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Jun 05 2021

If Joe Biden Were a Cop

It’s a good thing Joe Biden is only the President of the United States. Imagine placing him in a position of responsibility. If he were a police officer, it would look something like this:

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Jun 03 2021

San Diego Police Forced to Pander to Sexual Psychosis

Now that the lunatics are running the asylum, indulging psychotic delusions rather than helping people to overcome them is mandatory:

Police officers in San Diego must refer to transgender and nonbinary individuals by their pronouns, must allow them to choose the gender of the officer who searches them and must take them to the jail facility that aligns with the person’s preferred identity, according to a new policy implemented Tuesday.

I wonder which gender horny criminals are most likely to choose to give them a cavity search.

The lunatic guidelines were “developed in coordination with San Diego’s LGBTQ community and announced the first day of Pride month.” Wait to see what kind of guidelines the police have to follow when pedophiles become as politically powerful as other previously reviled sexual identities.

“Historically, many members of our LGBTQ community — particularly those who identify as transgender or nonbinary — have not been recognized or respected for who they are. That changes with this procedure,” Mayor Todd Gloria, San Diego’s first openly gay mayor, said in a news release.

We’ll see if the mandatory denial of objective reality applies to drug fiends who believe they are birds and can fly off rooftops. Recognizing and respecting “who they are” would mean letting them jump.

The SDPD’s embrace of LGBTetc militants does not seem to be reciprocated:

Last year, San Diego Pride said it would no longer give law enforcement agencies a contingent in the Pride Parade, held each year in July, or booths at the Pride Festival.

The same goes in New York. Law enforcement is politically unclean according to the doctrine of our moonbat overlords. But maybe if they are pandered to obsequiously enough, the belligerently aberrant will let cops march in their perversity pageants.

Then again, probably not.

Courtney Skaggs, a La Mesa resident who is intersex and identifies as they/she, said the new guidelines “discourage assumptions and encourage self determination.” Skaggs added: “Encounters with police can be stressful and traumatic, and the fact that officers are mandated to respect pronouns and gender is important progress.”

However, no amount of “progress” will ever be enough. Skaggs whines aggressively about the policy’s “lack of inclusion of intersex folks in key sections.” Authorities are in for some bullying for being intersexphobic.

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May 28 2021

Anticop Atlanta Pol Has Car Stolen in Front of Him

Leftist demagogues are willing to subject impoverished neighborhoods to sharply increased crime rates for the sake of Black Lives Matter posturing. Gratifyingly, what goes around, comes around.

In Atlanta, for example, homicide is up 57%, rape 55%, aggravated assault 36%, and car theft 31% from last year. Democrat Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms isn’t bothering to run for reelection with out of control crime hanging around her neck. Don’t expect an improvement if she is replaced by Atlanta City Councilman Antonio Brown.

Via Fox 5 Atlanta:

Atlanta Police are searching for a group of very young thieves who stole Mayoral Candidate Antonio Brown’s car. The thieves were between the ages of 6 and 12, officials stated.

Brown was standing only a few feet away from his white Mercedes coupe at the time.

Brown said he tried to stop them, but got dragged a short distance and eventually let go after about a half block.

That was wise. If he held on, he might have ended up like Mohammad Anwar in Washington, DC, a city run by similar people with similar results.

Officers said they found Brown’s car a few hours later but did not say if they made any arrests. Brown said he does not want to press charges.

Of course not. The reason there is so much crime in inner cities is that there are usually no meaningful consequences.

Regarding Brown’s campaign,

Brown launched his mayoral campaign with a platform calling for the “reimagining” of policing. …

He was also one of seven council members to support withholding $73 million from the [Atlanta Police Department]’s budget until the mayor’s administration came up with a plan to “reinvent the culture of policing in the city.”

In the context of law enforcement, “reinvent” is liberalese for defund, hamstring, and all but abolish law enforcement, which Brown has good reason not to be fond of, considering that he is under indictment on multiple federal fraud charges.

If only all left-wing politicians could be locked up for fraud, inner cities might be reclaimed from the jungle.

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May 25 2021

George Floyd’s Legacy Is Secure

What better way to honor the memory of violent career criminal George Floyd than with lawless chaos?

Where are the police? Oh that’s right, they have been marginalized so as to make the world safe for lowlifes.

In happier George Floyd news, liberals’ premier golden calf today celebrates his 1-year fentanyl-free anniversary.

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May 25 2021

Why BLM Founder Always Wanted to Fight the Police

During a speech at King’s College London back in 2015, well-to-do Marxist Patrisse Cullors, cofounder of Black Lives Matter, explained the reason she has always wanted to fight the police who make it possible for her to own so much property without being killed for it. While reminiscing about joining a radical organization at age 17, she revealed that the police are terrorists.

Via The National Pulse:

“I remember the first thing I said to the organization was ‘do you fight police?’ That’s what I wanted to do. I always knew I wanted to fight police. They were the single most, sort of, terrorist organization in my life, and I wanted to know how to fight them.”

Speaking of terrorists, Patrisse went on to crow:

“One of the biggest things I learned about Ferguson is it does not take 2,000 people to shut sh[**] down. Five people can shut a freeway down. We did it in Los Angeles. 10 people can shut a Walmart down. We did it in Ferguson.”

The year before, Ferguson had been the site of riots in the name of a sociopathic thug who died while trying to murder police officer Darren Wilson. There is a word for using violence to “shut sh** down” to achieve political objectives; that word is “terrorism.”

The bad guys have marched through the institutions and now control the levers of power. That’s why everything is upside down, so that criminals are worshiped, heroes are demonized, speech is violence, violence is speech, information is disinformation, propagandists are journalists, terrorists are peaceful protesters, and police are terrorists. If it comes from anyone who enjoys the support of the liberal establishment, it is not merely a lie but the diametric opposite of the truth.

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May 20 2021

Burning Police Station Wins College Art Award

The reason America’s decline has been so precipitous, taking us from Ronald Reagan to Joe Biden in less than half a century, is that the country is not falling on its own. It is being pushed. Progressives promote our national decline wherever they have established hegemony, nowhere more blatantly than in the arts and education:

A painting of a Minneapolis police station going up in flames won a recent award from a student-run art magazine at Valparaiso University.

As you might expect, the painting looks like a little kid did it.

“Order is Not Justice,” a work by Sam “Doc” Janowiak, received a first-place award in the annual “Artivism” contest run by The Lighter, a campus magazine featuring promoting poetry, short stories, and visual arts.

Evidently there are no grownups at Indiana’s extravagantly pricey Valparaiso University to point out that savages burning down a police station in honor of a criminal is not an event to celebrate.

The announcement of Janowiak’s award on Instagram was “liked” by the Valparaiso Department of Communications, several fraternities and sororities (Janowiak is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon), and a number of student government accounts.

What we celebrate, we will get more of.

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

May 17 2021

Police Banned From NYC Gay Pride Parade

In New York City, police are regarded as an undesirable element and have therefore been banned from participating in an annual parade celebrating homosexuality.

New York City Pride has told the New York Police Department’s Gay Officers Action League it is not welcome in the parade…

GOAL was formed in 1982 after NYPD Sgt. Charles Cochrane outed himself delivering testimony on anti-gay discrimination legislation pending before the City Council. The progressive organization paved the way for similar groups across the country.

Yesterday’s progressive pioneer is today’s canceled thought criminal, as the Overton window shifts into dimensions of leftism hitherto unimagined. Not even publicly embracing the gay lifestyle compensates for the sin of helping to maintain public order, because according to liberal dogma, local police are inherently racist.

Police are banned from the parade until at least 2025. NYC Pride says it will “take steps to keep police officers at least one city block away from event perimeter areas where possible” because it wants “to create safer spaces for the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities at a time when violence against marginalized groups, specifically BIPOC and trans communities, has continued to escalate.”

The skyrocketing crime rate resulting from the Black Lives Matter–inspired movement to defund or otherwise marginalize the police has demonstrated that everyone is safer when there are no police around — or at least, that is the lesson leftists seem to have drawn from it.

At least we will be spared the appalling spectacle of officers publicly twerking and simulating gay sex while in uniform.

A lot of good it did the NYPD to apologize for raiding the Stonewall Inn in 1969, which set off the infamous riots. Apologizing to moonbats only signals weakness, which invites further bullying and contempt. There is no grace among the politically correct.

It used to be the belligerently ostentatious gays who got banned from parades. They didn’t like it. But now that they have the whip hand, exclusion and intolerance are salutary.

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May 12 2021

Black Lives Matter Runs Police in Plano

After all the viciousness Black Lives Matter maniacs have heaped on the police, including hundreds of assaults and even setting fire to police stations, how could the police side with them against regular Americans? Why would they do it in a nice conservative town like Plano, Texas? Yet that is what recently happened:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton blasted “mob rule” and Plano’s police chief after an angry driver caught on video confronting Black Lives Matter militants for blocking traffic was the only person charged in Saturday’s incident.

In a statement, Paxton focuses the blame where it belongs — on Plano’s Chief of Police:

[T]he Chief was anxious to excuse the rioters. “You have to understand the situation,” urged the Chief. “We have to negotiate with these people. Do you expect us to mass arrest these protesters? You know that’s not going to happen.” Most law enforcement officers are ready and willing to uphold law and order. We need them to do that. But too many are held back by politically motivated leaders, crippled by the woke agitators, now aiders and abettors to liberal lunacy.

Amen. Plano Chief of Police Ed Drain is himself a woke agitator. Here he is marching with his fellow militant moonbats:

Here we see Drain barking Black Lives Matter moonbattery:

Appointments on the basis of politically correct virtue signaling rather than suitability for the job have to stop. How else would a kook like Drain end up running the police in Plano? It isn’t Dallas, let alone Portland — although it will soon follow liberal cities down the drain so to speak if leftists are left in charge.

Matt Christiansen provides the thoughtful analysis no longer offered by the corrupted mainstream media:

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May 10 2021

Michelle Obama: Police Might Kill My Daughters

Just when I thought nothing could lower my opinion of Michelle Obama, she belligerently whimpers that police might murder her daughters for being black:

Though she says she breathed “a sign of relief” after a jury convicted Derek Chauvin of the murder of George Floyd last month, former First Lady Michelle Obama told CBS This Morning’s Gayle King that “there’s still work to be done” when it comes to social justice.

Sacrificing one white cop to her ideology in a Stalinesque show trial is hardly going to appease Michelle Obama.

Noting that her daughters — 19-year-old Sasha and 22-year-old Malia — both drive, the former first lady said she worries for their safety whenever they leave the house.

“They’re driving, but every time they get in a car by themselves, I worry about what assumption is being made by somebody who doesn’t know everything about them: The fact that they are good students and polite girls, but maybe they’re playing their music a little loud. Maybe somebody sees the back of their head and makes an assumption,” she said.

Obama continued: “I, like so many parents of Black kids … the innocent act of getting a license puts fear in our hearts.”

Please. Michelle Obama is not smart enough to have gotten into Princeton if she weren’t black, but she has more than enough cognitive capacity to understand that it is preposterous to suggest the police would kill her privileged daughters — or anyone else — for being black.

She also knows the effect bogus black oppression propaganda is having on the country. After all, it was her community organizer husband who put us on our current path to destruction by exploiting the timely demises of sociopaths Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown for divisive purposes, not to mention the farcical Henry Louis Gates incident.

Hat tips: Frontpage Mag, Maggie’s Farm.

May 06 2021

DeSantis Gives Police Bonuses

Backlash against Trump was largely responsible for putting Biden’s handlers in power. This backlash was predictable, considering the 4 years of total war waged against him by the media and Trump’s knack for rubbing people the wrong way. However, personality and excessive spending aside, he was not a bad president. Things were going great before Covid. In contrast, Biden has been a cataclysmically awful president, ham-fistedly forcing through unprecedented wasteful spending and policies that only a kook could fail to be appalled by. After what he is doing to the country sinks in, backlash against the backlash ought to be massive.

The adorant media can prop up Biden’s approval numbers to just over 50%, but not indefinitely. The response to his maliciously anti-American rule will be a tsunami of patriotism. Surfing high atop this wave will be Ron DeSantis.

While the Democrats stampede each other in their hurry to plunge off a cliff into sheer moonbattery, DeSantis moves resolutely in the opposite direction:

DeSantis announced on Wednesday that his administration is giving $1,000 bonuses to all of Florida’s 174,000 first responders, including law enforcement officers, paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and firefighters.

The move by DeSantis, a rising star in the Republican Party, comes after far-left Democrats across the U.S. repeatedly called for defunding the police last year, and have this year gone as far as to call for abolishing policing and ending the incarceration system in the United States.

If anyone deserves a bonus, it is police. Due to the propaganda war the mainstream media/Democratic Party axis of evil has been waging against them, they have been forced to deal with no end of crap, not to mention increased threat of death. No wonder there is already a shortage of police.

People will get sick of cities degenerating into jungles because the liberal ruling class sides with criminals against the police. They will get sick of repressive Covid restrictions that serve no sane purpose. They will get sick of taxes shooting through the stratosphere and their savings depleted by inflation so that vast fortunes can be shamelessly wasted. They will get sick of their children being indoctrinated to hate themselves for their race and to hate their country. They will get sick of Democrats and be ready for DeSantis.

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May 04 2021

What Cops Have to Deal With

You would need the patience of a saint to do police work in the world liberals have created with their relentless blizzard of lies:

Note that this horrid woman — who has swallowed the media’s narrative hook, line, and sinker — is a teacher.

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Apr 30 2021

Standing Up to Leftists Comes at a Price

Nails that stand up get hammered down. The leftists consolidating control of the USA are not playing around. Dissenters are terrorists. They will not be tolerated. The same goes in Canada.

Readers will remember the way LeBron James viciously sicced the Black Lives Matter mob on the police officer who had to use deadly force to prevent one black girl from stabbing another in Columbus. An Idaho officer responded with some lighthearted mockery:

Liberals came after him, and now we read this from his employer:

The Bellevue Marshal’s Office is aware of the extreme controversy regarding Deputy Marshal Silvester’s viral TikTok. The statements made do NOT represent the Bellevue Marshal’s Office. The Bellevue Marshal’s Office always demands that our Deputies engage with our citizens in a friendly and professional manner. This is NOT how we expect our Deputies to act on duty or use city time. This is a personnel issue that is being dealt with internally.

Then the sheriff’s office expressed its gratitude to the cancel culture rats who tried to get Silvester fired for defending law enforcement:

We would like to thank everyone that took the time to reach out to us. We greatly value our relationship within our wonderful community.

Not all of the community is wonderful. It is not appropriate to kneel to it.

Readers may also remember the pastor from Poland who stood up to Covid Nazis in Calgary:

His name is Art Pawlowski. Authorities have now obtained a secret warrant to use “any force necessary” to disrupt his church services.

The price of standing up to leftists will climb steeply as they consolidate their power. Leonardo da Vinci was right when he said that it is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.

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Apr 28 2021

Consulting With LeBron

After a white police officer saved a black girl’s life by shooting a maniac who was about to stab her, but who also was a black girl, he had a target painted on him by left-wing ballplayer LeBron James, who tweeted out his picture with the menacing message, “YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY.” Rather than needlessly place their own lives at risk, the police now consult with LeBron before taking action to prevent murders:

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Apr 26 2021

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Brandon Tatum

At this point, liberals seem all powerful. But they are flawed, and many of their flaws represent points of vulnerability. For example, they believe that all members of favored “oppressed” groups will conform to expectations in exchange for special privileges. Not everyone is willing to make this bargain, as a BBC propagandist discovered when he interviewed former Tucson police officer Brandon Tatum:

One Brandon Tatum is worth more to society than all the Joe Bidens who ever lived.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC. Hat tip: Daily Wire.

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