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Dec 18 2023

FBI Issues Update on Alphabet Mob’s Evolving Acronym

The FBI had better monitor the conflict between pederasts and lesbians. If the L gets ejected from LGBTetc, the agency must stand ready to issue another official statement:

An email reportedly from the bureau’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion to all FBI employees was leaked online.

“The FBI has officially adopted the LGBTQIA+ acronym in place of LGBT+. This change was proposed by Bureau Equality, one of our nine Diversity Advisory Committees, and approved by FBI executive management to help promote a more welcoming workplace for members of our LGBTQIA+ community,” read the email.

Eight Diversity Advisory Committees wouldn’t be enough for the agency tasked with imposing leftist ideology on a nation of 333 million.

The email went on to explain what each part of the LGBTQIA+ acronym meant.

The Deep State cares deeply about promoting sexual perversion. Even so, it struggles to keep pace with the personification of moonbattery, Justin Trudeau:

Trudeau was mocked online after he began using the even more inclusive acronym, 2SLGBTQQIA+.

You can see why the FBI requires a massive new headquarters twice the size of the Pentagon. If it has fallen behind Canada, it must need to hire more leftist bureauweenies — though it already has impressive reach:

The email from the FBI claimed that more than 30 federal agencies were to use the expanded acronym, including the Department of Justice.

The repurposing of the FBI as an enforcement arm of the Democratic Party has not gone unnoticed by the people it stands ready to terrorize:

Only 37 percent of registered voters held a positive view of the FBI, almost as many as said they had a negative view (35 percent). Furthermore, only 17 percent of Republicans polled held a positive view, compared with 56 percent negative. This was a stark change from 2018, when the bureau held a 52 percent positive rating with just 18 percent of registered voters viewing it negatively.

It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end. Already the FBI has been spying on Catholics, intimidating parents who speak up at school board meetings, and siccing SWAT teams on prolife activists. It needs to be disbanded before it has finished transforming into an American KGB.

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Dec 18 2023

ACLU Attempt to Compel Speech Fails in Virginia

Imagine living under tyrants who not only forbid you to speak the truth but who demand that you state indisputable lies in violation of your conscience. That will be America if the American “Civil Liberties” Union has its way. Fortunately, this malevolent organization has suffered a setback in Virginia in the case of Vlaming v. West Point School Board:

Peter Vlaming was a high school French teacher with six years of experience and consistently positive evaluations. The school board fired him, however, when he refused to refer to a biological female by the male pronouns she preferred, even though Vlaming readily referred to her by her self-chosen, male-sounding name and did not use pronouns at all.

Refraining from calling her “her” wasn’t good enough. Vlaming was commanded to kneel before the Alphabet Mob by actively calling her “him.”

Even though Vlaming explained that his religious beliefs precluded him from calling a biological girl a boy, the board would not relent. It said that Vlaming was not only forbidden to use pronouns that contradicted the student’s chosen “identity” but that he had no right to avoid pronouns altogether.

So they fired him.

And when he filed suit saying that his free speech and free exercise of religion rights were violated, the ACLU filed a brief against him.

In open hostility to basic civil rights, the ACLU proclaimed that it constitutes “discrimination” for him not to reject his faith and biological reality to cater to her deranged if trendy whims.

This time there was a happy ending:

The Virginia Supreme Court rightly swatted down both the school board and the ACLU. It ruled that the school board had violated both the Virginia state constitution and the Virginia Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Our sense is that if this case had been in federal courts, the board also would have been found in violation of the well-established prohibition of “compelled speech,” as the right not to speak is as equally protected by the First Amendment as the right to speak freely.

Let’s hope so. But the longer Democrats are in a position to place leftist apparatchiks on the bench, the less likely this is to be the case.

The ACLU reminds us that moonbats know they are wrong, or they would not talk in Orwellian euphemisms. If killing your offspring in the womb is good, why call it “reproductive healthcare”? If sex change surgery is good, why call it “gender-affirming care”? If bigotry against whites, men, and Christians is good, why call it “inclusion”? If tyranny is good, why call it “civil liberties”?

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Dec 15 2023

Jail Time for Mowing Lawn

So long as we remain armed, this remains a soft tyranny, focused on eating away our liberty by micromanaging relatively trivial details of our lives. January 6 was an exception to the rule; Americans aren’t normally thrown into solitary confinement on suspicion of dissent. But that doesn’t mean you won’t face jail time for mowing your lawn.

From deep blue Washington State:

State Reps. Amy Walen and Liz Berry authored a bill to be considered in their state’s upcoming legislative session that would ban “gasoline-powered and diesel-powered landscaping and other outdoor power equipment,” a group that includes common lawn care tools like lawn mowers, weed whackers, pressure washers and snow blowers, among others. Violating the new law would be punishable “by a fine of not more than ten thousand dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail for up to three hundred sixty-four days, or by both for each separate violation.”

Jail time for maintaining your yard or clearing snow off your driveway. It’s getting hard to keep a straight face while referring to this as the Land of the Free.

We are told that the climate doesn’t like lawn mowers, snowblowers, etc. Using them makes it be too warm outside, according to the gibbering lunatics we allow to rule over us.

As with cars, we are supposed to play along with the global warming hoax by using the ideologically compliant coal-powered electric version.

While the bill provides a sales tax break for new equipment, new electric lawn mowers or snow blowers can cost thousands of dollars.

No problem. The Democrat Party is an alliance between the rich and a massive underclass bred for votes through the welfare state and imported from the Third World. The former can afford the Tesla equivalent of a lawn mower. The latter isn’t known for worrying about lawn maintenance or clearing the driveway so as to get to work.

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Dec 03 2023

Ireland’s Moonbat Rulers Target Free Speech

The worm has begun to turn in Ireland, so of course the empire is striking back. If you want free speech on the Emerald Isle, X may be the only option:

Ireland’s leftist rulers need to control what is said on social media because otherwise thought criminals could make racist statements — like “Irish lives matter”:

No wonder liberals have come to hate Elon Musk so much, despite his association with their electric moonbatmobiles. He is about the only thing standing between them and the eradication of free speech.

As goes Ireland, so goes the rest of the West, as political correctness inevitably implodes into straightforward totalitarianism.

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Nov 29 2023

DoJ’s Alarming Secret Trump Twitter Search Warrant

Can we call it tyranny yet? Yes we can:

Attorneys for the Justice Department have revealed documents connected to their search warrant for Donald Trump’s Twitter account, indicating that prosecutors collected a massive collection of data about the former President’s social media activity—including information on every account that liked, followed, or retweeted him.

Twitter put up a fight at first…

Twitter’s dispute with [Special Counsel Jack] Smith’s team stemmed from prosecutors’ decision to serve the warrant alongside a “nondisclosure order” that barred Twitter from informing Trump — or anyone else — of the warrant’s existence.

…but was eventually forced to comply:

Twitter’s challenge to the DOJ was eventually unsuccessful, with Obama-appointed District Judge Beryl Howell fining the firm $350,000 in February for failing to fulfill a deadline for complying with the order.

Unless a major swamp draining takes place, the FBI, the NSA, and the rest of the Deep State alphabet soup will find plenty of uses for this sort of information on behalf of the Democratic Party.

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Nov 18 2023

January 6 and the Reichstag Fire

Nazis came to power democratically, but consolidated control by exploiting the Reichstag Fire, which was probably set by a Dutch communist. Hitler strategically hyped it into a crisis, claiming that communists were on the verge of overthrowing the government. The supposed emergency led to the Reichstag Fire Decree, which cleared the path for dictatorship:

• Implemented one day after the fire, the decree suspended the right to assembly, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and other constitutional protections, including all restraints on police investigations. It remained in effect until Nazi Germany was defeated in May 1945.

• The decree permitted the regime to arrest and incarcerate political opponents without specific charge, to dissolve political organizations, and to confiscate private property.

• The decree also gave the regime the authority to overrule state and local laws and overthrow state and local governments.

Sounds like a Democrat dream. Unsurprisingly, Democrats have produced their own version. As the saying goes, history doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.

A great deal more exaggeration was required in the USA than in Germany. During the dysfunctional, morally degenerate, hyperinflationary Weimar Republic, communists really might have taken over the government, like they had done with catastrophic consequences in Russia.

Democrats started with a protest against election fraud that got a little out of hand (though nothing serious compared to a Black Lives Matter riot) — possibly as a result of federal agents provocateurs. No one would have taken it seriously if not for hype from the complicit media and preposterous show trials featuring a disgraceful pair of RINO collaborators. A wacky guy dressed as a buffalo was never going to overthrow the US Government.

Eventually, everyone learned the truth about the Reichstag Fire — i.e., that the only real threat was in the response to it. Despite the media’s/Democrats’ best efforts to suppress it, we are now learning the truth about January 6. Speaker Mike Johnson has released the 44,000 hours of surveillance video.

We no longer have to rely on what Democrat operatives cherrypicked out of context to support their contrived narrative. View the videos for yourself here.

A sample:

The footage is horrifying, all right. It’s horrifying that the liberal establishment was able to pass this off as a Threat to Our Democracy. Given their control of the media, their lack of principles, and the willful idiocy of their supporters, Democrats can turn any whisper of dissent into a weapon to suppress resistance.

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Nov 03 2023

Resistance to LGBTism Declared Public Health Threat

The Marxist goal of abolishing private property was accomplished when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention established that owners can only insist on rent from those living on their property per the whims of federal bureaucrats — who are now the true owners of all property in the USA. The CDC even floated the idea of setting up Covid concentration camps. Now, public health is the preferred mask for authoritarians of all stripes. Ironically, this pertains even to the thuggish LGBT community, well known for undermining public health by spreading terrible diseases like AIDS and monkeypox.

From the pink swastika crowd at the Washington Blade:

Admiral Rachel Levine, assistant secretary for health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, told the Washington Blade in a statement: “We know that hate — whether fueled by homophobia, transphobia, or racism — is a public health threat.”

Admiral” Rachel demonstrated his own reverence for public health as Pennsylvania Health Secretary by putting Covid patients into nursing homes, while moving his own mother out of one because he knew the effect it would have, and by advocating sex change operations for innocent children.

Health bureaucrats can exaggerate, mischaracterize, or fabricate the threats, but other agencies may be required to provide muscle:

Noting the [apocryphal] escalation of violence encountered by LGBTQ individuals and spaces, the White House in June announced plans to create an LGBTQI+ Community Safety Partnership led by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in coordination with the U.S. Department of Justice and HHS.

The fist of the Department of Injustice is the FBI, which is already used to investigate and intimidate Americans who speak up at school boards or oppose abortion. People like Craig Robertson and Theodore Deschler have been dying violently in quasi-military FBI raids on their homes. You will use the preferred pronouns of the sexually eccentric if you know what’s best for you.

Levine met with New York City Anti-Violence Project Executive Director Beverly Tillery. Tillery wants the DHS and FBI to “play a role in data collection,” which will have implications “down the road for funding and resources and congressional action.”

[Tillery] noted the “overlay of gun violence with this as well,” especially in communities that do not have strong gun safety laws…

The Second Amendment has already been framed as a “public health” issue by authoritarians like Andrew Cuomo and Michelle Lujan Grisham.

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Oct 29 2023

Christians Keep Getting Arrested for Praying in Britain

It keeps happening in Britain. Because the country is run by morally depraved moonbats, silently praying for the lives of the innocent is regarded as “antisocial behavior” and punished accordingly:

Needless to say, preaching from the Bible will also get you arrested in the UK. So will questioning the treatment by authorities of street preachers.

No meaningful definition of tyranny would fail to describe liberal rule.

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Oct 20 2023

Twitter Troll Gets 7 Months in Prison

Sometimes tyranny is decentralized. Other times, it is more traditional, featuring Big Government imprisoning the opposition:

A far-right Twitter troll who posted fake ads telling Hillary Clinton supporters they could vote in the 2016 election by text was sentenced to seven months in prison Wednesday.

This is from the New York Daily Snooze, so “far-right” means all the way right of center.

Douglass Mackey, 34, was convicted of election interference in March…

Despite his arguments in court motions that his activities were protected First Amendment speech, Brooklyn Federal Court Judge Ann Donnelly countered that he was being sent to prison for conspiring to take away people’ right to vote.

At least the judge is correct in her assessment of Shrillary voters as humorless and gullible.

According to Donnelly, Mackey…

…used an “insidious” method of spreading lies to deceive people out of voting, describing it as “nothing short of an assault on our democracy.”

When you hear moonbats bark about threats to “Our Democracy,” hold tight to what remains of your liberty.

Mackey, whose wife just gave birth Tuesday, will have to surrender to authorities on Jan. 18. Donnelly denied his request to be free on bond pending his appeal.

Donnolly issues her decrees in New York City, where the streets have degenerated into a concrete jungle because actual criminals are freed without bail in accordance with liberal policy, enabling them to go berserk with axes and masturbate in front of children.

Behold the two tiers of justice under moonbat rule:

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Oct 06 2023

Shrillary Calls for “Formal Deprogramming” of Opposition

If Democrats don’t terrify you yet, listen as their 2016 presidential candidate suggests that their opposition should be dragged off to reeducation camps:

“At some point you know maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of [Trump supporters]. But something needs to happen.”

That’s how things are done where people like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, et al. have achieved total control. There is no reason to expect the USA to be different from North Korea once they have consolidated power.

Having called for “extremists” (i.e., dissidents) to be subjected to mandatory brainwashing, Shrillary went on to call Trump an authoritarian — with a straight face:

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Sep 17 2023

Generous DHS Grants to Help Find Thought Criminals

Now that we know what extremists are and what to do with them, the task remains to root them out. Taking a break from orchestrating the invasion of the United States and the displacement of its population, Alejandro Mayorkas rolls up his sleeves:

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has awarded 34 grants to as many organizations, worth a total of $20 million, whose role will be to undergo training in order to flag potential online “extremist” speech of Americans.

An example of online extremist speech is provided by Craig Robertson, an overweight old man who needed a cane to walk and who was killed by the FBI after blowing hot air on social media.

The money will be spent from the Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention (TVTP) grant program for fiscal year 2023, while the recipients include police, mental health providers, universities, churches and school districts.

Until such time as Christianity can be banned altogether on grounds of homophobia, subverted churches can play a role in monitoring the population for thoughtcrime, despite the Biden Regime being at war with Catholicism.

The DHS announcement came on the anniversary of 9/11, but it showed that the focus is now on Americans rather than some foreign terrorist threat…

Twenty-two years later they are still exploiting 9/11 to increase their power — unless the anniversary was chosen to grind their contempt for us in our faces, as may have been the case when the Biden Regime chose the date to announce handing $6 billion to the Islamic terrorists running Iran as a reward for kidnapping Americans.

DHS still claims to be going after terrorists; however…

…the way the terrorist threat is defined here looks more like a drive to suppress dissent [against] dominant narratives pushed by the government…

Already parents who don’t want their children brainwashed to embrace sexual perversion and to hate themselves for their race now qualify as terrorists.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Sep 16 2023

Colorado Executive Order Attacks Lawn Tools

Whereas some Democrat governors attempt to stamp out enumerated constitutional rights by executive order, others move toward totalitarianism more timidly. Colorado Governor Jared Polis is going after lawn tools:

Polis issued an executive order aimed at making Colorado greener, cleaner, and quieter. It requires the state – and state contractors – to phase out all gas-powered lawn and garden tools over the next two years and replace them with electric equipment.

Whether utopia will be as green, clean, and quiet as they claim is doubtful. It certainly won’t be efficient. The efficient way to do things doesn’t have to be mandated.

The order covers everything from mowers and blowers to de-thatchers and weed wackers.

Because there are still people who don’t work for the government, the order will be expanded. Progressives work by increments, lest the frog jump out of the pot.

As if liberals sense they are approaching a tipping point, turns of the ratchet have been coming more quickly:

The executive order comes as the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission considers banning both government and commercial entities from using gas-powered lawn equipment during the summer months and businesses in metro area counties with high ozone from selling them altogether.

At least Coloradans will still be permitted to use their lawnmowers during the Rocky Mountain winters for now.

How much senseless petty tyranny will Democrats inflict on us? As much as we tolerate and not an executive order less.

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Sep 13 2023

Using AI to Hunt Down Precriminals

In the dystopic science fiction movie Minority Report, police arrest criminals before they have committed crimes, and enemies of the State are hunted down by robots. The movie is coming true. We have robotic dogs with facial recognition capabilities, much like the spider robots that menace Tom Cruise. Voyager Labs employs AI to identify criminals prior to their crimes:

The New York City and Los Angeles police departments, two of the U.S.’s largest police agencies, are among a growing list of law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and around the world to contract with Voyager Labs.

In 2018, the New York Police Department agreed to a nearly $9 million deal with Voyager Labs, which claims it can use AI to predict crimes, according to documents obtained by the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP), The Guardian reported.

The company bills itself as a “world leader” in AI-based analytics investigations that can comb through mounds of information from all corners of the internet – including social media and the dark web – to provide insight, uncover potential risks and predict future crimes.

The Fourth Amendment protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures. Modern technology has found a workaround.

Liberty has an unlikely champion in Meta, which demands Voyager Labs stay off its sites and delete the data it has collected from them.

“With increasing frequency, offenders engaging in terrorism, gang violence, cyber-crimes, financial frauds, human trafficking and many other crimes utilize social media in furtherance of their unlawful activities,” the NYPD said. “Voyager assists the Department in preventing victimization and apprehending these offenders.”

Sounds reasonable — until you consider that moonbats have repurposed the word “terrorism” to include parents speaking up against leftist indoctrination at schoolboard meetings and that “unlawful activities” can include running against a Democrat president.

Considering the threat posed by AI, it has never been more important to guard our liberties jealously.

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Sep 11 2023

Insurrection at the Capitol

At times like this, the only sensible thing to do is panic. Insurrectionists have invaded the Capitol!!!

Fortunately there is no shortage of Third World-quality prisons in DC, so these Threats to Democracy can be thrown into solitary confinement and treated like terrorists at Gitmo.

Oh wait, they’re leftists. Their demand is that more of our money be spent on diseases primarily spread through homosexual degeneracy.

Let’s hope they were escorted out with extra gentleness, so they don’t sue taxpayers for $millions like Black Lives Matter rioters.

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