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Oct 03 2023

Moonbat Journalist Taunts Fate and Gets Killed

FAFO applies double when it comes to taunting fate like left-wing journalist Josh Kruger:

On September 30, 2023, Kruger shared a tweet by Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, that read, “If Biden is elected, there’s a good chance you will be dead within the year.” He had engaged in debate with conservatives on X over conservative incarceration policies regarding crime, policies he opposed, especially relating to drug offenders.

“The Dilbert dude is like Nostradamus. Look at this prediction from 2020. Wow. Eerie,” Kruger wrote.

Adams was a couple of years off. Kruger was shot seven times at his Philadelphia home yesterday. The Philadelphia Inquirer has details:

Detectives believe Kruger’s death may have been the result of a domestic dispute or may have been drug-related, according to three law enforcement sources with knowledge of the case. The sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation, said police investigators recovered troubling text messages between Kruger and a former partner. Investigators also recovered methamphetamine inside Kruger’s bedroom, the sources said.

Kruger was…

…proudly queer and openly HIV-positive. He had overcome a number of struggles in his life, including bouts of homelessness and addiction, and leveraged those experiences to fiercely advocate for and write on behalf of those communities.

Kruger’s experiences included “sex work.”

Kruger was a former city spokesperson who advocated for more support for some of the city’s most vulnerable residents, including people experiencing homelessness, people in addiction, and the LGBTQ community.

If it wasn’t a former gay paramour who killed him, it could have been a guy (apparently) calling himself Lady Diabla:

Two weeks ago, Kruger took to Facebook to complain about a mysterious threat from someone who called themselves “Lady Diabla, the She-Devil of the Streets.”

Kruger described himself as a “destroyer of stigma” and a “believer in the common good.” Readers can decide for themselves whether destroying the stigma that used to protect civilization from degeneracy advances the common good.

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Sep 30 2023

Disney Employees Busted in Human Trafficking Operation

It is no secret that monsters have been gravitating toward Disney and public schools due to the emphasis both place on the perverse sexualization of children. So it comes as no surprise that those arrested in a Florida human trafficking operation include three Disney employees and a teacher.

[Those] arrested included Russell Rogers from Winter Haven, Florida, who was accused of negotiating to have sex with a prostitute.

Rogers, who is married with three children, is also the athletic director at Vanguard School and a teacher at Auburndale High School. …

Meanwhile three Disney employees, Kenneth Green, Marquis Nixon and Carlos Ro were also arrested in the operation for soliciting prostitutes.

As for those charged with human trafficking:

Freddy Escalona, 30, and Maria Guzman, 36, were charged with human trafficking and deriving proceeds from prostitution.

Both were in the country illegally. A border deliberately left undefended has its uses for some.

Although children may not have been involved this time, they often are. There is no shortage of prostitutes in the USA, but as with fentanyl, meeting the demand for underage prostitutes can require moving the goods across the open border.

No wonder the liberal establishment was so adamantly opposed to the movie Sound of Freedom that Bloomberg dispatched an actual pedophile activist to trash it. The degenerate ruling class does not want attention paid to human trafficking. It would crimp the lifestyle of those with certain preferences. Love is love!

If the stuff you see on TV makes you sick, imagine what is going on behind the scenes, as social engineers relentlessly define deviancy downward. A climate of moral decline will breed unspeakable crimes.

On tips from Ed McAninch and ABC of the ANC.

Aug 21 2023

Western Support Comes at a Price for Ukraine

Russians aren’t the only foreign force Ukraine needs to fend off. It seems to have adopted a strategy of obtaining massive funding by currying favor with the leftists running Western countries like the USA. So far this has been good for $113 billion from Democrats, and Biden has been croaking for $25+ billion more. But free money from our government comes at a price: your soul.

Ukrainian pandering goes beyond appointing a transgender leftist political operative as a spokeskook. RT is Russian, but it makes a fair point:

Ukraine’s former deputy culture minister has proposed legalizing same-sex civil partnerships, arguing it would both reward the service of LGBTQ soldiers and please Kiev’s foreign backers.

It is doubtful that “LGBTQ soldiers” make a significant contribution to the war effort. But foreign backers (i.e., American taxpayers) sure do.

Same-sex “marriage” is wisely banned by the Ukrainian constitution. Expect this to change if the money flow slows, despite the overwhelmingly negative attitude of Ukrainians toward homosexuality.

Fending off aggression from the East could mean succumbing to cultural imperialists from the West:

Taiwanese-American influencer Fan-Pei Koung traveled from her native Houston to the front lines of the Ukraine conflict to offer her services as an “emotional support stripper,” she told the Daily Beast…

The beauty pageant contestant turned self-described “globe-trotting girlfriend” offers racy photos of herself in skimpy variations of military gear posing with armaments on the erotic pay-per-view platform OnlyFans, though she says the content is free to Ukrainians, soldiers, and volunteers.

That’s not the only thing that’s free, according to her profile on the DIY porn site, which lists “free emotional breastfeeding to soldiers and volunteers” as one of her specialties.

Miss Koung will be happy to hear about this development:

Lawmakers in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine announced on Friday that they have collected enough signatures for a bill that would decriminalize the production of pornography. Lead sponsor of the proposal, Yaroslav Zheleznyak, has argued that the current laws encourage corruption and that legalizing porn could help raise funds for the military.

Finally a solution to the corruption that characterizes Ukraine: legalizing the production of pornography.

On tips from Barry A.

Jul 22 2023

Tiktok’s NPC Trend

The latest contribution of social media to societal decay is the bizarre NPC TikTok trend…

…where users livestream themselves acting like an “NPC”—or an automated “non-player character” with pre-written dialogue—complete with nonsensical phrases like “ice cream so good” used in response to gifts given by their audience…

The “users” are essentially online prostitutes. Paul Joseph Watson describes the phenomenon as “PG porn, the TikTok to OnlyFans pipeline. … They’re just pushing preporn on preteens, again.”

For the morbidly curious, he documents another chapter in our civilizational decline into degenerate idiot insanity:

The apparent goal of those in charge is to reduce us all to NPCs.

On tips from KirklesWorth and ABC of the ANC.

Jul 02 2023

Julyteenth Celebrations Underway in Baltimore

Historic first female four-star admiral Richard “Rachel” Levine has proclaimed the extension of Pride Month into Pride Summer. Looks like Juneteenth has been extended as well. Julyteenth celebrations are underway in diverse Baltimore:

At least two people were killed and more than two dozen others were injured in a mass shooting that took place during a block party early Sunday morning in Baltimore.

Baltimore Police Department Acting Commissioner Richard Worley said an 18-year-old woman was found dead at the scene. A 20-year-old man also died, and three others are in critical condition, WBAL TV reported. …

During a press conference, Worley confirmed there were a total of 30 victims in the shooting, which broke out just after 12:30 a.m. in the Brooklyn Homes area of South Baltimore.

The tradition continues (see here, here, here, etc.). Because the moonbats overseeing all this are all about tradition. It’s just our traditions that they don’t like.

On tips from Wiggins and Varla.

Jun 22 2023

Our Societal Collapse Summed Up in a Scene

In better times, we had Norman Rockwell to paint wholesome scenes of American life. In the 2020s, we need an anti-Norman Rockwell to document scenes like a recent one in Boston — since the mainstream media won’t do it. Thomas Lifson provides an introduction:

Apparently as a counterpart to the ongoing lavish media attention paid to “Pride Month,” a media black hole has opened up and swallowed a horrifying story of four children, ages five to ten, rescued from a transsexual sex party in a Boston housing project that turned deadly. Nary a word about it from monarchs of mainstream media, including the hometown Boston Globe. But the always lively Boston Herald either didn’t get the memo or didn’t care.

From the Herald:

Four children living in squalid conditions while being hidden from first responders were found in an apartment filled with “alcohol, drugs, sex toys” and a dead man, according to an incident report and outraged officials.

“This is sickening,” said At-Large City Councilor Michael Flaherty. “I was informed by people at the scene that there were drugs, alcohol, sex toys all around the apartment as well as a dead body on the floor.”

That is the culture being bred at your expense for its votes the way farmers breed chickens for eggs at housing projects like Boston’s Mary Ellen McCormack.

Firefighters’ incident report is a glimpse into the hell on earth liberals have been engineering:

“The apartment was in extremely unsanitary conditions. Approximately 6 adults, who appeared to be males, were seen in the apartment,” they wrote, saying they subsequently found “four children in the back bedroom being hidden by an adult male from first responders.”

Whoever wrote the report had better take care. Misgendering can put your job in danger.

“All of the adult parties were being uncooperative and did not provide helpful information. All adults present denied having children inside the apartment,” they wrote.

The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families could not be reached for comment on what happened to the kids because it was closed for Juneteenth, aka George Floyd Day, the federal holiday honoring lawlessness and urban decay.

Flaherty, Public Safety chairman on the council, told the Herald Monday night the dead body found on the floor was “from an apparent overdose” and that “a man wearing a wig claiming to be the father” of the kids was found in a back bedroom.

Multiple sources tell the Herald some of the adults were dressed as women when first responders arrived at the scene.

Imagine what the establishment media would do with this story if it were not devoted to promoting the lifestyle that produced it.

David Strom places this apparent botched party by a transsexual pedophile sex ring into context:

[W]hat happened in that apartment in Boston wasn’t exactly Drag Queen Story Hour, but it wasn’t exactly as far away from it as the proponents of this sick practice would like you to think. We have already moved from men dressed up as female clowns fully clothed in libraries to men prancing around in skimpy lingerie twerking in front of children, and the entire Leftward side of the country is applauding.

Parents take their children to these shows, and governments and corporations sponsor them.

Already we have seen photos and videos of drag queens exposing their genitals to children, and bare buttocks are de rigueur these days. …

Grown men flashing their privates at children is not outré; it is sick.

And any society that allows this to happen is on the road to allowing much, much worse.

God’s wrath against Sodom and Gomorrah was not indiscriminate, even if not everyone who perished personally wallowed in sin and depravity. What a society allows to flourish, the whole society is responsible for.

On tips from StephaneDumas, R F, seaoh, and No Hammer for Nanzi.

Jun 18 2023

Birth Rates Reflect Malignancy of Liberalism

The ultimate test of any ideology is whether it is conducive to human life. So let’s compare the states with the highest and lowest birthrates. This shows births per 1,000 people per the CDC:

Top 10 States With Highest Birth Rate
South Dakota – (68.60)
North Dakota – (66.70)
Alaska – (64.90)
Nebraska – (64.40)
Utah – (63.60)
Louisiana – (62.70)
Arkansas – (61.70)
Oklahoma – (61.50)
Kansas – (61)
Iowa – (60.80)

The 10 States With Lowest Birth Rate
Vermont – (44.90)
Rhode Island – (48.30)
Oregon – (48.90)
Massachusetts – (49)
New Hampshire – (49.90)
Maine – (49.90)
Connecticut – (52.10)
Colorado – (52.50)
California – (52.80)
New Mexico – (52.90)

Notice anything about the red/blue color scheme?

Liberal ideology is explicitly hostile to humanity, which progressives regard as a form of planetary cancer. Literally everything that human beings do is offensive to the sacred climate.

As Catholic Vote notes,

The prospect of overpopulation is commonly used to justify not having children, but America’s birth rate has actually been below the replacement rate since 1971.

Yet liberals actually argue that homosexuality is good because it leads to less human reproduction.

Uncoincidentally, states that gave Biden the largest share of the vote have the lowest birth rates. This is a stronger prediction of birth rate even than cost of living and church attendance.

If we succumb to leftism, the human race will die out, possibly out of sheer self-disgust.

On a tip from MrRightWingDave.

Jun 17 2023

Some Perverts Dog It, Others Branch Out

The liberal establishment has gone out of its way to underscore its reverence for sexual depravity. The emphasis on corrupting children makes clear that pedophilia is up next after homosexuality for normalization and then sanctification. What’s next after that?

Given that the disease presented to us as our culture is engineered and incubated in academia, maybe next up will be sex with dogs:

[Penn State University Professor Themis] Matsoukas was seen engaged in sexual acts with a dog near the restrooms at Rothrock Sate Forest on at least one occasion.

Park rangers reportedly identified the professor on the basis of his North Face backpack, present in the video where Matsoukas was allegedly otherwise naked but for his socks and shoes.

North Face. Perfect.

The trail camera, set up to monitor people stealing bags of hand sanitizer from the state park restrooms in the Alan Seeger Parking Area, reportedly filmed a man in a state of undress masturbating, molesting a collie, and performing other lewd acts while trying to record the degenerate performance on an electronic device, reported WPMT.

The [Department of Conservation and Natural Resources] indicated the area where the alleged acts took place was within viewing distance of Stone Creek Road, frequently transited by visitors on their way to the nearby picnic area, campgrounds, and Penn Roosevelt State Park.

Incidentally, “dogging” is a British euphemism for engaging in sexual acts in public.

Professor Matsoukas explains why he records himself raping his dog:

“I do it to blow off steam.”

Unfortunately for Matsoukas, he is slightly ahead of his time. He has been relieved of his duties and faces various criminal charges. On the bright side, when mainstream culture catches up with him, he will be remembered as a martyr. The Navy might name a ship after him.

Then again, given their anachronistic worship of primitive nature gods like the Climate, liberals might take up the cause of having sex with plants:

A naked man was arrested after apparently having sex with a tree. Police were called to a park in Salisbury in Wiltshire [England] after reports from members of the public.

Video shows the man kissing and rubbing against the stump on Tuesday. Onlookers say 25 people were in the area at the time enjoying the heatwave.

He too is ahead of his time. The sexual pioneer has been arrested for “suspicion of indecent exposure” according to Wiltshire Police


You were warned not to watch.

Be sure not to express disapproval of these activities on social media, lest you later find yourself canceled for being a pedophobe, cynophobe, or botanophobe.

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Jun 11 2023

2023 Condensed Into 25 Seconds

If you think you can stomach America in the year 2023 condensed into a 25-second video clip, go ahead and click View. Not for children or those with weak hearts:

If only she had been brandishing a Pride Progress flag, and the Prius had featured a Coexist bumper sticker, this would have been perfect.

On a tip from Wiggins.

May 06 2023

Post-Covid Ghost Cities

The Democrat Death Spiral has been destroying American cities. Democrat policies drive out productive citizens, resulting in a population that elects increasingly left-wing Democrats, resulting in still more insane policies in a vicious circle. Eventually, no one is left but a core Democrat constituency living like rats and cockroaches amid decaying ruins (e.g., our formerly wealthiest city, Detroit). Covid tyranny has accelerated this tragic process:

The downtown areas of San Francisco, St. Louis, Portland, Oregon, and other North American cities remain deserted months after the pandemic waned, despite many urban areas bouncing back to life, new data show.

Researchers tracked smartphone use across 63 cities and found that San Francisco, which is battling waves of crime and homeless addicts on its streets, only has 32 percent of the activity that was recorded before the pandemic.

Other cities were able to put Covid behind them when people came back to work:

Salt Lake City has bounced back strongest, with 139 percent more cell phone activity nowadays than was seen before COVID-19 arrived…

This is about more than Democrats paralyzing local economies in the name of Covid:

The research adds to fears that soft-on-crime policies in ultra-liberal cities like San Francisco and Portland have driven up rates of lawlessness and other social problems, leading to an exodus of people as part of a longer-term decline.

A healthy city can recover from setbacks like the hysterical Covid overreaction. Cities run by moonbats tend not to be healthy.

On a tip from Dennis in Seattle.

Apr 15 2023

United Nations Pushes Degenerate Agenda

In case anyone hadn’t noticed that next up for normalization after homosexuality and transsexuality is pedophilia, or that the United Nations is not just irritating but evil:


The International Committee of Jurists (ICJ) along with UNAIDS and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) officially launched a new set of expert jurist legal principles to guide the application of international human rights law to criminal law.

UNAIDS and OHCHR are part of the United Nations. “Human rights” in this context is Liberalese for “decay.”

Ian Seiderman, Law and Policy Director at ICJ, complains that “there has been a growing trend towards overcriminalization.” This applies to a variety of degenerate behavior that meets with globalist approval:

The ‘8 March principles’ … were finalized in 2022. Initially, the principles focused on the impact of criminal laws proscribing sexual and reproductive health and rights, consensual sexual activity, gender identity, gender expression, HIV non-disclosure, exposure and transmission, drug use and the possession of drugs for personal use. Later, based on the inputs of civil society and other stakeholders, criminalization linked to homelessness and poverty were also included.

That is, the UN promotes the legalization of abortion, corrupt sex (explicitly including prostitution, homosexuality, and pedophilia), transsexualism (implicitly including sex change operations, presumably on children as well as mentally ill adults), knowingly spreading HIV without telling sexual partners, and recreational drug use. The “criminalization” of homelessness likely refers to derelicts not always being allowed to reduce public areas to 24-hour open air drug dens.

Laws against these approved activities “perpetuate stigma, harmful gender stereotypes and discrimination based on such grounds as gender or sexual orientation.”

Yes, the debauchery applies to children. Presenting Principle 16 (starting on page 22):

Consensual sexual conduct, irrespective of the type of sexual activity, the sex/ gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression of the people involved or their marital status, may not be criminalized in any circumstances. Consensual same-sex, as well as consensual different-sex sexual relations, or consensual sexual relations with or between trans, non-binary and other genderdiverse people, or outside marriage – whether pre-marital or extramarital – may, therefore, never be criminalized.

With respect to the enforcement of criminal law, any prescribed minimum age of consent to sex must be applied in a non-discriminatory manner. Enforcement may not be linked to the sex/gender of participants or age of consent to marriage.

Moreover, sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law. In this context, the enforcement of criminal law should reflect the rights and capacity of persons under 18 years of age to make decisions about engaging in consensual sexual conduct…

The sexual molestation of children by adults is never consensual in any meaningful sense.

If we can’t at least all agree that the United Nations must be abolished and the UN building bulldozed into the East River, there is no hope for unity.

By the way, American taxpayers are forced to provide this pernicious globalist institution a staggering $12.5 BILLION per year, even as we struggle to pay our own debts.

On tips from Occam’s Stubble and Bluto.

Mar 29 2023

Open Thread

Nations do not die from invasion; they die from internal rottenness. - Abraham Lincoln

Feb 20 2023

Spain Decriminalizes Sex With Animals

Spain was a great nation. It threw off Muslim occupation and spread an empire across the globe, from Mexico to the Philippines. But it fell into decline, and cultural rot set in. Instead of taking the lead in spreading Western Civilization, Spain now leads in hastening its collapse through moonbattery:

On Thursday, the Spanish Parliament approved a new Animal Welfare Law that decriminalizes bestiality so long as the creature does not receive “an injury that requires veterinary treatment.”

According to Mundotoro, “Bestiality will no longer be considered a criminal offense if there are no injuries to the animal. This is established by the new Penal Code through the new Animal Welfare Law promoted by Minister Ione Belarra that was approved in Congress on February 9.”

If a pervert figures his dog doesn’t need a veterinarian to stop the anal bleeding, all is copacetic — or at least, inclusive.

Ione Belarra is Minister of Social Rights. Liberals have done to the word “rights” what they did to the word “liberal.”

On pain of cancelation, we are now required to revere perversions that were universally reviled only recently. How long before bestiophobes lose their jobs for not approving of raping animals?

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.

Feb 15 2023

Profiles in Moonbattery: Erin Healy

Erin Healy is a Democrat state legislator not in some woke wasteland but in relatively based South Dakota. She presents the liberal view on family cohesion:

Like the word “fascism,” the word “un-American” has been repurposed to best advance the progressive agenda.

Healy says she is “disgusted” by the “extremist position” of defending the nuclear family.

People like this have power over us. Their degenerate ideology is destroying American civilization before our eyes.

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.


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