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Oct 20 2023

Twitter Troll Gets 7 Months in Prison

Sometimes tyranny is decentralized. Other times, it is more traditional, featuring Big Government imprisoning the opposition:

A far-right Twitter troll who posted fake ads telling Hillary Clinton supporters they could vote in the 2016 election by text was sentenced to seven months in prison Wednesday.

This is from the New York Daily Snooze, so “far-right” means all the way right of center.

Douglass Mackey, 34, was convicted of election interference in March…

Despite his arguments in court motions that his activities were protected First Amendment speech, Brooklyn Federal Court Judge Ann Donnelly countered that he was being sent to prison for conspiring to take away people’ right to vote.

At least the judge is correct in her assessment of Shrillary voters as humorless and gullible.

According to Donnelly, Mackey…

…used an “insidious” method of spreading lies to deceive people out of voting, describing it as “nothing short of an assault on our democracy.”

When you hear moonbats bark about threats to “Our Democracy,” hold tight to what remains of your liberty.

Mackey, whose wife just gave birth Tuesday, will have to surrender to authorities on Jan. 18. Donnelly denied his request to be free on bond pending his appeal.

Donnolly issues her decrees in New York City, where the streets have degenerated into a concrete jungle because actual criminals are freed without bail in accordance with liberal policy, enabling them to go berserk with axes and masturbate in front of children.

Behold the two tiers of justice under moonbat rule:

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Oct 06 2023

Shrillary Calls for “Formal Deprogramming” of Opposition

If Democrats don’t terrify you yet, listen as their 2016 presidential candidate suggests that their opposition should be dragged off to reeducation camps:

“At some point you know maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of [Trump supporters]. But something needs to happen.”

That’s how things are done where people like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, et al. have achieved total control. There is no reason to expect the USA to be different from North Korea once they have consolidated power.

Having called for “extremists” (i.e., dissidents) to be subjected to mandatory brainwashing, Shrillary went on to call Trump an authoritarian — with a straight face:

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Sep 17 2023

Generous DHS Grants to Help Find Thought Criminals

Now that we know what extremists are and what to do with them, the task remains to root them out. Taking a break from orchestrating the invasion of the United States and the displacement of its population, Alejandro Mayorkas rolls up his sleeves:

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has awarded 34 grants to as many organizations, worth a total of $20 million, whose role will be to undergo training in order to flag potential online “extremist” speech of Americans.

An example of online extremist speech is provided by Craig Robertson, an overweight old man who needed a cane to walk and who was killed by the FBI after blowing hot air on social media.

The money will be spent from the Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention (TVTP) grant program for fiscal year 2023, while the recipients include police, mental health providers, universities, churches and school districts.

Until such time as Christianity can be banned altogether on grounds of homophobia, subverted churches can play a role in monitoring the population for thoughtcrime, despite the Biden Regime being at war with Catholicism.

The DHS announcement came on the anniversary of 9/11, but it showed that the focus is now on Americans rather than some foreign terrorist threat…

Twenty-two years later they are still exploiting 9/11 to increase their power — unless the anniversary was chosen to grind their contempt for us in our faces, as may have been the case when the Biden Regime chose the date to announce handing $6 billion to the Islamic terrorists running Iran as a reward for kidnapping Americans.

DHS still claims to be going after terrorists; however…

…the way the terrorist threat is defined here looks more like a drive to suppress dissent [against] dominant narratives pushed by the government…

Already parents who don’t want their children brainwashed to embrace sexual perversion and to hate themselves for their race now qualify as terrorists.

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Sep 16 2023

Colorado Executive Order Attacks Lawn Tools

Whereas some Democrat governors attempt to stamp out enumerated constitutional rights by executive order, others move toward totalitarianism more timidly. Colorado Governor Jared Polis is going after lawn tools:

Polis issued an executive order aimed at making Colorado greener, cleaner, and quieter. It requires the state – and state contractors – to phase out all gas-powered lawn and garden tools over the next two years and replace them with electric equipment.

Whether utopia will be as green, clean, and quiet as they claim is doubtful. It certainly won’t be efficient. The efficient way to do things doesn’t have to be mandated.

The order covers everything from mowers and blowers to de-thatchers and weed wackers.

Because there are still people who don’t work for the government, the order will be expanded. Progressives work by increments, lest the frog jump out of the pot.

As if liberals sense they are approaching a tipping point, turns of the ratchet have been coming more quickly:

The executive order comes as the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission considers banning both government and commercial entities from using gas-powered lawn equipment during the summer months and businesses in metro area counties with high ozone from selling them altogether.

At least Coloradans will still be permitted to use their lawnmowers during the Rocky Mountain winters for now.

How much senseless petty tyranny will Democrats inflict on us? As much as we tolerate and not an executive order less.

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Sep 13 2023

Using AI to Hunt Down Precriminals

In the dystopic science fiction movie Minority Report, police arrest criminals before they have committed crimes, and enemies of the State are hunted down by robots. The movie is coming true. We have robotic dogs with facial recognition capabilities, much like the spider robots that menace Tom Cruise. Voyager Labs employs AI to identify criminals prior to their crimes:

The New York City and Los Angeles police departments, two of the U.S.’s largest police agencies, are among a growing list of law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and around the world to contract with Voyager Labs.

In 2018, the New York Police Department agreed to a nearly $9 million deal with Voyager Labs, which claims it can use AI to predict crimes, according to documents obtained by the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP), The Guardian reported.

The company bills itself as a “world leader” in AI-based analytics investigations that can comb through mounds of information from all corners of the internet – including social media and the dark web – to provide insight, uncover potential risks and predict future crimes.

The Fourth Amendment protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures. Modern technology has found a workaround.

Liberty has an unlikely champion in Meta, which demands Voyager Labs stay off its sites and delete the data it has collected from them.

“With increasing frequency, offenders engaging in terrorism, gang violence, cyber-crimes, financial frauds, human trafficking and many other crimes utilize social media in furtherance of their unlawful activities,” the NYPD said. “Voyager assists the Department in preventing victimization and apprehending these offenders.”

Sounds reasonable — until you consider that moonbats have repurposed the word “terrorism” to include parents speaking up against leftist indoctrination at schoolboard meetings and that “unlawful activities” can include running against a Democrat president.

Considering the threat posed by AI, it has never been more important to guard our liberties jealously.

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Sep 11 2023

Insurrection at the Capitol

At times like this, the only sensible thing to do is panic. Insurrectionists have invaded the Capitol!!!

Fortunately there is no shortage of Third World-quality prisons in DC, so these Threats to Democracy can be thrown into solitary confinement and treated like terrorists at Gitmo.

Oh wait, they’re leftists. Their demand is that more of our money be spent on diseases primarily spread through homosexual degeneracy.

Let’s hope they were escorted out with extra gentleness, so they don’t sue taxpayers for $millions like Black Lives Matter rioters.

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Sep 06 2023

Open Thread

The fact that you are free is not your achievement, but rather a failure on our side. - Felix Dzerzhinsky

Note: Dzerzhinsky has been called the Merrick Garland of the Soviet Union.

Sep 04 2023

Robotic Dogs With Facial Recognition at Ball Games

In case police drones spying on Labor Day barbeques aren’t enough like something out of a dystopian science fiction movie to fit your taste, try robotic dogs capable of facial recognition:

Mercedes Benz Stadium, located in Atlanta, Ga., has introduced Benzie the DroneDog, designed by Boston Dynamics and developed by Asylon Robotics. Benzie will autonomously patrol 11 acres and send back real-time video during 30-minute shifts. The video feed has 1080p color and night vision capabilities, business news publisher Atlanta Business Chronicle reports.

Let’s hope DroneDog is not capable of lethal force.

The robot developer says that, aside from facial recognition, the robot can perform license plate recognition and sniff for explosives and narcotics.

If it can sniff out senior citizens who believe that men aren’t women, West Yorkshire Police might buy a few.

DroneDog was designed both for government and commercial use.

It’s the former that is alarming. The need to restrain government has never been more urgent than in the world that is unfolding.

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Sep 03 2023

Police Harass Senior Lady for Taking Wrong Picture

Never mind expressing forbidden thoughts; even taking a picture of someone else’s expression is thoughtcrime, punishable by an intimidating visit from police:

A senior woman in the United Kingdom was visited by police after being caught taking a photograph of a sticker critical of gender ideology. Eve, whose identity is being protected at her request, was questioned at her home for over 30 minutes by officers of the West Yorkshire Police. …

Eve explained that the ordeal began in March after she spotted a sticker she thought was interesting while on a walk. The small sticker, which read “Keep Males Out Of Women-Only Spaces” had been placed on top of a large trans pride poster outside of Happy Valley Pride, a Hebden Bridge pride organization.

A month later, cops came knocking on the door. At least it wasn’t the FBI, so they didn’t kick the door down and use flashbangs.

Eve is in her 70s. The visit alarmed her because she assumed they must be there to give her tragic news. In the olden days, British police were public servants.

Turns out someone at Happy Valley Pride had seen her snap the picture and ratted her out to authorities. They subjected Eve to what she described as a “sermon,” no doubt explaining that the government regards her opinions as unacceptable. Eve admits that she has expressed pro-woman thoughts on Facebook.

Nothing as freakishly unnatural not to mention disgusting as LGBT doctrine will be accepted as normal without force. If intimidation doesn’t work, stronger measures will be employed, as when the same West Yorkshire Police ruthlessly hauled off an autistic child in Leeds, traumatizing her because she had accidently committed what one officer regarded as homophobia.

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Sep 02 2023

NYC to Use Drones to Spy on Labor Day Barbecues

Utopia may not be well governed, but it will be well monitored. In case your phone isn’t keeping close enough tabs on you, our moonbat rulers also have drones:

Those attending outdoor parties or barbecues in New York City this weekend may notice an uninvited guest looming over their festivities: a police surveillance drone.

The New York City police department plans to pilot the unmanned aircrafts in response to complaints about large gatherings, including private events, over Labor Day weekend, officials announced Thursday.

Large gatherings are frowned upon by authorities, unless they are Black Lives Matter riots, in which case they are lavishly rewarded.

Mayor Eric Adams, a former police captain, has said he wants to see police further embrace the “endless” potential of drones…

Their potential for gathering information is obvious, and knowledge is power. Also, the increasing presence of drones can help habituate us to totalitarian rule as it consolidates. As J.D. Rucker notes,

They want us to expect Big Brother to be there, just barely out of reach, so even the most freedom-loving among us start to accept that we’re always being watched. Just as many patriotic Americans masked up on their way to get jabbed even though they didn’t really want to do either, so too will many Americans reluctantly accept this type of surveillance if they’re exposed to it enough.

Mind this is taking place in the anarchotyrannical dystopia of New York City, where actual crime has largely been effectively legalized. Once again, public safety is not the motive.

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Aug 29 2023

Conservative Councilor Arrested for Thoughtcrime

The Democrat tactic of arresting political opponents is catching on. In Britain, Conservative councilor Anthony Stevens was arrested after retweeting a video that criticized police treatment of a Christian street preacher.

Via Blazing Cat Fur:

Stevens, 50, from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, told The Telegraph he was arrested at his home this month and escorted to a police station for questioning about tweets from his personal account, which has 76 followers.

One tweet involved a video showing how police had treated the arrest of Christian preacher Oluwole Ilisanmi in Southgate, London, in 2019.

The police took Ilisanmi’s Bible after he was accused of being Islamophobic. Later Ilisanmi was awarded £2,500 for wrongful arrest. He should have changed gender and got himself arrested for actual crimes in New York; the payoff would have been much larger.

In the USA, we have separate tiers of justice for Republicans and Democrats. In Britain, the separate tiers are for Christians and Islamic colonists:

Police also questioned Stevens about a tweet supporting the free speech rights of fellow Northamptonshire councilor King Lawal, who had been canceled for expressing Christian beliefs relating to LGBTism.

Lawal is the only black councilor in the county, but he was suspended by his local Conservative group after saying this in the context of “pride” parades:

“When did pride become a thing to celebrate. Because of pride, Satan fell as an archangel. Pride is not a virtue but a sin. Those who have pride should repent of their sins and return to Jesus Christ. He can save you.”

Police demanded that Stevens explain himself after defending Lawal’s right to say this.

Stevens says he was reported to the police by a local member of the Labour Party. Looks like Conservative councilors also get a separate tier of justice in the moonbattery-ravaged remnants of Britain.

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Aug 28 2023

Open Thread

It's easier to resist at the beginning than at the end. - Leonardo da Vinci

Aug 27 2023

They Are Arresting Publicists Now

Another political prisoner has been booked at the infamously hellish Fulton County jail:

Trevian Kutti, once the publicist for rapper Ye – formerly known as Kanye West – was photographed smiling from ear to ear in her mugshot after she was booked into a Georgia jail.

Kutti, a Chicago-based publicist who surrendered to the Fulton County jail around 10 a.m. Friday, is one of 19 individuals who authorities say were involved in illegal efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election in the Peach State.

Kutti – who was granted a $75,000 bond earlier this week, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution – is charged with violating Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, conspiracy to commit solicitation of false statements and writings, and influencing witnesses, Fulton County jail records show.

Before long, not having been arrested by Democrats will be a mark of shame.

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Aug 27 2023

FBI Raid Kills Disabled Vet

No wonder the FBI thinks it needs a new headquarters twice the size of the Pentagon. It is ballooning into the KGB before our eyes. Early morning raids are no longer just to publicly terrorize political opponents like Roger Stone and Mark Houck. A harmless old man in Utah named Craig Robertson was killed recently in a raid launched in response to his social media posts. A similar incident appears to have happened August 17 in Tennessee:

[A]n arrest warrant by FBI agents ended in the fatal shooting of a Chester county man named Theodore Deschler. The family says the FBI refuses to tell them why they conducted the arrest warrant and why they shot him, leaving the family searching the house for clues as to what happened to their relative. …

They used flashbangs, destroyed the yard with trucks, shot through a refrigerator, broke tree limbs, and even knocked down a light over the garage because it was suspected to be a camera.

Photographs can go viral, causing trouble.

The victim’s mother provides an eyewitness report:

According to her, the FBI beat on the door and when she answered they pulled her out of the residence and put her in the back of a police vehicle. When she asked why they were there she was told, “It’s none of your business” by the agents. She told us the entire incident was probably 15 minutes from the time the agents arrived to when her son was shot.

“It was a senseless act. You know Teddy was a 100% disabled veteran. He had problems. He had severe PTSD. He had depression but he was getting help for it but this was senseless. He didn’t have a weapon on him. He was just trying to get out of the house because it was filled with tear gas,” Deschler said.

The family believes that Theodore was unarmed.

Granted this is the family’s point of view, but that’s all we’ve got to go on.

The FBI has not confirmed any of the details of the arrest or what took place during the arrest. While the house is ruined by tear gas, flashbangs, bullet holes, and broken windows, the family says they just want answers from the FBI as to why this happened.

Why this happened is your country got fundamentally transformed, as promised.

An Internet search confirms that the mainstream media has no interest in the story. If that weren’t predictable, the incident might not have happened in the first place.

Even many Democrats have begun to view the FBI as “Biden’s Gestapo.” Dawn raids in which SWAT teams execute dissidents are what you would expect in a country where the opposition leader was just forced to sit for a mugshot on preposterous charges.

If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, the FBI might be planning a predawn raid on Monticello.

From here it does not get less scary unless there is a serious correction.

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