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Jun 01 2021

From Greta Thunberg to Naomi Osaka

It’s hard not to laugh at Naomi Osaka, the moonbat tennis player who withdrew from the French Open because talking to reporters makes her anxious and depressed. However, Naomi is only one snowflake in a blizzard. Wall-to-wall liberal propaganda has spawned an entire generation of neurotic wrecks.

Esteemed countermoonbat Alan Jones of Sky News connects the dots between Osaka’s emotional debility and global warming oracle Greta Thunberg, who has been exploited as a mouthpiece for ill-informed rubbish — validated and reinforced by the liberal establishment — that is likely to instill in the impressionable an enfeebling sense of hopelessness and doom:

Lending support to the apocalyptic fantasies spewed by climate kooks like Greta Thunberg is a crime against the mental stability of anyone gullible enough to believe them.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

May 20 2021

Even Greta Thunberg Ridicules John Kerry’s Ecomoonbattery

As Climate Czar, treasonous CO2-spewing mask hypocrite John Kerry is the Biden Regime’s main moonbat when it comes to exploiting the global warming hoax to inflict the Great Reset. Here’s how seriously someone who apparently believes in the hoax takes his duckspeak:

Great dig. However, Hanoi John Kerry gets the last laugh. At least he doesn’t actually believe the world is doomed unless Big Government controls the weather by inflicting leftist tyranny. He’s just in it for the tyranny.

Hat tip: Not the Bee.

Apr 24 2021

Parenting Advice From Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg, primary oracle of the Church of Enviromoonbattery, can provide wisdom on any topic, including parenting. In the video below, a moonbat requests advice regarding the affective disorder she has induced in her daughter through leftist brainwashing. Saint Greta’s solution: take climate action!

Note that Greta first emphasizes collective action. Imposing oligarchical collectivist tyranny is the objective of the global warming hoax. One reason Greta is top moonbat when it comes to global warming is that she keeps her eyes on the prize.

Scarier even than Greta the teenage totalitarian is that the woman supplicating her for guidance has the power to ruin the lives not only of her children. As a member of Congress, Katie Porter (D-CA) can inflict her gloomy delusions on all of us on a coercive basis.

The Democratic Party has weaponized insanity.

On tips from Henry and Varla.

Nov 16 2020

Greta Thunberg Unscripted

One of the most prominent voices on the Left is a child. When not reading from a script, holy prophet of climate totalitarianism Greta Thunberg is barely more eloquent than Joe Biden:

She’s a little kid, what do you expect? If what they have been doing with Biden is elder abuse, this must be child abuse.

Everything leftists present to us is a sham.

On a tip from FrancesJohn. Hat tip: Independent Sentinel.

Sep 24 2021

Gay Priest Refuses to Perform Heterosexual Marriages

It started with them demanding tolerance for what they did in the privacy of their own bedrooms. Within a few years, they had subverted the concept of holy matrimony. Still they advance. The current state of affairs features a gay priest named Lars Gårdfeldt refusing to perform marriage ceremonies for heterosexual couples.

Via Summit News:

Gårdfeldt announced that he would refuse to marry straight couples in protest against a rule within the Church of Sweden that allows newly ordained priests to refuse to marry same-sex couples.

It isn’t enough to undermine marriage. They want to force actual Christians to make a blasphemous mockery of their own faith, knowing that the Bible forbids homosexuality in no uncertain terms.

Barks Gårdfeldt:

“We should not recruit new anti-gay priests. We should not ordain new priests who pass on the idea that homosexuals are inferior people.”

The sophistry would only work on an idiot, yet it seems to win every argument for LGBT militants. They equate their behavior with their identity, so that if you disapprove of their appalling activities, you “hate” them, and are therefore a bad person.

A priest who was primarily interested in Christianity rather than sexual deviancy would be familiar with the concept of hating the sin while loving the sinner.

Press Secretary of the Diocese of Gothenburg Torgny Lindén offered the spirited defense of Christianity we have come to expect from the establishment. Actual quote:

“We have no opinion on this.”

If they did have a positive opinion regarding the sanctity of their own ostensible beliefs, they would have kicked out Gårdfeldt long ago:

Gårdfeldt married his now transgender partner in Canada in 2006, before gay marriage was allowed in Swedish churches. He said he also performed gay marriage ceremonies for years before it was permitted by the Church.

Instead, they let him subvert their church from within, too terrified of being denounced as politically incorrect to stand up for their own beliefs. This is how leftists infiltrate, corrupt, and subjugate institutions.

The Church of Sweden has degenerated to the point of declaring itself to be “trans” and unhinged enviro-demagogue Greta Thunberg to be “Jesus’s Successor.” Actual Christians are advised to steer clear of this church and any other that has succumbed to a different religion — namely, moonbattery.

On a tip from Franco.

Dec 22 2020

Robert E. Lee Replaced by Obscure Schoolgirl

As the social engineers erase our heritage and replace it with their Cultural Marxist narrative, the giants of American history will be replaced by relatively insignificant people we never heard of before.

Regardless of what you think of the Confederacy, no reasonable person can deny that Robert E. Lee was a great and noble man and a key historical figure. He is being erased because of his association with the South. If you recognize the name of his replacement at the US Capitol, you should be on Jeopardy.

Via NBC News:

A statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee has been removed from the United States Capitol, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced Monday.

Atta boy, Northam. You’ll make up for that blackface/KKK photo yet.

For 111 years, the statue stood alongside that of the nation’s first president, George Washington, as the state of Virginia’s contribution to the National Statuary Hall. Each state is allowed two statues in the collection.

Virginia plans to replace the statue of Lee with one of civil rights icon Barbara Johns.

Barbara Johns is said to have led a student strike at Robert Russa Moton High School in Farmville, Virginia in 1951. That gives her more cultural significance than Robert E. Lee, according to those rewriting our history.

I wonder who will replace the statues Black Lives Matter rioters have been tearing down of Lee’s fellow Virginians George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Greta Thunberg might be a candidate, if only she were a Schoolgirl of Color.

On a tip from Bluto.

Oct 14 2020

Feminist Hotel Features RBG Portrait Made Out of Tampons

Every aspect of society has become saturated with belligerent wokeness. Yet immersion in moonbattery could become more suffocating still. Progressives will not rest until the whole country is as centered on their ideology as Hotel Zena, which caters noisily to angry feminists — or as Architectural Digest put it last week, “celebrates female empowerment”:

When it opens this week, the new Hotel Zena in Washington, D.C., will make a powerful statement about powerful women. The groundbreaking hotel, part of the Viceroy Hotels & Resorts, has commissioned more than 60 works of art that celebrate female empowerment. Even before they step inside, guests will be greeted by colorful, seven-story-tall murals on the building’s façade, depicting enormous female warriors who keep watch over the hotel and its surrounding Logan Circle neighborhood.

The female warriors are racially and culturally correct:

“Zena” must come from “Xena the Warrior Princess.”

In the hotel lobby, a dramatic portrait gallery honors 11 women who’ve led the fight for gender equality, including Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Rep. Shirley Chisholm—the first Black woman elected to Congress.

Other featured fanatics include teenage envirofascist Greta Thunberg and zillionaire oppressed person Oprah Winfrey. Even the cocktails served in the hotel bar are named after feminists.

The RBG portrait was created out of 20,000 hand-painted tampons. Seriously:

It’s as if they think self-ridicule is a club that they can use to bash everyone into submission.

On a tip from Kate P. Hat tip: Ace of Spades.

Oct 11 2020

The Child Has Spoken

Enviroleftist child oracle Greta Thunberg has spoken. The only way we can prevent bad weather is to elect the corrupt and senile child-groper:

Looks like Greta has been lucky enough to escape Biden’s paws. I doubt if any of the girls in the video above would endorse him.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Jun 05 2021

Biden: Covid Deaths Are Up

The good news is that Covid cases are down. The bad news: Covid deaths are up. At least, that’s what our fearless leader says:

For once, Biden is only half wrong. Both cases and deaths have been falling for a while now, leaving his party in need of a new crisis to justify its power grabs and wasteful deficit spending. Global warming may serve their purposes, even if no one takes it seriously except children and Democrats.

In the meantime, maybe they should try larger print on Biden’s teleprompter.

May 07 2021

New Ant Gets Woke Name

No one escapes from woke totalitarianism — not even insects. Here is how the authorities impose their bizarre gender ideology on ants:

A newly discovered ant is now the first animal species to be given a scientific name ending in “they” to honor gender diversity.

Some might go into the sciences as a way to escape from moonbattery. But there is no escape anywhere. Leftists impose their outlook on everything conceivable.

Researchers named the miniature trap-jaw ant from the luscious tropical forests of Ecuador “Strumigenys ayersthey.”

Typically, when species are named after people, the scientific name ends with -ae (after females) and -i (after males), but this group of researchers wanted to celebrate nonbinary people.

The “ayers” part of the name made me wonder if the ant was named after communist terrorist and Barack Obama mentor Bill Ayers. Actually, it was named after “activist and artist Jeremy Ayers”:

Ayers, who passed away in 2016, was a gay human rights activist who fought for underrepresented communities and nonbinary individuals.

Maybe they will keep Bill Ayers in mind for the next time they find a new species of cockroach.

On tips from Wiggins and Lyle.

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