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May 13 2020

CNN Anoints Greta Thunberg Expert on COVID-19

The Washington Examiner is right; this is beyond parody. CNN is staging a townhall Thursday evening on the ChiCom virus, featuring a panel of experts that includes psychiatrically troubled teenage global warming warrior Greta Thunberg.

The same liberal journalists who have scolded people for so much as questioning the wisdom of the federal government’s top coronavirus experts, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, are now literally telling people to get their scientific analysis from Greta Thunberg.

Seriously, this is on the level:

Then again, Greta knows at least as much about COVID-19 as she does about climate science. No doubt she has experienced a coronavirus herself, if only in the form of the common cold.

As Jim Treacher notes,

She’s an expert on making people panic about invisible dangers, so now she’s switching over from the Angry Sky Gods to the virus. At least this time it’s something that actually exists.

Not even Greta could be much more wrong on Kung Flu than Anthony Fauci. Maybe she will take his place if Democrats win in November.

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Mar 25 2020

Greta Thunberg Thinks She Has Wuhan Virus

The Wuhan virus has taken a particularly harsh toll on the nonexistent climate crisis and on people with a neurotic need to be the center of attention. This comprises a double whammy for climate queen Greta Thunberg:

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg says she has coronavirus, taking to social media to share with fans that she was feeling unwell after travelling across central Europe, revealing that her father shares her symptoms.

She hasn’t been tested, but says “it’s extremely likely that I’ve had it, given the combined symptoms and circumstances.”

Fortunately, she probably just has a cold, like most people with the symptoms she lists (tired, shivers, sore throat, cough).

Claiming without confirmation to have the virus may seem a little shameless, but at least she isn’t posting coronavirus challenge videos.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Dec 27 2019

Greta Thunberg’s Preternatural Power Revealed

By now we all know that Greta Thunberg is very special to those who worship the authoritarian, antihuman ideology she has been exploited to personify, but did you know that she can actually see molecules of politically unclean carbon dioxide floating around in the air? It’s true; her own mother says so:

In her book, Scenes from the Heart: Our Life for the Climate, Malena Ernman, who represented Sweden in the 2009 Eurovision song contest, contended that her daughter had been “gifted” with a supernatural ability to visualize CO2 levels…… everywhere that she went.

Greta is also credited with being such a good globalist that she knows all the world’s capitals by heart. So knowledgeable about scientific stuff is Greta that she can list all the elements in the periodic table. She was diagnosed with autism and obsessive–compulsive disorder from a very young age; this also makes her special.

“Greta is able to see what other people cannot see,” Malena further explains about Greta in her book. “She can see carbon dioxide with the naked eye. She sees how it flows out of chimneys and changes the atmosphere in (sic) a landfill.”

She must be able to see it pluming out of mouths every time we breathe, painfully reminding her that each human breath oppresses the sacred polar bears. No wonder she is driven with such fanatical zeal.

Malena, who supports Antifa along with her husband, admits that Greta was indoctrinated with climate propaganda from a very young age.

Her parents created her, the way other woke parents create transsexual trophy children. So if anyone should know what special powers Greta has been given, it would be them.

No wonder moonbats hail her as the equivalent of an angel in their religion.

On a tip from Ellen O.

Dec 19 2019

Naomi Seibt: The Antithesis of Greta Thunberg

When it comes to the ever-changing climate, many of us are informed by failed politicians, thuggish frauds, and teenage European girls. If you want to go with the latter, may I suggest Naomi Seibt rather than Greta Thunberg?

Fräulein Seibt has been called the Anti-Greta, not only because she hasn’t fallen for the global warming hoax, but because she is not an indoctrinated puppet. She advocates science, free speech, and free thinking in opposition to hysteria:

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Nov 09 2019

Creepy Giant Mural of Greta Thunberg

In the weird religion spawned by the global warming hoax, Greta Thunberg has achieved the status of a prophet or a saint. San Francisco is putting the finishing touches on a creepy giant mural of the autistic teenager that looms 10 stories up on a building near Union Square so that she may be revered.

The artist should have painted a cartoon balloon coming out of her mouth with her immortal words, “HOW DARE YOU?”

NOQ Report remarks:

[T]hose of us who recognize the risks of climate change hysteria realize the absurdity of a movement taking cues from a teenager who doesn’t understand the science or consequences of her actions.

But the global warming hoax is about control, not about science. Erecting giant portraits of Greta Thunberg is as likely to stop the climate from continuing to fluctuate as any of the supposedly scientific measures alarmists have proposed.

Totalitarians do love their icons. China gets giant pictures of Mao, Cuba gets Che Guevara, Venezuela gets Hugo Chavez. We get Greta Thunberg.

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Oct 31 2019

Greta Thunberg Calls for Social Media Censorship

Radical environmentalism is a totalitarian ideology, so no one should be surprised to read that the world’s most sinister 16-year-old, progressive demigoddess Greta Thunberg, is not a fan of free speech. In this Facebook post, she calls on the moonbat masses to rise up and impose censorship on social media:

I am, like many others, questioning whether I should keep using Facebook or not. Allowing hate speech, the lack of fact checking and of course the issues of interfering with democracy…are among many, many other things that are very upsetting. The constant lies and conspiracy theories about me and countless of others of course result in hate, death threats and ultimately violence. This could easily be stopped if Facebook wanted to.

All Zuckerberg would have to do is post a new rule: No saying anything Greta doesn’t like.

I find the lack of taking responsibility very disturbing. But I’m sure that if they are challenged and if enough of us demand change – then change will come.

More disturbing is the reflexive demand that other people’s freedom be curtailed. If she doesn’t like what people are saying on Facebook, then she should follow her own suggestion and stop using it.

On a tip from Stormfax. Hat tip: Big League Politics.

Sep 29 2019

Greta Thunberg Death Metal

At this point in its history, Sweden is best known for two things: death metal and Greta Thunberg. To get the full Swedish experience, combine them into Greta Thunberg death metal:

When the global warming hoax peters out, Greta should consider fronting a band.

By John Mollusk, via NoTricksZone. Hat tip: Pirate’s Cove.

Sep 28 2019

Media Reaction to Covington Kids vs Greta Thunberg

Let’s compare the liberal establishment media reaction to the innocently ambushed Covington Catholic kids with its obsequious kowtowing to hectoring teenage climate crone Greta Thunberg. Featuring moonbat propagandists S.E. Cupp and David Gergen, both of whom probably pass for right of center at CNN:

Whether they are children or adults, all the characters we are presented with by the news media play one of two parts. Either we are supposed to hate them in the name of leftist ideology, or we are supposed to love them in the name of leftist ideology.

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Sep 26 2019

Greta Thunberg Wins Alternative Nobel Prize

For helping to reinforce their alternative to reality, liberals have awarded neurodiverse child climate warrior Greta Thunberg an alternative Nobel Prize.

From Roto-Reuters:

Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg was named on Wednesday as one of four winners of the 2019 Right Livelihood Award, known as Sweden’s alternative Nobel Prize.

Thunberg won the award “for inspiring and amplifying political demands for urgent climate action reflecting scientific facts,” the Right Livelihood Foundation said in a statement.

The scientific facts reflected by Greta include, “the world is going to end and plus I will hold my breath until I turn blue if all you grownups don’t comply with the radical left’s wish list immediately.”

It isn’t only in Tinseltown that awards tend to be granted primarily on the basis of moonbattery.

Considering that fiends, charlatans, failures, and communist dictators like Yasser Arafat, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, and Mikhail Gorbachev have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize itself, Greta can expect to receive one too as soon as the antihuman rhetoric she parrots causes enough misery. Already she has done as much to deserve one as Obama had when he got his.

Greta’s alternative Nobel is nothing to sneer at though; it comes with a $103,000 cash payout. She can buy every Ariana Grande song ever recorded hundreds of times over and still have enough left for a lifetime subscription to Tiger Beat magazine.

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Sep 24 2019

Greta Thunberg Gives Trump the Evil Eye

The Greta Thunberg spectacle has escalated from mildly creepy to horror movie material. Watch her give Trump the evil eye:

They sure have taught her how to hate. But then, no one who works in theater likes being upstaged.

They also taught her how to spew hysterical demagoguery:

The radical leftists who are using her as a ramrod to force the global warming hoax down people’s throats ought to face child abuse charges for what they are doing to this autistic little girl.

What they are trying to do to society in general is more shameful still. Having lost the argument when it comes to scientific data, Greta’s puppeteers now advance their hoax with shameless emotional manipulation. The suffering they would inflict under the absurd pretense that there is something wrong with the climate and they can fix it through authoritarianism is unimaginable.

Many millions will die ugly deaths if the lights go out on behalf of the polar bears. Stalin was a Boy Scout compared to this crowd.

On tips from Kate P.

Sep 03 2019

Climate Crusader Greta Thunberg on Illness

Attacking a child for having autism is as outrageous as exploiting one for political purposes. It does not denigrate Greta Thunberg, the heavily hyped teenage climate crusader who is on the spectrum, to point out that autism is not a good thing. To pretend that an impairment is a blessing is sheer moonbattery.

From the moonbats at The Guardian:

Greta Thunberg has spoken about her Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis after she was criticised over the condition, saying it makes her a “different”, but that she considers it a “superpower”.

Thunberg, the public face of the school climate strike movement said on Twitter that before she started her climate action campaign she had “no energy, no friends and I didn’t speak to anyone. I just sat alone at home, with an eating disorder.”

She said she had not been open about her diagnosis of being on the autism spectrum in order to “hide” behind it, but because she knew “many ignorant people still see it as an ‘illness’, or something negative”.

Kudos to Greta for not letting her disability lower her opinion of herself. However, to truly come to grips with it, she will eventually have to admit that it is not ignorant to see an illness as an illness. The goal is to overcome it, not to embrace it. But then, try telling that to people who suffer from psychosexual illnesses.

On a tip from Kate P.

Aug 21 2019

Paul Joseph Watson on the Greta Thunberg Spectacle

Godawful GQ has degenerated so far into sanctimonious moonbattery as to feature the scolding teenage tool Greta Thunberg on its cover. Paul Joseph Watson lifts the curtain on this farce:

An “emotionally manipulative Stepford child marionette being fed lines by her neurotic parents” about sums up the Greta Thunberg phenomenon. Normally, exploiting autistic children for political purposes is not nice — but any tactic is acceptable so long as you inflict it while bleating self-righteous rhetoric about the planet.

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Compliments of StephaneDumas, the video was switched to BitChute after YouTube killed it.

Jan 16 2020

Francisco Javier Vera, 10-Year-Old Greta

When it comes to puppet ecowarriors, the younger the better. Sixteen-year old envirofascist mouthpiece Greta Thunberg has been topped by 10-year-old Francisco Javier Vera of Colombia — who has the added advantage of being from a Third-World country.

Al Jazeera wants to make him a star:

No doubt Francisco has as much factual information in his head regarding the influence of human activity on the earth’s climate as most others participating in the global warming hoax.

It is actually possible that gullible liberals take these pint-sized climate commies at face value, as if the rhetoric they spew were not devised by adults.

Let’s hope that being used by environmental fanatics does not cause Francisco ecoanxiety, as happened with Greta Thunberg, who is said to have plunged into such a deep depression due to the doomy propaganda she had been subjected to that she barely spoke or ate, which caused her to suffer malnutrition on top of Asperger syndrome.

On tips from Frances J.

Dec 16 2019

The Suffering of Saint Greta

With Saint Greta of the Church of Climate Hysteria, everything is a lie — including her travel arrangements.

Per LADbible, Princess Greta was entitled to “extra legroom, free Wi-Fi, newspapers, and complimentary food and drink” as a first-class passenger.

She did apparently sit on the floor during some part of the trip, however, creating a photo op so that worshipers of Time’s Person of the Year could observe how she suffers on behalf of the climate.

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