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Jun 07 2023

Reparations Math

Now that education has succumbed to the Long March Through the Institutions, the subject is never the subject; the subject is always moonbattery. This applies even to math:

High school students will learn about the causes of racial inequality and discuss reparations for slavery as part of a new “reparations math” curriculum developed by the creators of the controversial 1619 Project.

The 1619 Project has been pushed by the odious New York Times, flagship publication of the liberal establishment. It provides a fictional alternative version of American history, in which Americans — specifically America’s core population — are the bad guys. The American Revolution was fought to secure slavery, not liberty, because the oppression of blacks is at the root of everything, in accordance with Critical Race Theory.

When they apply this theory to astronomy, as they already have to history and math, students will learn that if a piece of rock orbits some undiscovered planet on the far side of the universe, it does so not because of gravity but because privileged blacks feel themselves to be oppressed.

The 1619 Project Education Network provides a lesson summary of what teenagers are to learn under “Reparations Math and Reparations History”:

Students apply math skills, research into historical wealth gaps in the U.S., and an analysis of different reparations models to an investigation into whether or not reparations should be paid to the descendents of enslaved people in the U.S.

In other words, 2 + 2 = Cough up your money, Whitey!

This toxic ideology is imposed throughout the country:

Educational materials related to the 1619 Project have been widely taught since its release in August 2019. A report by John Murawski of RealClearInvestigations in 2020 noted the 1619 Project curriculum had been adopted in over 3,500 classrooms across all 50 states, mostly through “administrative fiat” rather than a public review process.

Black conservative Carol Swain, who used to teach law and political science at Vanderbilt, observes the obvious:

“The curriculum materials for math are clearly geared towards politicizing the youngest minds.”

Ian Rowe, another black conservative, notes that the curriculum “is pure indoctrination designed to perpetuate an ideology of black dependency and retribution for historical and presumed present day racial victimization.”

Unfortunately, dissident voices who favor historical reality and black self-respect will be denounced as Uncle Toms and drowned out by a mob of parasites shouting, “Gimme!”

On tips from ABC of the ANC.

May 19 2023

Oppressed Person Demands $3 Million Apiece Reparations

If only we could lock in the $1.2 million per black person that California is proposing. The cost of “reparations” is rising faster than Biden’s inflation. A local resident addressing the Tampa City Council demands $3 million apiece:

“All this nonsense, homelessness and all this other garbage you all talk about. Police violence and all this stuff — don’t nobody care about that,” the man said.

The Democratic Party — which relies heavily on the support it receives from the overwhelming majority of blacks — may as well stop posturing on unimportant issues. Here’s what they do care about:

“We care about our reparations. And we have to put White people on notice that we want our reparations.”

What does it matter if their pathological greed collapses the entire economy? America is racist anyway; it deserves to perish.

“We want our reparations. $3 million per person. $3 million per person right here in this city. That’s the only [thing] Black people have to care about. All this other little nonsense… we do not care about.”

No need to prop up Biden’s corpse in 2024. Democrats can run this personification of their base:

Federal lawmakers are at work to meet these demands. Rep Cori Bush (D-MO) held a press conference Wednesday to announce her Reparations Now resolution. She says minimum payout should be $14 trillion.

If we debase the currency to the point of creating Zimbabwe-level inflation so as to turn every black in the country into Thurston Howell III, would they at least stop the disgraceful whining about how put upon we are supposed to pretend they are? No, they would not. As noted previously,

Blacks are so oppressed that a pejorative for them cannot be spoken even as a direct quotation because it is regarded as blasphemy. They are first hired and last fired, their race counting as primary qualification for any position, including pilots and the highest levels of government. Even mildly criticizing blacks as a group is likely to end your career. Many trillions of expropriated dollars have been funneled into welfare programs that disproportionately benefit blacks. So aggressively do the media and advertising establishments promote blacks that according to YouGov polling, people believe blacks constitute 41% of the population rather than the actual 12%. Police are less likely to use lethal force against black than white criminals, for reasons made obvious by the immolation of Derek Chauvin.

If that counts as “oppression,” a few $million apiece in free money will count as still more oppression. Being oppressed is how they get their way. Rewarding them for it will not make them stop.

Oppression is a process by which people sacrifice any conceivable claim to self-respect but in return are granted power by the Democratic Party, which is doing to the USA exactly what Black Lives Matter mobs did to the stores they looted and destroyed.

On tips from Wiggins and Chris Neilson.

May 08 2023

Reparations Push Approaches Maximum Insanity

Blacks are so oppressed that a pejorative for them cannot be spoken even as a direct quotation because it is regarded as blasphemy. They are first hired and last fired, their race counting as primary qualification for any position, including pilots and the highest levels of government. Even mildly criticizing blacks as a group is likely to end your career. Many trillions of expropriated dollars have been funneled into welfare programs that disproportionately benefit blacks. So aggressively do the media and advertising establishments promote blacks that according to YouGov polling, people believe blacks constitute 41% of the population rather than the actual 12%. Police are less likely to use lethal force against black than white criminals, for reasons made obvious by the immolation of Derek Chauvin.

The only way to make amends for all this oppression is with direct cash payments — i.e., “reparations”:

California’s reparations task force has approved recommendations which could give black residents $1.2million each as compensation for slavery and discrimination.

Slavery was abolished in the United States in 1865, generations before anyone living today was born. It was never legal in California.

Regarding discrimination, it works heavily in favor of blacks, not against them. When they aren’t pretending to be Indians, racial imposters pretend to be black, so they can benefit from this discrimination. Not even the palest octoroon pretends not to be black.

Surely even the most shameless race grifters will be satisfied with this demented looting spree, right? Wrong:

[R]esidents who attended the official meeting in Oakland hit out at the estimated costs of reparations, which some believe it is ‘nowhere near enough,’ demanding $200million direct cash payments to individuals instead.

As for where the money would come from, white people have plenty of money. They have been rendered defenseless by liberalism, so now is the time to take it.

Kamilah Moore, a reparatory justice scholar and an attorney, chaired the task force and previously stated she plans to be as ‘radical as possible’ when it comes to deciding who will receive reparations and how much.

Nearly 2 million Californians lay claim to black privilege. Expect that number to rise sharply.

Democrats know that the concept of reparations stokes racial animosity on both sides and creates it where there was none, and that implementation would lead to economic ruin. Yet they press onward — and not only in California:

A Denver councilwoman caused a stir when she declared that white-owned businesses should pay reparations.

Candi CdeBaca, a 37-year-old Democratic Socialist who is facing a run-off election in June, told a business forum Thursday that white-owned businesses should pay an additional race-based tax, which would be given in turn as reparations to minority-owned businesses.

As with most leftist lunacy, New York is not far behind on reparations. Neither is the once great city at the bottom of the Democrat Death Spiral, Detroit:

Last year, 80% of Detroit voters in a 78% black city cast their ballots in support of a reparations commission.

Slavery was banned in Michigan in 1787. Not that it matters.

Chairwoman Lauren Hood of the Detroit City Planning Commission said that she didn’t know who the 20% were, but assumed it was maybe newcomers to the city or non-black residents.

“Detroit is the blackest big city in the nation. Eight out of every 10 people here are due some sort of reparation,” Chairwoman Hood argued.

Unless blacks are to pay themselves to be oppressed, this will come at a hefty price to the few remaining Caucasians who have not escaped Detroit.

When California and other liberal jurisdictions go bankrupt paying people outlandish fortunes for being black, the rest of the country will be forced to bail them out — unless Democrats take the looting spree national. Then it could be financed the way Biden pays for his version of the Green New Deal — through inflation. Refer to Zimbabwe and the Weimar Republic to see how that works.

As the reparations issue demonstrates, moonbats are unreasonable and irresponsible. The USA will collapse into a failed state if they are not pried loose from power.

On tips from R F, Chuck A, Franco, Bluto, Jack D, Varla, and ABC of the ANC.

Mar 31 2023

California Reparations Estimated to Cost $800 Billion

California has remained at the cutting edge of moonbattery by proclaiming that blacks should be handed massive cash payouts in honor of their position of privilege high in the cultural Marxist caste system. Estimated bill: $800 billion.

The $800 billion is more than 2.5 times California’s $300 billion annual budget and does not include a recommended $1 million per older Black resident for health disparities that have shortened their average life span. Nor does the figure count compensating people for property unjustly taken by the government or devaluing Black businesses, two other harms the task force says the state perpetuated.

To judge by liberal rhetoric, the main harm is slavery. But slavery was never legal in California. Nor was it legal anywhere in the USA during the lifetime of anyone alive today.

Handing out massive quantities of other people’s money is not the full extent of the nuttiness California kooks have planned in the name of racial preference:

Other proposals include paying incarcerated inmates market value for their labor, establishing free wellness centers and planting more trees in Black communities, banning cash bail, and adopting a K-12 Black studies curriculum.

Note that liberals conflate blacks with criminals.

The $800 billion estimate in California includes $246 billion to compensate eligible Black Californians whose neighborhoods were subjected to aggressive policing and prosecution in the “war on drugs” from 1970 to 2020.

Blacks are to be showered with money to compensate them for having been provided police protection.

To be a liberal is never to ask, “But how are we going to pay for this?” Someone else always pays.

California doesn’t have the cash to finance this looting spree. But lunacy hatched in California is eventually imposed at the federal level. The federal government doesn’t have the cash either. But it can print it.

If you think inflation is bad now, wait until Democrats have won another round of elections. We will be burning piles of hundred-dollar bills to keep warm.

On a tip from Chuck A.

Jan 18 2023

Proposed Black Reparations Reach $5 Million Apiece in SF

Inflation is worse that I realized, to judge by how much they are planning to pay people to be black in San Francisco, where slavery was never legal:

Several weeks ago, in early December, the number was around $200,000 per resident.

Two weeks ago, the number jumped to $1 million each.

Now it’s $5 million.

That’s right. $5 million per black:

San Francisco’s reparations committee will propose paying $5million to each longtime black resident of the city in a reparations plan this spring. …

It is unclear exactly how many people would qualify should the proposal pass, but if just 10,000 people qualified it would cost at least $50billion.

The $5 million handout won’t be the only benefit of being “oppressed” according to liberal ideology:

The proposal also offers a number of other requirements to be handed out to qualifiers, including the creation of a ‘comprehensive debt forgiveness program’ which would eliminate credit card and other debts, along with student and housing loans.

As for 6 months from now, when the $5 million apiece has gone up in smoke:

The proposal also says qualifying low-income households should have their income supplemented to match the city’s median income – $97,000 in 2022 – for the next 250 years.

This is so that “Black people can better afford housing and achieve a better quality of life.”

California is drowning in debt. No matter. One question looters never ask is, “Can this be sustained?” They just grab all they can.

That is the mentality of our ruling party, from Black Lives Matter scumbags pillaging the corner grocery in the name of racial justice all the way up to Joe Biden signing grotesquely extravagant spending bills knowing future generations will be stuck with the bill.

However many $millions San Francisco ends up handing out to blacks, Gavin Newsom will top it at the state level. Then Democrats will top California at the national level, as soon as they have the political leverage.

The looting will continue until there is nothing left to steal, or until Democrats are decisively removed from power, whichever comes first.

On tips from Wiggins, Ed McAninch, and Varla.

Jan 02 2023

Reparations Demands Reach $14 Trillion

Descending on stores like a swarm of locusts until the shelves are bare is so 2020. The professionally oppressed now go after whole states. The looting of California could go nationwide:

The five economists who will determine just how much the state will pay black Californians for historic injustices include a professor who has called for nationwide reparations of up to $14trillion.

No problem. What Biden’s 87,000 new IRS agents can’t wring out of productive citizens, the Regime can just print. The US dollar is the world’s reserve currency after all — at least for now.

Woke professors William Spriggs, Thomas Craemer, Kaycea Campbell, William A ‘Sandy’ Darity Jr and his wife, lecturer Kirstin Mullen, are charged with quantifying the past economic injustices African Americans faced and determining how much compensation black Californians should receive for those crimes. …

California’s Reparations Task Force was set up by Gov. Gavin Newsom…

…who will be the next president if Republicans don’t select an electable candidate. Not even Democrats are arrogant enough to run Biden again at this point in his cognitive decline.

Click through to learn more about the Reparations Task Force, all of whom are racially correct except for German expat Thomas Craemer, who has determined that American blacks are owed $14 trillion for having ancestors who were oppressed, as every human on the planet does.

Slavery isn’t the sole pretext. California was never a slave state. Besides, slavery ended in this country going on 2 centuries ago. Grievances should have some relevance to relatively modern times.

Using historical data, the expert panel calculated that black Californians who lived in the state between 1933 and 1977 experienced a housing wealth gap of $223,239 or $5,074 for each year, ABC 10 reports.

They also determined that the potential income lost by incarcerated black Californians from 1971 — the beginning of then-President Nixon’s War on Drugs — through the present to be a total of $124,678 or $2,494 per year.

How long do you suppose a liquor store would stay in business after BLM hooligans acquired the keys? That’s how long America will last under Democrat rule.

It doesn’t occur to a mob of looters that if they kill the magic goose in their greed, there will be no more golden eggs. Planning for the future is something only wicked white people do, according to our government.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Dec 06 2022

New York Democrats Push for Reparations

An idea this awful could not be expected to stay in California. It has spread to New York.

Just days ago, we read that Gavin Newsom et al. want to exacerbate inflation and racial tensions by paying blacks $223,200 apiece for being “oppressed” — i.e., for being privileged to enjoy the favor of the cultural Marxist ruling class. Now we read this:

New York lawmakers are renewing the push for a state law that would lay the groundwork to pay reparations to black residents whose ancestors were enslaved.

It won’t be as bad as California. It will be worse:

[Assemblywoman Taylor] Darling [D-Nassau] also scoffed that the $223,000 figure that California’s task force recommended for each black descendant there was too low.

Democrat rule is a looting spree.

A previous reparations bill passed overwhelming in the assembly (104–45) but couldn’t make it through New York’s senate. Democrats try and try again until the timing is right for their radical agenda items to pass. Then the ratchet takes another hard turn to the left.

In addition to direct cash payments, reparations may also include property confiscation on blacks’ behalf, “mental health rehabilitation,” reforming laws to further entrench systemic racism in their favor, and a government apology denouncing America for slavery, despite the many hundreds of thousands of American lives that were sacrificed to end it and despite New York being the first state to pass a law total abolishing slavery.

Racial relations have taken a turn for the worse since a race-baiting community organizer named Barack Obama became president. The reparations movement would create true animosity. This is probably not a bug but a feature for Democrats. The reason for all the hate hoaxes is that their ideology is based on opposition to racism that does not exist — yet.

The effect on already stratospheric inflation of wasteful spending on this scale should be obvious even to Taylor Darling. Only slightly less obvious are the deleterious societal effects of giving out large amounts of free money, which would encourage irresponsible behavior, the primary cause of poverty.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Nov 24 2022

COP27 Climate Reparations

So long as Democrats remain in power, taxation and inflation will remain high, because the globalist looting spree will continue — as the blasphemous and hypocritical meeting of the Liberal World Order’s climate cult at COP27 reminds us:

While you might have spent the weekend marveling at the cost of a turkey, Joe Biden celebrated his 80th birthday by signing the U.S. up to a plan that could eventually commit Americans to transferring trillions of dollars to the rest of the world in perpetuity.

Our moonbat rulers have determined that in the name of their religion, we owe climate reparations to the dictators of less successful countries, as punishment for theoretically causing inclement weather.

Despite the havoc Western industrialization has supposedly inflicted on parts of the world that feature more politically correct skin tones, weather-related deaths are “about 80 times less frequent today than they were a century ago.” This is largely due to infrastructure and mitigation made possible by the very industrialization that Democrats want to punish us for.

Climate reparations are not really about CO2 emissions. Here’s how we know:

China and India, as “developing countries,” haven’t agreed to contribute to the fund but have made only vague commitments to assist. So countries whose emissions have grown rapidly in the past decade will be exempt while the U.S., whose emissions have been declining, are on the hook.

China emits more than twice as much CO2 as the USA, and with the Democrats tanking the economy, India is likely to pass us. The liberal elite’s hostility is against European/American civilization, not plant-nourishing carbon dioxide.

[T]he idea that the least developed countries in the world have received only the cost of industrialization and not the many benefits is ahistorical. … If we in the West are to pay damages for the Industrial Revolution, shouldn’t we also consider the extraordinary wealth that process has helped spread around the world?

The answer is no, because liberals want to punish our virtues, just as they reward our vices through woke imperialism.

So, for having the genius to produce the ideas, create the economic system and develop the capital that has in a little more than a century given the world unimaginable prosperity, eliminated deadly diseases that once killed millions, reduced infant mortality, extended life expectancy and lifted hundreds of millions of people out of hunger and poverty, we must now be made to pay.

The Biden Regime also took COP27 as an opportunity to announce an absurd Climate Gender Equity Fund into which it will pour our money. Putting Democrats in charge of the government is equivalent to letting a Black Lives Matter mob manage a Target.

Greed, malevolence, and ideological psychosis do not add up to good governance.

On tips from Varla, Blackjack, and KirklesWorth.

May 23 2022

Providence Spends Covid Money on Race Reparations

The main reason we have entered a potentially devastating inflationary cycle is that the federal government exploited Covid as a pretext to go on a spending spree with nonexistent money, thereby diluting the value of the money we earn.

Some of this really was spent on Covid, if not necessarily wisely. Much of it was wasted on pernicious moonbattery — and continues to be. For example, Providence, Rhode Island is using it to build slums, address “social disparities,” and pay people to be black:

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza signed a spending plan for $124 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding Friday, paving the way for the city to invest tens of millions of dollars into housing and infrastructure projects. …

“We’re going to be able to invest in hopefully the creation of hundreds of affordable units, which also allows for the creation of other market units over the coming years,” Elorza said. “So this is going to be a gift that keeps on giving.”

It wasn’t a gift. The money was stolen. Through inflation, it was taken by force out of the pockets of everyone who holds American currency.

In addition to housing, the city is allocating roughly $20 million towards investments in water, sewer, broadband and infrastructure; $24 million toward addressing community and social disparities; $6.2 million in the recovery of sectors like tourism and hospitality; and $2.8 million in economic stabilization.

Unlike the rest of it, water and sewer are at least the purview of government, although there is no reason the whole country should have to pay for sewer pipes in Providence. Most of the rest is straight up Marxist looting.

Bureauweenies buy votes with some of our money. Some of it, they put directly in their own pockets:

The city is also putting more than $36 million in ARPA money towards lost public sector revenue.

Still more outrageously, some of our money goes to stoking resentment by paying people to be black:

The spending plan also earmarks $10 million for reparations through something called the “COVID-19 Equities Program.”

Barks Elorza:

“We know that $10 million is not enough. We can’t right all the wrongs of the past, but we can take an important first step.”

American history and heritage are shameful, according to the dogma of our liberal rulers. Therefore, Elorza has a right to shower our money upon a politically favored racial group that votes overwhelmingly for Democrats like Elorza.

Our forefathers had a practice of coating people who betray public trust in tar and feathers, carrying them on a rail to the nearest body of water, and dumping them therein. This salutary tradition should be revived at once, starting in Providence or better still in Washington.

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

Jun 06 2021

Reparations Destroyed in Under 1 Minute

One of the most pernicious manifestations of the critical race theory ideology of our liberal ruling class is the call for “reparations” — direct cash payments to blacks to reward them for the oppression of their ancestors 2 centuries ago. The main purpose is to further inflame racial tensions, which Democrats exploit to maintain power.

The injustice against every taxpayer who isn’t black is obvious. But reparations are a bad idea even for the supposed beneficiaries — i.e., blacks, who once again are encouraged to nurture poisonous resentment and to see themselves as entitled victims instead of independent agents deserving of respect rather than pity.

This young lady packs more sense into 1 minute than you will hear from the liberal establishment in a lifetime:

Just one caveat. She says that some blacks don’t have ancestors who were slaves. True enough, many American blacks don’t have ancestors who were slaves in this country. But it is likely that everyone on earth has ancestors who were slaves somewhere else.

On a tip from Bluto.

Apr 04 2021

Reparations for Illegal Aliens?

Assuming the dollar has not yet been inflated to Weimar Republic levels of worthlessness after the next installment of reparations to blacks (I refer to the impending “infrastructure” looting spree), why not pay reparations to illegal aliens too?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez loves the idea. Tucker Carlson, not so much:

We do have to care what AOC thinks, no matter how conspicuously stupid, crazy, and evil she may be. She is no longer the Future of the Democrat Party. Now, she is the Present of the Democrat Party, personifying its guiding force. Hers is the ruling party, and if HR1 passes, it may soon be the only party.

Mar 14 2021

NAACP: Reparations Payments a “Drop in the Bucket”

No matter how much favoritism and even direct cash payments are bestowed upon blacks to honor them for having increasingly distant ancestors who were oppressed, it will never be enough. Evanston, Illinois, home of Northwestern University, is actually handing people $25,000 of other people’s money on the basis of their revered skin color. The response, as predictable as the sun rising in the east, has been not thanks but a demand for more:

Rev Michael Nabors, who is the president of the Evanston NAACP, thinks $25,000 is a “drop in the bucket.”

“When it’s all said and done, however much money is raised for reparations… will only be a drop in the bucket for the suffering and the oppression that Black people experienced in this nation,” he told Newsweek.

If taxpayers don’t cough up more, another round of Black Lives Matter riots might be required to remind us how oppressed we are required to pretend blacks are.

This is not a recipe for racial harmony. But the black oppression charade was always about power and greed, not harmony.

Anything as counterproductive, wasteful, and morally abhorrent as reparations is likely to be imposed nationally by triumphant Democrats:

Biden supports the creation of a federal commission to study Black reparations called H.R. 40.

What’s a few more $trillion at this point? American currency will soon be worthless anyway.

On a tip from Bluto.

Aug 31 2020

Reparations Move Forward in California

They say that as goes California, so goes the country. This means that racial division could soon be thrown into overdrive by the federal government imposing the transfer of wealth on an explicitly racial basis:

State senators in California overwhelmingly supported setting up a task force to study potential reparations for slavery in a bipartisan vote Saturday. …

The 33-3 Senate vote came … as protests against racial injustice continued across the country.

That’s one way to respond to vicious riots that have destroyed any number of lives, though certainly not a way that will discourage future violence.

States like Texas, New York and Vermont have done similar studies in the last two years, finding that along with cash, reparations could mean housing assistance, lower tuition, forgiving student loans, job training, community investments, etc.

Much of this is already provided disproportionately to blacks. But the racial favoritism is not yet explicit, except with programs like Affirmative Action. Democrats plan to make our racial caste system official.

Imagine a white cop working long dangerous shifts as he struggles to support his family, only to have part of his working class income confiscated to be bestowed upon zillionaires like Ice Cube and Will Smith on the basis of race. That would be what they call that racial “justice.”

Legitimate grievances have been fading into the past for decades. Yet the racial grievance crybulling only escalates. That’s because there is money in it, in addition to power and privilege.

On a tip from Chuck A.

May 26 2023

Actual Housing Discrimination Against Blacks Uncovered

If you are going to rent out your property to vacationers, do it in Jamaica. You won’t have to worry about getting canceled for racism if experience persuades you to adopt a policy like this one:

A Jamaican business owner who leases small cottages as short-term rentals to tourists has said she will be blocking “Black Americans” from renting from her in the future.

Like most everyone in Jamaica, she is black herself.

The owner said she rents to people from all over the world but has had difficulty with most of her Black American clientele. She categorized them as “Disrespectful, entitled, unappreciative” and said the reason they are is because they have been spoiled and given too much “free sh[**]” in America.

The corrosive effects of our handout society are evident from abroad. Yet through the use of ideological blinders, many Americans manage not to perceive it.

Alleged housing discrimination is among the pretexts supporting demands that blacks be given still more free sh**.

Jamaica had better hope it never falls under Democrat rule. Imagine how much it would have to inflate its currency to pay itself reparations.

Rather than the groveling apology we have come to expect, she responded to the inevitable social media backlash from the woke mob with this:

She said those complaining are the clientele she hopes to weed out, “My peace is more important than your frickin’ opinion.”

She announced on Instagram that she would rather “let goats and cows into my house than have you come in and disrespect it.” If only her attitude were more prevalent in the USA, goats and cows would not currently run the place.

On a tip from Marty.


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