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Oct 09 2019

Justin Trudeau and the Decline of Canada

The decline of Canada has a face. It is the pretty boy face of its laughing stock Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is now relying more heavily than ever on sheer moonbattery to keep himself afloat.

Black Pigeon Speaks brings us up to date on the state of affairs north of the border:

South Africa won’t be the last country to die of moonbattery. Canada may be the next.

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Sep 19 2019

Justin Trudeau Blackface Blasphemy

There is only one form of sacrilege against the liberal religion that is regarded as even more unforgivable than a white person uttering the forbidden n-word (regardless of context): blackface blasphemy.

Megyn Kelly suggested that having worn blackface decades ago may not be the worst thing imaginable if no disrespect was intended. This was enough to completely destroy her extravagantly lucrative career.

Let’s hope blackface blasphemy does the same to the insufferable Justin Trudeau — who has committed this capital thought crime no fewer than three times. If anyone deserves the PC Cancel Culture guillotine, Trudeau does.

Unless the double standard often applied to prominent liberals prevents Trudeau from getting hoisted on his own PC petard, his well-known penchant for making a fool of himself could save Canada from doing the same in the October 21 election.

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Jun 11 2019

How Justin Trudeau Saves the Planet

Justin Trudeau may be a clown, but at least he is a good person. We know this because he virtue-signals his concern for The Planet. Here he eloquently expresses what he and his family do to save the planet from plastic:

Plastic is the most useful material humans have come up with since metal. Enjoy it while you can. Liberals have made clear it will not be permitted in utopia.

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Nov 23 2018

Justin Trudeau Buys Journalism

Crony capitalism makes those with connections very rich. Of course, Big Government gets something out of the bargain too, namely more power. Justin Trudeau and his party demonstrate by extending $595 million (Canadian) over 5 years in tax relief to news outlets regarded as eligible:

The federal government is giving a tax break to digital news subscribers, a refundable tax credit to news outlets and will allow non-profit media organizations to give charitable receipts to donors, all to help journalism in Canada.

But not just any journalism. Only the right kind of journalism.

Imagine if the only news available were the left-wing pablum on coercively financed PBS. That is the probable objective.

The action is a response to calls from the news industry for assistance in the face of dramatic declines in ad revenue that have forced layoffs and the closure of more than 200 news outlets.

Capitalists call this “creative destruction.” Henry Ford was hard on buggy whip manufacturers, but all of us — including former buggy whip manufacturers — are better off for his efforts. But statists call it an opportunity to acquire leverage.

Conservatives don’t like where this is heading.

“(Justin) Trudeau has just nationalized new journalism,” Conservative MP Michelle Rempel said on Twitter. “Any journo that takes this money will no longer be independent. Thus dies journalism.”

As for who qualifies as eligible,

Eligibility will be determined by the government and government-established panels. Details regarding such determinations were not provided.

If you think the establishment media leans left now, wait until it is dependent for its existence on handouts from Big Government.

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Jun 10 2018

Watch Justin Trudeau’s False Eyebrows Malfunction During News Conference

What kind of guy would wear false eyebrows? A metrosexual moonbat like Justin Trudeau:

Looks like this is for real. For confirmation, go to 27:00 of the video of Trudeau holding a joint news conference with Emmanuel Macron at Canada’s CPAC (Cable Public Affairs Channel) website.

Maybe an advisor told him that bushy eyebrows would make him look more virile, so that Trump wouldn’t push him around.

With all the loot Canada’s progressive government expropriates from taxpayers, you would think Trudeau could afford glue that can hold his phony eyebrows in place.

It makes you wonder what else about the boy prime minister is fake. Probably everything.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tips: Vlad Tepes, Daily Wire.

May 25 2018

Justin Trudeau Receives Award for Pushing LGBT Agenda

Congratulations to quintessential moonbat Justin Trudeau. His obsequious pandering on behalf of sexual deviants has earned him a pat on the head from militants:

Trudeau was greeted with a standing ovation as he took to the stage at a Toronto hotel on Thursday night to accept an award from human rights group Egale Canada for his LGBTQ advocacy.

Like many terms, including the word “liberal,” “human rights” has been twisted by liberals into very nearly the opposite of its original meaning. It now means leftist advocacy. Outside of communist and Muslim countries, it would be hard to find anything more tyrannical than Canada’s Torquemada-esque Human Rights Tribunals.

As he reflected on his efforts to make amends for historic wrongs suffered by LGBTQ Canadians, the prime minister affirmed his commitment to remedying present-day discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation.

That is, the promotion of homosexuality will be pushed even further, until Canada resembles a San Francisco bathhouse, then still further after that.

To secure the support of this tiny minority, Trudeau is eager to endanger the health of everyone else:

He also expressed disappointment with the persistence of what he described as discriminatory restrictions preventing sexually active gay men from becoming blood and organ donors.

HIV in the blood supply is a perfect metaphor for the effect perversion-pushing liberals have on the culture of North America.

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Mar 11 2018

Double Shot of Moonbattery: Bill Nye and Justin Trudeau Have a Fireside Chitchat

The only thing moonbattier than either Canada’s soy boy prime minister or make-believe scientist Bill Nye is both of these featherweights together. Rebel Media selects the three dumbest moments from their “fireside chat”:

Feb 28 2018

Justin Trudeau’s Social Justice Budget

Justin Trudeau’s comical moonbattery has provided plenty of laughs, as when he demanded a student say “peoplekind” instead of “mankind,” and when he dressed up like an Indian and even did an Indian dance on a trip to India. But the moonbattery is not so funny for Canadians when it hits them in the wallet.

Imagine if ditzy woke coeds were put in charge of the Canadian government. The result would be something like the budget that was released Tuesday:

While the first chapter is wisely about bolstering the middle-class, chapter two — so their second priority — is all gender issues. They offer multiple pages to “addressing the gender wage gap”, toss in $10 million for a Women in Construction Fund, herald the creation of a new Centre for Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Statistics and pony up $1.8 million for something called Engaging Men and Boys to Promote Gender Equality.

The detailed description for that last one contains this gem of academic nonsense: “At the same time, men and boys also have gendered intersecting identities and experience inequality, and are not all a homogenous group. This work will recognize that gender is not synonymous with women.”

Transsexuals will be pleased to know that they qualify for handouts and privileges.

Then the document designates $173.2 million not for securing the border but for keeping the floodgates open.

“Funding would be used to manage the increased number of people seeking asylum in Canada this year, many of whom arrive with their families seeking quick, safe and compassionate processing.”

Whether women and trannies will still qualify for special considerations after liberals have displaced the Canadian population with explosively reproducing Islamic welfare colonists remains to be seen.

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Feb 23 2018

Justin Trudeau Beclowns Himself in India

Could there possibly, anywhere on earth, be a more absurd creature than Canada’s moonbat Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? During his current trip to India, he has confirmed that the answer is no:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, normally a darling of Western media, has been roundly, and sometimes savagely, mocked for a trip to India that included cultural, fashion, and political blunders at every turn.

Never mind the various political mishaps. Let’s have a laugh at his asinine attempts to look and act like an Indian:

Prominent Indian personalities expressed their distaste for Trudeau’s dress, with India Today calling it “tacky.” Trudeau showed up at an event full of Bollywood stars in full traditional dress, while the movie stars themselves simply wore black suits.

Trudeau’s sartorial choices were described as “fake and annoying.” That’s putting it mildly:

It gets worse:

At one point, Trudeau, wearing traditional dress, broke into the Indian dance called the Bhangra

No, really. See for yourself:

If Donald Trump ever behaved like this, outrage would be so massive, it would throw the Earth out of its orbit.

Not even his devotion to moonbattery has protected Trudeau from the media’s ridicule:

On CTV, a major Canadian news broadcaster, the host Don Martin said, “If this is Trudeau putting Canada ‘back’ on the world stage, we should get off.

Trudeau’s hometown paper, the Ottawa Citizen, compared Trudeau’s India trip to George H.W. Bush’s 1992 trip to Tokyo, where Bush vomited on Japan’s prime minister.

“As for what ‘the work, achievements and objectives’ of this cavalcade of embarrassment might amount to, it would have been better, in hindsight, if Trudeau had gone to India alone, invited himself to dinner with Modi, and thrown up in his lap,” the Citizen wrote.

Better still would be for Trudeau to stay in India. He could make himself useful for once by dancing in the marketplace in Indian attire for the amusement of rock-throwing children.

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Feb 07 2018

Justin Trudeau Is a Complete Idiot

It is too soon to stop guffawing at Justin Trudeau, champion of “peoplekind” and moonbat soy boy extraordinaire. Paul Joseph Watson keeps the laughter rolling — though you might have to stop occasionally to grind your teeth, especially if you’re Canadian:

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Feb 07 2018

Justin Trudeau Schoolmarmishly Abolishes “Mankind” from the Newspeak Dictionary

Now would be a good time to laugh uproariously at Justin Trudeau and everything he personifies:

Trudeau was fielding questions at MacEwan University in Edmonton when a woman reportedly from the World Mission Society Church of God asked a question about policies regarding volunteering with religious organizations.

Evidently Canada makes it difficult to volunteer with religious organizations, probably because the country is run by moonbats like Trudeau.

“So that’s why we came here today to ask you to also look into the policies that religious charitable organizations have in our legislations so that it can also be changed, because maternal love is the love that’s going to change the future of mankind,” she continued. “So we’d like you to—

Mr. Trudeau interjected at that point, saying, “We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind ‘cause it’s more inclusive.”

Instead of bursting into laughter, the hijab-heavy audience cheered. Canada may be lost.

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Nov 29 2017

Justin Trudeau Weeps as He Denounces Canada, Bestows Victim Privileges Upon Homosexuals

For a favored special interest group to make it to the top of the cultural Marxist caste system, it must be regarded as oppressed. Yesterday Justin Trudeau formally bestowed that dubious yet coveted honor upon homosexuals — in the process trashing his country and wallowing in maudlin pathos:

Trudeau issued a tearful apology Tuesday to members of the LGBTQ community for actions taken by the government against thousands of workers in the military and public service during the Cold War.

Trudeau said in an emotional speech to Parliament that from the 1950s to the early 1990s, the federal government employed a campaign of oppression against members and suspected members of the LGBTQ communities.

The thinking of the day, he said, was that all non-heterosexual Canadians would automatically be at an increased risk of blackmail by Canada’s adversaries.

That is no longer a problem, now that the worst enemies Canada ever had are running the country.

Blubbered Trudeau,

“It is with shame and sorrow and deep regret for the things we have done that I stand here today and say: We were wrong. We apologize. I am sorry. We are sorry.”

Naturally this shameful display was good for a standing ovation. Anyone who didn’t stand would be branded as a “homophobe”; his livelihood would be threatened.

What a prosperous time to be oppressed by homophobes. Already over $100 million Canadian (US $78 million) has been set aside to compensate victims.

But sexual deviants shouldn’t feel too special. They aren’t the only ones to reduce Trudeau to womanly weeping.

Last week, the prime minister broke down in tears apologizing for abuses and cultural losses to indigenous children at residential schools in Newfoundland and Labrador.

By comparison with Trudeau, Obama looks macho and patriotic. Canada will not find it easy to be taken seriously within the lifetimes of those witnessing this appalling spectacle.

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Jul 26 2017

Rolling Stone’s Justin Trudeau Cover Disgusts Even Christopher Hayes

Rolling Stone markets moonbattery as hipness with the same level of credibility as Al Gore markets it as science. I thought nothing could lower my opinion of this vestigial hippie rag. Then I saw this.

If only this ultra-P.C. metrosexual Islamophile weenie were our president. Then it could be American instead of Canadian taxpayers who shower $8 million upon a terrorist who murdered an American medic.

It takes some awfully rank moonbattery to make even MSNBC’s Chris Hayes queasy:

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Apr 01 2016

Canada’s Liberal Media Fetishizes Justin Trudeau’s Socks

The media’s adoration of Barack Obama plunged into self-ridicule when liberal pseudo-conservative pundit David Brooks bizarrely fetishized the crease in his pants, regarding it as confirmation that the unqualified community organizer should be president. If Brooks ever manages to get laughed out of his job, he ought to head north, where the same mentality is in vogue regarding moonbat Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

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