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Jun 17 2019

Ilhan Omar on Terrorist Recruitment in Her District

The same Somali colonization that put Ilhan Omar in Congress unsurprisingly has made her district the #1 source of Islamic terrorist recruitment in the USA. Nicholas Ballasy finds out what she plans to do about it:

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Apr 29 2019

No Parents, No Press as Ilhan Omar Speaks to Kids

Ilhan Omar is greeted like a rock star at public schools in the Somali colony that sent her to Congress. Last Friday, she visited elementary and middle school students throughout her Minnesota district. Parents were forbidden from attending, at least at one of them.

Laura Loomer reproduces an email, apparently sent to parents by the St. Anthony Village Middle School, that makes the no-parents policy explicit with this stark paragraph:

There will be a police presence and no press or parents will be allowed in.

They mean business. The social engineers must not want a repeat of the CAIR fundraising event in March. Lax control allowed the public to find out that she rallied the audience to “raise hell” and make infidels “uncomfortable,” sneeringly dismissing the lives lost on 9/11.

I’m not sure what “education equity” means, but I doubt it will help us keep ahead of the Chinese.

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Apr 22 2019

Ilhan Omar: Americans Were Black Hawk Down Villains

Most will be surprised to learn that the American soldiers involved in the Black Hawk Down incident were actually the bad guys. This shocking information comes straight from a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Ilhan Omar.

In a 2017 tweet that just came to light, Rep Omar shouted about “the thousands of Somalis killed by the American forces that day!” before signing off with the tag #NotTodaySatan.

Despite being a refugee from the perpetual hellhole Somalia herself, Omar could use a refresher course on what actually happened. The Investigative Project on Terrorism provides it:

Only 133 Somali militiamen died in the fighting with U.S. Rangers and Delta Force soldiers, Capt. Haad, a representative of the Somali National Alliance (SNA) said in a 2001 interview with Author Mark Bowden. He estimated 500 Somali deaths in his book Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War, considered the definitive account of the Battle of Mogadishu. Others put the Somali death toll closer to 1,000. A 2000 Rand Corporation report estimated 300 noncombatants were killed.

That Somali casualties were even that high was due to the use of swarm tactics, which are favored in countries where life is cheap. It wasn’t only men who took part in overwhelming the American troops by sheer numbers.

Women and children also attacked the U.S. troops, carrying everything from machine guns to knives and machetes.

Delta Force members Randy Shughart and Gary Gordon were among the Americans killed. A mob of savages dragged their bodies through the streets of Mogadishu.

American troops were there as part of Operation Restore Hope, to allow food aid to reach starving Somalis without getting stolen by warlords. It was a humanitarian mission, carried out at considerable expense out of pure altruism.

Two years after the Battle of Mogadishu, Ilhan Omar’s family settled in the USA. The rabidly anti-American Omar has since gone out of her way to make clear the thanks we can expect for noble but foolish humanitarian gestures.

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Apr 10 2019

Ilhan Omar Shrugs Off 9/11 at CAIR Fundraiser

As previously noted, Ilhan Omar used a recent fundraiser for terrorism-associated CAIR as an opportunity to rev up the crowd with some crybully Islamic supremacism:

“I say raise hell. Make people uncomfortable,” Rep. Omar said to the excited audience. “Because here’s the truth, for far too long we have lived with the discomfort of being a second-class citizen and frankly I am tired of it, and every single Muslim in this country should be tired of it.”

Now more has come to light from the same CAIR fundraiser:

“CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something, and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties,” Omar said at the event.

Some people did something. What they did is murder nearly 3,000 Americans on behalf of Islam. No biggie, according to Ilhan. At least, not compared to what Islamists like her have in mind for the future.

“First Member of Congress to ever describe terrorists who killed thousands of Americans on 9/11 as ‘some people who did something,’” [Rep Dan] Crenshaw [R-TX] wrote in a tweet. “Unbelievable.”

Actually, from Ilhan Omar, it is easy to believe. What is unbelievable is that not all of the people who elected her are fellow colonists from Somalia. Shamefully deranged by moonbattery, some Americans did as well.

Democrats placed this woman on the powerful Foreign Affairs Committee, despite her being a freshman. They are not only the Party of Death; they are also the Party of Treason.

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Mar 25 2019

Ilhan Omar Wields Her Influence

Few fifth columnists have been more brazen than Ilhan Omar, the Somali Muslima who does her best to bring down America from her moonbat-infested Minneapolis congressional district. But even she tries to keep some things under wraps:

[Omar] has been holding a series of secret fundraisers with groups that have been tied to the support of terrorism, appearances that have been closed to the press and hidden from public view.

The speeches have been given to “predominately Muslim audiences.” Given her history, it is doubtful that she tells them to forsake jihad and revere America.

Omar recently spoke in Florida at a private event hosted by Islamic Relief, a charity organization long said to have deep ties to groups that advocate terrorism against Israel. Over the weekend, she [appeared] at another private event in California that is hosted by CAIR-CA PAC, a political action committee affiliated with the Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR a group that was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a massive terror-funding incident. …

Islamic Relief has come under congressional investigation for what lawmakers have described as its efforts to provide assistance to terrorist group such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. The charity has been banned by some countries as a result of these ties.

At the CAIR event,

“I say raise hell. Make people uncomfortable,” Rep. Omar said to the excited audience. “Because here’s the truth, for far too long we have lived with the discomfort of being a second-class citizen and frankly I am tired of it, and every single Muslim in this country should be tired of it.”

Recent history provides plenty of examples of Muslims making Americans uncomfortable, the most prominent being 9/11. Further inflaming Muslims against America is irresponsible, to put mildly.

Despite her fundraising activity on behalf of groups linked to Islamic terror, the Democrat Party sees fit to place this freshman congresscritter on the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee, enabling her to sabotage US policy. She has used her position on this committee to make a spectacle of her hatred of the United States.

This is ominous:

[O]n Sept. 18, 2017, a relatively unknown Minnesota state representative flew to New York City to hold a closed-door meeting with the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was in town for the 72nd U.N. General Assembly. This meeting of now-Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., with Mr. Erdogan, the despotic ruler of Turkey, went almost entirely unreported, as it was not open to the press and Omar was not a high-profile figure.

Erdogan is an Islamist dictator who opposes American interests in the Middle East. Omar led the Minnesota-based Somali colonist delegation that met with him.

This is quite remarkable, given that Omar was then a mere Minnesota state representative, meeting face to face with the leader of an 80-million-person nation with one of the most powerful militaries in the world. … Omar not only met with Erdogan, but also with the Turkish prime minister and other senior Turkish officials.

Omar was there to represent Somalis, not Americans.

Erdogan’s administration has continuously bailed out the corrupt dictatorship in Somalia, providing its leadership with military support, economic aid, and even food rations when necessary. In late 2017, Turkey opened up a large military base in Somalia and has since given weapons and aid to Somali soldiers.

Now that she is on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Erdogan must have her on speed dial.

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Mar 18 2019

Nahren Anweya vs Ilhan Omar and Sharia

Good thing Assyrian-American human rights activist Nahren Anweya doesn’t work for Fox News. She would be in big trouble for criticizing Ilhan Omar and sharia, just like Jeanine Pirro. Here she is at a Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition’s press conference earlier this month:

There is no Islamophobe like a non-Muslim who knows what life is like under Muslim rule.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

Mar 15 2019

Why Democrats Can’t Primary Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar has humiliated Speaker Nancy Pelosi and has helped other maniacs like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib position the Democratic Party on the far side of the lunatic fringe, where votes are few outside inner cities. No doubt any rational people who have not yet walked away from the degenerating party wish they could unload this extraordinarily obnoxious Jew-baiting Islamomarxist. But that is easier said than done in Omar’s Minneapolis district, which is populated largely by Somali welfare colonists and mindlessly PC hipster millennials. It would be easy to find a vastly more qualified candidate to primary her, except that in this district, more qualified means more appealing to intersectional moonbats than an ultra-left woman of color Muslim refugee from Somalia. From The Hill:

“There’s definitely some buzz going around about it, but it’s more a buzz of is anyone talking about finding someone to run against her than it is anyone saying they’re going to run against her or contemplate it. There’s definitely talk about people wanting someone to run against her,” said state Sen. Ron Latz (D), who represents a portion of Omar’s district.

Here’s a possibility:

Minneapolis City Councilwoman [sic] Andrea Jenkins, the first openly transgender African-American woman elected to public office in the United States.

Any transsexual of politically preferred pigmentation has impressive qualifications for high office. However, Muslim tops transsexual in the Cultural Marxist caste system. Consequently,

Jenkins told The Hill on Wednesday [he] is not interested in running for Congress, and [he] backs Omar for reelection.

Jenkins says Omar has been “unfairly targeted” for shackling the Democrat Party to anti-Semitism.

Democrats could run Stalin himself and win in this district. Whoever wins the Democrat primary, wins the House seat. In turn, it appears that whoever gets the endorsement of the communist-infiltrated Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, wins the primary. That puts a Jacobin like Omar — who cannot be outflanked on her left — in the cat bird’s seat.

A similar situation may prevail at the national level, resulting in a Democrat presidential candidate no sane person would vote for. This is great news for Trump — unless the lunatic candidate wins. Then it is extremely bad news for all of us.

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Mar 12 2019

Jeanine Pirro vs Ilhan Omar

Nancy Pelosi couldn’t stand up to Ilhan Omar. Could Fox News? Jeanine Pirro has the answer.

Pirro got in hot water for this opening statement on her Fox News show last Saturday:

Judge Jeanine is completely on the mark to point out the irony of an Islamist accusing Jews of conflicting loyalties when sharia is, as she says, “antithetical to the United States Constitution.” Pandering to Muslims is doing to the Democrat Party what it has done to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party — aligning it with anti-Semitism.

Televised truth telling regarding Islam hasn’t happened very often since September 11, 2001. The reaction was swift and harsh:

In a rare rebuke of a high-profile host, Fox News on Sunday night came out strongly against the comments made a day earlier by host Jeanine Pirro about Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

“We strongly condemn Jeanine Pirro’s comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar,” the network said in a statement provided to The Hollywood Reporter. “They do not reflect those of the network and we have addressed the matter with her directly.”

Congratulations, Fox News. As a Muslim Woman of Color from Somalia, Ilhan Omar is the personification of our incoming ruling class — and you have earned a pat on the head from her:

“Thank you, @FoxNews,” Omar tweeted to her more than 720,000 followers. “No one’s commitment to our constitution should be questioned because of their faith or country of birth.”

To get an idea of how absurd this is, imagine a Nazi from Germany saying that during WWII. Islam is not just a “faith.” It is a political ideology that explicitly demands the coercive subjugation of those who won’t submit to it. The history of Western Civilization for the last 1,400 years is largely a story of staving off Islamic conquest, with limited success.

Ilhan Omar and the pernicious people who support her are increasingly calling the shots, and not only in the profoundly corrupted Democratic Party. Jews aren’t the only ones who need to be alarmed.

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Mar 08 2019

Ilhan Omar’s Junta Now Controls Democrat Party

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi used to be one of the most powerful people if not the most powerful person in the country. Then she came up against the Women of Color junta. The showdown was over whether the Democrat Party will adopt an anti-Semitic stance to comply with Islam. Pelosi was denounced as a white supremacist for objecting. She has rolled over to show her belly, having been utterly subjugated by her opponents. From Power Line:

The House of Representatives voted 407-23 in favor of the Democrats’ revised, anodyne resolution condemning all forms of bigotry. As Scott has noted, Nancy Pelosi retreated to this meaningless resolution because many House Democrats weighed in to support Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism. Faced with a rebellion in the ranks, Pelosi backed down. She now denies that the resolution had anything to do with Omar.

The patent absurdity of this lie makes it all the more humiliating that she was forced to tell it.

That is quite a change from the long-ago days (less than a month ago, actually) when Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer issued a statement saying, among other things, “Congresswoman Omar’s use of anti-Semitic tropes and prejudicial accusations about Israel’s supporters is deeply offensive.” The Democratic Party leadership’s climbdown is complete: [yesterday], as predicted, Omar voted for the resolution that began life as a censure of her anti-Semitism.

Ilhan Omar and her maniacal allies (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, et al.) are now running the Democrat Party. Jews aren’t the only ones who should find this terrifying.

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Mar 03 2019

Dems Go Ballistic Over Powerful Ilhan Omar Poster

As you might imagine, Democrats are not happy about an Ilhan Omar poster showing the World Trade Center under Muslim attack with the words, “‘NEVER FORGET’ – YOU SAID…” and beneath it the smug face of the rabidly anti-American Islamist congresscritter with the words “I AM THE PROOF – YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN.”

Some patriot had the guts to display the poster at a “Republicans Take the Rotunda” event at the West Virginia statehouse.

From The Hill:

Democrats in the statehouse complained about the display and got into an explosive argument with the state House’s sergeant at arms, Anne Lieberman, for allegedly making an anti-Muslim remark.

Lieberman is accused of stating that “all Muslims are terrorists,” which is true by definition in the sense that they devote themselves to an ideology that has entailed terrorism from its inception. She has apparently been forced to resign for “hate speech” despite denying she said it.

Anne Lieberman was not the only casualty of liberal wrath over the poster.

A Democratic state lawmaker, Mike Caputo, also allegedly injured a doorkeeper during the heated argument over the poster, resulting in the staffer being taken to the hospital.

The poster sure touched a nerve. It gets at the very essence of what the Democrat Party now stands for, as their reaction to the poster confirms.

This response from a relatively moderate Democrat presidential candidate is what we have come to expect:

If siding with your own country against foreign maniacs who want to destroy it makes you a bigot, eventually people will develop the spine to say, “Fine, I’m a bigot; now what?” That’s what progressives dread more than anything: the day we stop cowering in fear of their lash.

Mar 01 2019

Ilhan Omar Favors Maduro Over Juan Guaido

How can Democrats want to impose socialism? Don’t they see the nightmare this ideology has created right under our nose in Venezuela? Of course they see it — and they like it, even if most are not as aggressive on Maduro’s behalf as congresscritter Ilhan Omar (D-MN). She won’t even recognize Juan Guaido:

The Democrat refused to endorse Guaido and even came out against the opposition leader in an interview published on Thursday, where she went on [to] float the far-left conspiracy theory that the U.S. government is sending humanitarian aid to Venezuela “in the guise of eventually invading this country.”

Instead of sending aid to the people starving under Maduro’s socialist regime, we should be “having diplomatic conversations,” according to Omar — i.e., wasting time on circle jerks if not canoodling with the dictator.

Despite his recognition by most major Western nations and even by Nancy Pelosi as the legitimate interim head of state, Omar says Guaido is “absolutely not” the leader of the country.

Earlier this year, she accused President Trump of backing a “coup” in Venezuela, despite the international community’s agreement that Maduro won a sham election.

Then she used a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing as an opportunity to accuse America of genocide while projectile vomiting bile at special envoy for Venezuela Elliot Abrams.

This is the kind of leadership we can expect more of if we continue to allow Democrats to displace the American population with that of places like Somalia.

On a tip from Varla.

Feb 17 2019

Ilhan Omar Backed Insurance Payments to Terrorists’ Families

Ilhan Omar, a prominent young face of the Democrat Party, has a long list of qualifications: she is female, African, and aggressively Muslim. With all that on her résumé, libs find no need to look at her record, which includes Jew-bashing, allegedly marrying her own brother — and more.

As Omar represents the Somali colony liberals have established for vote-farming purposes in Minneapolis, which is the terrorist recruitment capital of the USA, it should come as no surprise that she is sympathetic toward Islamic terrorism. US Liberty Wire has discovered something interesting from 2017, when Omar represented New Mogadishu in the Minnesota legislature:

[M]embers of the Minnesota House voted to pass H.F. 1397, a bill which would give life insurance companies the right to deny payouts to beneficiaries whose loved one died while committing an act of terrorism.

In a bipartisan effort, Republicans and Democrats joined together to pass the bill 127-2. Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Minneapolis) and John Lesch (D-St.Paul) were the only two lawmakers who voted against the measure.

Lesch voted against it because he did not think it should be up to insurance companies to determine what constitutes an act of terrorism. As for Omar’s motives,

[T]he reasoning behind Omar’s no vote, the first Somali woman to be elected to public office in the United States, remains to be seen. Multiple attempts by Alpha News for comment on her decision were not returned.

Her motives are obvious in the context of her pro-Islam, anti-Western viewpoint. As a representative-elect, she was already exerting her influence on behalf of Somalis who tried to join ISIS. She has opposed attempts to counter Islamic radicalism, and announced she had been friends with Somali colonists who went off to become Al-Shabab terrorists.

On a less personal level, she is a friend of homicidal socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro — likely as a result of being on good terms with America’s worst enemy, Iran. Via Power Line:

Iran’s mullahs are close allies of the Chavez/Maduro regime and Iran, like Russia and China, has refused to recognize Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s interim president and has denounced him as a “right wing extremist.” I think Omar is most likely taking her marching orders from Iran’s mullahs.

Getting back to the Minnesota antiterrorism bill Omar voted against, it was inspired by the Islamic savagery that broke out in San Bernardino in 2015:

The shooter, Syed Rizwan Farook took out two life insurance policies totaling $300,000 in the midst of planning the terrorist attack that took 14 lives.

Omar aggressively sides with Palestinian terrorists against America’s ally Israel. The Palestinian Authority routinely makes generous cash payments to the families of “martyrs” — a tactic used to funnel Western aid into terrorism by increasing motivation to carry out suicide attacks. Omar wanted insurance companies to be forced to make similar payments in the USA.

As Monica Showalter notes,

Someone with this record should be a pariah.

Yet the Democrat Party placed this freshman representative on the House Foreign Relations Committee, making her privy to sensitive information and putting her in a position to influence US policy on behalf of our enemies.

That is what the Democrat Party stands for now. It is the party of treason.

On tips from R F, Stormfax, and 1-Bodhisattva.

Feb 14 2019

Ilhan Omar, Face of Democrat Party

It has been obvious for some time that Somali congresskook Ilhan Omar really hates Jews, in accordance with her belligerent Islamic ideology. This hatred was vomited upon special envoy for Venezuela Elliot Abrams at a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing. But it was overshadowed by this creature’s hatred of America. See what progressives have us ruled by:

Liberals have imported so many Ilhan Omars that she now legitimately represents the Somali colony that was once Minneapolis.

It turns out that ushering in Third Worlders in massive numbers does not magically transform them into Americans. Rather, these colonists are changing America into their own failed countries.

Note that in addition to denouncing America for supporting democracy, she attempts to undermine the current policy of doing the same in Venezuela — effectively siding with the failed socialist dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro, which is deliberately starving its own people. Her ideology is not well meaning if whacky. It is evil and whacky.

Also note her headgear. Observant Jews have not been allowed to wear a yarmulke in Congress, due to a rule against head coverings that had been in place since the early 19th century. This rule was dropped so that Ilhan Omar can wear a hijab, because Muslims are special. They have been special ever since 9/11, which it is easy to imagine this dim-witted, semiliterate savage applauding. Via Culture Watch:

231 Democrats just voted in favor of allowing Ilhan Omar to follow Sharia Law and wear her hijab.

The resolution overturned a 181-year tradition that banned House Representatives from wearing headwear and passed along party lines.

Thanks liberals. You’ve done a marvelous job of fundamentally transforming America.

Why was this obviously clueless freshman congresscritter given a coveted spot on the House Foreign Affairs Committee? Because she scores an identity politics trifecta — black, female, and Muslim — in addition to keeping all her dials turned as far left as they will go. She is the personification of today’s Democrat Party

On a tip from Varla.

Jan 30 2019

Ilhan Omar Proclaims Housing to Be a Right

What’s next, now that Kamala Harris has confirmed the fundamental right to demand free healthcare? Why not a right to free housing? Congressional Islamocommie Ilhan Omar (D-MN) — ally of the odious Rashida Tlaib — is on it:

“In the richest country in the world there’s no reason we can’t guarantee the right to affordable quality housing to everyone in the U.S.,” Omar said.

“And in 116th Congress, this should be a top priority,” she continued.

With socialists like Ilhan in charge, this won’t stay the richest country in the world for long. Prior to Chavez/Maduro, Venezuela was the richest country in Latin America.

“Our homelessness crisis is not a crisis of scarcity, but a crisis of moral clarity,” she said.

Moral clarity is when a tyrant confiscates your money to buy votes while spewing sanctimonious bleeding heart rhetoric.

Omar gripes that we spend too much on the military when we should be spending the money buying people “affordable” (i.e., heavily subsidized right up to being free) housing. I wonder why an Islamic supremacist representing a Somali colony (New Mogadishu, formerly known as Minneapolis) would want us to neglect military spending.

The really scary part comes when Dems proclaim that food is a human right. Consider the cornucopia of offerings at the nearest supermarket. Then consider what the shelves will look like when the federal government has taken control. We will find ourselves shopping in Venezuela.

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

Nov 14 2018

Safely Elected, Ilhan Omar Backs BDS

Now that the elections are mostly over (except for the sore loser shenanigans in Florida and Georgia), elected candidates can drop the pretense and be themselves again. Remember Islamomoonbat Ilhan Omar of New Somalia? The one who apparently married her brother while committing immigration and student loan fraud? She is now a congresscritter elect. No need to wait to take office before announcing that she was just kidding about not wanting to destroy Israel with the BDS strategy:

In August, now Rep.-Elect Ilhan Omar told a crowd of more than 1,000 people that the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement was “counteractive” because it wasn’t “helpful in getting a two-state solution.”

Now, less than a week after Omar’s election to Congress representing Minnesota’s Fifth District, Omar is explicitly stating her position as a BDS supporter in what many argue is a contradiction of the stance she took at Beth El Synagogue.

We are now told that Ilhan has “reservations on the effectiveness of the movement in accomplishing a lasting solution,” but she “believes in and supports the BDS movement.”

BDS is the same strategy that was used to bring down South Africa, creating the currently unfolding catastrophe that the media assiduously avoids reporting on.

As John McCain may have chortled every 6 years, after he was reelected yet again and yet again abandoned his conservative campaign rhetoric in favor of pandering to liberals, “Joke’s on you for believing me, suckers!”

On a tip from 1-Bodhisattva.

Oct 25 2018

Looks Like Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother

In the long term, progressives and their Muslim allies of convenience both long to degrade and destroy Western Civilization, but on more immediate issues they don’t always see eye to eye. Progressives revere homosexuality and promote it at every opportunity, even forbidding people from drawing attention to its effects on health; Muslims enjoy throwing homosexuals off rooftops. Progressives demand that every woman be believed, even if her uncorroborated accusations of sexual abuse are highly improbable; under Islam, a woman’s testimony is worth half as much as a man’s. But moonbats and Muslims may be on the same page regarding incest, which is a natural next step for liberals after homosexuality and pedophilia have been normalized. Islamists fighting to take over Syria have given it the green light. Now we read that Ilhan Omar — who is running for Congress from the Muslim colony that was once Minneapolis — has married her brother:

Minnesota state Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-60B) currently leads the race to fill the federal House seat being vacated by Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN). Immediately after being elected to her current seat in 2016, Omar faced allegations — soon backed by a remarkable amount of evidence — that she had married her own brother in 2009, and was still legally his wife. They officially divorced in December 2017.

However, it appears that Rep. Omar may have had more mundane objectives than to broaden our horizons and to enrich the multicultural tapestry.

The motivation for the marriage remains unclear. However, the totality of the evidence points to possible immigration fraud and student loan fraud.

Whether voters in her Somali-populated district give a hoot about the multiple felonies that appear to have been committed remains to be seen. These people elected Nation of Islam alumnus Keith Ellison, after all. Ilhan Omar is a black Muslim and presumably left-wing, so she meets voters’ requirements.

On tips from Dragon’s Lair and ABC of the ANC.

May 01 2019

Omar: America Won’t Be Country of White People

The one nice thing about Joe Biden and Ilhan Omar is that they are dumb enough to make the liberal racial agenda explicit, so that only those who want their own people marginalized will not be galvanized to resistance. The infamously anti-Semitic Omar was absurdly attempting to blame Trump for the recent synagogue shooting at a rally on the grounds of the Capitol yesterday when she let slip her intentions for the USA:

“This is not going to be the country of white people.”

The preferred strategy for dislodging white people from their countries is mass Third World immigration combined with Cultural Marxism. The latter involves creating and exploiting a coalition of alienated groups that are egged on to hate the core population.

“This is the country that was founded on the history of Native American genocide, on the backs of black slaves but also by immigrants,” Omar said.

That is typical of the rabid anti-American rhetoric spewed by Omar, and of the thanks we may get for welcoming refugees like herself.

On a tip from Sean C.

Jun 04 2019

Applied Multiculturalism: Minneapolis

The federal government and collaborating do-gooder NGOs have established a massive, 80,000-strong Somali colony in the formerly highly livable Minneapolis area. Since the mainstream media would never do it, let’s let Sunny Lohman bring us up to date on how this is working out for the natives.

During a single week last month,

On Wednesday, May 15th a couple of University students were attacked on campus at the East Bank Train station by two Somali thugs. …

On Thursday, May 16th two Somalis burned down the pavilion at Lake Calhoun [or Lake Bde Maka Ska if you’re a virtue signaler) an eating and hanging out meeting place in the heart of the city…

On Friday, May 17th a gang of 10-12 Somali youths attacked all the white people at that same East Bank Train station with hammers and pipes.…

More on that incident here.

The assimilation difficulties did not spring up all at once. Somalis scammed $100 million from the welfare system that so many come to the USA to exploit. Dozens of them have joined Islamic terror outfits, including ISIS. Somali police officer Mohamed Noor murdered Justice Damond while she talked with another officer.

In 2018 a Somali student at St Catherine University attempted to burn down the school and “hurt people,” saying, ““You guys are lucky that I don’t know how to build a bomb because I would have done that.”

Lohman has more, including a Somali stabbing a young woman 14 times for no apparent reason and a gang in religious robes celebrating Ramadan by terrorizing the affluent Linden Hills neighborhood for days on end, driving across lawns, menacing residents, beating a dog, yelling “Jihad,” et cetera.

When you import massive numbers of people from the most violent and dysfunctional place on earth, you are importing violence and dysfunction. It isn’t the soil that makes Somalia hell; it is the people who live there.

The damage has not been limited to Minnesota. The rabidly anti-American Somali refugee Ilhan Omar was sent to Congress and serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Those who proclaim America to be a “nation of immigrants” refer to discrete periods when the country absorbed large numbers of new citizens from abroad. These immigrants were able and expected to assimilate. The Somali colonists of Minneapolis will never assimilate — though with the encouragement of the welfare state they will grow much more numerous, even if we were to stop taking in more.

Diversity is not strength. It is weakness. Unfolding events will make this obvious.

On a tip from Sean C.

Jun 01 2019

Democrats Blame Israel for Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

Islamocongresscritters Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib aren’t the only moonbats who have it in for Jews. Some will blame Jews for anything — even the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting:

A draft resolution set to be debated this weekend at the California Democratic Party State Convention, obtained by Fox News, accuses the Israeli government of willfully “aligning with the virulent Islamophobia” of white supremacist groups in the U.S. — and links Israel indirectly to the Oct. 2018 massacre of 11 congregants at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

As a joke, this would be in very bad taste. But no joke is in as bad taste as progressive politics these days.

The relevance of this outrage against sanity is not limited to the California state party.

A total of 14 Democrat presidential contenders are set to descend on the San Francisco gathering at the Moscone Convention Center, including Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Bernie Sanders.

Don’t expect any of the presidential hopefuls to weigh in on whether the Jewish state deserves to be punished. They probably understand that this stuff scares away voters.

Some of the draft resolutions would mandate that Democrat officials work to “nullify” President Trump’s pro-Israel policies. One document directs party officials to take a subsidized trip to Israel only “if they undertake to devote an equal amount of time to visiting Palestinian towns, villages and refugee camps in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.”

Nancy Pelosi tried to stop Jacobins from making the Democratic Party the home of anti-Semitism. But she lost her showdown with Ilhan Omar.

On a tip from Steve T.

May 25 2019

Eric Swalwell Gay Pander Fail

Democrat presidential candidate Eric Swalwell is attempting to expand his appeal beyond his single issue of over-the-top hostility toward our constitutional right to bear arms (see here and here). He lets it be known with the sincerity that we have come to expect of Democrat politicians that he has another position — devout reverence for sexual deviancy:

The first flag is pretty much mandatory for a congresscritter. Even Ilhan Omar might have one. The conspicuously creased second flag obviously just came out of the package for his obsequious tweet. Try again Eric.

On a tip from Varla.

May 20 2019

Report: Rashida Tlaib Committed Election Fraud

The bizarre rhetoric Rashida Tlaib spews regarding Israel isn’t the only thing about her that is fake. Looks like she broke the law by falsely claiming to be a resident of the Detroit district that sent her to the state legislature prior to her rise to Congress:

Tlaib is facing nationwide calls for her resignation or removal from office after Big League Politics exposed that Tlaib lied about her address in order to illegally register to vote, run for office, and represent a state House district that she did not live in — violating federal and state laws in the process. Rashida Tlaib illegally pretended to represent a state House district in Detroit even though she lived the whole time in suburban Dearborn, which should have led to her removal from office in the state legislature. The Michigan Bureau of Elections is aware of the growing scandal, and current state senator Jon Bumstead of Michigan put word to BLP through an intermediary that Rashida Tlaib did in fact violate the law.

The petition “IMPEACH RASHIDA TLAIB” for her fake residency scandal, which was created by MRS. AMERICAN CITIZEN, has reached 318,536 signatures on as of press time.

Normally this would not involve a petition. A simple tip to the mainstream media should do the job if she broke the law. But Rashida Tlaib is a Muslim Woman of Color — the same intersectional trifecta that keeps the vociferously anti-American Ilhan Omar, who has committed her own alleged legal transgressions, on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

According to Tlaib’s father,

“She lied big-time to get elected. I never teach her that way. I teach her the right way. It’s my house. She didn’t live there. She lived in Dearborn in her house with her husband and boy.”

The Muslim colony Dearbornistan is not in her district. If we still have rule of law in this country, she will be removed from office as soon as her fraud is officially established. But I’m not holding my breath.

Ironically, Tlaib came to national prominence by screaming of the POTUS, “impeach the motherf***er,” despite there being no specific grounds to remove Trump from office. In contrast, there appear to be very concrete grounds to impeach Tlaib.

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May 16 2019

Why Actual Epidemic of Hate Crimes Is Not News

Sputtering righteousness is just window dressing. The issue is never the issue; the issue is always increasing power for the left. Consider hate crimes. When they increase leftist power, they are treasured by the media, hyped to skies with hyperbolic rhetoric, even though they are often fake. No one needs to fake hate crimes against Jews. But we don’t hear much about them, because they do not advance the narrative:

Orthodox Jews in New York City, specifically in Brooklyn, have experienced alarming rates of physical assault over the past year. The New York Police Department says that hate crimes in the city are up 67 percent this year. Of those, a whopping 80 percent have been anti-Semitic hate crimes. Just this week an Orthodox Jew just walking down the street was attacked from behind, punched in the head by an attacker who then ran away. In another incident this week, an Orthodox Jew was attacked by a group of men, one of whom shouted “You (expletive) Jew.”

This is an all too familiar story in Brooklyn these days, and there is a reason it isn’t being treated as a crisis by our media or government. That reason is that many if not most of the assailants are black or Hispanic men. …

I asked city councilman and candidate for public advocate Joe Borelli if he thought the city and Mayor Bill de Blasio were doing enough. He was succinct, “It seems like the outrage ended when they couldn’t tie these hate crimes to Trump.”

Since Nancy Pelosi lost a power struggle to Ilhan Omar, it has been official that the Democratic Party owns anti-Semitism. Therefore, attacks on Jews will be reported with muddled doubletalk when they are reported at all, since the media establishment is an extension of the Democratic Party. Now back to the Jussie Smollett show.

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May 12 2019

Rashida Tlaib Waxes Sentimental About the Holocaust

If Islamocongresscritter Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) doesn’t cure Jews of voting Democrat, nothing can. The Dems may as well run Adolf Hitler. Tlaib previously screamed, “impeach the motherf***er,” referring to possibly the most pro-Israel US President ever — despite having no grounds for impeachment. Now she announces that she gets a “calming feeling” by thinking about the Holocaust:

“There’s always kind of a calming feeling I tell folks when I think of the Holocaust, and the tragedy of the Holocaust, and the fact that it was my ancestors — Palestinians — who lost their land and some lost their lives, their livelihood, their human dignity, their existence in many ways, have been wiped out, and some people’s passports,” Tlaib said… “And just all of it was in the name of trying to create a safe haven for Jews, post-the Holocaust, post-the tragedy and the horrific persecution of Jews across the world at that time. And I love the fact that it was my ancestors [i.e., Palestinians] that provided that, right, in many ways. But they did it in a way that took their human dignity away and it was forced on them.”

Uh… what?

To suggest that Arabs ever supported a Jewish state is beyond absurd. Jews had a presence in their homeland long before the Holocaust, and Muslims in the region have always opposed that presence. Palestinians sided with the Nazis:

During World War II, the Palestinian leader at the time, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad Amin al-Husayni, met with Adolf Hitler and allied with the Nazis. As the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum recounts, “al-Husayni collaborated with the German and Italian governments by broadcasting pro-Axis, anti-British, and anti-Jewish propaganda via radio to the Arab world; inciting violence against Jews and the British authorities in the Middle East; and recruiting young men of Islamic faith for service in German military, Waffen-SS, and auxiliary units. In turn, the Germans and the Italians used al-Husayni as a tool to inspire support and collaboration among Muslim residents of regions under Axis control and to incite anti-Allied violence and rebellion among Muslims residing beyond the reach of German arms.”

Palestinians now behave like Nazis themselves, killing Jews for being Jews on a regular basis, while enjoying the avid support of Tlaib and her colleague Ilhan Omar, and the tacit support of the rest of their party.

Don’t expect Nancy Pelosi to chastise Tlaib over this. She learned her lesson when she dared speak up about Omar’s anti-Semitism and was slapped back into place.

The Democrat Party is pro-Muslim. In their arrogance, Dems expect Jews to vote for them anyway. Why not? Other Americans vote for them despite their reflexive support for enemies.

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May 02 2019

End-Stage Socialism

Starting-stage socialism features demagogues righteously proclaiming that they want to rob from the rich to give to the poor because they are kind and generous. End-stage socialism like they currently have in Venezuela looks like this:

Meanwhile, rising Democrat star Ilhan Omar says the problems in Venezuela are the result of America being a bully:

“A lot of the policies that we have put in place has kind of helped lead the devastation in Venezuela and we have sort of set the stage for where we are arriving today,” she told PBS’ “Democracy Now!”

“This particular bullying and the use of sanctions to eventually intervene and make regime change really does not help the people of countries like Venezuela and it certainly does not help and is not in the interest of the United States,” she added.

Give leftists like herself enough power and you will see what it means to bully, as Venezuela demonstrates.

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