidation and votes guilty, would be Chauvin getting sprung after the trial is declared null and void thanks to the antics of Maxine Waters.

Readers will recall that like Al Sharpton, Waters traveled to Minnesota to exploit the Chauvin spectacle. After asking for police protection, she encouraged mob violence against the police. This was followed within a few hours by a drive-by assassination attempt on National Guard and Minneapolis police. Although powerful Persons of Color are not subject to criminal penalties (as Waters has already demonstrated), she not only committed incitement to riot, but also potentially tampered with the jury by calling for violence if they don’t return a verdict to her liking. Her behavior outraged even the pro-prosecution judge, Peter Cahill.

Via American Thinker:

Cahill denied that the jury would be influenced, but nevertheless, he lit into Waters for talking about the case, “especially in a manner that is disrespectful to the rule of law” …

Judge Cahill added that Waters’s conduct not only was “abhorrent,” but could result in the case being overturned on appeal if Chauvin is convicted.

Although Cahill is not willing to declare a mistrial, an appeals court may acknowledge the obvious: Derek Chauvin is not getting a fair trial.

An appellate court might chicken out too and sacrifice Chauvin to Black Lives Matter. But it is always possible that someone will exhibit enough character to defend our system of justice against a vicious mob.

Even if Waters didn’t derail the railroading of Chauvin, she has helped expose the vileness of today’s Democrat Party. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, one of the three most powerful Democrats, actually defended her outrageous incitement to riot.

The Democrat Party is rotten all the way to the top. We are past the point where any person who is both decent and informed could support it in good conscience.

On tips from Varla, TCS III, and Mr. Freemarket.

Apr 12 2021

Expanding Concept of Rape by Redefining Consent

Critical theory, the ideology of our ruling class, is an outgrowth of postmodernism, which stresses the power of language to reshape what people think of as reality. Consequently, leftists have become masters at changing the definition of words. “Liberal” now means “leftist.” “Infrastructure” now means “whatever Democrats see fit to waste other people’s money on.” New York State Assemblywoman Rebecca Seawright has proposed a bill that weaponizes laws against rape by redefining the word “consent.”

Seawright’s proposed definition, via Simple Justice:

“Consent” means freely given knowledgeable and informed agreement; such agreement must be obtained without the use of malice such as forcible compulsion, duress, coercion, deception, fraud, concealment or artifice.

Consider the ramifications. “But you told me you were a big shot or I wouldn’t have put out” would qualify as a rape accusation.

You might say the accuser is a rapist too for wearing false eyelashes, which is artifice. However, the probable objective is to incarcerate men, who are the worst people on earth after Caucasians, according to liberal ideology.

What “malice” might mean in this context will be open to interpretation. Hate crime laws have opened a can of worms by trying to criminalize the way people feel.

As Simple Justice notes, this redefinition would potentially turn any sexual encounter that is regretted afterward into assault:

If so inclined, one need only parse the courting ritual for a claim that’s sufficiently wiggly to constitute deception and, boom, rape.

Daily Wire reminds us that undermining justice by distorting the concept of consent is old news on college campuses, which serve as incubation chambers for every new disease that leftists unleash on us.

On tips from ABC of the ANC, Wiggins, and Dragon’s Lair.

Apr 07 2021

Transsexuals to Flood Women’s Prisons

Prison is never a good place to be, but especially not if you are female and live under the rule of left-wing lunatics:

A California law that took effect this year has prompted hundreds of transgender prison inmates to put in a request to be transferred to a facility that aligns with their gender identity.

As the Los Angeles Times Reports,

Inmates say guards have warned them that “men are coming” and to expect sexual violence.

So far this year, 261 requests have been made. If they are allowed to go through, expect this number to skyrocket. What guy wouldn’t rather be in a women’s prison? You can get lonely, after all.

Women may get lonely too — but not necessarily lonely enough to enjoy being locked up in the dark with male felons.

However, according to liberal dogma, if a guy says he is a gal, he literally becomes female and must have access to private facilities designated for the opposite sex.

Sane judges would put a stop to this madness by citing the Cruel and Unusual Punishments Clause of the US Constitution. Female convicts have been sentenced to prisons, not to rape rooms. But where are you going to find sane judges in California?

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Apr 07 2021

The Cop Who Shot Ashli Babbitt vs Derek Chauvin

There have been many hundreds of riots in the past year, but only one has been taken seriously by the media/government. Yesterday was the 3-month anniversary of the Capitol Riot, in which one person died by violence. Unarmed libertarian Air Force/Air National Guard veteran Ashli Babbitt was shot for trespassing in the People’s House by a plainclothes Capitol Police officer. To this day we do not know his name, although we have known for some time that he is unlikely to be charged.

The Wall Street Journal reported back on February 1:

Investigators have made a preliminary determination that the police officer who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt during the U.S. Capitol riot shouldn’t be charged with any crimes in connection with her death, according to people familiar with the review.

The officer was suspended pending investigation, but was “expected to return to his previous status.” For all we know, he is already back on the job.

“Without question he should be cleared,” a lawyer for the officer, Mark Schamel of the law firm Lowenstein Sandler, said. “There’s no way to look at the evidence and think he’s anything but a hero,” he said.

There hasn’t been much in the news about Ashli Babbitt lately, and still less about Schamel’s client. Sharyl Attkisson is still trying to learn his identity.

As reported at BizPac Review,

The officer that took Babbitt’s life allegedly never issued a verbal warning to her and never attempted to arrest her. He fired a single shot into her chest that killed her. Babbitt never saw the officer before he shot her because he was in a room off to the side and out of view.

Some of this is disputed. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the facts to come out in a trial.

Contrast this with Derek Chauvin, who may or may not have been a contributing factor in the death of a violent career criminal who was resisting arrest. Chauvin certainly did not kill George Floyd on purpose in broad daylight in front of multiple witnesses.

It is highly unlikely that Chauvin is guilty as charged, and almost as unlikely that he will be found innocent. He will probably be offered up as a sacrificial victim to the Black Lives Matter mob.

It’s okay to kill an Ashli Babbitt, but you had better not be trying to arrest a George Floyd when he overdoses on fentanyl. Some animals are more equal than others under Democrat rule.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Apr 05 2021

Chauvin Prosecutors: Dismiss Autopsy Findings

The case against Derek Chauvin has collapsed. The prosecution wants to go full kangaroo court by suppressing the findings of the official autopsy, which do not support its improbable contention that George Floyd died of asphyxia rather than cardiac arrest.

Jonathan Turley, a liberal-leaning but honest legal analyst, sums up the key facts:

►The autopsy did not conclude that Floyd died from asphyxiation (though a family pathologist made that finding). Rather, it found “cardiopulmonary arrest while being restrained by law enforcement officer(s).” The state’s criminal complaint against Chauvin said the autopsy “revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation. Mr. Floyd had underlying health conditions including coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease.” He also was COVID-19 positive.

►Andrew Baker, Hennepin County’s chief medical examiner, strongly suggested that the primary cause was a huge amount of fentanyl in Floyd’s system: “Fentanyl at 11 ng/ml — this is higher than (a) chronic pain patient. If he were found dead at home alone & no other apparent causes, this could be acceptable to call an OD (overdose). Deaths have been certified w/levels of 3.”

That is, Floyd’s fentanyl level was nearly four times what is considered potentially lethal. The case against Floyd’s illegal drug habit is much stronger than the case against Chauvin.

►Floyd notably repeatedly said that he could not breathe while sitting in the police cruiser and before he was ever restrained on the ground. That is consistent with the level of fentanyl in his system that can cause “slowed or stopped breathing.”

The sensation of not being able to breathe is also a symptom of heart failure. As Floyd was already complaining about not being able to breathe while he was still in the car, it is hard to blame this on Chauvin holding him to the ground with his knee afterward.

Floyd’s lungs were bloated with fluid. This is a symptom of opioid overdose.

►Finally, the restraint using an officer’s knee on an uncooperative suspect was part of the training of officers, and jurors will watch training videotapes employing the same type of restraint as official policy.

No reasonable person could call it murder when a police officer applies his training to restrain a criminal who is resisting arrest. According to Baker, the technique used was not likely to impact breathing.

Baker cited the drugs in the system as well as the 75-80% narrowing of coronary arteries that “put him at risk for a sudden cardiac arrest.”

This tells you all you need to know about the lynch mob that wants to string up Derek Chauvin for doing his job:

After those findings were released, Baker’s office had to be put under police protections due to threats to him and his staff.

If he gets a fair trial, Chauvin is likely to be acquitted. Many lives will be ruined and even ended as the media whips up another round of Black Lives Matter riots, laying waste to inner cities. But at least our system of justice will survive.

If Chauvin is found guilty, it will be of the charge for which he was actually brought to trial: being a white male police officer in a country run by leftists.

On a tip from Varla. Hat tip: Whatfinger.

Apr 05 2021

Probation Possible for Brutal DC Carjack Killers

Remember the gruesome killing of Pakistani immigrant Mohammad Anwar over his car?

The wheels of “justice” are rolling along:

The 13-year-old and 15-year-old girls charged in the armed fatal carjacking of a Virginia husband and father last week in D.C. are reportedly getting a plea deal.

Nikke Lotze is a criminal defense attorney in the DC:

“In all kinds of way in D.C at least, juveniles are treated differently,” said Lotze, explaining that District laws around juveniles are very different and operate under the presumption that a juvenile can be rehabilitated in ways the adult system may not be set-up to support.

If they do get juvenile detention, they can’t be held past age 21. The emphasis is on rehabilitation rather than punishment. Once deemed rehabilitated, they will be back on the streets. The 15-year-old could be transferred to an adult court, but not the younger one, who is suspected of involvement in previous crimes, including another carjacking.

“If you were to reach a plea agreement, then the juvenile would admit involvement,” said Lotze, who also said the agreement could include, “… potentially being in a youth shelter involvement, which is similar to a jail but for juveniles. Or could involve being on home detention or being on probation.”

Probation. For killing a guy while stealing his car. The charges against them include carjacking, armed robbery, and felony murder.

Probation is not likely for Derek Chauvin, who may or may not have been a contributing factor to the death of a career criminal who had required him to use a department-approved method of restraint by resisting arrest. According to our rulers’ ideology, Anwar’s killers are oppressed, and Chauvin is an oppressor.

On a tip from Steve T.

Mar 29 2021

Low Level Crime Effectively Legalized in Baltimore

You think Baltimore is a hellhole now? Hold on, liberal rule isn’t done with it yet:

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced on Friday that the city of Baltimore would permanently suspend prosecution of prostitution, drug possession, minor traffic offenses, and other so-called “quality of life” crimes.

If you want more crime and urban decay, take the “broken windows” policy that Rudy Giuliani used to clean up New York City, before Bill de Blasio deliberately plunged it back into chaos. Reverse the policy. Then throw it into overdrive. If cracking down on minor infractions like loud music works wonders to prevent violent crime, think what effectively legalizing drugs and prostitution can do to turn a city into something out of a Mad Max movie.

Mosby had previously announced the policy as a temporary measure that was allegedly designed to slow the spread of COVID-19 among the city’s police force and prison population. However, in Friday’s press conference, Mosby claimed that the policy had served to lower violent crime in Baltimore, and that it proved that her vision of “criminal justice reform” worked. Thus, the policy would become permanent.

This won’t be the only insane measure supposedly taken as a temporary emergency response to Covid that turns out to be permanent. Democrats cranking up the financial incentives to have children out of wedlock springs to mind.

Mosby crows that her policy reduces crime. What it reduces is arrests.

Speaking of arrests, Mosby might be due for one herself:

Mosby’s husband, Nick Mosby, is president of the Baltimore City Council, and the pair are widely believed to have higher political ambitions. Complicating these ambitions is a federal criminal investigation that has been opened by the United States Attorney’s Office into the couple’s finances, which is reportedly investigating alleged tax and campaign finance improprieties.

No wonder Mosby dislikes the police so much. She must have nightmares about them dragging her off to jail.

She needn’t worry. At the rate liberals are destroying the country, she will probably be Attorney General before long.

Maybe crime pays… for a while.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Mar 13 2021

$27 Million Payoff for ODing While Resisting Arrest

Moonbats bark endlessly about “injustice.” If you want real injustice, try this. For being related to a career criminal who died of a fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest, the relatives of George Floyd will be gifted a staggering $27 million, the money to be expropriated from law-abiding taxpayers:

The city of Minneapolis will pay the estate of George Floyd $27 million after the city council on Friday unanimously voted to settle a lawsuit with his family.

Imagine how long you would have to work at a constructive job to acquire that kind of wealth. Having the government hand you money that someone else earned is much more remunerative.

The lawsuit said the city fostered a culture of excessive force and impunity within the police force and failed to terminate dangerous officers.

The obvious effect of this will be a hands-off policy whereby police avoid conflict, particularly among the communities where crime is the greatest problem. More crime will inevitably result.

If ODing on illegal drugs while resisting arrest pays $27 million, getting a fat lip must be worth at least a few hundred grand. Criminals of Color would be fools to comply with the police these days.

On tips from Varla and Lyle.

Mar 12 2021

Open Thread

Crimes against children are the most heinous crime. That, for me, would be a reason for capital punishment because children are innocent and need the guidance of an adult society. - Clint Eastwood

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